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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - May 17, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana An Eakly kit ski. Quot now Wako me up at six o clock Quot said he. On Goi ii to bed. Quot to Morrow is my Busy Day i la get right up Quot lie Haiti. His patient wife who Provo ugly Experiment a had tried. Said nothing Only loft in it i at Bim and softly sadly signed. The night passed on the morning came. At six she said Quot Fly own it b six o clock. You know you a aids Quot he grunted Quot lemme Lono Quot at seven she gently tried again but once again a without the of sucoo3s�? to Only snapped Quot got out Quot at eight her courage almost failed and turned to wholesome dread for As she spoke he had to Dodge a Boot Ilung at her head. She thought he swore at nine o clock and up trying then. And to a Pioso Busy Day it Vaa got it . heroine w sugar swamp. An Idyl of the sugar swamp District. A 3 i it Mott. Intelligence of the mysterious Al Init of the White horse for the red headed girl and their alleged inevitable contiguity mrs brought to the old settler by an item in the last Issue of the Clarion. Blast of Freedom and he slam ipod his. Hand on his knee and Tux Ning to the Squire exclaimed Quot gosh mighty that Plains Sam pin the t Al Luz puzzled me. That splain.=5 it i Quot gosh one o my Arlist , an one the Tell stick to a Nie like a Burdock Ball to a cow s Tail Fez Long is i Liev the priv lege of wandering on this mundane up Ere is Kox Danny , one o of Shadrack shot Punk a gals o pebbly Hill Way Over on the Borders o sugar swamp de Estric. 3. Quot be member her squirt Quot Quot Morable gingery Fez to disposition won t she Quot said the s quire. Quot re ther Quot replied the old settler. Quot did t take much to raise her Dander in tier did it Quot said the Squire. Quot a skyrocket with a match etched to its Tail Send could t get up no easier nor no sudden ter Quot said the old settler. Quot the pc domineering outcropping o Hortop Klaot were red a n t it Quot asked the Squire. Quot Kedder n a quart o i Amberry Sass Quot replied the old settler. Quot to w an t never nut Hin seed or Heerd on in the sugar swamp Dees Vic the t were quite Fez Blazin Fez a Osianny shot Unk s head up to the time the t dust Poller went on a visit to wild Gander a Bilge an Kim Back a Savin the t dedication in sugar swamp were Way Tohaid the age Longside o a t it were on of wild Gander. Quot Why says dust Over thar Thuy had the r schoolhouse painted for bet ter n two year says he an red at that it made me shamed for sugar swamp says he w eur thud come to me Over thar and say they s posed the t we had preaching in the red school House at the swamp o course an me havin to say says dust the t yes we had preaching but not in no red school House an then says he to live pm say Quot by How s that Quot an me havin to own up an Tell pm the t our school House a n t painted. They could t in Erst an that save dust an said the t ave a n t Doin the Squar thing b the Risin Gin ration of sugar swamp an the t dedication was being guv the proper Hist in no Dees Trie whar the a n t no red school House. W y they Teller me Over thar says dust the t thu scholars in their school House a cipher in in Long d vision t Day the t two year ago. Fore the school House were painted red could t figure tip to tums two to save the r Pesky gizzards Quot them news o dust s Sot folks a sugars Wamp t thinking an the Hel a Meetin to do Sumpie far dedication. Dust Pelter were in the Cher an Adi Nijer stiff he Riz up an said the t the a n t nut Hin like Larnin an the t we n it Kim right Down to Gittis of it sugar swamp did t Ca c late to take no Back seat Fer wild Gander Eidge nor no other outlay in Kentry. Quot How Many Coats o red paint is the on the school House at wild Gander Imge or. Heorman ast Adi Nijer. Quot Only one says dust but it s a Durn thick in Quot then i move be says Adi Nijer the t we give our n two Coats an the t we make pm three p ints redder the n the wild Gander school House is says he. Quot the ayes had it an the schoolhouse were painted according but Arter it a were did the Miskiv by were made thoth Shine were All took Offen Roxy shot Punk s head Fer Bein the reddest thing the were in the de Estrica it made her madder n a trapped Wildcat Fer she were uncommon proud o Liat red head o Hern an hed bragged the t the a n t nut Hin in them parts the t k d hoi a Candle to it she got tetchy Arter that evry time the red schoolhouse were fetched up an i member one night in p Tillar w in s piety at the swamp got a Reg Lar of fashion Shakin up on account o Roxy s red head a the school House. Roxianne an artemese Bubba could t never hitch no How an was sure to Hev a spat evry time they Kim t Gerber. Jonas Dibble Prive an Apple Cut wince an Loxy an artemese was both to it. Things was Hummin along Fez smooth Fez a Jack plane on a White Pine Board when All on a Suddit proxy an artemese run agin another Over the beat way4o bile ankle butter an the arguments that hollered was hot enough to Cook a b a Steak. Bimby artemese throw d in w at she a Short were a clincher. Quot i Don t l a of to play no secon fiddle anyhow she says Tono Hemlock slab schoolhouse the t Thuy gone an painted Brick color Quot y Don thav ? says Roxy Raisin her nose so z the freckles on it a most dropped agin her forbid. O course y Don to says she. Of thud a wanted you to play Seton fiddle to it says she thud a painted it a dirty Yaller Quot the p int o that were be know Squire in t the were consid Able bilious Ness in the Tubbs fam by an the t artemese were completed Sumpie like a Saddle bag an in Avert so much p int to Roxy s Beetle argument Ali t it went Squar Quot hum b gosh an artemese Sot her claws inter that red head o boxy s an Quot fore they was got Loose the skim Midge got to be Giner a an Jonas s Apple Cut broke up Inez pleasing a Row Fez the de Estric Ever end yet a were that the boxy shot junk Eyou remember Squire Quot Quot so in s like Fez if they was Sim Lar Quot replied Llie Squire Quot an 1 guess they be. Viox Tauny were a Clipper. W in she put them Hgt unday go to Meetin Prinel shoes o dior n on an Slid inter that Blue Caliper with the Yaller dots in it Fez big Fez a two Shillin piece an Slung her foot to Eile Flicker s in Idle grinding out Dandy Jim s o Caroline or or zip Coon she Avert a picture to make a b a Tergit his appetite Fer sheep. Quot Quot yer tearing off truth now Squire a Yard at a tear Quot said the old settler Quot an that fetches me do Avn to the funny part o a at i started in to Tell be. Thava n t a w Ite Boss in the Hull of sugar Sav amp de Estric an nut Hin higher to it nuther the n cubby Jurdan s Cream coloured mule. Count o his color More n anything else they called that mule or Buttermilk. The funny part o him wore the Way he had o turning up Long Avith boxy shot Punk whatever she d happen to be a Gaddin to. It got to be a Sayin Roun the swamp the b gosh of boxy d drop Down on top o squawked Hill and that were a Hill a thousand foot Gigli an straight up an Down Fez the Side of a barn y d Only he to l no Aroun to see 01 Buttermilk trotting Arter her. The mule Avereen contrary Fez the Azmy an gingerly were Boun to go list the of site d rec Tiou f m the Avay be wonted him to go an so got to hiring boxy to go Sharea or they a anted the mule to drive to an he d git thar most Fez soon Fez she did. It Avert an amazing wonder How of Buttermilk usety Foller that red head o boxy s Roun Vliem Clear n s. Quot Wall one night Long in the Spring boxy went to a shindig at Caleb Teeter s. Young Bon Teeter made up his mind the t that red head o boxy s be a Comfort n piece o pro2 erty to Jine outer the Teeter Clear Inan tuck to cot tonin Good an Strong to her that night Fez a sort o starter. Benwa n t a bad Lookin Chap an w in Long to Morin the shindig broke up an Ben ast her if he most see her hum boxy said ii most. The shot Punk Clearinda Ere two Miled f m Teeter s by the Tan by bark Road. Ben tol boxy the t he d hitch the bridle steer to the stun drag an yank her hum in style that Bein the Only establishment Fez the Teeter Clear in k d turn out in them Days. But holy said she d jest Fez Leaf walk an a Beetle Ruther Fez to that Fez the bundle steer could t be handled u by by Ben a Ridin of it an boxy did t Quot Keer to be gala anted hum a Sittin All alone on a stun drag an her Feller a straddle o the steer the t Avert dragging of it. So Ben and her started for boxy s House afoot. It were Darker n the smoke often a Burnin tar Barl an the footing Avert a Beetle on Sartin Oriu to the ruts an the stun an the stumps Fez made up the Leadin p its o that Road. Young Ben had dreamed consid Able dippers o hard cider durin the Perce Edin s o the Everina Avert feeling tol Able cute. Boxy Ava n t Inez pleasing a humor Fez sire most a b a count of the Toavs the t she d Heerd that Iii it a Ich were the t artemese Tubbs and b sub snively avas Pointer be hitched cod in fourth o july boxy havin had a Kinder in Akin notion for Llou o Herolf. So Young Ben s jokes did t seem to hit boxy right an the More she Short o babe and artemese the More her Dander Kep a Gittin up. Her an Yonn Ben had t Gorie More n half a Miled Aven Ben Short o sump n the t struck him Fez Bein bout Fez Banc up an funny a thing of anybody k d think up an he says Quot Darker n a Dungeon Box he . Quot Hain t never Ben in no Dungeon Quot it s dark though Hain t it says Bon. Quot so d Sesso says boxy. Quot i Tell y wat d Knock it says Ben. Quot wat says boxy. Quot take off yer Bun Nat says Ben an let yer head Shine on it says he Lar Fin like he most bust. But Young Ben quit a Lara a in Short meter Fer boxy fetch him one Long Side the Earth t tipped him Over in the Brush Fez Slick an Propper Fez anybody k d a did it an w in he picked himself up boxy had pulled on alone an Ben sneaked Back to the Teeter Clear in a Cussin to himself an Asayian Begosh the t the Clear in were Lively enough Fez it Avert thru aggregation of it by Plantin enter it Sitch a Kyan Pepper Plant Fez Roxianne shot Punk were. Quot boxy Ava n t afeard of nut Hin an did t no More mind Hoof in it on hum alone the n one did o b Ilin soap but she were so cons arned mad the t the Fust thing she know d she were floundering and stumbling along in the avoids. That did t Skeer her author Fer she Short the t she hed her Bear Inan d save a mild or so s a Alk by Cuttin through the Woods anyhow. Quot she Kep a stumbling an a floundering along quite a spell Afore she give up the t she were lost an then site list and it led do Avn right avar she were an awaited Fer the Fust of a Lam o Daylight. She did t he to wait Long a n Fez soon Fez it Kim it did t take her More n ten seconds to see How she stood an she he add straight Fer hum. She a n t fur f m the bark Road an she were Pullin Fer it Aven she head d a sort o whining an crying an e oin up to a holler log avar the Whizin Kim f m she found two Bear cubs not More n three Days old. Boxy list reached in an yanked them Young Beai s outer that log done pm up in her Shaaol Slung Etc Over her shoulder an dug Fer Trio Road. She had t More n got thar w in she heard a big rumpus Hind her in the Brush an looking Back she see the Mother o them Tavo baby b a tearing Arter her sloshing along like a steam Ingine an her Mouth a Ide open an she a snorting an a Howlin for boxy s meat Noav some gals b gosh d a dropped them air cubs quicker n of thud h i Ben red hot Iron an webby d a Laid right Down thar theirs Elvei an let the of b a Chew pm. Outbox Danny shot Punk a n t a stuck to Geilier Arter that pattern an she Hung onto them b ars zif thud Haben her own Young uus an Cal dilated to keep pm too if them heels of Hern could keep Sheail t at of she b a till she struck the so burbs of shot Punk Clear in. She Tore do Avn that of bark Road like a Bush fire an the b a saving along Arter her bout the same Fez if it were a Thunder Cloud Avith a Gale o wind a shoving of it the b a gained on Roxy at evry jump hut the Gal Hel on to the cubs an put in her Best lick b gosh Fer tiie Clear in. It got so the a n t no More n fifty foot twixt her an the b a an boxy began to think o turning Roun an Liviu the b a a Ras Sel Fer thava n t no doubt that the b a d Hev her clutches on her in Lesa n two minutes when she Heerd another rumpus off in the avoids an the nex thing she know d out sprung of Buttermilk the Cream coloured mule quicker n be k d say Peggy who a a thar he Sot himself betwixt boxy an the b a and the b a not Bein Spet ing a spook like 01 Buttermilk to Jine in the procession Kim to a hold up so sudden that she most Throat d herself on her beam ends. It did t take her Lont though to size up Buttermilk an alien she a e a snort and steered herself i Lumb Fer the mule. Boxy had slaved up an stopped too an made up her mind that she a n t a oin to see or Buttermilk Cha aved up if she had to pitch in an take a hand herself. But the mule Noav d a at he ayere there Fer. An Fez 01 mrs. B a swung to him Avith her Javas All ready to bite out a few mule steaks of Buttermilk shifted himself bout three p its to the nor West so s his heels was the highest part o his make up to the b a. The b Arwa n t quainter Avith them air heels o his n or she d a paused fore she got to pm. But she did to an the first thing boxy Noaa d of Buttermilk s hinders Riz up like a blast in a Rock an his heels shot out to Hind an etched the b a in the forbid. The b a landed forty foot Back in the avoids an never give a wiper. Boxy list loader the carcass onto of bitter milk an the percussion proceeded to the Clear in. Quot i in ratan it Noav. Squire. If Boxi Anny shot Punk s head a in t Haben red or if cubby Jordan s mule had t Ben Shadin onto Al Rita boxy d Haben break fas Fer b , b gosh an the Avo Len t be Fez much history o sugar swamp to be told eth is Lucknow and Caw pore. On a train Cro added with pilgrims All Avith Marks upon their foreheads proving that they had satisfied the Jiri ests of holy Benares ave traversed a country in no Avay different from that ave had see Tavo or three Days before and after a run of one Midred and ninety Odd Miles reached Lucknow famous in song and the history of the fights of 1857. It was the capital of nude or properly Quot oudh Quot and Avith its 250,000 people does a Large amount of Indian production carpet and brass Kavork Gold lace and embroidery and tinsel it was the Glor of its Kings until after the Mutiny it was Savett into the absolute ownership of the sea Girt kingdom of the West. Its people Avert poor and oppressed but its Kings supported a luxury and jewelled magnificence unsurpassed in India since the Mogul sultans built mausoleums at a Cost of countless millions in Honor of their dead Queens. The remains of magnificent palaces and splendid tombs attest its former grandeur. We gave a Day to Cav pore thirty Miles farther on. This is a City of 140,-000 souls has a Large native leather Industry and some Fine Rice Mills and a jute manufactory a hich avas very interesting. We drove Over the vast military Cantonment admired its comfortable officers bungalows and its Long line of Large Tavo Story Barracks arranged in Echelon on one Side of the great Parade ground. Here the fury of the Mutiny was unrelenting and the Tiger like heart of Nana Sahib had an Opportunity to exhibit its ferocious Quality. I stood by the Monument which covers the great Avell into which he hurled 700 men women and children Uno fending non combatants butchered in cold blood and Many thrown in awhile yet alive some of the children As yet unhurt. I then ceased to avoider at the bitter feeling so Many English Here have for the . The memory of the but Cheries of 57 is yet fresh in their hearts. A colossal winged Angel in injure Avite stands Over the spot and in Marble Beauty looks Down with touching pity which every one must feel who recalls the horrible massacre. A Carter a Harrison s letter from India. In a Hospital at Rome hypnotic anaesthesia mesmerism avas successfully pm Joyed in a Case where an operation had to be performed which without some sort of anal Ochesia would have been very painful. Cringing English lackeys. Travellers from America Are always credited in London and else adhere in England with the Possession of enormous Avealt. The tales of our Vanderbilt actors Mack Tys and others of that ilk have converted All our people into millionaires in the estimation of those who Cater to their needs in England. Hence americans Are Guinea Cooks and hens. No Penny advantages for them. All remonstrance is unavailing. The Man who can pay and Avon t pay should be made to pay. And he is. He belongs Quot to the classes and he must conduct Quot As he is practically an aristocrat. It u the existence of the very atmosphere of England of this Subtle in Illance which As been Thrawn in with the breaths of trading and serving people Ever since Feudal Days a Vicli is so incomprehensible to americans and makes them think they Are being outrageously swindled on every hand. Americans cannot understand that the habit almost Universal Avith on people of wearing costly clothing or calling for luxuries unusual with Linro peans exec Jet those of assured Fortune such As files in bedrooms unlimited Gas and candles great variety of food at every meal the Best seats at the Heaters constant cabling instead of Ava King etc., causes them to be looked upon As Rich aristocrats whose a torts to reduce expenses and yet retain All the comforts must sternly to frowned Down As unworthy gentlemen or ladies. On the other hand if our people pay on the Guinea scale Avit Hout a murmur they Are treated Avith the Verible exaggerated deference Avrich the Low English yield to their social superiors. Unfortunately that is the one luxury so dear to the English Quot classes Quot themselves a which our people As a Rule care nothing about sometimes this servility is offensive to americans. I remember once Ava King with a countryman of ours Avo required Quot a his wife and i awaited for him awhile he wont into a Fasini Honable hair cutting establishment. Very soon he came out again still unshaven and Avith an indignant Loolu As Avell As an unkempt Beard on his face. Quot Why you re not shaved Quot ave exclaimed. Quot no Quot he returned Quot the Barber a As too much of a Lic spittle. I told him he avas too of serious. I could t stand the respectful habit of inter Landing remarks Avith Quot sir Quot and Quot Madam Quot at every other Avord so strongly insisted upon by the English classes Ashen addressed by the masses goes for very Little with americans. And another frequent practice that of not offering change Ashen the Coin is not a particularly Large one and passes from a Avell to do person to a poor one is often the subject of Surju ise a Ith americans so accustomed to the fair and Square upright and downright Grad Grundish business methods prevalent Avith everybody at Homo. Quot i think they Chai be a Good Deal for blacking boots in said a Young american boy of fifteen or so to me in gently who had gone to live Corner and patronized a red shirted Boot Lack of the metropolitan brigade. Quot the charge a a Panny 1 think Quot i Ansa Vered. Quot Well i gave him a shilling and he never gave me Back any it avas impossible for me to make my you7ig Friend understand that to the poor Boot Lack he with his Fine clothes new hat. Nice umbrella gloves etc., avas nothing More or less than a Quot gentleman Quot a perhaps a Quot lord Quot a Avaio had for a Freak doubtless prevented one of his Many valets from blacking his boots that morning and to aval ked to the Corner and in a sort of Sharonn a1 Raschid mood had actually put up his Noble Toots Cums and had his precious boots blacked by the poor to of the Street and then had tossed him a shilling As a Reavard. But i could not make the Young american see the matter Quot in these Quot of fudge Quot to exclaimed Quot that s very Well it achy did t he Giae me my change business is a Fitt Sruv Jyh Jodii Spalich. Was a new kind of Patent Medicine or a new sort of religion. To the Clergyman this ignorance of the Central richest about to be the most important of the states avas a simply Charles Dudley tfa7 Ier in with state Pride. One of the most striking facts in the West is state Pride attachment to the state the profound belief of every citizen that his state is the Best engendered perhaps at first by a permanent investment and the Spur of self interest it speedily becomes a passion As Strong in the newest stance As it is in any of the original thirteen. Rivalry Betavee cities is Sharp and civic Pride is excessive but both Are outdone by the larger Devotion to the common Avealt. And this i Ide is developed in the inhabitants of a territory As soon As it is organized. Montana has condensed the Ordinary achievements of a Century into Twenty years and loyalty to its present and the expectation of its future Are As Strong in its citizens As in the attachment of. Men of Massachusetts to the state of nearly three centum ies of growth. In Nebraska i was pleased with the talk of a Clergyman who had just returned from three months travel in Europe. He avas full of his novel experiences he Lead greatly enjoyed the trip but he was glad to get bade to Nebraska and its full vigorous life. In England and on the continent to had seen much to interest him but he could not help comparing Europe with Nebraska and As for him this was the substance of it give him Nebraska every time. What astonished him most and abounded his feeling. And there was a note of pathos in his statement of it was the general foreign ignorance abroad about Nebraska the utter failure in the european mind to take it in. I Felt guilty for to me it had been Little More than a geographical expression and i presume the continent did not know a Hether Nebraska if the Ocean were Only dry. Any one who has Given thoughtful attention to the subject must it seems to us have been impressed with the usefulness of the Ocean and our readers therefore will agree with us that the time has come when it should be filled in to the common Grade. There Are Many Good reasons Why this should be done. In the first place inasmuch As the submerged surface of the Globe occupies two thirds the entire superficial area the amount of land reclaimed Avo Ici be enormous and As the sentiment seems to be groaning that All taxes should to Laid upon real estate it follows that the More real estate there is to Lay taxes upon the greater the Revenue accruing from that source and by consequence municipalities which have now Groat difficulty in making both ends meet would no longer be obstructed in their appropriations for such internal improvements As wino dinners for City fathers and incidentally for the improvement and embellishment of the City though to be sure the larger the area of land the greater the number of Street Aviden Ings and Street openings for the accommodation of the several a varieties of pipes of the various corporate bodies for a Hose use and emolument cities Are called into being. But let that pass. If the sea were filled there would be no More seasickness which is a great Point and should not be lost sight of for a moment and there Avold be no More drownings save and except an occasional drowning of one s sorrow in the flowing bowl and then there Avold forever be an end to those interminable fishery fusses which have strained the otherwise favourable relations Between the United states and her majesty s maritime provinces in North America. Possibly the Amateur Fisherman might become a truth Teller. This Hoa Vever is almost too much to Hope for. It might be urged that the filling of the Ocean Avold ruin our Shore resorts but this is an objection which is of Little moment. It is quite possible that the reporters could find other places in which to say allow vinous and Cereal liquids and to take on their annual coating of Tan and it is probable that cooking quite As atrocious could be obtained Avit Hout the maritime propinquity which Noav renders the abnormal culinary interest so fashionable. But says some one there could to no shipping Avit Hout Avater for ships to sail in. A foolish objection truly Ashen it is remembered that the United Sta a has no shipping at the present Tim the filling in of the sea Aronld not a Tinct us let others look out for themselves. And so it happens that the officers of our Gallant Navy Are already thoroughly inured to land service so that it Avold be no hardship to them to continue to serve on Shore while on the other hand the grand navies of foreign nations a could be rendered us Lesii and there would be no further fear of our great seaports being la d under tribute by the seagoing Kings of the Earth and consequently no need of disfiguring our environment Avith hideous transcript. Brit Oghig up children rationally. It is As natural to a child to be Happy As it is to a fish to swim. But for this they need a certain amount of Quot letting it is a great mistake for parents to Hara or their children with foolish restrictions. To pitty the Little b a our next door neighbor s children a from the Bottom of on heart there is a ticket Fence in front of the ii ouse and they Are scarcely allowed to go Wiear it lest they should climb and Hurt themselves. They cannot climb a tree flt a the same reason. They May not skate or Sevim or haae a gun. The consequence of this training is that their Arents have made co awards of them All Avith the exception of Little Bessie who is the most daring Little mischief that Ever Avore a Sun Bonnet and she has Learned to be deceitful and plays All her mad a ranks Well out of sight of her parents eyes. We caught her the other Day walking the railing of a Bridge that crossed the track of a Railroad a Hundred feet Belyav. The railing avas not a foot Avide and she triumphantly told us that she had aval ked it awhile the train was passing under. It was enough to make one shudder. Don t fancy your boy is made of Glass. Grant a reasonable request and let him feel that when you refuse it is for his Oan Good. Between the Jelly Bys and the Grad grinds of life children have a hard time of it. The youngest child needs some sort of agreeable occupation and a certain amount of physical Freedom. There is nothing More painful to Young people than to feel that life is one Dull routine and that Quot nothing Ever happens Quot As we once heard a disconsolate lad remark. A woman. Not so much of a . Quot yes Quot said a business Man Quot Singleton has been wonderfully successful not particularly on account of Auy shrewdness but because he is such a close collector. He is undoubtedly the Best collector in this Quot i have heard so Quot some fellow remarked Quot and i used to believe it but i have found that lie is not such a successful collector after Quot hoax so Quot Quot Well you see i have owed him a Bill for quite a awhile and he never has succeeded in collecting so in traveler /

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