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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1870, Page 5

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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat (Newspaper) - March 2, 1870, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne ind. Oso Lal paper of the City and county. A. Zol Liibs Atheney at Law. Office Over Hamilton s by in opposite court House fort Wayne lad. Oot36 69wly Rio to mls dts Dumbo Era Feber 5. Till new Albany Bulj Ledger tells a a Toty of a Cin Pionati Man who went there to obtain a ditore but being immediately attacked with fever and agae cobol used that he had better re Tum Home and Haxe his wife nurse we. _ the stave factory of Schnelker Burgr not amp South of the City is now in fall blut. Forty nine loads of bolts were a lived yesterday and there is a literal Jam of teams All Day. They Are paying Good prices and want ten thou and cord9 More. From Van superintend a ent c. B. Jlane and eight of the lad it Tea Olexa of the Public school at Van Wert paid our City a visit to Day. Prof. J. H. Smart them through our Day school and All seems much pleased with their of science. We were pleased to meet w. L. Parker the popular agent of Katie Putnam s metropolitan Star burlesque company. This celebrated troupe win visit our City Quot on the 7th of next month in a engagement of one week at the opera House. The spright Liessi Beauty and Grace of this artiste in the adm action of All and she is acknowledged to be a most charming a Otrey. W. H. Norton esq., has sold out his Book bindery and Job office at fort Waym and removed to to milkmen no a a a or business men was More respected than our Friend Norton and there a general regret Over his removal from this City. There is a legion of warm friends hers whose kind Liest wishes for his health and Prosperity will follow him wherever be May locate. Quot _ a Lively correspondent of the Sandusky City i Bumas says there axe 450 Din Len a a lib butt in that City and that they by from 2,000 to 3,000 persons eve to Sabbath who a Pead $650 or $39,000 a year on sundays alone. About one fifth of the population of the City patronize the Tat sons on the Sabbath Day. When we Tefis it that Sandusky Olty has Only a population of about 12,000 to 15,000, these figures will be appreciated. is an attempt of a Lover to Mure a kiss which he was promised if to would prove that a to Eomy tote he hrs As Well As smokes and this is a new motive for locomotives Ute Bli inn the proper yuck. To Inu Ute the engine Crank be notion Forward Fertit to Alicw add Tae backward motion too Al a Seyez As the in pfc goes round Quot he ��14, Quot it b Chook Chook to go ahead anal a top Chook to Back it a related that he got the kiss and he certainly deserved it. Cubi obit Young Man xes dug not a Tfir a so no mile3 from Oai Houn Street and the possessor of Are a Emring mind while perusing Ihu current Utera Ture of the Day Caecer to Ned from this very reliable source that a lad a pulse always beat stronger in the Palm a i hand than anywhere else tried the other night to find out while sparking his intended. And the Besolt of his Experiment was that she Bristal an Iron Skillet Over his head. He has now determinedly settled it Hiat their j ulbe8 beat As Strong around the head As any where else. Hit now not of so enquiring a turn of mind. Quot St. Brand Lodge of ibb knights of St. Crispin of Indiana held its Annush session in Lafayette last week. There were Nineteen sub Ord to in let Genii represented by fifty Del Jgr Tes. Reports from the sub Ordi nays lodges Wei Prem Tel and showed that the order was Grong rapidly in Ihbe state and was in a healthy condition. A officers consisting of grand sir in by Deputy grand sir Knight of Btu Sanbe grand treasurer and thei Ltd St is were elected also two representatives to the International grand Lodge which will be held in Boston next april. The session was int Etta a and harmonious and the was transacted in a decorous expeditious manner. Quot Snow an urgent request we Quot give in Quot and reproduce in the Democrat the popular song of the Day Quot shoo Fly Don t Bodder it is being whistled Sung ground out on hand organs All Over the Union and at last like a Silver spoon it has fallen into the Possession of boast Butler. That is the Only thing the almost National refrain has Yat had to Quot mar its Quot shoo Fly Quot is the song of the period and As a matter of curiosity to hundreds we Are prevailed upon to give it one More push in the world a boo it i t Sodd a Lis i i think 1 Bear de Angels i think i hear be Angelsing i think i hear de Angels sins de Angels now ate on de . 1 Feli i Foel i feel at s what my mod Geraald. Anga s Pori car lasses Down upon Dia night a s Heid. A floats shoo Flor Don t Bodder me i shoo Fly i Don c b ladder me i Don t Boydsr me i i Beloni to com o by g. I feel 1 feel. I feel 1 feel like a morning Star i he feel. Ifni i Llewell be 1 feel i feel. I fee. I like a i feel i feel i feel i feel like a Momans Star. If i sleep in de son Dos Iii Firor know. If t sleep in de Sun d snigger knows. If i sleep in de a in Dos n sir know a Fly orc sting him on de Rose i feel. 1 feel i feel Dai s what my Modde said Dis no Geroes to sleep be Mast cover rip head a Boito shoo Fly Don t Bodder Rae Etc. Prom the daily Democrat feb Mary 25. Be of our citizens was an Eyo witness to the flogging that Lydia Thompson and her Quot blondes Quot gave an editor in Chicago the other Day. To describes it As a Rich and humorous affair but we can hardly agree with him on that score. A camphor bottle weather there is to be a change of weather from fair to Windy or wet the thin flakes of the gum in the camphor bottle will Rise up and some times when there is to Baa great storm the gum will Riso to the top. When they Settle Down clearly at the Bottom then you can be sure of grand weather. A Farmer who will watch his wife s camphor bottle for a season will never have occasion to watch the Birds or locusts or ants for indications of a change of weather. Notm3e gentleman Elk i own in the sporting circles a tiie other night made the victim of amp Confidence letter. A Sweet scented from a Quot lady Quot solicited an interview Mth him in a retired place. The gentleman was too Sharp to believe the letter genuine. But instead of regarding it practical joke As it really was he looked upon it As a ruse to get him in a position where he could be conveniently tapped on the head and robbed so charging his revolver he boldly charg3d also upon t he spot indicated and there upon a Bevy of acquaintances each one in a sly Corner also waiting the approach of the Quot lady the wags who perpetrated the joke enjoyed it hugely from a Neifah Borg window. Time Bluffton Banner says Quot the Price ticket from this place of fort a Tyne is now ?1.20, but Woli Sirij that it is the intention of the company to reduce it to ?1 is Noii a vac Ticaboo. No doubt 11-ro� ii Toj would be Leavic a is <"5 for Ali rough and five or Laius Foi Way passengers than Iii Moriei. A Man May pay 25 of Nis for Riding three Mies once but he will grumble about it and resolve to walk next time. His grumbling will cause others to patronize Quot Shanks line Quot also. At fifteen cents this same individual would have passed and re passed highly pleased at d been lavish in extolling the by Nevite and advantages of the Road. Of Coli use he company is to be the judge As to whether or not it can afford these reduced rates. Bau Reading is not our Forte but it strikes us that the lower rates would increase the Cash Grain bags at Root amp company s. Also 3,000 lbs. Whitis and coloured ear pet Jehan of Superior Quality. We have had Beautiful weather All Winter and now Spring comes when we should Havo Beautiful weather and we have Quot a frown non the com sphere that hair no bus Ness to appear when skies Are Blue and Earth is fish suppers Are becoming quite fashionable among a select few of Liis City under the impression that this diet strengthens the brain. For some the diet is rather Light and they Are now after whale steaks. How Ahe Youj one of our hotels one Day last week a Youngg Nile Man with considerable Importunity called to the Young lady who with Tho Blandes of smiles and most winning ways Waits on the table at which a Sai for milk to drink. A can t have any Quot she replied. A but 1 must have some Quot be parsis t3d. Quot what Ain t you weaned yet Quot real estate Fol lowing Are Tbs real estate transfers made during Tho week ending february 26tb, 1670 f. Neckar to George and e la Beth Diw Fler Solh 40 feet of lot 3i, Tami you d 1st addition 52.000 f Eckart to Georce and Elzibeth Darfler a South so Foet of lot �3, Samll on s itt addition 52,000. A Lea Pratt to Henry Pratt lot 19, North Side addition so i. Nei Resier it. Al. To trn tees s cont Eefou med Salem Church lots i23 and 12j, old plas500. John Taiylor to Mary link lot 00, Chute s Homi Stead addition f.w�. Zuba to Jacob Zaba Lut 15, foundry add. A or usage following marriage licenses were issued from the clerk s Cosce during the week ending feb.26th, 1870 m. Denton and Eliza Tadiar. Thas. Sampson and Mary Marshall. Chas kilo and Maria Weimer. James Stiner and Catherine Keila. Samael g. Patterson and Mol in e. Craig. Angst Dammeyer and Cathorine Linker. Alexander Ormiston and Mary Wagoner. Geo. W. Borden end Lucy Dubois. We. Sherman and Harriet Wells. James Little and Samantha Jackson. One of our lady friends has a Bright Little three year old girl who has her own opinion of woman s rights and Quot knowing dare maintain Quot them. One morning not Many Days ago the Quot Madame and her to thy husband were having a Good natured dispute on some subject when the Little Angel popped up her head in bed and settled it in Short order by saying. Quot a do let a know the most this time Quot when oven the Little girls Are against us poor men Why not give up a a let Tho better halves Havo it Thair own Way. It used to be and that not very Long ago that the assertion Quot ignorance is the Parent of crime Quot was a commonly accepted fact but a change has come and the contrary is upheld to be quite As reliable a Rule. If certain Wise acres Are to to believed the great peril of the country arises from the great array of cultivated and intellectual but irreligious youth growing up among us. True they say the spread of Edu coition furnishes fewer brutal murders and bodily assaults than were wont to fill the criminal Calendar but is have More Fig cities Deal cations swindling tricks dishonesty in Trade social crimes and backsliding marked by cunning and Lack of conscientious rectitude than to previously have had. Moral disease which has heretofore Bacn on the surface has been a riven in upon to vital or ans and is vastly More dangerous to the body politic. This is not a very flattering certificate of character and if True it Xvi i a require a cout interacting remedy Wlch will have to go deep and touch the inmost Springs of human action. Ose Moke cruel Man to Man can be has Long since been thoroughly demonstrated but the cold hearted Ness the Treacher Rusness of woman has not yet been fully discovered but evidences Are being brought Forward almost every Day which go to show that the Angels Are not always what they seem to be at least we know this is the decision of a Young Man we wot of a few Miles in the country. Early last Spring he plighted his Faith to a fair daughter of eve who swore to him eternal constancy that she would Quot love Honor and obey Quot a even to the hour when the taper of life should be Quot snuffed the parties reside in Lake township Aid As before stated Early last Spring Faith was plighted eternal constancy sworn. Accordingly the fathers of the Bride and bridegroom United to make the prospective couple Happy. An eighty Aero tract of land was purchased and in fee simple conveyed to the Joung Man. He worked like a Beaver ail summer Clearing land and cutting logs to erect a Domicil in which he expected that he would reach the ultimatum of Bliss. All passed on Well. The fair lady was joyous and Happy in the Prospect and the proposed bridegroom full of Delight and expectation. The Young lady visited our City a few Days ago for Tho purpose of purchasing a wedding outfit. She did so As to Are informed at the expense of our Friend who Woi cd so hard on Tho eighty acre treat of land but like Many a fickle Maiden before she left the City married Quot another when she returned her of affianced a our eighty acre Many was waiting for Ber at a Small Railroad station with a Wagon and a spin of horses but judge of Bis consternation when he saw Quot it Iother not a brother Quot Lead his intended away while he was left to mourn Over his disappointment. Certainly this Young gent is entitled to the condolence of All his friends. That he is not a dignified husband to Day is not his fault. We tender the Young gentleman our Heartfelt sympathy and Hope he will find one More constant in her love. Unclaimed goods. The merchants Union and u. S. Express companies advertise packages addressed to the following persons and places to be sold at Indianapolis on the 5th of april next unless the same be called for and All charges paid fort Bear s Uckin j c Badger Thos Billings a Bendar j f cd be Connelly Wiles amp co j Catlen a n Camp g f Dunfey a 5 Erans. J n Fox Ali j m Fellenger Isaac Honey t shed skin e fool Ericc inc to a 6 Hamilton g b Harris Humphries amp g. Mrs Houseworth j g Hafer j Kenui Uger j Eie Uoo h h Koole h Hanneburg h d Lodwich a in ser Martin amp Over h c moles j jul Ofelt to Gan amp Glasgow d w Mccarty a Newroth t g Reece Paul of amp Mcpherson a w Kabul a h j Ransom 4, f amp g science h 11 Sonne Toor Sulli Rau amp Soji mrs a Smth. G o Shields w b Saranac a Shehy amp l c Smiley 2. J a so guv h u i a j i owe w u Tucker m w wiuo.-, r week by. A a Wheelock t w Wil son or l h grate Lucy m c Muler. G w Judy Biddle Ltd Brandriff Brackens Tou Baumgartner. Veia Crnz it Hatham w. A Quot comparet d a Dennis Maden Field s a Floyd ii a grit Horny a co Gram am k a Haines e. Highline i a Bluff ton Henry mrs a h Lestis amp in Milton to linear e. Kimball Lii aft l a Lamley amp Kos Erthall a Miller a my Samara j a Mclean c a Mcnally mrs a Miller u Natter Neld a null amp co. Putney John Randall e a Rhodes f a Reee a Romany a Stocker Ilce i , Seimon Bro amp co Spelter a trickier f a Swart a secretan y Young men Christian a Sun elation 2 ii Kos Sibley w a Star Oil mfr or Shyrock pm Hunck p a Saver a Smith Mac it. Soun Leif amp Peltier 2 skis t Eitman amp son 3 Pri Gwilson n of Wii i iras j of Washburn amp it Redei 3 Pukac Cir they l us iting Toa a to be sign b., Riler g. P., Rui Villem Roo e g h. D., mrs. 0., Snarr s a s Quot ill b a s of d. Shaifer . Terr Welch d s 2, Waltuce j a who troied zit Era a entus co Beeber and town land Liechte a Belknap s a co e amp a Hoover d a Lestier ii ilor iraqi tji Irwin s 1&Quot t0lcmii a City a Avea Slisi a Clark w a Truville j a Lynch d. Seel in Tkebi w h St. Pens m a i hoi p j a j a Wolf a cos amps Btu aug w a water a Sutton c c the it. Wayne list is the heaviest of any in the state. But As Many of those named Are parties Well known at the several Points what Means the Sale of their goods ? is this Quot sell Quot the result of a previous failure to Quot sell Quot the con sinces themselves ? from the Dally Democrat March i. It is said that Quot Story on practice Quot Haa been superseded by Quot Thompson s practice on W. Pajibo has established a items depot in connection with his other business. 2-Dlw-w6t. The by attired Young gentlemen who Quot when tie Spring comes Quot Quot hang around Church doors Are preparing for the Spring Campaign. It is an old saying that if March comes in like a lion that is Stormy and blustery it will go out like a Lamb or with warm Spring like weather. We Hope this May be verified this season. Bluffton train a time the Bluffton train leaves fort Wayne for Bluffton at 3 a. M., and arrives in Bluffton at 6 o clock. And leaves Bluffton 7 a. M., and arrives in this City at 10 03. _ Tuk Cincinnati chronicle says the sex pendent of placing ladies at the head of Public schools has been tried in Indi ii Aioli a and worked so Well that Only one male principal is now employed. Tic Experiment however of paying a i woman More than half was for full work has never yet been tried a inc. Sentinel. Yes sir both experiments have been tried in fort Wayne for some time past and work Well. You must know that our superintendent is too smart to do that at least when he could have so Fine and Sharp a Little principal As one of his Are. Municipal following amounts were Jaid out in City orders by the clerk for expenses incurred in running the municipal machinery for the month ending feb. 28, 1870, according to statement provided us by our j Oung Friend Sam. Free of 17 Street is phases. 1,030 2s Street lights. Salaries. Sewer ice. Firo espouses. Committee duties. Park Bond interest. Pest House expenses. Election expenses. Torn of sprinkling the head with ashes. The name of the Day is a memorial of ancient manners. To Roll one self in the dust to cover the head with ashes was in primitive times a Mark of profound grief. A Man who appeared with his body hair and dress covered with dust announced by such exterior his mourning affliction. Examples of this Are frequent in scripture being mentioned in Job the Kings Tho prophets and also Tho gospels. David to express the bitterness of his grief says that he ate ashes like bread. In the first centuries of christianity when Public penance was imposed ashes were cast upon the Heads of those who were condemned and they were obliged to stand w thou Tho Gate of the Church amid Tho lamentations of the people within. The ceremonies of Ash wednesday in roman Catholic countries Are a continuation of this primitive usage. The old Linen of the altar and fragments of con Eer Atod Wood Are burned and Tho ashes carefully collected. Before the Cole buttion of the masses the priest in mourning Robes recites penitential psalms and solemnly blesses the sacred ashes. Then All the faithful approach and prostrate themselves while the priest Marks a sign of a Cross with the ashes upon the forehead of each of them repeating each time the words of the anathema pronounced upon Adam for Liis sin Quot remember Man that thou Art dust and unto dust Shalt thou the people having thus listened to the sentence of death and leaving upon their brows the prophetic ashes return to their places. I is the overture to forty Days of penitential mourning and follows immediately the wild excitements of the carnival. In the anglican Church the malediction denounced Quot against impenitent sinners Are read on that Day at the end of each of which the people repeat amen. Married. In Detroit mich., on the 24th instant at the residence of or. J. Roh non by the Rbt. Or. Kohler or Henby ro3enni.t ii Aud miss be Umoja i it Iuen Iju do a of Liec Roit. No cards. Did. A Ehney on the morning of March is 6 o clock at the residence of her father or. C. H. Viberg near Leo mrs. Lucinda Zehne. A seer in this county on Friday february is 1870, Turg. Sarah Greer aged 67 years. City this morning at his residence or. Joun gn.kb4v, aged 37 years. Bakery at his residence on Calhoun Street this monday morning at 4 o clock Geo Bob by Keb aged so years. List of advertised letters remaining in Tho fort Wayne Postof Fise february 22d, 1870 list pkg. 8. Armstrong Emma l Johnson Nan Quot Johnson mrs Lavinie e Ames Bainey Baker a Onzo h Kaua Biler Rev or by j c Bea s sol p Busty William Jackson Bush or j h gleam miss Mary Cramer Susannah Cowan mits Melie Cramer Frank Quot Arter Jas h Dulong trip Motet n 11 Kess sol 2 Dunham John l it Var b mrs e s Seinei Rthomas Karl we Pau Capon mrs n a 2 b p aun Iran Joseph Urani ice Clara Goodrich Laura Good a in Geo m Graham s goodnature Edward 2 hoi it Pio Hosa to n John a Quot Derson we Hobill Samuel Holcomb h s Herz Henry Kirkham Martha a Knees miss Alary Kishner Loni a icing Chires Kinney j b i Len Daniel Livin mrs Sarah a cries. Calmbach it Vehman Chas h Aff ii a Weiman Ernst Freya l a c Welling Johann huh no Ner c Weber Jacob aoesh3.eniy in totals. Ready lion Fig co Lettero Dean Fob Postaski. Hev a pie wend Belleville Iii mrs u w Riddle Rowenna o Weye Hansen Cleveland. O John l Ani p Emo with o r g Dunn amp co Toledo mis Saidie , Boot ind j As Deeters City Dib Bohol. A carte j. J. Kamm Lines miss Katy a Lane cans Lacroix Louis Mihon miss Mary More John Myers miss Justa Miller Catherine Mccarty Mies Vettle Mccarthy John Metzger Emanuel Mccany do Nils Maver i it a e Mccann Geo John Ohar Nii Jis Poole Triphena m Porter mrs Sarah pan Dine Henry j Powell g d Palmer or Walter i Alen Charlie Ryan Pat i Eady we re hold j Harry Summers e z Lueth j Woodworth Jasper Scott w f Santier san t ctr Snnde-liin>1 Jos sidle or j m Sujer Lewis f sol Ivan Henry m Wagener miss a Ioner mis Lida a Wal s miss old won Henry Weskey Henry a Reghl Chib White Ell Chas i Botjo Al will sell remnants of body Brussels tapestries three ply and ingrain carpets at Cost for thirty Days. Also Carriage Robes and afghans. 75 Columbia St. 938 i-5 29c 19 292 04 197 76 37 25 75 0 31 00 25 00 15 to ,042 5i Legal notices. Noti a. State of Indiana \ Allen county As. F Robert Loddy Chhrles a Minehart. J term 1s70, it appearing to the satisfaction of the clerk of said court by the Ai Davit of a disinterested person that said defendant Charles a. Minehart is a non resident of the state of Indiana and that a cause of action exams against said defendant in favor of said plaintiff. Notice is therefore hereby Given said non resident defendant of the filing and Pendency of said complaint and that unless he appear before the a Ludge of said court on the second Day of the next Teim thereof and answer or demur thereto the same will be Beard and determined in his absence. We. Fleming clerk. F. H. Bloomhuff puffs atty. March 2,1s70. W3t Clit xxx Ems. Insurance special notices. Items under this head will is charged to ctr. Per line each insertion. No charge Leas than t6 cts. _ for Sale. One of the finest and beset located farms in Tho state about 4.1 Miles Southwest of w this City containing 143 acres at $50 per acre with first class improvements and a splendid Orchard. Also a Good House and lot in Tho City about three squares South of Tho Wabash E. Shops at f1,400. Fer particulars inquire at store of eos Emo amp Reinking or on the promises of mrs. A. Bushman. Mars of farm for Sale. A farm situated in the South East Quarter of Section 20, township 31, Range 10, in Whitley county Indiana containing 185 acres All under Fence with 70 acres improved. Tho farm is oly Oao half mile from the Railroad and one and a half Miles from the depot. The improvements pm Hoe a Good dwelling House stables outhouses splendid Young Orchard of Choice fruit Etc. The above land will be sold cheap. For further particulars inquire at the Democrat office. Dlo Dawt guardian Quot a Superior Quot in weight color durability and brilliance of ins tre to any alpacas in the Market the celebrated horse shoe and Isufi Loblack alpacas j price�?s6c, 4pc, Boc Coc 7sc, 86c and per Yard. At Root amp company a 00 Columbia Street. To the Public. The Saint Joseph s Hospital of this City is now ready to receive patients. Por Soas wishing to gain admission for themselves or friends can learn Tho terms and conditions on which patients will is received by applying to or. H. G. Wagner druggist no. 55 Calhoun Street. Foot Wayne sept. 23d, 1869. Damp Whf local notices. Notions under this head will be charged s Etc Sor line Cuciti insertion. No charge Ess an 7 5 Eta. Prom the daily Democrat. February 28. Btu Tufto i Columbia City Monroe Ville. And oth3r places along the rail in ays turned out liberally to the Forrest engagement. They did t begrudge the the time either. Site morning contemporary wishes the whole of one of the business a Loeles situated upon Barr Street cleaned out. What does he mean t some of our Best citizens reside on that Street and in their opinion the Broad East reflection a rather out of order. a car Tibia Street in this City lines a brute of a Man who is Tho habit of Sci tin j drunk every Day and going Home at night and abusing his wife and children. His wife works hard and this brute will take the Money and spend it for whisky. The famil has Beon reduced to abject poverty but a Day or two ago a charitable lady of our cily of learning the condition of the family carried to them a Basket of provi Avons. A Good Deal of complaint is made by the neighbors who greatly desire that something to done that will relieve them from the brutal attacks of this beat. Divorce notice. State of Indiana civil circuit court Allen county As / May term 1870. Kobert Ludwig t. Martin Quot i is. It divorce. Bertha Frederica a. Star in. J to appearing to the satisfaction of the clerk of said court by the affidavit of a disinterested person,th3t a Aid defendant. Bertha Frederica a. Lartin. Is not Are.4deut of the state of Indiana and that a cause of action exists against said defendant in favor of said plaintiff notice is therefore hereby Given said non Resi deat defendant of the in aug and Pendency of Bald complaint Aud that unless she appear before the judge of said court on the second Dav of the next term thereof and answer or demur thereto the aame will be heard and determined in her absence. Attest we. Fleming clerk. To. S. Prance att y for Tiff. March 2, 1870. Nasby talks i Hev trained off May Post offs amp Tuk i pay in Planta Shuk p raps you May be sep prize to Here us i relinquishing my Gur ment offis with awl its glory in Sush a caws. Here Mee Fust then Jedi thoe. It happened thu wisely i was canvassing thee Maymea Flats for Owr Blu id Kedelty a amp the Post offis Suk Suechun. In thet land no Power Delight i struck a Snag a a a a the Over Agar i pfc to amp thee chills it pc Shivers Eshuk me Auk me like a Nold loss Button on a Shaiky Pirnke House Doar til i Frain us 40 summer Luke like sum Ole plaid out Bummer on a Mornin Wen his Gin in gon amp he can t git no Morr a a a a n. B. This is not Rit by Edd. A. Power but it cams so awl fired Neer too it thet yet Wood t no the Dif Runce in the dark in taif Ourfal eggs Trenitty i flue at wants to a Nold lady Fren us mine amp told hut i Kri Terkel Phil. Shee Hes to d Mee Long amp luvs me Wei amp she crawls me pet names. Quot truly Quot see slide Sech in the us i Boi Hood you Orter Taik a Gooe dose us Plxu-ta.sh0n bit Urz. I be live amp Sanferd in Thea swamps every Sens the 3 thayers was Hung amp i not it it a Dod sur Tinty thet pl\nta5hcn bit dry 12 thee on y Quot reel Kewer fur the Shaika Quot Quot by by but air Quot thaa 1�?1�?loyawl drink Quot asked i Shiv Erin by Keerins least i mite Bee but thin us a Sutheim Nacher. Quot do ont Bee a peered truly Quot replied the esst Mabul Dorcus. Quot tha air maid us Quot Cal Lafayta s. T.�?1860�?x amp thee Verry Lova list kind us Santy craps i Douts Bein in moved amp i Accra for thee Pnat of lbs assuaged i Tuk an awl mity dose us Quot Pla Tashun Quot amp you Bett both Erin it maid Mee bile i Tuk another in 24 our amp i Sharks quit. I May Satha parsed in their decks 1&Quot to got not Wun us pm Linguard too Sav Good by i Wiz a Nasby skewered a Petroleum Wel a Wel i Wiz now i am a pl\nta8htm Mishun Nery i go about pre Abiu the Good tiding to All shakers amp others requiring Good tiding p to awl shakers amp Quot Uther a Quirrin a Jental sea Small Bilz i Hev trained of i of a amp my now be found Talkin plan Tashos bit ukr in the his air amp thee a Waii Frum Erly mom till Dewey eve. What Winnin in Fri Shaiken Bruther 11 Hev the next Gottul ? Magnolia water Superior to the Best imported Gorman Cologne and sold at half the film new York. Branch ofbce�?164 Summit Street Toledo Ohio. O. A ague Quot general superintendent. Charles Gregor general agent. Frt Wayne ind. Coh Cen Over Vollmer a drug store. Dra. Bruebach Intha Oscr . Jan 8 Daw business cards. at Susso. F. A. A , attorney and Counselor at Law. Ott Ioza no. 6 East main Street Foai Wayme Lub. Of Lermo. Issac Boos. Jain is e. , Jet store of the peace Ana grab am amp Gotshall attorneys at Law and real estate and insurance agents. Filce n a 7 East main Street Over Bance s auction Reom. Particular at tent on Given to collecting drawing , mortgages and All kinds of Legal papers. Prompt attention Given to business in the com coozt�.,a a n. open in the evening so Quot if saw All. Nitzi Wber Justice of the peace. A Partl Coblar attention Given to collective Cir awing deed mortgages leases a pc. Be will attend promptly to All business with which he May be Entin sted. Of Bce Corner of main and Calhoun streets ver merchant s National Bank fort Wayne Indiana. Rei Tidence 144 Rockhill Street March 2.1s6s�?dawlv James n. Bobo attorney and Keal is Tat agent Decatur Indiana. Will practice in a in Adams and Wells coun ties. attended to. March 9. 186s rawly he. Bosseler. Notary Public real est Tate and general insurance Agram. Office no. 4, Over Hamilton s Bank fort Wayne ind. Wil Ive prompt attention to buying and Sel Lins real i ate paying taxes collect .i.g, and general in Sliss. March 3. Quot Efio Dawly the Xor ois glib of new York recently changed Theli from woman s Safe rage to Quot Iligir preparations and pimple ban Fishers. They declared that where Nara had not to endowed the with Beauty it was their rights Yea their duty to set it where they could. So they �11 voted that Magnolia Balm overcame sallownes.�, rough skin and Marks and gave to the comp exion a most a a . Soro iian and Marble Lika appearance dangerous to men no doubt Aud that Lyon s a thaxion made Tho hair grow stick soft and awful pretty and moreover prevented it Iron taming Pray. If the proprietors of Taerae Art cles did not Sand the Sisters an invoice they Aru Flot smart. Feb 23 w4tanother Chancilor the a Labouring people Offort Wayne. We a specially designed for the use of the Medica profession and the family those intrinsic medicinal prone tics which belong to an old and pure Gin. Indispensable to female. Good for kidney complaints. A delicious tonic. Put up in Caes. Containing one dozen bottles each and sold by ail druggists grocers amp a. . Bizinger life co., established 1tt8, to. 16 Beaver Street. New York. A priced amp Way 5 hair Date. This splendid hair Day is the Best in the world. Harmless reliable instantaneous does not contain Lead nor any Kudlic Poi on to produce Paraje self or death. Avoid the vaunted and delusive preparations boasting Virtues Thev do not ppm sese. The Quot genuine w. A. Batchelor a hair Dye has had Thrity years Untaro Nisei reputation to uphold its integrity As the Only perfect hair Dye a Black or Brown. Sold by All dog gifts. Plea atl6b., St., n. T. Feb 10, 1870. Dawly a sweethe4rts wives. Essays for y0u.\g , on single and wedded life the Dange Isof celibacy and the Joys of True m Irr age a with s sanitary Aid for shoe who Are in any w in unfitted for matrimonial happiness. Sent free in sealed envelop is. Address Howard association Box a Pillad Elohla a. Jansel Daws philos off Oliviar Xiaoe. A new course of lectures As delivered at the new York inseam of Anatomy embracing the Quot subjects How to live and what to live for youth. Maturity and old Ace manhood Gener Al y reviewed the canse of indigestion Plata Lance and nervous diseases accounted for mar rage philosophically considered a. Pocket to names containing these lectures will be forwarded to parties unable to attend on receipt of four Stamps by address Liz Secretary sew York museum of Aua Comy and science 613 Broadway. New York. Mavl2 69diy wot. . Attorney at Law new Haven. Allen county. Will attend promptly to business entrusted to his care. Will also practice at the bar in fort Wayne. Special attention Given to collections and in drawing deeds and mortgages. Jun solv Sai Nufi c. Freeman Justice of the peace will attend promptly to the collection of All claims to his care. Of Rcd on Onri. Street Opp Ottto the court Bouse. Ocels 69 a Wabo o Rourke attorney at m2j Law. Office Over merchant s National Bank fort Wayne led a business entrusted to he care will be promptly attended to. Iy28 cd away hardware. I it ook Here Reader we do not wish to Tell you that consumption can be cured when the Lunga Are half consumed nor that or. Wonderful or any other fellow has discovered a remedy that will Mke men live forever Aud leave death to play for want of work. No you have heard enough of that and we do not Vonder that you have by this time become disgusted with it. But when to toll you that or. Sage s Catarrh remedy will positively cure the worst cases of Catarrh we Only assert that which thousands can testify to. Try it and you will be convinced. Sent by mail for sixty cents. Address r. V. Pieck m. D., Buffalo n. Y. For Sale by most druggists everywhere. Announcements. Editors door Bat please announce the name of David Ottob Field of Lake township As a candidate for county treasurer in eject to the decision of the democratic county convention and oblige Matt Deh Kobats printing. Of every description he by wave stoves House furnish in amp goods m cull cd 1 Niche clothes wringers the Best Only $7.00. A Nous Arneti e a lib Olsn Pulc a randpinshin2 of the t Kin foun Tennyce p ire pain in the Back Hea mess of Thi Quot a flying tin Ware Japan Ned Ware pressed Ware Voi pc Teap a Mcculloch amp Richey a 87 Columbia St it apri Dawl or. Bullough. Office Ivo. S Berry Street. Near fruit ii Oak a. Residence Comer Harrison Street and Douglas Avenue. D29daw6mmanhood. In the Yonne and rising generation the vegetative Powers of life Are Stron but in a few Vears How often the pallid Hue the Lack Lustre Eye and emaciated f pm show its baneful influence. It soon becomes evident to the Obe ver that some depressing influence of econ the developments of the body. On pm flon is talked of and perhaps the youth i f removed from school and sent into the Counti y this is one of the worst movements. Removed from Ordinary diversions of the Ever cans Lair scenes of the cite the Powers of the body too much enfeebled to a rive zest to an Oral Ese Roise ton gets Are turned inwards upon themselves. 1 f the patient by a Fema e. The approach of the menses is looked for Wlton anxiety As the Fertit symptom in which nature in to show her Savinar Power in Dilyn sane the circulation and visiting the Cheek with the Bloom of health. Alas increase of appetite inns Crown by what it ie1 on the in pries of the system arc pro Strati Flynn to sodomy is Denni de. The lie a Alful and wond a Fol ii nod in which body Nanri my Rel under go so fast Natins a change from child to w Man a looked for in vain the Parent s heart a veda in ankle a and fancies the trave but wailing for Iti victim. Helmbold s extract Bucu. For weakness arls-iu2 from excesses or Early indiscretion attended with the follow Nir symptom of in also Sitio to exertion of Power loss of memory a Fol i n to of a Renteln. General weakness. Horror of do , Weik , trem Lens dreadful horror of , n Jet weits cold Fet Wake falness. mness of vision . Us Verini Law a Ltd def the muscular system of Neno Quot not Pic symptoms hot body i guess of the i and e not Ion on the Hea mess of Ivellys. Frequently Black sp"t3 e. _ before the eyes w the teen Horary Susu Slon a d lo4 of sight want of at Teuton. Great Molli y kestlessne.��, nigh Hor or of to Cleft. Nothing is More desirable to such patients than toll Nde and nothing they More dread for Star of themselves no become of manner no Soreca action but a hurried transition from one queston i o a Iother Tbs a a Yojae trims if a Molto go end a quoth cd t is Medicine mar Ink remove��00 i Laow Quot loss of Power. Krattli Quot and epileptic fits in one of watch the patient May expire. During the superintendence of or. Wilson at the Asylum his sad rest occurred to two Paige to reason had for h time Eft them ail both died of epilepsy. They were of both a exes and about Twenty years of Ngy. Who can say that Thise excesses Are not fre Quenoy followed by those dire Ful diseases to. A Anity and consumption the records of the insane asylums and the me Anchovy death by on sumption Bear am in witness to the truth of these assertions. In Lunatic asylums the most Belanch it by exhibition appears. The coun Ennice 18 actually Sodden and quite destitute neither mirth or grief Ever visits it. Shon d a sound it f the voice occult. It is rare y articulate. Quot with woeful measures wan despair Low sullen sounds their grief beguile do whilst i regret the existence of the above diseases and symptoms we Are prepared to offer an invaluable g it of chemistry for the removal of the consequences Heidi Botn o co Oiw to Batik fluid exx Bior of to oath. There is no tonic like it. It is an Anchor of Hope to the surgeon and patient and this is the testimony of All who have used or prescribed it. _ sold by Dru twists and dealer everywhere. Price s1.25 per bottle or six bottles for 88.m. Delivered to any address. Describe symptoms in All address h. T. Helmbold. Drag and Cher ical wbrehon8e,_ 694 Broadway new York. None Are Renti lne unless done up in steel engraved wrapper with fac smile of my chemical we House Ana signed Helmbold. �?�x7s7amt3e53�. 10,000 cords Tae and heading bolts. The undersigned will pay the highest Market Price in Cash for All stave and heading bolts delivered at their factory at new Haven or at their Oranch establishment in fort Wayne. 10, 00 stave and heading bolts wanted immediately. Schnelker. Beugnot is co. New have. Jan. a by sch ask Ash wed wednesday is the Lei it Iii run of Lent. Lis is be d by easter sunday which i forty Days fior the of Lent. Easier is the first Sabbath after the first Lull Moon subsequent to the 21st of March. Hence this year Ash wednesday occurs on Tho second Day of March which is to Morrow. Icia the beginning of the fast or Dies Cen Erum aah a in All Unoo to the Cus notice e. State of Indiana Allen civil circuit court Allen county 8s / May term 18t0. Samuel c. Elberson is. Y Bayless Swift. It App Abing to the satisfaction of the clerk of said court by the affidavit of Radii interested Perm. That sad defendant Bayless Swift is not a resident of the state of Indiana and that a cause of action its against said defendant in favor of said plaintiff. Notice is therefore hereby Given said non resident defendant of the Al blog and Pendency of said complaint and that unless be appear before the judge of said court on the second Day of tue next term thereof and answer or demur thereto the Nuriu be heard and determined in his absence. Attest we. Fleming Clark. E o. Coverdale press att y. March 2,1s70. Cards Bill Heads. Letter Heads circulars hand Bills show Bills pos ers programmes &c., &c., &c., Heftly amp promptly executed application for of Chise. The undersigned will apply for License at the next term of the Board of commissioners i i Lei county Indiana to retail spirituous and in less quantities than a quart Eta time it his store in Cedar Creek torn Blip state of r. Baraga. March 2, 1st0. W3l for License. The under signed win apply for License it the be Xterm of the Bora of commissioners of aun county Indiana to retail spirituous and iut a Catini liquors in ass quantities than a quart at a time at his place of business on 8onth meet in the town of Monr Evlue Conn to Tisae of Indiana. Ebnit Lux. M�rul�2,18i0. We Democrat Job printing House Cor. Calhoun pc Wayne sta.,Ort Wayne Indiana. A valuable farm of 20 acres More or lets Etna Ted in about township seven and one half Miles from the City there Are Between four and ave acres of heavy Timber. Also a Fine Orchard containing All kinds of fruit and a never failing sprint Good House out houses and stable. For further parti Calais inquire of the Enders lined. No. 119 Wilt St. Fredbrick Busm. It Watn ind., jut ties. 100,000 Cross ties wanted immediately on the line of the g. B. Amp i r. R., through the counties of Allen Dekalb Noble and Lia Granice Indiana. Contracts will be made with parties to deliver any amount from 600 up to . Cash paid the i5th of Ever month Hugh mokee., ,8i6n&cabria6epainter window shades banners cards Fresco scenery and us Oma mental Paintin Quot done in the Best style of Art. Training marbling glazing and pipe hanging. Also wagons carriages and by withe painted to Ruit Cna tomes. Ail work warranted to Cie satisfaction. Shop Calhoun St., one Block Nort of 11.1. Continue our great ten per cent. Discount sales for thirty Days longer to i. O be out the balance of our Winter Stock. A the last of of weak opposition crushed out and the Public in general acknowledge the Palace of fashion at the top of the hear f the largest finest and cheapest Stock of mens boys and children s clothing a a in Indiana. Remember our discount Sale for this season. We hear the cry for help and herewith give the world our Little mite pal. Of fashion no. I key tone Block. The 6be�,t crash has come s Catarrh via a Medve this is no Patent Medicine Humbug gotten up to dupe the ignorant and credulous nor is it represented a8t Quot composed of rare and precious substances brought from the four Corners of the Earth carried seven times across the desert of Saharah on the backs of fourteen camels and brought across the Atlantic Ocean on two it is a a Impf Rulo Booth Ina remedy a a fiet a Pifie for Caia bbb and Quot crib in inn he of Quot also for offensive breath loss or impairment of the sense of smell taste or hearing Waterloo or weak eyes pain or pressure in the head when caused As they All not in frequently Are by the of we offer in Good Faith a Star Reward of 850u Tor a care of Catarrh that to cannot cure. For Sale by a a lost Drawf wrists everywhere. A bios so Cesis. Sent Genu. . Send a two cent stamp for or. Sage s pamphlet dry Gool terms i e y. Min they Are slaughtering their goods to try and save advantage of this depression Ness together with the great decl info. Goods we have purchased within to last ten Days the cheapest lot of dry goods brought to fort Wayne in ten years. By mall postpaid on receipt of sixty four packages for $2.00, or 1 dozen for on Catarrh. Address the proprietor V. Pierc dec2sdaw3m m. D., Buffalo. N. Y. Conzani Etlou. The three remedies. Quot so Sebok s it Mosio Srap Quot for tha Core of con ifs colds Brou chitin and every form of consumption. The Peculiar a Ion of this Medicine Rinen Quot the ulcer in the Lunes and promotes the Dischar Sre of the Cor runt matter by expectoration. Huntley the Blooml. And thus cures consumption when every other remedy Fai s. A a a a a Quot Schenck s sen Weed tonic Quot for the cure of dyspepsia or indigestion and All diseases arising from Deli pity. This tonic invigorates the Dies Tulve organs supp Les the place of the gastric juice when that is deficient and then enables the patient to digest the most not Nolous food. It is a Sovereign remedy for All Caes of indie Salon. A Schenck s Mandrake pills Quot one of the most a a liable Medicine Ever discovered Beine a vege Tab e a Calomel and having All the useful qualities ascribed to that Mineral without producing any of its injurious effects. To these three medic Icea i. J. H. Schenck of philae phia owe Quot his in Rev Lud Success in the treatment Pulmonic con Raphon. The up Monic syrup ripens the morbid it and purities the blood. The Mandrake it act upon the liver remove All of instructions therefrom Cive he Ziyan a healthy Tony and cure liver complaint which is one of the most Groin Loeut causes of com Impton. The sea Weed tonic invigorates the Powers of dissolution of co partner slip. The co partnership heretofore existing Between h. V. Sweringen Aud is. Q. Keel Uit Der the firm name and style of h. V. Sweringen t co., 1� this Day dissolved by Mutu in . The business will hereafter be conducted by a. C feel who will h title All business Perta Quinz to the late firm of h. V. Sweringen it co. B. V. Swett Ngen m. Keel feb. 23,18t0. Vast a. 0. for Sale. The udders Ned will sell at private Sale a valuable farm of forty acre situated four Miles East of the p., it. W. Amp c. R., Adams township Caiiou county. There Are thirty four acres cleared balance in heavy Timber. Tisinoe Salb a oae third Down balance in two j wartime. A of we lung ont Honse and a Fine Orchard of Yooung growing Tiee w1l�uu front Nabb. Jia chs 18t0. Wev Means the formation of ulcers or Tubor Clos in the lungs by comes Lui possible. Trio combino in ton of the get medic , is thus Raspl Lueil w la cure Verv Case of Quot of amp ton if the re Mejia Areu de in Almu my the u. E of Ihm is Peis in Suliin ice fit to bring the Case to a favourable . Or. Schenck s .vlinin.ic, cont Jiining a full Tiea tiie of the. Var Lou Omni of did East a Bis maae of treatment and general direction Bow to use his medic in. Can be bad Gratis or Keiit by m ill by addressing his proc pal office to. 15 n. Sixth St., . Prick of the Pulmonic syrup and sealed tonic each si.60 per bottle or St.5� a half Dot zen Mandrake pills is cents per Box. I or Sale Hyall Trucl is ii and open to Days 500 pieces of the very Best dark Delaine to 12 1-2� 1 200 pieces very handsome Plain alpacas and armure 10 pieces of Tard hide Wash Poppins at Worth 406� splendid Yard wide English Merines at thirty three celts. 1,000 Yards Best Yard ride Hill Mai slip Jai. Heavy Chianci Ilia beavers $2, ?2.50, and $3. 700 Yards Best Yard wide Masonville Muslin 16 cents. Beautiful franc i Merines at to of 65c, and 75 Points. 900 Yards Best 5 Ard wide Lonsdale a Man 16 cents. Handsome Black alpacas 25e, 30c, 3�c, 40c, and 50cent�. Splendid Brown sheeting muslims 10 cents. Table Damate warranted All Linen 40 cents. Splendid fast coloured prints 10 cents. Merrimac Quot a Quot Lin cast is and spragner flints 12 1-2 Centi. J i i. Fine and heavy sheeting muslims Yard wide 12 1-2 cents. Closing out Sale or runs handsome Conay sets Muff and Colta on y Fitch sets from up. Fur hoods �2. Fine mind bets from �10 upward. Mink i it of �20 and �22 Worth last year 40. Double fold facial y Al Smuel a Only 23 Enli Doel All wed Fiaui Eis 25 cents a great Mars Down in shawls and Choju air but handsome double Wool shawls Only $3jsoi Worth $5. Very one single shawls $2. $2,50 an a $3. Olin handsome 30 Inch Scilk velvet Reaace to $7 a Yard. Ponson s Best is k velvet reduced $5.00 per y Aid buyers May Conio from fur and near without fear of this advertisement Beia of deceptive we warrant the. St Del nine a at 12 1-2 a cats to be the very Best a amp do and equal to any style to at can to bought elsewhere at from 20o to 26 cd nth. Surveyor s notice. Votice in hereby Given to All of la and adj it loins Section 8, township 30, Hange v3, East in Allen county. , that 1 have made application to tie county Surveyor of Sale county for a Lesal Survey and sub division of Section. Said in Rev to commence on the Isth May of March isto at 9 o clock a. M., at the month East Corurn of said Sec ton. Of talus Phelps amp bho., of Phelps Stato. Feb . Webs swat Fost new York City store. Of i Columbia a a by a eix

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