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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1859, Page 7

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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican (Newspaper) - January 5, 1859, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne weekly Republican wednesday morning january 1, 1589. Fort whine Republican of mount with Hiilton in Viii scr. There Haw been heroin attempts to As wild mount Wilai Piston i a Tut but heretofore without Imp soveral lives Baen lost in the Yrtti met. On tie 7th init., a legs execution which w 0110 of the a Wuerful known in Civi Lizard Swienty took two sheriff to Tho suit Mil to Levy on the tip top mid Huiai. Tho Snow and Lea offered but und lha of flu among Tho Noull Zuj but no would in Sam through. Arrived at Tho Fiu Tuit Tow vow u Hiis tid As by a Sublime Msj Ond Liia in War or 0.--Gooil vowing that in Liia Many trip a on to the n never is Holdso cute add nud my Liloise Ilsc British uni Arterly Lac flows the Farmer s guide Scott j continue to publish the full co., new York fut Vlug Zixt 1 tie London quarterly 2. Tho Edinburgh it vies whig. Tho North by i Willt Zieff it ecu be 4 the i attain itch review l1ber.d. Thieo Rei idol was three fell political Ling Orv mid Aioli Piej Lorna nov churn of heir Cluj Chi r. Asol in Pru Yusid writ in. On Seu nce Witcra Jurci mail it they is i v in the world f in urn i indic Poni Ablo to be it idler Man while to and Terri till View a3 burst upon them on j intelligent of Cliss theol air bit lonely height. Measure., Scro Imam i More Correct and satisfactory re Corii of utely to enter the houses which is the Surmont literature of if thay wore covered with Snow was n inter j the wild than be Obj of Lima. Unable to obtain Mana it the i floors they forced their Way in through i to lift windows on which the Foht Hud fanned a i the it Ftp Dahl so cedi from the. Fool and one Wilf in elite linear 1 a i Uris Isle Eddit Ioune value and All the furniture Weru a a Eliwine As they pm nun four inches of and tic air was bit ins j in the a Imu of pubic Ilttre about a in Tho extreme. It was like a Tomb and a j 3oon As the original to i Tiu. La Iii was necessary in Snow Cavern to j t r ii a enable Tho Ollil Surry Utu ally. Onu 01 Tell ing objects and Ely the j two of thu time 1 str Etc mid having Pirec Cion their a Pil any Torto of the for duty they prepared to return. Upon Enir All four -1 d from Ini Okma Tion to the 1 i inc new provision grocery store con uly of put re and Harrison str Trot 2 James ii. Lia just uprated n finst mourned r i. To found Aho is any thing that a wanted for the ii Iliff Ami c Scull edit at that we. Are bound to Tell nothing bul what is no Fiul Nice and above Sill to till cry Eit scr i Al a b. Cash fur he try Buggi and Conn try pro Dinicu i Emily. Dout to at to c new Brick Irwi Uloa Filori before by Viii John . Fort . 1st 1333. . 81, Joe Tannery leak store null j in Cirl lit. Proprietors of the m. Joe Tannery Eon Tanily keep on hand a Complete Assoria Petit of and lome Kitade leather findings Morocco lasts pegs a Lilli Hoy for thu my Jittu Mark to Block Toi cd Ohio. Be and retail dealer in ency will us Way by for Giltjes of Del Verhl at either their store or at i inv r Norv imported Segail i i. Fur by of jul Chotoo r a Vuk i Henry c. Grey co. A fill til promptly at Lowit insult t p at m-3m. A Loti m Park Nursery Oruam coital treck Felt Trees shrubbery. The uadcrsignc.1 Call the Ai Teutli i the Public to fruit Anil ornamental Shekh a Row her and acclimated to our Suil am cliuwn.-, to in with the View of meeting the wants f our Trees and varieties will Sucre. D where e intern Trow and Vii Ritico will in fail. Every Effort will be Mau to Quirit Tho Cun d that woo ii at the of j Fidance and of Tho people. Tow lion it cams Tirom. To j Lack Wood review win be sent to our Trees Var codes Are better penetrating was its breath that to have j Onia for to four co lies of the four j picks Twenty five per f cat. Lower than can be had of self cons Itutti was Tutt agents. We beg Cini Froin the Lioussa they beheld to the _ aloud in vol j b Ackwood t hot now. And Ratling on ton and. Them. Blk a food the four to it Martn Allman flout it was Small in magnitude but it increased in Sira with alar Rains velocity Boot Over Tho Antiro know it a As a Frost Cloud and that to caught in its folds would Winall probability to Satot and they hastened to ovoid it. They to it m m a l c l l b b 1 n 0 a discount of Twenty five per c above ,.nce will be allowed t ent from Climbi or Robinson s new Brick store at Tho old squid in fort this wholesale auction . Rehb the old City auctioneer x to hid old Cust Oieni thut to u now exclusively to the auction Aud com Ivision bus Lucja at his old boat id on Cal hour second door from Columbia Street where he ii fully prepared to attend to the Selling of nil kinds of goods lands town lots Hor ses wagons household furniture. He will also attend to 1 aying taxes Aud to sol land. Liberal Advance made on goo is Tift to sell at auction. Having one of the Best stands and rooms in the City Aud Twenty years experience in the business he Hopes to receive a fair por Tion of a lounge. E. St. My notice 1mie term of partnership of thu fir of to icing about to zip inc and As they Are deter mined to nettle All the matters Truid Aclid during said term they notify nil those Iii Hilr debt and All thou having claiming inst Dit to co mi1 Forward Whitaker Phillips jobber of encountered its blinding freezing Power on a tha unprotected Hight would been to Nave j parishes with it As e to cover them. The party Lea Clied he Jien in safety and wore heart welcomed by their friends who Well knowing he danger it tending this never Bobro feat awaited Tatiom with Mur a and so on and a postage. In All the Iwin Cipal cities and Thwe is will he delivered free of when sent by Miil the postage to any part Wallatt. Of the United states will to bul Tot Btij four ing fall of prices for the com ind Spring tride. We offer Tor Sale peach Trees five f Mcd i j3j per the Farmer s guide and the late j. Not of s s lending Best varieties. A Superior Quality Aud Quantity of Standard and Dwarf i Taos and numerous Wood and Ingra -50 cts. Of Saleable Apple Trees Standard and Dwarf chewy for Peim. Grapes the per Dock it. Currants and a Fine variety at mall fruits at very pea also a collect the parents of inn web tar. Tho Etc Vahary Herald has an article on tha parents of Daurel Webster which contains some ans Dotas never Bifora in print j to scientific and proc Licul apr cult tha revolutionary of his eith or j by Henry f. S., of Edineu stoic Verj extending through the Whoso at first a Captain to was pro tooted in 17s4 to the rank of colonel. I Ilo was a Brave trusty and . J rings j other and copts so in Many situations of great re 7his is confessedly the Moat Complete work i Ion Poasi Whity. Us ivus in the army when on agriculture Erer up fuhed and in order to the Neva came of Tho birth of his son Daniel. I give it a Ciruela Tiomi the five resolved to reduce the Price to five dollars for lie Tiro tops u Hong Lent a a Neil p05t-Piid califor Nia and Oregon the Price will be to Csc v other part of the Union and to Canada this Cork is not old Book of the for and of the above Public 1 i lavs in Nddrwjt-1, Pinsl Enid Daniil Mclory and leather store is the most Exun Sive of the kind in this Pirt of the country. My bet ail room is spacious and Well filled from the styles of while Satin Bronie French kid und toilet Slipper to the fancy Gaiter and Stoga boor Mei Chanis Stine dealers can be supplied Nalow us they in buy of was in jobbing Douai Sas i from he manufacturers Iii eat turn Village where the Jowicks buy to Weir Stork and when my bomb made to his Brasher in he Stephen Boodon a said. Merc Stephen 1 have another boy at got a gallon of rum Anil we will a this of course. Bifora Temps Anca Days Evhen Oil cry Goon Christian thought it no harm to ass a Little stimulant to Liely to Tho heart cheerful. In Sim on one Oil Ision Capi. Tob scr Llo Naku Scott k co., York. 7th 33 v. Wobbler Wilson s i 01. Vith Gen. Sink near the to Tolj British a Litlo Stream Zaionc dividing them j tin Brili Sii to Irever in much Gretler Force. A storm of great a Najih and Aris tha americ ans found shelter in a Largo Kirn. When canc it appear sewing machines one prayers. Tho said n Sci Dick let Pray who Ivan Gen. Stark was so much incensed of the that he ii a him Over the shoulder Wilh Sivoraj say in j the of god should of la profaned in his army they Ali want into is Kirn where he Tjart Webster to Lead in prayer inn c. It. Williams. K5t 0 f f 1 c e h Jig old no. Orff s , ill. Is ind. Mph St. Totsc should lie planted in the Spring our Leola Cuilon Coweta of Dalenak fir Pohwat the Eastern i up Bice it 50 cents to each according to also fizz and Quantity purchased. So cents to 31 each. Strawberry plants. A Milr Najid Coli acting of Tuc Fol lowing pr1zb h6rts in i better Stock is fur 7 Cla am Ncu-1 Ine. Boston Pine. Hover it seedling30 Large Karl Walker s seedling. Hooker a new Nurt a lib be variety m Cebu f Dor. prolific. Anil Superior excellent sort. V 100. Plants Dici to Plantt a in a gust and september. T3t our Terai of Sale arg Cash. On for Cion orders Good ref Frencys will to required. Loomis i Fletcher. Aurist Loti 1858. Bijj if. offered to the Public with confide nce in the thick Chi and Lino Liki in ii St Filbri. Jolt of a Beautiful icam on Jtb us cd i Tuut be i for All i Injo them r list of i Slid thaw Nave was so at Camp Julie wife in Solher Doii t in Lovyss by to tide going round j from Lious to House As Lier services were ".inircii. Tier father was Tho owner of 3. I full farm. Tho from Wales Naif Flat scuff Al in Salisbury. She Hail i Browhaw excl Del and from whom she Nani id two of her children tie " Ory of Tho Cir Shin is thus told. I soon after or. Velj scr which was in March 1711, he came m cast _ Kin Gatun Hia old Home on a visit. A Laily Jle j. Jun Friend o him Why do Vou not put marrie.1 i Liu re lied i 37 o 1 know the right lean Tell i _ _ r he one who will just suit you Abi of he into cited i Sjur co ii a r e w a i e Solo leather upper calf skins evil skins a Lii Noih lasts pegs findings. It Fiu for hides and skins. James h. Robinson. Fort Wayne ind., mar 18, iks. 3-y that nowhere Vna buy Good is Jutin cd cup is it co s in a edition to Trio Oeter for i Furmin Tunis Iron dec i s anvils vices steel Glass Smiths Bellows stores and tin Ware with .1 Ien ertl amort ment of and builders hardware mechanics tools agents for Kahlua August 33d 1858. Toledo Ohio. 17-y. And after Ngor to sunday Mav Paa ins Nill leave Toledo As Toledo publish Western Railroad. Trio Only direct route from Toledo to St. Louis Spring eld , Alton and the West. Change of cart i Elwen Toledo St Louit. Follows mail express itt m. Nev York and St. express at p. M. By either of Thea trains go through to St. Louis without change of cars id advantage not possessed any other route. Tecec trains make close connections at state line Illinois with the great Taro ic., my at port was inc Wilb trains of the Pitta Burg fort Warne and Chicago Hail Road for Columbia Warsaw Plymouth Chi Hugo. The in. Train Nakea close connections at Peru with trains of Peru and Indi unit posts rail Road for Indin Napolie and at Indianapolis with All roads lending from that Point. Leave state line 111. N. Y. A St. Louts exp Rcw Al p. M. Mail the prom at a. M. These connections it to Ledo with express trains of Cleveland and Toledo rail Road for Cleveland Dunkirk Buffalo Albany new York and Boston. Trains also connect at Lafayett Compart i Hubbell co., storage forwarding and commission merchants by the j it Teburg fort Wayne Ami pm Cago the Toledo Wabash and wet turn Kail roads and by the Wabash and Erie canal Are i Carsia All kinds of Rtia no Krisus us produce Stilt fish nails pod Buff flour Coul isv., c Are also agents for Fairbanks Cut rated Scales. Our warehouse is Ivyll located on the canal Basin at the ease cud of Columba Street. Fort Wayne May Atli 1868. I a twins of the Lafayette and Indi Dinapolis r. R., for Cincinnati ac., Ami at fort Wayne with trains of 1 it Isburg fort Wayne and Chicago a Nihon for Crestline Wheeling and the is built in the most Manrri and there of info no cling a of o makes it by most route t from St. I Lekht tiia1ns rim daily by tween j Olido and state line. Ceo. 11. Burrows. Gen. Sup t May 25th 1853. 4-v Homo notice merchants i m n ii i tin i to Wotko it in pm in i j continuance or Hie i Roll Louii ill ill he Lulu is u -6 fort Wayne ind. . Chirt Ianoff. A Cut. Old no. Chi Infin it. Ton a sync. 30-y new Iron nettelhor3t i co i one door North of h. U. Reed s drug store Lopow site to Antey s. I uni Load , 7ith its Stock und equip intent and it thorough connections a red to transport Timi a Glt and freight Isis tiny in of . I h. H. Bossy air null events Ilia limits u Liu old i i. Men li.v.m., a trial Cir Jikit Roiff Tajc. Hinchc sugars Hare it Gnu Wii him to Man Iron Cioffiro. H sorted or o vein lit he Iro to Diu real door Ishom he a Kph if new Titan mud from t lived tie re. Bin told him she was tic one Irlin he Haroldj her inc idler of into Luc j they were no Pricil onto bar lil 17-14. , Vio Fonsh. .41-0 a Fla i .1smh-. Iron 111 hoi Low-ware., r Oal , Iran cd pc Raj steel v1h1is, i Oilie Ald in Lii a. Case steel Stifil i Windon .0, tin i hts c Ilij Mcrand vacs 1 in Luicir i iks 1 Uhlric squad Kort Wail in Var i now Supply any is from one stick , fruits ids Nils Alc. . Prapan Aud pills Borg to i St Louis i my humps Uinci Pinali and ill i places and j a Graat degree of and expedition twin fact shia Road forms a direct uni consolidated Lipil Between i is s sufficient guarantee that its trains will make Good and will train on Othir hats and Caps is Cassimes vesting Somis tins of every or Tilc in thit line front linux Chat to Ilia French Bito and clot i r. Tie prime in Veals and punts. Aug the choicest Stock of piece goods brought to the West nil of which make to measure on the Moit re and warrant All to fit and to Nan to the la test fasl Hofich received every three Onalu from new York they have also a Large assortment of hats Caps and trunks Anil a l eneral assortment of Genis furnish Iii goods. Hostick a Holman. Wayne. May Isth 1858. 3-y. I. E. Hill. A. M. Orbison Hill Orbison Forh ii Diug and come Mission merchants port Wayne. Ind. A Iii less. I Kim insurance co. Coitt Isco probated 1319. Charter . C.11sh capital enlarged Ith july o and Solute and unimpaired surplus Vilii the Ivy Lei offs of in of Ucli k. Hower . Ili Jiley George Miller has just received at his new store Large Stock of dress goods designed expressly for the jobbing retail Trade which it Complete took of ladies dress goods is trimmings including Choice selection of silk and Viool inti pc Buu in Iii silk tissue Robb i pulp and ul1 All colors , , if of Mcandie Robes a Quill. Beautiful. Cavalli Civ style. Wool df.la1ne, Dinoni Wicent. Uei Tege Robes Lieut Ifill col i. A court super prior que la in patterns. Lie rage Delaine Robes a . Silk tissue Black and fancy dress Silks ii alms Deli lapses polls main Anil Fiou hed Jacom to muslims Bonnet and dress trimmings Tilro Cade Lawn Valentin Thiol it Cashmere l., silk and crap shawls also Black Man Tillas run shades put Ash umbrellas ic., there will he found i gentlemen s department Loice selection of cloths cassimere pc Tings ic., of every variety and style. Dorotht a with a Complete Stock of e thing in the dry goods and Yankee notion Lino. All of which will be sold at wholesale and retail it unparalleled prices for Cash. George Miller. North West Corner of Calhoun Sud Bern its june 1st 1k58 of drugs Iff drugs drugs chemicals Hugh b. Reed co. Lire drugs Chru vitals heti Elitt ii pharmaceutical not Watt Ako Laro Irvn liquors for Sara Mcula and Midi finl Pui poses . Also faints oils the Iamb s clothing store no. Of Columbia Street 7ust received 4 full Stock of Supe rior French and Der Man cloths French cajun Mcrea silk find Marseilles _ vesting tweeds summer goods which will he made to measure in the Moat i la inn and fab Couable style and at the lowest rates ready Milladc clothing a Large and Superior assortment All Homo it de w e pay Pood prices to our Zaniia Nanri being tailor and Jui Igea of work can warrant to to he Ivell and honestly made we use such trimmings a Are suit Able to the goods to be made up whereby Thoj in Lupe rior to Eastern Slop work. A very Large mock of hats and Caps. Gents furnishing goods shirts scarfs , kerchiefs socks suspenders carpet , a Lus of Good to Stro Bijj and null made cheap. P 1st 1p53 tii1hmb Uko j heirs. Fly. Laljer c. Ii . Re flex pres t. T. A. Alexx Der vice pres t. Thim. K. A jr., Sec v j. U. Linnett i insures against the of fire. Perils of Lii Mil at As nil a and rats Asri is permit of Flor solvency and fairer lit. It pedal it tuntion paid to insurance of dwellings finn out buildings a n a c o n i1 10 n t s Buch insured for period of 3 to 5 on the most favourable terms. I Foutses adjusted Ami losses paid is if huh n Kimily Anil ilk Linn in it j in cnu.1 Hulti with Law Pamic Nei Efer Liurni it Al t c o Mil u Boerhave s h01.i pm hit 11, its. Dis Ilse of the kiiwei9, liver complaint weakness of any kind fever and ague and the various affections Conant Jaunt Upo a disordered uru Sltes glue Glass on hum a cull Supply of fancy toilet articles perfumes extracts soaps pomade powders Ian All. Til popular country Fller clonts and retail dealer my plied it Pricco. Orders will meet with prompt attention. Daguerreotypes hallo typer ambro Tjpas. Photographic Fine 15ictures taken at be Al surpassed in the Union. As evidence of tie above ire submit Tho following from the new York photographic us Fine Ait journal. A. The portrait you sent i ii a very pleasing one As Well Fly Verj cruel Lent in tone and finish the Liend is very Viiu Rene Lig lits and shades being beautifully an unto cd this compar edit with the works of our Best Cistern Pho All t Stre opposite s indigestion los Lle acidity of the stomach f apr Letite i Themer tr4i.i5 Travi j Pitts Marc. I arcs Iltner. I it Wayne. U. To. Mail 7.00 a. M.1 p. I. 1st sex arcs 2.io a. A p. M. 2nd 12.15 p. P a a. M. Reach Chicago 7.00 a. M. And 1 311 . A May a 1s58. Watches jewelry and in omit Mac tuners House Jyl Tho of the Cains is again exciting a attention through thu slate and Tia result utensils Gen rally. Al of the year s which we give in a shed ii Tail or form in another column will in. I done to order question Lily raise the cry of i i cooking theae men who in no Way we have the i Ost Nizo or appreciate indirect benefits in Fortu i in the Stato of , Ami Sill them Nal ulv the world ha1 too Masv Sulci whose than in lie United plate.--, vision is Komi Nilca by Ilju Tel of thu in Box. And Stucci in any or at the lest by the direct and in j which ire to Kiva goj.9 of their pocket. In thl comi ties Lasi Lonk lir ii a which Hie canals do not the j Tali Fanini Hue and cry of tiie Short sighted tax Pav i in is raied a Ain it inc canals a a of j to esk were All Linn lit to sell to Over inc slates Uii the Vii cling a Cliance to steal Lake of t the Advant Igic calling n t up the cry and us a hut clays of the Golden stave it it door to of who slut to in their shoe cuts Foo to Columbus thin Orous for a Sale of the canals. Ave cd Tjui such a sense this m Winter if the it Cal is we i Wakehouse inti Fri ill that the men who arc to it v Wal on twin mirth Sida the , fit univ Marki a Pir than will a Dav of "i1 Wal Plilip hoppers platform reckon Long Wilh them such us Jylli Ciciani do or for Villi this Kimvan Fri Rminnia Iii. Lbw Blind nil John Hough jr., agent. I ile3. In nil nervous Kliu Muntiu and Neil Forl in no Mav 5lh jw8. 1-y nil iric has in Jiro veil highly Banc Ficini and in Eft card Liis is n purely pc on strictly in incr of the celebrated Hull nil i Toreasor . Us cause of its great Success in most of Tho introduction in to the United Inton Lii morn w Fly for those of our fatherland books and stationery j u ratio Imit it of profs penal in Tel. A us then the cd Cerf Thi g Iliili great Susec Lliam now of tetto tie american Public knowing that its truly wonderful Medici Virtues must be Ackon it a particularly re whose ther forms of dissipate than a i ii Jimil and where in the in part of tins a Tate. He keeps constant j on hand n in rec and Well assorted Supply of Blank books paper hangings room paper widow j Manian Roua it finds in fire Ali coat "f6. Nid Putnam s curtain fixtures. Has Alfio a Book bindery connected with this Estall Sliment. Store Calheim Iii acct. Mav it p5e. 1 l edged. Mew idol to Trio generally in dirt Over s. C. Evasiuk col urn goods store Corner of main Aud Safe Chi one door West of the Corner. Entrance sign of Mcdonald s picture gallery. Fort Wayne May 5th 1653." 1-y in if. Journal is now entering Ita thirty x seventh volume. U was in 1822, and is the oldest paper in in Tuhn. H is finial in age to the City of Indi nun and is Iii Irlvy As old so our state government. It was established when Indiana was Tittle Titan a wilderness and a lion Pinili Anapolis. San Sculy is Cretin name mid i own upon its own Rock Mii of Ciul Patr Imge or govern mental favors. Its name is it word ttiro1 omit the length and breadth of the state it position upon All Public or so Well known that anything a reference to ils course upon any of tic now before inc people would be in Joua Rui. Will continue the great principles of fax Edom and give support to the Republican Virty Al the party of the with the party when Richt and repudiating in when it will be for lit coming year More of a fam ily paper to Iii it hns Eier yet been and lift made Giorc to the general Reader inn n in Rolv political paper could he. I Ali session of Congress under n new and is always fraught Wilh More or in to Nancy to the welfare of the and tic present session will be ii Nii Ith feelings of Peculiar interest. The Posi Ion of the administration upon Kansas of is a matter of much Public in Utah question and the pro Kuciw of the Bitici Patch War in that Tia Arter will be a Luli set of great Public interest is Long As it re. Nivins unsettled. Events Are transpiring in or own country and throughout tic world to make a newspaper indispensable to every Init Mil. Bounteous crops have the he Ebband an Lirou Eliout the land Pence plenty and Amile upon All and we. Appear be inc the Public asking for Ita support feeling piano Forte Wae room Hill having opened Cinta Keuw on hand a full of i Abib Fortes Melodeon of in Riim styles and Qixia Lipics from Trio c manufactories in Thun Itil state Sii let in pro i hand. New music Coil Huntly received. A Fine of i. Violins flutes also violin Ami guitar string in Al most every hint in tic music line. May 5, 1p.w. Olivee p. Morgan no. 81 Columbia Street fort Wayne incl. Of keeps is receiving almost daily a Large assortment of hardware selected with special reference to this consisting in pan of and Lutchna Hutu and screws table and pocket cutlery i in two and Cas tors Tea and table spoons Tea pelts j la Ted Forks curtain tc., ac., together with Iron of All sizes nails spikes american and foreign Otcel Blacks Miehs Fellows Axle i Pili. E5pringa, thimble s i cd i ipe boxes Slocan and scythes swaths pm Lea shovel Spades hoes Mattocks rub unix axes. Hatchets and i and Cross Cut sums my to Marx Tiwi i it reel every nerve raising up the drooping spin and in fuel infusing new health and i Tho Ryt Tom. C j2ltt Tio to tie Crint to hilarity of to Lii delightful Al urn Many inn on which Ali i Public should guard against purchasing lie not pursue did to buy anything Clae until you have Given bloc Eliav c t Holland Bil tors a fair trial one in Ottic will convince you How in finitely Superior it is to All these imitations. Per bottle or ail bottle for by the Bolk Nornie tits Park or. Pc co. Liat v unit chemist i Mitsburgh a. For Bale by Wall mtr Vor pfc co., c. And that Wayne ind. Martin Noll s 3xt b a Boot shoe Stobe Martin Noll his opened it Largo Well dec Leceil Stock of Boole and Shuc in his new building on Clinton St., near Horn Hon a Hank Tolu re lie is Propin a to nil i cry article in Lii Sline Lowns they can be it Otilit in the wc5l. He thanks his friends for their Liberal patronage Herel ofor extended to him. And solicits a of their of Sivorn in future. Fort Wayne july 20tli 1658. 12-gi Ca sol. D. Bayless fort Wavak ind. Will attend to Selling i lira liaising or leasing real estate any Iii Collic intr and c l a. X m s Nefri to w firm fun face of Law on Clinton but Ween Nyno and a a Linkton at Ettl july 186s. Eliot i Vav their Stem Ami Joi Irna Tiwi i in Greal Eriety. allcn.1 Saddle Trees of a tie Obi stand Ai Filp Tertis. k Coopers tools Tress hoops at sol Ranil of hurl lamps dimming fluid re Tref in Toni crr Cim toilet water Cozlow. Under the of experienced workmen who attend to tic of All kinds of tin Slie i Iron Copper work. Hot air for churches and Public in wild Iii a. Hot arid Colo Walkk Ait Arati a hath Nufi Tum Shower foot and Hir Baths Corniola clip Macy and Kail a notices. A. Wjk Maiv s to inc citizens of fort Unity that he is Sti e May 5lh i8s8. Wall Itaya of . Paper of of guv new May 5th 1858. N. P. Stockli Kidik. To Dyk Benefit an i gentlemen b Devil Ami Clein fowl in the list styx City the Hume St., West May Width 1r5s. It of Williams Huestis Axi i i nil Law Nash wed rewire butter Che so Jaid no. 05 Columbia i reel fort Wayne incl. Hip plied wit i o nil kinds on is t terms nil thl ngh Eon aide red is can be Pirc Liast in tiny Market All Odom Ollil with i Nittoli. April 5th 1p58 1-j Diall receive it lib rally the of the journal will be the Bent Trie if what the future will be and promising to improve upon former efforts in producing in Icci Lattle family and political newspaper we Nln Titour claim to a go Deroui and Intel. People. Terms be copy one copies one year anti one to the get no of Hie club1500 pity one year to one address in one to the getter up of the club. 1 Birty five co Joics one year to one address and one to the getter up of the club. Fifth copies one year to one Ulen a ipod club. 5000 no Inion ten the name of each sub be written on his paper but in where the Penners no Hunt for one Iollar each no name Wilt to written on tie pairs but the est Ike club sent to Tek com or him to distribute. Liis is the Iii Arume in tick of All papers sending out clubs at Heap rates and cannot be departed from in my particular. Tuc daily journal will be sent by mail for 00 a year cents a Tondi. Address 20 m 35 00 and to fainting paper of inc 22i32, for Rale in May 6lh 58. N. P. 9tockbringe. Hides Afton cd it to highest in rect prices by Henry c. , . Hides wanted. A Liili the highest Burket Urice wit a mid in Cesli by h. C. Filter i co. Forf Wayne May nth 1653. 1-y, printing i1yjc. Just received at Hill s Book a full Hupple of Lightbody u Nch Ink in 25lb, 301b mid 401b Kui Street. May 1-y. Iron Sale. C a a acres of la Iii Well timbered lying in Jay county Neir Rand Oettli county line and on thu Sci jul from Plum flu to Winc Licater. The track of Iho Cincinnati fort Cuyno Kail rond Nios Ali Range it. Also no run in eel River town dip Al Len county. Also j town Lota on Nouth the canal in Ewing addition and one lotto. 293 in Hanim addition to the City of fort in Yum apply to Tetek p. Frailey at the oct

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