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Fort Wayne Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1859, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 10, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe times. Monday 1859. Both victims of unhallowed arc -4-the Mother m the grows of Cyl Jii us child in the come Luicus of the sea. Tho be layer still wanders the heavy hand upon sends to his abandoned Home tin s of Ciuffa commercial Jar. She sleeps. Of Fairaizl Frolli ii child of Earth no Kindred step will wander win re thou Art no atone attest Ilia memory a my i f rom All Olio in i Art Parl. The Mournful Fml a jul the Grove that thy silent Grove seem All As requiem Jiuing tvs Sottil. Lake Angels for thy fall. Beat Lovely one Ifo tempter hovers or kor ill nor wrong can linger where thou Art the Floweres press thy Couch forgiving by and god the merciful will hike thy part erring child the Cypress mourns thy lot the Waring Myrtle whispers Sig Lis for the. Far from All thou still won t be forgot hearts will save thy memory. And thou unconscious Laid the Low foot Babel who lore the from a Mother s Braat the avenging god did will it tiie Augel More does wander with the bleat. The raving sea will Lull itself to reel nor lash itself upon he Coral Cave float upon its Placid breast to guard with lore the Little Cherub s grave and he betrayer let him wander on the avenging Mark Ocuin upon his face in the dark mid night and at earliest Dawn Ilis spirit cannot find n. Resting Phu a. Remorse loth fill his soul with agony a Demon in his sleep and in that shows him scenes As if in Kemem Brances that Dart along like gleams. A Happy Homo that once he called his own children rho Lisp d his name and climbed his co. Bus Otic unblemished life its Early Dairn tvs Thiis great sin suddenly. And then Uio dark sad picture St ils Long his wandering senses first n. Iranian s face a Bare cold Hearth then hearts with in Guilli iming then one he Follo iving in their place the hand of cod has marked him for his bin 0 a solitary Man Irish out n. Friend. He Rac Cin of endless troubles torments without end. Is oils. F Montreal Garette. The Bohr Owen. The a Borrower in in admirable consistency of character borrows Bis motto from base is the Slart who pays he hindu stands Tho meaning of tie verb to As a the Cibic of a political subscription or a Camri Uible Donu-1 Tion of which lists ire published in the papers. Generous people spirited people my. He looks upon himself As a professor of the most ancient and Noble Art url of Burrow by the Art of borrowing to of course Means borrowing Money. All other Loans i oct in cases of of great Powch and As tending to bring a up Cut principle into a familiarity which Breeds con to input. To to sure the Man who borrows made articles is no full but he in n Small a unlit Rodgon Catuy disgraces Tiu Arl Arhat can to Promise himself wll Watutin o to can Seldom get Wyond a set of Hooks in Laj or Garcal coat this is poor Woik Arul renders borrowing a bore to both parties. Money alone the sure Means of purchasing pleasures of any medium for the of our few Power of defying the _. The glorious privilege i of being this is alone worthy the great proud Pur Pupac in of thu sunlight once Hor to War lie should As co Bhelt used to say get Gold and keep it 1 he will Uko Good care at All or on i if he Itic Ute Kost to Huntur a ctr to pay it Back. To have already intimated that to pay Back p Money i inconsistent Wilh the principle of Bor hut a different doctrine hardware produce fort a nil on hand a Luok heavy shelf hardware consisting gun tart of i Al o pm nails class so jokes Fouks. 11lioww1re i w last Gebman Spring Shear Annj engish Buster steel Ait tvs vices Sec Zoa hammers Block Bini is Bellows Mill urow Cut Ami saws stocks Ond Dies Coffee Mills a Cable and bolter canine Waggon boxes Axel anvils and Force Lam Ketty i Untch cts Hooks and hinges whips Duncam steel Yards scale beams Spring bal juices pocket and table c v t a e k a panties Broad axes and Bitts angers Chie Elb to Gether wit i in Gem til assortment of farming implements mechanics Toole Hardt rare which Are prepared to still it Low figures and would Call the of country merchants to our Deal in All kinds of p b 0 c e Angara prepared to store Grain on a reasonable t to snap find House in this City. Salt flour pork water Lime plaster on hand at our wore House. Fort Wayne april 29, iari8-lf new g o. Prof a always tic first is Antn of tuning Hies Spring Stock of goods to Linch will bold atm equally now for Cash or its equivalent Only. Coll and see goods i ought it panic prices will fever and from which Mankind Sufler Over a Biff pc part of the Ilow Cou Wuence of a Dib fast a action in tue indu cd by the poisonous Nuosci of Greta flu this a evolved by. The action of Wilur limit on wet Noil rises Wilt Tiu Wulczy vapor from it. While the Suu la a club the horizon this in Jar lingers near he Earth s sur face and the Sims is taken with it Throin Ejli the into the mood. There it is an irritant in Puicon on tie internal Vise Eru ind of the body. Thy liver a Sconius torpid and fails Tif secrete not Only this virus Init also tic bile from the blood a Forth the virus and Oie Bill Mccuin Ulutu to the circulate us mud produce violent cupid Titti tonal disorder. The spleen the kidneys and the stomach sympathize with the liver and Buconic Delsur dared ulip Fiu ully the Lus duct of our or uni Pisut Asiu an attempt to expel the infusion concentrates the whole blood of the body in the internal Cher stories to Force ilium to cast it out. The Wood leaves the surface and rushes to the Central organs with congestive violence. This is the Nitt jut in this Stfort it fails. Them the by loves in which the blood leaves the Cen trial organs and rushes to the As if in another to expel the irritating Pui Sou through that other great skin lit this also h fails und the system Abandons the attempt exhausted Aud Waits for the recovery of strength to repeat the hopeless Effort another Day. These arc the ills or paroxysms of fever ast Acup. Such disorder will of course under mine the health if it is not removed. Have Laboured to find and have found an antidote Ayer s ague cure we sch neutralizes this Valarious Poison in the blood and stimulates the liver to expel it from the body. As it should so it docs Cicic this Afflic nuff disorder with perfect certainty. And it ibes More or lather does what is of More service to those subject to this infection if taken in reason it it from the system As it is absorbed and thus keeps one Price Only will be asked and no ictus taken it old Foo. 1 i you want 1c yes Faal coloured print for to must go to c. Off. It you want 5 yes for pro to a c. Ohff. On want a eur goo a g c. Okky. To you want cheap Good go to want Thress go to Tijou to Osoila Goto c. Polifk offs. Oil to. Of you Jive goods Goto oni is. F you want fancy to of Tara. _ of tiffs. A new Bonnet or a lint or a a Tiki Rohlfs. Orff s. Ohff s. Ivc Are aware has been craftily broached in sum quarters and a different practice in some cases prevails. Flor of Sonio Cret lit and character Are now and then known to create much disappointment by actually returning the Obsen Injo their to pay to thu letter and thereby Vio lating Tho spirit of in tins occurs in cases where a Small sum having been Lent there is thu tight to no Chance of extorting the the loan of i Large one but by the re payment of the conc Nicot Afi the plan maybe and at it of terms defensible enough it in Point of pm i tampering with an essential principle. It is a descent from the High to the Middle count enhancing the doctrines of and compromises an intrinsic right. The High minded Borrower is proof against the plausibility of this practice. Jim is not of Opin to you want Staple Cowd i go to of you want Terr Nick cohort in and gloves ill mural Skir Ngn it it to you nut it Nice Ijo Tinct go to of you Waul 16 Fiul coloured Calico Porfil to _ Ojik a Tayou Mil Nice French Lowum go to f you Wunt a nil All Wool dust ii for 35 cd. Go u Orff Al. To you want a Blank silk go la photo 25 Coats per Box c in ror.tl.00. Hopf s. Duff s. A Nice Ohff s. Guff s. In k you want cuff s. Vicc Poil the n Giuin Okky s. Off s. N q1l4c Luce or capes it work. Conra. Att War Dimity off s. Oufa s. And to Iii Cut j pm ii Ienir Lia incs to a vilify Tell Fiuzi Iii Villi Lii in i in Nettra but Mir in in Uii ill or Nils Fulir a m Ica a a a a and Leif Thini Lowed Tii Cir Rorr. Do nut be put nil by it not i Iii a Lucy Nekr i sikh Jin Iii Dan Anil tid in Ittem. Tic irk want the it riia fur Timve in. All our ctn slim arc fur talc by Kurt Nodhy . A Okonn wa1.l.mkykk nov. 11, Kort . Can in per Cumiea Ever to do violence to Tiu 1 Rule of his All that to Ever doing in his Way in to write to you to Advance him n. Suki re questing that you Grill deduct Irh itt. In Oiron from Tho amount. No sophistry no expediency no of Chi pm Dot in inducing hit to pay the Niom a he has borrowed lie would Rood think of turn ing Leader lie Rulx his by fair play to keeps it on a defined principle upon an upright and very simple of never taking a denial to risks and but is always accommodating he wants fifty dollars but to will put up with fifteen and take your not for the rest or he will Call to Morrow or on Friday for Tho balance. If you regret that you cannot accommodate him on he instant to merely inquires when Yon can next week will do for him. If you cannot possibly name a time and see no likelihood then he can drop in and take his Chance and in tie meantime you will just be so Good an to Giro him a note of introduction to or. Loo crash your agent in Joth Lane. Such is his urbanity that you cannot of fend him you Ara not it Home three times a Day whole week but on thu eighth morning he meets you coming out and presses your hand with As much Fervour As if it had just written him a Check. His . Yaj is equally conspicuous give him your acceptance for a Hun dred and you May Hare his for a thousand at Date you will. He is the first to rejoice at the repeal of the usury Laws because lie can now of Eryou your own terms one Rale of percent age is the same to him As another. The Borrower is a vehement advocate to the strict administration of All conservative of property lie is a deadly enemy to thu swindler. His soul Ste kens at the Siul of a even forgery though More genteel he denounces As infamously unfair. All pursuits Liu militate against the Succo Vul practice of borrowing and All might he More profitable and peaceably carried on upon uie principles of that Art he insists that in a Frau country no Man should be a plundered without lib at Tho same time every Man has a right robbed if to lilies. He is arbitrary in his judgments upon vagrants Ami other Lias no pity for the who pay their Way while they can nil when they run t a Iku to stealing who Knox nothing of the Golden who have probably fitted their Money Uway in paying their when by spending rationally they might a Hays have Horny Stu it an honorable . Vet it is curious that these to negatives the beggar and tic thief make up the grand attn native the borrow or. It is simply so. How weak the elements that compose this Strong and Subtle anybody can beg can steal but to unite the profound Genius. Hut the world As we daily sue is full of profound Genius love jilted chemist finds love to be composed of fifteen parts of Gold three of Fame and two of a tic c Tion. By Kate what a Beautiful Muslin dress you be got on in Niilyn a Calico one and coat Only j a what Ulm you tiny Kate fifty cents for the Ulrea. I but in Atoka h Shufty. Importer and wholesale dealer in and liquors and cigars 39 Columbia St., it Wayne ind june leather Ami finding. Fry cheese san ii a Lii a word to a candid Public. Scarcely four years line elapsed since the presentation of our celebrated Stone Ali hitters was made to you. You have tested their Ftp Liccy Ami manifested your appreciation by your run Irous from the fact that Thev have invariably accomplish Edall they purported to do and if Piliere is still among you any who from predisposition have included our preparation in their general prejudice against Medicine we would earn try refer them to any of the leading physicians in the land who now invariably prescribe it in no cases of indigestion Dispersia Hilliou Ness Flat enc con tiption. Loss of appetite h does not Iron exp to cure Ell things hut we hold for the above diseases it is the Only speedy Aud reliable remedy. We would seriously caution you against spurious articles gotten up and palmed on As the genuine and it is due to yourselves to us with nil parties enga ged therein. We have at present several in Sev eral in different sections of the Union under hands lint hereafter we intend prosecuting to the fullest extent of the Law. Hostetter Smith i sole manufacturers proprietors i Enn St. Feb. 25 58.-Ly a leather store on Columbia Street fort in you in Llie room for Uil Ray Ivy ii. W. Taylor to co. West of cell Idun where Ulicy twp n full of leather such is fre Ucli Chilt. Piotr. Ivy Ellior All kinds upper Coli Ilion Oil if by ii. Bvrd Well a to co t. Wii you a Iii 1vut to son . C. Maj fuck Enid Coin Nii i Iii e. will in nil k h pm Turk 01 it eat fed or lout lib tidy i i fim in. F. Rtt Noil u ft.1 or or Iid Tiric of Chr r r will Nickly Anil rapidly Curt. Tarsi Reid Emilii i. us Izaih inv a it Lilii Lowny s modulators Inch of i Fuji. Porm is apr Cial in relive Over i rain Ili Xenith. Vit there other wherein their Conil Niue i ate Neil m lion Ilins bed if in Librand within inc 01 Dpi it to Mirlaine their Arlion Iii patient will Linni Iid in restored to Lien la. A. A. N. Uku to conure Irir adj Iii Tomc la til am in ims Mevoi s of Wikso Launt , , 1 , Utuga the following , enjoin and Arti Otu Hal Nina. Bath brie a Catechi is Chlori Nau fun dem Johns null dip Rix a Lorna , elixirs it liars Einer Clun Tim Farina a fax cud Ond furry , Glass and la Opal Honl wisc by shop und horde us vulgar itch oin Tinct iodine und jugs in Iofi Jug Lunil find Juniper it , Kino a Nuncia and every humic no Koi Pound liquorice Root ung Rounel. Mace Mustard intent and Murphin narcotics Nitro und nut Gomien of tila mud old sufi Cal plast u-41 prodigious principles Iii rus ii Busia quicksilver and quinine i Kauhane Rose water Rhu lorb and a is the mail Truin will i _ Stop a tilt conc Cut 1 i in will agent fur Allen co., Ami also for he slave of la tin fun. Tii Nln. Jav Tomii my n r 1 ins Roo Hng is Mont cd plainly Llie Liest Ever in tic if Infin Nuu Iii. .1.1 us t w of Lens the vender Lias inc Mort Relia my he Lias Seon ils and has lately tried it on nah in tin of it. J Wayne on tic Iton nil House of the it. I Way Neil clinic ago . One half owl Rich is no j completed to which he refers Llie Public. J ii costs Only a fraction of a tin or simple roof j my is More durable Asil neither corrodes cracks nor Leaf. It is made of Trio Saron Kent and most durable materials ind saturated will Llie Lisl ofas pliable. Ii is made up in ropls25 Yards Long 3i inches wide and can be easily applied by any in Racli cd person person with a few tacks. Ii is invaluable for lining the Walls of wooden houses stores granaries warns Etc. As rats or silts , and Oiler stub quinces other vermin and inserts will not touch it. Tulu. Troy and balance a Timber uni Uret and unguent us Vesi Catorie vials Anil ver Linni and a onus Oil i t Aad Wax a tracts odoriferous and Oun a excl Lent Ulni Ctol or. Chamberlain has also an excellent article called Felt foe Cape thib. Which not Only preserves Chr Carpel but Deaden the sound of the feet keeps Olf Moths in. To which article lie Calls Llie special Allenton of the a orbs of All kinds put up by tic shakers. Zinc White ground lad it. Wayne feb.25 s8.-Ly april card to ladies the iia Citison of Rusev 1 , Van a kulaks. The importers of Liia and Safe remedy Fin Fen Multi complaints would respectfully Call tin it i 1 Tention of the Lalios of country to if., thai in the in Clitah Prcin j ills to nov j Robinson s new r. To. Cun Nicl. It Kokino 1-Niii fun tic j. Nil c. It. n. N and Ranieli it 111 p. In., there with to mind . Mut South and an Niin will leave Union it a. M. Reach a Koino at. 2 ii p in. Connecting with to inn on uie 0. And j. Al 1 for lokiuiaport., and arrive nil Eru at p. In. Will leave Ivrus us 7.1.0 n. In. Arrive at Kokomo ill 9.18 a. In. And a 3.30 in tin in inn fur Ilich Ziuni Daytrin. Oin Einnatz. Jefferso Sivillo and checked through each Way Between ton Richmond Cincio Uati Indianapolis Ivrus Forl Wayne and Toledo. Through Gonsalo at the of the t. W. A addressed. Sept. 30, in in Deo. Bos skins. James m. Tobim soil. Ark infallible for removing or it Chii rarities of the menses. These fills arc nothing new but have been used by the doctor in his practice for Ninny years in France and America Wilh unparalleled Success i in every and he is urged by Many thousand ladies who have used them to make the 1 ills pub Lic for the Ullum action of those suffering from any irregularities whatever As Well As a preventive to those lilies whose health will not permit an i l i crease of family. J pregnant females or those supposing themselves so arc cautioned against using these pills while in that condition proprietor assumes no responsibility after the above admonition although their mildness would prevent any injury to health oth Erx Vise these pills arc recommended. Directions each Price is. Sold wholesale and Lic Tail by Juoh Reed. A co. A druggists general agents for fort Wayne and Vicinity. Ind. To whom All orders must lie addressed. They will furnish dealers and druggists with circulars and show cards and the proprietor s prig s. s a renovating resolvent for the cure of chronic As cases of the skin nodes tutors dyspepsia and All other diseases from an impure state of the blood h. R. Regulators will cure effect ively and speedily cos likeness. Indices. , liver complaint Ijuan Joses of the or girl and kidneys female complaints smash pox. Levers , 4-e. Flu Neva. Tic system is out n dose of la jul Way s Kegu biters will restore in to Resa . No female should be without them. R. It. R. Remedies Ore sold Liy druggists every in Cru. Radway co., new York cily. Kkt co Ijen sat fort Wayne us. Slif. Troy Ikon Nail factory at Troy n. Ynve ii Fry Burnen s 1mpro of House s1iok machinery now in Ruc ass Fol operation and Are prepared to execute or ers for torsk Ami mule shows of and weight my pattern at a Price but Little above inc Price f Lorse Lioe Iron. The Quality the Iron used in these Var ranked in every respect. Shoes Home Cen approved of and Are now used by the United tales government Eveln sively As no Sony Man of lie principle singe inc Omni Hiis companies and 1 shoes throughout the country. These shoes be Purchi Ifield of principal lard Ware and and Iron dealers in the United states. Orders address up to the subscriber it Troy will receive prompt attention. We. F. Itu Widen of int. Tioy is a y
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