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Fort Wayne Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1858, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - September 23, 1858, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fire xxi Atte Tiok the members of aleut Labunek company no. 1 Are requested to meet a their room on Friday evening Sopt 24, to trans social business by order of the Foreman. Idle boys. A writer in to if Northwestern Christian advocate has the following sound Adrico to defy which All our Young readers would do Well t consider Ijo who is Idle and Vic Ioil in Schodl is stil More so when he leaves it. Lie who fires squibs will in time lire pistols. He who plays cards 1 or sport will if he turn not play Ere Jong for Mon by. By who robs Hen roosts and Orchards Wil or Babiy sonic Day Rob safes and pocket books lie Niay not do it Iti the Way to expose Himsel to the Penitentiary he May have his wits so Sharp ened As to Rob by setting up a Wilde Al Hank or betraying the confide duo of his employer or obtaining the Possession of property with the Means of paying for it or by getting Lund upon the Public coffers thai a May till his own under the soft appellation of breach of Trust i would that you could see with my eyes for a Little while you would think with me that he who when a boy could not be trusted Conol be trusted now that he is a a ten. It would Noi be proper for me to mention names or i could illustrate this by numerous painful Bui they arc not Cussary. He decl will follow a inn sows so shall he reap boyhood is the sued time of which manhood is the har Vest. As therefore you love yourselves form the habit while Young of employing All your time tis fully. Never be in employ cd. The land is full of idlers striving to live without labor. It is not to be supposed that you arc never to take recreation this is useful it is if it come after hard study or productive labor it probably be healthful and moderate. An honorable mind in the desire of Mere relaxation will not go Forth in forms of mischievous exer Tion. U is not to be supposed Tiit a boy is to be a Man much less an old num but in the midst of his mirth and hilarity lie Infix be inno cent and Jimi Uble. Move Cmunt fora liw state. A Luck title w3.s held at Ontonagon on the 25 in ult. Composed of delegates from the upper Peninsula of Michigan and from those portions of Wisconsin and Minnesota bordering on Lake Superior for the Pur pose of considering the propriety of the forma Tion of a territory out of the Lake Superior re Orion belonging u the three states to effected by the of lands to the uen Cral govern ment. Tiu reasons assigned for the movement arc the distance of Shuso regions from of the different states to which they belong the Dilli culty of getting to them their virtual Dis franchise mint in Many Csc tins and the differ ence of interest and occupations. A committee was appointed to do it an address to thy Lygis Laturco of Michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota urging upon hum the propriety unil necessity of a Grant to the i Cuemel their territory bordering from any will sell within the next sixty Day the largest cheapest and Taos Complete assortment of Del of Medici lbs chemicals druggist s fancy goods anal Cal Anci dental f w s t r v by Job by t american Fresch. English and Derma trusses and supporters notes and Iii tutors faints and colors French and american Zinc faints 1000 keys White Lead cheaper Trion a car 100 cases paints Heady Fot Itse lie fur tin Elk a Intima of those ii Well in a Prev Chili whose i Wilth will not pen ult tin in Hose of Furu ily. Arc Clit Tunnel against using these while in unit condition nil the new Respus blur no Mac my Niolion Natl Inngle Tfir Iliili loss wot lil prevent any injury to Hulth Atli or win Thiac arc . Directions Stich Box. Price sulk Liol Rutili Sixl it nil by 11uuu u. Fort Witul Vicinity ital. To whom nil unlit Al Nusl to Meltln hot to. Thuy will furnish a Alci it nil with orc Nln and Tun i tin 1 Illo it Pri h Al. K. He Hugh 1. Ilid to co. It la. Kurl to. Can Iovu or a idiot a i Itlen Sint by return mull Couf Lon tit Illy any f Fatutta of of Titt ill Whf. of maid a state hot Vituj Lilc t Iiri Minuit current mid in Chr Ollif Imil Tom til Ilio ourt of Lun Tytun i icim. Allen vainly More Lanui ii a i Hiya prior la first any of id a Cal term quid court xot10k is Uherc fun Hereley riven trial said Ai Rimini current Nril vouchers will he presumed ill Len next u i Iii of Suid court cur u Lii Uil Nuttle a int. I. U. , Tivit 2w, i-t.8-lf clerk. Wah Freix so in 4 local Aikin t in every Lulu it tin in Ileal Lulea. Also it in Tiu Suain it Tel of which pc n few woks out on incl for , Ahu civil fill Happy Iid to her on the feeder and she returned but is j " tip achy. Out Jiinyun i Slyt i i Toul lug Lith or Illk of of col. To a. Ishi Lelej Olio for the past three and n half 3 cirs has been connected with the editorial of the Louisville Jan int has assumed the editorial charge of the clips to. He is an excellent writer a Fine Spiik or and will prove a valuable acquisition to the american party of Albany Tri Hoie. President at Wheatland. Pa., Friday sept 17, 185s. President it Chanan arrived quietly tit wheat Insul last he came in n private Earrine Romolu Yihia it is his Lirt visit tit Home since his election. He not yet visited the City and is engaged on his own private affairs. Conviction foe Luebee St. Louis thursday sept. 10, 1853. The jury in the of George ii. Lamb charged with drowning his wife in the Mississippi Hiver last have returned a verdict of murder ill the first decree. A u Appeal will be taken to the supreme court. From Utah. St. Loins thursday sept. If. Ave from to the in Ltd inst., per United suites exp Russ company to too Neville of to Day. The suit Lake mail Arri Ved at St Joseph on the 10th inst., having the trip in Twenty Days. Tho mormons continued to arrive in Tho City from the South Ami were entering upon their usual avocations. Rig Ham Young still keeps himself concealed and lives in constant Ila per and fear of the vengeance of his own people Olio have become greatly in Cen had it the unveil in of his numerous Franik this confirms the former reports. Rcd Scott is dead and the bowels of the abolitionists will now constipated for Thuro is now nothing to move Thorn. In Mir last we Ihrl jul d t your her w of it should lie of Ilung Crown or Hwy i. O., ally ii pm. To thu re All you who have thu i do schools of this City Onciu d on monday Aidt Day the Volu Nunry subscriptions raised the to whom much Civ ii is hic mid especially to m. K. I Gorbei for his untiring efforts. Monday last b. U. Fourur s Clair factory building look lire but after belting up it co ii is durable noise ac., the Bines were put Tut Wilh u is Natl Effort just in the Niche of time. Sept. Ali to county in is in Tinl easy. Lukius thin no i Smith to allot Mikits. Ims p. Indianapolis ibid. Oil. Kerosene illum Matins Oil the cheapest Light known kerosene lamps of tax latest and most Kle Oak Stylet. America if. French. Getiman up he 2ji up3 St. To 9 toilet Waters and fancy articles. Cosit tics powders Conns . Hair dyes Alt test s 1iatkhials. Turf taints. In. A. A. Flavouring extracts current session of fort Wayne col be commenced on last tuesday 51st inst. Tin lowest orders lies r Etsu Lotf july 1, cask co. Information to the Public notice under sighed mar chants tailors and cloth Erk do join if and Neve Nilly agree that on und alter the first Day of August 11.58, our business Al ill be conducted o h Cash by Tetu being the Only Means by which we can Poi dumbly aunt Iii our credits. W. C. Silo aka. Bost1ck to f. 0. To trireme 4 11110. Joe Clark Rudolph . i of in Wieimer. I. Lau Feutz. C. 0. Vowel. Auer s.-2ui private school. 1nstktctions in mathematics. In nil Ladiem and afternoon. Kor terms apply to offer Drake Zourie s july 10, a. So . Calhoun is. Read and be Wise if you want to Unver Money you must in to i Tail no ill 1 Esaui Ellier is not another House in Liis i Emon of c ii iry who will or s-11 All fancy. Fontyn Lap i ,.tnl gnats. Llni.1 v made , hats. Caps. Jewelv a. Loin and in other articles As cheap As i can add will. I have made my Ini Ihl in ill for Cash . Siml limit to order at shun notice routed to til Umil malarial and country merchants who pay Prim plan Liny goods of me than thy Ean ens Nti l juy a Umill Slock. Try me hid convince Yon Rufli lots very lady. in Anflic Illier lire in riled ii and Exiline my goods and prices a fore per inviting Ellew heist you can save Moi by if you of 1 try. I Lau Kelty. No is. May Columbia Street. Notice of assignment. Role has born duly appointed Llie Assignee of i i Yueai. S. Imler Fiill of the City of be re Wayne 1ml. Enrice is he Rev Given All pers us holding claims Ajjawi Tiht said in Miler Fiill re Piort the sine Ini medially to Lilliy him audited my adjusted in accordance with the terms of said assignment Ami ill persons Indel led to or unsettled accounts with said Underhill arc herein a tiled to Maken Zinent. adjust Aid Aero Una. Is it is desired to have All claims adjusted for set Lem Cut us soon an the circumstances und Law will warrant. Solomon in Bayless. July 20, cd Emma l s of Tor satisfaction guarantied. All the Aud popular family and Khlot of orred weit at and bitaut will in Calls a calf of the uni Iliin cite Lulic is Hii Cress can Kiven can he Given to in Enis in regard to the mental and Morill training i of daughters than is presented ill the re of Tho worst kind. Say Peter Llev appointment or Dreuil a the head of Tho Zinsli did you get for that pitch in 1 Etc never say know nothing to us Nunin. Stu Hon Puli Liscs cart if Caletti of mural cd Noncler of de the Cork log for of the circuit. That May look right our null und cd Vinuto re Rcd uie View of the of our Tives anti Tii s mind Oil turn incl Vii fit to d will in Many Chuh fail. Enry Effort Wil i Nimlo to went tie Tonii Mcnee of hit Peji of Ouk takes 4 Vahi ties Are better and Pricestwevjt-f.v1- Pell tent. Jew or to Linin can Liml if set Tefr arnts. To Bravo to Tiitu Liun to our list of Prici a fur the cunning full and Spring Wolti Tfir Mlo for sept s3, Light More Lilit. A Othell invoice of those a Javk Al i japs of tin1 now St. Style and most it Levant patterns j co Ilija Hsiug Uci Luiss Beauty und guru oilily. H. Read co. Sule Fortio lamps mid Oil. Sept. L85h-tr fresh drugs . O u i i i w e morphine Volo n i in o i in e just or Rivil Neil for 9iilo at the smallest fraction of Lulven Mccon now in the time. H. B. Heed co. Sept. 28, -68-lf a Fine As Artmont of it Iii jugs and jars rolling Al nost. . 23, 88-ir h. B. Keep co. . New Ikon Stoke 127 tons bar Iron to sold in the City of flirt Wayne mini use it Tho in Raicu Rollings Mills of Ira 1 1 i dip f k k k of t sizes Mann from in is Quality of Coll Lii to lumping it Otto cd Mercoal u Superior of Tilc. Will in sold it lower Cunlif Serin Iron than any other Iron Ever in tin inn Khz. Also n Iii Kun Slock of Xmas Ami i list Stupi Sti irl Sallis Fiul window of fuss and Misli. Also. Tin i late. Copper and wire a if of i r o k s a p e s Awn. Ami Fly tune a . Neil farming Utun Biln generally. Also of tin Copper am Tih Cut Iron euro. House lol Liing Donu to or Der. Cooking stoves have the Large Al and i Mil in of , mid will sell tin in Lola or my uni Ltd St its i Flor lox. a Nin tin in any All. Of which lire warranted to Kivo part it Tion. input twice Lonj 113 it. Other i Arnuco. This to Snow to Truo from fifteen experience in the one and two year old it per 100, of the leading Best varieties a supt tour Quail a and Quantity of Standard Anil Dwarf Pear Trees-50 cents. Also n collection of Trees it per. Kill Standard and Dwarf Cherry Trees Price same us Tor pears. Ohap sad per Doz. Curn ints and Golabi rays a Linn in Ricky Atill per , Ami Oiler Small fruits at very k v k k k k k k a thu be Aliou lil plan in in tin Spring. Our col of Kir Xor us it 511 cts to 0 to find no Imti. Ntuli Ioctl Cedar from 50 cts to Inch. Great wb3te3k Saddle Collar Trust a Al. Under Sislie having and Ichird in Ninlin irn. Factory of this kind has done so in Juis new i risk stove partly occupied 11. 0 Cray s leather store no. 1 1 i cult ulna Street. Where lie Inlet Lux car Ying on Llie business in All its Irani Hes a a larger scale than Ever Dune in the went for Llie Purdum of Hilpp Lyilla his Eils Laniera at to Kul null. A Al mail i title As work As can lie made in and of Ilio Kastern cities and at As Low Rales Lorl Asil. Ii i Lii inks it to say Iii he us his name Mil Lonn experience ill the business and Llie y of work sold by him when Mulliis Trade Here or years will be the menus of securing to him All of Liis ult and scores of new customers. Who nut go away dissatisfied. His Lor s Collar leather and a abilities Lor making ii enable him to Kail Illers mid coun Irv Merel Lills inn his Collar factory with Lucy article and at lower it tics their Niiya other Hull c in he West. hardware and a vans on Liand and will be sold at a very sni ii l. Ii. A Loaff. Sell 0, Hemry c. Grey go., and in Leathes find ifs. Kolin 119 si., tort Watke Ijadi Washington Tannery on the t anal. Near capt. Will constantly keep on hand a Choice selection of Eastern Omi make be Atiim Koi Flocco a spleen Iii collection consisting of the following Limval . B liner s new Pine Hovey a Edling their Cudlic Chiun Eastom sole leather tanneries i to kit it Cru i Compa favor Ulii Lio kit a new and Lolk per Doi. Tiv Lifie and , sex t. Sorts i per too. Jurt. Cash paid for ii1u1w. Horns cell i k sell. 7, 3 Eta to _ 5k by importer Ana Wii Olosaia Dealiar a these Juodis were All , to Bell to unit the hard twin Coso Spond what liitle Mony you get us Tho advantage by calling the sign of the Golden stove next us to Juno i Ith is Al d Piant i should lie planted in August la Are Cash. On for Oigt 93 Columbia St., it. .tun.-. 10, our terms of Sal he Good Wils
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