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Fort Wayne Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1858, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - September 30, 1858, Fort Wayne, Indiana Thursday morning sep. 30, 1858. Tarma of the Tonuu strictly adhered to payment in nor Nncy annul 00 at the end of 50 no the end of the year.3 00 Papclak sovereignty Protection to ask Micalf of Dusty ak1 reorganization of the whig party for president a. D. 1800, John j. Crittenden of Kentucky. State ticket nominated at thdia3i March 4 1858 election 2sn tuesday oct. 1658 Secretary of state a. Of Randolph. Auditor of state Albert Lange of Vigo. Treasurer of state. J. Ii. Uak Peu of St Joseph. Super intendant of instruction prof. John Young of Indianapolis. Attorney general w. T. Otto of Floyd. 1. Horace p. Biddle of Cass 2. Abram w. Hendricks of Jeff 3. Simon Yandes of Marion 4. We. D. Griswold of Yigo. For of Atun co. Sol. D. Bayless. Early history of fort Satoe. Delivered by kudos Sattel Ranotta Fik fone the Tockgo Ken s Lite baby association or fort Wanh Marcu 25ru, 1856. The editor will occasional la add n few re Marks by consent of judge h., which will appear in leaded editorial style As Contr distinguished from the solid matter of the text Cost Tel de from last on paper of the 23d, we arc made to say that the wife of lieutenant Helm was sated by Black Patridge at the massacre of Chica go. It should have Bacn mrs. Rebecca Heald. Sketch of the life of John richardv1lle, whote Andion name u pm Cwa or wild cat. By tub editor. In our article of last week to stated Trtat the Miami nation of indians was the principal or Central Power of the West about 1787 to 1705, occupying with their confederates the Wabash and Mau Mcc valleys the ravages they committed were excessive and a has been keen led to the campaigns of gun s ill incr aim St. Both of whom were Defeated the former in 1790 at this place and the latter at fort recovery Ohio which were victories of Lute j Turtle history went setup Ted last week. But the influence of which tribes Row arrested entirely broken by the bravery of general an Thony Wayne and the troops under his com Mand at the foot of the rapids of the Maunce near now Maumee City in i7ui, which was the immediate cause of Tho treaty of Greenville in 1795, before alluded to and after which followed Between the minims Ami Whites and from which period settlement advanced rapidly and i wifely. Little Turtle having died in 1812, Hie line of to full on the Mother of chief j Ishiwa or who was not n Miami an we learn and son elected by the Mia mis at a Date which we Are now unable to fix with accuracy. His father was Joseph Drouet n. Frenchman of tote Canadian line who of Edcil at the Walnee re Tonga with the indians from 170u, to 1770, before the revolutionary War agreeably to the Best information which could give in his life Lime wan born a. D. J 750, before the i Pontiac War this being an epoch from which the Indium men Turco time. His birth place Asho repeatedly told and informed by his Mother was under Tho Large tree now standing on thu Cole farm on the Bottom in tween the St. Joseph and Mau Mcc about three Hundred Yards from the Ford on the Mau co where Gen. Hannur a army was Defeated and nearly West of Tho same. This tree is a relic of the past and waa Large and a hearing Turc As Early As chief Richardville recollects. Indeed it must have been distinguished fur its protective qualities or it would not have been selected for Tho occasion of Mccouch mint by a Liat period is now past by 107 years and How much before that bras the tree la left conjecture but it is Safe to estimate it at least Twenty five years which would make ils age one Hundred and thirty i to years and bring it to that period when it was supposed Vince incs was settled. We have also the evidence of an old French trader who recollects that tree Over seventy years ago As Lii go and Tharin much. It is proper Here to say that the French population had so intermarried with the Indian squaws Liat the Frontier population was largely what is Callec Motif and being educated and business men in habits they the Power which entered into and controlled All the Indian relations with the u. Spoke the language and i is Well known Here by the old settlers that the Indian negotiations were so completely subject to Ike French that without satisfying the latter none could be made. Indeed the United states still employ that influence among the indians. Was present and assisted at defeat oct. 20th, 1700, where one Hundred and 82 men and ten officers were killed the utter were maj. Wyllis and lieutenant Ebenezer Frothingham of the Federal troops and maj. Fon Uin capt s Thorp Mcmurtry and Scott lieu tenants Clark and Rogers ensigns Bridges Sweet Higgens and Thirlkeld of the Ajitu and where thu Indian s loss equated that Ollie Whites this spot we referred to in the history of Little Turtle and is designated by the indentation in the Banks of the Maumee at the lord to which we add that the curious Reader May find on the Trees standing on North Bank at the Ford Many Marks of muskets and rifles fired on that Occa Sion. Peshewa being Early brought into notice soon evidenced his Lent and skill in business and be came the leading chief with whom the govern ment negotiated for those valuable lands win arc known by the Tina pics. At the treaty of Greenville Ohio held on the so of aug. 179.% the most important one to this the results of Tho Indian defeat by Gen. Wayne at the foot of the Maumee rapids by which among other things six Miles Square at this place was ceded to the United stated Pis Cwa took an Active part and on the part of the eel River and Votaw Tainie families signed the same or Richardville his x this treaty was made by Anthony Wayne maj. Gen. Army of the United states and sole commissioner for the u. S., and Wyandot a Dele wares shawnees Otto was chop Pcihas potawatomi is Mia mis eel Rivers weft Pianke Ehas kick a Poos and Kas by heir chiefs Ami to Man. On the 7th of june 1803, at a treaty held at fort by win. Henry Harrison governor of the Indiana territory and of Indian Al Nairn on the part of the u. S., and the shawnees Mia Iuis by their head warriors and chiefs and those 01 the Rivers weas Piank Shaws and Kaskos kias by their seen stand representatives Tutini Pec Riche Wille and Little Turtle authorized by said tribes Peshewa subscribed or by amen Gensib Hod his name written Riche Willo his x at the treaty of Grosland near Vince incs also made by gov.1 Harrison on the 21st aug. 1800, with the it Len res pot Wata Mies Mautis eel Rivers and weas Pis Cwa is signed Richardville his x on the oth of oct. 1818, at a treaty held at is marys Ohio by Jonathan Jennings and Benja min Pyrke of indians and Lewis of Ohio the latter new Secretary of state of the in itch commissioners on the part of the u. And the chiefs and warriors of uie Miami nation of indians Peshewa As the 1st chief signed Ais name thus Peshewa or Richard Vule his and there showed his ability to acquire property and take care of his own his reservations by the terms of the treaty were Large Viz three sections of land at his residence on the South Bank of the St marys River live Miles from this place two sections on the oppo site Side near. Fort Wayne two sections on Twenty seven mile Creek where the Road from St Mary s to fort Avoyne called Piqua Road crosses that Creek two sections at the Forks of the a Batih Huntington county on the South Side and opposite ten sections which held by an Indian title of Long standing which was recognised by the United states and confirmed to him in the 4th article of the treaty made with the miamis by Gen. Marshall Corar at the Forks of the Wabash 23d of october 1834, and ratified in 1837. This ten sections is the same As was reserved to the Miami nation by Tho Trca. Y of oct. 1820, and was a part of a Large tract i Given by the miamis to chief Richardville when a youth to induce his nother to keep him in the nation and not Send vim to Canada to be Educa Ted. The balance relinquished or rather declined to Lay claim to. He also had reserved by the treaty oflc34, one other Section of land. In the articles of agreement which authorized n substitute for the treaty of 1834 referred to the chief signed his name John b. Richardville his Mark. In the treaty made by Allen Hamilton of this City and Gen. Milroy of Delphi ind com is on the the part of United Stales and the Miami indians by their chief concluded at the Forks of the Wabash nov. It became necessary to make certain changes and in those the chief signs his name White in the body of the treaty is signed John b. Richard Ille princ chief. In this treaty there is a itt pulsation made in favor of chief Richardville of which came to his executors after his death and also a Reserve made to him of seven sections of land to to selected at his discretion. We have thus stated the Ros Crucs made to him is near As pc could Trace them to show How steadily persevered for a Good bargain. For Many years before his death declined to Ike Silver in pay in quantities. In one instance n company with Allen Hamilton esq., thu lat Ler having charge of of the United states Money to be paid the indians the chief demanded that All the Gold paid to him so far As it would go for said to i will take no More in Silver. 1 have now is much As this pile and Whyl can i do with in another instance or. Hamilton was at his House arid the chief Desi ring to use some funds in the East look or. Ii. To his Hen House at his residence and there from Tho Centre removed the dirt no Emma to have Laid hero for a great Many years and took tip four orcs of each in Silver and knowing Liat in had burled More Felt anxious and said Here were four boxes stolen but on n More Dill Cut search Tho of Issig was found still deeper ones rut ten were uie other four As not o lifting As a whole and the Coin As Black s Iron and stuck together requiring a thorough washing before it could at All by us d. It was town unit Lead other Money buried Al that Raicu about 1827, the sum of was approx rioted by Congress to each of the Cluck for building residences but Richard Villa added a Arger Tatum to his and built a sub Lancial House live Miles from Here on the South Ank of the St. Marys on one of the reservations referred to above a part of which building now a Naff and is owned by his grand daughter thu laughter of la blonde who married James Ioil Roy. For Many years kept an extensive to Ding House at this City on Columbia Street and n per hoi i lived Here most of Tomt Timo but perhaps As Early As 1830, moved the same to the Forks of Tho Wabash and continued business Here for Many years his Squaw and younger members o uie family atoll times remaining til ice death at Homo on uie St. Marys his House deeper Al the Forks of Llic Iva Tafili is Margaret Rafalia a French woman in person Graceful and pre possessing. A Short time before his death made his will assisted by Allen Hamilton esq., and was very Lartic Tilar to know How his Money would be con rotted paid out by the executor and what Tho allowance or pay As expressed it. On being Lold that the Law fixed it a certain sum remarked that lie could see no use in letting the cosh go Inlo be hands of the executors to be again paid out to his children when they could Divide it themselves lie therefore made his will in a very equitable manner making Allen Hamilton and Rcv. It Ilion Benoit his executors but leaving them none of the Money that was buried to distribute and Only the com ing from the United slates by the treaty of nov. 1840, and a Large Quantity of u. Tico sury notes which called Calico be sides the Money referral to some personal prop erty and the Trust with reference to the lands they had no control nor did the executors Sec the balance of the Money which the children disinterred and disposed of indeed so disposed of it that at this Day scarcely a remnant is left was a taciturn Man about five feet Len inches in Lalure and weighed about one Hundred eighty pounds As we Well remember him from 1888 to 1841. On the 13th of aug. 1841, died at his residence on the Banks of the St. Marys five Miles from this place at the age of Wrighty two years and was buried the next Day at St. Augustine Church in this City after ser vices by Rev or. Clark an Irish Catholic priest then of Peru ind. His funeral cortege was Large consisting of most of the distinguished citizens of fort Wayne. To his memory a Large Marble Tomb was raised by some of his children which May be seen from Calhoun Street passing toward the Union depot. Of his wealth no one knows yet school not in his Indian Iti Graphy estimates us sum to be in a sum which we presume is overstated. At this Day had his lands been held by his heirs we presume Hwy would have readied in value a half million of dollars and that Bis Money did not perhaps exceed we think. He spent his whole life with very few exceptions in this Vicinity his native Domain. Old As was expressed great desire to yet live but when it was evident that must die in remarked that it was ordered by the great spirit that All men must once die and hence to was ready and willing to obey the thus died Tho oldest known native of it. Wayne it is proper hero to say Liat the Succes worship fell on Francis Lafontain who had married a daughter of the old chief but Lafontain died a few years afterwards at Lafayette on his a Home to the Forks of the Wabash t from a visit to the miamis in Kansas. The editor desires to say that the subject o the Early history of fort Wayne will be resumed week after next we have before us a fugitive copy of tin National police Gazette published at new i Ork City in which is a letter written from Lig Omer ind., exposing Tho manner of Tho arrest of Bil Hill late of Noble co who was taken by Bradley and Smith of the detective Force of Chicago ill rough inc Aid of Bon Elatta acting As too a notorious counterfeiter and son of bit Latla formerly of Noble county also. Hill after having been taken proposed a bribe of sever Al thousand dollars the proceeds of his farm in Noble co. He however was taken to Chicago to consummate the arrangements to let him go ant they Tell the Story in fat Hill had not teen arrested but gone to Salt Lake. Smith went to Kansas for another Man and when returned found there messes Richmond and Mcconnell of Ligonier and showed them a letter from Bradley in which had written them that Hill was not taken by gone to Salt Lake. This they disbelieved and told Smith that Hill was in Chicago and must have him. Bradley Lead gone to see about the fee in Indiana but in raising inc Money the matter accidentally leaked out to the regulator they placed a guard Over Bradley in Noble co. And it was finally agreed to give him for Hill s in Indiana in Cash and a note for the note not to be delivered until Hill was safely put in Indiana a party of regulators went to Chicago with it Radley when sent out to his brother s twelve Miles and had Hill brought from there to the delivered him Over and was Accord ugly taken to Noble county and secured. We give this As we find it in that paper and same to a certain extent which we heard from a croons residing in Noble county. This Cost the regulators when it could have been effected for by sheriff Fleming and s. A Bass who were advised of huts place Long ago. They could not obtain a warrant for u ill for certain officials standing in the we shall Mark As they pass along the thorny path now them. Let our regulators of Northern Indiana keep a vigilant Eye and perfect organi out to put no such Man on the Bench ased Wilson totally unfit and to Slack not an Energy until the work which has already done so much to suppress larceny counterfeiting shall have been Well ended and Security rest at our and our doors. Again Good citizens of thu Lola circuit look Well to select a Man for judge on whom the Cloud of Public Dis Trust May not have fallen and that All your sheriffs be incorruptible and Active men. It is an hour of deep anxiety How you will do your duty at the polls nil Over the circuit when you see certificates of the standing of a candidate praded in one horse newspapers and o in with Olup Sicily to support such spurn such men Al the polls. I o e understand that cd Wilson Tho re publican candidate for circuit judge has chartered old father Molt of Auburn to write to All the preachers of the District that Don l know belter to get of the standing and fitness of him the said cd. Now preachers you have hard enough time to get along with those Over whom 3fnu have jurisdiction and know if you blindly certify to such a Story and foist such a Man on who rely on your word you rim get through life after a fashion but us Ihu Indian said you die hut to make the Case Clear. An Indian was once brought Forward As n witness in court and it was a question knew the nature of an oath and its penalties but on being asked what local half pm to Lucid of. Inasmuch As some of thu Long Heel tribe of the Republican party pursued diabolical course towards us at Kendal Lille and thereby tried to make the Gin and sugar1 paper Here the Organ of the opposition to the democracy we have m that they Milit paddle their own Canoe with to ctr own at least for the season of dog Days Kaler which they will have a returning sense of reason. And hence this being the Case we have not at any time yet an inclination to enter upon and discuss any of the stale issues or even i Host matters which politicians hav tied their Faith to. We had however hoped to see them presented through the papers in a prop or shape but having in this been disappointed we do so to Duy for the Benefit of the whole peo ple. To thought would happen to should Tell a lie mud Mouali if if to Lell guess me be put in while May . Bimby me die and then 1 ctr i it again so if you want to keep Oul of great a and from text citing it again just a fed we say. If they or either of them would Liko to Stu this Pink set Oul in colors they Little think of just let them Call at this of filch and acc a letter of Date september 17th infil., written by Isnac Brandt late sheriff of Dekalb county As True a. Lunn As is to be found. Of 1 what a slum Ach those preachers in Wells county have. Hide your faces. Don t you think you had belter a curve the political demagogues. Come and the evidence of a Man. A first Kate inc supreme court of Vermont. Mrs. Sarah a. Molt was divorced from her husband or. Darwin Molt. Tho Kul mud Herald gives the following biography of this worthy which for pith is rarely equated. We know that Mott lie mine to so album with a inn fare a Silver headed Cane and prefixed to his name. He preached one Faith a few months and suddenly clanged it. Lie preached and went Hunting the same Day. To Temperance Ana the people were astonished Al his stolen lectures and feigned and pot drunk. He lec tured to Young ladies and played the admirer lie kept a bad a reckless sole Money and charged the theft upon the servant the office of Deputy inspector drunk upon smuggled one Man s wife and a bundle of manuscript sermons and ran away from his own wife paper and a crowd of that certainly is a. Marked example of condensed writing. We wonder How the Rev. Dar win Mott likes Tho style. Would t that Man Darwin e were not too a capital Candi Date in this Region for judge even might get certain preachers and Bankers Lousy editors and an abolition lawyer to certify to his moral and Christian if had been a to Lofoco a Temperance advocate a methodist cd Harter an apostate from Locopo Chism a seducer a whiskey Drinker and card player would have been of Peculiar fitness for the office. Is amusing to Sec the Namo of Charles Mccormick placed on the Independent county Tickel for representative beside sol d. Bayless. Why Mccormick won t suffer but bit less May not profit by his company. Mccormick can t hide his deformities As Well As the goods were sheriff Fleming found at his House be longing to Ruffner. He is a sore headed demo crat not Good enough to get in and hence is try ing to make terms with the Outt. He submitted his name to the democratic convention and pledged himself to abide the nomination and sup port the nominee but finding thai was about to get distanced withdrew but forgot to withdraw his out on such. If will run As has a right to do let it be on his own Hook friends w c deemed this no Tice necessary to your information that you be not deceived by seeing his name in an opposition , under the name of Independent and the school find. This fund arose from the slate s interest in Stock of the slate Bank of Indiana in 1884, inc Legisla Urc of Indiana granted a Charier to the state Bank of Indiana the capital Stock of which was then named at which was subsequently increased largely in this the state of Indiana became owner of one half the Stock by that charter and in order to meet the acquisition or payment thereof the state sold her Bonds called Bank Bonds to the amount of at Par paid her Stock and under the charter loaned to individuals who had paid the first in 75, on each share of Stock Tho balance of Viz 25 on proper Security Given. This loan being More than was needed by about Tho balance by the charter was made a nucleus of what is called the sinking fund which was increased by the Semi annual payments of the interest on Loans made to Stock holders As aforesaid the dividends declared on the state s Stock and the dividends accruing on Auch portions of the Stock belonging to other stockholders As was paid out of the loan by the state and which the stockholders had not paid. His fund was placed in the hands of sinking fund Corners and properly loaned first for the of paying off the Loans and interest As made by the state for Tho purposes aforesaid and when this was done the residue was set apart in a permanent fund for common school purposes. This fund has been increased by some other mailers but of Small has can steadily increasing by the Money made by Tho old state Bank of Indiana until it is now a neat fund which after paying off the state Bonds on the Faith of which the Money was gotten by the state for Bank purposes win reach the Clear sum of Over which is on hand in the fund com is office and in the hands of Tho state on Loans Mode to her for Stulc uses and increasing Cadi year. How to dispose of this fund is now the ques Tion which politicians arc discussing. Three propositions have been made one to invest it in uie Bank of the slate of Indiana new the acc Ovid u invest in Bonds of the state now out and thereby paying off the state debt and the tji ird to loan it out among Lam tics according to their population in the counties. We do not think the new Bank would take it nor do we favor it for to do so would be to subject her to charges of corruption and of being a political and to Send it Down to by distributed among the counties is the worst thing Ever contemplated for it is gone forever when that step in remember the file of thu surplus Revenue fund Given by the United Stales for school purposes it was Bent Down to the counties and a profitless affair and finally was Enqu Andrud and Auch will be the result of a like move if tha present fund is disposed of m Tho same Way. We know this if not Llic popular idea but to care not for thai for we know Liat our views arc right and that is enough for us to Day and we club rec the Ico Plu to remember what we predict on this Mailer. To invest it in inc Bonds of inc slate of Indiana bearing a Liberal int Crest and yet to mature and hive those Bonds so protected by legislation that the identity and Sanctity of the fund will be Retro Lecul not a part of inc internal improvement in our opinion be the Only profitable and entirely of talc plan to protect that great school fund. He Sumid ownership or Wakaki brie canal the Wabash and Erie canal is an internal in prove mint commenced in Tho state Long ago per lumps As Early As 1832, under a Grant of Hinds from Contr Csc of uie untied Stales made about 1827. 1830 some Progress wan made and in 1849 it was opened from Llic Indiana line on the Easl to and wait found to be a or cloy profitable work and with a fair Quantity of lands owned and granted for that purpose and Money due fur lands sold and aided by later Grants by Congress it was thought proper to carry Tho work to Evansville. In 1840 i debt from the system created otherwise than by oils great artery was found to be enormous and the estate. Unable to Par this dilemma was to be overcome inc debt paid and repudiation avoided. Accordingly in january 1840, the holders of the Bonds of the stats proposed to take the remaining lands and the canal itself and surrender about 000 of the Bondi and let the state Issue new Bonds on the residue the interest Only payable annually and the Bonds to mature in the future. This was accepted and the negotiation made. The canal has been completed and just As it was so completed on enterprising rail Road company under the general Law for incorporating such made after the Transfer completed a very Gigantic route along said canal from Toledo to companies tap and Cross it at Many places from Irlich Competition uie canal is becoming a Burthen to the now want Tho state to take Back that work and give up the Bonds and who at the session of 1857, were before Tho Legisla Ture by w. L. Dayton their agent to consummate that re Transfer but failed. We make no doubt Liat the judgment of every Well informed mind is dear that the debt of surrendered these yet out a Bona fide Tho people were bound to pay and the latter yet legally bound to pay and Liat inasmuch As uie canal which was the quid pro quo for the surrender of the has been lit crazy destroyed a source of profit to the Bond holders by a system of general legislation on the part of the stale and by inc auth oily of which rail Road companies have been organized one of which runs from Toledo. Ohio parallel with the canal entering Indiana at Uio state line on inc East and following the route to Attica Indiana As above stated and others tapping and crossing it at Many places from the Ohio line on the East to Evansville on the South West it is a matter of which thu bondholders have a great cause to complain and ground on which to ask Equit Relief from the state but which legally they cannot obtain for we know that the people arc nearly All opposed to it and no party or set ing out for the largest Price and we have so Little Confidence in trading that we be surprised if they do wrong in the matter be that for or against equitable Relief. Black Republican journals in this District keep up a continual howl that their Nigger Equality free Loving Caud Idalo Charley cose is to be elected by in increased majority from last now. Any voter with two grains of common sense knows this to by to inc contrary they Are like Tho boy pausing through the grave Yard whistle most Al hired loud to keep their courage up. We would ask what better Man do we want for Congress than be Ujiki j. Dawson us has already been said has served the people in this congressional District in one of the most important positions that a Man could be placed with entire satisfaction Bolh to his political friends a my political judge. Some few we Are aware wish to convey the idea that Tho judge was partial in his rulings in court last Spring on the trials of the Blackleg. Of such we would would you have the judge ruled the criminals out of court for the purpose of preying upon your property which they had been doing for years previous or would you not rather have had him do As did confine the attorney s strictly to inc Points of Law and Justice. We Are satisfied that every honest Man be Democrat or Republican regulator or anti regulator will agree with us that the course in the main pursued by the judge was Correct and if so Whymn we not expect from such men to cast their Votos for him we believe they will and confidently rely upon his election to Congress As the Reward of a faithful and honest Man. Ome county Democrat. To presume that Andrew Ellison the Black leg s lawyer is raising this Story and arc trying to injure judge Dawson just As is doing to the people by legging on the modest principle for de Wilson for circuit judge. What prot a pair of Birds Ellison and Wilson would make n court regulators take the hint to do. Americans whigs come to Lily into their ranks abandoning names and principles becom ing subservient Loula and allies Only of the re publican parly to give it strength. This is the Union wanted by Seward Weed to co. We re Joice it their i icing foiled in so base a trick and do sincerely Hope every voter in new York who is not a member of the Republican party i beside so Good a Man As sol d. Bayliss. We of men so far As we can learn authentically that think the anti clique men had better offer a but Ler Man or hold their pc co. Tom Corwin of Ohio Speaks at Lima a that state on the oth october. He is an old whig and his info. Ico in the Congress to which to is to be elected on the 12th oct from the Lebanon Diat will do to put Longou Smitm n in proper sphere. Or. Corwin is one of the or cat men of the nation. Dare favor it there May be those who do but like the milk sickness they Are far from hero we opine. Still As it is a subject on which Tho people been called to think the matter should not be treated lightly and if candidate for office Ore known or suspected of being ready to do what a so notoriously odious let them be the people May vote on these questions editors arc writing and politicians talking some honestly and some hold e advocates of Long lice ism have for some weeks been charging judge Dawson with cing afraid to discuss with or. Cose a charge which is costly made but hard to prove and which we denounce of a miserable false one for to must defend the name against that which is Art Host from it its claims to manhood and ability for to refuse to meet a Man of or. Calibre would be if True reducing judge Daw son s ability far below what we would like to latin Kindred to As a brother. That docs not jointly discuss is a question of propriety As any Lush ass matter and involves nothing As Between men nor of principle. We Sec also that or. W. D. S., of this City Iver the name of Democrat is out in the Republican of tins place in a feeble Effort to injure judge Nason by falsely assuming that or. S., is a Democrat and would have democrats follow him. Carding the doctor s political standing from being that of Democrat to politely ask him the of this Assumption of a name which voluntarily abandoned after toting for the Kan Kas a Braska candidate in 1854, and sustaining the measure. You a Democrat doctor while abusing their Jno sir and kindly suggest that you handle the forceps and surgical instruments far better than you do a pen and will sooner become distinguished in your profession than As a democratic politician. Every Cobler to his doctor Isim aphorism pregnant with meaning and advice. Never soil under false colors for it looks piratical and never Tilk unless Jou have a proper subject sensible the Baltimore Patriot one of the Ablest who and american journal in the Union has thu Fol lowing sensible remarks on thu attempt recon Fly made in new York 10 Murgu the american party with Tupu Blita party. After giving the Gist of thu submitted it a Jiyuji we have nothing to regret Al inc Waul of Union As above announced. Although we have re pent edly contended for u thorough Independent purely National Union of id men without distinction of party in opposition to rampant democracy ill the present administration yet we never contemplated and never shall favor a Union that would Aller any of Hie exist ing parties to str Talluri up and bul Crnic nil oth ers As the republicans of new York arc for the it. Wayne Timica. it appears to me that uie state of Public to mis in this As Well As in Many Ouier coi Muni is rapidly deteriorating and need the help ing hand of every Good citizen however smal his arrest this downward Tendon by. The necessity of the Case must therefore plead any excuse for troubling you with the pres ent communication. The outrages perpetrated at ground in the state of new York arc so recent that the ashes caused by the touch of the incendiary arc hardly cold in which Public and private property alike were mingled without compunction and Effort at salvation by Public functionary or private save and except those immediately interested. Or. Editor it is a grave question which i will not at tempt to enter upon in this place As to what is the cause of these constantly recurring outrages of Knob violence in this free and enlightened country it is sufficient to know that the crime in come Home to us and the question a one of Sonal existence and requires our most serious consideration. It has often been remarked thai but fires take place in cities while they have no fire companies and it appears that our own experience hitherto confirms the observation. We have had As Many fires in fort Wayne within inc last three weeks As in the previous three years. But our experience is not singular in this matter. In some of the Large cities in other states property has of late become so extremely insecure from from constant Incendio risk that the citizens in general have been for ced to depend chiefly on their own vigilance and resources for safety and arc actually in the Habil of placing ten or twelve buckets of water upon their premises every night to be ready in Case of emergency corporate bodies have offered rewards for detection and vigilance committees have declared that the first caught shall pay the penalty without Legal formalities. This is indeed to speak ironies a delightful state of things to contemplate especially for those who have Fame ies to care for and property to destroy and one at which we arrive in fort Wayne before pc expect it it behoves our citizens therefore o think seriously what they arc about while jiving countenance to such flagrant and Lawless cts As those perpetrated on sunday morning last Here can be but one opinion As to the cause of late fires they were All with one exception caused by incendiary so. This is indeed a peace ii state of things and shows that we arc in a worse condition of society than that which to arc pleased to term barbarism. In Tho Savage state a Man will not injure his neighbor but on the contrary protect him and his and warn him against the the machinations of his but we go to sleep every night among our neigh Bors not expecting thai any will molest or make us we arc often awoke by the alarming cry of fire caused by Tho Louch of the incendiary Ruml vol inti we Gottl to the scene of Consagra Uon we Loo often find Iho crowd complacently looking on with hands in pocket As though Noth ing was inc matter and nothing to be done Ald if we happen to make and remark or deplore the untoward Ness of the Accident to arc often met with a derisive smile at our greenness and the answer of i it s Only tin old a Tutty and very bad Cunnick is lived in it. Thus we Are forced to the conviction int no individual is Safe in a Community where Ench cons i Lucs himself Sola judge of his neighbor s actions and Avenger of his own wrongs. Hut Why should this be Ihu v have we not Laws made and judges elected for tins Especial purpose that each and All May have equal handed Justice and do we nol profess to be a Law abiding people living example of and civilization to the rest of the or urls and in this in tar half of the nineteenth it might reason ably have been expected thai intelligence would have supplied n sufficient motive for obedience to Law without thu terror of authority. Is it nol time then Hinl we Alt ended to the condition of our Public morals t for if we neglect Solo do we it a would gladly Hare the fulfil this of our in spurn All such overtures. Hmm Lulli to would be ten fold Moro glorious to All honest men pure Pitri of and All Well wishers of their country than Victory under such circumstances we have not been inattentive observers of the and underhanded measures resorted to by some of the Republican leaders of the Impi re Fillac towards subsidizing Tho Amuri Cutis whigs and disaffected democrats within their political boundaries. Those tricksters have nil along been exceedingly in Sioux to untie and had hoped to consummate i hair Grinc nefarious and Dis honorable at the Syracuse convention which would by nothing More nor less than an accession to the ranks of engulf tact and sacrificial Slaughter the american parly we applaud the firmness and determination of the delegates who comprised the american convention it Syracuse for Zwir i Ink put id Cut stand and Hope uie lesson taught by it my not prove ineffectual. The new York Kupreas an american journal one of who editors was a member of thu Amer ican convention says if now a popular convention of the Gre tit outside party were summoned inviting in every and whigs As Well As americana and Are inclined to think it would now in the country As it did in uie City last december Smath up nil the with tin s we agree. Such a Union we have always contended for and such must be Tho Union when formed. Long therefore As the re publicans aim at subsidizing other parties in new York and. Elsewhere by such subterfuges under the Guise of Union they arc doomed to Dis appointment and merited defeat bad As it is we would rather Sec the democracy continued a tue longer than a successful Opi Silion Auch As Thurlow Weed a co., would Lute it dyspepsia a9d debility cured Theodore Frank ksq., of the Pittsburgh and stub Convill rail Road office says for years i have been an invalid from dyspepsia with a Hope of Relief i resorted to Many advertised remedies but failed in deriving the Benefit sought for until i tried your Holl and bitters the Happy effects of which up on the digestive organs and in restoring a debilitated system causes me to recommend it confidently to All suffering from can. We. T. Haskell of Tennessee that unfortunate but distinguished Guni Ougland victim of drunkenness is again in the Lunatic Asylum this time at Flop Kinsville and is past recovery from derangement Tho Steamer Austria was burned on her passage from Hamburgh to Tho u. Son the 13th inst with terrible loss of life. E land office has been removed from Faribault min. To St Peters and Ali Flat Stilwater to Cambridge. B. Beach esq., clerk of the supreme court of Indiana spoke at Columbia City on last night to the democracy. Correspondent of the Providence Jour Nal buys that in ninety nine out of every Hundred cranberries applied As a poultice will effectually cure the Erysipelas. There is not an instance known where it has failed to effect a euro when faithfully applied before Tho sufferer was in n dying state. Two or three applications porn rally do the work. Ctn Iun fluid split upon the name Rock on which nil other have weak Ness and corruption of the body politic. Hut to return to our subject do our property holders or citizens in general think it will redound to their credit or Prosperity to Burn each others houses it is indeed not Only highly wrong in every moral Bunse but it is also highly absurd. What k local items. Kail Moab Tutt i. Owci Wahibi station january 1, Toledo wa1bash Western b. Is. Ift. N. A St. L. Sex. A. 4.40 a. M. Departs 6.90. Mail express 4.40p.m. 6.00, Goiny n. Y St. L. Sex. A. 4.40 a. M. Mail express 112.00 m. Departs 5.00. 12.30k Pitts Buky foot Wayne Chicago a r. Going weit. Isi train Expressarrivc-e4.60 a. M. Dcparts6.89 2d mail 6.00 . Doing 1st train mail arrids 6.30 a. M. Departs 6.49. Express 2.00 p. M. Sis. It a passenger trains detain Long enough it this Point to and nil meet a train Here except that of 3.10 afternoon. A put after of sob Crand industrious habits with eight years to obtain a situation in a print ing office. Wages not so much an object As a permanent situation. Apply at this office. Ill some one furnish us for a few Dayu with the uis Lory of the late War in the West Ern country by col. Mcafee on sunday morning , an alarm of fire was made and on repairing to the scene to found it to be the old Washington Hall on the South Corner of Columbia and Barr Street the first hotel building erected Here and by Alex Ander Ewing father of w. G. And g. W. Ewing Well known Here. This House was Long kept by or. Ening then by w. N Hood col. Set ten Flold Samuel Sowers t. J. Lewis and Peter Timmons occupying the period from about 1825 to 1847, and was Tho principal hotel in the North for Many years the fire was doubtless Tho work of an incendiary. When to got to the scene of action All West of the Hall or old House could Hare been saved if the fire engine Compa Nies had seemed desirous or Active to that end but if we judge aright there was an indifference. The fire was accelerated by bold and criminal acts of arson by several parties who Are perhaps not identified but who were seen by Many per sons setting fire a had to the work of destruction. It was thus helped along and permitted to go unlit it that Wells build ing on the Alley to lie West must also Burn when Alert Hook and ladder co. Came to Tho Rescue for the first at which they could do Good and Tore Down an old shanty cast and adjoining Wellsand tints arrested the work of the much damage was done the poor who occupied those old rookeries. Thus stood matters until night at 12 o clock when the stable of James richly on the Alley Between a Jerry and Wayne West of Harri son Street Wojik discovered on fire which Consu med several other stables out houses and much fencing but was properly arrested by the efficiency of the fire companies and Alert a l. Company. All remaining a till a few hours the incendiary commenced his work by setting fire to a lot of stables Between Calhoun and Harrison and be tween Washington and Jefferson doing much damage which was also reach ing the dwellings by the Luru companies. The City is in an excited slate and to unto the wretches if selected for u Gallows will be Erec Ted in the Public Square and or they Hung by the neck. Regulators where arc you let the Blackleg again fed your influence. The time is precious Lor action. The City authorities organize sonic nid to Dulcet the scoundrels. Oct Ira Nice Cramer of Swan noun county was on Hist monday arrested by United states solely and taken to Indianapolis on a charge of counterfeiting the Coin of the uni cd Stales. C. La Ruck esq., went Down to bail him f held to bail. Thus goes the work. Almon Case of Jollu Felon got into a controversy at that place with his son and was by Ihn shot most probably fatally. We know them both Well and regret to hear of such a a agcy. The particulars Are not heard by us. Allen Connly agricultural fair is open to Day at the grounds near this City. The state fair at Indianapolis we docs s. Smith and Hon. Jos. Brackenridge Ittin did one of their own political appointments Able individual from any other Sale or neighbor at n. Haven on last monday were totally Hood would voluntarily embark his capital amongst no demoralized n Community y we May safely Kay i wifi. We must therefore in future be Content to await the slow ment of our own resources. Hut sir if thin wore not so by what right or authority do Sonu citizen destroy the property of another and set fire to the Bouse of anole or v As 1 have said no one will deny Fiat Washington Hull was Wil fully or ii icel in Pirt it was wilfully burned. Hut where were Lam City authorities whose duty it is to protect the property while All this destruction was consummated v for apparently tile whole of Tho City might have been burned if the parties concerned Luid so willed it. Therefore if the citizens do not come out and publicly condemn ibis atrocious proceeding and prosecute ils there vill be an end to safely in fort Wayne. Woe unto them who May in future ii ave u live or to carry on business in an old Frame building that May happen to stand in inc Way of the interest of name of our Litty ital Lei us remember Fiat the measure we mete to others it shall be measured to us if we will not defend the rights and property of our neighbors to cannot expect our neighbors to act any better towards us. In conclusion let us ask the parties concerned As Well As actors whether they would like Tho same conduct pursued toward them As they have pursued toward others these arc serious considerations which out to to Well Pon dered by every Good citizen and which i shall leave for inc present for their consideration. I remain or. Editor yours. A. Spectator. To in said that i lie fire has the approval of Home of our hell citizens. 05" More pleasing than Dew drops that sparkle upon the Rose arc tears Liat pity gathers upon the Cheek of Beauty. A Hoy about ten years old Only son of we. Looby died of u rattle Snake bite in Harrison Grant county wis., last week. Liquor and Tho usual remedies were tried in vain. An Exchange speaking of n celebrated Singer says her voice is As the Moon Light and As Lender As a Ihrck shilling tub a plugs commonly administered to fever and ague patients Are generally Rulious to the system mate jul of curative and strengthening yet the devised by self sufficient old women arc not much butter. Something is needed which shall Liq product of profound kill in the yet beyond Tho Ordinary routine of the Desideratum is supplied Tho distinguished or. J. Hosteller Whoso bitters take Rojik among the most wonderful medicines Ever Lis Vised. Its Are speedy and Prlain the Moat settled cases of the Taen Schield to the tonic properties of the a Vilura. For Sale by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. Tii Ehe is no the advertisement in another column wearied i incl mho a on inc Frap Arnleif n. by the Ruff Only and profane conduct of a Man named win. Diggins a Eclectic to recently came from the Loeo Foco party to regular accounts for his conduct. Whigs never do so. Tow next Lime a speaker goes to new Haven let him Lake a bludgeon and carbine and make the Yard Man see and feel and hear if Don t behave himself. If you Don t like the preaching go to Church. Per the Hora to tug Cable capt Drake of Leo runs now in Good Speed this City and Leo. Her principal Trade As yet is Wood and Limber. It tic anti clique paper edited by w. If. Kick lit esq., made its appearance last week but was More ipod Cal and loss efficient than expected. Do Berry is shut out. Now Are As thick As heirs to a wealthy English Csuti Lea by John Smith or. Kron last saturday night d. C. Aldrich esq., undertook to make a speech at the court House but was interrupted most shamefully by some person s to us unknown. Toleration is n jewel and Good behaviour is unknown to some. If they did t like or. A s remarks the Only method of gelling rid of the speech properly was to leave Uii House. He hit the Roost a clip and broke Tho Force of his blow on the woolly Heads. Hit Thorn again Aldrich they deserve it. A Row was kicked up on Calhoun Street on last Saludy night by some Drunken men whom the City Marshall undertook to arrest but could not get the assistance of b3 standers. Re port the names and have them once. Allen common pleas commences on next monday at this City lion. Joseph Bracken Ridge presiding. He Lac Range circuit court commences its fall term on next monday at Lagrange. 05" a slight collision occurred Between two freight trains near i. Von in tins county on last tuesday morning on Tho p. It w. C. K. R. Sri capt. Stewart is making the Best Job of the planking liar Street. It is excellent and thorough. Of on last saturday Tho City Market was the most Bountiful and Choice of Iho season and would equal any Market in Tho state. The Dis play of Moats was attraction. Egiy Watson Wall druggist is building a Fine and tasty residence just North of Grey s Tan Nery on the Bluff of the St. Overlooking both the canal and River. It is a Beautiful place. H c. Grey is preparing to build one just Over Tho Road West of or. Wall s. Is about to open his new store room at his old stand on Columbia Street where Tho Barc add can be capped and hair
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