Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
19 Feb 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
19 Feb 1859

Read an issue on 19 Feb 1859 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Fort Wayne Weekly Times.

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - February 19, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne weekly times editor Puutio Siim i Lidi Arron. Volt me established As a whig journal a. D. Imp pledged to the Union to bib Constitution anj3 fort Waym Allek Cownty Indiana saturday morning february19, i Ems to 3 00 at the end of year. Fort Waym times. Member 26. Billiard tables. 5the recent attack on these respectable gambling fend Lime wasting machines at this City has brought out a discussion of a very promiscuous character find catch bos his own opinions not Only As to the question of the legality of playing thereon and paying tribute at the bar for the use the table but As to the question of morals and the apparent necessity for some recreation which is involved. 5co us the question of the illegality of allowing such to be used for the purpose named is Loo Clear to a cd argument and Suc h is the result of investigation to every unprejudiced mind but there Are courts very Small courts made up form the Musl abased snobs whose judgments Are warped by the appliance1 Tif a Penny in one end of i scat or by the opinion of the class who infest police court juries or of those1 who catch the Flippings of a Dogger taproom who honest Uteri have1 slept on their rights were elevated to place under a elective1 system these very officers to mete defiled and partial Justice whenever a Reform is set on foot such creatures hold place in this cily and such have held until now it has come to pass that no Man of respectable Talent understanding or honesty of purpose will aspire to office either of a magisterial or ministerial kind. Laws made for a wholesome purpose arc taken under advise ment with As much pomposity by one of those fantastical snob officers and great questions of Otto Leader. Header did you never undertake to give give a feast and by Coile discomfited when you went to the Larder and found it void of Over thins necessary to please tiie taste o your Street begging. Constitutional authority weighed with As much show As Justice Marshall Ever did a question of constitutional jurisprudence but with no More certainty of the right then Wouter Van Witler used to weigh evidence by pulling the respective accounts of parties litigant into either end of the Uicon gave to the preponderance of whom arc any More capable of really understanding even a principle of Law than a mouse of be cling the Parturient pains of a woman. But to have digressed yet necessarily. One Bays of to Lac billiard tables Are harmless men must have places of amusement that is an argument never uttered save by a Man who has a poor Conception of his Lime or else has estrange in himself from those comforts which Are really Domestic. If tic exercise is what is needed let him Sharpen his own saw prepare his own fuel carry it into his sitting room and then set Down with Bis wife and children and amuse instruct to Ltd let typify them. Thai is an exercise of Lac physical Man is an example of Economy of Industry it teaches his own heart and in attuned that of his child for usefully picking up scraps of time. To do otherwise is to make Home least desirable one to sleep place at which you provide Only As you do Pic provender for your horse to make him Servo you Well. This spending time at a billiard table be peeled guests that is just the Case with us to Day in preparing for your nightly feast on inc offerings of inc daily times. To Day we did no find our Eastern exchanges to c on lain whal would interest you the scissors aiding us and then con tented ourself with the last Hope that Hose from the West would enable us though late to give. You something palatable but the mail came and though it brought a score of papers not one there of had a scrap Worth extracting or a Leader tha even graced their own columns and Here we arc at two o clock p. M. The compositors crying hour for going to press drawing nigh and you anxiously awaiting for the Welcome appearance of the times and yet we have nothing not even of a local interest but arc compelled to go to press without a Leader and to thus subject ourself to the who have not Charity to he predicate die coh Dilion and which surround an editor. If one of you however is in Elined to grumble we will warrant a perfect cure for it in will spend one Day in our Sanctum and see the modes Operand of editing a daily paper. Just imagine yourself Here with nine persons to superintend and Supply with mat Ter to set up to give direction to our Job Man to Grilc out every Job that comes in to Correct the proof thereof receive Overlook and condense telegraphic reports twice per Day talk to and in Lestair. Twenty persons or More per Day lord gets Idle habits induces drinking Anil corrupts the better nature of the Best Man living who indulges. Go to a fashionable billiard room Ami find the crowd thai nightly congregates Bear their vulgarity count up the loss of time the expenditure of Money and then turn your ryes to die Wall oct Alii around Yogi Are pictures of the most fantastical and voluptuous kind calculated to inspire no tender no is in Towson of practical Rood but to Sharpen Hie appetite for gaming on the turf in the Wood Eon Vivial izing at the Saloon and yielding to the most damning lusts of Iho flesh go out to riot did the prodigal son and seeing these feeling these then Tell me if there is no harm in billiard play ing. They Are the Cess pools of fashionable life where to Riol Iho Nuudi rank Ami who graduates ultimately Al Hie Dogger of some despicable Celt whose highest ambition is to keep a barrel of whiskey pouring its con tents Down some drunkard s Throat for the remaining Dollar thai is in Bis pocket which his wife and children have higher claims upon. These things arc not overdrawn they Ceisl in More vivid reality in fort Wayne than we have pictured them. We come now to Tho Point of practical application and ask you Reader to Point Oul to your own mind one Inan who habitually plays at i hards who is not cil Hcrman ignorant unschooled coarse Man or one who a misanthropic Vulej. In his mind and blunted in Bis capacity to a ppr Cilc Tho Good. These things Are allowed to sex 1st, and at their Side As an appurtenant alway is bund a whiskey shop where life spent mor dollars by each Man than would furnish Asma by families As Mieir Are players with in Dail newspapers from As Many parts of this great an appreciable and appreciated Union and not Only this but would furnish them with Light and fue to enable Uick to enjoy such those pleasant win a civic subscription from such Pel sons As Banc to come in make settlement enter charges Dis tribute jobs when finished read proof mail papers to say nothing of the Lime to eat and drink make ires attend to Home affairs and then amid All this find Lime if you please to Hunt out local matters read Twenty exchanges and mature a Leader of a column As also other matters Neces sary to please patrons and you have it is to be an editor. Having seen this thai fed the sting of the unruly Tongue of some Slat has seen himself in life in the picture you have drawn maligning you and trying to injure your business and engender animosity Between Yoi and your Friend and you have a faint idea of what it is to be editor. This go to the Post of flick and find a letter from some Post master advising you thai some delinquent Patron has run off broken up or refuses to Lake your paper Oul of Ibe office after a Bill Lias accrued of eight or leu dollars or some note from another saying thai he can t pay and claims time and then in face fall ibis let your landlord your tax gatherer Shoemaker tinker tailor Clothier Butcher grocer wools of Cril Call for pay Anil you have some of tile other Side of the realities of which Are found in 3. Printing office Aud certain in is you will not grumble if now and then we Don t malic As Good a dish As you wish for your evening s intellect Ual exercise. Jenkins Heads a violin Solo. Jenkins having entered a claim to a musical education by sem Uga dislocated apprenticeship Utu a Watertown sinking master be la Puii cd him a pro from o attend the concert tuesday evening and give us a just and careful in vomit of the musical executions. Hear him the Man what played the were the Ablest execution of Pic evening. It was Bransc cling i warn t no Ordinary la idler by a Long Shol. When Hei Howgil his Bow across Llic instrument at Lisl you d a bought there was i whole church1 Reboir n givin1 their last gasp then he Drew it across the strings Aud produced an squeak that Wen so thin Ami id Fred High and so full of Little that kept a in Lii i up higher and higher till they got up to where Mimel Hin Kivi Ter evenings and yet respectable men will Cal them necessary and puny magistrates will stifle their judgments and sense of right to perpetuate these sinks of hell. Is there not some hidden curse to fall on the wretch who will so criminally help perpetuate such engines of moral prostitution we have now thrown Down the Glove let some one if thru dare take it up. Nigger Indianapolis Jour finding fault with the Republican Mem Bers of Indiana for voting for the admission of bleeding Kansas was Nolad fitted. This same fanatical Man was one of a. Prime movers in keeping Lac legislature of Indi Ana in 1857 from passing a it Ermic Hill because Pic democracy would not take up and decide the Shryock and Miller contested election Case which Case two years afterwards was decided against his party and in favor of Miller the Democrat and he that editor was satisfied to get it out of the Way after the slate bad passed into the most serious predicament from the Waul of funds to carry on the government. Justs Ucb hair rained fanatics As Sulgrove would ruin the Best party that Ever Hart an organization and by his advice bankrupt the richest stale in Ibe Union. The people of Oregon had ratified their Constitution and though it contained some feat ures which we should have objected Loas a voter of that state Hail we been we nevertheless should have been anxious to vote her into the Union and hence our voice is in favor of the vote Given by the Indiana delegation except Wilson who voted in Hie negative. H is Lik a time that that kind of recrimination had ceased. Men like the editor of the state journal should have no voice in moulding Public for with him it is Only a question of tactics and not principle and As Long As he controls the Jour Nal its influence will be resulting a favor of Tho democracy. The Day of such impracticable men we arc glad to say is drawing to a close and Iho people will rejoice. Way and let Loose a whole drove of screams and screeches that seemed to me to lie tumbling Down an eternal Long stairs and when they got Jown into a somewhere you could list hear pm cutting up he greatest shines As though sonic body bad Siul the door and locked pm in. And Mirelly soon one Long sound broke Oul and Verc Luln a itself All Over the Hull in a Greal straight Organ tone for about a minute hut pretty soon it began to wriggle and twist Anil i la be blinded if in carnal sound did no squirm itself into Home Sweet Home i limit a or no Llomis Eccl Home Sich As i Ever heard in a Plain straight for cred air but it were bashed up into trembling bits o Pic funniest notes i Ever Lubird All Wrig gling and dropping Oil the fiddle like sweat. Ai firn he played Kinder slow As though i notes were bad Lect and he did l want to Bre Al pm and Pic fiddle Only groaned and scr Camei when he touched die nerves. Hill after u Luli be Gol a Little excited and went at in like our Jin Wood just before breakfast and Ihei i Swoik i never heard such an awful galloping rack Al conic out of one fiddle Afore. I actually Uio Ughi All the sounds in the musical Vrca Buclary bad Gol into a muss. Home Svee Tolome was a wrestling with old syne and somebody else am Hen Holt pitched into my Mary Ami Ami Ibex All Kepi in Lac darn Cal noise 1 Ever heard an All Lac while Here was a lot of Lille ringlets o sound to Loncin round and Curling Oil Bis Bow like tobacco smoke. When be Gol pm All mixed up so that nobody could Tell mix which to screwed up his leg and give two or three nourishes and brought it Home Sweet Home considerably used up Mil made it perform another Jig that sounded Ike a whole paper of Needles dancing on a look no gloss. When he Gol considerably tired out i perform Inbe struck a blast As though a whole Cross band had exploded and kept it a Goniu up Mil Down a minute and finished off with a toot that Mode me think somebody had trod on a whole Nusl of steam whistles then be bowed real Venche lied smiled Way up onto his Lowed again with his Bead Way Down like As Hough he were seeing if the rumpus Hurt Bis louts any and then be left. I expert that were pretty tall playing for the lib fal Utill style but when you talk about Tii Iua i e a got n Chap Mil to Watertown Bateau beat Lim All holler on the Fisherman s Vilie Autee Send fuel. In is perhaps one of the peculiarities of Foi Wayne that her streets Are the daily walks o mendicant belie or unworthy until it has become really an annoyance and a so pious tax on All our people who do not turn Square Heel on these persons. It Lias attained i such a custom thai the beggar regards it a i. Prerogative to authoritatively demand alms to b bestowed in a ii Iosi Liberal mat incr and even l argue with you for in and Iben if re fused to anathema ize the Man or woman thai would refuse and this at the expense of Goli h manner in one s own House. If a Bouse is burned a leg is broken if a cow Dies if the potatoes failed or were Frozen in the ground if a hog strayed off and was killed by a More needy one if he got drunk and had Bis feet Frozen if the High water floated off his fences last year so that he could not raise a crop without making a Fence and that he was too Idle to do if he bar gained for a piece of land which he could not Lay for in fact if anything else happened even to their great grand fathers grand mothers step Ivy they Hatch up a Story get some one hem Oul a forthwith armed Vith this authority hurry off to it. Wayne and set out to beg and Here they do get Abun Lant help on the streets and it May not often occur that when the Man of business has Given hem alms on the so acct to get rid of them he vill and them at his door at night whining like freezing cur for bread or meal and the lady having Given close it up by an Appeal or old clothes and then ask to be allowed to sleep n her Kitchen which being granted inc Hole loses up with a Kitchen in the morning minus he beggar and a valuable Sel of Silver spoons hey have the impudence of font of satan s imps re so from his dark abode and yet one feels Rompc Llyd to give them alms often against his caller judgment fearing thai to refuse would be i turn off rally needy beggar Ami so i after Day. Nor is this All each fun ill is taxed for the support of some poor widow or sick Man in Lac immediate Vicinity of where they live Aud it is not in frequent that such la is very onerous. Then once a year conies the lax gatherer and in ,.omity, Al least one Ozone per cent is exacted for poor tax which goes to support some profligate official like itch Nish the superintendent of the the purpose of Barbar izing the unfortunate who arc forced no Lens Volans into thai Bouse of torture. What is to be done can any Man Tell a Rem Edy v him do so at once. It is evident that four out of every five who beg arc not the worthy objects whom they represent themselves to have in our mind s Eye to Day a Case which occurred of a Stoul looking requests were refused Whereon be slammed the door and it Oil growling that be Hod not found his Way no our pocket and Kepi what lie got another who walled Money la pay stage fare to Home to friends and when we had or ranged to lass him to his Point of destination without giving him tin Money he swore like a hessian and Bat in was a direct insult soon after we Iii we nud him drunk and so on. These an hut a few of the cases where 1111 Vorley persons have a Neil alms. Lint again of shall it be prevented unless each ease is Well a the cily strip Tiv enl of i in Limoco such to refuse when it demoralization. Of the pasty. In the reported proceedings of Congress on wednesday last the Bill to appropriate 000 to Purchase Cuba or. Uale of k cd Shire spoke As follows Mil. Hale. I want to say a single word in an scr to a remark that fell from my Friend from Maine. He intimated that i wanted the Cuba i to come up for the purpose of making a Speed that i bad prepared on this subject. I can say i the senator and to Pic Senate i have prepared n speech upon it. If the thing is taken up i Shal speak Willi such preparation As i can give to it end i shall have to devote to it More Label than am desirous of expending on the subject this pcs Sion. I will repeat what i said before and i Cal the attention of the political friends with whom i is tiny pleasure to Lead there they i made a Blunder sir and i take i pleasure to follow where they laughter take it that Way. I say sir tha 1 have received letters to Day from the state o from some of my political friends whose judgment i have great Confidence am bom 1 always follow let them Lead where they vill and they Tell me that the sentiment there is hat this question is demoralizing the Republican Early in this Cou ulry and Hoy dare not meet it. Know Thal they will look upon it and they write o me it s a great measure that is got up not so Nuch for the acquisition of Cuba As for Ibe acquisition of this country in the a Cal presidential Lealiou. Thai is the. Way they look upon it. The same sentiment which prevails among the leaders in new Hampshire As an ounces by or. Uale thai the Cuba question is Emora zing the Republican and that icy dare nol meet is the prevailing sentiment Ere. It is As preaching. To resist in Purchase of Cuba which when in passes uner Lac Protection of the american hag will Al Nee and forever close the slave Trade is filial Lole Republican go for it Al once and or Ever alien sales the higher Law abolitionists who o against Cuba because located in the South bus go which Way they will difficulties Start up ii Icli threaten to Engolph the remnant of the re publican party and thus according to or. Hale is demoralizing the Democrat. The Wabash and Krie canal occupies much of the Lime of the legislature and a word less of the Hasty action taken some Days ago 01 the matter it May yet occur that the Conner Bil will be passed. Indeed there seems to be som evidences of returning reason on the part of som of Hie members. The Bill is one introduced by Hon. J. D. Conner senator from Wabash a by fun ii Icli we quote simply releases the right of the Stul to redeem the canal leaving the acts of inn an and Liliu Trust created thereby in full Force and in no Wise impaired or changed. Section 2, drains permission to the canal trus tees to rent or lease Hie canal or my part there of to any person or corporation upon first obtain ing the consent of be stockholders in said canal Section a provides that tic lessees shall keep the canal in Good navigable order under Penally of forfeiting All right under such lease saving the rights of lessees who May be engaged in Nikiti repairs in Good Faith. Section i confers the Power of collecting lulls a Servinis Len. It in. Ain. I. The Evansville journal Laius a Phlomm the peroration of a splendid address recently mad by Thomas f. Marshall in this City the slavery ablation was the work ofic Niagai Ernes raised for Hie most selfish Aud unholy de signs of party and personal aggrandisement. I bad aroused deep and Embil Cro sectional feeling estranged the South from the North. By he Felt no alarm for the safety of the country am the integrity of the Union. This vast Valley o tile Mississippi was inc scat of future Empire with its head fanned with the Cooling breezes o the Northern lakes and its feet bathed by uie tepid Waves of the right hand grasping the Golden Gates of the Commerce of the Pacific its left controlling the sources of the Atlantic com Mcrae it would hold All sections of the Union fast to its bosom and crush out disloyalty an rebellion wherever it might rear its head though he could watch win out fear of serious disaster the angry Billows of the raging storm o sectional strife and looked with a confident and hopeful Eye to the peaceful Calm unit Wax soon to succeed in he could not find terms to express its in Horrance and execration of those traitors Louie Larmony and peace of the country who for base ambitious purposes bad endangered Lac Union and jeopardized Hie Prospect of civil Freedom in he world. 05" Rev or. Dwight of Nantucket in a recent Sermon delivered there gave the following acc Lote of Daniel Webster upon entering Church one Sabbath morning a Hend remarked since singly or. Webster you Vors Bip where the doctrine of in three and Bree in one is my replied in. Webster neither you nor 1 understand the of k7" times Are the very Best r advertisers. What Little is going on they get did whilst others arc grumbling they pay their with their newspaper Lor a Lile preserver Wim on the top of the water while others Are in Iii All round. Preserving the canal on the lessees. Be Etiopi 5, releases Hie canal trustees from Luigi dog Bridges. Section i declares that nothing in this Lull shall be so construed As to create revive r recognize the existence of any liability on the Art of the slate for dial Purl Ioli of the Public Lebl which was settled by the act of Anil sit and charged Over to the canal. Section 7, contains an emergency clause. To is really Charity is cruel but to give when in is an imposition is a reckless disregard of our own rights. There Are not so Many needy he cigars in fact but by liberality in giving being As a Trade is accelerated. Ave Niobe on a a Kaitie. State legislature has been u session nearly six weeks Bill As yet has accomplished nothing of any Ildri Ruffier. This is the invariable complaint against every Chi Clotive body now in session from Congress own. Wasted time neglected duties verbose be a clips and ill earned dollars Are charges or careless legislators arc compelled to Fai i their us iguana and they seem to d i it i ocly. Without by the Point of Fth. A oct. Petty subjects of no consequence to in people personal quarrels abstruse questions my exploded theories sons Tinte the Staple of Cir business and when at length Tho Light of Leir Wisdom is extinguished by limitation it lives the country in darkness and hey like the i red Wicks arc smothered in their own Oil v . Sprains. A of c Lin Nerville Illinois writes aim a Sevory sprained ankle he took a Lea in of common a pint Sweet milk and oiled them Togi Thor till of tin of a. Willice Iben spread this on a doth and bound around Lac ankle. The exl morning there As a lit tin weakness but the soreness Ami lame Ess Hod All gone. This is undo Blly a nod a Iundy s. If. Packard esq., an Iowa editor and Law yer Vas recently lost in a Snow storm Between Sioux it aprils Anil 1 nil Dodge. About three hours after he started a heavy show storm burst upon him by Hij a wind from North West. Knowing the danger of attempting to Cross Hose Prairies ill such a storm he turned Hack Ami attempted to retrace his Steps bul soon found that in impossible for Man or beast to lace Lac storm be there lore proceeded on his Nurney Honfi Donl that he could ride to the next Louse -10 Miles by Gigli fall. Lint his horse broken through the Iee several times became limes at sloughs until night Overlook him at a Slough about half Way across the Prairie Here he found it Huq possible to induce the horse to go in. On he ice Ami while searching for a belter Cross ing the Iee broke with him and let him into Hie water above his Knees lie endeavoured to get to the Shore but the ice broke at every step and he struggled on through the Iee Snow and water a distance of Twenty or thirty feet before be came to firm ice. He at once attempted to remove his shoes Anil stockings but they were so encased in ice thai i was impossible. Convinced that to must remain of he was until Morniing and that his Only safely in keeping in motion be commenced run Mug upon the ice and continued to do so uni Daylight the next morning when having Siu i evil in gelling his horse across uie Slough he started on foot As he supposed towards fort u Ter walking about two Miles and a half he found lie had turned around and was going Back drag Ging Bis Frozen feet through Snow ankle dec a Ami it limes knee deep his horse following him Anil was again overtaken by night about three Miles from a House. Here be left his horse and started in hoping to reach the House in an hour or iwo it he was so faint Anil weary thai be fell freq Ucol a and was nine hours in walking the ii St three Ulics. His sensations during his time As de scribed by him were Peculiar and strange the appeared to be in most Beautiful colors and he stopped and reached to pick up i specimen several limes. Salish Iii that his mini Vas wandering he endeavoured to divert his mind rom the consideration of this subject but in vain the looked at he Side of Hie mail cared to c walled up and to be covered with Lyyii in their bocks i n j o liaising himself he proceeded and at length cached the House of or. Welch about a o clock nth morning. He was taken in and cared for until Lac arrival of friends from i t. Dodge. A Laisun continues to look up. The Minier says that it is in contemplation to build Solher shipyard Len in. Twelve or months ago a fund us was raised by subscription among the citizens to Aid in and tile removal of a cont Elella ship builder to mail son and the construction of another ship Rani but owing to the financial revulsion which value on soon after the Enterprise was abandoned for the Lime. Sonic competent men with capital have been looking at the property Anil have determined upon building a dry Dock mid establish ing an extensive ship journal. Pc the anticipated uprising in Krope to judge arises from the desire of Vance to take it Aly from Austria and to prevent ibis Kugla tid heroines tile ally of Austria. Our voice is for i Rance. Stile Printer denies the charge made y senator Anthony of Floyd that the new Al any Tribune is to have a part of the profits rising out of stale printing. We Hope Bon it men will get their dues. We shall see what is in Hie future. Hope for the Best masons who desire to support the Orde. Ond show die referred to the Indian l ree Mason published at this City by k. C. 1 Aud edited by sol. Play less Iran master of the order in Indiana aided by a nun her of talented . Rites til ii both. Anti tax m. Session. The attendance was much larger that this morning. The county commission cars pres ent by request. Or. Carnal in in Bibha if of coif missioner 1 Atterson remarked that he Patterson committed an error in voting Stock in the Pilts Burgh and Steuben Villa Railroad but it was an error of the a Ltd not of the heart. Lie did nol he wad doing anything to in Jure the cause of the people Patterson being called on to speak for himself reiterated Canadian s statement adding Liat he would never vote to assess Railroad Tali. Commissioner Perkins attempted 6 explain u s cose but did not satisfy the convention on reing questioned relative to having levied a tax or Itai Road purposes be answered evasively but icing pressed closely he admitted thai lad been appropriated to Railroad purposes. The committee on resolutions reported As Fol own. Kao Chili that while we wish Al All times o real with respect and deference judgments of courts yet there tire occasions when resistance to decrees of court is right and it is the duty of cil zeus and necessary to Liberty and Hie Security to pro party that Hie recent decisions of the supreme Fourl in the Man Daius Case should be resisted y every constitutional Means and use every pus Ible device to peaceably hinder and nullify the Cree. H violates Law insults the people by differing the naked assertion of opposing co Fusel 0 override the sworn statement of our 1 decides on Mere technical grounds the most Lom Eulous questions that Ever arose in Alu Cri warn persons from giving proxies any one to Vole their Stock in the p. Al. W. C h. K., at the next election unless they demand pledge that such persons voting shall nol vote of directors who Are pledged to elect .1. Kilgo. Thompson president of that Road. We Call 01 or. Kandoll who is agent of Allen co., to we igl Well this matter and conform to what the people Reniaud with reference to he county Stock Well As in the matter of Ibe Stock for which he Las gotten and is getting proxies to represent whig state convention of Virginia Las Given full life to that it will receive in additional at Louisville icy on next tuesday when Aud where a stale convention vill be held. Already the Louisville journal Las published the of whig con veil inns hell in sixty three i counties id by which Are to be Send o Louisville. The whig will yet resurrect to save Ibe country from sectional Iselli and Bailie Alksni. See in flowed in an Exchange that Only ninety five of the six Hundred persons tried be fore Ibe court of sessions in new York Las year were sober when arrested. A woman named Hincy was recently found dead in a Well in Carroll county Indiana and suspecting it of have been caused by Vio Lence Viive Ali Galion was had and the Mailer probably Fixell on a person named a Ralph French who was arrested immediately and commuted to jail in Delphi. John heard Alum old John heard a Pio Neer of Wayne county ind., a Pun Man died in Milton on lost sunday kith so years lie was a native of North since 1800, has been a resident of Wayne co. The Vincennes Cazelle cautions publish ers against the proprietors of or. Morse s Indian Root i ills. Ohn f. King formerly local editor of the Cincinnati times committed suicide a few Days ago at i n. Y. Soil Date. This negro emperor has a curious history. In 8-17 be came to the Crown from a theretofore of a slave during which he look a part i Hie insurrection of Hayti Many years be Sicz cil on an Opportunity and gathered pow at such times us he could and finally pro aimed himself emperor after which he slab shed a court which was really Sill ice Iier a but j declined into a darkness really Imi civilized and so j unbearable even by those whom he once governed that at length he was compelled recently to Fly his Empire Ami take Refuge at Jamaica in an a a Gist vessel. Hayli one of the West India islands is a Small to re glory but four Hundred Miles a and about one Hundred Miles wide on an average lint in is divided by some other sub divisions which we know nol now. Solo que has amassed wealth and secured in in foreign valuables at the expense of his subjects to therefore in his retirement can Lake pleasure or make a fuss on Bis is tin Maks oppo nent of Hie doctrine of the plurality of worlds Al Low that a greater probability exists of Mars he ing inhabited than in the ease of any other planet. His diameter is Miles and Liis surface exhibit spots of different seas Accord my to accurate observation to be Green and the. Land red. The variety in the spots it is thought May arise from the planet not being destitute of atmosphere Anile loud. Aud what adds greatly to the probability of ibis is the appear Ance of Brilliant White spits Al its poles which have been conjectured to be Snow As they disappear when they have Long been exposed to the Sun and Are the when emerging from the lung night of their Polar Winter Hie Snow Lino then extending to about sixty degrees from the pole. Tie length of the Day is almost exactly Twenty four hours the some As thai of the Earth. Continents and oceans and Green Savannah have been observed upon Mars and the Snow of his Polar regions has been seen to disappear with the heat of summer. Clouds May actually be seen coating in the of the planet and there is the appearance of land and water on his iliac. Tub skate i times Ain t now As Bey used Loas regards the popularity of hat capital pastime skating is Well illustrated by the a Lieari by the local of tic Hartford press the other Day i sail a in the streets to any pcs look i that old Man a Goin along with Iii skates swinging on pm jes s if he was a nine year old. Why taint ten years ago that grown up Man wanted to skate he d Roll pm up in two or three , and slip off some Back Way where nobody see in. Folks would a thought they was _ Aclin Manly. Vow Illey come along and holler Oul across the treet come along do look on the River hero s Aud a dozen More of he old lunged if they Don l go it Fust rate. And Hose Iris arc a Good Deal handsomer skaters Linn most f the boys. A Little while ago if u girl bail a one out so they d a railed her a regular Tom boy i Tetsall what a Aud the Feller s i air. State of i Aris Ivess of the 17th Jan. Thus sums up the latest news Tiroui austrian Italy. Incessant movements of troops All the roads blocked up by austrian regiments Anil military materials an increase of the police Force the Dis Missal of one Hundred Anil Threce servants of Liv bout Hague venetian railway revolutionary pal on the Walls editions cries in the streets and a refusal to pay such arc thu most remarkable facts Whiteb we Luil in the i in Ilion Lese journals and in our letters from Italy. The austrian Ollices in Paris slate openly in cafes that Illey Imi the Advance guard of an in my which will very soon invade Piedemont. It i s says the opinion that they have received orders to bold Ihm Szvcs in readings for a snobbery has been aptly described by an Exchange when it says it is an institution that Don t pay in this country. Those who affect to lure up their noses at others simply be cause they follow an honest calling or do not happen to Wear store clothes of the xxx order Are really themselves object of contempt. Be sides change is written on All terrestrial arrange ment and those who Are uppermost to Day May be Down to Morrow. Mrs. Soph Toight who fifteen years ago would nol allow her children to play with those of mechanics is now in die retail Washerwoman business while her dear Arabella is now chamber maid on a , and Clarence a ugustus occupies the responsible Posl of sergeant at anus to a manure genuine popular sovereignty. Kli Thayer of Massachusetts talks to suit us. In a recent debate on the admission of Oregon into the Union be said or. Tha3 or of -mass., would extend such a Welcome to Oregon Inlo the confederacy of slates As became our history and magnanimity. At the last session Only six Republican senators voted against the Bill and be never Beard dial they at tempted o read the other ten out of he party. If the people of Oregon had Ilone Wronn he would refer to the new England pilgrims who were also fanatic on some subjects Bill like item the pilgrims of the 1 acidic May yet come right. With regard to the argument of the insufficiency of population of Oregon he asked did not the Ite publicans vote fur the Topeka Constitution with is Shah half the population in Kansas than ii Oregon he claimed that the people of Oregon on above the average of those of the older states in All Manly and Vii tues characters. An old Darkey was endeavouring to explain Bis unfortunate condition Yon remarked Sambo it was in Ilis Way As far As i com Mem her Fust my Lacr died Anil Den my i udder married again and Nui incr my Fader mar ried again some Bow i docs it seen to Hab no parents Al All nor no Home nor some Nix says of tub Staryos the physician edifying As the Parson refreshing As the mar int Dew fragrant As the Flowers and punctual us Lac milk Man drops in upon the vacant or weary Man morning or eve daily newspaper. A great inst lion mighty product of the toil of editors reporters and or the surest Way o lose your health is to be All the Linn drinking hint of other folks m jurisprudence denies Iho people a heart though Iier agents under oath Pera cd certain lets which Ernst Lutc a valid defence. It is a Angrous attempt to Kub Stille for Law the Lynli . It is a daring usurpation of Power in Defiance of established Aud Law. Lira olred. That we Are opposed to any tax of pay the principal or interest on lie municipal Lions Given in payment for Itai Road subscript Lions. U e deny Hie Power of die municipal authorities to make them Aud the legislature to authorize them to do so. That they were obtained by fraudulent representations and corrupt Means without lib of n Large majority of the people. The Bonds sold at a ruinous discount in violation of Law and the conditions upon which they were issued. The Money Mph Andred in extravagance and corruption leaving the . Ilies insolvent and the roads unfinished. To pay the whole amount would bankrupt the municipal cripple our energies strike n death blow to our Prosperity and ruin property hold ers. 1 lie Bond holders have no claim in con science upon us Many of to frauds. Several Oiler resolutions of be comi Villec were offered and passed unanimously also Many Volunteer resolutions among others one requesting Corkins and Patterson to resign the latter on be us put in vote was carried by one . I cat enthusiasm determination and unanimity i liar ii a Crew Dihe proceedings and Hie meeting though Aige was quite orderly. Platform of Isoo and under which they will March in certain defeat. Or. Chandler concluded by Cairn Ming the de tails of the expenditures to show that Pic increase since 1852 had Arisen from corruption or. Polk spoke in Fahir of the acquisition of Cuba. The consular acid diplomatic Bill was then again Laflin up. Or. Puglia offered another Amati Dmont to consolidate file smaller but without taking a vote up ii in tile Senate . Providence feb. It. An Ameh Cah it publican convention met in this for the purpose of nominating state oni cers or. Thos. Q. Turner who wag on tuesday Rutm ii rated for governer by the re Publ Catts was unanimously accepted by flip convention to Day or. Isaac Sanders was hot nuns Ted for Licul. Governor or. John k. Bat licit for Secretary of stale or. Jerome e. Kimball for attorney general and or. Samuel a. Parker for treasurer. Or. Sanders and Booker Are not on the lie publican ticket. I Chicago feb. 17. Wells c6nmicrcial this morning has an article showing the deficiency receipts of wheat from Harvest of 185s, at this port will to o of b us Kielc at present and estimated that the illicit racy first of August will reach 8 000 000 Nashville feb.-17. Steamer Quaker City Burnt this morning at he wharf. She was loading for Hie Ohio. Lio Loii kill file Heglar mail screw Steamer America Liverpool via Here it is m. To Dav. St. Louis Kilb. The Overland mail with dates to the 2-Ltli, h a Rived. In brings no through passengers Ai be news is destitute of general interest Oregon dates Are to Hie Irith Hie . Las cd a Bill changing the Capitol of state to por and. St. Johns lab. 17. Letters by be last English mail announce Hiir. La Only was coining out with his own Tell Raph instruments to operate on. Ilia Ealief. H s expected in Pic Prince Albert now fully do i of the Western editors speaking of a and list that ii All flesh was grass he must be a Load of Hay. I us snarl i said inc fat from the Way the asses Are nibbling Al. an exch aug tells of an editor who a Cal soldiering Mil was Cash ii one Al Parade instead of giving he. Orders front face thru paces he exclaimed two dollars a year in of _ p. J. Clark has a client from the Laperle Siniff. Col. Walker remains sole editor and proprietor. Washington 17. The vote on or. Hunter s motion to postpone in Homestead and Lake up uie consular and i Bill was 28 to who. The vice president gave the casting Rote in Fevo of the latter. Or 1 ugh moved fun to the diplomatic and consular Bill proposing it abolish All grades of ministers excepting one Ane fixing the salary of that it but All mis Sions Are to be special and for reasons a explain i to the Senate at the time of appointment. Con Sills general to be abolished. Consuls to Havi. Fees of Lii cd to the limit of salaries now prov Milci by Low. Or. Mason said a few words in fave of the general scope of i ugh Amend Mienl in thought More time would be required in preparing remedial measures. He intimated his read Ness to a suitable time with Vujih. In revising the consular and diplomatic service. The Bill was then Daiil aside for the Cuba proposition when or. Chandler took Lac floor. Or. Chandler Nerge tidally denounced the measure and it As worthy of the Ostend manifesto and of it i , the brigand Lames in Chanan but unworthy of the preside ill if United Stales. The thirty millions is a a cat bribery and corruption fund and Ibe pure base of Cuba a clap trap and a vain attempt to save do democratic party from that annihilation the almighty bos destined for it. He spoke elaborately on the expense the Pur Chase would entail As mortgage and interest and detailed his personal experience to prove that Cuba although Good land is not so Good As the Western Stales and its climate is in effect a perpetual Tropic to Purchase the Island is merely to pay two Hundred dollars a year for every Man. Woman child and in Gro not to own them but leave the government a scum of population thai we would reject with scorn if they offered to come for nothing. The Only use of Tho Island to us would be to keep there a sleet Ami army Cost ing a Hundred millions annually. The native arc an ignorant Vii ions i isl Riddei set Over whom Gen. Factor established a military despotism not to prevent a political insurrection but crime. From Ilia diet. Gener Al Lac judge of Pic Bench and the priest in the pulpit to the lowest cuban bribery is Universal. No Oiler but the Catholic religion tolerated Mil die cubans to a Man Are True to the Catholic and the Catholic Church to in believed dial the declaration of Imi Teil by or. Lie it Ailun was will in in some tavern in new or Lenin. What was the file of the Gallant Cri Unden when he went Ingool Fiji in Loaid them so called panting cubans. A edict like a Man but declared with Bis latest by cab that he bad been deceived ill his belief that the cubans thirsted for Liberty. Here he went largely into he Rcd Rotl decision saying that it and thirty millions corruption fund Are be Only a links in the democratic new York feb. 18, the screw Steamer City of Manchester left Liverpool for pcs York on the 2d inst. Great anxiety wan fell for the emperor s speech at Usu opening of the legislature on the 7th. It was a moored that he is pc paring it Surprise for the to Rirl and Huil War the minister of the colonies had decided that the of africans shall be superseded Chi Icse parliament was opened by Pic Queen in per son Oli the Iii. The speech commenced with congratulations on the state of the country and Oil the Progress made in India. I n foreign affairs it says i receive from .11 fore inn Powers assurances of Friendly to cultivate and confirm Tieso feelings to main Tain inviolate uie Faith of our treaties and con tribute to As far As my1 influence can extend the preservation of general peace inc objects of my uni Casin i solicitude. The conclusion of Tho treat ies in regard to the principalities and one of com Merce with Lussia fun. Noticed and the latter la referred to us1 Lili indication of he Complete re establishment of Friendship Between the two coun tries. The treaties with China and Japan Are mentioned As promising great commercial advantages. Satisfaction is expressed at the abolition of Rance of negro Emmig Alion on the a Alt coast of Africa and that the pct Dilig negotiations Giro Promise Ofa total abandonment of the in respect to Mexico die speech says tile slate of the Republic of Mexico distracted by civil wars has induced me to carry forbearance to Ulo utmost limit in regard to the wrongs and indignities to Liritis residents have been subjected at die hands of die i to contending parties. They iia Veol i Engle been carried to Lucllan it tent that i Hove been compelled to give instructions to die commander of die naval forces in those Sens to demand and if necessary to Euf orca reparation. Increased expenditures in Pic Navy is asked on account of the Universal introduction Oft Maui into naval warfare. Thereat of the speech is devoted to local matters and among die measures promised Are parliamentary Reform and a new bankrupt Law. Earl Melville in Tho Bouse of lords and lord Palmerston in i Clousi of commons complain of the silence in regard to the threatening stale of Uio italian question and other matters of interest lord Derby and or. I Ismel expressed their Confidence in the main Tai Nance of peace. Warlike were still in circulation but nothing decisive wan Krance continued her warlike preparations. It was rumoured that the Lluc Malakoff would in return to Paris lube suede cuu in London by die Duke do Monte Ocllo. Prince Napoleon and Bis Bride bait arrived at Paris. The Bourso Llulu Aciu Onsiri Lerable and declined nearly 1 per cent after the Queen s speech. The 3 per cents closed on be Insl at 07 francs Hocti corf 63c. Latest. London saturday oth. The Bombay mail of Jan. 1 ii Lias been telc raped various British reported Clui Linthe toupees forces. Detroit 17ui. The pc publican state convention met at this cily yesterday and nominated Deo. Martin of cent county chief Justice of the supreme court. The democratic convention also held Here to Lay nominated Alpheus Felch of Wash Lenaw to lie same Lii cd. . Washington feb. 18. The Only thing of interest which transpired luring the morning was a Bill reported by or. Oik from the committee on foreign relations pay or. Squires our late charge to Guatemala lie sum of jj500, As compensation for extra Sor is. This Bill provoked much discussion for nil against i but no decision Vns come to. Or. Hunter tried to have uie consular and dip italic appropriation Bill considered but he was outvoted is to 21, for Tho private calender which is proceeded with. Washington feb. 17. The committee on ways and Means ape still Laboc to come to n conclusion on the Tariff but is promo blk that a Bill revising ibo present act will to Atli etl to one of the general appropriation Bills to report. A report to this effect is prevail ing. Liim pm Cunt received to Day dispatches giving Hopes that our misunderstanding with 1 Paraguay will la amicably adjusted. Washington feb. 18. Sir. Or cent commissioner of Tho Laud Ollie is to be District judge in Oregon. Tiie Joanl of army affairs convened by order of Lac Secretary of War to enquire wherein re can be made Mol to Day. They in lend to pm Down the service in every possible Ukia Llott. Ivovic nov . 17. The american Republican convention in Tho pastern Congo Hsin Iii District Lues nominated Christopher Robmson of Cumberland on ballot or. Traylon the present ii Uniec jilt in the Western if Lri i without opposition

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