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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - May 31, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana Something to say. By c. N. Hood. Yrtti a apologies to j. W. Jailei bom Othin to say my daughter Well you bet i be Soni Ethin to say some fathers might let thin sri take their course but your dad Ain t built that Way. Yer Bee i work for a Livin now and i earn enough for two but i in be Gol Larned if i m Goin to food another along w Itu you. If you wanted to marry a decent Man. Who tray earning decent Pav. Most Likely i d Tell you to go ahead and hurry a and set Iho Day but now i know Iho work bleat dude you want and i know his Little Lay. Something to say my Dali ishtar Well you bet i be something to say now Don t to crying daughter and Don t feel Bard at me you d know you d better a single if Only you could so but to think of your if Irrwin such a Nia jag Lazy of Viiu Lind Imp though Quot of he a ii Tigli to earn his Salt Don t know s i d object Toli Iii. It in t i i at All you say but the old Man millionaire Why Chilli. Yet in your iat Lior proud Juat us kiss you Thuro and you want luf it it a id my bleating and Cone to the a miso find stay v Well Iku sri yrs can Liyanage your own machine and i t got Yothin to fugitive s capture Yitoi Kur in of us. It was a wild i Orv. Hilly country through Ivsich the path Lej sind Iii about Anio if a Wohlers and scrubby Trees now skirting Tho Edge of a Ravine now a Rossini a a Bra Liuji Stream and again going straight Over a ragged Hill. Along the ath a Man was walking at a pretty rapid Pace looking neither to the right nor to Tho left but wit i his Pierce Gray eyes fixed steadily before him. He was of medium height Well built wit i Broad Stroing looking shoulders in which there was a Little stoop. Hia hair and Board were of a Light Ashy Brown his c us it Lexion Sallow and his features commonplace enough with the exc edition of his Oyes in Avrich there was a cold cruel Light. He seemed to to Well acquainted with the country or suing his Avay without hesitation though occasional he came to a place where another ath intersected the one he was travel aug. Avail dog thus neither slacking nor accelerating his. Gait he came to a Hill much higher and steeper than any lie had 3 it crossed. Climbing this he necessarily went slower and with More Dini culty but the View Liat Gree Teil his eyes when he got to the top would have Well repaid him for the toil of tiie ascent had he been one to a2 Preci ate the beauties of nature. Far away was a Range of mountains Blue and Mist in the distance the lines of Elevation gradually sinking to the foot Hills Wirich seemed to Roll away in or at Billows breaking at his Leet in a Cli ionic mass of rocks Trees and Ghin Cirii Waters. But this traveler ii id no Eye a Ltd tie Beautiful the Distant mountains Avrich lie Stool still for a moment Lia in upon wore to him Only a e of Refuge and that Dis Tance which softened their rugged features and Lent enchantment to Triem he would gladly have Dis it ens cd Avith. Quot with a la avy sigh the first sym Tom of weariness to had shown he was ii bout to. Resume his journey when he sudd Only Camo to a stand again turning his Eye a in which there was a startled Looi in the direction lie not he had come lie had heard a sind that lie too Well knew. It was the Bay of a hound just audible far away to the Southeast. He listened intently. The dog did not give voice continuously but Only at intervals and his keen ear detected a Ditle rence in the i Bays As they came nearer there were two dogs running and running Over the very route by which he had come. He knew very Well Liat hat meant. To was not deceived. He did not allow any Hoiet us fancy to persuade him that those dogs were in Pursuit of any four footed beast. It avas a Man they were after a Ike i new it. When tie hound Hunts Tho Deer or tie wild cat his yelp is Quick and joyous but when he Hunts Man his voice is deep and sonorous and Breaks on the still air like the toll of the death Bell. Tie hunted Man turned and looked at the Mountain again and Liere was a great longing in his Tierce eyes. Alas i Liose Blue peaks How far they wore Wavay alien with the activity of Tho Panther which he somewhat resembled in his attire he bounded Down Tho so e of the i Hill at the foot of which he plunged into a swiftly running Stream. The water was not deep coming i to his Knees and evading through that he ran a Lindred Yards or More and then turning retraced his steins. There a Vas a mount Iii Asli growing about Twenty feet from the st Roarn its wide spreading branches out some thirty feet from the trunk. Limb Kiiji the tree he Clarab ered out on one of the branches overhanging the wafer and dropped from the end of it wading a considerable distance before Landing when he hastened to the top of another Hill and stopped to listen just an instant. He could hear the dogs plainly now they were rapidly approaching. There was a place of Refuge that he knew of where no Man he thought could find him. No Man. But there were the dogs whose sense of smell was More unerring than the intelligence of Man. They would track him to the hiding place in spite of All that lie might do. If he succeeded in reaching this place it was not faraway a they could not get at him there but they would know that he was somewhere near at Liand. They would know a yes the dogs would know but the men might think them at fault and draw them off. There was a Chance of that and it was the Only Chanco on which he could build a hot a. But come what would he would die game they should not take him alive. He had no weapon save a Long bladed knife which he dream from its scabbard in his bosom glancing at its keen Edge and thrusting it Back again. He was running while these thoughts were passing t Iiron Gli his brain and in a Little while he came to a Ravine the Bottom of who i lie reached by Success i Ive leaps from Bowlder to Bowlder. I alien he ran Down the Ravine until he i came to a place where the sides were High and precipitous. A tree growing on the top of the a Lii on one Side Hung Over the verge and from its gnarled and twisted branches Dej ended a Atout Gnipp Vine that re iced a unit two thirds the distance from the top to the Bottom. The Man Stop it Oil Here and Avith much dil Mculty clambered up until to could reach this Vine up which he went hand Over hand As a Sailor goes j no a to e. About Twenty feet from 1 Herti he started he ceased climbing i and giving the Vine a swinging motion i after two or three vibrations suddenly Digap Jeared Ajja gently into the very fac it of the Rock. J the hounds came on. They lost the i Trail at the Stream no which the Fugi i Tive had waded. It delayed them a Little awhile a it was All lie had expected a and then Uliey picked it up again following it eagerly and Lungin i into the Ravine their deep voices echoing among Tho rocks and making As great a clamor As though there had been a full ack engaged in the i Hase. Suddenly they stopped and began to snit about Tho foot of Tho Dill where the Man had climbed up holding their Heads u and baying at regular intervals. Three men now made their appearance leading their horses which they had been obliged to dismount in order that Uliey might ick their Way Down an almost impracticable path. Tho dogs were trying to crawl up the face of the Rock. Quot Well i la be darned if thet Chap Ain t Elum u to thet there Grapevine an gone us thet like a Sci Arrul Quot said one of the men. Quot is there no Way to get to Tho top of this cd la Quot asked one who seemed to be the chief of the party. Quot this Here Cleft Quot said to who had s Oken first. Quot of yes thar s a Way Roun but hell Hove got a Good Start on us an i Reckin thet s bout w at he was up to. They does try All manner or tricks when the dog s is behin Quot pm Gerber Alio. But come on Well see of we can t catch up Avith him. Here Peter Here Jack Quot to Tho dogs Avrich Avert Avith some did cult prevailed upon to Leaa e the shot a Hera the Trail ended. When the Little party at last reached Tho ton of the Cliffs and Tho dogs were set to work to find Tho Trail though they Avent Over the ground thoroughly i acing hither and thither with their noses Down and their tails a swinging Back and Forth like pendulums. Quot now thous a at i Call cd r us Quot said the master of the hounds. Quot that Feller Ain t never been i it Quot Liere Ilid he go then Quot asked the Olicer of Tho Law for such avas the chief of Tui Marty. Quot a Quot a thet s jes w at i d like to know Mevs of Quot replied the other. Quot he c urn t allowed Quot tie d is must have been at fault Quot said the sheriff s Deputy. Quot of Strainer Quot said Tho Man Quot them thar Lioun s liver was at fault Yit of Long is i lies had pm i la Savar by pm a of Edge a i the Spaker tii a Avent to the verge \ of tie Clile and lying Down on his belly Loo led Over. Quot an Tseo nothing from Elmr Quot to said getting up. T Hon to Clamp tiered out on the trunk of the tree that overhung the . Quot by Golly Quot he shouted Quot he s Quot where Quot Quot in a Hole Down thar. Yer c Ulen t sen it to save your life Frum an whar s Elst but right Here. In looks fur All the Worl Tike a great big Chimney Swaller s Nesland i la bet my Hoss an by dogs to Boot thet he s in Quot to Mav be in there As you say Quot said Iho Sho Iii Quot but the Pio Stion is it it a is lie to to cot out Quot Quot ill it him out Quot said the Man. Quot did t 1 Barg in to Ketch yer Man Fer yer Quot Quot yes Yon did but i have no desire to see Yon Lirow your life away bargain or no bar Jain and i know that this is a Deij Erato Man Yon propose to tackle at a great Quot a Barg in s a Barg in Quot said the other a sheathing a big Hunting knife that was buc kled round his avast and sliding Down tiie Grapevine Avith it gripped l Tareen his Teeth. When to got opposite the opening in the Wall of Rock he held fast with Liis Lef Liand Yudt Akini the knife out of his Mouth with the right called our. Those above could linear All that avas said Trio Curli they could not see the Aji eakers Quot Hellow stranger Quot he said Quot Kin yer Eon Iodate another Feller in liar or is the House crowded Quot waiting a fear minutes and getting no answer to his demand he called again. Quot look out the Dolan lord Quot he shouted Quot when folks is a wantin to Stop at yer tavern is this Here the Way to treat pm ? i knows yer re at Home an less n yer be drunk yer re Jis Grumpy an thet do look bad in a Man a at Kee s a tavern. Come Noav lemme hear from yer As it avas evident that this Man did not intend to be denied the occupant of the Cave at last made his api ear Ance. Quot look Here my frien Quot he said fixing his fierce eyes on his Una Welcome visitor Quot did yer never linear thet old Jiayi better let sleeping dogs lie ? of yer did to yer hears it Quot of Yea Quot was the reply Quot i have cheered it fore but i Heve Cotch Nany a sleeping dog by the Throat an Hel him till the breath avas out n him an i Ain t steered us dogs Nur men sleeping Nur Wakin. Thar s some folks up Here on the top us this Here House us your n As Avants to see yer an you be got to come fair or Quot go Wavay from Here Man Quot said the fugitive. Quot i Don t know yer an i Ain t got nothing agin yer but if yer life be Airth anything to yer go an leave me in but the other heeding not the avar ing gave i body a motion which started the a Ine swinging. It Hung twelve or fifteen feet away from the Cliff which avas concave and it took a fear minutes to impart to it the momentum necessary to bring it near enough for him to risk the he intended to take and awhile he avas std swinging the Man in the Cave armed with his knife climbed upon the narrow a ledge that surrounded the Entrance to his hiding place. He stood a moment As if awaiting the assault of his adversary and then seeming to change his mind crouched like a wild beast and sprang at him adhere he Hung at the same time making a Savage hinge with his knife. Tho Man clinging to the Vine avas perfectly Cool and prepared flt a just such an attack As this. He had a rap Jed his left Lep around the Vine allowing the right to hang Loose and As the other Laum hed himself from the Rock he threw the right out with a puck aug Orous Jerk planting his heavy cowhide Boot in the Middle of Tho fugitive s breast and dashing him Bac Koyker the teacups. Comfort for those who have has i the or Good things Sahl by before they got a Chine. O. W. Holmes in Tho Atlantic Quot when it suddenly flashes into the consciousness of a Ariter Avo has been Long before the Public Quot Why i have said All that once or oftener in my books or essays and Here it is again the same old thought the same old image the same oldster i Quot it irritates him and is Likely to stir up the monosyllables of his a sanctified a vocabulary he sees in imagination a thousand readers smiling or yawning As they say to themselves Quot we have had All that before Quot and turn to another Avri Ier s performance for something not quite so stale and super Lions. This is Arhat the Ariter says to himself about the Reader. The idiot Poos the Simpleton really think everybody has read All he has written Boes he really believe that everybody Rome moors All of his the writer s avoids Lui May happen to have read at one of those famous dinners of Tho Iii Bera Scappa society adhere no reporter avas Ever admitted and from which nothing Ever leaks out about what and done Edward Everett in his after dinner speech not Cal these lilies from the no Iid Quot giving a a or Liberal i English a version of Tjien Avrich he applied to the oration just delivered by Ivor. Emerson Tro j i Ibris Torti rata Otros Ruibis a Iquo Irp add Dorant Rutili tres in Iii i alibis . C 1 a 1 his Nephew the ingenious inventive against the Cliff at the foot of which head us inexhaustible or. Edward Everett fell in a Heap Avith no More life in him 7 Fujii f a Tow than there avas in the boulders among Avrich he dec Ioctl Szudlo horses. Quot i have had Many years experience As or Chaser of Saddle horses Quot remarked a major of Caa Alry Quot living Boer a member of horse boards for the last thirty years and Liaa ing bought cavalry houses for the i United states Sera Ico. I therefore feel that i know whereof 1 speak Avion 1 say that the Supply of Good Saddle horses in this country is smaller than it has been at any time since the War. I do not mean that there Are fewer thoroughbreds for there Are probably More but horses suitable for other purposes than races and Park use Are becoming rarer every Day and although the Price l Aid by Trio government is higher than it has been for the last Twenty years it is very Dit cult to secure mounts for the cavalry awhile ten or oven Alvo years ago at least three times As Many Jorss Able to pass the Muster Avert i resented As the advertisements called for. The horses that Quot were raised in the country districts of Kentucky Aud is Souri Avero s Len did animals for All Lound use but now there Sot is to be Noth fug Between Tho Veedy delicate racer Good for a mile dash but that Avold break do Avn in a to lire Days forced Marci Auvil the heavy animal that does excellently for a agon or Light artillery use but it is too slow and for the cavalry. Even Ashen ave got a horse that has at once Botio and stamina it is nearly always tiie Case that he has a big Back that curse of the cavalry horse for Veak kidneys Are inevitably the result after one season s Campaign. Horse boards now have to go Over Tho country Avith a Fino toothed come to loud Tho Active Jii it coupled horses tha Are the Best for service and which used to be found on every Largo farm. Unless something is done by Tho Breedt s Tho splendid Saddle horses for a High the Lissis sip i Valley once was famous Grill entirely ill Mett Oritis prof. H. Carvill Leavis exhibited at the last meeting of the Academy of natural sciences a fragment of a meteorite containing diamonds Avrich fell in Siveria last october. He had extracted from Tho specimen two minute Oval bodies trans Pertuit with slight traces of pclarizatio73, and having a High Index of refraction. Haing been Able to a Sapphire with portions of the meteorite he avas Disi used to agree Avith i rows. La Tschikof and Jero Lief who first examined this meteorite that t contained microscopic diamonds. Tho important of this discovery upon the prestion of Tho origin of the Diamond was do it upon. From facts Gatliu Reil in Africa Borneo new South Wales California and elsewhere he had Leen led to belive that the commonly Rizic lived notion that ital Olumide is the original matrix of the Diamond is a mistake and that diamonds really occur ill Basic eruptive rocks. The similarity both in Structure and composition of the Diamond bearing Rock of South Africa to meteorites avas dwelt upon and he had in View of this fact sometime a Igo suggested the search for dial Ponds a meteorites. Let a. I note alluded to Tho Diamond in supposed ital Olumide in the British museum which was considered genuine although the greater number of Sueh specimens Avert undoubtedly fraudulent. A lh.iladel-21 i a highly coloured Tesla Moziy Quot you say you heard both shots fired Quot asked an Austin lawyer who was Cross examining a witness in a murder Case. Quot yes Sah a heard bore shots. Dey was fired Simontas Neoushy Quot Are you sure of that Quot Quot yes Sah bore of pm was fired Simontas Neoushy. I was t More that forty feet off at de Quot but on the direct examination you swore the shots were fired one after the other and Noav you say they were fired Quot Jess what i said Sah. Bore shots avas fired Simontan Ous like one after sift Ai Ian a Tayloir a miss Only 11 years old is teaching school in Owen county be Lucky. Hale tells Tho Story of this quotation and the various uses to a hindi it might be Aji plied in after dinner speeches. How often he ventured to repeat it at the Chi Beta Kappa dinners i am not sure but As he reproduced it Avith his Lia oly embellishments Ami fresh a or Sion and artful circumlocution not one it Erson in ten remembered that he had listened to Thost same words in those same accents Only a Twila month ago. The j Oor deluded creatures Avo take it for granted that All the a Voricl remembers Arhat they have said and laugh at Thoni when they say it again May profit by this Recollet a Tion. What if one a Loes say the Samo things of course in a Little Dit t Erent form each time Over and Over if to has anything a Orth saying that is just Arhat he ought to do. Whether he ought to or not it is very certain that this is Arhat All Avo a rite Ucli or speak much necessarily must and Avill do. Think of the clog Titan who a a Rio Acle of it or 100 or More sermons every a oar for fifty years think of the stump speaker who shouts before Loo audiences blur ing the same political Campaign always using the same arguments illustrations and catch word think of the editor As Carlyle has pictured him threshing the same Straw every a morning until we know Arhat is coming when we see the first lint As Avo do Ashen ave read the Largo Ca Tais at the head of a thrilling Story whih ends in an advertisement of an All cleansing soap or an Ali curing remedy the Latch key which of ens into the Chambers of my conserion Swiess lits As i have sufficient to believe tie private apartments of a Good Many other Jio Ople s thong its. The longer we list a Tho More we find to Are like ther persons. We uni i meet with any files in my own mental a Iype Ienco i feel Al nost sure that i shall find Rhem repeated or anticipated in the writings or Tho convers Atit u of others. This feeling gives one a Froe it Lom in telling his own personal history he could not Lifavi enjoyed without it. My Story belongs to you As much As to me. J e the fab Tiia nor Ratimir. Change the or-3onal to noun that is All. It gives Many readers a singular Leasure to find a Ariter tolling them Sot Nething they have Long known or Felt but which they have never before found anyone to put in it Nils for them. An author does not always know when to is doing Tho service of the Angel Avo stirred the avatars of the Pool of be Thesda. Infant a Reader is delighted to incl his solitary thought has a companion and is grateful to the Benefactor who has strengthened him. This is the adv Ofago of Trio Humble Reader Over Tho Anil itiou8 and std worshipping writer. It is not with him a Icreane a i hut Pali sunt a his Iii pro minis nos i a in blessed Are those who Piave said our Good things for us. False Otious about sat Iuit has been an old wives notion from Vay Back tit it certain kinds of food must be avoided because they tend to produce certain kinds of disease. This notion has been fostered by alleged physicians who publish health a our nala and Are always laying Down rules about Lia eng Avrich if any one undertook to follow literally and scrupulously would make life a Burden from the a Radle to the grave. Some years ago let a. Let to Leavis Avo avas regarded As Ionia that of a health expert announced that tomatoes Avero unhealthy Avert Tho cause of can it Quoter loosened and destroyed the Teeth Etc. For generations boys and girls had been varned not to eat so much butter or their faces Avold break out Avith Quot butter it is an old time tradition that Bucka heat cakes Are productive of skin disease., and the scotch Are said to be cursed with the itch because they eat so much Oatmeal. Or. James c. White professor of dermatology in Harvard University in a recent article on cutaneous diseases Ricks some of these annoying traditional bubbles. He Saj s that uncooked butter is perfectly harmless food so far As the skin is concerned and it is Dilk cult to conceive How anyone could have thought otherwise unless possibly the use of bad butter in food othe Ravise indigestible May have disturbed the stomach and produced impure blood. Buckwheat cakes do not produce cutaneous diseases unless improperly cooked and eaten hot with too much syrup they upset the to digestion. Oatmeal a perfectly harmless food and the idea that cause cancer is ridiculous. Or. White says Liat the eating of fruits nuts and fish May Lead to irritation of the skin in certain individuals but this arises from some cause Peculiar to the individual the notion that certain kinds of food Are detrimental to the complexion is a false one. A Good Di-1 Gestin and a healthy appetite Avill take care of the skin Aud it matters Little Arhat one eats if the stomach is allowed to do its Kavork properly and furnish Good material for pure blood. A Springfield Union he had it Erve. A new yorker of Iron nerve and a keen but quiet Avit avre aked exquisite revenge on that common foe of Mankind tiie dentist. This fiend takes a ghoulish glee in Austig in the midst of Trio torture is he is indicting Toimi Viire. Avith a Avell Simu Hoti d appearance of sympathy if he is hurting much. Well Tavare of this peculiarity of the dentist the nervy new yorker resolved to fill him with cd Marin. So composing himself in Tho chair of anguish he opened his Mouth and told the fiend to go ahead. Wheel and ick and saw Avert soon doing their Avo st and the a Tiiu was quivering Avith Torturo at a Ery touch. I recently the operator thought the moment of insupportable agony had come Ami suppressing a chuckle of Delight he assumed a look of pit and asked if it was very painful. Quot of no not at All Quot replied the nervy Man with an air of Tho utmost unconcern. Tho dentist said nothing but As he Reno avoid his labors a Heel and pick and saw a Baleful Light shone in his eyes and there was a compression of the thin cold lips that boded evil to his victim. And under Tho manipulations that followed the Ioor a retch avas soon Suh ering Tho most piercing and Saint torments. 35ut his spirit avas unbroken and his countenance betrayed no Token of pain. I he dentist aused and a wicked gleam danced in his eyes. Quot i fear i Hurt you Quot he Reni Arkell softly and tenderly. Quot 3h, no not at All Quot jauntily replied the nervy Man and settled Back for an Ostlun spell. And now All the latent Dis abolish of the operator stood revealed. No longer assuming a veil of humanity he worked his infernal instruments with open savagery grinding yanking Boring filing and stabbing with an undisguised and she Oliue Reli Sli. But nothing Dis composed Tho imperturbable new yorker. Quot Riziere Quot finally screamed Tho dentist Quot i Knovs that must live Hurt Quot Quot Oil no m t at All Quot observed the customer with a Saviet smile and making some casual remark about a picture on the i Wall. It avas too much. The fiend yielded. To Laid Down his t ols. Drew off the Napkin and As tie nervy Man Saun Terete out of the chair an Ltd paid him his fee Avith a . He exclaimed Quot a it 1, you Are Tho inst i inter ested Man 1 Ever or Ork j a ii j Sadie by Smth. Tho society snob is generally a very harmless Little creature in fact lie is so that he cannot do Vei a much damage. His Little habits and customs. Itis microscopic intellect even his tiny Little pilots and schemes Are of less importance to Tho world at Large than a i ool of slush to a Man with rub Bir boots. To is generally a Small effeminate youth with a sky terrier and thin colourless face though Sonn quinies he has been known to to quite Large quite muscular and even site handsome but in Tho latter Case he generally offsets Iii and anlage l y being quite simple and quite stupid. 1 hiring Tho Day Ime he is very rarely noticeable but As evening dra avs on he blossoms out he units on his dress suit and he ties his Necktie the latter Oji oration being a very complicated performance Only accomplish Lineti by unlimited practice Aud rare patience but Ashen it is done it is a thing for gods and men to avoider at. Ashen to is tidally dressed to puts on his Muffler his Chest i protector and his galoshes and goes Forth to conquer. If you have never seen a society snob at a party you have a rare treat in store. Watch him fit from Quot Bud Quot to Quot Bud Quot dropping Here and there a delicate bit of Small talk or a rare smile. Is he not a polished gentleman of the Avold then too Ashen the supper time comes notice tie consummate skill Avith a Vicli he leaves his partner in the hands of a Friend and strikes a Bee line for the sap it or table then if there is Avine he is in his glory. He Avill get in a Corner Avith a few select cronies and discuss the Host or Lio Stess Avith perfect Freedom airily criticise the supper crack Bis feeble Little jokes and drink More Avino than is Good for Harvard cd Iii be laundries. It is stated that of the 2.&Quot>0,000 chinese Noav hero 1 8,500 Are laundry men and their Lan Mories to Day number 12,-1 73, More than double the number of those conducted by americans that they employ no american help that three fourths of them Are controlled by the chinese Syndicate known As the six companies whose agents Are in every Hamlet in Tho land making ave Ekly collections front each laundry and reminding these Jagau i eople a wherever they go. That they Are still the slam of of the chinese Coxa Crement As they Are of Tho hideous vices Avith Avrich that country s effete society is reeking. A senator Luiu Liell

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