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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican Newspaper Archives Apr 13 1859, Page 7

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Fort Wayne Weekly Republican (Newspaper) - April 13, 1859, Fort Wayne, Indiana Paddy s pig. A a Shadow to All Ali so sunny Southern to �/1 must Here mention tha i a meet with a few extraordinary. Mean men in Sid there was one a merchant Prin six a a in in his life. Far a a Kriwow Henly departed from his extreme a a to sadness on one occasion and the Circum stances Are Worth relating. One morning mounting mis be Loilit a pig the Toniy pig i had and mis Thress the governess has Given to a kit und and sent to you for another. She Bays you have enough Gold to build a Sty a Nch and will be sur of give a at first old hard fit refused upon which Paddy threw himself on a Stool Atid raised such a piteous Wail that the ? he we mad about the death of his pig. Gave him Tho Pound to got quit of next the proprietor of the defunct porker was passing the warehouse and seeing his Benefactor at the door pulled his hat to him. Quot Well did you get drunk with that Pound or but another pig Quot asked the Nch Man gruffly Quot bought a pig yer Honor a a Darlin Quot Little thing wid a Sweet twist in his Tail like a lady s Quot Well it s to be hoped you la take better care of him than you did of the other. What did he die of a a die of did you die of now ? Why Cut out wid be he was so fat i killed him Quot so tufted lights and shadows or life in Australia. Big Franje Fowler. Henrietta Kubins ii. A corrosion Dan from sing sing writes that Henrietta Globins of. The Quot veiled Mur As she is called has been most unhappy since her reception at the prison and As is now believed by the Superior officers for the gratification of in vate spleen. The Matron who has had the charge of the prison until very recently has always represented Henrietta As a bad woman who has Given her much trouble and on the strength of these representations she had been terribly punished. Instead of subduing this course Only drove her to resistance until at last it was found necessary to confine Ier to her room. The new Matron however has been pursuing a Milder Cours under the of or. Gunlick. The principal keeper of both prisons and it is found that this Quot monster of iniquity this Quot veiled murderess Quot a is a mild harmless highly cultivated and amiable woman. As to her crime i have nothing to she is in Tae prison and As a prisoner earning for herself under kindly treatment a a Ood re Ort. Q the Utica Herald has been shown a draft of a very handsome Monument to the scar naut Ira j. Thurston which is. Carlin court of that City has had prepared. It represents the unfortunate or. Thurston clinging to the valve Board of his Baboon from which he was precipitated to the Earth and the inscription recites the manner of his death. is. Carling Ouirt proposes that the Jer nauts of tie United states shall get up tie Monument and he is now corresponding with . La Mountain at Troy Wise and a thers and proposing that Ench shall give an assertion and appropriate tiie proceeds to the Purchase of the Moi Unnone. A wit ii Money Bav. Or. Chopin s society purchased their present Locati ii on Broadway new York of William b. Astor for .�90,000. Not Long ago they sought to the principal of the debt before it came due but or. Astor complained that he had so much Money to take care of he would really prefer their continuing to Only the interest As it came due. They Are now it seems expecting to receive $130,000 for the property and will probably remove to Madison Square. The body of Ilon. John Bell one of the victims by the Princess disaster has been recovered and the funeral obsequies took place on the 25th, at new a he body says the Crescent was discovered near Donald Sonville. It was not As much disfigured As might have Jeen expected when we take the terrible nature of the explosion into consideration. There was a severe Bruise on one Side of the head besides some of sufficient to produce death. Death was evidently caused by drowning. It had evidently teen found before by some scoundrels and turned adrift after being plan ruler de of Money watch shirt studs sleeve but tons amp a. Eight cd Lille a at a two month since the wife of Jacob Abbott in Golconda W., presented her husband with eight pledges of affection at one birth. These children survived until six weeks old. When two of them sickened and died. The remaining six Are still living and thriving finely. The whole eight were very Small specimens of humanity when ushered into the world As might have been this statement is lizier Fly True. It is touched for by numbers of respectable witnesses who saw the Herald. _ 0 the marriage of Lle Eveillard daughter of the French Consul who was murdered at Djeddah. And e. Emerant was celebrated at the Church of St. Clothilde Paris on saturday March 12th. A Large crowd assembled to witness the ceremony. And great interest was excited by the a i Fearance of the Bride and bridegroom. On the Check of the former was clearly percept Tible the scar of the severe wound which a he received in defending her parents. Sir a Good Quot Story is told of a lady of wit who dined at the presidents s the other and was seated at the table Between a certain representative from Tennes Jee and the Hon or. Ruffin of North then. Y. Times data Ileth it thus Quot How Are you getting on dear Madame Quot asked the Jolly Bachelor of the White House. A a Quot Well As could be exp cud with a by Ifim in Ione Side and a Ruffi a n on the other. The res use. The new York correspondent of the i Weston courier who is evidently Ope of the friends of Sickles says., that they entertain no fear As to the result of the tru Al. And expect soon to see him return Home a coat tried of the murder of key. Quot if acquitted unconditionally to will not resign his the next Congress but if Toi is release there is any qualification to will a end in his resignation at once and when it the spa Cial election oct unit he will again be. % candidate and the Power does it exist in new Stork to pro vent his triumphant to it lilt Quot another correspondent who to logs to the same party thinks that the trial i i consume nine or ten Days. Tira Frenchman hearing some of his Iii Lilli friends speaking of pressing their i to wet longer Toni Ittu a his it die tip Tamyra am Young 17 to ��8 of dec Nedi Quot permit we Deir Yoa for ten a tile ii a pout a Texi Lotf who Jive mently landed in . The a following incident a Mong other cases of bitter persecution which they endured in prison v ,. A Nightingale As if on a minion from nature apparently feeling for of sorrow and Solitude used to come to the Bough of a. Mull Rry tree and with his plaintive qing to expressed our Grid amp so that he became our Friend the Friend of our Vecty. Hearts we used to throng to the prison oars to listen to and treasure is Loving plaint. A fond fool he with his tender ditty awakened suspicions among the police that we had communication with the outer Wor Drra , indeed which they trusted had ended for us. They shouted with their voices and hurled Sticks but in the evenings the Little Nightingale came again and again with his song of Solace to us and his sympathy or patriotism brought his d he was shot. 0 5 the body of a gentleman indigenous was washed ashore a Short time since from the Mississippi. In his pockets were found Quot one dueling pistol one Bowie knife one speech of Jetterson Davis one speech of senator Toombs one copy of the mississippian edited by Barksdale three copies of the president s Lecompton Mes Sage a photographic representation of an Alligator devouring an to to the province of Mississippi in the act of exterminating the stars and stripes Quot another Sickles very similar homicide to the late Sickles affair took place at port Hope Canada not Long since. A lawyer s wife proved false to him and the husband s Wrath was roused by the insulting manner of the adulterer and he shot him Deal sir John Robinson chief Justice charged the jury at the assizes strongly in of Vor of a verdict of murder but Thoy acquitted him amidst the plaudits of a crowded court. I r. G. Steward a lawyer residing in Marion ky., committed suicide a or two ago by thrusting a Spear through his Throat of which he died in a few minutes. Or. S. Iliad lately become dissipated and addicted to gambling and it is supposed that these vices were chiefly instrumental in causing his rash act. It is a great pity that this act of self destruction is not contagious among Pelt loggers. 0 i7fifteen minutes before bed time Cut up one dozen cold boiled potatoes add a few slices of cold cabbage with five or pickled cucumbers. Eat heartily and Wash Down with a pint of Cream ale. Undress and jump into bed. Lie Flat upon your Back and in half an hour thereabout you will dream that the Devil is sitting on 3 our Chest with the Bunker Hill Monument in his Lap. Arrival of get. Scott at . A i Lieut. General Scott was among the passengers of the Steamer Diana which arrived at Louisville on sunday evening. At Vicks Burg his last stopping place he had a Public reception. Of it is stated that a Young lady on Boston common dressed in the extreme of fashion was mistaken by some boys for a circus tent and they actually crawled some distance under the canvass before they discovered their wi25i-take. Several of tic steamboats running on the Ohio River immediately after the ass Ina Tion of Lowe at i Hawesville ky., refused to make their usual landings there. Their owners declare that until the murderers of Lowe Are brought to Justice they will shun the place entirely. O Quot the Sickles trial will commence on the 8th of april. Many interesting developments and new incidents illustrating social life in Washington Are expected to i e elicited on the trial. The bar of that City have employed one of thei number to assist the prosecution. A kind if a civil word or two will Render a Man Happy Quot said a French King Quot he must be a wretch indeed who will not give them to such a disposition is like lighting another Man s Candle by ones own which loses none of its brilliancy by what the other gains. If All Mankind possessed this feeling How much happier would the world be than it now is miss. Martha Haines butt the Norfolk heiress who has been married so often by the newspaper writers has at last definitely entered into a matrimonial engagement with the Young sculptor. Barber whose Quot coquette Quot and Quot Fisher girl Quot have excited so much attention in Southern cities. Oit sex governor David Campbell of Virginia died at Abingdon Virginia on the 19th inst. At cd 80 years. The deceased was a major in the twelfth regiment u. States infantry during the War with great Britain and served with great credit on the Northern Frontier. .0� ill Texo a blebs depot Ivo. 87, it Lumbia St. To or goods cheap and at prices to suit the hard am determined to make room for a Spring Stock. I have left Over a Beautiful assortment of Black and fancy Cass imerese none to equal. Black cloth As Low As 10 shillings. Sat Netts of ail Colora and Quatt ties jeans and Lineys All of which will be disposed of. Cheap. Also a splendid assortment of Woolen Square and Long shawls also Brocha single and double shawls will be sold at Eastern prices. Now is the time to buy a shawl cheap and to get a grand bargain. I have also a Nice d Ress goods left such As All Wool and Union plaids will be sold at Cost. French Merines splendid at 6 shillings Delaine at 20 cts., Cburgos Al Saccas and Derezes which will be closed out at bargains. Also Wool and Cotton Flimel of All colors and qualities blankets bed spreads Marseilles and Lancaster quilts at a reduced Price. Muslims Bro a and bleached. Ticking fabric in the country drills bags Batts Wick and twine at a Low rate. Carpets matting Ruggs Oil cloth Stair carpets and door Matts of All styles astonishingly Low even cheaper than Ever. And All Wool carpet sold at 4 shillings per Yard. In connection with this have a Choice article of it to x q xxx b9 kurd to beat in Price and Quality. Syrups no better West of new York. Teas of the Linest qualities. I have proof of customers that it cannot be beat in Price and Quality. Coffee sugars Rice spice.?, raisins and currants prunes oils Dye stuffs amp. And to make assortment of groceries Complete. Crockery amp China Ware the largest assortment in town and sold at Eastern prices. 70 Pes White stoneware for $5, 70 Pes Iron Stone China for $6 45 Pes gilded China Lor $8. Mantel Tonnu cents cups and saucers with mottos suitable a for presents in great variety and Selling ices Tolian Ever and All other Queens Are sold accordingly. Also Rockingham yellow and Stone Ware by the Quantity. In connection with this i have a in Ood assortment of table cutlery spoons looking glasses amp a. Wood and Willow Ware. Nails and Glass All i ask is to live a Call i am determined to sell cheap i am Able to give satisfaction to each and every Ojie. The highest Market Price will be paid for All kinds of country produce. Ii. Schwegman. Fort Wayne feb. 8,185i. 41tf Donna tink rect in pet at Piitz Burg with Roufeh trains Irwin All we tem Giti Waii for Philadelphia i a Boston Baltic Ivorie and Washin i City thus t Amish ing facilities for the transportation of Passen Gers for Sejud and Comfort by any o ther route. Express and fast lines run through to Fhil Adelphia without change of cars or conductors. A f smoking cars Are. Attached to each min Woodriff 8 sleeping Jirs to expire Fly and fast the by press rms daily o It xxuh., Corner Calhoun and main streets keeps constantly on hand a full Assort Vincnt of drugs medicines chemicals oils paints varnishes and die stuffs also. Fancy and toilet articles Spicci and Many other articles for family use. All of which will be sold wholesale or retail at the lowest figures. Fort Wayne dec. 1st 58. .31 a ill Park a wow ornamental Trees fruit Trees and. Shrubbery. We the undersigned Call the attention of the Public to our Superior collection of fruit and ornamental Trees grown Here and acclimated to our soil and climate reared with the View of meeting the wants of we flite xxi. Pla.33.-Texfli. Our Trees and varieties will succeed where Eastern Trees and varieties will in Many cases fail. Every Effort will be made to Merit the Confidence and patronage of the people. Our Trees amp varieties Are better and prices Twenty five per cent. Lowest than can be had of self Gornati tuned eat Tern tree Aff Ente. We therefore beg leave to Call attention to our list of prices for the coming full and Spring trades. W e offer for Sale one and Lowb a ears a to it per too of the Lead Jig Best varieties. V. A Superior Quality and Quantity of Standard arid ii Arf a Jpe re tit. Also a collection of Saleable Arras to Bleb at $18 100 Standard and Dwarf circa air Tan Priori same a for Pipirs Gre fes %2 per dozen. Currants and goo8eberrys,a Fine variety at li25 doz., and other Small it i rwt8 at very Low rates. It Obj v jt3jaq- i3eg in these should be planted in the Spirig our so Tii inf a in inf a a m Uitz a a up. The Dju a a town Lili collection consists Fia Nowat Unocic it at of qent9,to to eat Hacer Dingo size and Natl to purchased. A Ca Cait Arboit Tje and fish Cedar from so Een to $1 Facht Burras i hot of a so a duty in a Al. Via Largejr Zulj rift a Fogt it a Quot Sapir Vsev to tits. -. I Quot Siim or tip file the shortest and Only direct route to Cincinnati Indianapolis and Cincinnati Short line Railroad via Lawrence Durgi. No change of cars to Cincinnati. Three passenger trains leave Indianapolis daily excepted for Cincinnati connecting at Cincinnati with trains for a Wilmington Marietta Washington Athens Parkersburg Circleville Greenii Seku Lancaster Hamden Chirico the also Maysville Paris amp Danville by. Also with All the great Eastern and Southern Railroad lines and with steamers on the Ohio River first train. 8,45 a. M., arrives at Cincinnati at 2.15 p. Lexington ky.,e.30 p. Chillicothe 8.30 p. Second train. 1.t5 p. M., arrives at Cincinnati at 10.00 p. N. Zanesville 5.25 a. Third . 8,30 p. M., arrive sat Cincinnati at 2 00 a. M., Lexington ky., 11,15 a. Tickets Ean be procured at depot at Indianapolis ind., and at All the ticket Ollices in the North we St on which passenger s Are taken by this route. Through to Ciuci Naii without change of cars. Through to Columbus and Newark with Only one change of cars. Through to Zanesville and Wheeling with Only one change of cars. Through to Chillicothe and Marietta with Only pne change of cars. The Pigh to Lexington and Danville ky., with Only one change of cars i three i Raih Sleave a. M., .4.45 pvin., and 8 p. Ra., and Annive at in Diana ohs m., and 1 aim. Making Loii connections at Indianapolis with trains to All the Western and North Western Titita. . Noble w40.yl a Genn ticket agent trains. Mail and tast line sundays excepted. Three paily trains connect direct for new express Andt fast line connect for Baltimore and Wash Toh. Express to in leaves Pittsburg 2 a. ar-Rivea at Philadelphia or Baltimore 5 p. M., new York 10,30 p. mail train leaves Pittsburg 6 a. A. Arrives at Philadelphia ii p. M., new York 4,30 a. fast line leaves Pittsburg 5 p. M., arrives in Philadelphia or. Baltimore at 8,30 a. M., new York 2,30 p Six daily trains Between Philadelphia and new York two daily trains Between new York and Boston. Through tickets All rail Are Good on either of the above trains. Boat tickets to Boston Are Good via. Norwich fall River or Stoit Angton lines. Tickets eastward be obtained at any of the important rail Road of laces in the West also on Board any of the regular line of steamers in the Mississippi or Ohio Rivers and tickets Westward at the offices of the Coni Pany in , new York Baltimore or Philadelphia. Far is Low As by any other Boate ask for tickets by Pittsburgh. The completion of the Western connections of the Pennsylvania Railroad to Chicago makes this the die not line Between the East and the great North West. The connecting of tracks by the rail Road Bridge at Pittsburg avoiding All drayage or Herriage of freight to Geilier with the saving of time Are advantages readily appreciated by shippers of freight and the travelling Public. Parties shipping eastward will find it to their advantage to ship by this route. For freight contracts or shipping directions apply to or addres Seither of the following agents of the company d. A. Stewart Pittsburg a. Doyle amp co., Steubenville o. H. S. Pierce amp co., Zanesville 0. J. J. Johnston Ripley o. Mcneely Moy Sivile by. Ormsby amp Cropper Portsmouth 0. Paddock k co., Neil Erson Ville ind. H. Irown amp Coy Cincinnati 0. Athern amp Hibbert Cincinnati 0. C. Meldrum Madison ind. William Bingham Louisville by. P. G. O Riley amp co., Evansville ind. N. Graham amp co., Cairo Iii., r. F. Sass St. Louis to. John h. Harris Nashville Tenn. Harris amp Hunt Memphis Tenn. Clarke amp co., Chicago 111. H. H. Koont Alton 111. Murphy amp walk Dubuque Iowa or the freight agents of a railroads at different Points in the West. The greatest facilities offered for the Protection and speedy transportation of live Stock and Good accommodation with usual privileges for persons travelling in charge thereof. is Quot West i. By this route freights of All descriptions can be forwarded from Philadelphia Boston new York or Baltimore to any Point on the railroads of Ohio Kentucky Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Iowa or Missouri by Railroad direct. The Penns Lapia Railroad also connects at Pittsburg with steamers by which goods can be forwarded to any port on the Ohio Muski Ngum Kentucky Tennessee Cumberland i n Inoia Mississippi w i Consin Missouri Kansas a Kansas and red Rivers and at Cleveland Sandusky and with steamers to All ports on the North Western lakes. Merchants and shippers entrusting the transportation of their freight to this company can Rev with Confidence on its Speed transit. The rates of freight to any Point in the West by the Pennsylvania Railroad Are at Alj times As favourable As Are charged by other r. Companies. Particular to Mark packages Quot via Penn. merchants in the West ordering goods from the East will do Well to direct them to be shipped by this route. Parties attending to their own shipments from the East will find it to their interest to Call on the agents of this company at the following places before shipping or letters addres de to either of them on the subject of freights will meet with prompt attention. E. J. Sneeder Philadelphia. Magraw k Koons 80 North Street Baltimore. Leech amp co., no. 2, Astor House or no. 1, s. We. St n. Y. Leech amp co., no. .54 Kilby Street Boston. H. H. How Ston general freight agent Philadelphia. L. L. How opt a general ticket agent Philadelphia. Thos. A. Scott Jan 1-wly general supt Altoona Gil iyiibr0tvjpj�& i la pictures taken at Tia e3fad a it a so ment warranted to be we Eue ated and Pun Ible and not Szces xxx for Richness pc tone or Beauty of finish in any in . Fort Wayne Folk attention awhile we whisper in your new where von ban find your Troa Indrei Liidi Fri end will hold Moit dear at Bonk a Fine Alt gallery. Homer of main and Calhonn Street. Orer Evans b dry Good Tor what the big and Inu to it. riot ii we win a to hint to All and Hope Yon will delay not in giving is Call. Sonz Arfat go an and after this Date trains will run As Folk Owse 2 00 and of pm Ruc wet Fifthe accommodation Traiani going East of that we i r a Quot. At 6 h p. The mail train Wpm Sayfi in did a Applis at Tat a i after Tfaye Ai Raf of the it Cain from Ali e East and a a vow this or connect with the Trail Ira to i Ldean sport. On to re amp Ai. and feaca\ind�<in8poli� at 12 10 p. r connecting there Witk trains for All Poi its East South and West. An Accini Madation train Willa eave to Lori depot Indianapol Ftp at 8 30 a m., re Achko edmo at -2 18 a j connecting with train on the a. Or it for Logansport and arrive at Peru at 4 �o5 p. A a ,. I i ump Kittai will leave Peru at j 15 a Wjk. Kokoro a a. To and Indian Axilis at Cornie Otin Vilh the Rivins for Riemondi Dayton Cid inn to Jefferson Ville rid Louisville a Quot ii licked the Foncet Ebibh it Ira ttw��i�1llobmonarp�yto�i>ciidm�ir/l ak>ll8,?,-�hdt�r� to pm thru nor in crets for Aale at the Ipri Neraal a he it it w. A Ltd it Fie and , Ponthi and India up a if atom he we a Quot i a do tet attention j Gitters Batten into on gallery Anil look our Sample thu rough and then yi�1i gladly tent Yon and show what we can do. And if Yob wih to in Thaie a in again a easy made for if Yon be not Ai Gash to Ipaige Well take part out in Trade. Well take our in produce in eatables and Wood. And pro pries of a kind so provided Ulicy Are Good. We know the times Are stringent Thor crore those offers make and furthermore Are bound to sell As cheap As other s take. On ambro Typton leather on Glass and paper neat Are sought most by the masses because they nil Bard to beat. In lockets rings or breast pins in keys in seals or cases we re ready to convert at Willa semblance of your faces. Old men and matrons hear this Call. And lads and lassies too. And Kotlier s bring your children in. And see what we can do. And when Yon have the time to spare just drop in one and All. For if von do not wish to buy. Well thank Yod for a Call. Sewing machines tie cheapest and lest in the worm on exhibition and for Sale at Bronk s Pic to re rooms. Sewing in Shine stitching quilting c., executed in the Best manner and on reasonable terms. Feb. 8, 59. 41y. That il�w1ierecan Yoa imy Fri std to mtg to Jap in War Ifa it Saab eave troughs spouting �te., a Cliea As at jul Ettje a Troy a t to in addition to the Al it Ore also off for it t t Sale fanning tools such a As cradles scythes How Forks rakes from the be manufacturers As cheap As the they. To limit a continuance of the patronage of their Fried Del and the Public Ling in their purchasing elsewhere Nettelhorst amp Coone door North of h. B. Reed s drug store opposite Townley a. 4-y tie sir Bilck t a a at the old a to and ii t Orr a a. This 95. Is now he a Viko Aid but pm pm Brant icon the Iff Fin a is to Flat Eckof. C. Sander wholesale retail dealer in boots and shoes leather Etc. Calhoun-St., South Corner of Ewing s Block fort Wayne Indiana. Jan. 18. 29. 38-6ni no. 95 Columbia Street. Wall Meyer amp co., wholesale let . Dealers in drugs medicines Chwi cals paints oils varnishes dyestuffs a a. A Patent medicines Stirgis Al glassware window Glass brushes of All to kinds pure wines k brandies 3?, soaps it amp Eanoy a Rioles Are constantly receiving fresh of All articles in their line direct from new York and Boston. Country merchants and physicians Are respectfully invited to Call and examine our Stock. All drugs and medicines will be warranted pure and Ltd having been selected with care from some of the Best Eai Tern House s. Fort Wayne 5th 18.58. 1-y off Lihas Tot try i xxx Kllc can be seen at the auditors Oil ice Foi t a tie ind. N. B. Particular attention Given to the Sale and Purchase of real estate and to the execution of deeds mortgages Bonds and All official documents. 18th 1858. .3 h. Williams. A. C. , Wabash amp Western Railroad. The Only direct route from Toledo to to. Louis Springfield Nav Les Decatur Alton and the West. No change of Cara Between Toledo St Loulai on and after sunday 9,1857, fas Senger trains will leave Toledo As follows mail express at 12 00 New York and St. Louis express at 11 30 p. Passengers by either of these trains go through to St. Louis without change of cars an advantage not possessed by any other route these trains make close connections at state line Illinois with the great Western Railroad for Springfield Naples Decatur &c., and at fort Wayne with trains of the Pittsburg fort Wayne and Chicago rail Road for Columbia Quot Warsaw Plymouth amp Chicago. The 12 00 Train makes close connections tvs Peru with trains of Peru and Indianapolis rail Road for Indianapolis and at Indianapolis Witk All roads leading from that a Point. A j a a a. A a. A a a leave state i Ine Iii. A in y amp St. Louis expre88.at 8 00 p. Mail express at 6 00 a. A. ? of these trains make close connect Ionata Toledo with a i Ess tvs ins 6f Cleveland and Toledo rail Road for Cleveland Dunkirk Bufalo Albany a a a it York and Boston. A same. Trains Lafayette with trains of the Lafayette ,an4 Indianapolis r. R., for Indianapolis Cincinnati &c., and at fort Wayne with trains of Pittsburg fort Wayne and. Chicago Railroad for Crestline Pitt sub Wheeling and Philadelphia. The pad a built in thei most thorough Mann a a amp a there being Jio change of cars makes it by far the most desirable route to or re in Jet daily Between Toledo and state line. A 5�orr0ws. Gen. Sunt Yort a Vii. A Thiim it Vili practice and collecting and a a during of claim a to tote aary fal counties of Northern a Stow from a j a. I Williams amp Huestis commission merchants and wholesale dealers in fruit class nails Woodenware eggs butter cheese Izard amp a. No. 8.5 Columbia Street fort Wayne ind. Merchants supplied with of All kinds on As Lavo Nihle terms All Thimig j considered As can be purchased in any inure it jul orders ii decl wit i dispatch. April 5th 1858 a piano Forte wardroom. Cd. Hill having opened a rooms for the Sale of piano Fortes and other musical instruments keeps on hand a full assortment of piano Fortes amp Melodeon of various styles and qualities from the cell rated manufactories in the United state Sheet music a Large collection Kepi on hand. New music constantly received. A Fine assortment of guitars violins flutes amp a. Also violin and guitar strings. In Al most every thing in tiie music line. ."1858. -1-y. Dint at office a Branch Bank buildings fort Wayne ind. Or. I. Knapp while grate fully 1 _ fully acknowledging the Liber a a Zuj Al patronage received from the citizens of fort Wayne and Vicinity pledges himself to perform All operations entrusted to him in the most thorough and skillful manner Jill work warranted watches jewelry amp a. A. Mayer no. 88, Columbia Street fort Wayne. Returns ins thanks to numer Ous friends for their Liberal support and respectfully informs them that he has just received a Large and excl Lent new Stock of Gold and Silver watches from the most approved makers which he will sell at prices to suit the present hard times. Among these will be four Ltd a lot of american watches from the american watch manufacturing co., of Massachusetts Warnin Ted to keep Correct time and expressive adapted to the wants of /f.4 Flroa d off cers. Clocks of All kinds in great variety. Guard chains seals and keys breast Pius ear rings Finger rings including a Large Stock of Rixena Wlinich he afters Low in Hopes of increasing the demand Gli Ildren s corals chains bracelets lockets Gold and Silver thimbles and everything else in the jewelry line. Silver is plated spoons 4 Forks plated Tea sets Sec. 800t a Hoe fian factory and leather sore a. Quot is the most extensive establishment of the kind in this part of the Counti a Jiniv retail room is spacious and Well Quot filled from the styles of White Satin Bronze French kid and toilet Slipper to the fancy Gaiter ands Toca boor merchants amp shoe dealers can be supplied As Low As they can Tern jobbing houses As i Purchase direct from the manufacturers in Eastern villages where the jobbers buy their Stock and when own Home made work is added to the Eastern a better Stock is furnished. Also sole leather upper calf skins vip Slocins Iliin Ings bin Chric a lists amp. Findings. Pef ran hides and skins. James h. Robinson. _ fort Wayne ind., 18, 1858 3-y for o a of land Well timbered lying in a u county near ran Dolth Quot county line and on the Wagon Road from Camden to Winchester. The track of the Cin Climati and fort Wayne Railroad runs through it. Also acres in eel River township Allen also 3 town lots situated on South Side of the canal in ewings addition and one lotto. 29d in Hannas addition to the City of fort Wayne. Apply to Peter p. Bailey. At the repel lican office. A Ever offered 1 Ted the. C aeil�t.theloit<9t Rettena a -. is in Savill Lecept in Judware Parton bit Ilii hindi Ira such As locks Latchter Botts and so twi class and Sash Hook strap and to i oct with All the Etc a ilm sigh or Cabin. Alad Gai enter s Toals hand and rip saws Mortice Farnming and Quot firmer Achi Beland to dog it with All the. Numb rules Little fifties pus to inc nation. Black Sinith Mboi Sanvil. Yikes Bellolli screw plates &c.,pc a. Fort Wayne aug. 15th 1858. 16-tf. H. , dealer Staple and fancy dry goods groceries hardware like ensnare Wood and Willow Ware nails Glass Sash Cotton yarn a n. Country merchants Are solicited to Call and make an of Stock before buying elsewhere. Fort Wayne aug. 29th 1858. 18-y books and stationery. G. T. Met dealer in books and stationary of All kinds is. Assortment of professional school and miscellaneous books is Large Quot an a better than can be found any where Jyh the North part of this state. \ he keeps constants by on hand a Large and Well assorted Supply of Blank books room paper. Window paper fire screens j and Putni Arm s curtain fixture Isi a has also Book bindery connected with this establishment. Store on Calhoun St reel 5,1858. A i 1 yet this life slim store yp./o0 Colet mifa a tree to ill la str�ceiv0di French Catt imerese is vesting Tir a s Unibe Madets ii and fa8l�oo�ab� it it la to. A Iii Seuy i a so we a if get pried Buta Imp it it eng Phiel mitral of Aii Jim it in. Spectacles accordions flutes port mosaics work bags work boxes toys and fancy articles in great variety and cheaper Tolian Ever. Repairing punctually and Faith fully attended to. He gives particular attention to this Branch of business employing the Best workmen and can warrant Good satisfaction to All who need any description of watches clocks or jewelry repaired. Fort Wayne june 1st it up. Quot i a Wheeler i Wilson s sewing machines Price from $��0 to $100. C. Ii. Willia31s. Agent. Offices. No 19 West Washingion St. Indianapolis ind. Quot old no. 3,&Quot off a store Columbia St. Fort Wayne ind no. 6, commercial Block Lafayette ind. Quot Priese celebrated machines Are uttered to a the Public with increased Confidence in their superiority and As the very machines in the Market. They sew equally Well the thickest and thinnest fabrics using Cotton silk and Linen thread and making a Beautiful seam alike on both sides which cannot be travelled machines warranted for three years and All necessary instructions for running them Given free of charge. Call or Send for circulars containing list of prices testimonials amp a. C. H. Williams. Christian Orff agent. Quot old no. 3,&Quot Columbia St. Fort Wayne. Nov. 23, 1p58. 3 a new Iron store 127 tons Bair ii Roxi. To be sold in the City of fort Wayne x manufactured at the Lawrence rolling Mills of Ironton Ohio embracing Lio i if Brent sizes made from the Best Quality of cold blast hang ing Rock charcoal Metal warranted a very Superior article and will be sold at lower Fig ures for Cash and scrap Iron than any other Iron Ever sold in this Market. Also a Large Stock of nails and spikes cast steel steel Springs plow slabs and wings window Glass and Sash. Also tin plate Copp Erand wire a Large assortment of Iron safes axes and Blystonel cradles and farming utensils generally. Also manufacturers of tin Copp Erand Sheet Iron Ware. House jobbing done to order. A join Jii Jug a a a of we latest and Best select St ski Iii the state of Jno Iai a and will sell them lower than any other House in the e United states. Parlor Box and Franklin stoves in any Quantity All of which Are warranty to give perfect a Atis Farej of a last<iri<9. Tas Long As stove Kamrat a other it fumes it Tufts we Juno Ftp be True i pm fifteen yeaj9 experience in the Bush Esik a. I ii i. These Gipps were i both to sell to hard Tim is Soj pen a Little a you g to to the Best advantage i by calling at the sign of the Golden stove next door to Schwa Man s. A. D. Brandriff. Fort Wayne june 15th 1858. 7 y a. To orderer is co s Asp Tleta to Fiorot Ampey shoes i Ejna of 2f pm Odix Bilio cd la onto Street coppers a Tob Xis heading Hon if ing. Backing. Stave and hoop knives How Els crows Trusa hoops a Vepy Superior assortment Conta ing All the new styles and latest in improvements in sad do err Ware. Of All kinds. Patent and enamelled leathers and enamelled cloths of great variety did Quality a Superior article of rub Ber c l o t h for can Page tops equal to leather. Head linings damask laces of great variety. Brass and Silver Hull a kill whip sockets amp a. E ii t i or olives p. Morgan no. 81 a of Mabia Street Fout Wayne ind. Sig int of the padlock keeps constantly on hand and is receiving almost daily a Lars re assortment of hardware selected with Pecini reference to this Marl e consisting in part of and latches Butts and screws Tab of and pocket cutlery plated and Britania castors to i and table spoons Tea setts Pia Ted Forks curtain cornices bands and Pini &c., &c., together with Iron of Sill sizes. Stocks and Dies scythes swaths cradles shovels Spades Iloe it. Mattocks grub hoes picks axes hatchets and hammers. Mill and Cross Cut saws Cap enters and in great variety. Gunsmiths tri.\gs, gun barrels shot guns Colts and aliens revolvers. Sadi Ilar Invar Saddle Trees of various patterns. it coolers , Ivess hoops pc solar and fluid lamps burning fluid refrigerators ice Cream freezers toilet sets and water coolers. Lender the superintendence of experienced workmen who will attend to the manufacture of All kinds of tin Sheet Iron amp Copper work. Hot Lar furnaces for churches dwellings and Public buildings. Hot and water apparatus tuns Shower foot and Hir Baths galvanised cornices Chimney stacks and Sal pans. In a. W a a a tin Ware eave troughs and spouting always on hand. Fort Wayne St 18.58. 1-y tact. The term of partnership of the firm of Bostick Deboi Wiff an being about Ito expire and As they Are determined to Settle All the matters transacted during said term they notify All those in their debt and All those having claim against them to come Forward immediately and Clofe their accounts. They have just received their entire new Spring and summer Stock of ready Mulc Loebli Fin Mishins Good hats a a Caps amp vesting consisting of every that line from a j4nen Joat to the la Bro a a cloth. The a in Vesta ail pants. Also Quot the of Ever Brugt to the which their will make to measure of Tho. Mpg Casona but fiems Quot a and warrant All to fit and made tothe it i test fashions rec Vei every three months from new York. They have also a Large assortment of Hals Caps and trunks and a general assortment of gents fit Nish ing goods. Bostick amp Bolman. Fort Wayne 18th 1858 by. The March of improvement. Str rely Etael cd at. Ben h a s ii pict eke the highest style a Kea daily in the cwt inane Pitt find Atixhe increasing patronage Benhmi a int it i air it St Toxar Dosti Junei Otic a in his. Part to t a Coati nuance. Of the Favot he it age Fern Tot stir Ltee ived at the Banda. G-9 vulcanized rubber and machine stretched leather belting of All sizes it on also rubber and hemp facile if. Iron and St ii a Large Stock of american English German and swedes Iron and steel Best Russia Nail Rod a full assortment of nails and spikes which Are warranted Good or no Sale. We cannot Stop to enumerate the half Bot request our old patrons and the Public to Cali and examine for themselves. We have ado Ted the Cash system in our , believing it the bust for Alf Small profits and Keady is or motto. We again Call and examine our believe we can convince most people that our goods Are of a Superior Quality and Lery Cliea so Call at no 79, �,Olamma-8t. Where we Are always Happy to show our goods. A word to our old customers who arc indebted. Please Call and Settle if you cannot Call and Settle so we can close our books. Times Are hard but yet a Good time to Settle up and bal juice old matters. Thankful for the favors and hoping for More to come i remain yours b. Oakley. Fort Wayne dec. 1st 18.58. 31rtf Miho to Kotico. Slurp r �3? dec �3. Wayne Chicago Railroad company with its ample rolling Stock and equipment and its Tii Orough connections is prepared to transport passengers and freight from Philadelphia and Pitt bin to Cli Ica of Stlouis Indiana a Cincinnati and All places West and . With a great degree of regularity and expedition. The fact that this Road forms a direct and consolidated line Between Chicago is a sufficient guarantee that its trains will make Good time and connections with trains on other roads. tji Ains leave it Wayne 5.40 p. 4.30 a. I plots Borg Crest line. U. S. Mail a. 7.07 p. 1st sex pics 2.40 a. jlo.no a.i 2nd 12.15 p. l0.23 p A reach Chicago 7.00 a. And 1 30 . All trains make close connections at Crikt line for Columbus Cincinnati Inonu Nearous and St. Louis. Also at fort a Avn. With trains on was Bash and Western Railroad for la far Centra. Illinois and St. Louis. Also at Forest with trains on the K l. E. And at Lima with trains on Dayton Quot and Michigan Railroad. Crew Zinb. Am Pitti 12.40.1. E.52 p. A 9.i5p.m. 6.j0am. From Chicago. U. S. Mail 10.0� p. A 5,30a. 0,3 Guam. 3nd in Jpn 5,30 a. 2.00 p. A. 5.25a.i1.15p. making close connections with trains for Philadelphia Baltimore new York and Boston. Trains from St. Louis Indianapolis Cincinnati and Columbus make close connections at Crestline with All returning trains. At fort Wayne trains from St. Louis Central Illinois Lafayette and intermediate places connect with above trains. At Forest connections Are made with trains to and from Cin Climati Springfield and Dayton. The u s. Mail from Pittsburgh to crr Atline being a train for local business is overtaken at Crestline by the 2nd express. Accommodation i Ains. Leave new Brighton for allege Oil City at 6.40 a. And 12.35, p. Leave Allegheny City for new Brighton at 9.45and5p.Al Fia a checked Inagh and no Eluige for bwlliai., it a or for tickets and further inform atom apply to Geo. Parkin passenger station con Liberty and Grant streets b. F. Patrick to Quot 80 Dearborn Street opposite the Ivein rat House Chicago or to the agents at the 8ta. Tons on the line. Jar to co Mience x n monday 10th and continue until further notice. J. J. Houston Gen. Pass or tar it at d. Boss pass gras t chicag. Jos. A Moore a Jap a intend itjnnl5th858 Quot a a of of Ftp a Quot Aji ird a. V a the undersigned theold City act Weer. Announces to his old customers that lie �9 now exclusively attending to the a Mitt Imd commission business at his old Send on Cal. Hound second door Froni Columbia Quot Street where he is fully prepared to attend to the Selling of All ski of goods Lan a town lots Fiory se4 wagons household a a Mitre. He will also attend to paying taxes on property and Agency to sell land7 Liberal Advance made on a Al it a Aii having one of the beat Staida and a in the pity and tire hey years Eiph of up the business he Hopes to Reoe Ifie a Riklis Aorl Tion of patronage e. ,.ay?. 5,1858. Graj ens Fumii 3 a

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