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Fort Wayne Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1856, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - March 20, 1856, Fort Wayne, Indiana V k Chot Norl Llukas im11ana1i made wholesale Andreta l clothing of Lin id p. Lilii j Vav varied Ilse oiled and Best in of a j fall and Winter Ciolini i Isu Kaa c e company j Hurdt Tiia 0" a Omier Judi l. Amount of capital Stock exclusive of amount of surplus and surplus -17 is Sam s. 1 Ain t in lid Kottke 1603. I of Orol Torch in foil i in ii a nil cml Alan Olio Buh Nehb and now prepared to us Goi a Init Workmanlike manner be done in any place in uses use. Uoung to Locra in the . In Paris Tilaila in sea. Ted to Lake Polico of Ichih prepared to do Ulm Ink lick h work m i roil deals Lunion Fiill the in Ilene. 1 Orl Wayne May Lilli. Goods. B. A. A k Lufi son a Savls i Tollif Immor Ifni Liry sinn dict suck of coot ecu j Cuiji Joriu Bowshot Jamks 31 Bowser Story manufacturers o. Iron nails Ancl Glass. First arrival us lie so Cash at the n tons Ikon which makes our assortment Bowser Siuk i 1 j50 manufacturers of i a Arp stationary steam engines. A Tui quasi us Choc. Of every Nix Aix Vam a Oiler show lab. Saw and grist Mills shops and car wheels saw and grist Mill Csc air thrashing machine a stove Potaski and sugar son in lilo i la Celor merchant to up . . K. V Kavitt. Of Tkv Juv Ruksc Tell Tun of and also .1 1 Oil Able circular saw Milln and Muriul Buluro Home i Owern no. I.3 water hired below eau v. Out and Vine. I april i Ith Iliili Ohio. Bell Deveau co. in fvhkh1n if liquors k Xis of it Qualli nails grads lit old link v no. 11 j out. is re of boots Ito in ii. J no. Jami a in Rok Aino o w. S Toledo o. Piik of merchants is re i sni Cal i ill invited to the above we keep on a tend Luri i Stock which we offer it a buds every Well la Lull Mei j sort mail of fall and Winter Omus consisting in Irv i he saw dust and slab part of c to Sii i Orn Sale. Win Olask to Fetiu Licup Call ind 11. Mori us a Washington _ us l if t fort warn. Oct. Isle list pia30s foil Cir Straas Toiv years presents h b Oft for from l i fell. Of new ii orow kno to Rallar Rvl fl550. Tor ill s c Rcd . Atli 7 o Rojle Uncle at fur Grill Lori Tjelvar before Han Ilire. Lief n Khz Phi Chatan rians cd lick tur la can filler ladies Duess goods to in inc Jim to d p Silks Mark and a cml give us Del incs. Moith and Clini Esible i Oplius not to be beat and prices by if Jov 1 i _ ma.c1une Lii up Anlo Tjio Privi Rimml Ollie . Union it Rcd i anyone risk Tito Znuj Juany i inc no Rule in Yin to Mir n l n a i to surd in Imit f in v. Town v in i one Blore la Csc Cir Schia Rogers Justice of bonnets dvrs Oit lats and Caps 1. Up on and Ammoth a Large assortment of a and Hoys i Cal Kopp Calhoun Barcloy. 1ug, opon Ilc k. I evict s we a one of the Best us in town a All auction o c o m m i s s i o n Olieo. a incr Llama info lands i own Lois l a j u a dior sub and household furniture. Nuj All property and i will Alt nil sales in pc country vinegar of Cic ii air barrel Low l.-. K. Stai Leford. Auctioneer. _nov23. 18s2. M of f for s a Lukor Nicut of groceries such a sugar joint c m clauses. Kick Iva i to Luce , no. 146 water Ana 150 front Street. Pittsburgh a. N. Akk to , k a Viii. C in d 4 John Dhiti Eye Tio Ustim do sell Laura Ami Alci Claunita a generally. Nov Lull Hirw. Illi l. R they Are always right Duryee 1 l e 15 u a t de scale s . A Levy do. Coal. cattle do Whei Tor do f o. Ken i Oren Blacl new livery Toadie. Warehouse trucks and sugar Mills. Spiik subscribers have Opi cd n livery letter copying 1 me inc Conni Ami meet s Patent excavating Story n acc poor lure a Law n i a a new and splendid Raj it up desk Scales blog Lillib a1njlj cakk1aul.o. To the most Nihof of Lac Lales and non Lesul Pavles. Also tight Rolft Point of arc Nancy Saddle and Carriage acknowledged to be their Chorgas will moderate and they Hope Frollo in no Oppenl Liv curl cry Landau Enion to Neril i Valiare of pub. Klicsu spoil w ii l1sk Korl 3, i1sd5-35 ji1ll.ohbison co., age Nib a Cucura i carpenters and joiners. J f in Etc it Bai Invin Riaboy i n All essential Point. I have Pisa do Toors blinds. Window Sash Oil Kiti ii i to licit Hue to Liin Abr tin Lii s goad collect notes drafts accounts the University family medicines. Sent .-52-iy limed Impi Rollic sail Tanilian and aul Lauritg of the University of free Medicine and knowledge. Cor tired by the i can. April us 11153. Wilh n of Otic Sjol Lai is. Mainly for the purpose of arresting the evil sol spurious iiostruni3, also Blip plying tic comm Nily with reliable cinc Dick a Vucic Ever a eos idol not be employed have purchased Iron . John ii Iowa us Bis Colub Ralpd Kwa tvs to Vic mixture known Upu Ards of Twenty five years a the Only sore and Safe cure lot fever and ague and Bis inestimable remedy to Wei pomp Laik l a of it try Root. Which highly approved and popular medicines to Gether Wilh the University s remedy of iks. The University n remedy lordy Pepi a Index Cal ii the University s remedy i Orix Islic Bow cup. The uni Vorgity s Al Nanao and Pincushion maybe had at Ibe Book Alore of n 1 Stock Brunoe april is. 1855 32 Kort perdy and Pii Niht. he Pul up inter alien him vision of the Pale Niane Nelv Loimil cd h. Orilea Lull wit i Compaq it. Toil Wayne will he promptly to. June 0, i Fly Ivill lie pulp rur Wail Money i a Liam t loan who ims Iier h o absorbed tin Iacre in Pale Lov Pom i daily bail. 1.11 ii w Taylor. Fea Cratus fal Eratus i Ift Sills Puiia. Kale Ruih of Ibe Nohl Aji proved bin mls in barrels Hull barrels in any Quantity in the great arrival a kit Ojakli ails the Elm to had Al All Litile Al Llie Lowell v a Nill Lyril. L a Auffrey no. Co Price of Williams Kukstis Tibia , Llian Lilu l Ihu very Liberal Pilrun s t o a n o if e a i the great arrival Best i Orl . Would Orui in Paublin in i n l hint in Lias just i Lorneil Figuni ii Joni Lorail Tiac kind depo Scalea. La Cave Iron and dormant do Coal Hay and Cuttle do _ Licat Hopper to Lable Minu Orr and counter warehouse trucks and sugar Mills. Railroad Milese Scales have been Long and cohort but Al Luigi in i ave been subjected to the ouch lentil and in Point of occur Ocy arc Jusy acknowledged to be the Sta Barb Iron Wlinich Lherif no nope of comparet co agents fort of Jill hardware narrow axes Cross Cut Mill and Ujj Maud saws a Jiovell Ami Spades fire show is and tories and Trace Clio ins Iron 4 rims it lakh Iron find Chat Cal squares. A j no. Leann is Block Coluin ii strict. Straw cutters. Stevens Brown arc Stile Ion Jonm vim soil for Fici Sirnew and have n Supply on Lintl cons ally far vain at their choral iliac not it idol main Street Al Fiir tic Bredito. Tin he Cui prs Inni Nuble for fire ticks . Cutting Liny Sirnew and Stork and they cd n to Cut from i Ilick to four i in Pron Lechl pint it in k Iivo n lotto in Cantor this in of inc in Nitro so Olin and nit l Nufler exhibit Ion a i Lite Inlo Allen county a Lunil intr us to inc Jirm and it on tin in Analili to t Init i -.i, bios 3. Otway that Mill f f w k is Irue. In old la till of w l belial in Deari Wiiki in Rita , inv Tir a inti Fri tool Peter Kline. La. Ollic Day . A. J 1 i a Verdi. Ler in Llanil line John , Fri null calf Apo ular lint p t Phuc. a Hill hav red Eam tired by Ibe above line us their per Hill lion Adivi Why usual ii Stern terms to receive and pay heir own item at ii morn pliers. v. Llanil we have Sievera Blun Ern storms will Nell Cali Oun s i a Kkt. Fote c i Ilhama. Jan i iry Libi a Abbot Simonson i flu kit Etna iwsuraaai3 Roii Parv 01. Nay other blame i m Thyl Anco company Loril a at i , i the capital lock Huii-lre.1 t.io.i and in Piid no tie Airt Lii Olun an. On Hanl in Binu a a pc Soua 41 .-11111 Mil for Only and in Wihl in will ii re in say thai Llu m buy in my Silhi very will in ii a Iroll till Lliam a o. Ii also Tom 7-.-Ry Ebe Pesl kind of Pill try a Ilir Williis carpels and itillious of Nib articles nut usually kept in i ins . Even Lulli Pirl of i in a Loell of i ill fuel i to Ali Jar in Jirair x any Iberi. 1 have Loiti Urli Niv ennui Elion East ii keep a Hitler Soelv Anil s in than liny111 ill up ibis eos Lilli my Alfild in sell. I Ilii lint wish Cas All i say i am Nln and to prove and Tel Hie Priblu Judic. Ill i t of inlay i reliant a and i Eildo you Luller n All Liti. Drs. Duncan Cameron to dirt and shirts Niri Simiti. Rte i. No Hii n. Al Pirri eni j me o i Siuk Lirl Liiri in in i a Ripin p Pur i Hilll ortal Olillie Elln i to i nil Olio Pmj mro c . Do 0 so do 211 Lilii , i s i ii Jersey v Val Cebu Dan Lin i " i Osca ill i Virtu Street Pittsburg a a. Loan. And f in. An i of Iuo Peny. I 1 . A v u s i Rii to i a i. A if Ilii a u Al u a k a t e Lle Lillav Aelion. I Lviv Rel Lime . I . Lionva liver Anil Oiler of the i Oil ered ilor. Lib i in it t q i Jujj Jpn j Lilli. Inlerc.-. Due unpaid till l Mil be 11111 nil in ill lulls in owes ill Llali other it above ill Dicinni. I ill n i in Snow i Liiro Len b. Limvel-., liver Mill Oiler of i Oil . Ami. By Illier irregular lion no ism a and due. Tin Ostlun my other i la if . An trial no Ali in Init Nio ,1 1 Anvi in. Ray i a dial to Lii a i Milr. In inv Kinnu in an to i Fri Pla f in i la h 101 in Llie Coin in to Curc. two Pill i. Liin i . in of i la it. Anil 111 1. 1 a ii in ill tin Nel Raviol i lie. Ii use 01 , nun me i Llu fire of . No a . I ii i. Mai Lynnr a Abil of Giuily. 1 01 in Lair mine As Perl shed am and Smith us Vilh Law Llanil la air. Lolly reliable. We have pants ins. Ronnoc Lind Lucr Clinnis ins. Co. If Fli Linni in. I i. Jaslar Lii sir inrt1, co. Sibrir to do Stiver to l i hairy of Palmer. A me Muli him alls i Eler omd i ill Iliin Vail of the . S a Liberali v Renvel i d v. I v i he l his j ill a. J. A i Liell. And 111 h1k cml j by Hin fall inn inter cloth intr. Lori. , inn Rte ten it Tfir Lime bad . Lile from to i ill s now per til nip and i Rale of Nii Lii. Var Imsorn. Vl., of the Juji . Ail t Lisl and Al i Wardh i Tiili a Lively and strength Are Hillie -.yitelil. In Livoi Smiss Sinei i in n Thi ii in Sie take from four to bed. If Alliey do head ill i Milne Philil have i in cured by tin next Dav n Neil the Yin. Them i of j tit s nod t. Ral tie my edit out i Jim the syst in. Dun i Wear i j Lilor of be Soinersr Kindred i Virdt is Bei aim your Slid Iiah a has brei is find .-.in. Eneil n of in 3-nvsirr.As, Ami nil a if Tiff im1v a. W j Lon syrup sl7. Ill Era ii Ila Bali. Cul Anil dry , ii m. In Kaisin . if Llie i Liana. Ilia n by u in Olber plan Al l Law mar Cantil Coil u ski of l dilation Ninny i 1 a nor be in bin no Iriel. Dra Imir. Thei this inti Lulion unrivalled a Irre and me of the hand and pen Llie Reby enabling the to i Elfeel n tit i Oft lion final a Lii let of Bui Coats pants and vests All paid in Ami u Al 11 n veil re Mill i t one o l old England John Hough . Ul11. K iiii.i-, a. M. Ennison. I i la ori51son, d. I i Llie of their Joel to. Otic ,1 i tin a 1.31 All "111 i loll a Llie of dash . Conn., ill Phebe so in the Couri. Uhi a inn 1 Ami Oral. Did the i i Lillie in. Kasij. Of Orient Islania. N. V says Luniow Bow in my Jar Ali Lelo von and your j have been Nellie Ted ulan thirty yearn Wil ii tall be Simiu tin worst Litrin i n loud a Liel Voni Onri Riih 1 Scovel Lluhi Eidell in voila am now Paebe a p silo and so Nii i. V s Llie i. La my ii i Ami , the is Man .111 lie a my Rev. J. S. .--.-in. No London. I a i t.10. T. syn ii and in my a null i . M in a i. I Oom Filer in twin Isiah a a a Keld Lulof Moalli Hill Llie 15 h a ii Arlbet. Aero i. T of x in Loril. I have of ill i Lull hid k fir is Eulue in ban Eure lit i surant i Taifita a of Aiu Lionly state of Indiana. A the Ilia mry hoc pointed by i n lout if left a von 1 i. 1851 Vual Fise of i Blee . Liay Ji-11. N y., whal syrup Tisu Lone t Lipini. , Vav. Ii. ,.r Asit of Marl tin s Vineyard. Ask f. p. N. Ii Xiv a i. M i n. Y. Ask j. C. Killi of y., was cured of Keo Liila. Nair a bin in Rby Llin years Illis been per Leelle the syrup Ami Iturry Ilell of Shelby n a. Ushii Luis been urn a Tasev. Mean of mall lilies i. Aupp i Oil and i j. X. 7, College i the i. It. Reed and Wall mover Forl Sapolu i. Fur i , to the freely and in in Bowel . Tie Itil Lili in Nuvill k Neni l and main o leers and have been healed up by the i d Lect of seemed to . Llie Wiloh have comp Lek la yielded to their Iiillin-iie.-, Len Viii Hie Siili re in Perl act lie Idle. I Alie its Uir duly to society that you should world covered with pills de. Leers sore ii and idl any of the 1111 .1. M of the skill by Curise your by Leiu Ivaus i a Virv tin Thev Are the Best Medicine Ever Ilis covered. 1 hey san Kulil be Lalii ii freely null Fri lilies ill and tin i nip Grilii i. Bieh Samv Ibe seeds of in ii Rale be swept lit of the system like Ehnle the wind july ibis Ibe Ydo As nine in a Lilia a is by the which they nor every Lal must full till t from lira my no Eilber of liver. Mill 111. Bill and Render in unlit fill Piliki Mizii. I his is in in , and Eon Iliili is Hie of the Dili l empties the bile i Lii the tin Bill to Ovi allow Iulo the blog ii. This pro Durrs Juilio Vilii a a and in do fells. Eos Ivl Ness and i Arron a a with so in inability to Toa. In Sonu a lairs i la lit Thrle is my ill the till skill Mill the White of Iho Eves i sore i. I be the som , a Vilh a Len i. Ili by be. A Luiree i by Bree ill Llie Ami repealed a Lew remove the of .-.11 ii it Wekell Milter Klin Dorr nil lire Dpi ill a i by tin a Lle. Is of the a Imis in Nii he nil and i he 1.1 .Iiln i Wii a Len v in the principle of life. A obese Mil nil Ali lidded Lin a so nil be taken mild to mole the bowels Kin Fly Bill freely. As a ibis is both Are Eagle and useful. N i Pill.iu lie Iliad in Lake and be plainly 10 the purpose for o. L analytical Lowell mass., Ami , no fur ii. . V "l.v., 0. i a i Anys Lyneol Fri liner. Implies and Ken. Re f Wal Niue Lime by u.uh kinds lmlfcl11 in drawers. Ilinor a Shirlyn. Hose j ii l-db.-r.-Bir-iv..-lvali.collins. Lloekn.a. bomb coed ill a i he i Billy Anil Eoli veni i Rion. A lie ml. Lii lev i a links l is. Whole Isle t a i in Luni i to .1 Ward Nii. Ii -., Cobl Libia i Jailil i Kverybodyraiiliisnitediilmoehrin pwt u body . 11 Iselli cheap Rulli honk a Reney i the to remember that have per j n , and will in Randi any Book
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