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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - May 31, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana One decoration Day. As a and his by lbs. J. V. H. Koons. Like an infant in its mothers arms the Little Village of Snowdrop lies nes titled Between two Hills far out in the country of one of our Beautiful Western states. The Village took its name from the fact that All the cottages in it were painted White with a band of grass Green for a finish. It was christened Harmony by the Early settlers but when it arrived at the importance of supporting a Post office the younger portion of the place became the majority and it was known for a time As Snowdrop Poa Toffice tin ally As Snowdrop. It one of those Dwarf thus far and no farther towns whose corporation line is As conspicuous Wall of Stone. Before the War it was noted known As or. Harwoods Home elegant cottage occupied the loveliest spot on it and was surrounded by walks fruit and vegetable gardens a few Orchard and Many delightful Shade Trees. Jaek of the House a Beautiful Lawn stretched away to the Hilly Woodland and near its Center sparkled a Crystal Fountain close by stood two Large wild crab Trees with their Heads leaning Soi try together Over which a wild Grapevine had grown for Many years Twining its tendrils around the Jureen boughs and formed a deep and fragrant Shade under which were four Roomy rustic seats and this was known As the outdoor Reading room. Plato Emerson and Victor Hugo were heard m that Sylvan Retreat. It a was the Home of Homes in Snowdrop. Here All the aspiring youth of the Village and surrounding country who had any taste or Talent for any of the line arts found Hearty Welcome and encouraging sympathy. Mrs. Har Wood notwithstanding her Many household and other duties was never too Busy to entertain any one into whose life she could throw one Ray of helpful Light. The companion and Hel meet or her husband in the truest and highest sense she was still the companion teacher and Friend of her four Brilliant boys the youngest of whom was seventeen years old when the War broke out. What a Shadow then fell upon that once peaceful and Happy place How Many Homes were broken from time to time Crape on the door made known. How Many Noble men were wounded crippled or killed in Battle the history of the place bears record. But How Many hearts were crushed and hushed into silence with their Burden of love broken and buried under sepulchres of living Stone Only god knows. In response to the first Call for volunteers Captain Harwood marched Way followed by his four Noble sons. That Paradise lately so tranquil and Happy was now to dear mrs. Harwood As the world would be if the Sun should suddenly go out. The first fierce Days of agony wore succeeded by a kind of stupefaction not destitute of Hope nor yet wholly overshadowed by the sullen blackness and numb barrenness of despair. The Village girls gathered around her it has been hinted As much to receive condolence As to offer it Lor Many a Hope too sacred Ever to be framed in words went out of sight with those Brave boys in Blue. But it was Well they clustered around her for new Hopes new Joys new ambitions new works were to be born. Hands that had used pencils and Brush were to scrape lint for the wounds of night come Down from the land of her risen loves. She is transfigured and soothed by unseen hands she abides her time in peace and people say she is resigned. The grasses grew and with their Emerald Mantle covered Hill and Vale and Trees put on their Robes of Green. The roses of june were just As Sweet and autumn brought her Golden sheaves As if nothing unusual had transpired. Busy hands carried calmly on the work of the world. Cornelia in her womanly roman Pride loved not the Gracchi More cared not More for to Weir manners and education than did the less noted and bereaved Mot Ier love and care for to a Charwood a the Mother and poet of Italy whose sons a dead one of Thom shot the son in Trio East. And one of them shot in Tho West by the Sou a was a sister in sorrow and hopeless woe to bereft aunt Amy. Each had contributed in a woman a noblest Way to the building of the Temple the foundations of which Are Laid in and cemented with the Best blood of every time and of every nation. October a yellow sunlight trembled upon the Hills As slowly the funeral train made its Way to the lonely Barial ground close to the Village where gentle hands Laid lovingly and tenderly the mortal remains of aunt Amy in their last resting place. One lonely girl lingered when All the rest had departed arranging the fragrant 11 Oral offerings that covered from sight the fresh Mound that careful hands had shaped Over one so Many loved. It was a peculiarly sorrowful funeral each villager Felt himself bereft of a gentle thoughtful Mother. As tuth a ii r2ieroes fingers that had penned stanzas for the county newspapers were to knit socks for travel stained and weary feet dainties by the Box full were to be prepared for the sick and suffering far away. The a Charwood Home became a aunt amyl so the Center for contributions and for Good works in any Way designed to Aid or Comfort those who had offered their lives that their country might live. One two three years rolled into eternity wrapped about in garments of blood and still at intervals came letters from Captain Harwood and the boys to fill with Joy and Hope the hearts of expectant girls and the life of that prayerful devoted Mother. A few More months and that dreadful Day the 12th of May 1861, had passed and a nation was bowed in tears. There was Little Hope that even one returning hero wa3 Ever to bring Joy to the waiting hearts of Snowdrop. All its Brave were numbered among the slain father sons and friends to sleep forever in Southern Graves All s save one and he was a prisoner in a pen. A thousand times worse than a . It great Griefs Are close companions of it i eat and when they have entered the life and broken the heart of a woman and turned her soul out to endure the remaining Bleak years of existence alone she sees the door of the sepulchre open. The responses to her cry in the loved Naomi so had the pure Young Lieut of Marv Witton entwined its tender affections around and leaned for support upon the precious life that had just winged its flight to the blessed beyond. To whom could she go now with the great overwhelming sorrow that had settled upon her and draped her spirit in garments of woe and with the Burden of her sacred untold love for love needs no lip confession after souls have spoken to each other. James Harwood knew this when he marched away at duty Scall bearing in his bosom the heart of that Young girl and be iving in its Stead his own to be treasured there forever. That she was More bereft than others was All unknown to the quiet people of Snowdrop. That sue Rema Ned alone by the grave until the dusk descended was noted by them As Only an expression of a love that All shared in common. It was the 3uth of the month and the restless winds moaned piteously. The Harwood Home was left in care of the Good old Gardener and his wife who for Many years had been members of the household serving and rejoicing in their labor that was always abundantly rewarded. They were to keep the Home As the Mother had left it airy clean and a Light always burning ready to receive its Only master if he should Ever return to claim and take Possession of it. The Winter came and wore away. The Emerald grasses like threads thrown from unseen shuttles by unseen hands wove and tangled and knotted themselves into Beautiful coverings Over the reviving world. The Woodland was vocal with melodies of Happy Wil Birds. The very Earth trembled with rapture at the touches of Awakening Beauty and fragrant with the breath of buds avd blossoms. The War was Over. The Jubilee though abruptly marred by deep discordant notes of sorrow was yet 3weet. And Sung with rejoicing by a War weary and thankful nation. James Harwood emerged from his prison pen a Shadow of his former self. His father and three Brothers had fallen before his eyes and Long had slept with Many of his boyhood friends in unmarked Southern Graves. The news of his mothers death was received shortly after his release and the heartbreaking agony that was too merciless to kill threw him into a violent fever and it was not until the Rioth of May list a it that he was Able to reach the Village of Snowdrop. Through the deep Woods on the West of the place he wound his Way to the shaded Lawn Back of the House and entered his old Home unseen by any of the villagers. The Gardener and his wife were transported with Joy at the sight of him and expressed it in Many ways but for the first half hour their Delight was so close Akin to pain that they cried violently and it took the utmost Power of the Young Soldier to suppress their piteous sobs and soothe them into silence. But pacified at last they promised to keep his return a secret that he might rest and regain his strength in Solitude. There Are sorrows so sacred that no voice dare intrude upon them with fruitless words. Into such sorrow avas the soul of James Harwood baptized when he retired to his own room that had been arranged for his reception by the careful Loving hands of his dear dead Mother. The draperies were faultless. The pictures that Hung upon the Walls were Well selected landscapes of the most delightful scenes. Photographs of those he loved were disposed Here Aud there in exquisite Little Frame. Hit desk a of Beancy in itself was just As he had be t it except that it was ornamented with a few Choice bits of Bric a Brac and upon it was a vase of Beautiful design filled with Immortelle. His chair was cushioned anew with soft coloured Plush and reposed beneath his table upon which Lay several Choice volumes. On the Edge of the table nearest his chair Lay his volume of Victor Hugo so a Les a Satin bookmark with his name embroidered upon it in illuminated Silken letters by his mothers careful Finger opened the volume at the fourth chapter of the fifth Book of st. Denis. Let us leave him alone for the two hours that he spent Reading a Ltd re Reading that sad but Beautiful chapter. Communicating with lies was his mothers room. Should he venture there a he did but into that holy of holies we shall not Lead Yon. Of May Only glance at him As on his bended Knees he kisses and caresses his mothers vacant chair that reclines a lose to her Low table upon which stands her shaded lamp and near it her Willow work Basket in which lies an unfinished bit of embroidery and a Well worn copy of Whittier a poems opened face downward at the poem entitled a the internal beside the table is a quaint Little Cabinet containing the toys blocks and broken playthings that were once the Delight of her four Darling boys. Look no longer for the memories that Rush upon him Oliero make him tremble More than would the tread of a thousand 1oe.s. He can endure no More and has gone out into the night air to wander off alone eluding the watch of his Loving keepers. His mothers grave is the Mecca toward which his restless feet Are turned. That very morning had the old Gardener gathered All of the most Beautiful ii Owers and carefully arranged them in Moss for Mary Wilton. Since the Yoth of october when tender hands had smoothed the new made grave and covered it with a lower on the Mth of each succeeding month Sweet offerings arranged by her Loving hands had breathed their fragrance there. Tho Crimson Light of the slowly dying Day was changing to a pinkish yellow and clinging in Golden tangles to Tho tops of Forest Trees that formed a Wall of Green on two sides of that secluded burial ground in which Mary win ton still lingered Loath to depart. She sat near the foot of mrs. Harwoods grave and watched the last glow of Suni Ighac vanish and the slowly descending Twilight close around her. But the sky was Clear and the stars looked Down in love and Juty with unusually tender Light and the rim of the full Moon was rounding into View with Mother love upon her gracious face. Mary loved to sit alone and watch Trio silent skies but her Sweet Brown eyes were not turned heavenward they were Bent upon the grave before her her Long Brown curls had escaped their net and pins and wandered Over her Lovely shoulders. She had Arisen to go and was standing in the deep Shadow of a thick coughed Cedar near the grave when an approaching footstep startled her. She did not move nor cry out. She was on sacred ground and Felt that no one meaning harm would venture there. A moment More and a Munly form Knelt before the Tomb. The name upon Tho Stone was discernible in the Clear Moonlight. A of my dear dear Mother a said the Man clasping the Strong Marble and hanging upon it As a weak child clings to its nurses neck. A a Why could not you have been spared to me my Mother of my Mother not one of All i loved left me except Mary Winton and Sho May be false or married. A a she is neither a responded a tremulous voice and the speaker emerging from the Shadow approached him but was faint and fell helpless at his it feet. A to my Mary my Darling Mary i thank god that you Are Here to bless me a said James Harwood reviving from the stupefaction into which his Burden of sorrow had plunged him. A nearest girl have i killed you ? no no your heart is beating Mary my own Mary speak to me o speak to me a a yes James the Surprise overcame me. I am better now. I had quite forgotten myself and am Here too late. I can walk now and must hasten Home quickly a but before she could say a a goodnight Loving arms held her fast two hearts beat close together two souls were joined that death May separate i but not put asunder and by the 80th i of the next month husband and wife stood Side by Side at the Tomb of their dead and covered it with garlands of Sweet june roses. And each Etui Ning 30th of May when soldiers Are remembered that Mother of is not forgotten. Congressional. Work of the Senate and the hour of representatives. Teak House went into come Rittue of the whole pm Tho �?~.�<1 on Tho potato flies appropriation Bill and was addressed by or. Blount a. Who explained that the Bill carried an appropriation of a a Ltd Kif-i4o, against an appropriation of ,-o- he for Tho current Scal year Liis increase was necessary because the expenditures for postmasters salaries so far this year sex. Cee Deil the total appropriation of last year a ,4si. At Tho same time it appeared Liat while in 1830 the Gross revenues increased at Uio Rato onto per cent., to is the inc Easu was 14.0ti per cent. The same Large increase is sex ejected this year. At item of ni.�0,4�7 had been inserted for rent Light Anil fuel at third class offices which Haa Liuro Totore been paid for by the postmasters out of their salaried. The appropriation for Posto fico clerks had been increased 9-j�0,vj�, and that for the free delivery service �777, .00. Judge Jittler of the Union Pacific i ail Road commission addressed the a Senate committee to which tie commission s report was re in rred. Who said that to two per Cut. Interest on Trio Central Cacilie a debt of so a a us us a would amount to within s175.doo of the entire present income of the Road a would first a Tuse to be ascertained the present income and its Prospect of future increase. He would As Cartau How much of this it required to pay ii per cent. Interest and would devote the bal auce to Tho payment of the principal extending it Over a period of years hut i Lieut to wipe it out. He believed that some of the Strong Man who had Oither legitimately or illegitimately made millions out of the Road would in order to avoid further discussion of their conduct before the american people go Down Junco their own pockets and contribute something toward the payment of the debt or at least they would contribute from the earnings of the other lines of Road which they owned. The feature of the Senate proceedings on the 2lth was the speech of senator Stewart of Nevada in support of his joint Resolution for a constitutional amendment reducing to a simple majority the vote necessary to override a presidential veto. He charged the president with administering the government for selfish ends Aud with pandering to the Kin is of Wall streets Tio Senate appropriations committee made reports on the Revenue deficiency Bill and the Indian appropriation Bill. In the secret session of Tho Senate or. Sherman s motion to consider the fisheries treaty with open do it is was debated for two hours but no result was reached. The House passed the Post office appropriation Bill after adopting an amendment increasing the appropriation for mail messenger service from 5900,000 t j �1 50,000. During the discussion of the Bill in committee of the whole several Republican members complained of the inefficient mail service in the West. A Resolution was adopted in the House authorizing Tho committee on foreign affairs to inquire into the facts connected w Ith the imprisonment in an English jail of John Curtis Kent a naturalized american citizen. Both houses agreed to the conference report on the invalid pensions appropriation Bill. The measure is in the same form As it passed the Senate. There waa a Lively debate in the House on the subject of admitting South Dakota into the Union. The Resolution to consider the fisheries treaty with open doors was again discussed in the Senate secret session of May 25, but no action was reached. Jar. Cullom introduced a Bill to provide for the reconstruction of the government dam at Hock Island Arsenal destroyed by Tho recent Flo d in the Mississippi Anil for the immediate i construct iou of a temporary dam. Or. Turpin introduced a Bill making it the do Tyne Tho commissioner of to prepare and publish annually a a Register of . Quot or. Blair introduced a joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution to the effect that no state shall Ever make or maintain any Law respecting a establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof and that every state shall establish and maintain a system of free Public schools but that no Money raised by taxation shall Ever be appropriated applied or Given to any school institution corporation or person whereby instruction is Given in any doctrine tenets beliefs Chiemo Nials or observations Peculiar to any religious sect. The legislative executive and judicial appropriation Bill furnished the occasion for a Good Deal of political talk in the House. A proposition to increase tiie salaries of House of plot is being Tho Bone of Contention. At its evening session the House passed fifty private pension Bills. The House in committee of the whole devoted the entire Days session on May 20 to Tho consideration of the legislative executive and judicial appropriation Bill the pending amendment being that Oto ered by or. Mccombs increasing the clerical Force of the civil service commission. After a somewhat protracted debate the Aine dment was agreed to 81 to 71. The amendment provides for one additional clerk of class three one of Ciapas two and one at 1, to and increases Tho appropriation for necessary Travolino expenses from h4, to $3.000. On the adjournment of the House the Republican members went into caucus. It was decided to recommend the passage of the Blair educational Bili and the policy of the party on the Tarila question was fr6ely discussed. The Senate was not in session. Thu following Resolution Otle red by or. Sherman was adopted by Tho Senate on Tho a the ult. By a strict party vote a Al resolved. That the injunction of secrecy be removed from All Tho proceedings of the Senate in reference to the treaty with great Britain now under the completed River and Harbor Bill was reported to the Senate. Tho Bill As it came from the House carried an aggregate appropriation of Slot 0. >,7.-u. As reported t it the Senate it appropriates $-.11, ish,783. The House was engaged in Trio consideration of the legislative executive nud judicial appropriation Bill. Or. Town Elioud from the committee on military affairs reported Tho army appropriation Bill and it was referred to the committee of the whole. The Bill appropriates 54,289,700, an increase Over that of last year of $51 4,982, principally in the item of for dynamite Guus. Tuo estimator were among the Bills introduced in the House and referred wore the it following by or. Oest appropriating s27.5,000 for Tho rebuilding of the government dam at Rock Island Arsenal by or. Cheadle to retire sex soldiers and sailors who have been wounded in Battle after Twenty one years of service in Tho civil service by or. Townshend providing for an assistant Secretary of War by or. Plumb to provide for issuing Bonds to refund the National left. Indian wives of White men. A lady who some time ago became much interested in the statement contradicted at the time that Gen. Sibley a first wife was a woman of the Chippewa nation Speaks in the pleasantest terms of her recollections of the Early Days when Many men who have since become prominent in the states history had Homes presided Over by wives in whose veins the Indian blood was uncrossed. A they were a pleasant and hospitable class of women a she says a rather taciturn sometimes but women nevertheless and Good ones too. Living always in the Drudgery from which no Indian female Ever escapes in the society of the Savage a Bucks a no wonder that squaws were Only squaws at any period of development but when placed among the More refining influences of White Homes and White husbands these Indian women made wonderful Progress and made Loving wives and mothers and kind neighbors. You must remember too that the men who married Indian women in those Days up Here were men in every sense of the word not brutes and renegades like the Squaw men of whom you read in the West Oij for Swine. Cubes hog cholera and All diseases of hogs. A general freely in the hog swill. If they will not eat drench with milk into which a Small Quantity of the Oil is put. Sold by druggists and dealers everywhere. The Charles a. Huge jeep co. Baltimore. women n re they who enjoy health. Their presence Lightens and cheers the human heart and the Home gladdened by the Sunshine of their winsome ways is indeed a heaven on Earth. How necessary then is it to a better enjoyment of life that the women folks especially have the Bestol medical attendance in time of need and that their Good health be zealously guarded by the husband and the lather. To this end no better remedy can be recommended than or. Guyott s yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. It is eminently a remedy that will strengthen the feminine Constitution and establish a regularity of those liabit3 so essential to a woman a Good health. Try it also in instances of Universal lassitude lame Back wasting kidneys aching joints Etc. Its Fleet is marvelous and always a Reafs Auff with nearly All cough preparations is that they contain Morphia and arc very injurious to the stomach and nervous system. Or. Wistaris Balsam of wild Cherry contains no Morphia which fact renders it the safest and Best remedy for general use in est try household. It has a tonic effect on the whole system As Well As possessing a soothing and Healing virtue Liat acts direct Lyon the lungs and bronchial tubes thus removing soreness of the threat chocking the tendency to cough Healing All pulmonary irritation and inflammation and driving out of the system the germs of consumption. A single bottle will frequently last a whole family All Winter for a single teaspoonful Only is a a lose and a bottle Only costs on Dollar. John. D. Park amp sons proprietors Cincinnati. Ohio. Bitters cures All diseases Rotthe liver kidneys stomach and bowels it is a Pursur vegetable preparation a ass. 5enna-Mandrake-Buchu 0 other Ehu Auy efficient remedies. It has stood the test of years in curing All diseases of the blood liver stomach kidneys bowels amp a. It purifies the blood invigorates and cleanses the 8ystem. M1dbugsists dyspepsia constipation jaundice sick headache bilious complaints amp a disappear at once under it beneficial influence. It is purely a Medicine As its cathartic properties forbids its use As a beverage. It is pleasant to the taste and As easily taken by child Iren As adults. I prickly Ash bitters is Sola proprietors and Kansas pm scr at disorders of the stomach liver kit a a a and bowels take Pacific pills strictly vegetable. Cure constipation indigestion. Dys peps Apdy Bick headache liver complaints loss 01 apr Etite. Bilious Ness. Nervousness. Jaundice Eto. Or Sale by All druggists. Price 85 Cut. Pacific manufacturing co. St. Louis. My cat Arr Ely scream Balm 1 cold in head foxy Bros. 56 Warren st. N. 1 sweeping the markets Mode has created the greatest excitement do nand and Sale As a beverage. In two years Ever a wit nested in the history of Trade irom tiie fact that i Brines nervous. Exhausted overworked women u Eoo Powers of endurance in a few Days cures Thi uncontrollable appetite for liquor and tobacco m once and has recovered a Lano number of cases a old. Helpless paralysis As a too Only

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