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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1858, Page 7

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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican (Newspaper) - November 10, 1858, Fort Wayne, Indiana A my it my feet Wayne Lett a a Pra novel a 10,185�. A Fil 1mi Wayne Republic a. Jet la order in new York. A son. Attempts to kill Bis father Molker Sii Ter Brothers and servants and theh kills himself. Bute cry of the Goudy family in n. Y. Pupil Tautic Ulells of tub to new York times gives the follow ing particulars at a late hour on tuesday night a More Horri Libit tragedy was enacted in this City than we have Ever before had occasion to recoil Francis a. Gouldy aged 11 years attempted at his father s House 217 West thirtieth Street Between eighth and ninth avenues to murder his father Mother two Hith is and two servant girls and Terni rated the terrific scene by calf actually blowing out his own brains. Althou Gli the wounds inflicted on his father Brothers and one of the servant girls Are of such a fearful nature As to preclude any to e of their recovery none of them i expired at the time of our going to press. Young Gouldy entered Showler s lager Beer and Oyster Saloon Between Twenty eighth acid Twenty ninth streets eighth Avenue Alk it 9 o clock on t tuesday night he wuss accompanied by a boy 13 or la years old. They partook of Oyster stews but drank no liquor. Gouldy was in the habit of frequenting this Saloon but a Long time had drank no intoxicating liquor. On tuesday night he. Left this Saloon a Little after 9 o clock in a perfectly sober state. While there he remarked that he had had a dispute with his father about Money. Isom the fact that he reached Honie Al out Twenty Quot minutes before 10 o clock and that the distance from the Saloon to his Hiither s House is not Over five minutes walk he could not Timve Stoi it Ped at any place on the Way. He rang the door Bell his Sither having refused him a night key. The door was not oils Ned by a servant but by his father who was awaiting his arrival. Immediately on his Entrance the old gentleman charged him with abstracting a saving s Hank Book from his private desk and proc iring Money thereon representing the act to Boas bad As a direct robbery. The Young Man replied that As the account with the Bank was opened in his name he had a right to take the Book. Soon after Young Gouldy retired. It would seem that he proceeded to his room in the rear of the House on the third floor and in a Cool and collected manner changed his dress removing his coat Vest and Cravat hanging his watch on a Nail by the Side of the Mirror taking off his boots and even removing the sleeve links of his shirt. Then taking a Hatchet in his hand he descended the stairs in his stocking without boots and slippers entered the sitting room where his father was just turning off the Gas and dealt him a blow on the head fracturing his Skull and striking therefrom a portion of the Lone from the Temple 3 inches Long and two and a half inches in Width. Or. Gouldy fell and the blood issuing from the fearful wound made a Large and deep Pool upon the floor. Mrs. Gouldy who had just gone to bed heard the heavy fall and was in the act of raising Iier self to listen when the Sou fettered her room exclaiming Quot Mother Oil Mother Quot instantly he seized her hand and dealt her a severe Halo upon the head with the Hatchet which deluged her face with blood. She screamed and sprang from the bed when the Young fellow repeated the blows until she was rendered senseless. He then repaired to the Hall bedroom whore his two Brothers Nithaniel and Charles aged 13 and 6 years were sleeping in the same bed. He struck at them both with the same weapon cutting from the head of the eldest a piece of Bone two inches Long and nearly an Inch wide. The younger was not so severely injured but his Skull was fractured and pieces of the Bone Chipi de away. The Assassin next proceeded to the Hall of the third floor where the two servant girls who had heard the noise had come from their room to listen. He immediately attacked them with the Hatchet dealing them frightful blows on the head. One of them wrested the weapon from his grasp but he recovered it and struck her to the floor by a Power fid blow. His sister mar hearing the struggle and screams of the servants opened the door of her room and saw the girls covered with blood but did not recognize her brother. Supposing him to be a burglar she retreated into the room locked the door threw open tie window and shouted the police. Some officers of the Ward the twentieth hearing her cries hurried to the spot forced open tie door arid were spectators of Sacii a scene of horror As they had never before the father Lay upon the floor entirely unconscious his face and head covered with blood. The Mother wins insensible in the next room and also deluded in blood. In the Hall bed room the Little bo3 s were also in a similar condition. Ascending the stairs they found the servant girls lying in a Pool of Gore entirely , while in his own chapter the wretched Young Man was stretched upon the floor wallowing in his own blood having committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Flis brains were scattered about the floor and his right hand still grasped the pistol two barrels of which were still heavily loaded. When the officers entered he was not quite dead. He gave a few convulsive gasps uttering no word and expired. Doctors Harmon Sewall and others living in the neigh Rhood were called in and rendered All the assistance in their Power. The wound which the suicide inflicted on himself was on the right Side of the head Immer lately behind the ear the Skull being greatly a littered. A Pool of blood two feet in diameter Lay thick and moist around his head. The surgeon s probe and the discoloration of the left Eye show that the Ball lodged near the fro total Bone on the left Side of the orbit. He fell by the Side of a Cabinet Between the door and the fire his coat was thrown carelessly on a chair his Vest waa hanging on a. Bedstead his watch Vas Hung on a Nail his Cravat thrown on the floor one Boot standing by his 8i<ic. Tie other thrown under the table by the window and the stockings on his feet were soaked with blood showing that before he fell he must have trodden in his own got ii a More terrible sight than the Corpse exhibited yesterday even those who have Quot supped on horrors Quot have rarely Gouline family. A it a cig go Gouldjr the amp ther of the amp mily / a a Joat i5 years of age and is wll known in Tjie upper part of the City As a lumber deals a who had accumulated a Handsom Jiff Petty and retired la Ron business about slx.year.? ago., hels it Proi Nineia a pm a 4,d Rene Leui it idi8tg Ujj so Church being. A a Cristee of Tho to Miffy Kef Aorist be stot ugh Torch in thirty Uburth Stirret the which be devoted much of hit was held in the High in Iden Namo a pm intractable Ani vkiou.,. First Sepa Iam Quot a the Mother Wys and finally sent by after remaining at Honse a Short time he took a notion to go to sea. His amp ther objected but finally acquiesced and furnished him an outfit. He was absent about a year making a trip to Liverpool and several other ports turning he washout some Tibie he then obtained a situation As clerk in a real estate office but soon after left it. His Hiither then found a situation we in a Kwh office of Mooi amp Willis Corner of i Roadway and ii Ltd Street. He exhibited no fitness the place and was in a Short time discharged. His last attempt at business was As a clerk in the hardware store of messers. Sullivan amp Hyatt in Piatt Street but he did not suit his employers and lost his situation on the first of july last do ring All this time he remained an inmate of his father s Hoase receiving the a modest and most careful attentions. He was however addicted to late hours and his companions say to immoral practices. When the family went into the country last summer he accompanied them to. Newburg and remained i Jinx the until their return. At Home he was at times pleasant toward his Brothers and Sisters occasionally taking tre Little ones i on his knee and fondling them with much affection. At other times he was morose and revengeful and exhibited an uncontrollable to Emighjr. He would not let the family know what he was about. He had a fondness billiards and it is supposed that he thus lost considerable Money. During the religious excitement last Winter he manifested much interest and was admitted As on probation in the Church to which his father and Mother belonged but he was finally dropped on account of his irregular habits. His father on Frank s account finally decided to embark Oitice More in his former business taking him in As a partner. A sum of Money was deposited in the savings Bank to his credit which he was told he would be permitted to draw on coming of age. Of ten dollars which he had drawn on his father s Bank Book on tues Lay morning Only forty cents were found on his after his miserable suicide. The slightest opposition would throw him into excitement while his secretive propensity and obstinacy prevented his friends from tracing him to his haunts or exercising any influence Over him. The eldest daughter of , Mary Eliza will be 16 years old in february. Nathaniel is the next eldest son being 14 years old in december. His Skull is badly fractured a piece of the Bone two inches Long by one in Width was removed from the right Side of his head. When discovered he wis bending Over his father s body moaning and praying piteously. Charles Wesley the first child by the present wife will be seven years old in february. He is a Bright Little fellow and bore heroically the operation of tre panning which was determined necessary. The remaining children Are Jane aged 5 years and Catherine aged 2 4 years who were in eth in the room with their Mother Jane in a crib and babe in the bed. Neither of them were injured. There were never any indications of in sanity in the family. Aprea Knack of the scene and condition of the wounded. The House in which Young Gouldy resided with his family is a substantial three Story and basement building in the modern style. The family live in ease and Comfort. The room occupied by the suicide in the rear on the third Story was Well and tastefully furnished. Two trunks belonging to him were filled with wearing apparel school books fishing tackle skates boy s playthings amp a. On a table were sue s mysteries of Paris Shakespeare and the new testament with or. Adam Clark s commentary. On the mantel beside some ornaments in Bronze and China were daguerreotypes of himself and a Young male Friend. On the Walls were some pictures and a map of the holy land. Phreno logically considered the head of this Young Man was not Good. The forehead retreated almost like those Phister cast foreheads of idiots exhibited in the phrenology its windows while the posterior organs were quite largely developed. What is certain from the report Given by those most intimately connected with him is that he was wherly devoid of self restraint and seemed to be without a Clear perception of moral duty. The Hatchet with which the wounds were inflicted he had brought some week.? since from the hardware store where he was employed and kept in his room. It was about fifteen inches Long with a Blade about four inches wide. It was Virv much mapped on the Edge As if it had been used to chop a much harder substance than Wood. He also had a Stevedore s Sheath knife about twelve inches Long which appears to have been sharpened recently. The assault on or. Gouldy sen was committed in the front sitting room on the second floor. There is in it a sofa Bedstead a a Sofii by Day a Beds Eail by night. Or. Gouldy was lying on his sofa Bedstead on wednesday. T Wick during the Day he woke up to a sufficient knowledge of his situation to ask where he was and who had Hurt him were momentary gleams of a sort of Semi consciousness otherwise he has been totally insensible he cannot survive. In a front bed room on the same floor is the younger brother of the suicide Nathaniel Gouldy. His condition is very doubtful indeed it is next to an impossibility that he can survive. In a rear bedroom on the second floor mrs. Gouldy and her youngest son Charles Wesley Gouldy Are under the care of the doctor. Mrs. Gouldy is not very seriously injured. Her Skull is slightly fractured and the flesh much lacerated but she will probably recover. Little Charley s Skull is fractured and pieces of 1 one have been removed therefrom. There is but Little Hope of his recovery. Of the servant girl Johanna Murphy the attendant surgeon said would die. Of Elizabeth Carr s recovery there was some Hope. The latter however is delirious and among Many incoherent ejaculations exclaims frequently 0h, that i should have gone there to to Murat by that bad boy she also Stites m her a i con Para jul or to Smau . Cou Raur Storie Forward Iii an commiss Ioil Mer chats we receive store i and Forward goods by Axxe put Tburg fort want and Chicago the Toledo Wabash and Western railroads and by the Wabash and Erie canal and Are scale is in All kinds of v produce Salt fish nails Porf be flour of Tass Coal we Are Ilso agents Fairbanks celebrated Scales. Our warehouse is Well in gated on the canal Basin at thie East end of Columbia Street. Fort Wayne May 5th 1868. 1-y j. E. Hill. A. A. Orbison Hill amp Orbison. Forwarding and commission March jets fort Wayne ind. May 5th 18.58. 1-y Indiana land Agency. John Hough or. Fort Wayne ind. Will take charge of and sell lands Northern Indiana Southern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio pay taxes examine titles and transact All the business of a general land Agency. May 5th 1858. 1-y h. Williams. A. C. Ii testis. Williams amp Huestis commission merchants and wholesale Delkus in groceries fruit Glass nails Woodenware eggs butter cheese lard amp a. No. 85 Columbia Street Rort Wayne ind. Mar chants supplied with groceries of All kinds on As favourable terms All things considered As can be purchased in any Market a orders ii decl with Dispa Toli. April 5th 1858 1-y b. W. Oakley and retail a Kalb in foreign and Domestic hardware saddlery amp Carriage trimming rubber amp leather belting amp a. No. 79 Columbia Street fort Wayne ind. May 5th 1858. 1-v Drake amp buries provision Emporium to the place where the human family is supplied with the necessary substantial and luxuries of life. People differ widely on politics religion &c., &c., but on tie knife and Fork arrangement every hotly pitch in to fuds Ojei foment fish grocer los preserves pickles fruits amp a. And to do so most effectually and Stop that knocking three times a Day at the inner Man go to Drake amp buries provision Emporium where All can Balm in Gilead that afflicting hereditary complaint. Dulake amp Bourie. May 5th 1848, la a khmers if you want to get the highest Market Price in Cash your marketing Call at the Emporium of May 5th 1858. Drake amp Bourie. Co a Feltio Ery. Bossler presents his thanks to Bis old customers past favors and by a strict attention to he Hopes to Merit a continuation of their patronage. Since sugars have declined in prices it has enabled him to manufacture candies and sell them at lower rates than heretofore. He can now Supply any Quantity assorted or , from one stick to a ton weight. He keeps on hand gum drops Orani is Lemons fruit of All kinds nuts &.c. In their season. Please give him a Call before buying elsewhere. All orders promptly attended to. Sale room on Calheim Street opposite the Public Square. Fort Wayne May 5, 18. J8. 1 y Oliver p. Morgan no. 81 Coli Tibia Street fort Wayne ind. So amp of of Quot the 3?i?. Keeps constantly on hand and is receiving almost daily a Large assortment of hardware intervals of consciousness that when Young Gouldy approached her she snatched the Hatchet from his hands. In seizing it from her to exclaimed Quot i am not going Toj Cill 3 of Lizzie i Only want to get he then struck her three blows on the head with it immediately he a an into his own room which As on the same boor and in less than a minute she heard the report of a pistol. She says Frank was considered by the family a very hard boy that his father had had a great Deal of trouble with him and had tried a very Way to make him steady. Hosta cd out All night once last week and did not return till 10 o clock the next morning. She thinks he was somewhat addicted to drinking a she had let him Inta the House on up veil occasions when he a to a to her that he w aj9,. / she hag always taken care of his never seen any a a of the Hati it in his quids a a i the to old St evil dry were Iii sister How a a of a a a selected with special reference to this Market consisting in part of locks and latches Butts and screws Tabit and pocket cutlery plated my Britania Cas tors Tea and table spoons Tea Setta plated Forks curtain cornices bands and Pini &c., &c., together with Iron of All sizes. Nails spikes american and foreign steel vices blacksmiths Bellows ii axes Eliot in Springs thimble skeins and pipe boxes stocks and Dies scythes swaths cradles shovels Spades hoes Mattocks grub Hoet picks axes Quot hatchets and hammers. Mill and Cross Cut saws carpenters and joiners tools in great variety. , gig barrels shot guns Colts and aliens revolvers. Saddlers hardware Saddle Trees of various patterns. Saddlers amp Coopers tools Tress hoops amp a. Solar and Laid lamps burning fluid a it Frigen tors ice Cream freezers toilet sets and water coolers. Under the superintendence of experienced workmen who will attend to the manufacture of All kinds of tin Sheet Iron amp Copper work. Joi 0m. Our Nices churches i>�ireilidg8 and Public build Iris. H6t and crib wat ii afar tits Bath ii of tubs Shower foot and hip Baths galvanised cornices Chimney stacks and Salt pans. Tin Ware eave troughs and spouting a was Ranhand. Fort Wayne May 5th 1858. 1-y Eor sle. On the Wagon win Rohter. The track of the Cincinnati Atad port Wayzie Railroad runs Chrouch it. Aniio 55>ficres in Tel Allen count is j it Falso situated on South Side of the Ganal in swing addition and of lotto. 298 in Hannas addition to a City of fort Wayne. A it p. Bailey. a. Ryphe to designed the old Cit auctioneer x announces to his old customers that he is now exclusively attending to the auction and commission business at his old stand on Calhoun second door from Columbia Street where he is fully prepared to attend to the a lung of Al kinds of i is pm lots horses wagons Housel old a fun Mituri he will also attend to paying taxes on property and Agency to sell land. Liberal Advance made on go ads left to sell at auction having one of the Best stands and rooms in the City and Twenty years experience in the business he Hopes to receive a fair portion of patronage. E. Stapleford aug it Doimer. May 5, ltt58. I a. Jettia insurance co. Incorporated 1819. Charter perpetual. A Sih Crit enlarged 1th july 1857 to ,600,000 absolute and unimpaired surplus with the pret inc of3h a cars . Directors. T. K. Bryce or. Pam l Tudor Joseph Church Robert Uriell e. A. Tittle e. Flower a. , r. , e. U. Ripley s. 8. Ward ii. Z. Pratt a. Dunham g. F. Devin d. Lilly or , w. Kenoy Quot c. Ii. Brainard. Officers. E. G. Rip lev pres t. T. A. Alexander vice pres t. Thos. K. Brace jr., Sec y. J. B. Bennett Gen l agent. Insures against the hangers of wire. And perils of Inland navigation. At As Liberal rules and rates As risks assumed permit of solvency and fair profit. Especial attention paid to insurance of dwellings farm property out buildings Ano contents. Such insured periods of 3 to 5 years on the most Lavo Nible terms. Toss is Equi Lauy adjusted and promptly paid. Losses paid $10,437,312 m. If wealth with a a Toady and prompt attention to a legitimate insurance business and tie execution of contracts in Gootis Faith live inducement with the Public in selecting their Nailer writer we refer Vliem test of Quality and our claims to their patronage to records of past ser vices tendering their continuance with increasing ability and facilities in future. Choice first class indemnity May by eff Ted without delay with this Well known and Able corporation thro John Hough jr., agent. Fort Wayne 5th 1858. 1-Yrobinson s new Brick store at the old stand in Rort . This wioiesaletmii800t$8�0� and leather store is the most Etc sire establish lament of the kind in part of the country. My retail. Room is spacious an Ltd Well filled from the styles of White Satin Bronze French kid and toilet Slipper to the fancy Gaiter find stood Boot merchants amp shoe dealers can be supplied As Low As Uliey can buy of Eastern Bobbin i houses As i Purchase direct Isom the manufacturers in Eastern v Lla it res where the jobbers buy their Stock and Wien my own Homi Madi work is added to the Eastern a better Stock is furnished. Also sole leather upper calf skins Kip skins Uin Inge binding so least pcs findings. Jpn ror hides and skins. James h. Robinson. Fort Wayne ind., May 18,1858. 3�y he to i of min Era hip of the Firin of being about to expire and As they Are deter Ninea to Settle All the matters transacted in Rinc said term they notify All those in their debt and a those having claims against their it to come Forward immediately and close their accounts. A Thev have just received their entire new sprling and summer Stock of of voids hats air a Clis Cassimeris amp Vestin i consisting of every article in that line from a Linen coat to the finest French Broad cloth. Tie same in vests and pants. Also the choicest Stock of piece goods Ever brought to the West All of which they will make to measure on the most reasonable terms r or of Tolx and warrant All to fit and made to the latest fashions received every three months from new York. They have also a Large assortment of hats gaps and trunks and a general assortment of gents furnishing goods. Bostick amp Bolman. Fort Wayne May 18th 1858. 3-y. Watches jewelry amp a. A. Mayek no. 88, Columbia Street fort Wayne returns his thanks to his numerous friends their Liberal support and respectfully informs them that he has just received a Large and excellent new Stock of Gold and Silver watches from the most approved makers which he will sell at prices to suit the present hard times. Among these will be found a lot of american watches from the american watch manufacturing co., of Massachusetts Warnin Ted to keep Correct time and expressly adapted to the wants of Railroad officers. Clocks of All kinds in great variety. Guard chains seals and keys breast pins ear rings Finger rings including a Large Stock of wedding rings which he offers Low in Hopes of increasing the demand children s corals chains bracelets lockets Gold and Silver thimbles and everything else in the jewelry line. Silver amp plated spoons Forks plated Tea sets spectacles accordions flutes port monies work bags work boxes toys and fancy articles in great variety and cheaper Nian Ever. Repairing i actually and faithfully attended to. He gives particular attention to this Branch of business employing the Best workmen and can warrant Good satisfaction to All who need any description of watches clocks or Jewery repaired. Fort Wayne june 1st 1858. 5-y it pm a Otich. Dil z3ittsburgh, it. Wayne a Chicago Railroad company with its ample rolling Stock and a Juip ment and its thorough connections is prepared to transport passengers and freight from Philadelphia and Pitts Bui to Chicago St Louis Indiana a Cincinnati and nil places West and .south.West. With a great degree of regularity and expedition. The fact that this Road forms a direct and consolidated line Between pets Boath and pm Cacio is a sufficient guarantee that its trains will make Good time and connections with trains on other roads. Pas sexier to aids leave i . Crest Leno. Ift Wano. U. S. Mail ,7. »0 a. A 7.07 p. A 1st la Pris 2. T a a. .�5.40 p. M. Jud Quot 12.15 p. M.110.2 p. M.�4.�o a. M. Reach Chicago 7.0 1 a. M. And 1to . All trains make close com sections at guest a if. For , Cincinnati Indianapolis and or. Louis. Also at fort wave with trains on a rash and Western Railroad la Fayette Central Illinois and St. Louis. Also at Forest with trains on the m. R. Amp l. E. R. R. And at Lima with trains on Dayton and Michigan Railroad ii. From Chicago. In to wave i Fri St line. Tarr. 1 . U. S. 1. A ,30 a i Quot. A i. M. Let express 0,30 a. 1�. M. 0.12 p. Im., a . 2n l Quot i ii.2. 5a.m.l.l.5l. M. Making close connections with trains Philadelphia Baltimore new York and Boston. Trains from St Louis Indianapolis Cincinnati and Columbus make close connections at Crestline with All returning trains at fort Wayne trains from St. Louis Cen trial Lafayette and inter Piliate places connect with above trains at Forest connection Are made with trains to and fro i Cincinnati Springfield Ancl Dayton the in. S. Mail from Pittsburgh to Crestline being a train Ideal business is overtaken at Crestline by the 2nd express. Accommodation trains. Leave new Brighton Allegheny City at 6.40 a. M. And 12.35, p. M. Leave Allegheny City new Brighton at 9.45 and 5 p. M. Baggage checked to rough and no Clarge handling. For tickets and further information apply to Geo. Parkin passenger station Comer Liberty and Grant streets b. F. Patrick no 80 Dearborn Street opposite the Tremont House Chicago or to tie age tons on the line. To commence on monday May loth and continue until further notice. J. J. Houston Geni pass or amp it act. D. W. Boss pass Grag t Chicago. Jos. H., Moore superintendents june 15th 1858 7-y agents at the Sta Toledo Wabash amp Western Railroad. Books and stationery. C. T. It dealer in books and stationary of All kinds his assortment of professional. School and Misc Lineous books is larger Ned better than can be found any where in the Hoith part of this state. He keeps constantly on hand a Large and Well of Bias ill is Quot paper hangings room papery window paper fire screens and Putnam s curtain fixtures. Has also a Book bindery connected with Thi establishment. Store o j of Calhoun it it. Inf May 5,1858.1-y the ouly direct route from Toledo to 8t. Lanisi Spring add naps Decatur Alton and the West. No change of cars a Ween. Toledo. St Louis. Is Joe to Nii Pryl Lea Iii of store to Neil on r Cuti l i fat mfr Sion Ilo cd ambit it. In a pm Abri tors of hire. A Kim Mon Miru. Senger trains will leave Toledo it follows a a. I mail express at 12 00 m. New York and St. Louis express at 11 30 ,. Pm a Al eng is by either of these trains go through to St Sloiua it without change of cars in advantage by any other route. Liese trains make close connections it at state Lihe a the a feint Western Railroad Springfield Naides d�mtur&c., and at fort Zwaap with trains of the pit Burg Foh Wayne and Chicago rail Road Columbia Waw it Plymouth amp Chicary the 19 00 m. Train make polote coi Mec Tiona i pm with try Ina of Pera and Indi Quot its Zuur Load Indian Apt ipad to nmn. 11 of teas just received at his a few xxx store a Large Stock Oftis Coon designed expressly the jobbing amp detail Trade among which is a Complete Stock of ladies dress goods amp trimmings including a Choice selection of silk and Wool Terege Balzarine silk tissue Robes a Quille and brilliants of All Colora. Shades and Patty is. Lawns of the cheapest and Best qualities Organ die Robes a Quille Beautiful. Cavalli Wool Delaine Terege Robes Taconet Quot grenadines new style magnificent Beautiful cols Superior duty in patterns. Berage Delaine Robes a Nilu. Silk tissue Black and fancy dress Silks chambray Deblaise polins Plain and figured Jaco nets muslims and dress Rimini nos Stella Chenell brocade Lawn Valencia Hibbet Ca a h m e r e. Lace silk and Crape shawls also Black White and fancy Mantilla Sun shades parasols umbrellas &c., there will be found in the gentlemen s department a Choice selection of cloths Cassimeris ves Tings &c., &c., amp a. Of Elery variety and style. Together with a Complete Stock of every thing in the dry goods and Yankee notion line. All of which will be sold at wholesale and retail at unparalleled flow prices Cash George Miller. North West Corner of Calhoun and Berry its. June 1st 1858. 6-v Humphrey a hard zoo ruse xxi Index Saki it manufacturers of doors blinds amp Sash. Hereby give notice to their friends Andall whom it May concern that they manufacture to order at their shop nearly opposite the Rockhill House doors blinds window Sash and All other kinds of work usually done in their Ione of business. Having the most extensive assortment and the very Best of machinery driven by steam of any establishment in this Vicinity they Are prepared to execute All orders with dispatch at the lowest prices possible. Give us a Call. Fort Wayne Mav 25, 1858. 4-Ythieme s Mem store no. Pm Columbia Street rout a a site in id. Tust received a full Stock of Superior French and German cloths French Cassimeris silk and Marseilles vesting tweeds summer goods &c., which will be made to measure in the most elegant and Fasli Couable style and at the lowest rates. Ready a flail cloth Zigr a Large and Superior assortment All homemade we pay Good prices to our hands and being practical tailors and judges of work can warning it to be Well and honestly made. We use such linings and trimmings As Are suit table to the goods to be made up whereby they last longer fit better and Are every Way Superior to Eastern Slop work. A very Large Stock of hats and Caps. Gents furnishing goods shirts collars scarfs cravats handkerchiefs socks suspenders carpet bags a lot of Good trunks warranted Strong and Well made cheap. Thieme Brothers. June 1st 1858 .5-v. Boerhave s Biol Ian . Ltd disease of the kidneys liver complaint weakness of any kid fever and ague and the various affections consequent upon a disordered is Tox Law Axex Oit car Teet such As indigestion acidity of the stomach Colicky pains heartburn loss of appetite despondency Cost Veness Blind and bleeding piles. In All nervous rheumatic and neuralgia affections it has in numerous instances proved highly beneficial and in others effected a decided cure. This is a purely vegetable compound prepared on strictly scientific principles after the manner of the celebrated Holland professor Boerhave. Because of its great Success in most of the european states its introduction into the United states was intended More especially those of our fatherland scattered ii Ere and there Over the face of this mighty country. Meeting with great Success among them 1 now offer it to the american Public knowing that its truly wonderful medicinal Virtues must be acknowledged. It is particularly recommended to those persons a flae constitutions May have been impaired by the continual is use of ardent spirits or other forms of dissipation. Generally instantaneous in effect it finds its Way directly to the seat of life thrilling and a quickening every nerve raising up the drooping spirit and in fact infusing new vigor in , the great popularity of this delightful Aroma has induced m any imitations which the Public should guard again purchasing. Be not Pur Amaded to buy. Anything else Unhul you have Giren Boerhave s Holland ii Tetra a fair trial one bottle will convince you How infinitely Superior it a. To All these imitations. A a up sold at4tl,00 per bottle or six bottle 500, by the sold prom com Belt Jaatun Page or. It . And a amp a insists Pittsburgh a. For Sale by Wall my yer amp co., c. Nill and Smith amp Brackenridge fort Wayne ind. June32,1858. 8.y.h. W. Tatlor amp co. Hardware and a Ovoca fort Wayne ind. We keep constantly on hand a Large assortment of heavy amp shelf hardware consisting in part of Iron nails Glass hollow Ware steel mails yikes Sec la is blacksmiths Bellows saws Aimeee Hanics tools builders hardware &c., which we Are prepared to sell Low and Call the attention of country merchants to our Stock. Salt flour pork water Lime plaster amp a. Always on hand at our warehouse. Fort Wayne june 15th 1858. 7-y Fin hl0 a Attim ipg on Clincan Ham Illi ii it or a Here he to leu imm ast b a daguerreotypes Hall types ambr types photographic Fine Art Gallett. Pictures taken at these rooms cannot be surpassed in the Union. As evidence of the above we submit the following from the new York photographic and Fine Art Journ in. A. Mcdonald the portrait you sent us is a very pleasing one As Well As very excellent in tone and finish the head is very Fine the lights and shades being beautifully As an intoned picture this will Bear comparison with the works of our Best Eastern photographs. Rooms Over s. C. Evans amp cos dry goods store Corner of main and Calhoun streets one door West of the Corner. Entrance sign of Mcdonald s picture gallery. Fort Wayne May 5th 1858. 1-y medical i Totice. Doctor w. D. Stewart a graduate in Mernon and surgery of the medical departments of the universities of Louisville ky., and new York City having permanently located in fort Wayne will continue to practice led Leone and surgery giving prompt and diligent attention to All cases committed to his professional care whether in town or country Day or night. The diseases Pecilia to females. I have studied in the Large hospitals of Louisville ky., and of the City of new York As Well As through an extensive pict ice of seventeen years. Those who Are afflicted ire invited to consult me. Quot residence on Berry Street two doors West Oftle a lid presbyterian ii Ucli. Office on Clinton Street immediately Over the Post office. Miry 5th 1-y i it Rosi it act xes of the thirty seventh volume of the Indiana state journal pipe journal is now entering its thirty 1. Seventh volume. It was establish Rietl in 1822, and is the oldest paper in Indiana. It is equal in age to the City of Indianapolis and is nearly As old As our state government. It was established when Indiana was Little else than a wilderness and when Indianapolis scarcely existed except in name. It has lived and grown upon its own merits Seldom receiving official patronage or governmental favors. Its name is a Quot household won Quot thro out the length and breadth of the , and its position upon All Public matters apolitical or otherwise is so Well known that anything said in reference to its course upon any of the questions now before the people would be sul or Flous. While the journal. Will continue to advocate the great principles of Freedom and give its support to the Republican party As the party of the people acting with the party when right and repudiating it when wrong it will be the coming year More of a family paper than it has Ever yet been and be made More acceptable to the general Reader than a purely political paper could be. The session of Congress under a new administration is always fraught with More or less importance to the welfare of the country and the present session will be looked upon with fee bags of Peculiar interest. The position of the administration upon Kansas affairs is a matter of much Public the Utah question and the Progress of the anticipated War in that Quarter will be a subject of great Public interest As Long As it remains unsettled. Events Are transpiring in our own country and throughout the world to make a newspaper indispensable to every individual. Bounteous crops have blessed the Husbandman throughout the land peace plenty and Prosperity smile upon All and we appear before the Public asking its support feeling that we shall receive it liberally. Itie past course of the journal will be the Best ii Rex of what the future Wilu be and promising to improve upon fomer efforts in Pirodi icing in acceptable family and political newspaper we submit our claims to a generous and intelligent people. Terms one copy one year. $150 ten copies one year and one to the get. Ter up of the club1500 Twenty copies one year to one address and one to the getter up of the club. 2000 thirty fire copies one year to. One address and one to the getter up of the club. 3500 fifty cd pies one year to one address. And two to getter up of club. 50 00 Cluba of ten the Natae of each sub Scriber will be written on his paper but in Lar or clubs where the pipers Are sent one Ollar each no Thiu will be Leri Iten in the papers but club sent to 0.<c rail poll my to distribute. This Isth invariable practice of a Papen sending out clubs fat cheap rates and Cai Inot departed from in Tny particular., ,. I the Bailor journal. Will be sent by mail foi.$6,i 0 a year it cats month. Address a Jour Jat company in no Rafi Pizir ind. In it b i-10-a 3nr Job panting office cd Humn St., 3d Itoiz of Siedell bait disc fort Wayne tic attention is respectfully i tested to this establishment with the Assurance that ample satisfaction will be Given As regards typography press work and charge to those who May require. Fact or common Large or Small work executed neatly correctly and expeditiously. Our facilities in the us a of Plaisi and fancy card printing Are such As will enable us to do any description or Quantity of it in the most expeditious and satisfactory manner. We pay a a Ticulka r attention to this department of Job printing. And Are prepared to execute All in Good style and on the shortest possible notice. Having in successful operation besides our la i e sized hand press one of Wells celebrated Power Job printing presses enabling us to execute with the utmost expedition and in the Best style of the Art Bui Heads concert tickets Bills of Laden receipts concert Bills posters pamphlets Bills of fare girl alarm certificates programmes envelopes Bank checks labels it. We can Supply cards of any color site or Price. Every business Man needs something in the Way of Job Piu Tinb a Bill , a store or shop Bill a business card or circular is almost therefore we Call attention to our facilities executing every description of Job printing tie Public May be assured that no pains will be spared on our part to serve their interests faithfully and promptly. Wau paper. R aaa Rolls of Wall paper of own a new and Beautiful patterns a ale by n. P. Stockbridge. May 5th 1858. Drugs drugs drugs chemicals Hugh b. Reed amp co. Whole Sale a balers in err it or pare drugs chemicals medicines a and pharmaceutical preparations a this and in rotted liquors sacramental and medicinal Rit roses Only. Also paints Olls dyes tits Brt sues glue Glass a. Constantly on hand a a ill Supply of fancy amp toilet articles perfumes extracts 8oaps, pomade powders amp a. And idl the Pontar Audij scale Ives. Country merchants and retail dealers supplied at manufacturers prices. Orders will meet with prompt attention. 95. 95. No. 95 Columbia Street. Wall meter amp co., wholesale retail aka lbs i a digs medicines siem Ioala paints oils varnishes Odesm Fly a Patent medicines surgical instruments glassware window qi<m9, brushes of All kinds pure wines amp or asides Soa it pm late i it Moy a tide a re constantly readying fresh supplies of a. All Artici in their line direct from new York a Iida Boston. Quot co a me its and a re re my if Illy invited to Call a Iii Ermine our Stock. A drugs and Medicine will be War Ruak a pure and having been selected with care from mme of the Best East pm houses. No Wayne May St 1858. 1-y a Tow a in Tail it. Spa of too a pm it to of la a

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