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Fort Wayne Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1858, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - December 20, 1858, Fort Wayne, IndianaPoilu Blixtt and i Al Bleto established As a Sig journal a. D. 1840-plbdged to the in times. Volume 19. Waym times Constitution and Laws. Fort Allen cot pity Indiana monday so embed 20, habit Kasold hid Tobt foot a Yob by the editor. I propose in the Litiff Iii Issic this wee dated 20th dec to devote a Short space in presenting the history Lodge no. 20, free Anc accepted masons Indiana As connected wit fort Wayne history. From an old record non before me it is ascertained that on the 22d o March 1823, and before the organization tin county Allen a dispensation was granted by the grand master sheets at tested by Secretary win. C. Keen at the office o grand master at Madison to Alexander Ewing a. Master John p. Hedges a w. And Benjamin in Simian j. Together with All such Brethren As might thereafter become members to be known As Wayne Lodge located in the town fort Wayne Randolph county Indiana. This dispensation was presented by worshipful Alex. Ewing to a meeting held in a room in it. Wayne May 1825 at which appeared in Addi lion to those named in the dispensation master James Hackley Benj. B. Kerch a Val and As visitors m. A s Gen. John Tipton Pisgah Lodge no. 5, Corydon by l. Davis Franklin Lodge no. 28 by. Richard l. Britton St. Johns Lodge no. 13, Ohio John Mccorkle Lodge no. 14, Ohio and Robert a Forsyth. On Reading the Dispensa Lodge was opened in the 1st degree in ancient form consisting Alex. Ewing w. M j. P. Hedges s. And Sec. Pro Tern b. Cusoli Man j. A Jas. I Lackly treasurer and s. U. Pro Tern and b. B. Scr Cheval s. And t. Pro loin. The next meeting was held on the Tith june Fol lowing 1823, no which the w. Or. Appointed i. B. Scr Cheval Orcas Chas. Ewing Sec a Jas. I Lackly s. Robert i Lars j. And w. Ile uses Ntow Arcail Tyler. It was not till the Loti october jr23, that a charter was granted at which time a neral John tip Lon was granted a dispensation Liv Dep Uty grand master Thomas doing Las at Madison Ordinary Progress Lias been Irmo in i work owing perhaps w the Zeal and entire e d. Bayless Noil grand Mastic within that Timo Thero have icon Estill Foch Here the subordinate Lodge refer Rod to a Roya Arch chapter a Council and an by which All entitled have Iho facilities for talc ing the higher degrees in this anoint order. 0 the pecuniary condition these several Organ nations it is not in our place to speak Btu Sci works Benevolence and Charity and their in Luence on the generally those connected with them have been redeeming. We Here Subj inc the names the members found upon the records Wayno Lodge no. 25 from May 1823, to dec. 20th Are All that have and do belong Totsc same except those whose names occur during that period o the lost record. The dates initiation and admission respectively no Given seriatim. Recapitulation. . Wixo John p. Hedges Bow. Cusp Ian Berj. B. Keuciievai., litanies w. Enro tames , Roskot hairs and we. Hep Chauteau me Miehs. Ohn Tipton joined on Demit nov. 17 1823 Lambert Cus pois initiated aug. 1c 24 Ohn Furron ind july 4, 25 Ohn Mcgreggor i. Todd Adi number 17. Omitted on Demit july 4 s to Colosti Lulu and form Wayne Lodge no. At fort Falc r which on the novem Ity organized a Long Ter John tip Lon s. Ber general Tipton in obedience to his author Alexander a iving Mas in. Ii. Iverc Luval j. W., and Charlesw. A iving Secretary a. L. Davis treasurer Joseph i Lackly and ii. , Drill runs and juts Wyman 8. To 1. The first election took place on the de Comber that year at which general John tip ton was elected master being the first elected w. M. the Lodge after its . The first application for devices rejected Iii the 7th june a Mcneil inn tip Lon re Elf cited ii june master and lira in elected to the same , piece Nisei oth 182-1, and re Elc Cleil at each successive ten till june 3il, Irtis Aii Loii Ramc and inet lilt and Ollie or. Lambert ii shoots was the first member Pinili need which look place August , the Lisl Celebration Oft. Lohus Hay filth ii was ii Lii on Lylial i the year ism when general John tiptoe the oration. The first Public installation Olli oers took place it the House Linkh Hanna in i Ort Wayne on the the first Public masonic burial took Jilich Iii Ter ing the remains Hackley who we Malta Stii Rii cat this pm. This thin Tho sikh much out he order with regal Lei fro ill to was Dune to gratify the widow a i Hack Ley. Month shh june 182 Alc Xindi r Kwing prepared the first diff it inc pm acc which the Craft in look after the ceremonies that . As nil act Benevolence on the part the Lodge we refer to Hie fact that on the 27th .1 l. Davis Loranc . Taylor into july 7 Lobert Scott r. Kintner lugh Laiing initiated july 9. Osep i Molman admitted on Demit Ohn Winchel Luther Newton u Scott initiated 8 Mcallister pm. N. Hood ii in b. Boric. Ang 2. I Ibert Wilson oct 8 Nanccy Carter admitted on Demit nov. 7 25 Yrus Tabor initiated nov 25 Ichael Choc it initiated dec 27 disc s Sharp admitted on Demit Jan 1 1620 enry Jar rail initiated feb. Lien Lla Milton Init need March 2 Mick a Lohnau initiated March 20, j827 James Burnett initiated june 4 Abram win. Stuck Hill aug 9 Howard a Lonsberry initiated sept 15i rank Rhi in Sou Isaac Manipis initiated March 3, i82s i oin Parel april 2 a. S. I Algird ind june 10 David Archer John Forsyth into june 10 Samuel Idsall ind oct ii Pickering into Jan i 1829 j. Avalino an k. A. Joined .1 was passed sep. H hums Hudson into sept 1-1 Charles Mortimer Enlil nov Iii Henry Rudisill admitted on Demit Jan -1 a 1. Hilling ind aug 2 we Sinicki Illel into 7 Samuel Lophell into june la a Euril Niem Bers Anim this time until july Ullh i Iii not to lie found hut Joseph Johnson and in Iii Lawhon Are a Ninon to Havo been ctr red passed Atli raised in this Arioul Rcpt. 1s-i7. Mimi Ikimis at Iii 15 ii Tower initiated Jan 10 d ii Ford John butt Lima sit zen Peter Simon so March 20 27 april 10 Joel Vaughn win Larwill p a Abbott Christian Parker on Demit Daniel initiated june 20 Daniel Eby George do pfc Thomas Irvin Leonard Pearson Benjamin Saunders we Wier k g Coverdale k a Mcmahon Joseph l Tail John majors we Ford Isaac Wolf j Lessman Lauf Erly july 1-0 sept "25 oct 9 "16 23 Jan 22 is 2p july 7 37 Joseph Freeman who had received the first de Gree at Peru ind. Was raised an 4 1807 Warren l Mills initiated am 4 Moore is Ivy Long initiated sept 8 fames Clark a Harrod i Eby fames Clarkjr. 1 ii Whitney sept 29 october 20, i. On the Issei in Sekator do Jolas on expansion. Senator Douglas in his speech at Memphis lenn., on the 27th ult said when the Constitution was adopted we had Crri tory enough for our purpose inert. But a new years Progress and Prosperity found us ramped. Louisiana then acquired and used our boundaries and settlements towards he Rocky mountains. Afterwards Florida open d up a Gateway to the Gulf. And then Texas came in making a Way for new Mexico and Cal Imilia. We May need no More territory now it that docs not argue that we will not in the i Liiro. A swarm hoes want but one hive but Mieir increase soon expands their wants and arc Les the necessity for multiplied hives. We arc it a Young nation wonderfully increasing in lower strength and numbers and we must Fult cannot help in to Wuriu i was Lohl when the treaty peace was made that we would want no More Mexico and a clause Tenor was attempted to be inserted but 1 resisted saying that we May not want it to Day yet we May need it to Morrow. So when c Layton Len liver treaty was under discussion the Senate i resisted it because it declared that neither or United states would aug inc Central America. I was told by fac venerable that we did not Necil Central America. I said that was True we do not need it now but it is the half Way Bouse to California and the Lime will come when our interests safety and destiny will require it and we should pledge the Faith the nation no to do what May be demanded by these his considerations. And As to Cuba i believe that it l our destiny to have it. We will be com Pillad to Lake in and can t help ourselves. It is the Gale to the Mississippi Valley. Atil Lynly remain Paramount there until the Lime arrives for it to the cubans subject in Anil i Fly real ii i Asil is their in sehat02 dou01as at Memphis. The Memphis papers bring reports tin speech senator Douglas on the occasion i reception in that City. A perusal . Hot extract Given below will show that Jar. Douglas pc cuts the Samo face to the South on Turri Toria policy to the North in his recent contest. So fur As this question slavery is concerned it is so Clear that it is a local and Domestic inst Lulion that no other state has a right to inter Fere with that it seems to me that it admit an argument. What is the just in tits Tion and policy with reference to slavery in the territories has been the Groat disturbing cd Vincnt Between the North and the South the North have seemed to labor under the delusion that it As a Section had a distinct right and in. Terpst in making As Many free slates and Terri tories As possible. Man Youyou in the South labor under the same delusion in making just us Many slave states As possible. With Alt due re Spect to your action on this subject permit a to say Tel Neil tar thu South is a motion nor the Martji n Section 1m ally rim or interest in unit , applause the Constitution one two Sovereign All other distinctions than those separate states arc unauthorized by the Constitution. For the North to interfere and iry to deprive the people Kansas slavery when they want it is it violation the rights the pc Opp Kansas but not the South. For the South to try to Plant slavery in Kansas contrary to the will the people Kan Sas but not a Lusje the North. It is no Viola Jon Northern or Southern rights to say that the True principles its Constitution shall be carried out in All Lime to come. Hence whether slavery shall or shall not exist in Kansas is a ingestion fur the people Kansas with which no slate the Union nor the Federal government As any right to interfere one Way or the other. One word More. Several gentlemen Lave called on me and used me what t meant in thought by this doctrine popular sover As enunciated in my Freeport speech in Illinois. I mean that 1 stand by the cons Titu As our fathers made it by the constituted Litho cities As they exist Bathe decisions the supreme court As they Are pronounced. A in aus by the decision in the Rcd Scott Case t will be found by Reading chief Justice fancy s decision that slaves Are decided to be property n an equal footing with other property and that Onsi Iii Cully the owners ii Flint species pro i cry have same right to Tike it into a territory As Iho owner any other property. Cries applause the Illinois democracy accept that decision us Iho authoritative exposition the Constitution and on thai Point 1 concur. Good now the question arises what is the condition that property alter it gets into the territory v you in the we in the free slates whatever our occupation to on i news to knowing what our Legal rights Are when we get there. I believe i said in Pra port thai when you get into the territory with your property on in equal fouling with All other property it ii aul icel to the Luigj or Trot Betm Init Fiat or Jeremire Lottie it. you go there with your horses and your whether it shall be taxed or exempt is a question for the territorial legislature. Yon go there with your dry , whether you shall sell without License or he compelled to Gelalia Misc is ainu is Ion for Tho Loial legislature. Yon go there with your liquor to manner Selling in is a question to he determined by the local Laws. Blanks for Sale Simmons executions affidavits for warrants. State Wake ants a Brandy deeds Favit claim deeds mortgages leases Road to copts notices to hands attachments for Sale at we times office. A plate subscriber living Al new Hoven Allen co., has several very valuable farms for Loca Ted in Onearl Wilny fur his own use. Said farms ire All within Ali acc Miles new Haven and from five to eight Miles it. M Ayne and Are Well adapted to Grain abundance living water on Many flood Orchards and Good Millings. No v is your time to buy a farm cheap As i am determined to go to Ore Ron. Now is your Hue. you want a Small place 1 have it you vant a neat farm i have it you want a Good farm have it and in fact you wanta farm any description from a gnats Heel id the nicest i pro form in Allen co. I Liao it. Also Ore Hundred town lots in new Haven. Jan 7, 58.-i y h. Buit Oess. R. . A. C. 1iuest1s. Williams Huestis wholesale and dealers in fruits class nails wooden Waro butter cubes eggs lard no. 85, cout Jubia Sibuet o 81 t Wayne i Jav d supplied Willi groceries nil kinds on s favourable terms nil things Jonm Ilercil can to purchased in any Market. A jul Era filled Stith is Atli. May is lss8- a the p. Few. A c. R. K. Eight Hills West fort Way no. 1 ill sell the next sixty Days the largest cheapest and most Complete assortment 6r at to Weys card in. . John mosluf1. Withers Morris attorneys Una Counselor at Law fort Fay its Columbia and Over store. Chill Zofih St. Entrant Oft mint. L. L attorney and drugs medicines chemicals druggist s fancy goods and a and t be Truje s american French English and German trusses and supporters. Wines and liquors. Paints and colors Trench and american Zinc paints. At Law Wayne ind office in die Corner and Gnu Ion Poritz the c Lark s office. May 81, s5b- Isaac j attorney and Counselor at Law i. I Lott wavhj5, ind office in san Plaford s building Over the and Tion room Calhoun St. May it., attorney and Tuluii Schlor at Koif Wayne i m will Nellc Nln to lift Cir Toction adjustment securing Filc Lyls lie payment i Axel Pur Chase land and titles in any part Indiana. Piccou Calhoun St. My 13, it year in Eppro Priale a filfly Dollar loan o Captain James brother was in very growl All Lillinn Fanini disease and who port Wayne in route for inc Kasl Loob Tain Ine Liral ire Alinell. Tins Captain Kiley is the author Wiley s car ratio arabian Neui Ory and to whom in the history fort Wayne to have heretofore refer rail As the Surveyor ends round about this pm acc and the proprietor Willshire Ohio. The next death a member the Lodge was Alexander a wimp i father w. C. Kwing c. Kwi Alexander Ewing jr., deceased and colonic 0. A Ewing who survives. This funeral Loo place according to masonic forms on the All january Days after or. Kwing s i a Joseph Holman was elected w. Master the let dec .1 line 2d 1928, being the second Eleele master the Lodge. Lie s succeeded by Lewis g. Thompson now dead who was a Lecci do Bember the 1st, 1s2s he by Anthony l. Dae the deceased june 1st ism j he by Higl Walias Hlowie january he by Absolam Silecc Jisc june 7tl 1830 he by Samuel Llanna june with 1ss1 to by Anthony l. Davis now deceased win was re-Electc-1, december 1st, Ifill he by Hen in deceased february 20, a and he by Samuel Idsall june loth 38.13, no which latter meeting a committee reported thai they had Sola to hts twi Dpi lot and premises for this Lodge Hall was completed Aboul Midsummer 1830, and was a iwo Story Brick building which stood on inc lot on which now stands Hill to Orbison s Ware House on the North Side Columbia Street at Tho canal a sin or rather it stood on the Kasl part that lot from the 10th june u labor Levi years the Lodge i Easi a to work. 11 was afterwards organized and worked for x few years Between that and o record is left its and All is left to faithless memory. On Iho 3d March 1810, after Public notice Given inc fraternity Forl Wayne and Vicinity Mot to consider the propriety again working a regular Lodge at which Ile Niay Rel Hill pre sided As w. M. Samuel Idsall s. . B. Taylor j. C. E. Sturgis Sec. V. , t. Daniels s. We. Clock Hill j. A. Holcomb t. It worked awhile till the autumn 1847, when failing to report its dues to the grand logo the charter was suspended and the Lodge ceased to work till july 18-19, when the Char Ter was restored and it proceeded to work Henry Rudisill As its master who was succeeded by or. Chas. E. Sturgis 27th Decca bar 19. G. Ii. Shoaff 18th june it in sol. Lia less december 17th, 1s50, Walro continued in that fice till june l8.-m, when Joseph Johnson succeeded him. Annual the grand Lodge Indiana May 1657, or. Stay was circled As m. Ornul master Indiana Samuel m Ili air c w ayls Wortell win Sti uart 1 Eler k Iser win no Cven Joseph Johnson Francis s Avalino Kichard Mcmull ii Hull John crimes Mcculloch Isaac h Charlesk Sturgin k Lla Miltun s w Ali Ali Llad in Ili Mit n in 27, .10 a Lerv s Hiddo Shimit m k Iii living initiated k c Nelson Josiph Sci it on Demit in Rug Meyers initiated May 7 us Black h fun re win ii hunks ind May 21 l it Ingham on Demit Henry into june 20 ii w junes i run is ind july 1 win ii Mcdonald july 2 Joseph c silvers aug. It Alfred a suit 17 sol d stay less admitted on Demit dec 17 co Jelm Knider ind dec 17 David ii Colerick dec 30 ii c crawl ind March 11 Charles Case u april 15 William Dale ind june 15 in urge Ilos Kinsiu red Nordli Nirce int luvs july it itch c Newman sept 10 b g Cecil sept u Jacob Wiel dec 2 Koh Jan 20 55 Martin a Landau March 2 w c Smith w in Stewart on Demit Lames Collins March 110 John Hillings initiated May is j c ayls Wurtlin july i it Rubin i Itu Hinson ind july 1 i Mccleary july 47 i Courtney aug 2-1 j Mcnutt Smith Sells in i c Isle Bill oct 20 g Sling Hocumb on Demit nov 9 b it need ind Jan 4 1853 Moses Drake or into 11 j c hunks on Deiniol jan2l Ivy. Maples initiated Jan 25 w Tshilds l Falk c Vonbonhorst instill Whaley will Force in Linin. Enough our i Solny. Bill let us be entertain a guest when he into our arms and to receive him ii fur the prepared him hospitably and k with this ills line. La the wit tin. Great Prim inks slate right our Puli h shiny is to i i ords Laws ii in in one Spiri is us bus ii is i in the us Ai Mulher but Imp Fri Viiu to help it i do nut wish la mislead you Bill is views. Yon Are Wise you won t be mis led but will think fur . La your slave properly is nut sub cd to the Lural Law for ils Krulc Cipun what Pirn Toction have Hup Puse Ihu local by slave Law at All suppose will fun Isle my lint bus inca for Roidy pay la Trisci Ess it the Lywess Cash 1 Rit sea it on Viand. J. L. 1 Kai Idov. April a new provision store the a j Rinie Limo Coffee. Teas a to byte Clunie Husir cured j orc i Dured uni slide and Cox sugars. N. 0. Job Ilimae and syrup do. In Ivan sur aim ill Kindl 10 in rid Ait us i i a aches null and Rusli ill kinds. Chin Dot it my Ruih Iii Unm ints and s . Olivcr. Hal. Engl an. Icky a Woody sept no to. Suine Piiru the. Etc. John shown. Boerhave s Romani bitters. The facts the Amistead Call. Home Twenty years ago a slave ship landed a cargo african negroes on the Island tuba 1 hey were there sold in lots to suit purchasers a lot was brought by two spaniards mimed Ruiz and Minicz who Suh sequently chartered a Small vessel to take them to another part thu Island. Ben out sight land the negroes arose and took Possession the vessel Ami demanded to be taken Back to their native Home in Africa. They no assault upon their purchasers fur ther than to demand them their release from Blind age and their restoration to Home Kindred Mil Liberty. They knew nothing navigation and the vessel a anally round s files Coin Parel m i Insign i Hardin s Dodge Lobert work feb22 March i april 20 11 29 july 11 july 2tt it is Qto proper hero to say that about 1855, a new Lodge was formed bore and called Summit City Lodge 170, which has done admirable work since thai time that within last eight years an extra. And Lames l Wortch initiated july i k Mitten v r heed 30 twin s Iii ill on Demit sept is Wilson s Ilo gland ind sell 13 Gcorge us Llano oct -1 Leob Carey "11 earless Day on Demit Xiv Harlys Chr Rena into Dee Charles j fish on Demit loses Jenkinson until dec 20 Osyph c Leonard Jan 8 185-1 Francis initiated Jan Mie Dure into Jan Iff Georgc l Little i Corgi w to Many on Demit feb 7 Barca ii Morse ind fcb 1 lox under Wiley a Mel Brindl Oiin Demit fcb 1 j w Alexander into March 1-1 Harles d Bond Wen Ford grand Salt april 11 Edge Vaughn vim Horres on Demit Wen initiated june 27 l Knight july l Mcc inc sept-1 i m Dillon Kent 111 h k Charles Kin Dennan oct i j h Duncan oct 17 win Illano actin Nolson Gump Hiram work dec 5 19 James 11 Tanner to l n t Verdale on Demit j 11 Kcf Cvar initiated Jan. 2d 1865 mime vessel a anally round its Way into Long Jan. And was us ii by the he venue Cutler and brought into new Haven where the cases were tried and the court decided that they were entitled to their for cedi and Tony were set at Liberty and the two spaniards lost their we mistake Mil the Laic John Quim a Adams volunteered to be the counsel for the negroes and went to new Haven and argued their Case. They were declared free by the Dis Ricl court the United Frum which an Appeal was taken to the full Bench the United states supreme court where the decision was ii Linned. Ann wards the Spanish government claimed from our government remuneration for the loss which its citizens had in stained by the decision the. Connecticut court and the liberation Ihei africans. Our government recognized the claim and the. Damu Crealie administration since will and when they will nol wherever a Terri tory has a climate and production making it inc inter Cal he inhabit Lavils to encourage slave properly they will Niass a slave code and give in encouragement. M Crever the climate soil and production preclude the possibility slavery being profitable they will not permit in. Von will come right Back to the principles dollars and cents. The almighty has drawn Trio Lino i this continent on the one Sido which the soil must be cultivated by slave labor on Tho other by while labor. That line did nut run on thirty six degrees Anh thirty minutes fur thirty six degrees and thirty minutes runs Uver mountains and Ali Vough valleys. Hut this slave line meanders in the sugar Fields and plan aliens that Day have never failed to urge this claim the attention Congress and recommend its payment. Several committees both houses Congress have reported in favor this claim Lull Congress has never Yel voted an appropriation Lor Atlas. Wix Akk journal Haltli the following Good advice. Like inc gnarled Oak that has withal and the storms and thunderbolts centuries Man him self begins to die at the extremities. Keep the get dry and warm and we May snap our u joyous Triumph at disease and the doctors it on two pairs thick a Solon yourself go la some honest Sun .1 and have your measure taken fur a Tipul pair Winter bouts or shuts shoes arc a ller fur Ordinary every Day use As they us the ready escape the oilers while they lengthen the anal is Orcus coming them to do Cut on themselves. A very slight Accident cause a sprained ankle loan habit a incr. His ides a shoe compresses less will Leicht Tor id and hence admits a More vigor Otu Croc Dialion blood. But Wear boots when you ride or Ravel. Give direction also to have no Cork or Mha rubber about the shoes but to place be a can the layers he soles from out to on a ice Stout hemp or Low Linen which has been ipod in melted Pilch. This is absolutely im1. Envious to Mil absorb a bile we know that Cork dues and after a while a comes saggy and Damp fur weeks. When the Smith. The. Remainder ibis a inf wide lost by the confusion around the reporter and inc people living in their dil Lerent localities and in the territories Nusl determine fur themselves we Clit their Middle bed is Best adapted to slavery or free labor. Hence under the Punsti Lution there is no pm u r Lupine no a Southern Man going there with his slaves any More than a Northern Man. Ilis property Arlun in. In cos them ii tit inert. To heal. In for Prater Iun. T Here will be found in that local legis Aluru Power deciding icy do not want it and encouraging it they do want it. 11 a Folly for you to entertain visionary reams that you can fix slavery where the people no not want it and it is equal fur the Northern fanatic to think that he can abolish in. By Law where Tho people do want it. The people Carli. Local Ity arc the Best judges they will act for the it own interests. They wont care whether they Are penetrating new England or South Carolina will look to their own Homos and lire sides and the inner costs their children and grandchildren As Neil own Good and the Good posterity May require regardless the controversies North or South. It is no use to Dis Guise the fact. Hie a territory want slavery they will have it they Don j want it you ran t farm it on them. I am Content with that result. I Don t think that under our sys tem government slavery ought Lobo forced upon any people against their will. You the South must be Content in leaving your slave property in the same to he protected in the same manner by the same principles As nil other properly. Whenever Yon Lake life ground that slave property requires dil Lerent Protection from other properly and you Call upon Congress to furnish in you might frs Well entrust your infant to the tender embrace a Bare As your infant territory to the Manly embrace Northern abolitionists. therefore we acl upon inc principle Laid Down by or. Liu clubman in his acceptance Cincinnati Irmin Jitian and As expounded by the supreme court under the co restitution that con Gress should keep hands Oil " and never inter Fere one Way or the other but that the territory shall be free or slave just is the people desire then there will lie Jap an and Harmony Between disease the Iii Mevs liver complaint any Kin fever and ague a x n Tii i noes me Criosa comma Kinait my a Nison Nuqui Sloms Icli or , in acidity Lii Nelburn Ima ,.f live Iii Blind and blvd Iii in no voi1s, , and Neli Yilgic it bus in Insl Jincie pm vol highly in Nicin Lind in eff cml n ilex Dud Cuni. Liis n inn by i sol Juhl. Prepared on strictly Neh Mili , i fur mini Ike the id Lind 1w., in vat. 111 Lluu. in. into Ihu United wan Mure i Iii Billly fur i Kiwi Lrroy Neil him Over Tolu Iii Elliis country meeting with in be Mem nine big i now a a tort the a Umran Publio know a hint a truly pundit Fol no Dicinni it Whua. Minnir. By a dissipation. Inc Molly in i not it Pinek Cmilik in rec Enrit and in Laet inf Uain new i Mill and visor in Hie s c a in t i 0 Hun has Indium Many Imiri i.1i.hm. Glue i the Public nil Liivat chasing. A Rabia in d Tulius inv Lyniff Olff until you have Given Holland n Fiur trial. Will Coli Vinuti you How inti Melv Skipor Kuril into All in italians. Stiff per Boule or six Hutch a for Trio Bole 1000 White cheaper than a scr. Pcs Lead 100 cases paints ready for turpentine alcohol and Al an. Paint varnish White Wash brushes. 50 boxes window and plate Glass. 100 by b sport Oil. Attorney and c Selor Lii Hwy foot ways ind. Pro lick in Trio courts this will it Lyonil with to any but . Folic on Catt Tusti North inc Bank. May 13, w68-. Randall attorney ant Counselor at Latty fort Wayne ind. On Clinton Soith ii Crick . May j o h fir w l e n a. Attorney sit Taw. Foot Over Clinger s some Szorc sol d. Bayless. Tout 1vayx.k. Ini Irana Wilt attend to1 soiling purchasing or Leut r 13 a estate paying Colteil ing or securing Climi. Oil re Echt Tom tit Wren in Yuri. Kurt Wilyne july Halo Oil. Banks Oil elephant Oil. Lard Oil machine Oil. Tnbnorli1 Oil. Caui10n Oil. Kerosene illuminating Oil. The cheapest eight known kerosene lamps the latest my a Legatt a air n in an English. And Chukman up Iha Hiiri fir toilet Waters any 37, Benjamin rage 111. To co., Tannd Clie Nienus great Westbin Saddle Tim fancy articled. Cosmetics powders Combs brushes etc.1 byes artist s tube paints a. A. A. Extracts physician or. B r i lib Ami surgeon. Klitt sift a Ftp an a a Linton streets link where he mar be found it nil limes when not inf 8 1868- to p. Walkk ind. 4 Leiler Nhoh nor Vico to i Citie Moi fort u Nyne and Vid Nily Premjit and Ihil Honl . Filoon car hotel fat Wal opposite Llic a Lille he inter. And surgeon. Kkt Wayne ind. T kick and pro Iilene on Licary strict South w Side Lisl Brick House weal the episcopal Church. . Wayne a nay a. Go Bowel or 0. A Smith surgeon Koht Wayne ind ride a Al Oiin Street. My j8s8_tf i. Resident dentist. Office the Beanch Hank Xvi Durov tort Wayne Tel Juno is 183s.- Eagle dring store o. I. Nikki. C air 311 h r j j u e. Gist. And Lle Lail Joe blur in drugs oils and . For. Cal Simiu and Jilin streets. K. Nannc ally. Ill fih.- hotels Flavouring ladies travelling sacks tort Tiivi having Iceni Sunli clod by Many do to open a first floss put them on for the Lisl Lime will feel s easy As an and Yon May stand on laces for hours with impunity. Damp til the states this i Ninn. Do not believe Kao Lory a this kind Lias Doni in his new Elrick is Iii a Purl by occupied by ii. 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