Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
2 Mar 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
2 Mar 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - March 2, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaWednesday evening Macii a 1859. Popular sovereignty Protection to a Heboian Industry Whir i mity for Pekks ident a. John a Crittenden of Kentucky. In Diana Beka Tobias Case. The Render of the times will Sec 11 at Fow Days since reviewed the of the republicans of Indiana on the question of the election of United slates senators or rather we showed that Tho reason of the non election of i the diet to meet the House for electing senators did so without the consent of Trio Twenty seven who failed to go and who were a majority of the semite. That is us melted but then were the Twenty three not just As much constrained to do As much bound by tin imperative la Dales of the cons dilution of the United Stales of into an election of senators without thai consent us Ifil had been Given v now wily did they to without in let our neighbor s riven answer that Lime those very Twenty seven senators who were the majority had right Btij inst Goi Yinto any Sneff joint Contention that and As also joining the House to count he votes Anil declare the result for the election of governor and lieutenant governor. Now Reader is not that a humiliating confession what is it when reduced to Plain terms v simply this As to May Render it the Twenty seven sailors denounced the election of the Twenty. Ihrcke us against the state Consoli lotion when the very act of refusal to join in Tho election was Rands of the Federal a successor of Hon John Pettit at the session of the legislature of 1855, was owing to the refusal and consequent revolutionary conduct of democratic senators to go into a convention for that purpose with the bowl of representatives then opposed to1 fio conduct which was then by Trio opposition just As it Shoutd been As revolutionary and treason Able. And in contrast we also that in 1857, when Tho so Nat had become Ofa Felsl Fernl political the democratic that mai1 Senate not Only refused to go into convention to fill the vacancy named which had made a hiatus in the Federal Senate but the refusal went also to the further rights of the Stile in the non election of a successor of lion Csc Bright term was then soon to expire. This we did to show the inconsistency of policy men who to Day would claim and take reparation at my bands because my Bull had gored their but who on Ilia Morrow would withhold indemnity to me if my of meanwhile had been gored Aluir in All that discussion in 1855, we. Saw nothing in the refusal of the democratic Senate but treason and if carried on ultimate revolution. We had Learned the lesson and still arc impressed with its correctness that whatever was wrong in one set of men was wrong in another under like circumstances. And we in conjunction with the United press of the people s party of 18uu, having then Denom ctr hat proceeding As revolutionary because it could not be induced in 1857 to jus life very parallel of which Mejiad so denounced two years before. Yet there arc against the imperative count Constitution us Well As against the Clear duly which the slide of Indiana by Plain Anteneh Nunt pledged in her sovereignty to inc uni cd states in order Bluit the Federal Arm of National legis lation might nol he weakened by paralysing one of inc constitutional sinews nay More than this these Twenty seven and their defender and our feeble denounce the act of the to wanly Lorec when they the Twenty seven created Ihal very necessity and who in a scaling it were derelict to every principle of and and implied. Beautiful consistency. Wonderful morality. Great patriotism this in those who Strain at a gnat and Swallow a they can Sou inc old Man on Hie Burn but inc Tarn itself is Small an object for their visual perceptions. These Twenty three were not by those eight several Rufus a of the illustrious Twenty seven relieved of their duly to inc state nor to the United slates nor shorn of one Whit of imperative responsibility to i the House in the absence of any Law or Rygula .1011 thereon. It was at least in the spirit of the to Taco of abandoning All their former grounds and because they in 1857, occupied the same relative position to the democracy that the Ihm Moc racy did to their party in 1b50, unhesitatingly did the very thing that they once had so bit Terly denounced and afterwards justified it on the humiliating ground of til for regardless of hair duly to the state and to the 1 United Stales. And not Only this but when in lilo face of ibis revolutionary and treasonable Eon dual a majority of the members who constituted the Jeneral As Sembly of the stale had chosen iwo senators mid the governor had certificated in Chi these very senatorial wore found protesting against the legality of the election on inc ground thai they had refused Ali air Olli Cial consent admitting hereby that they had Ere aled the very contingency by which it was made necessary for the minority preceded by the 1 resident of the Senate to proceed without the consent of the majority on the inv Lalion of the House of Hep into the convention at which Bright Ted Fitch were chosen and this conduct is justified by the Republican press of the suite among whom is our of tile of the Republican whom we incline in forgive Foi he Knowell not what he our exposition of this Yas Given in our paper of the 22nd and of february our neighbor did not Chonic either to confess 01 avoid and hence we take judgment by he paying nothing while he allows himself Ami his to be held up to Public and there left to reconcile their course and Leach Ings to the native sense of right of those win look to a press and to such men As leaders. Having already shown that our neighbor Anil his co operators have Luisi on both sides of this senatorial Ole Clinn question we now i discuss the Validity of the election of lir Ihlam Fitch in 1807, As the same came before the Small of Tho United Sites. And while we that messes right and filch would have decline cd to Lake seals under that election fur Varhaul reasons yet that they Ilid Lake them is Siil Liccini for our purpose and while it raised uie inc Shioi of the fijut to like and hold in Al once look from die Senate of the United suites the right to consider on Uio question of senatorial elite my the and left thut in girl Lucy tic Tion of air valid Ute of the election on which in properly decided. Before proceeding vre again repeat the Opin ions and dicta of our feeble neighbor to the contrary that in arguing this question we arc As or never have been not endorsing the political principles of Eilber Bright. Federal Constitution that they should do it and let the result thereof be taken to the United slates Senate to he treated in its judicial Capac Ity by it As the supreme and Onty authority under the Federal Constitution the judges of the elections returns and qualifications of its own it was accordingly certified As the election of a majority of All the members of the legislature of the convened for that Pur pose. On ibis certificate though qualifications might have Hern raised yet Bolliing was raised Only the manner of the election and this the nuns one Mcives raised and , on a full Galion was decided to be , and the returns Good As a consequence. This adjudication had and Fitch were admitted to their seats Mil sworn accordingly. It will be remembered that the Constitution of he United states imposes on the legislative aubory of the stale the duty of electing United Stales senators As is seen by inc following clause of the -1th Section of the 1st article of Ihal Char Ter tie i maj places and manner of Linns sem Dors mid Tili All he Prosr Eihud in each slate by i lie Lugi Idalaire la Mac if lint Congress nitty at any Lime by Law make in alter such Linns except As to the place if Cluni in Semi Ami strange to at the time of the Elc Elion of Bright and several years until a. Few Days Plato of Indiana was and has been without a prescribing inc manner of holding such elections us Only so but Congress had also passed no Law on that subject and the consequence therefore was that when i right and filch were elected there was no Law or regulation to guide the members of the Assembly and As a Muse jiul Resolution and being neither a Bill nor joint Resolution the claim to election is m out Raven Tim of the Constitution of the state Imd an Liat account unlawful and thus to have like the Woodpecker conic out it the same Hole we went in As we have followed inc argument of of feeble neighbor through of his logical disquisition. The premises do warrant the conclusion and the conclusion is not a sequence of the premises t be Constitution of the United stoles terms it holding an election and the manner of holding t a regulation and if done by the general As skin blvd is called Hali Lisiy but if done by Congress Lay or i tilt i Nymat regulations subordinate to that of the u. S. Could so cripple the electors for u. S. Senators As to give a fac Lions minority even of one member in i Loci of the slate legislature the Power it prevent the expressed will of the majority Iron being Beard and thereby suspend inc of the state from having a voice in the Senate o the u. S. Does any one doubt that the result o a j lint election by consent of inc Senate Wouch have been the same Asil was without in and pc that election being inc undeniable will of Hie a legally qualified electors the sen ate of the u. S were asked to override the Var principle which characterizes our government a i Pieciur none to violate. Looking therefore Foi authority to act in the premises we find nothing but the supreme Law of the land and in if not contravened by the action of the members of the slate let mature is an authority whose platitudes Are ample to do that which its provisions require lint now let us argue the Case As the Power to regulate the time and Malinie of Luil Linti a senatorial election was reserved in the Federal Constitution even to the extent o Misc receding any regulation for holding such elec lion which Thal Simu Constitution conferred m the the neral Assembly of the state to make it not follow Llinat since neither Congress nor tin legislature had made any such regulation tha aug action in making Choice of , on tin part of a majority of the members of the two houses of the legislature the features of wind action would not have been against the federa Constitution if such action had Dign Ilici into a regulation by congressional action lha such a proceeding should be recognized As valid by the Senate of inc United Stales v to be Mon. Plain. Suppose that Congress had passed a Reg Uia Tion a of of inc general Assembly of Indiana to Meel in the Hall of the House on a Given Day and there it Ltd. In. Ali Cli Oil for senators and haying made a Choice by eighty three votes a majority of 150 have it certified by the Iov Enior .lo., to the United Stites Senate and such Elc Clion had been held and Bright and filch chosen and cult Licat or Fitch nor the teachings of Ihal parly in any Tny intelligence on respect nor Are we on the of her hand taking Icse matters for a moment doubt that such election was Good v no not one. If therefore they held an election in the spirit and by virtue of the Constitution of the United states under these circumstances who would set up for a moment against the form of that election the treasonable refusal of Twenty seven senators to give their Sanction to such an election v certainly none except Gilly of the treason itself and they tire historically the very ones win. Insulted the United states Senate Wilh their Troa sonar la pro Cost. Ave have spoken indirectly of the Power of Congress Over this question int we now assert what no lawyer nor Jurist nor statesman of Ordi nary capacity will the Power of con Gress Over this subject is plenary and such can control it even to inc aul of our feeble neighbor himself to Convene the Mem of Trio session or hearing the governor s message i of and making his hat the Issue with the platform of any other party for such is not necessary to the work before us. Our neighbor raises the question and places it on the character of Thall Calion. 1 in assumes without giving valid that the Otlie Ial con sent of the Indiana Senate was in listens ably necessary to Logu Lize Lac Ali Oil of those senators who did go into a conc lion Wilh the House and we to make it appear to the Best advantage of record quote his own language in which is recited what is history idly True so far As the Senate agreeing to Dito convention by vote is concerned and which we desire the rentier to member. He says it has been shown time Anil Lime again Ihal the Senate of this state in Tho Winter of Iniiii-7, went into joint convention with the House for the purpose of electing u. S. Senators or for the purpose of counting the votes at the opening read or for any other purpose but on the con ballot Box if voting by paper or his pen the Tel Ler if no Voce hold an election fur United Stales senator and which when certified would tray the Senate of the stale voted eight several times against going into any such joint session that on this statement he raises the Issue and to be valid Legal and constitutional. Sir the whole be fair we give it in Bis own words. Hear him i Power to act at All is derived from he Federal the question is did the Senate integral 1 cons Lillion and not from the slate cons dilution part of the legislature without the consent of Roll assumed in saying that the Senate which no net can be passed that is valid no dec f j lion to had that is Good nor any other proceed h i c _ ing take place that can Curry Wilh it the author and hence us consent was a Ity of the consent to meet the to give Validity to its acts and any act without House t is to use your oven words a in n in arc to places the whole defect on Ilir fal i of Chr Ami i thu the Senate Aid not give its nil frill to unsent a ii it Fairful and lie gives a for those senators to i into convention with the cumulative reason and hear How scientifically House. To does not deny but that Tiitu the act it because he of Indiana senators and sixty representatives in the Xix to majority of 1.1. The or flu a of each of the House voted for Bright and Fitch which j of Fessant to pass in or joint vote makes a plurality of the whole constr Luliona number of Tus general Assembly which is one j that is As Clear As Daylight during a local Hose voice governs Here and by Ihal to silence he voice of Indiana in inc u. S. Senate. We iced not Pul cases where the form was lacking my where the Suh Ilance had been followed which Lav been regarded As valid. Who does not collect that in in to the legislature of 1ml. Was eld under an apportionment Lar from being strict y Legal and without which no legislature would Lave been there at All and yet Tho legislature were sent up there by the majority of the people Mil As such their ads have never been doubled a the account of the manner of their election. The cases Are parallel there was no Law for the i Lection in either East yet it was just a Bijj was " ill of the majority of the electors ind to thai end in made the whole thing valid against which not one could urge other claims i Success. We must close and before doing so we ave to remark that messes. Bright and Fitch Wen admitted under such election by which admissions their cases were finally adjudged on the principle that the election was valid. That being the Case the senatorial representation from 1, Diana was full and not to be filled by election in either is ii to and hence any legislative sons line. Lion of thai either in terms declaring in m implied by election of Kne and met arty was As termed i Law Lorain non was nol in Gil Maldy there for decision. Tho Senate o the u. S. Was the judge of when a vacancy existed and their action in the matter precluded Al action of the Indiana legislature so Long As thai action was Rex Iolj Minitti or until the terms o1 Liri Judit and Fitch cd Piid or were terminated any of the causes known to the Consoli lotion. Now we have closed and we do Hope that i our neighbor does not understand it that he Wil pocket the is Mil mistake and charge Ilas a fault of ours. We ask Pardon of the Reader for the prolixity of our remarks on this subject and Only Nirgi that we have done it for the right involved. Sickles kills key. The toll graph the ssh nil. Brought tin startling news from Washington that Hon. Dan Iel k. Sickles member of Congress elect fron Xiv Verk City bad on last sunday afternoon shot and killed 1. Liar on key uni cd slate. District Alloney that District. The killing of any the killing of Distin Girish Eil Man by any Oiler and especially by Anol Hei distinguished a sensation from tha Point to All the extremes where it is known in in a few Davs the Public mind settles Down either in justification or reprobation of the act and tin action and such is the ease in the ins Uince named a Tew Days ago or. Sickles who has l Beauli Ful and accomplished wife received an anon Mons communication informing him that or Rcv bad illicit Intercourse with mrs. This letter he exhibited to her on sunday last and finally obtained the Liuni Xialing confession of her criminality with or. Key As charged am at once gave or. S. Her written acknowledgement of the fact. She also informed him that on tha very afternoon she had an engagement to Meel or. Key and that she was to go out for that Pur pose on a signal to be Given by or. Key in front of or. Sickle s residence. At the ill fated Horn or. Key was there and made the signal. Sickles was wailing for and at the moment i a nuked out acco led or key charged him i Disho Noring him with forever blasting his Domestic and personal peace and Ihen Drew a Volver with which Sanflice it to say he killed the m a Jiri it on the spot. Or. Sickles surrendered Bini Elf to the custody of the Ollices of Law Ami his poor weak and erring wife at that hour came out and exculpate him. This is a sad tragedy but it is a step in inc right direction and while the evil is As stupendous As it Washington As the radiating hand of the Avenger of Domestic woe of ruined Homes o disgraced defiled and prostituted wives Mother. And daughters should the two edged sword of death and drawing it from Tho scabbard i Forth and spare not till the last foul seducer a paid the Foit cil for his wrongs or until the sex morbidity in the Public mind on Thust things Hail been by this uprising. An we permitted to thy to draw aside the veil Ami look behind it and see the corruptions of this kind we abound. Then let us con away from Washington to i Ort Wayne and without naming the scores o nifty wretches who Day and night arc Pamler hey Are seen at the vestibules of these modern those Patent right yet innumerable earthly Hells so recently licensed by the Monk so custom of an age live Hundred years behind they whet their appetites by every apply Mee thai bestiality invents and then lost to ill sense of shame and their courage increased by stimulants tread the Kdan of some Nippy Home and beguiling the woman kiss and Ell of it. Then As they see ruin falling All around ind Over the once Beauzil us and Happy House bold Ivey Aro heard to laugh As do demons when a striving soul Falls into hell. These arc the men a hot no Law can reach these arc men whom inless you Ireal summarily you Are dishonoured Mil the reigning dignity of your household Ijar Ouight to prostitution and your lit be ones stigmatized through life. Lion. Daniel Sickles on he supposition of the truth of what we report Las done an act that will be deprecated by some but yet will result in Good and has placed his name in a far higher position than to have pock eled the Dishonour and disgrace. Have named no Man in fort Wayne nor shall we but doubtless Many of those aimed at vill read this and when icy do let them think is repeating just what Nathan said to David when he Hud recited the parable of the Csc Iamb and he inc do Filer of Uriah s wife and the Indi rect murderer of her husband had in anger at the narrative said As the Loito live la the Man that hath done this thing shall surely we said let them think us repeating after Nathan thou Art to Ltd Man and then retracing their Steps do pc Nanco inc balance of their lives. It is a summary punishment but the same will be powerful to save. Good templ4es. This organization at its first meeting was closed up with eight and Twenty members a nuni Bei quite Large for such an Enterprise in such a place As fort Wayne. In looking Over the Active agents in ibis society we find a class of men who have nol Only the moral standing to give it Lone but have the competency to give it a Long life from tin entire Chii Cliency by which they can and will con duct and general. This qualifications arc most essential to any society for in inc first place men of character arc a Xci plans Lead others just As undeniably As the Sun makes carries and controls use Shadow am Ihen in inc secluded yet Happy of tin order in session give courage to those win love Good examples and who icy the convention Ali ties of society arc placed in subordinate Posi Lions. Not Only Icse bul such men by their Al lie Ncncy Are Able to preside Over the Assembly Mil sister the rules impartially Ami perform the or monies in such an attractive and imposing Ray As to show All the beauties of the order and he adornments which belong to Justice. It is for lie want of these qualities and qualifications Ihal Ither by Nevolene orders pass under the Tongue repute for it is known thai an order is judged in the Ilist place by outsiders from the daily Valks and deportment of ils members and by in siders by the lessons Laught in its lectures and n the dignity of inc ceremonies As administered once Lei it be understood that a certain so if men who Are daily seen staggering on the streets and nightly known to be at Ibe card la Lile billiard saloons or knocking at the door no iome Welt known we say let in be Nown thai these men Are masons or Odd Fellows f you please and inc institution is judged at once is having a fair front but within the rottenness Oak great men. We Are accustomed to regard ourselves and cd Ety Thimig belonging to America and her instill Pike s Pojak Ahot Heb tickets to the old hikes. We announced yesterday morning that the Ibal and St. Joseph a railway was completed if the nineteenth Century to a High place in the a Quience. Hail of cycles into which we usually Divide time. The Hannibal and St. To. Hallway w ill mud t May be that the More Universal distribution of Vii pledge has produced a nearer approximation o Equality among at any Rale the facts that there Are very few living men in Ameri a who have attained to any particular Eminence i any special Field. In regard to the political world especially the we Cine smallness of Ibe great dignitaries of our Lay is too palpable a fact to admit of controversy. Years bad Webster and Calhoun and play and the comparison of obese giants with the Loli Luciaus of to Dav makes inc latter dwindle in piggies. The Stalions filled by these departed could impart no additional Lustre to their their names will be remembered As Long passengers some four or five Hundred Miles above is Louis in Twenty six hours from a Gular fare for parties of Lilly or upwards a reduction of on each passenger will be made. My reference o an advertisement in another column it will be seen that John m. Cliday c c present carriers of the Salt Lake and Cher by Creek mail will run Aline of daily Slages from is. Joseph and Atchison to the Gold mines and that the Chicago Liu Ringlon it Quincy a railway will be authorized to ticket passengers from Chi Cago to the mines in including Board West of the Missouri River. Messes. Cliday co. Have made the distance to Salt Lake from the Fri River in fifteen Days and slate that they is through from Albeison is the Hilory of our Republic endures and their Ilemay Ogues of a latter Day shall have been Burro j Eago Burlington to Quiney Railroad co. Will sell by this line six tickets per Day through to the de in the sea of endless oblivion. Whatever May lie the cause it is certain that the competitors for i Hicks in the gift of the people Aro no longer first class men. Only the other Dav one honorable m. C., assured the House that another then pres ent on the same floor was a disgrace to inc a we will not Stop to question the accuracy of the Sla Lemeni. Very probably the disgrace would have been a decent individual if he had in addition to this line messes. Challis co., of atch unison will Start every ten Days beginning the 1st of april an of Loam express from Atchi son by which passengers will be ticketed through from the Missouri River and boarded for making from Chicago to Ibe mines. An Lin limited number of tickets can lie. Sold by this line. Local my religious Koike. Rev. T. 0. Matox will Preucil at new la Iva ii on March next Anil Vii tinting four Days. Services in Trio evening. Fab. 29, 185 j. Hon. E. A. Mcmahon. 11 will be remembered that some weeks ago we Olalud hint i Rumor was passing in Hie gos Siping world that Jinn. K. A. Mcmahon formerly of Bis Eil bul Llin of Rochester ohnsted co., Minnesota bail recently a Muir unit appeared to have come from a person in Adams county and apparently without a my live to circulate a i falsehood and based As was said on a announcement in a newspaper from Rochester but it appears that it was an error for we have a letter from the judge in Bis own familiar hand writing dated feb. 21st, from which it appears that be was at that Dale on Fop of the ground and in Possession of his health and Nat ural faculties unimpaired and As he was always considered a Man of undoubted veracity we Are authorized to believe that he is not dead and under ground and hence say Llinat lie is practising Law at Rochester and that All persons having business with him will please address him As if Sciny and fully competent and trustworthy to do business. In is to be regretted that such a statement even Rumor As it was has been made but we Are glad now to Correct it. Persons desiring business to be transacted in that Region Are referred to the judge whose address we have Given above. Are now in this City an unusual tied Anil proper tin exhibition of flaming 7.l-Al furnished by the Southern Reindeer May be in the estimation of his school of politicians we cannot but think the whole scene a sad commentary up on the Aegir Kentey of our great men. The House has never Heen particularly celeb rated for the dignity and Derror it of its proceedings. Certainly it does not improve with the revolving years. In so far As the science of consists of trickery of attaining Range ments have been made to Kike teams wagons and All the incidentals for an ont lit from Chi Cago to Joseph at per car in Quick time Ami one Man will be passed to take care of horses Etc. There can be no ii estion but this will be a popular and expeditious Why the Missouri River a nil Road passengers will be ticketed to Plattsmouth at the Mouth of att River for and this will in clude 100 his. Baggage on railway and to his. On to place by dirty Means and of making the most stage. Distance to Agency City by Mil out of the place while it is May safely i Miles thence to plan Smouth by stage 1 us Miles admit the Progress of the age but beyond this an association has been formed of which i prom bras Neil gentleman of this cite is a member to run of. To one seems i look purely patriotic action in any Given Case. A line of stages through from orc Opolis at the the enactments Are a series of jobs and Compro i Mouth of the i Lauc to the mines and there is Mises. The people s time which they pay no reason to Bobbt that All arrangements will be enormously is wasted in the most tiresome and j completed in time for Early for the Bici Frothy up Lull ring s about things in which nobody is at All interested. Me would suppose the go of Kansas must have the same effect upon the Hundred and fifty of which one Hundred arc ,.cijpso orig Sim Al the North pole in january. Representatives and fifty Are senators nor that 11s his proposition. The constr tie fact was certified to the governor and Bright of Indiana requires a majority of All inc j to the appetites of the la Coli and Serpent like arc and pitch certificated to the United Stales sen ,11cnibcrs of each House o pass any Bill on joint insinuating their beastly forms into none of this. But simply that the votes Resolution and As it requires a majority of All the not cast in Tho right confessing it members of each House to elect v. S. Senators edit of those who May wish to make heir outlet Here the Price per car to Agency City has been fixed at and one Man will be passel free to Al the Dobe is Rcpt acid Ever and anon. It n j through to Council i Lulfs by this route taking stage at Agency City via. Lies Moines. Have now three prominent lines from this City whose arrangements Are perfected to accommodate the Rush for i i Cak however great it May be. The news from All quarters seems to Dorsc my name Lian and just a nit As immortal. There Are half a men in the Senate who men of Mark and we arc not without the Pope hat these will elevate the political sound nil u. Ils nov. Flip indicate a Lang or emigration and we tinted Stales Senate should be Hie most sing not Hope Llinat Gold will be found to Reward All who Jinny on the face of the Earth. Ii is no Small thing go. To accomplish so desirable an object will o lie inc representative of a Sovereign Lake a very considerable pile of the shining i Hyrc Are so Many Pella elements entering into i dust. From All the facts before him let each one he composition of merely local politics thai any judge for , whether is there and whether flirt of a Man can attain to a Seal in the lower he has the Energy to his Louse lint a senator is suppose to in the de i gotten omit. We know of a Case where the party got and kept a House of assignation for a living for the premises and Cost the landlord a considerable sum and trouble to get them out. They arc numerous in fort Wayne. On saturday night last the Good templars initiated and conf red inc degrees on eight Een members at the Hall of Summit City Lodge in this City. Al the next meeting there will be another Large accession. The time and place of will lie published in due time. City Halkeis. Corrected by compare Hibib Bill it co four Wask March 2. . Aligned to red i ear 05 Oats 11yk fun huh i 1 1 1 Lalton he Lojik w this do j s i m iioc1s i flax to or cujo lilt 00 .sai.t.2 06 fish while hides Green. Sabbath observances in i l i crate Choice of a Commonwealth lie is in i lature of lie Case expected to be ii loan in stale. He is the constitutional advisor of the Tim Porlant acts Are o Ian exc Ritrivi 1 in m i Ichi of Vrr Niheu h n Liis of in Lynul is Ulieru i Tell to i a i calamity Liidi a Lulu a Linn do Ilttre. I lie mid full Lutu Unsinn Empire Moo upon dim i Cunt. If similar produce May Lati m tin inf by til i Vicil land. Says Lleni principles j chief Are As closed Tarsi Loti Loussi is m Rel Laik a lint ire tint in 1 he rude Slutt by Furscik i to Lisl cuu s did Willi Tun lira plus. The Duello Una us Nivol Vur inc out of we nah to ill Routly Tom talc in Luicir to Liucc personal to Cou lors on Liliu Loois i Congress that would nit Lior in i or in Slind of single Coin Hills arc for Rod Wilh in Eller disregard fur thu Nin Nilius of life and we iced Wilh a Pithers i Nyiri of Lii Neugent Touhl by Sutte to ukr ill i let us rejoice unit Ihn country is Sisifo so her destinies Are to glided to tin hands of our present of j f in infection that will Zillini Stirly kill its own victim and More living o associated victims. Hut let us return to my Point from Vilich we digressed. Society shill to put into opera lion it can Only he Piilini Viliy its Heil some of the lib of form practical Earnest collide it men to control it men whose work individually ran not cease unt some others of character and is Mil Pirrot d hem Liy having a Filkil Zintl yet up thetic to Nufi Cicitt to the Soctt Sty Independent and which must he As judiciously manured As a prudent Man Man Ages his own he siness. The it nut abuse it. Tin Dilli culty Wlinich will to experienced in the outset will he found in Tho puritanical notions of soil on Tho one Side of the Hall and of the he Carlist who knows no hounds to his democratic ideas of unreserved Equality on Tho other. After you have taken a wreck of a Man from the ditch Dis Robed him of ins on Iho Hanhi laments of comfor tand cleanliness put Comfort on Llu throne it Homet in Many instances he Wil claim us ins prerogative that you and your Fain ily shall open up social civilities hard on you Fellowship in the order this Heing refused Asol right in Many instances he at once curses the or Der returns to his cups and drier Yiirs Comfort against these it must he guarded not in keeping them out hut so conducting to order that a lilt the one. Great object is being consummated sue i As we have named shall not forget in by using the order As a sudden stepping to Posio which ought not. Be reached until the parly has Rode quarantine Long enough to Merit if tend then it should tic accorded Atn nce. This by is found among masons and Odd Fellows. Know Many who have been by Chance voted in who use the a Hiir Tatlier o live Llu a rank 01 credit. They impart nothing hut Titi Nils Tim Anneas Tho mis toe. They profess Itil practice not. They disgrace if not do not in Sci the Eil Ilice they arc presumed Loipl adorning. Tie oilers considered with reference to their Tench rings Are pure but such a membership Cor Ruple it and yet such orders do they Cor rect Tho wayward Steps of Many Ami prepare them for a purer life to to found in an evangel fixed Church. And As those two societies prepare men thus May we not is it not so in fact that these Temperance May prepare men for these other societies named and thus step by step Lead them up to rank among the messengers of peace. As Normal schools ave Tho forerunners of colleges and academies so May we not place the Temperance Irgin Inatio relative position to masonry Odd Fellowship and by exerted either Good or for evil who Wil hit Christian Church. One argument answered not Alfir up fervent prayer to that his round we have. Done. Kuys one the Church can j living spirit May descend elect All sir has it done it eighteen Lions that they May become Only fountains nl1 on sunday As in any City in the country in that ii i Small retail establishment around the Market and i be levee keep open As much regard paid to the ordinance i in Sabbath of churches Are As crowded with Allen Iive As can he witnessed Well venture to say in or new York and As to those practical works Inch Are supposed la result from us prevalence is of a science is Well As Medicine. The supreme Ditl Mculty of the science is to Maccou plish its m i without injury to tie supreme excellence of the medi Cine is in accomplish just int. Fever and Apie has Vonjj been by quinine arsenic Lii Smuth Mercury bul the mischief was the deep and often painful the have Lull on the constitutions rented by hem Der Doit Avau h new remedy without a particle of either of these or any of her Delit curious Tju stance. And i promises not Nisi Lule safety but perfect Nevrla Ivity of cure Witti Wlinich we May mention another Quality of excellence non be overlooked in Pliest times Anil that is his Price which puts his crowning a glory of his Arl within the a Lake. Co. Save your us. an which an. Supposed result from us prevalence held the world on Tyd i it. Penny Bentes , the my imn. Thai gasped the neck of he m it it Ali wll Lell 1 sol Delu Ato under he Enteen Thol tic piety Vir of East slut to the last they at the same time we do not wish Tobe Werc a country race bul our is Are not we. Ai a Nomen that i thenal of n i ones Ami Brick bats. They Settle dispute. 1 Points the p., it. To 0. K. It., will Lake place at Pittsburgh on the Laluh March instant. Dors who have virtually lost All their Stock Are graciously Leml ered a half fare Lickel to Down to the election and if they Don t the will More to but. Thai is laying a Tariff on stockholders to protect the interests of the Par ties behind the scenery. Marriage of a daughter of senator alright with a son of Liggs the millionaire Washington Wasyel charled in that City statistical. On miss i right is not a i Beauty but is amiable intelligent and a cum the Edric Ottona Sii Tutins of our country Are objects of Universal interests and Are justly con Sidell the glory of our nation and and being has delivered All the tonn Tain of Interi Kunco am to Rahv and religion. As sources of in Lucacc they cannot be overestimated. This is evident from a few statistics which Are taken from the most reliable sources we have common schools academies colleges of All grades u colleges proper which employ instr Clors collected in them students have sent Forth alumni living and dead their Libra . Volumes we have is theological seminaries connected with them 137 professors students in libraries vol. And Over we have 17 Law schools is 1 professors slip devils volumes in libraries we have -10 medical schools Alltis pro lessors students whole number of dents in these various i up just employ the old crowd and it will institutions student to about Dono without Pepper or have he United Stales dist. Court the assets Good bad and doubtful amount to i 17.w, go Tho editor of the Madison courier m. Chairman of he Keyni lican slate Cen trial committee is lampooning the Lalu Lounial at Indianapolis Wilh the fury of an outraged mad Man Ami the Best of is that be is doing just for once but if a Virber Slont look Oul. The sneaks just such As in Al wharf i Kosciusko la Irango and n Oblo last sunnier us will petition to have him off the committee. D o in d Ai Ber and we will help you oven if it be a dirty work. Conner s Bill authorising the trustees of inc w. K. Canal to lease Trio canal ,vc., has passed stockholders 1 Are to give their consent that it by used. Perhaps this act is All that could lie done but in our is like a Man undertaking to change i in ins Side by turning Over. All right perhaps hut is the company to whom u is leased want it to my Savi Igo july 7, Cuneo in Iiene of taking could i a lipid ii Hiek of Hie num Les some eleven Riih i1 Livy unit Mitil Eri d greatly Wilh a Liyoi Elered liver i have been it times a bad Llinat my lit i was if. I in Ilkei d snit ii Lime Ngo Ali Ringli Ilie of a in hurry i Diirr. I try a hot Llu it aloof Puiul s iceman i , it in done no Fuo-1 it. A null us Larni unil knowing or. Sliaut a in it be limn Ului not recommend any tiling to me mint he did Mil. Have in Difidi uce ivc us. I Lui l one Pliml of tin holc my impels to teatime and f Imd a Fine an Che. Flu a 1 had iwo tour Fri of it 1 Conni lored my lit Midili As Gentl us Over it Ami could eat Liny tiling without us Iliria proving Wilh me in the leapt. 1 nov keep a ill Lac to Lii lers in the Coilin Ichisi i Litkus Kulil 1 Inke White inhabitants. Served an apprenticeship. The editor of the Northern is respect fully Inforno no that he mini word of thu Khiuit Hole Man to and Lily Nizie years of the Christinn Lra have elapsed and yet there Are his Day More drunkards than christians. The former Are gain ing ground and some even have gotten into the Church and limit Jet occur that the Temperance tie contrary notwithstanding. Hence to Don t i need to be excused on that ground. Fight the slab Printer has Betti prob Knol i Btl Man As you Don t mix us ably abolished by an act. Of the legislature that up in that fight. Kat drink and sleep with him is from Ami after isl. Of next the j if my please Ami if fall a Neh j a of of Peri Oil when a Walker s time expires. This Lynnr pains. Ii hmm Ever Yon ast a panne at Liy . Lil Eil. Trial Aid Komi 03 Ali Collie Omie or live Ami in. Makes u in my in Well the past eleven yours my Irenr Fiill Liaa Lierni Ivonin Jill in j is per year Lio Nicks Lini Eaul severe truly 1. .1. . To or. Lack Sim i , 1 a. Ask s German a killers. Take no Liling else Aii l Nee Lylial. 111? of c. Lai Kami is on Ilie each Little. Tolpy lie Luul Nikk sl11 Ulerece Eiers in every Lown Ami vill Nife in the uni Leil Hotalen Ami Panaila Lii hrs Ami Smith a Curriea at 75 cents per . Principal Zil Linius Arch is. I eos have s Holland bitter the press of Clit try has Ilieen Partlou Lirly loud in the Praise of the filters. The Many in lines the to an impartial a Millie it is a Well in Man hit Tinl we not Patent medicines and Liat we it Seldom Adver Tisi Plum lint in Rahavi v. Lull lamp hitters of mics to us endorsed in Sneh a manner As a up Cicilie for tin diseases in. Professes to cure that we. Net Only advertise in ill in. This Favorale notice Uii us d Liy the cd Tum a guardian s Sale 05 v Virhie Cifax of the a Anijarv term of 8l tin court of common 1 Lucaa of Linna Irr i Liall As Lipini Claici of Amelia 1 ii i son Anil win. I. I ii son minor heirs of Aaron Pierson Coas i d. It Levi fur Sale Ilie Fol Neving real estate to wit Hyak Mirmil n. W. Perl. Lie. Tip. 31, of Hungo eleven e., Kami ii in Ere Mills. W. J of such Ion twp. Kimic a Levin r., in Ami Kol liver l wps., Allen co., a orcs Iid and Hie Sale will lie Liedal Hie curl in Misc in it on Enli irony Tho ail it March the Lui Ziric of i o clock a. M., Ami i In., of said oni Thiril Cima Ohn Thirmlin one year. And the Lia Lanee in two years with interest from Date and the defered payment secured Liy Morl i. S1vkkt, i Lii rain. I l. Wayne my Wil Indiana i l wit. Lla Sii Kraneis Liillie Liimol Gilliland i. Ill Pilaud kale Willis Dixon. J court May j Crin i lir Ilion. In i Mil 11 m n .111. V4 i Niin. I. A. a. My i ii ii i Virci in Ioui ii Ai ii Vii. Nieu Muu society of prevent so a a ealam result Ifa Ena Lilion Hetem Don t in Yoi Siml a very i defendants Are not of the stale of Impi ily. Who knows let us then All Coster in if we can t join it because to have already work Lac filial your Tonnsel in your nos Al is. Ami it. He a Potish i nto it. Llauro would abolish Ilsel after it All Leaf he will kit a javelin unless he the present session in ovum til tit Ilian we think lie i an. Fly the editor of he Stanlien Llepun Pliean is i a ill his feeble Way or. Case for having Voled for the admission of Oregon Inlo the Union. H7" the salaries of Tho in pome and circuit social a to said defendants Are lie Rohy Noti lied of the Mill of sail Siml thai unless they personally lie and apy Icar line Oie Ilie of Coin Ion or Lieford lilo is Rood in in of tie nil. Term i Hereof and answer or demur to the said complaint Hie same win to paced a liar in

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