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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - May 24, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana Xix Oil to of silk Al in o. By i. Cd Gale jone3. A roil and ii App Man u he. All nature s 8ticr0s kno Winji who Rea a Gobi s truth on Laud and Soa and reaps Contentment s Sowins who kilo Wal the lord ii dicta no dearth without a blogs or to it and that enjoyment of the Eav h Deizie Iida on How Yon View it that nature s traced on heaven. And Earth and Ocean. Are object lessons teaching truth inter rated in motion that All of these harmonious blend with no truth . And each its message yield to Thomao who Honvo Tho Gilt of co incr. So every Ami perfect thing yields to his soul it swoetnos3 a Mon Irv h he. And la pro than Kiu Olio knows the ii Rand complot Josg. The american to weird tale. His strange and unaccountable disappearance. I Lical just stepped from one of the hideous Little Railroad cars onto the platform and for the first time in my rather Sli orc but kaleidoscopic career i was in Tho Lime which at one time succeeded in sitting gracefully upon seven Hills at one and the same time and also railing tie world. I had not come to conquer the City nor even More of the language Ubati would enable me to obtain food and to Ilginis Init As i sat Iii on one end of my no turned grip and li3tenf>d to the Babel of words on every Side i de a Jaired of Ever even obtaining those vital Reni Sites. Suddenly like an Oasis in the desert of foreign Tongie it i Hoard a voice remark in undoubted United a states Quot Well you the Dering old Blunder Loail How Janch longer do you mean to keep me for that Trunec Quot i made a wild dash for the speaker and a moment later i was clasped in the arms of my old school chum Harry Lozier. I had not seen him since we parted eight years before he to find ways to spend his income and i to find ways to obtain one to spend. He had been in Italy a year in Home ten Days spoke the language after a fashion and a few moments later we were jolting Over the rough streets in what might have been a 8i roman Chariot for All the Comfort it afforded toward Hal s apartments. And then we sat do Avn and talked Over our school Days the years we had been separated and smoked until Long past Midnight. Before retiring Hal proposed that to go out and take a walk in the deserted Street. Hal s apartment s Avei a away from the thickly Jop ulried Jojart of the City in a very romantic and also rickety old ruin near tiie Piazza i s Agua which i Lead struck my Friend s As Islic Eye and in which he Lead leased and jutted u gorgeously one of tie two apartments Mainii it a. Tenable. It was a beautifully it in gift by autumn. The Moon shone As it seemed to Shine Only in Italy Lio Oding everything with Liat soft White Light Lii cd seem Todo away with harsh outlines and s a rockery into a it Alace. Away to Tho left the outlines of Tho coliseum could be seen distinctly standing out a magnificent reminder of the ast grand even in ruin. To theri Ghr massive st. Paul towered in haughtily toward the heavens and the Des red Street seemed to Echo and re Ecipio tiie sound of our footsteps. Everything was to us entrancing. For a Long rime we Waud ored silently and aimlessly along smoking arid allo vying All sorts of romantic thoughts to Chase each other Ali rough our minds until it suddenly me that it was time after a hav Drav s ride to be fortifying myself with sleep and As suddenly it struck my companion that we had wandered into a locality wit i which he was a Iaci Piai Itel. Quot we started to retrace our Steps but so Iio Way the Points 3f the Compass seemed to have changed and though we walked for a Long time we could not discover a familiar landmark. The buildings were few and dark. Presently we spied a figure apis coaching us from far Down Tho Street. Quot ill tackle him Quot remarked Hal laconically. The figure resolved itself into rather a tall Man wearing a Long cloak a Slouch hat and with a not unpleasant face adorned by a pair of very sharply a axed most chios and Imperial. Hal was mustering his Stock of italian when the stranger suddenly costed us in very Good English for although i could not understand it then our nationality must have been very apparent. Quot Good evening gentlemen Quot he said As he observed that we were waiting for him. Quot can i be of service to Yon Quot Hal told him of our dilemma and mentioned the Street upon which particular ruin was located. Trio stranger who introduced Hirsell As Sig. Sio Zozi knew the locality perfectly but remarked that it was quite a Long walk and As no carriages were obtainable at that hour he Avold be pleased to Oifer us lodgings in his own apartments Avrich were but a step away. We debated the matter a moment silently and accepted. Sig. Sforzo i led the Way for a Short , and stopping before a particularly tall building he knocked twice in a Peculiar Way. After some delay the heavy door was opened by some one who stood behind it after doing so thus remaining hidden and we followed our guide in the darkness through corridor after corridor and up Manv flights of Stone Steps until he aused Lefoi e a door which must have been near the roof and ushered us into an apartment which in comparison with the somber ruined corridors was almost dazzling in its gorgeous can. Kiili Tajn series covered the Wals and floor Superb statues occupied niches in the a Wall on every hand glittering Armor. Half Hilden by the in Agni cent hangings could be discerned Here and there Ami Over All a soft pleasant Light was thrown from a tiny disc in the ceiling which i looked like a brightly j olisted piece of Silver but which gave a Light As i As that it it of tiie Moon. No it was not electricity. I do not know what it a. Listen. Quot i Jeff re i show you to your apartments sit Down for a few moments and let us get acquaint Eil Quot remarked the signer. We did so and then our Host told us de Santly of his Many travels in which we inferred he had been searching for something he did not say what and tiring at last he had Sto Ped in la eme and had now been studying for two years a subject in which he had made marvelous discoveries. He talked rapidly and somewhat Brokenly and made Lone strange au8e.s. Quot to night at the stroke of 2,&Quot he said Quot i Iliad intended making the first Complete trial of my work. If you like Quot he continued after a Little hesitation Quot Vou any stay and in wonder ave acquiesced. Yeti Ping to the Wall he Drew aside the Jia Digings and disclosed i Square Box like Cabinet before which Hujing a curtain. He Drew the curtain aside. The Interior was dark and Black. From somewhere he produced a Little brass vase laced it on a stand before the Cal Inot and threw into it Tho contents of Many vials and i it a 5frs Liun reaching Uji Ward with a Light Wand to touched tiie Silvery twice and in a instant Tho apartment was darkened and ave sat Avith rather anxiously beating hearts waiting for the stroke of Tai o. Then came heavily and solemnly from somewhere and the signer poured the contents of the last vial into the vase. We clasped hands in the darkness and waited. A Light vapor a issuing from the a ase and seemed to be drawn by some unseen Power into the Cabinet. The vapor became More dense and changed color continually. Tolje signer came and seated himself near us. A suddenly the direction of the vapor changed and filled the room. The soft odor penetrated our nostrils our brains a whirled Avith terrible sensations there avas a whirring sound in the air. It was growing colder we shivered and grew closer Ogeth u. A pull Quot of air blew the Vapours away and ave saw Arhat a strange transformation had taken place in the Cabinet. We looked into it As through a Aan Dow out u on a avid Barren country. In the distance a company of horsemen Avert disappearing Over a lonely Roa Ltd All avas Bleak cheerless deserted. Quot Siberia Quot remarked the is nor like a lecturer explaining a Panorama. But it avas no picture. The scone we looked upon real the coldness penetrated even to us and we Suil ered keenly. Beyond Tho one word of explanation the Signor was silent. Again the Luminous Vapours from Tho vase became More dense and obscured our vision there avas that strange whirring sound again that mysterious pull of Vaud disc yelled the mists and ave gazed out i it on a sea of space and away in the far distance a suspended Gilt by if was the Earth and we beheld it from somewhere millions of Miles in Siace. The great divisions could be plainly is it earned. It avas an Over Ali coming a stupendous spectacle. The Signor said nothing. As for us we could not Speal and trembling by we Chang to each other in a very a oily of fear. Again came the fumes and the scene avas obscured the a Hirring sound deepened into a mad Roar great hashing lights blinded our eyes our Heads seemed bursting ave could not breathe there was a horrible feeling of ofire3sion upon , and we were powerless. The dense a or3 we sided and seethed and seemed like a Mas of fiame. And then suddenly the fishing lights Occas a the Roar died Wavay the o j restive feeling was gone the maelstrom of the Vapours avas stilled the Uff of avid cleared the Ieav and through i the Cabinet a ravishing scene was s read before us a vision of a Cou Jaitry like unto Eden. The vase and Cabinet Avert Becco Piug indistinct the very room avas fading away and gradually everything avas changed until nothing remained but Tho gorgeous vision of a splendid land and in the Center of ail lying a Rone upon the ground the of i air Hal and myself. Where Avert ave ? were we dream in ? i pinched myself no i was awake. Hal and i gazed into each other s eyes and tried to ski talc. Our tongues were i owerle8s. Tjie Signor sat a Little apart with Arhat seemed a strange sardonic look ui>02i Liis face Tho scene avas Lovely beyond any Power of human Deserio Tion. In the distance a Silvery River slowed placidly along Between Hanks Robed in verdure of a texture As Fine As silk. Magnificent Trees with strange Beautiful foliage towered aloft rare Flowers bloomed in profusion on every Side and the air avas soft alarm and intoxicating. Birds Avith variegated plumage Llew hither and thither and did net seem to fear us. There avas no Sun yet All the landscape avas Lilit As the Dav yet How ranch brighter than any Day of the Sun s making a Sciort dista be behind us the land seemed to end suddenly in a perpendicular Dill and below and beyond there was nothing but space space entranced we gazed upon the scene and neither moved nor s Oke. Suddenly from some adhere in Tho distance ave discerned the figure or a Maiden approaching us. A pure a Lite raiment covered but did not her form and floated out behind her in Graceful folds. So Riff did not walk in approaching us but seemed to float toward us Avit Hout Effort. Something in Hal s manner caused me to turn. He avas gazing with a avid Joyful look at the face of the angelic creature Avo Lead passed but a fear Yards away. I followed the direction of his eyes and my heart almost stood still. The face was that of a sister Hal s betrothed Azife who had died on the eve of her a edding Day eight years before. Hal had leaped to his feet and for a single moment he looked again into the eyes Avrich he had once seen close he thought forever and there avas such a vision of rapture of ecstasy upon Liis face As i never Saav upon a human Conn Tenamae before. The Maiden paused and for an instant the lovers gazed into each other s eyes and then she stretched out her arms to him Avioli an a 5ealing gesture. With a bound Hal avas at her Side and clasped his betrothed in rapturous embrace. The Signor had leased to his feet. His a Hole being had undergone a change avid terrible emotions played upon his face and his eyes seemed like those of a beast and from his nostrils his breath came with flame and smoke. With a fiendish cry he s2 rang toward the two but tie Maiden raised one Liand toward him and he too 1 like a statue riveted to the ground by some awful Over. A called i gazed Iii Ion the scene and oven As i looked the forms of the Marclen and her Lover still clasped in each other s arms became More Ami More indistinct until they bad f idea from sight and no Irace remained. Then freed from Liis Bonds the Signor turned in All Lis diabolical rage upon me. In my terror i ran to the Edge of the Clift Quot and leaped into the sea of so Ace and with one despairing cry Sank do Wnm a o Wnm do w n. I o ened my eyes. The Dull Gray of the morning faintly illumined my surroundings. I avas reclining upon the hard Marble Ste s of the Ruih which Hal had chosen for his Home. I arose Avith an Effort for some Avay i seemed terribly Veak and climbed to my Friend s apartments. There avas no on there. The rest is told in a Avord. The City avas sear Clied 1 might almost say the Avold was sear Clied but no Trace of Hal j Dozier avas Ever found. I described the locality into which Aye had Wau a lured that Naglit and the building in a Vicli Signor a Ferozi had enticed us but neither Tho locality nor my description of the Signor could be recognized by the police. That was Long ago. I am searching Foi my Friend yet. Female customs in Liichi. The a Omen in towns and villages above the cooly class rarely show their faces and the better classes never. A some travellers sneak of their peeping at one from their veils or from behind their latticed windows. Prom a Haft i Liaa c seen and can learn from people Avo have Long lived Here such Coque tries Are Only indulged in by Nautch girls dancing girls of a Yoav order or by a still worse class. T be education of a a Oman is such that she honestly thinks lie self degraded should she permit her face to be seen by a Man rarely is it done even to father in Law or a brother in Law. Especially if the brother in Law be older than her husband. A Avell to do Hindo Avith six Brothers All younger than himself told to he had Seldom Ever seen the face of a single one of Liis Sistu a in Law and Ashen lie had done so it was under Peculiar circumstances religiously per kissable. This thing is not simply a social custom but it is mixed up Avith their religion is re . 1-Ieligion has a very powerful hold even on the Nien a Lio Are generally More or less educated for now common schools Are throughout the country. But the a Omen ave wholly uneducated except in religious rites and duties. Vith them to Weir religion is All despotic and owe Raul leading them in the ast to the burning pile of their dead husband. By the Way that avas not always the cruel order of Force but avas eagerly sought by the victim first because she believed it a religious duty and next because tie burdens deprivations and self denials forced upon a Zavidow by inexorable religious and social custom made death Referable to a life of avid Owh Ood. I am informed that Many women regret deeply that Tho ii Overn ment so rigidly enforces its decrees against this self immolation for through it she could not Only Esca e present misery but could Merit a blessed future. This latter she loses if she simply commits suicide. General education must ultimately break Down these people s superstitions and conservatism. But it seems to to from All i can learn that the Les the interference with religious belief be apr Parent tie quicker will simile education really sap the very foundation of Tho religious superstition. Mere argument rarely reaches the Issue. A shrewd Indian Avill argue with you and seems to a certain that he has Tho Best of it a Carer if. Harrison s letters from incite a Naples Snow Harve of. In the Southern part of tie United states ice and ices though used in Large quantities in summer Are considered luxuries but in the countries of Southern Europe and particularly in Naples and Sicily they Are classed among the necessities of life and Are used in some shape or other by the j poorest classes. L bring the burning heats of july August and september j when the temperature is Vei a High in i the coolest Jimart of the City even the meanest of the Lazzaroni ave a turn Avith loathing from his favorite draught if he has nothing with a Iii a to Cool it. But give him a Lump of pure sparkling i congealed Snow to Dis Steve in the Glass and it becomes nectar. We speak of ice and ices because that ice is the material used by us for coed ing but in tapes except Atung the a healthy classes ind in the larger hotels a it is not ice at All but Snow that is employed and the Quantity of it con sued is Soi Nething prodigious. On that i Lains of Southern Italy even in the coldest Winter ice is unknown and i Snow never Falls. But in the Adenine Range of mountains Wii Icli runs through the on insula there Are j stores of the precious subs Tam a. A few of the lofty Eaks have Snow on them nil the year and on one 11iran Sasso d Ofalia thu great la Ock of Italy i there is a Glacier. But Asa general thing the Snow disappears from the ridges by the end of May cons intently tiie a Zeop e make i eat a efforts to store it away and preserve it j for thai time of need. L or this Jour i 2>ose deep to Iii Avido Snow a tills or Cav erns Are dug on the Mountain Sidtis and in i february which is generally the time the Suav is Frozen hardest before j the san aug i in has begun to soften the Tho surface the i Eop Emmen a Omen and child Nuit of the Village turn out a and Camp on the Morin Tail Side. J Uliey Cut out the Early substance in j Broad thick Avite layers and pack it i into Tho a Ells. The blocks Are tightly 2 together till they form one comi it act mass. Then Ashen the Cavern is filled almost to tie top it is covered with matting and Union that. Avith Straw dried leaves and branches of Trees to keep the air out. The Mouth of the Cavern is then closed jux sometimes there is Over the Mouth a rude Stone building. The Kavork of getting the Snow out and transporting it to the City is owing to the intense heat of the Day necessarily performed in the Naglit. Long strings of mules ascend the Mountain to the Snow caves. There they Are loaded with boxes filled with Tho glittering blocks and covered Avith tar Laulin to keep ont Tho air. Then rapidly As Tivey can be driven Down the steel path they Are made to descend to the a Harf of Castellamare where Large Roomy boats stand ready to Rece i a a the loads. As soon As Tho per is Halde cargo is shipped it is Coa ered with matting Leaa is and Tarpaulin and the Little Fleet of eight or ton boats towed by a Steamer set off for Naples. A youth s to pieces Liy horses. One of the most ghastly scenes Al Rich avas Ever Avitu Essed in this House of horrors occurred in january it to Ashen poor mad Damiens attempted to Stab Louis by. Avith a Small Penknife. Quot a. De Misc Libault had him seized and immediately tortured. His Avert burned Avith a red hot still Damiens would not confess to an attempted murder. He had Only in j tended giving the King a salutary son. The fearful Quot question of the Boot quotas a jilted to the miserable Man and a there were Twenty other j present from various places in the i Proa inces. Quot the ghastly Tinnie of the i tale is told at great length and a Hor separated them and when i read Cert Tain sides of his writing i incline to put Bim Fri til them As an equal pc Laird. Or Bette still he reminds one of what the old greeks used to Call a Wise Man Par excellence some Solon or that is not a , but a Man who studied life and coined it into brn i Ford jr., in is new Frince Tori in i notions take Root Early. Edward a Small Pitt Burgher came Back from sunday school in a bad temper a Short time ago. His Mother asked him what avas the matter. Did t he like the Tea cider were Iii fellow scholars disagreeable to him or what avas it Edward simply Shook his head but being pressed for an explanation he said Quot Well Mamma our teacher Quot Why Eddy Arhat can you mean Quot Quot yes she said to Day that Christ was a jew. He avas a presbytery in want Hev a fill Bur it Jyh disc at books that hive not helped me. everybody of any literary prominence Inis lately been telling some ecu a of the Quot books that have helped first Anil Foremost in my Case. I Avold place Benjamia Franklin s Quot by. Quot the main reason this Book never helped re is because i never read it. I should doubtless have Loar cd to Quot stick Quot Typo at an Early age should Haa e spent at the compositor s Case and the re Jporter s desk the years i frittered Wavay in Cut allege grubbing at the sciences and Quot humanities Quot should hive escaped some years of the grind of school teaching and should a e become far sooner than now seems at All a possible the editor of a critical to tonal of my ova n. I have Felt a sort of personal grievance against Benjamin Franklin Ever since i it und out Arhat his Book is like not because to a Rote it that Avold not be fair or logical but because he Ilid not leave directions that i should read it at the proper age. In the second place among the books that have not helped me it be Unitarily j. Mean i must it it the books i Haa e written. They have never been Jib listed yet and i am beginning to doubt if they Ever will be. Another Book that did not help me Pecunia Rily or outlier Wise was Quot Titus Livy Quot especially Tho preface. Just wily they put freshmen to Reading that abominably constructed Puzzle i Don t know unless it is to make them homesick. I liked the lost books of Livy better than any of the rest because they did help me to get through Avith the a volume. Quot Webster s unabridged dictionary Quot has never helped me either to any great extent. I never Felt that i had Money enough at one time to buy it the publishers Noa or sent me one and i Jonefer Worcester s spelling any to w. Two other books that Liaa e not helped me Are Quot Lemuel Barker s apprenticeship Quot and Quot april Hopes Quot a except indeed As they helped me to get disgusted Avith those a varieties of the human species the author essays to i photograph. Of course there Are plenty of other books that never helped me such As the Quot proceedings of the Board of aldermen Quot the co i i7 be Sitofi no Alec or and the books of the British Muse unix and the Lomox Library and other places inaccessible to a new yorker but these Don t count. What i set out to do avas to Tell of some books that emphatically and in some special Avay have night to he lied me. If others confess As frankly there May to gathered in time a body of facts sufficient to form the basis of a general induction and thus we May get logically at a Complete list of the Quot Hundred Avo st books Quot which Avill be More scientifically Coni-7nled than any of the Quot Hundred Best Book Quot lists and Avill be fully As helpful to tie student and the general Reader. A w. A. A l it in tii 3 is cd soil Page. A very tour Long Little Story has jus i been told of Thomas be Lou Page Tho Ariter of charming Southern stories a Hose first Quot Meh lady Quot brought him Fame the very Dav of its Pii plication in the Ccu Tanj. Fifteen years ago a poor boy in a v Irginia town struggling Avith the Law Avrich he dates Tel. Quot y Page wrote "3ieh lady Quot and sent it Rible picture it is Avrich ool a Gingham to i a _ to the sent gives of the execution of less than a Century and a half ago at the Metropolis of culture. The leering Quot Twenty executioners Quot the silent priests the heartless brutes Avo applied the Quot Jues Tion Quot the spell bound multitude and the Center of interest Tho victim with agony and undaunted courage mingled in his dra Avn features. The boiling Fiji a has been poured into wounds which a Strong Stout executioner Quot has had great dial Mculty in in Iii Ting by tearing away Avith his Pinchers uleces of fish and then Quot the horses each held by an executioner now Gaa a a Ull and the same ceremony was repeated a Quarter of an hour afterwards then again and again Avit Hout . Damiens raised his head and looked around. It was found necessary to add two More horses to those harnessed to the thighs which made six horses bit this did not succeed. At last Samson the executioner seeing three avas no Hope of making a finish of it sent to ask the gentlemen of the parliament if they would not like him to Cut id Amiens to pieces. Orders however wore Given to make fresh efforts bit the horses turned restive and one of those harnessed to Tho thighs fell. After several More attempts and an april cation of the knife a the details Are too ghastly for translation the terrible tragedy avs brought to a close by the trunk of the victim being burned. The hideous spectacle lasted sixteen mall Gazette Emerson s Wisdom. It is by this Side also of his homely everyday Avi Dom that Emerson differs from Marcus Aurelius. Not that the latter lived in the air either but he is some that too grave and always takes Trio world in a i normalizing vein. Emerson writes of All these things lightly i lovingly in full sympathy Avith the Farmer and the citizen putting himself in their place with shrewd Yankee Coli Nion sense. Emerson himself Speaks of Plutarch and montaigne As joining hands across the Gulf of time which Scribner. To Hoard no Avord from it his letters Avert unanswered and in Des it air be let the matter Dro he Felt the Story avas As Good As any be could write and he Turnell again to the detested Law and wrote no More. Tavoian o years after when Quot Imeri lady Quot avas Avell nigh forgotten he avas amazed to receive a Check for it and shortly afterwards to see it printed in the cent Raj. The Story of its instant Success is known to All after twelve years of Dusty existence in the editor s Ligeon Hole Quot Meh lady Quot came Forth to Charm a Quarter of a million readers. This enforces again the Oft repeated and As Oft Senitid statement of the editorial methods of great magazines. While Quot Meh lady Quot avas thrust aside for years the Magazine Avent on printing and paying for much that was senseless profitless drivel for even a great monthly does that sometimes. Quot Meh lady Quot Cama Unherr tided she suffered a rude Welcome. Over and Over again spite of protestations and denials has the same thing occurred. Those Twila e years have been called a Quot wasted youth Quot for or. Page. That May not be wholly True Kven while struggling along with Tho Law he May have acquired a deeper knowledge of those life experiences that Are needed by a Story writer of his class a Fuller sympathy a truer tenderness for human nature. It is one of those questions that being irrevocable can never be Ireat lady in Art the great lady in velvet and jewels makes but a poor picture. There is not Freedom enough in her life. She is constrained. She is too far away from the simplicity of Haj Siuess. In her thought there is too much of the mathematical. In All Art you Avill find a touch of chaos of Liberty and there is in All artists a Little of the Vagabond that is to say Genius. A co. , in the North Anie icim i View. The. Moc Kiwi Laird is the euphonious title of a new weekly diaper in Kansas. J

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