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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1860, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican (Newspaper) - January 11, 1860, Fort Wayne, Indiana To pc a Sec Fuhs pts scots so a a 5. In is. If r a i a v a. Ezet. Wayne Indiana wednesi14t tue p. Burner editor Aid Piro Peteto Iisalo Cert Weib a Lokming office of Calhoun Sung Apsite the Public a quow. Six 1, a a it a it a is. Tenn a of a Perl ear /a4irance. Rates or advertising. One Square 12 lines or Leas one insertion $1 each Sib sequent same one year.10,1 Quot six months Quot Quot Quot can a a three months one column on year. It. six months. A a a a a v a a Quot three months. A a. A 3��jjjj Alf column one year. A. .50,0� a a six i months. I. A three months. A. A a a a a a t be fourth column one year. I.jm.00 a a a a Quot six months. I. 20,00 a a a m three months15,00 announcing candidates Quot for office,.2,00 or doable column Advt a Price and a half. Al kinds of Job printing Donea treasonable a Tea it Ltd executed with neatness and dispatch Mark who Are the Diqui zionist. From the Albany eve Hong journal on the 6th of december or. Iverson a democratic senator from Xeo a said Quot the South can take care of we will 1 6 prepared to defended ourselves at the sacrifice of the on the same Day or. Clark a democratic representative from Missouri said a the Union cannot exist if the recon Cen nations in the circular that is to circulate Helper s Book were earned on the 7 the or. Chesnut a democratic senator from South car Una said Quot the South cannot preserve the Union. It does not behave her in her Down trodden and feeble on the same Day or. Pry or. Democratic from Virgina said Quot the a representatives of Thi South will never consent that tie creature and Champion of the Republican party shall take Possession of the speakers on the 8th, or. More Democrat of Alabama said. Quot if the Republican party could be defeat a the Union would be preserved but if ecu a Par a were to succeed the sooner the Union is dissolved on the same Day or. Davis dem. Rop. It rom Mississippi said Quot Seward is a Trator and deserves the Gal is the 10th, or. Smith Democrat of Virginia said "1 would not say if any partic Iuar Man hould be elected president i would time Dia Dlf favor a dissolution of the on the same Day or. Curry Democrat Quot Quot Lub North elected Seward or Uliase or any other member of the Lle publican mrav on a sectional platform such an elec lion win to be resisted to the destruction of every tie that binds the c need Tracy to if Ether Quot applause by the dem Cruls on the 13th. Senator Clay Democrat of Alabama said Quot will shy that if Alabama be not Recreant to state Pride and political integrity she will never submit to your Faiu he said Quot unless she and All the Southern , fix cent three Are not faithless to the pled is Thev have Given they will never submit to your Republican domineering in this gov again he said. Quot i repeat i y the unanimous action of Lcy i4atnres and convey unions the Southern it a except three Piave pledged Thiu a elves to dissolve the l Nion upon the of slavery in the Tern tories Quot on the same Day senator Xiii. Democrat of California said Quot there is another reason Why the Southern states should prep a re Lor dissolution of the Union the lie publican party a triumphed in almost every slate on Tuu Atlantic again he said Quot in my opinion it is impossible for a be publican to administer the nov so Ament Over a slave Luduig on the Lii or. Millac Democrat of Quot if Tow a ii Quot not make on the 15th, or. Vallandigham dem., o Ohio said. Quot i hold to one Juoh one Constitution one destiny which could not be fun filled except by the Lunae Diati total and i con-4iti�nal destruct of of the Republican id unit a fib cd Quot cd ii Aisla of aim Sejbl it a Folk Ray a Bouna aubion a font of re. Dak by South Fob Abo Timoni it ones a att re Al re Ufi Guju food co., a con ipod Dent of the mfr York Herald get Esau a a of account of who arrest in the connect Plocki of the Berj in Iel Worth xxv is Leys methodist Prea her Vii Ati of North Carolina but for some time past up to two years a go a resident of Indiana in which state he had been a member of the legislature. Be was arraigned �3d of dec., on a charge of sell it and circulating Helper s impending crisis and of uttering in the pulpit Langua calculated to make slaves and free negroes discontented. He was refused bail and sent to jail whence he was ten for examination on the following Day. More than a dozen witnesses sustained the charges against his discourses amp one Man testified that he had purchased a copy of Helper s Book from Worth. It was also proved that Worth in the pulpit on sunday had said that the Laws of North Carolina ought not to be a a Yedo and that they were made by a Quot set of drunkards gamblers and the prisoner who conducted his own Case acknowledged that he had been engaged in circulating the Helper Book and also a Worth on the Quot War in Kansas Quot but did not consider it any harm to do so that at first he did not intend to admit halving circulated the former but that he wanted to make them As a lawyer would bring evidence to substantiate the charge. The counsel for the prosecuting rejoiced that this Case had Arisen in old Guilford which had been claimed As an abolition county and denounced Helper and his Book Reading extracts from the last. The prisoner in his own def nce at temp de to argue the evil of slavery and to convince the court that he was right in preaching against it. He was however compelled to confine himself to the Point at Issue. S he then continued his remarks at considerable length on abolition until the court told him that it had listened Long enough to that Strain and desired him to speak As to the charges brought against him. The prisoner Tjien spoke As to his course having been consistent with his calling As a preacher and is a Man that when he heard there was a warrant out for his arrest he had started for this place to surrender himself that in preaching and practice he had Only been doing what others in the state had Long ago been doing unmolested that to sought not to Dis sever the Union that he did t endorse All the sentiments contained in Helper s work that he had formerly been a magistrate in this county that he had been living in Indiana Many years and came Back to North Carolina a bout two years since to Benefit the health of an invalid wife that that wife had died and he had married again and had been engaged in preaching in Serenil counties since to was not conscious of having violated the Laws of the state either in his calling As a preacher or ius a circulator of Quot Helper s impel Ling the court ordered him to find bail in fur his at the next term of court and the a a ame amount to keep the peace until that time. At last accounts the required bail had not been found. Worth is about sixty five years of age. The punishment for the first Olfonse of Liat kind for which he has been held to bail is thirt3 nine lashes for the second death. Gilt and grit Efalia received. But it the Southern chivalry gathered around the Southern gentleman and. Threatened him with summary Reng Naticc if he repeated his generosity. The. Exasperated crowd Der trained the train and called for More a tar and .�iit.ther. Infliction their he ing victim. More tar was pro right. More be tethers Coald of founds and after Cesh. Tar was applied Cotton was stuck upon it. Instead when the train started for Charlestown the mob bade him god Bye and told him that when he reached that City he would receive 130 lashes i at every Columbia and Charlestown blew a prolonged whistle and gathered a mob to add Ives insults to the Woun. Ded Man. At length on arriving he a met by the police conveyed to prison and detained in his cell for an entire week. Here he received for the first time soap and water to Wash off the tar and Oil to soften his sores. A mob several threatened to break into the prison to carry him out into the Street and make a Public spectacle of him a second time. But he was kept closely confined. A physician called to see him to examine his wounds who told i on that his Case was a mild one comparing it with tac of a Man who was then lying the City Hospital from the effects of five Hundred Lai hcs Wlinich lad almost put an end to his life on saturday morning last at seven o clock. The poor Workman was take i from prison and conducted quietly on Board the Steamer for new York. He arrived in this City on monday last where he is still staying recovering from the effects of 1 is ill treatment and looking Lor work which we Hope he May find. We have Only one comment to make on this Case. This Man informed us that in common with the great mass of irishmen in this country he had always voted with the democratic party. He had Long known in Philadelphia that the democratic party upheld slavery but he never Learned until he went to South Carolina that slavery crushed the White labourer and that the democratic party in upholding slavery is therefore the enemy of the irishmen who Are a nation of labourers in the Southern states work is looked upon As dishonourable and workmen As degraded. is what an Irish Stone Cutter Learned while cutting Stone in South Carolina. We Hope the lesson of his experience May reach the ears of his countrymen a the same Day or. Crawford dem., of Quot rhe whole mister with the South itself Juu it the question i slavery and disunion or to skein and again he said Quot it is the sentiment of a very be rat on this floor from Georgia that Tuey a Ever would Subr tit to the inauguration a a Lilac la pub Liujin on the 16th, or. A Ogham Democrat of South Carolina said Quot i say without hesitation that of the a Chi Onoffr. Seward or any other Man who endorses proc Mysior holds the sentiments declared by or. Seward i would favor immediate disunion and 1 Tomk i. Speak the sentiments of my entire very one of the Ai Thors of these treason Awe threats it will be Socrat. If any lady can ppm out a single a Tio has Eer uttered such Aero i Seniti Gentr a what a not Hess Ziy rebuke them. We Juriw them to do it and yet this demo Fatic party a lose leaders Are thus abetting and Eatean disunion Prete Nils her i wetly to Union savings i traits in a. Stead of slandering their Iii la on will be Safe enough a the a a a element at new Albany the a a Micir Varite Leip predominates at new Albany. At a Chirstman dinner on saturday last the following resolutions were unanimously adopted. We quote thing. Melved thai our senator in Congress their pc Orts a Law twi a a a it irm a to id mice tit the of / Juc tvs a and Uris ii or Hanifi in saw we re i a ban of Mthm bittting Quot a in Ojik a . From the Independent dec. 9. In irishman a Smitre Rizig in South car it ii a. The Northern papers have recently republished a Brief account from the Charleston Mercury Onnon icing in a very nonchalant style Liat a Workman engaged on the state House in Chi Nubia. South Carolina was recently seized by a mob on account As was alleged of hol in Ltd anti slavery opinions and that he received Twenty nine lashes and was tarred and feathered and escorted out of the slate. It took a very Lew lines to Tell this Story according to the style Oft lie son Vern Prejs Lor it is a trait of Southern chivalry first to practice cruelty and then to suppress the facts. We have seen this unfortunate Man and heard his Story and looked at his wounds. His name is James Power. He is an intelligent Young Man about to Vonty Oliree of age a native of Wexford. Ireland and a Stone Cutter by Trade. He went from Philadelphia to the South and obtained employment in Columbia Liere he had worked or nine nth. I Honl opinion he Ever expressed against slavery was that it caused a White labourer in the South to be looked upon As an inferior and degraded Man. But this was enough the remark was reported to the vigilance committee composed of 12 Mem Bers who immediately ordered the police to arrest him. He a is seized two Miles away from town in attempting to escape. He brought Back and put in a cell where he remained for three Days during which time he was denied the use of pen and Ink and ail communication with his friends outside. At Leif the he was taken before the mayor. Four persons appeared and bore testimony to the remark which he had made. The evidence was conclusive. He was returned to prison and kept locked up for six Days. Idi ring this time a was allowed in Lar t to i Day and the food was carried to him by a negro. He was then taken out of jail in the custody of two. Marshals who said to him a Quot you Are so fond of niggers that we Are going to give you a Nigger escort he through the. Main Street amid a great crowd hooting and Yelling the marshals compel King two negroes to drag Liim through the Muddy places of the Street and of the state House Yard he a to the Punte House the a Pulgisi amp Vure iric luding to Csak and ugh Ingi the crowd gradually increased until it Nunilo Redse Verai thou amp and persons headed by a t to Pppe horse. After a March of three Miles out of the Cit Yin to a place called the Quot Junction Quot the process Oit was stopped and preparations were Mae for pain ashment. 1 he populace cried Brand Tiara Quot Quot Burn him Quot a Spike him to death Quot and m de threats a a inst his Ufa by in and flout tubing Tickoff in committee a reefed him to trip set Nakid an forced a negro to is Siskin ticking 9ft the Cioth is. A cow hid ii Ijen Lutin a negro s hands in whom ill Vry stroke. Our Abr mint Rehb Tea of this info intr t of l a a threats Asni ust the Union. As a historical i act it is undisputed As current fact of the Day it is undisputed that you do not find these declarations of hostility from the Northern democracy you do not find Toliese att Eints to overturn the Laws coming from democratic sources you do nut find these denunciations of you and your instil irions Corning from democratic lips and democratic presses. A vice president Breckenridge s speech. This is Naivs. We had supposed it Quot a historical fact Quot that the South Carolina nullifies in 1832 were democrats. We had also supposed it Quot a current fact of the Day Quot that messes. Clay Gwin Iverson Crown Davis More Curry Crawford Lamar Singleton Mcrae i Ryor Smith. Bonheim Miles and Vallandingham who have been so vociferous in favor of , were democratic every one. Is it not so or. Vice president Are not the Richmond enquirer Washington Constitution Charleston Mercury and new Orleans Delta Quot democratic presses Quot if threats of disunion do not come Quot from democratic sources Quot we should like to hear or. Breckinridge or anybody else Tell where they do come Albany eve. Journ. Duel Between Bialach and Cne a prevented. , dec. 31. A a Hon. L. 0. B. Branch member of Congress from North Carolina was arrested at a late hour last night on a warrant issued by Justice Dunn on charge of being about to make arrangements to leave the of Columbia for the Pat pose of engaging in hostile combat with Gaxhi Iha a. Grow of Pennsylvania. He was held in $ 5 j Ujj bad for appearance Tor further examination on j Uasilaa. Jar. Grow had yesterday engaged a to rail at a place designated to take him and his party at three o clock this morning in the direction of Silver Spring Mary lamp. The Hackinen did not keep the secret and hence the . Tiie principal Friend of or. Branch in this affair is or. Winslow of North Carolina of or. Grow Hon. Fenton of new York. Or. 3row has been arrested and gave bail in the sum of a to keep the peace and not leave the District to fight a Duel. The new York correspondent of tie Philadelphia press writes Quot the following gossip is current a vein of affluence that just been struck by the mayor elect in december 185 5, John c. Fremont after being Defeated in his aspirations for the . Became \ Ery Short of Money and sold to Benjamin and Fernando Wood one half of his famous claims to Gold mines in California. The Woods advanced Fremont from $50,-000 to �70,000 to pay interests Legal expenses amp a. The supreme court news arrived yesterday sustains Fremont s claim. His receipts now and those of his partners b. And f. Wood will not fall Short of $1000 a Day Quot a a extensive Southern during the usual december Lull in manufacturing business the i Egisti a and other Loco Quot fico papers have been exulting Over the apparent Success of their endeavours to divert Southern business from our artisans. As an. Interesting commentary upon its meanness it is Worth mentioning that one of the largest for the Southern Trade in this City who refused to sign the Harper Call it was in a priced by the Register by degrading appeals to his pocket is now advertising for a Hundred additional War Lumen Nihls factory. Another incident Germain to the subject was presented to our notice the other Day. Returning from the Post office a Xianu fisc Turer stopped us to sex Hibler one of the can a sequences of Quot dissolving the Union Fin the shape of a heavy spa Thern order for Carri Ages just and which was the first sent to bin for a number of months. Uch facts Tell the Story. Al eople who can re to ride it re to it into walk because the in a Towt captured Harper a ferry in a Haten Jour Nadaud dec 29th. It a Reown so i Arco Isip be the end a pet a Reni arced that lady it Covey the wife Tihe Pictish est Assad a. A it re reason he Wail old had in. News items. Of a by 1� disc my a att. On the 1. fire broke outta no. 65 Walnut Street destroy ing Between $30,000 and $40,000 Wor Bof property. Is a Iii. A Tot Heb. At Providence r. I off the most dec., a Cotton Mill containing do too Sindles was destroyed loss $60-000. The ohi6 Tegi Slature assembled on the 3rd ihst., when gov. Chase Deliva red his Thi mount Remoh ladies have collected the sum of $232,206,08 for the Purchase of the mount Vernon estate of which sum �69,000 was received from or. Eve rett from his oration on Washington and $10,000 from his new York Ledger connection. It is now intimated by Washington letter writers that or. Sherman will be elected speaker within a Day or two a that this will be effected by the voluntary absence from the House of some half a dozen of the opposition meal it ers if from no other cause. It is said that government creditors will present claims for damages for ment of contracts to the amount of one Mil lion of dollars. This is Only one of the items of Cost of democratic obstinacy. There was a fire in new Orleans on the 22nd ult., destroying property to the a mount of $100, 0. Judge Wilson of clinic ago has decided that the delay consequent upon dealing out five and ten cent pieces in redemption of Bills by the Banks is not complying with the Law requiring specie payment. The Banks carry the cause to a higher court. The Douglas Demooy of Illinois held a convention at Springfield on the 4th inst., for the purpose of selecting delegates to the Charleston convention which is to be held on the 23rd of april next. New York legislature met on the 2nd inst. The governor s message was received in which amongst other things the Union question was ably . The governor disavows All sympathy for the misguided men in the Harjer s ferry affair acid says the state of new York will yield to hone of her sister states in Devotion to the Union but recognizes the authority of to legislate for the territories and to prohibit slavery therein. Pennsylvania legislature met on the 3d inst., and organized by the election of opposition members to the principal offices. The Captain of the yacht wanderer with four of her Crew arrived at new York from Tenner Ife on the 3rd inst. In his protest to the american Consul at Tenner if he sword he sailed from Savannah with a Crew of thirteen men and two female passengers that his cargo consisted of Silks in Bales amp �27,000, and that his vessel was run away with by his mate. The t Ledo Logan sport and Burlington Railroad company will commence running two daily trains to Burlington on monday january 9th. Cassius m. Clay announces in the Louis Ille journal that on the 10th inst., at Frankfurt Kentucky he will answer the assaults of Breckenridge and gov. Magoffin against the Republican party. Twelve families numbering 30 persons old and Young were expel Leil from co., Kentucky the other Day for holding anti slavery sentiments and arrived at Cincinnati on the 3uth ult. A fire occurred at Lasalle til., on the 28th ult. By which .i30,000 Worth of property was destroyed. Gov. Seward it Ilu Utu. Coitus Iota it Len let Rochester Democrat a Iii a Burin december 30,1859. H o clock p. $ eds. ceremonies of the reception and Welcome Home of win. H. Seward have just concluded. Earl in the afternoon thousands began to throng into the City from every Quarter and tie numerous streets of the City were literally jammed with the mass of human beings and vehicles of every sort. At a Little before 3 o clock a Telegraph dispatch announced that the with gov. Seward on Board was at the Junction ii few Miles East of the City. The Cannon boomed Forth the intelligence and the living mass soon concentrated around the depot where it is estimated not less than 15,001 were congregated. After some fifteen or Twenty minutes of restless anxiety the train arrived coming in very slowly it being impossible to make pass Jive for the Iron horse through the multitude. At the instant the governor appeared on the platform of the cars the most deafening cheers arose prolonged without nauml3er, and the band struck up Quot Home Sweet or. Seward wins escorted to a platform where As soon As the enthusiasm could be hushed he was welcomed Home in a very neat and handsome speech by Michael s. Myers esq., a prominent democratic lawyer of this City. Or. Seward responded in an elegant and most appropriate acknowledgement of the Honor conferred on him and the pleasure he experienced in again reaching his Home and receiving the Welcome of his Nieghbors and friends. Or. Seward s response was a decidedly Happy Effort and was interrupted repeatedly by demons rations of enthusiasm or. Seward after the addresses was conducted to a splendid Sleigh and under the escort of the Auburn guards and Willard guards two Fine military companies proceeded to his residence. In Many places the streets were spanned by Arches of Evergreen with appropriate i inscriptions. Flags banners etc., line the Way and his Progress seemed More like the Anarch of a conquering hero than the return Home of a fellow citizen. Auburn presented the appearance of a Galaday the affair was a Success and one which must have been of a most grateful and cheering character to gov. Seward. It is conclusive that a private citizen Seward is As distinguished As in the capacity of a statesman a. S. B. Austria. The up Lapwing is the strange Story about the resignation of the emperor referred to by Telegraph. It is taken from a letter from Perth on the 7th ult a a piece of news to extraordinary has reached the High political circles of this City that it is not without hesitation. I venture to communicate it and yet these circles have excellent Means of obtaining the Earli est and Best information the news is that tie emperor of Austria Montem paves abdicating the favor of his son a child a Moa the 21stof August 1858,and, appointing As regt his brother Lihe Archduke Maximilian formerly poorer for of Lombardo Venetia the reason assigned for the projected abdication is that the know with dismay that Austria is going to work trend ruin a a shrinks from the risk of Figur figr personally in history Ai a the Laa cof the Hap Burghs of the other a Tetus an obstinate and wrong Hendon hot Iru it of make Ihu ally to Dugary a the dirt flow in Iid Kugi Tab conflict go out a Tabeb citizens is Jialih Chicago t7h> the. Illinois Demour just. Barf a Tytious to show their Southern Brethren their determination to do share Pye dirty work Quot and fulfil to the very letter the Promise lately made by that say Petiau so Ion who pledged the deity Cracy of the Korth to Durry out the fun Tive slave Law As an Earnest of the Good time coming the Illinois democracy have commenced by incarcerating 3 respectable citizens of that state. Some time ago our readers will remember there occurred at Sluwa what in termed a Rescue Case where with the supposed Aid Ofa number of citizens a certain chattel called Quot Jim Quot had his personal Liberty a aside ably enlarged and it is Likely made tracks toward the North Here then was a Good Opportunity for the democracy to redeem the pledge of their dirty work Champion Logan. Fortunately too it was at the Northern part of the state. So hard struck a blow in Egypt could have had but Little weight. There it would have been a matter of course but to show their valor and to strike terror in the very Camp of the enemy to Castr spec table citizens into prison in Chicago Quot abolition Chicago it was thought Woal d pro Duce an overwhelming sensation throughout the whole South and Settle the speaker ship right of. So the dirty work performers take Council. And the result is that at this moment g men citizens of Ottawa Are in Chicago jail in the same jail with felons and murderers charged with the Rescue of the aforesaid Jim. A Chicago office Holder s. T. Kos Mer a a. S. Deputy Marshall was compelled to do this dirty work. When he left for Ottawa it is said he took with him besides his papers a Valise full of loaded revolvers which however Rem fined uncalled for. On monday last he arrested jobs Hossack or. Josie pit Stout and James Stodt brother to the doctor. John Hossack is a citizen of Ottawa 21 years a resident of Illinois and 53 years of age. A produce dealer by calling a wealthy intelligent Liberty Loving Man. He is a native of Scotland and very widely esteemed throughout this whole Region Joseph Stout is a practising physician 15 years a resident of Ottawa a graduate of Cincinnati school. He is 41 years of age and is a native of the state of new Ursey. James Stout brother of the last named and his Junior by a year or two is a Law yen both Brothers Are Well known for their Large hearted and outspoken sympathy with anti slavery Reform. A Large number of citizens attended the prisoners to the Railroad station were delivered by Hon. H. C. Cook a amp Bronson Murrey esq., before the train Drew near when with a Hearty cheer from the assembled crowd they took the train and the same night reached the jail in Chicago. Next Day they were visited by hundreds of the most respectable citizens of that place. We say to the democracy engaged in this kind of Union saving labor of love gentlemen Yon arc doing More to bring on the irrepressible conflict than All the abolition speeches Ever delivered. Foreign items. To Vartian bulletin de r Institute Egyptien states that m. Mariette lately found near the Mummy Dis red at Thebes various curious articles amongst which where t ten Gold bracelets for the legs two other bracelets formed of pearls put on Gold threads another of Gold Well executed bearing mythological symbols a Gold diadem ornamented with mosaics and surmounted by two sphinxes a Mirror with Jold ornaments a figure Ofa King standing in a boat with divinities pouring water on his head and two Birds flying above him a figure of a boat in Gold containing Tow Sii ver fixtures of sailors rowing and one of a person singing at the prow a twi guard with a Gold scabbard the Blade being the finest specimen of egyptian workmanship yet discovered and containing encrusted in it a piece of Bronze on which Are various ornaments and hieroglyphics Ana a Hatchet the of which is Gold and the handle in Wood ornamented with Gold. Tic University of Pisa opened on the Yoff december with great solemnity. At a banquet which took place after the ceremony and at which several tuscan ministers were present professor Matteucci. One of the members of the late tuscan deputation to the court of France proposed the health of the emperor Napoleon Iii. us plug Austri Nii provinces the european times liver Wol paper of december 3d has the following remarkable statement which May to docketed of Quot As Quot curious if True Quot a so unlikely is the arrangement because of its obvious practicability Quot it is asserted that in uis Napoleon has actually bought Venice and her territory from Austria for four Hundred millions of Franes and that the French emperor is mainly induced to the act in order that he May realize his pledge of freeing Italy from the Alps to the Adriatic a Short time will determine the truth or falsehood of this statement but that it should come from so Many quarters at the same time is at least a notable circumstance. If a he statement to Correct the Frenchman will lose nothing by the transaction for Italy will ultimately have to pay either in a real or in malt for her own redemption and Union. Seeing How adroitly Louis Napoleon has fastened a portion of the Cost of the italian War on Victor Emanuel financial arrangement Between the two emperors is less problematical than May at the first Blush appear. If the Sale be made the emperor of Austria has shown More Good sense in getting rid Ofa bad investment than his previous policy would letter from the Prev. Dutiel woh the new York evening Post publishes the following letter from the Rev. Daniel Worth arrest in North Geronna we have already noticed Gobes Bobo j Alt dec 26 1859. A i have been three Days incarcerated in this jail on charges of a breach of the criminal Laws of this state in preaching and Selling intend Ary books Helper s impending crisis amp a. J he excitement on my preliminary trial was greats 1 plead my own cause but Oliree la Wyeth were against am my bands were fixed at ten thousand do Tarsi a Teir. Modest sum in which to bind a preacher Quot est ii it Terv a well4t�g�m bag to it a cd stamp Der a a lir my securities will file my hoods noon when i a Btu a Gizin a try tampon Liberty. By trial will cd Irie on in at a and though co Useir a of to of Tena against i by just Law Tot a Teu age ust the i Kirk of k it path Carolile jul ? preen did of added to the dream Odout tie cite Mentz i a an hardly Liopo to Tomchu the re a stent icon Vietz a is i iwo and Imp is amp a meet Tesk Ridky to la a a aim Ersary of the so Loii if Adt Oili i Tii my prison is a a Dalagr Tufty amp by a of i Piir i Aeeti to Lieak Myr thou ready tsp did of produce yet the a drawn Hai Lye heed. To so Ricer Teil Forl Tho deficient Harvest 4858 and the Anas at Drain of produce. Daring Tinty it by the depression in Trade. The receipts of All kinds of Grain including four Rednold to bushels of Grain amounted to big thels of which 1,091,132 Bushel were received after August 1st. The receipts fur 1858 amounted to 22,422,70a the total exports of Grain occluding flour reduced to bushels of Grain was for 1859.16,663.795 bushels against 20,035,166 bushels for 1858. The amount of flour received during 1859 were 742,012 barrels against 334,915 received in 1858. The amount manufactured in the City in 1859, 165.620 Bane la in 1858,140,062 barrels. The total receipts of wheat for 1859 were 9,184.746 bushels the total receipts for 1858 were 9.70li326 . The shipments for 1859, were 8,184,716 Bushel amp for 1858, 9,761,118 bushels. The total receipts of Corn for 1859, wore 5,110,000 bushels for 1858, 8,250,-038. The total shipments of Corn for 1859 were 4,217,654 bushels and for 1858,7,493, 212 bushels. The receipts of Oats during the past year amounted to 1,813,048 bushels against 2,-295,322 bushels received in 1858. A receipts of Barley for 1859, 662,187 receipts for 1858, 411,421. Receipts of Rye for 1859. 228,179 bushels. The provision Trade. There tire fifteen packers of cattle and hogs in Chicago having a to Cut up per Day 1865 head of cattle and 11,200 hogs. The Nuqui a of cattle killed to Jan. 1st 1860, amount to 51.809 head being 6,709 head Over that of 1858, and the Lar geat amount Ever packed in one year before. The amount of tallow yielded by the above 12.192.764 . Chicago is now the greatest Market for hides of new York City. The ship men s during the year amount to 13,-058,956 lbs. Against 10,316,720. The number of How a packed the present season to Jan. 1.1860, 11.5,338 the num Ber during the season of 1858 to same Date 156,141, showing a decrease of"40,803. Mar Stock. The beef Trade h us not been so Active during the past year As the preceding the receipts for the year 90,574. Against 118,115 of Beeves. The shipments were for 1859, 35,974, against 43,149 for 1858. There has also been a falling off in the receipts and shipments of live hogs for the past year the receipts being 189,865. A against 424,112 for the previous year. The shipments were for 1859, 84.552 for 1858, 143,551. Number of dressed hogs for 1859. Receipts 85,631, for 1958, 105987. Shipments for 1859, 28,288 shipments for 58, 32.817. Lu5i1jeb. The receipts of lumber during the year amount to 302.393,933 feet again 273,020,506 feet in 1858�?.showing an increase of 20,373,427feet. Skeas. During the past year the receipts of All kinds of seeds amounted to 5,417,596 lbs against 4,312.946 lbs in 1858. Timothy comprised the great bulk of imports during the y . Wool. The receipts of Wool for 1859, were 916,-619 lbs for 1858, 891,500 lbs. Fruits. This Triode is annually increasing As Chicago merchants Supply a Large portion often Orth West Asfar ,with fruit. The Michigan Central Railroad alone took in 58,380 barrels of apples. The total figures cannot be obtained but the following will give some i Daof the extent of the Trade Green apples 124,724 barrels dried fruit 615,704 barrels. Butter. The receipts of butter for the past year Quot Quot were 3,639,557 lbs against 3,076,921 for the year 1858. Coat. The receipts of Coal for 1859, were 139,-561 tons against 107,645, for the year 1858. Wood. Receipts of fire Wood for 1859, 112,516 cords. The amount of business in groceries dry goods boots Anil shoes clothing Iron Stiesi &c., is represented As about equal to former years. From these figural a it will be seen that severe As Chicago has Felt the late pressure she is almost herself again. an immense amount of wealth his changed hands but the business is there and must be transacted by her merchants. Politics in Mississippi the Vickburg whig comes to us with a lengthy address of the opposition state Centna committe of missis Sippi to it the people of that state. A it makes four closely printed columns in tote whig and is signed by hopi we l. Sharkey chairman and by messes. I. Partridge of the Vicks Burg whig m. Hillier of the Natchez courier Hon. J. L. Alcorn. Hon. H. W. Walter col. George l. Potter h. H. South Worth Wmk a. Shaw c. Crusoe and Joe. Regan a a Sjol. L he address is written with great ability and is. Pervaded by a sound firm and conciliatory National spirit it deprecated the further agitation of the slavery que Ion asks the Northern Section lists to desist front further agitation and patriotic National men of All Par to meet the or position of upon a common plat fibrin of Mutual a will and Harmony for the Benefit of the whole country. The ail drs winds up by calling a state Convent Tion to Convene at Jackson on the fourth monday in Marcia to consult upon whats Best to be done with the suggest in a that it will probably be the duty of said coven Tion to appoint delegates to a Kation Algon mention with a View to the next pres deify. The a Ltd re.s9 will. 4o�>htless at Tinct much attention. New or Legins Bulle Tifa Xix Otnott , in a oatting of the Nch Quot it a he native hey Espiry a Vii Hita Onoja Naston. A div ring the two undid he 4 nursing my Tiger. So uni pm state i to hts Ltd a a Thimot. A 5 inf a loner to my of Tbs a a to Massif Lipil to log a Naqvi to Tomi aha to Konicky Jilji me do scan to of a a to r. The i us of. My to a of of Nfn re amp i Whf Quot almost Oil a Fea Dikty Catt a foil by and Sis on the Ore Lake Leares hat Hare fallen when Siun Mec is o or. I Fly o or the land i pass o or the a. I brate every a it s pm Twe forme. I Gatho the new from the Steamer and cart. And Telegraph a sparkling with tirade a peace and Loraff it 1 fill up my aids Sion defending the try Tai and teach useful in balls for old men and Yeth. Blood and th0xdeb. The fou Ohio Job Clauis from the its pm i7ow/�imieypoblishfldat Atenta Georgia Quot Douglas has abo4itioiu the Northern Wing of the democratic party to Aeck Iris a a United support of Liat Section for the presidency. Quot the South trill never support Bini though he was the nominee of 40 chafes ton conventi Nik Quot and Althom her. Hickman declares that the South shall never dissolve the Union by a division of territory yet division or no division we Are resolved in the event of the election Ofa Black Republican president and judge Dpi glad a equal Las offensive As Seward to make the attempt. And if we fail it Tofu he when fifteen Milkom of Yankees Woelter in their Gore and when there is not left a son of our clime to Lead us to the banquet and cry havoc to be rebel cowards Rev Avzi. A a i Uel threat of the Chicago journal that if 3fr. Cov Freasman lot an does not behave Himsel better Hean w. Blodgett of Waukegan will Send to Wau Hington to regulate the member from the . Recalls an incident which secured in our legislature some years ago. A Bill to repeal the Shick lavs was pending. Blodgett had made a speech in favor of the Bill to which Logan made a reply a Logan was then an unmarried Man and much of a Gallant at the capital. He had a very dark skin of a White Man. The galleries were crowded with ladies. Logan Rose advanced from his seat to a position command Iii a View of the galleries and pompously began his speech about thus Quot before proceeding to consider Thia Bill upon the merits i wish to ask the honorable member from a few questions a and in the first place 1 ask if he is in favor of the mixture of the two races by marriage Quot or. Blodgett appearing half asleep a Quot does the honorable member Deaire my to answer Quot or. Logan do not Only desire but i demand an explicit or. Blodgett awake but quietly Quot As to the matter of intermarriage of the two Racca i am rather fax Orabik to leaving that pretty much to the parties themselves As it id in. My View mostly a matter of taste if the honorable member should be Able to secure the of it prevent him feet ions of any respectable White girl i Aho idd be Coryy if we had any statute to part from varying her Tho House lobbies and galleries roared and roared again with burst after burst of laughter. Poor Logan put no More questions to Blodgett and his speech soon ended in a miserable failure. A Waukegan. Teri Engraim Washington Jan. 5. . Morris of Illinois offered a Resolution which was read for information that the superintendent of Public buildings be directed to replace the desks and chairs As they were in this Hall previous to their removal and to enable him Todo so he be directed to prepare the old Hall for temporary occupancy. He said he would not Call up the Resolution this morning. Or. Bingham and others objected. Or. Montgomery said or. Colfax yesterday attacked his former position for temp Rary organization on the ground of violation. Of the Constitution. He had Offert a tin Good Faith. We arc indebted to tie Trail contractors four millions dollars. It is All an he Hest debt honestly contracted for service honestly performed. It is not an a Merican Democrat olt Republican debt but a National debt. Adopt his proposition and they could pass the Post office appropriation Bill and redeem the credit of the la a Tion. Or. Wilson said if the gentleman was anxious to pay the debt he would ask him to adopt the plurality Rule now. Or. Montgomery replied if he was willing to accept it others were unwilling to do so. If three fourths were willing to accept it and the other fourth protested against it an organization could not be effected nor even if ten men . His prop Sitio was fair honest and just. He insisted that it was constitutional and he referred to our past a isl tire history to show therece Dent in such r. Stevens asked whether his colleague could show that before an organization a speaker pro tem had been elected. Or. Montgomery replied that in 1830 1840 or. Adams was elected chairman or. Stevens was or Adams speaker or. Montgomery such. Or. Corwin would be to Day temporary speaker if the House would adopt his . Solution. Or Morris of a asked if there was any legislation while or. Adams was chairman or. Morris had not examined the records to see but if there was no isolation that did not stove there could not have been. He renewed his Resolution in or. Stevens raised the Point that was not in order that entering on Bush new the Tion of Congi required that the oath shall by administered to the speaker and by him to the Cienik and All the no ii Lutr Iott or this body can Rel the act the cases reformed to by or. Month Mery Iirene hot i Cable to he a rpt posit on. How St. go Hatry to guv Littion. Bjeld Hertz 1 Oxer of Frank Smith Bod Goodwin Trio pro see tag Morv no limited for in a act Iota of Imi Witolo j. C. Thou was new m commissioner. Slate Vonu Pittee tone Tel a time a Fier the of delegit�8 to Hidlgo yest Edlay a at a Ith i a Jiaw attached ran iiit��f�9seogtia&i Brt Manchester Asil Faamau Piir truly demo Liilie ing the rear off and two or three a off is. St Loaisi Jiou cold but Lun Aluning. May Snow before night. Wither 3deg. Above eco. Pm.ria-9 a. = Light fall of now of night. Fod do lae-9 a. In a Maui Clea Caad cold my Rettro at Zero Prairie do �hien�?9 a. soul wind we so Thena Ometer dog. Helow. A. La Cross a weather Clear Abd eol ihr-curyl3 Deg below 9 a sit Dubuque Outhet Zero. \. Aumatine a Soma Ubold in a Peter 5 Deg Behne Davenport iad n. A like Ammeter Dun Goa a a. Eoli and West. Thaw renter it aet Maal Totime. Bolti re a a Lector of Trust sickle co., Fetney Good. West Baltimore Bas bid cd lo8�$20,000. Leisured. Quot 7%e Harbor it almost ent amp Ely Clofed aaa steamers arrive with diff Icoley. Quot Iris Rhora new Orleans Jim. 3. Thes Teaner h4t&na bit Ufa Havana advices of the.3 mini in Haber. Tizie aug Krmar do no. 2q.00u boxes. I in Qixi Wmk 4s. Tho House toted for speaker with Abr following result Thole number of vetes. 207 Nec Easa to Choice l04i Ster Mir Republic pm .101 Mcclernand Demoe Tav 33 Wilmer american 14. Ditis of Indian y Ysusi Bra Reinder scattering. The Howe then and four dats lat for arrival of the Vaal a a Sackville Matt. it Uil hip a from ure Pool on the.19th, town on the 19th ult., Arris a a at in in la at 1 o clock p. M., yesterday. The Etna sailed on the a itch lbs stir York Bohemian and Vigo Aniced oat Oft it the 16th, and the Africa at Saied Ildri a the 18th. Nothing of importance had transp de since the sailing of the last Steamer report stud that the dress we old meet about tie 20th or 22d of january. Count a tour is to reprise it so Tia ii with m. Do Sanii Blois. It was staff a that Wera Only could be represent him Quot a a Alfh of foreign of amp no a the Xci a i big Fowe i to Send plenipotentiaries in the Paris Patrie mentions a Nim or that Prince decline Itte tid the Cong i unless a i and is Rattai by some in rant theml of i thei i Ai icle to the dec feet that Engla Iid and Sardinia. That demanded a Ottun Edgail Send Ding definite flite were to the Vita Tooi of Francoi the principle of non intervention had any been accepted by All the Powers. A hastily summoned go Unet of the Glish Miniver was held on the Isth not. The Gold saved Ikon the in it Yak a Etc Garter amounted to �27,50a Quot Prince Jerome Napoleone was. Ill. The latest advice in a irese tit his As very serious. The times correspondent it Ogletr in that the port of Bol i nub bad by a been ceded to France and Vinch Renel of War was shortly expected then to Miiko phase Ion. The Pohe Hagn mtg Dpi fit in main Tho erection of s roman the Island of a Rah to Lin Uitile lit ii Tel Al Protection of France. .>1 Swiss paper says Napoleon refi Imd permission to Mcmahon to a pc to swot being got up for him in it a re Aiida rumours Are in the Perot would Inan rate the in a a Rte a with fresh demonstrations of a spa Ian the Lanish Morocco a to reinforced on Tho Lgth by %nd6000 eat Aby. Aws Tia the Paris Corre Dent of tie Lio Adolf Globo asserts that the a mfg ror of intr in the ardts pm chess Sophia is at the head of Zonni Hakk. Didi he Koukl Palace of lots by a a Eay a by fire., Loonos dec. Ï7--a letter in to of the i2th,.3ays the die cast. Tho Gor. Emmat is resolved to add a a min a icy. ibo Fol Ftp it my Bremen and gym Kiemm Hini he a Idi week de for Taku part to the Esse Muiir Irmo pm tested at Tho Imperial up Lait in december.-. The a Tripati a qty wifi Iii not Grill Loo ii be50a 08tiong�. The Vienna Cdr Pao to Mitzi a my the a Ali a ays the do i Ofa Hrict Boti Yeii th0 Imp ramp i not hotties and the Hung Ariit a Riih a ii in umm. The Frieh he Kins a my a Piciw to a of Bengal is Mumk a tto a fit the a aft to a fit a a Llu 70 the a tet Ieav

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