Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
23 Jul 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
23 Jul 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - July 23, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaWeekly emote put Suie established As a whig oct anal a. D. 1840-plbdoed to the Union the Constitution and Laws. Volume 19. Our chops. Fort Wamul times Ett Opean War. I intelligence which our exchanges Send us j supers. As Well As that derived from oth Ibe news from Europe by the Africa is much j sources concerning the wheat crops and the unexpected. The Arn Nice is an extraordinary i Promise of Rich Reward to the Husbandman in thing Inthac history of Ulo War and much other department., that business a u u doubtless be had on that Gratifying. The Vii Othni ilium order to recover their energies tha teach Lias agreed to it or not remains to be been by what they will do in the fort ote Allen county Indiana saturday evening july 23, 185a num Eek 48. As the proposition for the the cessation i would 70u not like to Side of the Clouds to by our of d. Woost Jeff. Would you not like to ride on the Clouds Mira Bel said Sweet Little Carlota May As with her twin brother in Converse she Aat a Culli my studio window one Day of the american Farmer especially of where both Beins wearied from Ronnii about tie East and West for Tho past few years and j came to rest them awhile from their play More especially during the last Winter and the i is admit consequent difficulty of subsisting their Stock Ueni Piui Williy 01 subsisting t he r Stol it r l my unit i Nui int. Well conjectured that he has a purpose in not known to this at least May he judge Flora the sagacity which he has at All times eve Deuce since his Elevation to regal authority an Power. And should this armistice end by begin ing an Era of nothing is More certain thai that the Success which has crowned his efforts has claimed and obtained for him the proudest dist Clion As a Warrior and makes his throne so cure a result to him Worth the perils and losses at Montebello Magenta. , and Solferino though his Security he May have never doubted. The history of her re sources her vast territory and her population show her to be a nation of the first magnitude and however she May be crippled for Tho time she will continue to hold Hungary and be quite Strong enough for Security even should she lose domination of her italian possessions and this very loss of the italian possessions May when taken unto Nap icon give him such additional strength As to destroy any Well intended Security by making him ambitious even unto defeat. We think that the italian states will no longer belong to austrian domination for the people thereof will that they shall be Independent and from that Independence will Como a form of government similar to the representative form As Contr distinguished from papal absolutism. The most probable thing which led to this the fact that England though professedly Neu the heart of her people beating a Little Eccli Nerly towards Austria while in Germany it has been so from a coining and then Prussia has taken Steps evincing the same. and with the almost defeat of his arms at Solferino and while his reputation Hail reached the Acme in military renown Lustre to the glory of the Power of the throne it would seem that desired to forts of Home aroused those people simultaneously to renewed activity Energy Industry an Economy of time and labor the result of which is seen in the extra acres of fall and Spring sow ing and planting which a a Dutiful Providenc has warmed and watered and matured or is a luring. Nor is this All the health to do has. Aided in an uncommon degree. Looking at the country daring the past Spring its poverty looking at it As it is and considering the amount of work done and the Little to do it with it astonishes even the practical observer and assures him of one important fact Worth Worth even listing among the proverbs of Solomon Thrifty Viz Altert in no limit to Economy when we would practice it. Never indeed has so much been produced with so Little has been produced this season and never Lias it been done in so Short a time and put up in such Good order. This Industry o general and so simultaneous having produced Uch grand results it will do to pattern after and t will be patterned after and May we not think to if not believe it that the misfortunes of the Ost few years having indirectly brought about Uch results that in t is a Beautiful thing to reflect on that from out in gloom which overspread our land from the artial failure of crops for a few years last past As come such Joy which makes the crowned us Cess of honest labor the More full. But this this reputation Content with that and with giving Security to the papal states against austrian encroachment. To us it seems out of the question for him in the present criss to accomplish More except to effect his own defeat which must result from the sequence of a pre Rop will not restore the country to that Prosper Ity which would have been its own had each year s crops been ordinarily abundant. There Are debts necessarily created which nothing Shoi t of three full crops can give Means whereby to pay and even these crops May not Gultice if Europe shall not require a Large amount of bread stuffs from us. It must be remembered that if this demand shall not transpire it will be be i Don t know sister he said with a smile looking up Al the Clouds in it is said thai the rain comes out of the Clouds Ami they you know not be then the youngster laughed out at his merry conceit. And the merriment danced in his eve. But it not be very pleasant and i he Little Carlota in a Clariot painted in Silver an i Gold so High in the heavens to and 0 would be Sweet to be near to the spot where they say Mother went when she died the brother wits dark lash drooped Neal the weight of in unbidden tear. The child sister saw quivered her lip t j a8 Lle forgot brother dear 1 did not intend when 1 spoke of the Clouds to make such a dark one i could listen no More for my own eyes swam As i hastily folded my Book and i walked out alone in the open air to minder alone by the Brook and to think of the Cloud and the spirit beyond and Iny own Angel wife s dying look. 11 or dispatches announces the substance if a letter written by Hon. Dan. E. Sickles con earning his forgiveness of his wife and his living Vith her again. There Are Many suggestions in t that will act As daggers of rebuke to the Mot by and hypocritical Herd who howl at his Steps and who thus presume on having a sense of pro Ripoly in Domestic matters Conformable to the i ious notions . They who defend id him from the first and those who now assail in for the act show that they Only defended in because he had repudiated his erring wife chivalry which May be a great growth among Low who for the times. The Hadvab takes of practice Over theory in the treatment of every adult possesses in some degree a knowl Edge of fever because its characteristics at the commencement always present the same appear Ance namely a dry skin Quick pulse cold Shiv ering increase of heat a dry furred Tongue in tense thirst and languor of body and mind. Those main features Are easily distinguished but very Little at present is known of the nature of the disease and the proximate cause of fever is far from certain. By some continued fever is considered an affection of the nervous system by others an inflammatory disease of the intestinal mucous membrane but More generally it is sup posed to arise from some unknown general influence introduced into the system by pulmonary absorption and that stagnant sewers and pools animated filth in Back Yards and alleys Are acknowledged to afford great assistance to Maluria Ous poisons therefore it is probable that the morbid atmospheric influence has an Affinity for the Miasma a arising from those obstructions As it has been frequently observed that this disease allies itself More particularly to the poor in Large cities where the sanitary arrangements in Low localities cannot be carried out with that facility As the Fate of via cents a general impression prevails that the City of Vincennes on the Wabash was named after the town by hint name in France. Such however is not the fact. She derives her title from a Gal Lant Soldier of that name who was one of the first of the daring frenchmen to open the vast Wilder Ness Between the Mississippi and the Ohio to the White Man. In the last Vincennes Sun we find an interesting sketch of this Gallant Man furnished by judge Law it appears that in 1730 a correspondence was opened Between Bienville commander of the French troops in Louisiana and d Arquette in command in Illinois with a View to getting up in expedition against the Chickasaw indians to the cast of the Mississippi and in what is now Ala Bama or Mississippi. D Arquette assembled the Illinois and was joined by Vincennes who had collected thirty soldiers on the Wabash who with one Hundred volunteers floated Down tin Mississippi until they reached the last of the Chickasaw Bluffs where they disembarked they slowly marched towards the Yal Bushn where they expected to be joined by Jiyun Villa jut were disappointed. Spa there arc practices tolerated in Greg Lions which christians who Are jealous for the Honor of their master s House should utterly condemn. Decorum is the handmaid of devotional feelings and for this reason the House of Ood should never a disturbed by Tho slightest approach to Irre Quience. It is a part of my re said a pious old lady when asked Why went Early to Church in is part of my Ruji Iii not to interrupt the religion of a and believe in Many a congregation made it a Purl of their religion not to Isi Ribeir necks out of join to witness the Entrance of every Parson who Pas j ses up the aisle u the Church it would be better Call arrival of tils Africa armistice till the fifteenth of sex org Hopes of ? e re new York july 21 the steamship Africa Lias arrived with Kurop ii Dales to the 9th Insl. An armistice has a Gross abuse been agreed upon Between the contending Par Isth of August the effect of this companies wer sent out but Bienville was not to be found. _ the Indian allies of d Arquette became impatient and represented that be attacking one of the Chickasaw towns they could Supply Len a. Selves with plenty of provisions and returning to their Camp could entrench there and securely c await the arrival of the expected reinforced a it i lieu Reiniere tents in higher parts of the City where the weal thy Al t he advice was taken and an Advance made to ways prefer to locate. Wards the Chickasaw Village. Suddenly How Ever thirty englishmen and live Hundred Chick fevers also present a Peculiar phenomenon being subject to the Law of periodicity running a certain period but varying in individual cases. In some instances whatever May be the Medicin Al treatment the disease appears to follow its own course and is in no degree curtailed by the Rem saws Rose from behind a held and fell upon the invaders with such impetuosity that the Indian allies of the French nearly All led from the Field. D Arquette att paed to Retreat to his Camp where he had left thirty me i. Lie was wounded however and he and Nineteen of his men in wive Torii Ewunes needs a weedy we give that adopted by Henry Uay i in endly indians of Dean who was at one time chaplain of con Russ buoyancy in All the Money a Lin v it no i j i methodist i a iveing worried one afternoon by this turning a u011 that the armis prac Liee in his congregation or. Lle Aii Tot ipod in i Puu " As at Villa ins Sermon and j 1 ninja by Hess and Vallent and ends the 15th 1c" i ii " it commercial vessels navigate the Adriatic unmolested. The Monit cur cautions the Public against mis understanding the armistice and says no gotta War May be terminated. J , ainu lie gave his name residence and occupation so to London limes believes in peace and says continued for some Lime. J that Well authenticated proposals came from Loor who was France indicating either the Good moderation or cause there is an abundance on that if therefore there shall he an abundance there it will be even More embarrassing Here than it would be in Case of any contingency which we have named for the continual exportation of our mugs but which would not find a parallel a honorable men. Mong u i consequence of heavy import pm further prosecution of ins original plans Union. Will Embarrass on and that sequence is the bringing All Europe to the controversy. To Stop now and justify him self in the Vantage ground just gained and wait in Lille papal states have become totally estranged from until English and i rus my sympathy for Austria shall have subsided he May in our opinion destroy austrian pow a thing which has been tried for Ages but it May As it has before resulted prove Only temporary and followed by a restoration. It has been said that austrian domination in Southern Europe is a be Cissily we shall ils will the civilize. Nations of the world be glad to know that thin War has come to an and that it shall transpire that count Cavour was in earn Ami hum is in declaring As follows i. Neil in llal.1 a Ami i fill ill in lit of Italy to Ion fail. 1 Lias Conn out As it the Auli Ull if Iho Kem Lalovi lil Seilier Lio bus the i a that. Jinni my l the of Licurs of the we of i inuit nay yet to Are worry to Luil one editor in Liis District who in willing to Ivy a fair nothing Anil think he in Iloilo a right. Mis de i uncool the fair Don tally with his recent out. Or Tiik Neal nit the Kail Rouil co. Fur asking him id pit Liah time Pablo Lur a free puss for we now find him willing to do five times the amount of printing Gratis. Hut Pilch in a Wii unit do a you have a mind in. Nut if you get 22 x by irs of donation All co. Democrat. The difference Between the Livo cases is this the Railroad is a corporate monopoly built b stockholders Many of whom Are bankrupted b Llie mismanagement of the concern and Otlien parties Are using the Means of stockholders for we Don t feel like helping them at a Sac Ritico of Money and Honor. Agricultural am mechanical associations Are Public affairs in which All arc and were intended lobe beef incl alike and All can become members alike at a very Small fee and unless such enterprises Are by and their objects under stood they Are unsuccessful and Hanco for Tho Sake of die Farmer for the Sake of the Mechanic the Alizan and the Sake of id who Are to be benefited directly or indirectly by encouraging these things we Are willing and anxious to make gratuitous efforts even More than we have done. They arc nol is not working for it pays us All just As encouraging education religion and mor docs. If others Don t want to hip they should be consistent and not opposing sue Vocale. The marshal of peace. Oen. Niel created Mai Shal of France for his Brilliant services on the Muncio is according to a writer in one of the Paris papers not More Ihan fifty seven years old and looks much younger. He was a student of the polytechnic school which he quilted to study engineering at mete. His Early promote on was not extremely we find him a lieutenant of engineers in 1827, to became a Captain in 1835, and gained de Bat attain s Paulette on the Field of Battle of Constantino lie was made a colonel in and with thai rank he took part in Tho expedition to Rome in 1840 As head of the engineers staff. While at Home he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general and shortly afterwards was charged with the Mission of carrying Lite keys of the cily to the Pope at Gaeta. On his return to France he became a member of the Superior committees of engineering and fortifications and was appointed director of the engineering department in the ministry of War and councillor of stale on extraordinary service. As a general of division he commanded the engineers in Tho Baltic and took part in the Schige of lion around. Subsequently to commanded Tho engineers in Tho Crimea. Ilis reputation As a scientific Foll car has always stood remark Abl High. To is a tall handsome Man and very Rfisling mucin his appearance and manners. It will be remembered or oppose Uch costs just As much of an Effort As to Adie Elemere he was selected in january last to go to Turin to Nako the official demand of Tho Rincon Clotilda s hand for Prince Napoleon. N. Y. Tho citizens of Sacramento California Are re ing to give Grce Loy a sex. Can t he get enough to Cal Al Home Talion will Embarrass our commercial there is no remedy to be found against the result of exportation of specie. We in View of ail dare not assure our producers that they May expect High prices indeed we rather think that they will he greatly disappointed and a licit fore May exp eco hard limes even yet though their granaries groan with Golden Grain. However let no Man Repine needlessly but let All on neigh Bor Boods rejoice and. By Way of their gratitude to for his Bounty and then health let them unite in Harvest Homes and there resolve that by habits of Industry Anil Economy they will Merit the. Continued smiles of him in whose Palms arc winds mid rain a i Dews and seed Lime Anil Ham is in whose in ath Are cold time in n Hose a b. In Alanl arc the Anvi n l us tin i a i vie 1 Alhar it to in nut envy lot. in cite vat Solf Kiks. The following Ciraci 1 Ivy a received Niin the seat of War. Eivis a if the death not in. Vice at alas what a Bubble military Honor is bursting often when it has reached its culmination and when every Eye is riveted by its splendor Ricl is the fact must to broken quietly to the Public. Karagory d Ollil liars is dead and this i Iruin stance fully As lamentable As the other is to be announced first. In All thu French Are said to have lost five of their Best generals and not to have crossed the Mincio. The Shade of hovered round Ihu combatants and the prophecy of the old Diplomat is verified. The death of Ceil. A Iel is invested with the most impressive . Before the Bat the Lle had said to his friends that in this action he was resolved to win the laurels won by Mcmahon at Magenta preventing him from sleeping. After the Battle he was nowhere to be found Anil for some time serious apprehensions were entertained that to had been taken of those who at All times assailed him As being a bad Man As they declared some Are now even More virulent in their scam Al mid censure at this step of his but they convict themselves of inconsistencies and discover that Only malice and brute passion actuated them. The result of or. Sickle s step will for a Short season separate him from his former associates in High life but reason will at length Triumph and the latent goodness of Man which Ever and anon Breaks Forth a glow almost divine will prevail and lion. Daniel e. Sickles should his future overture be com it Iii Blu will be better appreciated than if he Hail listened to the voice of passion and prejudice and thereby sunk in the vortex of prostitution his penitent wife and caused his now innocent child in her Young womanhood rom necessity to offer her virtue in Eschan a for 1 Elf. The tj5e of paper in Japan. It was wonderful to see the thousand useful As Lens ornamental pin uses to which paper was a Cable in he hands if industrious Ami a Ilsi Ful people on Papen Naethe manufacturers As Well As the Continental Ulics should go to veil Lourae Anas no degree curtailed by the rein Duding Vincennes were ate s 7liw Edies admin stored thus it appears that fever is j of the survivors escaped but All the bakga4 and incurable inasmuch that there exists no known ammunition fell into the hands of lire victors specific to Cut Short the duration of its career. There Are two dangers from which the patient is particularly liable to expire under the one depression exhaustion or debility and the oth or is from secondary Al fictions which sometimes occurs in typhus fever. Such Wing the Case the remedy is reduced to a very simple the most important object for the physician to attain is to preserve the life of his patient during the particular state of fever for if he can be kept alive for about sixteen or eighteen Days from the of Rigours or shivering he will most probably live for by that time he till have arrived at that period when by the Peculiar Law of the disease in will cease of its own Accord. To a gentleman entered when to bawled out like an usher _ Deacon who keeps the shop Over the in then went on with his Sermon when presently another Man passed up the aisle and he i a Little old Man with drab coat and an old wlm hat Don t know for that congregation was cured. Away a prisoner or been buried beneath a Heap of shun with the change of not being recognised. Alter a diligent search the general was found lying insensible beneath the dying Charger which had conveyed him through the combat and whose expiring struggles were pics Sinju Tho Small remnant of life out of his master s body. The general was conveyed still insensible to the ambulance where it soon became evident to the experienced Eye of Chan Poullion that no Hopo of salvation remained. The emperor was sent for in All haste. Not a word passed Between them but the emperor look from his neck the Loken of a marshal of the pm lire and Laid it upon the dying Warrior s bosom Ivan at this dread hour nature Rose unconquered Laid claimed her Sway. The general started up suddenly and fling no his arms around the emperor s neck died in he actual Effort of expressing his Grai elude. The Alon and cordon of marshal of France have been Lis life Long dream and he died in the full tide if Joy which the accomplishment of All his Hopes do Tii Irani what can be done with paper. It Maine into material so closely and a Naomi leather Anil pigskin that s ill Llenell Toile Ted with tin Aid varnish and skillful Midi trunks tobacco bags Cigar i no a. . Cases the of Nii we even saw and used Eicel Lenl of simple Puper which ram a Iii Iise. The japanese use neither silk chill in or Halwill kerchiefs towels or dusters papi in i Weir hands serves As an sex client Silas Llull. It is son thin a House a Pale yellow color plentiful Anil very cheap. The inner Walls of Many ii funded of paper being nothing Mure urn pruned screens their windows Are covered wit Tine translucent description of the same malt rial ii enters largely into the manufacture o Carly everything in die japanese household am we saw what scorned to be balls of wino which were nothing Bill Ioir shreds if rolled up. If a shop keeper had a parcel to lie in to would Lake a strip of paper Roll it quickly in Iwen his hands and use it for the purpose Anil it was Aniie As Strong us the Ordinary string used at Home. In Short without papir ill Japan would come to a dead lock and indeed lest by the arbitrary exorcise of his authority a tyrannical husband should Stop his wife s paper Ibe Sage Mother in Law invariably stipulate in the marriage settlement that the Bride is u have allowed her usual Quantity Wood s Milf a. Betush of my. Cobden to Enoland. Paraguay d Ollil liars seems to have been struck own by a Cannon Ball and died Willious a word r exclamation. He balance of Trade of the United states with foee1gn countries. From the first Day of july 1s49, to the 30lh it the imports of the United states from for Ign countries have amounted to and the exports during the same period to exhibiting a balance of Trade in a or of the United states during that period of the amount of imports Anil exports using the last decade Are More than double of lose of the proceeding corresponding to amount of Gold exported from the United tales during the last decade 1ms amounted to ill Hundred millions of dollars the amount of read stuffs and provisions exported during the Amo period is four Hundred and fifty millions of Ollars. The discovery of the California Gold lines in 18-18, Anil Iho repeal of the British Corn in have exercised a great effect in in arguing the amount of exports and thereby no Tho balance of Trade in favor of the United Lutes. Kit Jno. D. Do frogs new paper the at is will make its appearance about Tho first of it will to printed in Large Clear Type Pon an Adams press and will present the finest idea ranch of any paper in the sule. A caloric Ngonu will furnish Tho Power Cost of six wants per Day. Or. Defrens is actor mind to Nako the most careful preparation before com mencing his Albany Tribune. The Liverpool times says or Cobden during his sojourn came into con tact Wilh persons of every position in life Ami of every Hue Ami thought but he found in All directions a Friendly and cordial feeling towards the old country and if England in her hour of extremity wanted Aid from foreign foes it would to unhesitatingly furnished by Tho people of the Groat Republic. Lie compared the feeling to wards this country with that which animated or. Johnson towards doctor was fond of abusing Goldsmith himself hut he quarrelled with any one else who abused him. Or. Cobden without abandoning any of his peace theories relieved himself on this occasion of the being a peace at any Price charge which his opponents Are fond of laying at his door. He still denounces War As a stupid and ferocious method of settling disputes when they arise Between nations but to would gladly incur another National debt rather than see a Hostin Force on our own soil even if it came in the pro fessed character of allies or deliverers. England is powerful enough to Pio acct itself hut he iss Lill prevent then the a Lieut from dying of Depres Sion or debility no matter whatever info Anelory cerebral symptoms May present the use of ionic and stimulating medicines with frequent administrations of beef Tea and Small quantities of wine Are imperative and although in about the second week of typhus the patient is not Only suffering violent pains in the head but is also delirious lie must not be allowed to sink but Tho tonics and stimuli nos must administered. If on the other hand the de Letory system is carried out by Vio Lent purgative shaving the head and a Liberal application of leaches thereto the most probable consequence is he will die not gradually but rapidly. 1 have known several cases of typhus treated acl Volf on thu Antip logistic system by a very eminent physician who had the most extensive practice and the run in the Lown. His treatment consisted of copious bleeding head shaving a Blister to the Nape of the neck and Active ape Rients lie Appe Areil fully impressed by the cerebral symptoms so plainly developed no Lamarion or congestion of the brain existed Ivban More probably it was a local lie most Likely understood that the Poison of fever could produce general fever without local symptoms but he did not appear to understand that the Poison of Fauvor could produce local symptoms without organic change. Early every else he where severe local symptoms presented themselves terminated fatally and those would have been far More Likely to have recovered had they been Lea entirely to nature than by receiving the assiduous a expletive treat ment which in All probability hastened their death. As fevers assume different forms and Are fro Quentlyn modified by different causes it is hardly necessary to say i Hal in every Case the medical practitioner is or ought to be governed by Circum Tianero such As Constitution sex la. To show what Little Reliance should be placed upon severe pain in Tho head and delirium i illustrate from Twenty four fatal cases of typhoid fever which came under Tho observation of Louis and reported by or. William slopes a Caius professor of physic in thu University o Dublin. He says he took 12 eases which did not pre sent the symptoms of delirium. In four of these in found redness of Tho brain and in six the rain was perfectly healthy in the other two was found a slight so flying of the brain. The other twelve cases in Tel Rich delirium was an extremely prominent symptom and Many of he patients violently five there was Edness of the brain and five perfectly healthy n one there was slight softening and in one Light injection. Now compare these two sets of resultant id see Low similar icy Are. Where i hero was no do. Rim four patients presented redness of the rain. Whore in Crews delirium live presented Edness of Ihu brain. Where them was no do six presented the brain perfectly healthy. Bienville was also Defeated about the same tune and the indians determined to sacrifice their prisoners. Accordingly eight of them including d arquello Vincennes and father Konac a jes Uit priest Anil chaplain to the expedition were pinioned to stakes and burned to Good priest Che Roliog them amidst theirs and Bis own tortures Lodio As became christians and French men he offering up prayers and administering As Best he could amid the blazing faggots and racked by the most horrible tortures the last offices of the Catholic Church. Such was the Fale of Vincennes and Many of the Gallant men who were his companions and who Laid the foundation of european civilization the wilderness of what is now Indiana Ami 11 the Indianapolis Republica slate Organ has been digging at the papists while a american Ulso wooly Laius demagogues in. Won Llie Lic publican state Central committee of which we Are a member just Raul the Jour Lal out the schismatics Are bail Fellows and be should n t be surprised to find the editor of he journal read out. Lie certainly would by if in should fail to support some abolition Loco Foco Cork leg Republican candidate for Congress even Over his pledges not to take a second term Nom Ina lion. Here is what the american the journal of last week con. Tamed a Laboured Leader which seemed to indicate Ibe policy of Ibe republicans in regard to for Eigners. Its proposition to require of catholics a special oath in naturalization is so narrow that How he captivated see. The following anecdote should be read Aftel hearing the scotch song whistle and i la come to you. My some years ago a tall gaunt Knock kneed rail beaded crossed eyed Lummox of a Loosier who was a Hunter of the classical Wabash conceived the idea of making a visit to the Home of his progenitor in old Kalmuck lie did de around amongst the girls some and was of course from Bis unlike impudence and unearthly like observed of All one Tho whole neighbourhood was astonished with the news that the ugly Loosier had eloped with mrs. B. An amiable Good looking woman wife or. I. And Mother of half a dozen Little i s i or two Long years the disconsolate husband mounted Over ins untoward bereavement at the end of that period however to Bis utter astonish ment one Lay in popped mrs. B. Looking As Bright and Rosy As Ever. After the first Joyful Greet no was Over the injured b. Thus addressed his truant spouse Nancy How could you take up with hat tha Nair they ugly Loosier and leave inc and the children All forlorn As you did t Well said Nancy that bar Tarna ugly in Lertrum Indianna was a inc the the bes French and does not believe it was the latter. I Raicic reaps All the Benefit from Tho armistice either Way. The armistice has caused great excitement Consols advanced per cent and on the Paris courses the Advance was and the other continents courses All advanced materially. The austrian funds at Frankfort Rose Tun per cent. The sardinian proceeded vigorously in the seige of in Schirra but this other movements have now lost Luicir interest. In the i ederal Dick on the 7lh inst Austria proposed to mobilize the whole Federal Conlin Rui Vicat tile Prince item Cut of Prussia to Whistler i Ever h on. You know i always fond of Good Whis Blini used to think you could Whis Llo some but Nevil Heerd whist Lin till i Sec that Wabash Feller. He just whist led my senses clean away i Fullerd him Olf on that account a Short time ago however he caught the a Casals Anil they spill whistle for Charm was broken and so i concluded to Como Back in you Bill i Josh that Loosier was the awful esl Whistler that Ever South ebb Pacific bail Boad. Or. J. Edgar Thompson. Pri Sidell of tin a mat Jur. J. L Lornson per Sib Tii a. N. It Borders on the Contemp Hole. The Genius of Congo and i Ort Way a i i no oath of a Tull och that is not required of very Ollick of k k i other one on naturalisation. Whatever errors i inde m sir co v r a Iii to the pea Ninoe of that article e in the Organ l not in Silica live of the of nil we must follow nil company upon no Row ii a ill ill our i. A , Lent of the Fol Lotvin conditions o As no change in in our naturalization Laws. We would prescribe no . It is lobe regretted that they vote in Mae and that their Vole is u 1 company shall be freed Iron All exist intr debts. Second that All questions the a i luvs is All ones tons . Mil. Generally against Freedom but we would rather Thorlies of the coma to endure tins ,11 than to establish a w corporate g Rily settled. A monstrous demand. That additional share capital amount i. P. Spaulding of Ohio Hii a minded in i Lei thousand m Del iils in addition to the sum required to Mout div dual whose by Ratiu of re Jacl in i Philadelphia convention Mil i cold e of nomination of i remont and the d i a of e it i we Tanoai sox. Publican parly ii a tons Hal be and his friends to .1 Fot Villics m d in. I will withhold their Voles from lion w y Choi i to assume the command in chief. Seizure of the British ship Laurel at Baltimore and coasting Trade Between new York and California via the islands claimed Ihu attention of the House of commons. The government promised to represent the matter to the i ederal authorities at Washington. London saturday p. Navy estimates had been introduced in parliament and additional men asked for. It is reported that the mail steamers have been notified to prepare to carry amounts according to their contracts. The ship Sarah minol of Boston Burnt Al sea she was from new Orleans bound to the disaster occur cd on the ult Tho times says with regard to the armistice there is Little to communicate beyond what Tho Public already know. All that seems to be Well authenticated is that the proposal came from France Anil the result of the emperor s own . That the emperor Napoleon Ilmi ild Stop Short in i career of Victory and make overtures to the foe whom he has Defeated in two pitched Battles and pushed to thu limits of Lom Jardy argues the moderation or Tho necessities if the French la ulcer. We can hardly believe that be latter have been the cause of this sudden Resolution. Hloch Kiihn july nip cry u Moscar Vienna july austrian correspondence contains the following the French Frig ate Impe Riensch bombarded Lati yesterday. Tho fortress returned the fire. Thu thu Imu Cricina Al last broke Oil the contest up caring to Havo Ere we a Ile publican of Ohio and or Ghol i us i. M Jshii i Oor son permitted himself to make such a we so Lalioo was poor can Ull urd hut Little Eon commit himself in Advance of his election As to the cow now be Uil we the i Etc of the times says thai on the Ilott ult. A French Licet consisting of sixty four Tail was at to Jinx it distance from pc dec. The hungarian legation forming i Genoa is to be clothed like the Hil Pirian soldiers in the Trian army Asil is believed the latter will not ire on men wearing the Corinne. The Moni cur d Annec publishes the Imperial by which n new regiment of algerian it is even so and to All persons who behave a those Good opinion is Worth there there was violent delirium five presented in brain perfectly healthy Iho other costs May o for these investigations satisfactorily prove thai Eru enough o i oct sent Eisell Shacory prove a opposed to our needless interference in the inter j Little dependence should be placed on cd Nal concerns of other countries and maintains i a Coral symptoms indicative of organic disease that our Mulai position Rorai symptoms o that our Mulai position is our Best Security we Len patient is Perm against aggression. This reception which or. P ,1 or r Cobden has experienced abroad has been Only Columbia fat it Wayne jul has experienced abroad has been Only excelled by the heartless with which he was received at Home. And whether he i pc Cutsor re t. P. Uly 1859. Not satisfied. Jets the position of Cabinet minister to inde went away and the first thing on his arrival was she has no what n Volumn of sorrowful truth is comps of in that single Mother t to seek out his family. He found them in the third Ward and after kissing his wife to saw will astonishment that his children like sheep in the wheat had doubled in the five years As in us in Puiul single Mother r me Wicai Nau until scr in inc live years As in we must go Down the hard rough path of life he place of two there were now four and one and be inured to care and sorrow in their Stern quite Small. He looked at his wife. He then est forms before we can take Lii Nio to our sex looked at his babies. Then at wife who stood Iii Iionno Ihn Pori Unco the dreadful reality out n Sti and a Lens. Jul a in Nir Hij Tooh silently by. Back and Forth from one to the other for full five minutes to gazed and then hut when it is said of a frail Young girl just broke out with Well Mury Forato Attaman hissing from childhood towards the life of u to vol lust help you be raised k-----1 Nan How sad is the Story summed up to that. News. One Short sentence i who now shall administer Tho needed Conn 07" Tho following is a description of Tho Ico eel now shall Check the wayward fancies Well in Brandon Vermont. To should like to now shall Bear with the errors and failings live near it about those Days of to Motherless daughter the water in a thick Wall office from six to Deal gently with the child. Eight inches thick inside the Lono Wall but not let not the cup of her sorrow be overflowed by rising Borc the surface of Tho water and afford Pic harshness of your Bearg or your Nusyn j ing a Goodfood to a person once Down there a thumb coldness. I for six o for six or i yet feet above Tho surface of the r Vul too to Ino surface of the is Sho heedless of her doing is she forgetful water Tho Stone Wall is in crusted with a layer of of her duly is she careless in her movement Frost and ice not thick. Tho Wator is Clear cold remember of remember she has no Mother 1 and Ico not thick. The Wator in Clear cold my tastes Well it in not very How he will decide questions that May come be.-, fore him in his capacity As judge is totally unworthy of Confidence. He is open to any in Llu j u pm solves when ii beg Aru ence however corrupt. Let or. C. Treat the de nol Welcome who enter in then Manisof the unprincipled abolitionist who should n person nay l thus him with silent Content if Lri ,1 such 11 course defeats him he will at least pc i Vacy and Iii Musato that the act was serve his self respect am Good opinion of All with that arson would not be Welcome. Sickles would t do so menu a if he. Has forgiven an erring wife and taken her and his and their child Undi a his Protection. To forgive is Over a Bridge in the Lown of Athens is Postil the following notice any person Over this Bridge at a pare faster Blun walk shall if a White Man be lined Sui a negro receive in lashes half Llie penalty to be Best lived on the informer. Francis a. Mail to a son of the notorious John Newland Milit the revivalist was arrested for forgery at St Louis several Days since. His examination was to have Talien place in a Day or so but in Hie meantime he was taken with apoplexy surd died in jail. Hud been leading u dissipated life on the River Between St. Ami n new Orleans for several years. Truly the name of the wicked shall rot " speaking of the Union fair our feeble neighbor of Iho we did censure the Che Celivo committee for rom onto the District and i Van out of the stale to get work done which could Well been Lone in the District and not Only have Kepi the Noney at Home but evinced thu t kind of spirit to Foster and encourage Home Lold Homo there is a paper Mill in this concessional District at i Luikart which turns out an excellent article of paper for news use Anil at quite As cheap As paper can be gotten elsewhere. And will our feeble neighbor just Kay that he has never a wag has made up the t of Loving sum Mary of what be Calls the inalienable rights o and which Are nol enumerated ii the declaration of Independence to know any Trade or business without and Cit tic Oship or experience. To marry without regard to Fortune state o health position or opinion of parents or friends to have wife and children dependent on con Ting notes business and in Case of sudden death leave them wholly unprovided fur. To put off upon hireling strangers Llie literary moral and religious education of their children to Leach children no Good Trade hoping they will have when grown up Wil enough to live on the tile Industry of other people. To enjoy Tho general sympathy when made bankrupt by reckless speculations. To cheat the government if possible. To hold null ice without being competent to Dis charge its duties. To Bull houses with Nino and six Inch Walls and go to the funerals of tenants firemen Ami others killed by their fall weeping Over the mys serious Rispou Saigon of Providence to build up cities and towns without Parks Public squares Broad streets or ventilated and Call pestilence a visitation of Hod. As begun in a political quiver. Oen. Tom to ionic s. Stratton is peeled Homo from rur Orin where he has been a sent three years. The d enc Al is now Over 21 years of age having attained his majority in Jan uary last. Since hint period he has managed his own affairs Ami with Success. His friends says Hal though in infant in size he is above the average of those of his age in Point of general intelligence. He has secured a comfortable Independence and intends of fettle Down at Bridge port it his native place. The Young indies will no doubt be on the Utti us the general is said to to in the matrimonial Market and de Sirons of contract aug in Villi once with some fair Damsel. General Scott has issued an order directing the officers of the army to give regular and sys. Tem tic instructions to the in Bayonet sex Orciso Anil practice for Small arms and in Tho full of the several weapons placed in their hands. Shai p shooters is to be provisionally Crea cd. It companies Jach. letter from Home published in tha times that the Mazzini is have forged a pretended order of the Pope us if it had been issued at the War Vilice directing the most severe realm Cut of Ibe Revol cd disc Ricks. The very latest by Telegraph from London july oth noon. A letter from Belgrade states that about sixty Young men belonging to the first families of Servia. Have solicited Perinis Siou to form a corps to for rat in favor of italian Independence. The gun boats destined for Tho bombardment of Peschiera have been launched at Lago de Gorda a letter from Trebizond says Bluit Persia is making great preparations in anticipation of a War with Turkey. The i Jcsse of Vienna says that another French Squadron often vessels was seen from Trieste of 5th inst bearing Lov tards Venice. A Semi of Licud correspondence from Madrid de clares thai while desiring italian Independence Spain u ill still maintain her neutrality so italian princes and Tho Church aae maintained. New York july 21. Money Market to Day if anything is Faau ecu id by the foreign news which when taken in connection with the shipments of Gold As Peculiar importance. The transaction of Noney to Day do not indicate any change in Tho sales of interest thu Africa s news had a marked Oll oel upon commercial affairs. As regards the Money Market Thoro seems to be at but one opinion Aslo the termination of the War would at once remove any disturbing inline no and give a Freer action to Confidence and credit while my Mitling the general Good which is to Rchull from Llie of peaceful relations throughout in i 1ktiuuuiis . Longhty a Pound Iron that factory but has gone the that the news is unfavourable to in of the District uniformly to Purchase paper Wiki Lam interests cannot be lost sight. The res in has within the months for paper Michasl d out of the District out the Money and paid about f-100 which should have Beon in ill Tritt according to his theory. A Urio Iii spirit this and my Itell to Hairic interests and Home Small things. It hns become quite fashionable of late to talk bout and Rifle Small hobbies and one amongst he smallest is that of the times charging this Aper with Pii Ostium to the Union Sepulb an of Mlo july. No sir you arc the smallest Hobby hat to Ever Rode was Peter p. Bailey and it was lot Only Santt but weak and no feel ashamed of Laving Rode it so hardly and we now want to him Lor an to Botor our condition. Oration of the West through an Export demand for bread stuff i and provisions now appear More Remote unless the crops of Europe should not to inn Vestal in Good order. Assuming thai peace is to result from Tho armistice this would seem to lie me Only contingency which is to Nabla Western merchants to emerge at once from embarrassment and take freely of the goods now Pou Rining upon us. Long faces Are quite numer Ous in the Cotton Exchange to Day. The foreign nows proving very disappointing. Tho decline in flour is equal to 10a 25c per Bra. In wheat there is also a fall with Roro doing at the Concession business in provisions especially beef and pork nearly suspended neither buyers or Sellers being disposed to operate at this juncture. of to com

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