Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
3 Aug 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
3 Aug 1859

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Fort Wayne Weekly Times (Newspaper) - August 3, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaWednesday eve nine Al Cust a 18b9. Popular sovereignty Reo Teetlok to a Melicah Industry in 1110 Pauty 7 , hot Fly Clay s position on the slave question. Of Justice. We draw the Viii of forgetful Ness Over this and Hope hint lie will never cast u Stone. Nor have to forgotten Iho impression made by the declaration of a beardless youth who declared that should that child s naked body be exhibited in Trio father would at once be tarred and feathered. Voting Infin let some one cume nigh write on the a Rondi or your Heugo thy Way and be coir Ide Ralu. Do such men give tone and and conservatism to Public mind in the name the jews crucified Christ in the nine of Liberty madman Roland stood at the Block by the counsel and judgment of u mob when she exclaimed of Liberty what crimes have not been perpetrated in thy abused and i arc in tort a mob is attempted to be incited to deeds of Vio abolitionism. As it was and As it is. It will be recollected that n few months since the supreme court of Ohio called of to pass on the constitutionality of Tow fugitive slave Law which a i ii bet rtt that court on the application of sonic fanatics it Oberlin Ohio who bad resisted Iho United Stales Marshall while he was arresting some fugitives and Lii 1-e my Itei n were lined by Tho District court of thu United slates for Northern Ohio and committed to jail from which they attempted to be discharged by by the interference of the supremo c ourt that rather Throe of the judges by Justice Swan Ihu he Law and and Reum tided the prisoners to jail and for which Swan was soon Ihn enter reject Liali of Ramtu g a Jirney the abolition candidate for president of the United states through whose interference the opposition Force to the democracy wus divided and Henry Clay the whig Candi Date inglorious sly Defeated. As proof of the identity of those sentiments which sir. lobe Ihu sentiments of the republicans of Ohio which he was jus Iii Noble in to saying by a fair rending from the pertinent resolutions of their plat form and the rep Dialion of judge Swan we Vuoto from the record of the National abolition convention held at Buffalo. N. Y., August 31 St 184tt, in Wowch twelve suite were represented by is delegates. Viher Cas the Constitution of these United Stales is a series of agreements covenants or Cunt facts Between tin people of the United slates each Wilh All and All with Encl Ami it is a principle of moral Ity that inc mural Laws of the creator Are pure Letice while our Coli is Are ample and adequate 11 is a delicate thing to treat an incorrigible e Wilh what to May inflict and How hard children who shall Luar you anathema izing the Public functionaries sworn to support the that state As we Constitution of the United states to regard and on of the most Beautiful and instructive narratives or rather a lesson conveying the must lasting moral found in the vi11 chapter of the gospel according to St. John. About eighteen Hundred and Twenty seven years ago one morning As Christ sat in the Temple leaching the multitudes thai came unto scribes and pharisees brought a woman whom they had la Kun in adultery and demanded in a tempting manner that she should be stoned Jesus Tho Wjk he heard them not slopped Down and with Finger wrote on the they continued to make lie demand that they might have to accuse j and he i i fled up himself and said unto them thai is without sin among you let cast the first Stone at and again he stooped Down and wrote up on the ground and they which Beard v7, be ing convicted their torn conscience went out one by one beginning it the eldest cacti unto the there was then no Ono to condemn were guilty and their faces. This doubtless had not special reference to their sin of adultery alone embraced All that was known under that generic name. We said that in was a Beautiful lesson and so it is and so it will Ever be. But let Iho application As we intended and Sec if there Are not scribes find pharisees Cyl alive who arc not worthy to touch Pic Scarlet rubes of even Iho woman taken in adultery. On last saturday a Man in ibis City was taken up for alleged cruelty in whipping boy of seven years of age. Who Imil Gnu d the suit and who tried it and the incident of whip tempered Wilh love or earned to excess by anger Are matters o which in is not our purpose to Day to allude As the investigation was going on at the magistrate s Oiler there gathered Al the door of that functionary a to mad and the eyeballs of some glistened with the venom of a fury blinded Viper. Looked Over the crowd male a nut of two i particular. Asked our self. Why this not certainly that Justice May inspiration from the pressure of not that the venerable magistrate bad not Cut by Power in hear and determine nor thai the Arm of the Law was feeble that in required this furious Volunteer to Lead to prison one feeble Man charged with a mis demean or merely. Of m Jiw Lic impersonated its a Blind Vii Gim standing Wilh a drawn sword in one hand Ulm a balance in the other and As the stale turns strikes regardless of Ami nut knowing who receives the blow. Surely we thought that our venerable could not veni1 ire to destroy the picture As to open acting Liucc this Uipi Unise the Tes Timony of Tho int Muriale modern fee vibes and Lineal descendants of Iii be Ului Imich demanded of Christ to Stone the of Samaria. Taken in who when the test no plied me not Cust 11 Stone Back behind their my Muon of guilt. Surely Well mughal unit this civil would not bring the defendant before mid then having Phu cd in an Yuvi by i hts sword of Justice Nativ turned into that of Rair Foiw me to whom Iho of thu slate bad in 01111111011 Vilh All others Given pledges of even handed jus lice. We enquired from a Calm and discussion nto child whipping had become common an evil and Iho pure administration hither for of thai boy. Others shall take Sis influence and staining their hands with human blood Are brought to the scaffold in after lire v. Ill not then arouse to hour is an extract from sir. Cid Diu. Hon. Thomas arc one of lose Public servants to whose keeping inc inter a proper apercu Ilion of j our madness and rail i ,.sts of the Are to glided. I am a private on the mountains and rocks to hide you from he whose rights and interests Are to be de by your action. Therefore it becomes my privilege and duly to Call your Allenton to what Ever danger May threaten the institutions arcs Cnoc of Olio will one Day try you by a lest where mob violence cannot enter u Ett eci the result we cherish. Now about your business and until the streams of Juliee arc the has become inadequate to punish such pursue your own callings be the a legitimate or unlawful abiding the consequences at All times and when you shall be invested with Legal Pover to Deal out punishment to do it in in your late spa he it Xenia you say in is ibo Ita Cricri Ful i a of Fri Yood to Najl nor the and indic writ forc decided it such. This doctrine of submission Isu soiled to t or h condemns Jefferson Franklin Washington Adams and , Olio re fused to the stump ally Jugh the legislature and judiciary Hud decided it to be which event to must Hope that you will have . Us also of the levying duties Learned that Law is not vindicator expiratory Ion Tea. Thev slew Ihu minions of government and that vengeance never enters the presence of attempted to enforce who properly understands thu reasons and policy of the Law. If the father has done wrong let the How de i to Termine it and let no such info ration attempt to control the flow of even handed Justice. It is unsafe. We now turn to the j admonition of the Narra j Laws. wild h the sacred duly of to try tit despotism in every shape nit Hough approved by the legislature and by in judiciary. They look upon that Man As Al ready enslaved who tears to speak Ami own enlightened convictions. Submission to despotic Power ills become the disgrace of our nation. The doctrine has become offensive to every Friend of Liberty. Live and close. And borrowing the language of vim further say if men disobey the one whose name we use with Awe and admiration i i rim Ilider Licati it provi Ileal Ihu it to that is without sin Amu big Yon let fixin lies test n Stout at i Law should require it. This declaration of instil it to a publicans generally was a necessary l. Had it come from a slaveholder by hires and specks in butter. My. I Tor Wilh Jin experience of Twenty live in Buller 1 believe or. Holmes to be wholly mistaken As to the True of stripes and White specks in making it As i always Practised Clown Cream that is thrown about he churn in churning As As tin began to i orc and never have striped butter. If the butter is thoroughly churned and Well worked alter churning it will never be striped i believe the Cream that is Man Ted Down from the sides and lid of the churn most if not All of it comes to b Auer if not it goes in Wilh the Hul Ter milk which Only it the belter for Bis Cuit. Thy White specks in arc i in cd by gel milk in Wilh the Cream when skimming which is suffered to lie still until ill Youck hard like cheese to prevent tins Mir the Cream thoroughly Ufier it the milk this Gen Ridly prevent Thuro being peeks in the Ter. Ii the Cream strained after it Oil there will never be specks. If my Tho re he Ovri it it. Will be that the id auf Crft Din strip lies or specks in Buller in incorrect. N. H. Blood litter makers nicely have stripes or specks in their butter if they do they Alibi Bufe in cause to the neglect of duty in not Tak ing proper care of the Ereign and properly work ing the a. J put re Iino Ritli of july gives an account of an Allemo Tugade the Day a Ems to destroy the afternoon to of Ninon Dion i train of Laius. A u. V. Kai Boad. Al a curve about twelve Miles from Portsmouth is a Bridge i forty Liel Long and and twelve feel High spam j Ami link ii or Servile Tention. The county trampled upon that Law rescued a fellow being from slavery and sent it Liberty. They to diced Llie Iii ii who re captured and would have sent them to the i , had inc administration receded from the u attempts to punish the res Curtis and permitted fugitive enjoy fic Edom. I it m briny Lumir if you speak Republican sen tin ten is weave nut a United Pirrly. You would hang the men who n impure slaves from Afri Ca when Iho suture slaves Esca Jiu to Ohio you i Power the Slavi Himler with All i ii Fau army or Navy to capture Atid a bark to a Ould hang Ihu slave Hunter. When Federal ivc Eully All Emple i to i pimps i thirty Ohrlin for in seeing a ii fruit hands of who had re a i Ureil. And was ally inkling to re in Lave . I that instrument whenever applied to the Case of a fugitive slave As forming no part of the const i Lution of the United suites whenever we Are called upon or sworn to support t. That was pure and mud coiled abolitionism 18-w-l and it Defeated Jar. Clay and the whigs and that is just what and what or. Giddings says is republicanism in Ohio in we Call on our whig friends to be Aviso while in is to Day Lio Ware of demagogues and traitors. Beligiotj3 revival in ibe1and. The Reader has doubtless heard of inc wonder working religious Reform in Ireland which has invaded without any Ellbry on the part of Relie i ousts of i to testis the very vestibules of papal churches perhaps except in a religion , Nono so Brief and yet so iut Elliget a been Given As below taken from a correspond ence of the Philadelphia North american tin Wonzik Ofui. Stick in lint Eliesi More no lost sigh of by he Al absorbing Ulster revival which puzzles and perplexes some vexes others and ills far More with devout thanksgiving to the 1 Ixl of All Grace Lor such a copious influence of holy spirit. Tho uni ruin Catholic priests and unitarian ministers write caricatured accounts of parti Clai for us Sou s daily Trincu. Likes of the death of Kat tee c. The uart gone dear Plattie. Yet to feel our loss is thy eternal gain thou ii aut loft us for u happier Home thou St free from borrow care Aud Phil. Thou St gone dear Hattie of we Grieve that one so should leave us thus in youth s glad time when we so fondly cherished the. But Guve Lioe called thee Lioma to live with hint in endless Bliss and we will part Wilh thee awhile and meekly yield our will to . It Krency and make is of 1843 and 1850. The abundance of Illinois and Wisconsin car which supplies the demand in business circles in this place and its Vicinity reminds us the Days when our place was infested Wilh a kind of irresponsible Michigan crossroad currency which was one of the results of a veto of the United states Bank and lot Only docs this bed dog Day come to mind put later Days when Tho dog family bad in creased and changed its color. In As will be remembered by those living Here there in circulation such a variety of currency As perhaps will never again occur Viz Mok modish weab1ho out. The mormons it would scorn Are already Sha Ken in a Cai dim Point of their doctrine. Hoiu flux of gentiles has taught Iho women that there arc not enough of the sex in the world for Tho men to appropriate a dozen a piece. The litre tvs arc in rebellion and frequent divorces Are applied for. It is within Tho Power of Tho i Onidi of mor Oudom to divorce As Well As to per haps there is a latent consciousness that Man binds the Union so far As it is a Union and that Man is therefore competent to dissolve it. Lew or new Scalia is take place. The fester has ripened and burst As it was supposed it must. Nothing the Corner of Tho world All to them selves with full and absolute Sway and no practicable of escape and could keep the foul Community together. Now that their privacy and exclusive Possession Are broken into there is an end to the Groin of mormonism. Another he grit does not seem possible and As the present location of the conium and emigration Tho nest of rogues will soon find none to defend it. The mormons will take the rank of other ded sects and not a voice be heard in extenuating of their iniquities. Tho Poison they have concentrated will lose its Power and intensity we fear that More than one generation must pass away before their mischievous and demoralizing influence will be removed. Of one thing we May be tolerably certain. Their children will not keep Holiday on the mormon anniversaries. No Olio so fortunate As to be of Morinan extraction will very carefully preserve genealogical tree. The descendants of the Sellers of the Salt Lake Valley will not be ambitious to prove tier Parent age and verily their Pedigree. No Ivity is in the path of travel incongruous lilt Biness of the incidents and the 1 cries out fanaticism. Fur which they Ealer the in Oghida Argus gives less while inc dogs and pups and u scrip proved equal to their faces respectively. Was a paper currency issued by the slate of Indiana to pay Oil her Domestic debt and bearing six per cent interest. This scrip i As made receivable for state and county tuxes and Trust fund Loans except for taxes no in Terest was allowed on any of be above named los value fluctuated until at length it was equal to the face and interest and in that speculations were made by moneyed men. Bank scrip was issued by the state to pay a debt due from her to Pic state Hank of Indiana for Money advanced by that Bank to canal con tractors for the state and we think arc not positive that in bore an interest of a Small per centum. Its value was about 10 per cent less than White dog was a scrip issued by the state to pay repairs itc., done on the a Wabash it Erie canal cast of Lafayet a and was receivable for . Of the River St he face and interest. Its value was measured according to the Dale of Issue and ultimately came 10 a value belter than Gold. U Ulusc dog was issued to contractors ac., for work on the of w. K. Canal West of to Terry Laule and was based on and Recic Vable for selected for said Extension. U subsequently re sieved. dolls on that canal and was Worth about Luo per Dollar Cash. U glue Pup was a currency denominated for being in Small Bills issued by contractors on thai canal and payable in a Niue when presented in sums of it wan in reality As Good As Blue except Ilia 11 was not re sieved fur tolls had first to be converted into till when it had no value. We make an j i account of Mission of the in l Ollin to which crowds repaired from a dist Ance of Jirleen Miles round the Tribu nals of some remaining in the Church All night , after la Weir Long journey and carried out in t state of exhaustion and then people with boughs and Ribai ids follow ing Lii procession of the Hosl on Corpus Christ div. The writer who clones in All this and the uni vacuous Sligo Maui of the i Bench girl and the vis Quimry of Sale to and the blinking pictures or Wei Ping Seal pcs of Italy or the thousand and one Ronse rated by lome Calls jut fanaticism on account of persons Over whelmed with a Hiim of Sim Lully invoking the Saviour for Pard i and it length with the merry the thud in Pluid. The Nave i i which now by Vujih Ait Sinns Luvicy to reach every Parl of of tin Wand tallest no by the and la j r. I t ily of nil the orig Odds i role stand a Hurcles by Many Are this bitterly comp Lamm of hard just As if the bad never been witnessed. To those we barely mention he fuel that then us a scarcely any circulating medium farrago and find that were it Worth one s while the whole budget could be traced in the history of the various heresies which held and sects have defended. Whether the prophets willingly Bor rowed heir revelations or by Chance stumbled upon nations identical with old absurdities hard to determine. There is a limit even to human Folly and the declaration that there is nothing new under the Suu Stamps falsehood old As Well As to nah. The worshipful Community of Salt Lake seem to hav pushed the profane and ridiculous tin. Obscene and the wicked to their utmost Dovel Luent. Mormonism has culminated and in a few years we shall hear no More of it except in the effects to which we have above alluded. They too will pass away in to give place to some new delusion. Nothing can be worse than what we have had in mormonism however and that consideration brings sonic Comfort. Resident Buchanan has declined to be a candidate for re nomination. Thai in this con Gressional District would if i can be the traps and get my lackeys to Lender me the nomination Why i can t refuse the wishes of the people and therefore will aft to pre sume however thai the president intends just As it is understood that he wont allow name logo before the convention and is out of the Field entirely. Tee Chain Trade. There was very lit lie Dune in wheat yesterday operations in Corn were Piile extensive. There was a Good demand i or Neil Winter and All thai was of Rcd bought up that wus not much. We doubt whether the entire Hales of amounted to hush. The Tricca paid were for the Bent new red Winter wheat and litle for Alandi tril Spring. Corn in great re quest and Over hush. Sold. Corn opened it oltc., hut ran up to while prime Soliel Corn sold Al no. 1 Railroad mic., in Flory will omit. Flour was firmer and More Active and several Hundred barrels sold i l fur Winter wheat hour Contr actors by hocus pocus issued More heir could acts were Cost imaged at and hence there land fur Tim i was no basis beyond lint Oiin. In some cases in proved a Ereal fraud. We have ibus referred to a period in the a collected by m by of our of whom Ksir Lucr i o j lit scam Tibia Anglo Saxon from Liverpool on cloth passed this Point to Day bound it in Pru Thiec Only Hron Rbt Ahmit half of up for lint in o of whom lift Villas Trai Ishoi m Lii Misiul i Tiv from executing retributive Justice i it As my opinion that if Iho pins Cululi had been Moulin used in spirit previously manifested Thum Iii Fri . Ini la Immitt lie fan Merit you Mim say Sulci an would have been civil in in wild have Bien tin fugitive f i or in no Lavva a Var a t i Ifni Nikii , nol u Icv the ill genre and Nair in thai own and col franc in i into and cd to the lure lion of Femali to uni Milu is for Chr and a so Nuvoli in of the fallen. In Derry i Holiday , usually look it ii v trips up by vast Mufu Ludi s to worship it Iid prayer in More ban ten thousand met for at in docs now. Het us pintle from the record. When i hush., Oats jul hyc oof it Jefic flour per brl., mams per lh., potatoes Ettac Jur hush., Liu Lei per hi., of per doz., Liny Timothy per Tun. A Suim just . Uye 7t a flour hams i ivc., May per Tun. Have Iii Roduit de these things As a Lei a in which Are rocks Ond Sarji every sym Lily of Nur hearts a people who Ean As the train of one. Passen j jul Tust their in rights. And 1 the turning the curve the Thali when they Tridib ii d upon the lib i lies of u nor will great names Sui Low Tanta nil had i Tern Vikt ii up from the track us crimes. Your Peak of the and a noved inward some two feet. Pinion of this Law hut Mclean s y their lilt Itu Unic and Rufii a wants i inc everlasting whine ii out Iheson the Mir of smaller Rumpa Uii a for j lint is in the i Liucy Vercie. Aiumu Silies have he ii i r u i i he people in is True Are cramped for led Industry taken the place "1 idleness i i i i and to Bimi Iii of Pool houses and thit is i Katy with me on the str Ola of this City Tiline night Ami having witnessed the juvenile which is piling up Mountain i Ijeh then Tell to if child whipping is Tho rate find indulgence the exception. 5o with me into those haunts of vice whisky shops whose pest Ferous Chim Neys Are sending Vij and out a moral malaria More deadly Louie morals of the Community than the Simoum is to vegetable life where children to a civic their first impression of vice Ami incorrigible habits witness Tho Man whose hand for gain poisons the youth brings shame on families Lilly ourahii3 houses and prisons mid poor houses with victims who daily sends guilty souls into Tho presence of god unprepared who braid a the hearts of i Cpl cts and confiding parents and wives and robs the mendicant Puiul child of the scanty Crumb jut us in raised to the in ouch of Klif Turing Sec Down the dark via j Hwy marched Down Llinat Stroot to a i1l la of life in All the naked dds Emily of erring for implies j re i a higher is a far nobler Vanlier holier nature and on the lords Day nut even ceasing thou Sandra have so died for Jesus. His traffic and with ill this Tell me then in you thess Buin uie Giullo holy Lioi i spirit of can if child whipping is i finns Crierie a Soldi t any a bpm Story is on of Thi and with unbounded f Hoso attribute the movement to Ibe Dovil must think be has become a fool for i Ali rail is the All in All in comr dire wit i Wiuli ail Larno fairs Roui roads Why nil the design of Bis Mission it. Is destroying the j ibis complaint learn the same be Tuomy which h 1 works of the Del in. Kevii those crises and Ibey i All the Ira ing plays rom 18ih tvs of of deep vie troit upon a nervous and m the pipers contain nothing additional in re i Yard to basis of peace. J j he discontent resulting from Napoleon s Hasty course was apparently on thy , particularly in Italy. Napoleon had arrive. At St. Cloud. The Juet i of Portugal is dead. The Vienna correspondent of the London times nays the representatives of Austria France and Sardinia will soon meet at Zurich to conclude the treaty of peace. J Luru will be no Congress of the Powers called to ratify the i real the emperors of France and of Austria having agreed to Settle without tie intervention of Neutral . The Paris correspondent of London Post says that both of the emperors Aru convinced that the Haj is of Pieace agreed upon them u in inane impracticable. Tie journals continue to ridicule the terms of the peace. A rec la i fair Dilen truth was brought with Lollie tic result peace Auri Joy in Helies Iuar. Still flier a is danger Cincinnati times thus describes inc people of Oberlin get their whole Slock of f i Buso and be Ortlof Caiu Iun and Wisdom. There moral and social sunding from Oberlin it danger of Jilling up revivals and in enraging i u n hypo Sriry of fancy inf that sudden Eon-1 is Puiul ml1 that there is no conversion without u danger of i Vui the it Villa j Vanca with sovino be i verily. The Siirid of the news says injuring converts Ami successful ministers As has Les slavery is bad. It ii my be inferred what kind of moral in thence the Send out. Tie times Guys Down in i ominous silence and after you have no right to Sny that such opinions Are counting thu number that fell to Man s lot Rose to swear by the great god of hot Ivan that i or every hair they would have life. Amid scenery with passions boiling vengeance Calls for blood me like a madman on inc Edge of and where Tho shout of comrades cheers on the Soldier is swept Zuvard on blazing guns and bristling bayonets in in whirl wind of wild excitement. Jut to lie pining in n Dungeon and never hair the Sweet voice of he Ninn symph ithe to groan and shriek upon the rack where cooled and shaven Mur Doroni Are us of pity As ibo cold Stone Walls around t entertained by he Publ one the he publican party one who aided in its formation Ami has Cir it and with due respect i declare them Aifiti Chrisi Titino d to Ihn Honor of stir state Iho liberties Ople and the Ridill of Mankind. .1. K. Oppose of our in is certainly True hut or. Ii filings has Given the Only construct Iun which the resolutions of the Laic Republican on option of Ohio will Bear and when taken in connection with the fact suffer As our fathers did when Calm and intrepid Hinl that convention repudiated Justice Swan be i a Juitt he Dei i cd thy slave Law con Lilu the spirit of which decision or. Oor i i lately it Xenia Ohio to Inkon in Hal cd inc it Iii or. Giddings construe to a cd Public execration or if such a Man As we have pictured is a lit person to us isl cast a Ston Tallal of re shed a Halo of Amund the i dreadful front of a Var. Do inc of judge one of b l Hwan s _ 4. In Delatin Ata Luthur who with bleeding has even in Pale with loss of blood wasted to u Shadow flicked cruel punishment on u child made bad by 1 fuming and hardship fur away from either or evil associations and Rigi j other earthly Friend und surround cd by a Cloud of a lacks incarnate lends he saw a Lunate such places and Mabom Metan concert Nepal a dul Iho prepare Nepal a dul Iho prep Jont for about o Ron ounce Faith. And Render born i re sent aul midis fast a Tnp almost beyond the of a Coful gathering and seen inc other of the two t this Good Bravo boy Hud a Havu lira alluded to hurling Anath by Ullh Muni to Jesus the ruling passion was Strong in death lion it is nut Consul inn with the feelings of the Many thousand old whip who Ducci ived into an Riu Lurski Lieut of such Ultra , and thus become paries in an of incr in build in supp live of the Constitution of the i United stairs responsive to r at the her and is the Puls Fht Vui. Rollin would have u Ond Rcd Why such in one Tili Ould i to receive ransomed spirit to raised himself first to Tot. At and her when if it had up and casting in imploring look on the Voniver pressed Liotina to your mind unit had he 11 1 been duly even cruelly i mkt in based parents and friends tic of calling on inc Public for Charity Lor Youthful in Discini Ilion and with in pleading Mouths asking cd to pay the Kami annual tit Tercila on the t had a moment j filings old and perfectly Conformable loan Unsnle Ruple l Litcof Congressi Siul i pen and decisions fruit thu be do not deny your a Noble death and a night Noble Tes Annony. Or go the Toledo Wabash hallway has fail Lii Atiqi a us .1 of a returning e Bonds due ibid Day. Ginning of the government Down to this tonic. I. Kidd Wiigs and inv. Chase and suitor and in do Spalding were the in astr in thu convention and the Comiti Ellorra and in the late Oberlin treasonable acts in resisting 1 Denu nut bodily and they Are the ones who in 18 the leaders in the abolition Pat la Lutito to i Ingle busied Wilh a Bool Absolu Mission had her f husband tormented her Chi Dix a neglected her House a scene of confusion and tilth is a Caria lure Yit there is Langi a of the quiet duo Btu Sive religious Dulius of Home being left Ciulis in seasons of multiplied Public service. Ladies the Best company. Full sense of Tho term As ordinarily understood abolitionists. They tolerate no distinction of in their College in their Church and at Abol to ii dwellings the Black Man or the mulatto is placed on the same social Equality with Tho White race. Amalgamation is not Only tolerated encouraged and coloured As Well As White people stand precisely on the same footing. A Laws to the contrary Are deemed oppressive by these peo ple who hate slavery and its advocates with Ai track cry says that it is bettor for you to pass intensity As As that exhibited by our rebel in evening once or twice m n ladies drawing-1 Bru Luthers for Utilish tyranny. Room even though the conversation is slow and j Yon Vitow the song by heart Tun in u. Club j til of a theater. All amusements tavern or pit of a theater. All amusements of youth to which virtuous women Are not admitted rely on it Are deleterious in their nature. All men who avoid female society have Dull perceptions and Are stupid or have Cross tastes and re Volt against what is pure. Your club swagger ers who Are sucking the huts of billiard cues All night Call Al male Stu piety insipid. Poetry is insipid to a Yokel Beauty has no charms for a the sons of Malta. The Midnight March of this mysterious order on wednesday night was a singular a March at such an hour with All Tho Page angry and Long Parade of music measured Puiul solemn tread of a Long pro cession of masked men looking like so Many monks of the Middle knights m Armor banners and nol fail Blind Man music docs not a Liisu the poor Beasl j to create a sensation. The Side Wicks were who docs not know one Tutu from another and de with spectators full of wonder Man As to what and a True epicure is hardly Ever tired of water j it could possibly All stun and Viti uly Endeavor sauce and Brown bread and butter 1 protest 1 j ing to penetrate the disguises of the ghostly a Cali sit for a whole night talking to a Well Regula tuis Here and there if possible to detect an acted kindly woman about Hor girl coming out of Quaintance. The procession moved through Sov her Hoy id ton and like the evening s entertain envy streets and returned to Tho Hall after about Niento. One of the great benefits u Mai my i e great benefits u Mai my Vivo from woman s society is that lie is bound to be respectful to them. The Hasit is of great Good j in in tin an in to your moral men depend upon it. Our a Dtta portent Case ofal Legaj seduction in which the lion makes of us the most eminently selfish men parties involved move in the highest circles was in the world. Fight for ourselves we Yawn j brought to Light yesterday in i Brooklyn. The us for ourselves we Light our pipes and say we will in cd victim is a Beautiful Young girl eighteen not go on we prefer , and in Elisc years old and Niece of a Man who formerly did inc greatest Good that comes to a from one of the highest county offices in tins City. The a. Woman s society is that he has to think seducer is a Young Man Only evenly some body to whom in is bound to be constantly years old and Sou of one of the oldest and wealth Allen Tive and respectful. J inst families in is Rooklyn. Lie was arrested Smith of Ike first precinct and taken the Drain Trade. Priv no by in fore inti in eth itchy who held j fur trial to a Iii examination. Last summer the ten of Lille door in Young lady took the tour of Kurop with her Fain hut Corn was quite Active. The sales of wheat by Short time Ngo she gave birth to a child hardly exceeded 15.uuu bu., at for j in it kit Ellhu House of her seducer. The thu Chest now red Winter and for stand Ard Spring in store Corn was in brisk demand in the morning and nearly he. Bold at i e. For no. 1 Railroad Corn in store. J he examination promises sonic spicy developments. I Ork cafe " a new Iron car recently patented by a Ket closed account of new i from new or. Russell one of the directors of Tho p., it of t n t i i i n t i 0. H. A. Is soon to Law on that Road the Best Spring wheat extra were mudcat to he of much a with. There is feeling of disappointment and even of indignation among All who look a Sicuro in Lores l in inc object of the War. The emperor has seriously lowered himself in he opinion of All classes. Great in the House of lords on the 18th, Tho debate was confined to Tho despatches in tween England and Prussia in regard to the War. Louisville 29. President Fowlkes with to pay the first instalment of the Solhem Pacific Load left Here to Day for Marshall Texas. St. Louis 29. A special dispatch to the Democrat says that three men arrived at St. Joseph to Day bringing in Gold dust. These parties disposed of at of Imam making a total of from the Kansas mines. The Kansas constitutional convention adjourned sine die to night. The Constitution was adopted by a vote of 34 to 13 All the democrats voting against and refusing sign it. Washington 29. Advices received from Nicaragua give Assur Ance of a fair Prospect of satisfactory settlement of transit Dilli celtics and speak in confident terms of tic ability of Gen. To secure the rejection by Congress of the article in Iho Saniar Teluli which is objected to by our government. There seems to be no doubt the Mission to Central America will be tendered to i Togo Llover visit to Bedford on hut business by invitation. Tho treaty Talanco on Tho 25lh was nearly live millions. Tho receipts for the week ending on that Day was two millions two Hundred and fifty-1 to thousand. The finout of drafts paid is a million six Hundred acid sixteen thou Sand Ami of drafts issued is two million one Hun dred and fourteen thousand. New York 20. Tile dealings in stocks to Day Urc characterized by rather More animation though in most in stances at flight a lower prices. The express says it is stated this afternoon in Well informed no Advance will made in Railroad freights and that Iho representatives of Iho two Southern lines have gone Homo after proposing concessions upon water rates in return for High rates on All classes such us should have induced the n. Roads to forwarders to put tip by canal rail it additional by the Anglo Saxon farther Point july Ito. The announcement of peace is said to have caused signs of commercial improvement in France. Tho Paris hour Market was Dull wheat was Low. The Paris correspondent of Tho London Herald lays Tho greatest Aily prevailed All along Iho breach coast. Tho Channel coast was being fortified and yom Cherbourg to Dunkirk Earth batteries Scro being constructed at the distance of every three Housand Yards. The Paris 1 ays says the whole Imperial guards i division of the infantry of the line and a Battal Ion of chess eurs selected from the different corps of the army of Italy had received orders to March immediately for Paris where they will receive a distinguished reception. On the Paris bourse rentes closed on inc 19th at 78f 30c. Were Strong indications of Dis Content in some parts of Italy. Great agitation existed at Florence the provisional government of Tuscany had Saucil a proclamation describing the basis of peace As betraying uie fairest Hopes that the Tus can government participated in and Scro tha Hiti Mcnuff the people and declaring that tic Tuscany will not be replaced under Tho Yoke and a Luence of Austria against her Wili and rights. The Lenord says to lust a French corps of 40t 000 will remain in Italy until the reorganization of the country according to the treaty of Villa Franca. The correspondent of the daily news says that French and Piedmont Csc troops Are going to Llo Magna Wilh Napoleon s consent to maintain order and take from the Pope All Hope of recovering it by the help of the Swiss. Guards. The most important towns of the roman states had sent a deputation to Confer with Garabaldi in regard to the condition of affairs. Modena and Parma Aro said to be in a state of revolt. The austrian troops remain in their present position the same As if peace had not been do Clard cd. Ord Crk had been Given to sonic of the French ships of War to protect frenchmen and their prop erty in in Case of need. The Paris correspondent of the Post says it has never been intended to support by Iho French array Tho return of the grand Duke of Tuscany. It was reported that Sardinia has re called its representatives from Tuscany and Modena and the provisional government of Tuscany Ami Modena arc organizing a Force to oppose the re turn of the Dukes. Chevalier had been sent from Florence to Paris on a special Mission. The times1 correspondent says that the news of he peace produced the Gre alost exasperation and dejection Al Turin. The emperor was accused of being a traitor to Italy. His portraits had to1 be withdrawn from View in shop windows to prevent them from be ing broken. The opinion of Turin manifests dissatisfaction at Venice being allowed to remain in the hands of Austria. The government of Lumbardy had cautionc1 the editor of the press against using indic lives against the recent Venu and recommends them to assume Timtim iils of moderation under pain of suppression. I Trissia. The Princo Regent has issued an or Der of the Day to thu army expressing satisfy us lion with inc treaty of peace and conclusion of the War. Gen. Bad been removed from inc com Mand of the army which was to have been concentrated on the ill inc. Thousand Swiss troops had left the neapolitan service and gone Home. The disbandment of Many More was expected. Largo of troops were Naples. The following is the latest by Telegraph from London to Liverpool London july daily news1 City article of tuesday evening says that or. Glad Stone s budget commends a Solf to favor by its simplicity and although it involves the necessity of wac Vilice in has been Well received in thu City. The times City article says Tho general feeling in regard to the budget can be said to be completely satisfactory. It to be regretted however that there is not even an allusion Madu to the expediency or otherwise of an Export duty on Coal the equalization of sugar Dulies the Neces sity that the income tax shall be All levied in Lulf a year is disputed. Lenord Sayre Tomt although Iho preliminaries of the treaty of peace Haft been arranged by tic principals at Villa Franca it will to definitely u nun up at Zurich did be officially Cucui munic ated to the courts of Europe i obedience to Icso organic and International stipulations Wlinich form in Parl of the. Public Law of Europe. Washington july 3d. Information has been received at the stale department that proper Steps have been taken by the chinese government to carry into effect Tho arrangements made by sex minister heed for the payment of the various claims of american Citi Zens amounting to about seven Hundred thous and dollars. Cincinnati july 30. Pittsburgh july 30. Following letter from president Buchanan received Liis morning by lion. Wilson Mccan Docsa Bedford Springs 25th july 1859. My have received received your kind note of the inst with Leader from the Posl whilst i deserves Tho ability and Friendship displayed in the i yet regret that it has been published. My de termination not under any circumstances to be come a candidate for re cloption is foal and conclusive. My Best judgment and Strong incl Ina lion unite in favor of this course. To Wist doubts upon my determined purpose is calculated to impair my carrying out important measures and to afford pretext for saying that these have been dictated by a desire to be re nominated. With kindest regards i remain sincerely and respectfully your Friend signed James Buchanan new York aug. 2. The steamship Ocean Queen from Havre and Southampton arrived after Midnight her advices have been mostly anticipated by the Anglo Saxon at Quebec. Or. Merrill u. S. Consul at Tunis is a Passen tic Atlantic Telegraph shares no advancing in Pri Ces. The Paris Moni Tchir of thu oth has Tho Fol lowing defence of the peace treaty by Napoleon yesterday evening plus amp crop received the great bodies of Tho state. The presidents of trolling count de Morroy and m. Congratulatory speeches to majesty. The emperor thanked them for their Devotion and then explained the reasons for conduct during the great events. Arrived be eath the Walls of Verona the struggle was inevitably about to change its nature As Well in a political Jis military aspect. Obliged to attack the enemy in front who was entrenched behind great fortresses and protected on Hank by

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