Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
14 May 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
14 May 1859

Read an issue on 14 May 1859 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Fort Wayne Weekly Times.

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaA fast vet r Lotoa and Pullol Al Blok established As a whig journal a. D. 184o_ptedged to the Union the Constitution and Laws. The Kopek year in a Dyance. Fort Vaycie Allen county Indiana saturday evening May 14, 1850v Oto prospects is tse event of a Wab. Supposing the Long threatened. European War which so often promised and As often postponed says the Baltimore american to be really inevitable the question of Paramount inter est to us is How will the United. States be effected by it our geographical position Alovic secures us from any involuntary connection with the struggle and our Long settled policy will prevent us from unnecessarily taking sides quarrel with which we have nothing to do. I other Jon Athan. to Light if he has anything 10 fight about but his own Honor must be assailed or his own rights invaded before he grows warlike. We had nothing to do with the. Treaties of 1810, and so far As our own interests arc concerned we Are indifferent about their violation or maintenance. We have no very warm affection or Affinity for , the despot isms represented in that famous Coli Gross under whose authority and by virtue of whose enact ments Austria s cruel fingers were fastened upon the throats of her to aus Alpine Subj cos. Lizul whatever sympathy we May cherish for the oppressed we arc not going to allow oar kindly feelings to involve us in an unprofitable contest however selfish All this May appear in is in strict accordance with the Wise old proverb he that Lucid leu Wilh 5u-ifes which do not concern him is like one that to Kalb a dog by Ibe it is perfectly Plain that an european War would have the effect to enhance the value of All our exportable agricultural products. A Large part of the food for the armies engaged would be furnished by us. This fact is so obvious that we need do no More than state it. From present indications it u supposed Hal the wheat crop of Lac United slates will be larger in 1850 than it has been for a Long series of years. The Promise of an extraordinary yield is heard from All the wheal growing slates and if this Promise should be Fol Jill cd and our Harvest prove largely beyond be average the continued in cat of hostilities Wil be Sulli Cint to keep the prices up. If Lucre should by actual War within the next iwo or three months 11 is not All improbable thai prices would reach Tho figures obtained during the prevalence of the Irish famine. As was Lac Case Ihen hero will be much Money made and much lost there will be found Only of Cullors scoring Grain at High Cost hoping for further advances. There can of course be no estimate made of these crops that mature later in the year but the value of All other agricultural products to a certain extent it is generally supposed the Collon grow ing states will be losers almost if not quite in pro portion to the increased receipts for Cereal pro if the exportation of hrad Lulfs should be or thirty millions in excess of former years it is very probable that there will be a corresponding decrease in the Export of the great Southern Staple. It docs not by any Iri cans follow that there will be As Greal a decrease in the Home value of Coupon. La is said thai inc present Supply is lighter than usual at ibis season of Lac year and Many holders arc still further advances. One very important customer fing land is not Likely to be entangled in Ibe european difficulties and our own manufactories Wilh their present Small Slock will 116 doubt Aid in keeping the prices up to a remunerative Point nevertheless it seems Clear enough thai a War would exert to influence upon Coupon and Iho suggestion Uii it planters should Holdover their crops Foi the restoration of peace or even withhold half their crops from Market is Perfec dlr Idle. Granting that their course would him. Tho effect to prevent a present decline the Block which would be thrust upon inc Market a Tho earliest available moment would certainly end to ensure a much More serious full in prices. Probably the Mobil obvious Benefit accruing Lotis from ulc misfortunes of our neighbors across the water would to the Active employ Cul of our shipping. There Lias been for years gradually increasing complaint of the if ship properly. It is notoriously certain thai them Aro More Idle vassals in All our seaports than fit any previous period of our history. W whatever Causti May have combined to bring about this stagnation the fact is palpable enough Lull an european War would ensure tin a Active employ ment of our shipping. Instead of lying in Harbor it filing for freights at starvation rates american vessels would Btu it demand once More and our Flag would again be found in every port All we wish Lor our commercial Marine is Remus Ralic and constant employment a few years activity with no competitor but England would secure to american ships the first place in the mercantile navies of the world. The Newark advertiser. Things by their 1uohi Hames. Though our belief is As we have lately said Reform in the elective franchise Ami oven Lio imminent european War possess few Points of interest to us whatever in action May be in a Lim Neial View in is such As this Cou ulry is and will to always liable to in Conse Quence of the conc curation of capital abroad especially in England. Writers May talk As they please about the Folly of playing a sort of Crimi Nal world s Money Market we shall however be obliged to do it for Many years to dome and if we were As wealthy As we shall be at so Iii future Day and1 some people weakly boast that to Are now yet it is in the nature of Money to fluctuate under the pressure of events and held we As much of Ilas Engham has its cur reels would be sure to run sometimes to one Shore sometimes to ibis Oiler just Waves of Lac Atlantic now Roll. Hut a truce to inc War and to reforms abroad. There Aro reforms that really concern ourselves most intimately. They Are nol of the Constitution but of the personal character and conduct of business men. The Reform the abolition this country wants is the abolition of cheating. The Independent has a chapter on. Cheating in is a Long one of course or it co uld not go much As give a Brief list of Bem. We Are sorry they Are so numerous first because in makes a most disgrace Ful revelation Ami then because it makes us Loath to begin to write upon the Subj cd from the despair on account of want of space of present ing anything but a tame Flat outline. A Mirror is needed Large enough to reflect entire Fea Tures of the ugly reality. To understand the deformity of this vice of cheating in ought nol Only in be seen but seen in All ils infinite and disgust ing variety. Look at some of the a wholesale and retail dry goods stove Sells you Twenty pounds of sewing silk. When , its wig he is ten or fifteen pounds to More. Such is Lac custom. A spool of in Lynn stamped 20c Yards measures Only 150 or 177. Ribbons sup posed to measure and indeed once did fourteen Yards arc Only twelve. Piece silk and other goods called 2-1, 28, 2s inches run Only 22j, 2h, this is known to others arc deceived. A paper of Cut ticks marked contains As will be found on opening Only Iuo you get Only 700 percussion Caps for a tool has cast steel stamped on it. There is nol a Bil of Sll Eliu in the . Is All in the trader. A bundle of a Gross of balloon should Ronti Iii of course 12 pieces of 12 Yards each but it Actu of Christian equity and Honor. Such is ther form Hal is now needed in the ii Reantillo world. What dry goods merchant will begin it by repudiating Lac Poumal of silk which does not weigh sixteen ounces what hardware merchant will begin it by taking Oil role his next paper of ticks inc Label of one and pasting in ils place a. Label of i rec Hundred what flour merchant will be in in by culling away the false brands from his Jarrels that Lac Irons May once More to healed so As nol to scar his conscience while they singe Lis slaves v we repeat we need it great Zijm narc Ial Ilyf rom and we ask who will urine to Don t All speak at its Leader of the people of the stale of Massachusetts have very largely voted affirmatively on the pro posed amendment to the stale cons Liouliou which requires two years residence after nalu a Bizalion be Bro the naturalized can Vole in that slate. On this subject Tho people of that state have done right regardless of the Allum plod in fluence of the new York Tribune Chase of Ohio Banks of mass., and the anal Elias of the con Lions of different of her states. They profess to be in favor of letting the people of each sovereignly regulate their own business and yet the whole Kennel of Leann cd mouthed Republican editors outside of thai been interfere and state of has rebuked them and All such and just so they arc doing with Nigger. Cd they say they arc not interfering. And we rejoice to think she has. The Circum stances As they exist there make such a course or rect. Them s our sentiments and such will be those of Many state in a few years. of the times. Luttke times. Tooi Viu a k. Y. May 7th, 160 j. Send Dawson arrived Here on yesterday ibo thigh 12, and found myself quite add by the tripe from Indianapolis per jell or Sonville Railroad. After brushing up and dining at the National hotel of ibis City i found myself wending Tho Way to the masonic Temple. On arriving at the Entrance to the masonic Hall i gave the usual Knock at which a stranger met in face to to whom gave the name of the As hailing from Indiana the door was closed As if to say we shall fee Aboul Lac matter. A few moments passed and in a moment a noise rits heard within Tho Hall and Quick Steps gave Vic acc that some one was approaching the rest door opened and the renowned and far famed Hob Morris appeared whose deeds of usefulness and masonic intelligence have and will be spread Broad cast among Lac Craft to Benefit and enlighten Mankind. Then came thai cordial grasp of the hand and with it a Hearty Welcome Cim Sikin device of i lie . Tribune. Tse presidential contest of 1800." Washington april 2s, the Strong sense and frankness of the views expressed in the Tribune on tuesday concerning the presidency in have made a most favourable impression Here on All shades of the opposition and have been generally welcomed except by inc democracy who see in. Policy so discreetly inculcated the certain doom of their parly and the ulu a extinction of do the Shams and Dumago Guisin by which in has been supported through an almost domination of i Iii y years. Ii is Well Al this limn Ami in Advance of the coming struggle to Ihu future squarely in the so confront contingencies which loom up in the distance before the Eye of every scr observer. By such prudence we May guard against errors which have already Cost the country dearly and through which Only the pres ent imbecile and corrupt adminis Lialiou attained Power Wil Hotiu reviving any question of personal preference the fact is admitted on All sides now which was perfectly Clear to some of us in that if judge Mclean or some such Man had been Ihen nominated or. Buchanan could not. Verse is no cd of jul j ally con Lizius bul 1u8 or Lio. A Gross of Boot web Falls Short one entire piece of 11 Kyc Lyls should have Floo in a Box Bill you will find bul 200 Ibert. A Side of leather is ducked under water for some time previous to weighing. 11 is a Garcal improve Meul of uie weight ii is a proverbial saying in the Calber Market of new a million of dollars Worth of water is sold there in every year i in the hour Trade is also fraud. When a Coo i a makes a flour barrel if the head weighs 20 iinds he Marks it 17. This has been lately partially corrected a new Mode of reckoning litres a Eucce is branded on flour if male any where in new York stale and new York hour is sometimes marked Ohio. My reliant know tins and this other filings but common purchasers of single barrels fur families do not. Any dealer May himself Brand upon his barrels fac similes of any inspector s Hemd. U c pass Over wines Ami liquors he enormous adulteration of which have been so frequently exposed. No secret is made now of tic be frauds. Com Sci i Eils of Marks and casks Are made casks Are blackened and made Dingy As if by age or a voyage and old spiders webs Are spun Over new Bolles of wine which probably arc guiltless of a single drop of grape juice in the room of which Are All poisonous drugs. At Tho stationers you think you gel an a Aouni Book of or five quires bul the quires have Only sixteen or eighteen sheets in them instead of Twenty four. In the poorest kind of Straw paper to same cheat is Practised. Your hat falsely purports to have come from Par is your i cigars from Havana. Neither is True. The former was made within an hour s ride the Tiller by a Levy in Chatham sired. There is cheating in figs in fish in raisins. There is Benting in All trades bul says every one. You watered the rum yes i Lav you sanded the yes then i time in that Man bad Pray ers every morning and he did nol live Iun England either and we know too thai the Devil s analysis of the soul of a which got into our tuesday is As True j3fthe Buffalo commercial advertiser of yesterday speaking of the of Eccl of the War news upon business says the news by the Steamer Matt title is sufficiently warlike to satisfy Ibe most belligerent spirit. The prostration of Confidence in the Lou Don Stock Market and Ibe depression of Price has been sudden and severe carrying Down uie dealers in government sureties by the score. Tho influence of the news by the will lend to create a temporary panic in the operations of capitalists in this country. The commence ment of a War abroad can have no Oiler than a disturbing elect in this country for a time Mak ing capitalists cautious and Money dearer. The advantages we arc to reap Are All in inc future and prominent among All the resources of Iho country will be the sales of produce yet to be grown. Financially speaking Ufal in. Tout Liitt is equivalent i Iho Deposit of first class Securi ties and in is this aspect of the condition of the West which establishes a degree of Confidence in the future that will carry us safely through the unusual and unnatural depression in the present Day. It is clearly evident that there is an in creasing tone of Confidence grow rings up through out the length and breadth of the land which is being greatly stimulated by the Tenor of foreign advices and Only remains for us to wait patiently the development of the future in its foreign and Domestic Etc shia in the Back ground. The new York likening cyst contains an article relative to Tho War ill Europe suggesting Hal Russia which is Well known to have a Good understanding with France in the present to Mali a lion will in the event of hostilities take care of the sick Turkey it says if Russia wishes to realize the proudest dream of four generations of her sovereigns and apply a most Elli Zacious Balsam to the Garcal sore of the body politic alibis moment the dissatisfaction of the first real Opportunity she has Ever hid inc last which May present itself fur Many a last has come. H Ith i Rance and Austria at War the Herman confederacy in arms for the Protection Capitol is very onco Wirag ing. The i Floi is us minion to Rase Money in Kotti Ope on la Church properly Are considered As of Lac hostile condition of affairs us. Of a parly professing hostility to inc Extension of i was eligible to the sri Rill mity in Ibe Lime of slavery Virl Nally to Ihu Success of Opi Sitkin ".atfiil.m. Inc Washington on i in tilde of Ibe l Lii Ladelphia and one of be Ablest Mil most National political writers of the Day says the platform adopted Al Lac recent Conven Tion in Nashville is National and in every material respect As fairly and fully represents the sentiments of Pennsylvania As it does of the opposition in Tennessee. Such a Victory will be haded All Over the Union As Nuoch or Omen of that coming event by which the Conn by will be soon redeemed from tin misrule of faction domination of demagogues and the terrorism of Mere party discipline. Ten. Walker is still in Sim Francisco with col. Nal incr living very quietly in and apparently doing Bolliing. Lie has Many visitors however of the stamp Filli Husler. Depend upon in thai this mirrors connecting his name with an expedition us Sonora or a Ril Ona Are erroneous. A renewal of his outer another pro slavery administration. For alter All Thiol will be inc cell Teclof Boltik ing a candidate who can be in usual is As her and be elected . When Gen. Tay Lor was he Load of Hoo slaves nor his Back throughout Ibe North we All re Meuiner How be was reviled and nine years have passed away Ami even now his name semis a thrill through the heart of that Saint Garcal North As recalling one who never swerved from who had h. Been spared would i have laugh inc propagandists a lesson such As no Iii bul a Man born and bred from position and1 circumstances ram teach their policy was to be pursued at Lac Hazard of incurring every Penally deign Rcd by of ended Justice lie has been followed by Northern men in thai High office Ever since Bill Enol nor All of ilium combined responded to the Call of fru loin As he did slaveholder and tils he was. And the fuel is worthy to be re Vived a. Ibis Day Al least for its admonition. The time has come when we Are to consider whether the administration of tin-1 is to be changed the Public policy reformed abuses and corruptions con a Clad retrenchment introduced labor rewarded Ami new blood infused in to Lac politic. In our local successes have been so gladly witnessed during the last few years the people have nol practically they have to be sure elected members of Congress and Legislatures and governors and senators but to Husk honors have been enjoyed by Ibe the Greal and multiform machinery of the general , the Post offices custom houses Laud o dices Indian agencies and such like con suming Between eighty and a Hundred millions annually have All the while been and s ill Are. Ill the i Ossi ssi ii of the Deniu Cracy. I repeal it is Linn Ibe people As distinct from Ihu politicians should have some participation in Ebesu benefits. They can Banc if they choose and Tho readiest la candidate for who w Bili i to embarrassing prejudices will 05" the Railroad warfare in Competition Isi destined of ruin Many for this is a Siason when no Road can Allard to throw away Money. Tho Penn Sylvania outlet of Ibe p., it. W. It c. H. Been losing by ibis bail j policy and the p., it w. It. U. By a worse one brought Aboul by having Tom tic and others manage it. As a specimen of the feeling in Pittsburgh we. Be a faithful exponent of nil Iho great principles involved and whose Public and private Char Arler i e a Safe guaranty not Only for a proper a quote from the Law let the speaking of Fri gets it says the Penn. Central Road Naif Tut Alt. It Luix carried far Furu Lime a inf and in would be belter Oil to if in had never Truy ulal to i last Luj i.1 its Competition with other roads morning aged us years. College in was ele so. May a Iii. A correspondent of the Republican gives very Disi from the pikes Ivak mines. Large rum Ibers of miners arc returning Willmut Means of sustenance Anil it is feared Many will die irom starvation. U is thought they will Al Lack thebout giving trains. Cinfio Liliasi 1 i. There was Fino Lucr forgery on Street yester Day afternoon. A boy fourteen j ears old entered the banking House of mown pre scr led a Cheek for Lor a Deposit with the Bank Book of Georg. Sledge. The Check was drawn by of. 11 Wood a co. Payable to tin order of s. N. Pike t co., upon Fallis of. Rinkers. And a Norw d by Wood 1 1 is mid he contemplates a renewal of ins but in a slav and prise in Nicaragua Ami will assuredly try ins Lor with Lac reign and k to us v u f again As soon As to sees the Way of and of venality n a Man pros need a _ which inc com try new groans. ,.hcc k signed tie o. , for ifs do Ici sieved is Lilu interest Wius Felt in the Cori Iura i Lin election at Kokomo thai the judges and or. , Arkansas has clerk sell Aslop about 2. O clock in the after us Lac position Midian affairs a Vantuil. To that they arc Cyl asleep As the journal has not announced their awaking. Pray or. Journal do keep concealed Tho political Hab its of that place or it might injure the party. It is certainly to read their in place o hover Mir Decluer a. An editor out insists of having had a talk Wilh a woman and got the last she gave Illo him and Lin had to take it. The Nir Tiu a and has not yet been detected forgery of both a harks was Well executed. N. A Fin broke Mil at Forkosh Wisconsin right destroying seventy live build last Ign Iii Clad Gall the business places on mum Mercet not a Rocray or dry goods Tho from iou o incl or. I Llo Sioui May 12lh. Governor Hanks has elected the Pollux ill go Iii Miu to i impose the judges of the new us Pix me court is established by uie last log isl lure. The to to confirmed by Tho executive counsel. Fur chief Justice Charles Allen judges Julius Lockwell of Pitsti Ebl 6lis Lord of s Al inv Farcus mor Ion jr., Ftp Aduf Var Wilkinson of cd hand John Andrew of Boston Ife Irry voc of Spring Field sell. Ames of Cambridge Jos. Cult of Pittsfield thus of Bose gift new Haven May 13. Prof Niciu Iston Ilola Slebir l. L. Expired Al Bis residence in this City Al.4 o clock this to graduated uly ulu Ted professor of chemistry in x. C., Psi j and served ten years when i made a Al Survey of Hal first slate Survey made in this country and Isi he was i lec cd Fri Fessor of and natural philosophy in Yale toll ugh Winch place he filled at. The Lime of Bis Donloh y6rk, m ay-13lh. Lii rumoured arrangements a Eleween a n Debilt and the Pacific mail company have taken a More decided shape., and in is generally credited. Ii is said or. V. Sells the Northern Light Vanderbill North Star Ariel pallid Webster Ocean Queen l nolo. And Orler for lo1 which the Pacific mail company contributed a new company is to to formed for working uie Atlantic end of the route Wilh a Cap ital of ii of his amount or. V Lake j800 000 Stock and Bonds. The Survick is lobe i a Fermi a weekly Belu Eull this City Ami Sim Francisco. Washington. I Sih. The general of Canada Ishri Hugh the Brit ish minister Hist mail a demand upon this government for the Sun Emler of Deputy Man Hal Tyler who shot Law Apt of the american Brig room Ord of Cleveland while laying in . Tyler a foul time since was tried in a Kelii Iomini Cicdon manslaughter. They now 1 Maud his Ibe Lilious treaty. There Are questions of Law Crl in tin Nise which it to be Laid it Fern

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