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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - March 17, 1892, Fort Wayne, Indiana Two worlds. I have a world i a All my own so each Sony hath its Dole and from the radiance of the son far above it to the Violet tiniest on in the Brood i love it. Not for me the joyous thrills born of breath of Daff vigils in the poet s world they p of they were Wordsworth s Long ago but Hepatica for to smiles and pure Anemone in the springtime whisper Low. While Goldenrod and asters Gay Brit it in autumn nod my Way. I love my world i love it not to me the nightingales Tell their musical love tales Keats Are they. Made his own by the poet s magic Art round them thrown. But the note of Robin Clear is Mayhap to me As dear. And the song Sparrow s refrain bids me Hope and Hope this world of mine i love it Quot the Lark to heaven s Gate snaring Quot i follow not with eyes adoring. Be is Shelley a shrine forever in a music ceasing never but for me the Bobolink fills june s sky with a Melody i drink with ecstasy. I love Ray world i love it a this my world i love and the poets world As True for with them All will i Rove in the places once they knew with the heart of a Lover i sing Over and Over their world is Ray world and i Jove it Toneri ii b. Cubbies in Boston old Tower. The westering Sun Selmeci to pause for one Golden on tie Edge of the sea and mrs. Berrydale Linvol Unitarily put up Hov plump hand dimpled in each one of its five joints to shield Lier eyes from the ribbon of Tiame which blazed along the Waves. Quot in t it a lordly sight Quot said she. Quot and Only to think that to Morrow we shall have to go Back to those dismal City streets and begin the daily grind of workday life. Us i Don t know How i shall Ever endure it after those delicious two weeks by the sea Liore Quot mrs. Berrydale was cashier in a huge Feather factory a charming widow who answered exactly to Byron s idea of Quot fat fair and her companion a tall slim girl with Rich Brown hair Large Hazel eyes and be Witchin Gly irregular , smiled. Quot we Quot said she with a slight accent of interrogation in Hor voice. Quot of i forgot 1&Quot cried mrs Lier Rydal. Quot but really Melanie Morton do you intend to give up All your prospects and Bury yourself live in this country place Quot Quot i be promised Charley Quot Rhu hotly responded Melanie. Quot but he s nothing on Earth but tie keeper of a Lighthouse pleaded mrs. Berrydale Quot and Only think of being shut u it in thai living Tomb half a mile out to sea Quot Quot i should t mind it at All so Long As Charley was Liere too. Demurely answered Melanie. Quot it will be awfully lonesome Quot Quot with one s Lisband Quot Quot and you be been used to such a Guy life in Madison s Stoie Quot Quot it has been too Gay Quot said Melanie. Quot and every one says old Madison would marry you in a minute if you d give him the least Melanie elevated her pretty Little nose. Quot i d As soon marry the wooden peruvian in front of a tobacco store Quot said she. Quot that reminds my Quot said mrs. Berrydale laughing. Quot look Here Mel Quot in the plump White hand she held out two or three cigars Brown scaled and fragrant and a Box of matches Quot a speaking of tobacco stores Quot said she "1 snatched these away from Captain Maryland this Quot what for Quot Quot because 1 think he s smoking too much. Because i be told him he must Stop and yet he still keeps on Quot declared the widow. Quot Are you Captain Maryland s keeper Quot laughingly demanded Melanie. Quot Well no not exactly but Quot Quot Helen Quot cried Melanie seizing both her companion s hands and looking her resolutely in the face Quot you Are blushing you Are absolutely by Ishing Quot Quot no i m not Quot cried mrs. Berrydale looking Pinker than Ever. It s the reflection of that red Sunset Over the water. Why should i Blush Quot Quot because you like Fred Maryland. You know you do. Helen Helen if Only you would marry Fred and then we need neither of us go Back to the City again we could be so Happy Helen Quot Quot Mel what nonsense you Are talking he never has asked me Quot Quot but he would if you d give him the slightest Chance. And he has such a pretty colonial cottage and he owns a fifth of the he Quot a sea Captain is too much in the habit of commanding Quot observed mrs. Berrydale solemnly. Quot he might want to command me of Mel look there we re not half a mile away from that ruinous old Tower on Pebble Point. Let s go and see what it s like. Come it s our last night Quot but Charley told me not to go near it Quot urged Melanie. Mrs. Berrydale tossed her Lian some blonde head. Quot that s the very reason i mean to go Quot said she. Quot and Charley need t Quot indeed Helen i d Raiher not Quot Quot just As you please Quot snid mrs. Berrydale rising from the Rock upon which 8ho had perched herself. Quot if you be got Tho conscience to desert me do so. But i m determined to see what s in the inside of that old and unwillingly enough Melanie followed Hei Friend across the glistening Sand fringed with ridges of still dropping seaweed and dotted Here and there with Odd Little convoluted shells. Quot it s nothing Worth visiting Quot reasoned she. "1 dare say it used to be an old Church and their s nothing left of it but the Quot fiddlesticks Quot said mrs. Berry Al Quot a Church indeed but you believe everything that Charley Torrance tells you. It s a real old revolutionary relic. Just see How the Walls Are and what dear Little Slit like windows of i nest get into the place perhaps it s a smug Gur s Quot Liat nonsense Helen Don t you see Tho door is closed and locked Quot Quot closed yes but i Don t believe it s locked. Any Jow i Mem to try. Melanie Hung Back. Quot Don to Helen Quot she argued. Quot it s guess it s Safe enough Quot said she As another peal sounded further off. Quot the storm s Gold oif East thank goodness Quot in half an hour the rain was Over and the Moon was shining brightly. Melanie who sat at the window gave a Little Start. Quot i think there comes Charley Torrance Quot said she Quot up the Garden walk Quot Quot and i m almost sure Quot whispered mrs. Berrydale Quot Captain Maryland is with Melanie ran out to meet her Lover. Jars Berrydale sat still in the parlor until Captain Maryland entered. Then she Rose and looked up into his face with pleading eyes. He held out the fragrant Brown cigars and Tho Little match Box which had so nearly precipitated them All into eternity. Quot Here they Are Molen Quot he said. Quot i give them Back to you. You did t know did you that you were standing in a powder Magazine when 1 took them from you so abrupt Quot Quot i did t know then Captain May land Quot said mrs. Berrydale in a Low voice. Quot i know it now. And it was your promptness and decision that saved say life a All of our Quot you will forgive me then Quot to pleaded. Quot of Captain Maryland Quot Quot and you will speak to me again Quot mrs. Berry Dale s head drowned. Quot you Are cruel Quot she whispered. Quot cruel 1? and to you of Helen of my Darling Quot when mrs. Berrydale went Back to growing dusk and the wind has it was to buy her wedding. I gown. The leather factory had to look out for a new cashier. She and Melanie she shivered slightly As spoke. Quot i m sure there s a storm blow j ing i but mrs. Berrydale was in one of her merriest most wilful moods. She i ,.i a a caught Melanie s hand and dragged her off smoking the other is never again to into the Shadow of the solid looking old transport any cargo so dangerous As i Gunpowder. Men never do keep the mad promises were to be lifelong neighbors after All. Quot and he has promised me two things Quot said Tho Bride elect. Quot one is to leave Dange Tower. Quot perhaps to meet your Fate Quot said she rolling her k s in True elocution Ary fashion. Quot it May be the ghost of Captain Kidd or it May to a smuggler or it May be Captain Fred she pushed the creaking door open and entered still dragging Melanie at her heels. Quot a liquor storage 1 think Quot said straining her syes into the Semi darkness. Quot a lot of Little barrels Laid on their sides now in do wonder what they Are a Quot with a sudden inspiration Quot was t it Lucky i stole Fred s matches away Quot she Drew the Box of matches from her pocket Avith a Quick motion which was habitual to her. In the same instant a a a a the dark doorway was again darkened Hoinast Perterson happened to see one of this time by a tall masculine figure. Hint uni s _ portable grinds in _ 1800, they make before marriage Quot said Melanie laughing. "1 intend to see to that Raj self Quot said mr3. Berrydale saturday inventor of the grand piano. It is noteworthy that John Isaac Hawkins an englishman the inventor of Ever pointed pencils and an Engineer by profession began the manufacture of upright pianos in Philadelphia in 1800. He took out a National Patent in that year for his instrument which to named a portable grand Quot and which created Jii Ite a furore in Liat City at the time. Quot Captain Maryland Quot mrs Berrydale stood transfixed with amazement the Box in one band the upraised match ready to strike against it in the other. Maryland snatched both from Hor and thrust them sleep into his pocket. Quot now go Quot said he in deep Stern accents. Mrs. Berrydale flushed to the very roots of her curly Gold Brown Bangs. Quot i wont Quot she cried. Quot you forgot. Captain Maryland that you Are not on your own Quarter deck and anyhow Quot with a Toni of deviant mischief in her voice Quot i be get one match left in the Bottom of my pocket she was fumbling for it when the tall sea Captain suddenly caught her up in his arms As if she had been an Wax doll and striding through the narrow doorway carried her some dozen Yards or so across tie glistening Beach before he put her Down. Quot How Diirck you Quot cried the widow involuntary la putting up her Viand to straighten out her rumpled . Quot i never never will forgive you Quot but Helen Quot Quot Xor will 1 Ever speak to you again Quot Quot mrs. Berrydale Quot but before to could get the words out the pretty widow had once More seized Melanie s wrist and the two were vanishing into Tho Gray folds of the twi Light. Neither reached the , App while visiting Philadelphia which he Speaks of in the following letter to his daughter Quot Quot a very ingenious modest i and poor Young Man in to Hil Adeli Hia has invented one of the prettiest Imi Rove ments in the piano Forte to at i have Ever i set a and it has Tempe me to engage one i for Monticello. His strings Are perpendicular and to contrives within that height to give his strings the same length As in a grand piano Forte and fixes the three unions to the same screw. It scarcely gets out of tune at All and then for the most part the three unions Are tuned at Orleans Picayune. How they do in Florence a harrowing tale comes across the sea Anent a Young american girl who was studying music in Florence. She had few friends in the City and lived by herself. She became ill and apparently from a desire not it to worry any one else she struggled against her increasing weakness and let no one know of her condition. She had been helpless and in considerable need of careful nursing for some Days when one evening after night had fallen four Black Robed figures with hidden faces and Only holes Cut through the sombre cloth for their eyes appeared in her room. Almost fainting from Ter f.,ror she made a frantic Appeal for mercy of them spoke until they had u i i i u 3 1 1 1 but it Only met with a Low murmured to quit Tapple tree shaded Jan which led to the farmhouse where they had been boarding for a few weeks. A Hen As they paused to regain breath Melanie looked at her comi it Airion in Surprise. Quot Helen Quot she exclaimed Quot you arc spouse which did not reassure her. Finally the Stretcher which they brought was placed at her bedside she was slipped on to it a cloth was thrown Over her and she Felt herself borne through the streets. But not to a terrible Dungeon As her fevered imagination supposed. When Quot she regained c Sci Rusness it was to find herself in a Ward where she received devoted care and attention. Later on she Learned that her Case had come under the notice of the famous order of the Misericord and its efficient though crying Quot "1�?can t help it Quot sobbed mrs Rydal. Quot he looked at me so he spoke so sternly Quot Helen you love him Quot Quot to i Don to Quot cried 3irs. Berrydale stamping her foot. "1 hate him Quot and then she sat Down among the i ,. A 3. 1 .1- 1 a 1 i 1 mysteriously alarm Uig ministration As raises and sweetie in and cried harder i Quot than Evor until the first sprinkling of a a coming Shower compelled her to accompany Melanie into Tho House. Quot i be got the match in my i pocket a a a a a a a a a my 1-1 1 1 1 i service without ostentation maybe Ren Sti Quot she said when Sho was Bil thiner her inv it i a _ i a be All ranks and conditions of florentine society hold membership in this order and the shrouding Robes Are worn so that Quot in i Don t care now Maryland smokes or eyes before Tea. Whether Captain just As they sat Down to the table a Flash of Blue lightning out blazed the Humble kerosene lamp Upolu the table a crash of Thunder Shook the Walls. Mrs. Berrydale gave a Little shriek. She was nervous in Thunder storms. Quot i Dew Hope Tho powder Magazine won t to struck Quot said the Farmer s wife coming in with a plate of hot waffles. Quot Cap n Maryland he s jest had it filled full his last v Page an the company Ai t Goin to Send for it till next Quot the what Quot said mrs. Berrydale. Quot the powder Magazine Quot explained the Farmers wife. Quot Don t be know a that a old stun building out on Pebble Bench. Tain t possible be Ain t noticed it Quot mrs. Berrydale and Melanie Morton looked at each other. Both had grown very Pale but the Good Farmer s wife observed nothing. Dered. Years. It has existed for hundreds of new York world. The biggest hog. A report from Calhoun states that the largest hog Over known or heard of in that Section of Alabama was killed on Friday by b. K. Smith of that place. After being thoroughly dressed the weight reached nine Hundred pounds age Between four and five years. At the ago of three years when the hog was in much better condition than when killed the Gross weight was a fraction Over two Hundred pounds. Or. Smith attributes the unusual growth and size to regularity in feeding. He gave his personal attention to this duty and the noted pig received his rations from eight to fifteen times a Columbus a enquirer Sun. The liar despises those who believe him Flond hates those who do Senate and House. Work of our National lawmakers. Proceedings of tie Senate and Hoase of representatives a important measures discussed and acted upon Gist or Tho business. _ the National Solus. In the h Duso the 9th, the Tariff debate began and will Continuo for some time. In the Senate or. Halo from the naval committee reported Back his Bill to further increase the naval department with an amendment appropriate Lii $590,000 for experiments in the Deve coment of torpedoes and in the procurement of torpedoes. Placed on the Calendar. Or. Squire moved to reconsider the vote by which the Striate passed the Bill in relation to the collection District of i get sound. The motion was entered. Or. Morgan introduced a 1 111 in the Senate Declaris that All Laws and parts of Laws Are inoperative which exempt from the payment of duties All articles of Commerce which Are not on the free list Ente Iod in the custom houses of the United states for transportation through the United states to or from any British possess Iii. Among the Bills or produced and referred was one with the Roll owing curious title presented by or. Cullom by request Quot to test and try the science of spelling and to provide for establishing 100 schools for that purpose and to establish a spelling school in the world s columbian exposition. To be held in Chicago in 189cl.&Quot the pure food Bill was then taken up. And after the adoption of several slight amendments it was passed without division. After an executive session of nearly three hours the Senate adjourned. On the 10th. The tin get of the House was entirely occupied by the Tariff discussion. In the Senate several Bills were reported from committees and placed on the Calendar. The agricultural meat inspection deficiency Bill was taken up and passed. The following Bills were passed to Survey and Mark the Boundary Between the sates of Nebraska and South Dakota on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian reservations. Making Laredo Texas a sub Post of entry. The Quot unfinished Bulnes Quot was taken up being the Senate Bill to provide for the erection of Public buildings for Posto forces in towns and cities where the Post office receipts for three years preceding have exceeded $y,000 an nil ally. No action was taken on the Bill and after a Brief executive session the Senate adjourned. In the House on the 11th. Or. O Neill of Pennsylvania presi Neil for reference a petition of citizens of tic second congressional District of Pennsylvania urging Congress to Pas i a Law to prevent Tho Landing of criminal and pauper immigrants to revise Tho naturalization Laws and submit a constitutional amendment providing that no state shall Grant the Rig lit of eur triage to any person not a citizen of the United states. The balance of the sission was Devoti a to Tariff talk. Anu no the Bills introduced and referred to tics of the Senate was one by or. Stewart proposing a constitutional amendment that after 1897 no person who has held the office of president shall be Eligi bib to that office within four years after the expiration of his term of office. The urgent deficiency Bill was then taken up and and Tho Senate adjourned till the 14th. On the 14th, among the papers presented in the Senate and referred was a protest by the Baltimore conference of the methodist episcopal Church against the enactment of fur intr oppressive legislation against the chinese people As tending to Crl Diplo missionary work in China through retaliatory measures. The Senate joint Resolution authorizing the librarian of Congress to exhibit at the world s columbian exposition such books papers documents and other articles from the Library of Congress As May relate to Christopher Columbus and the discovery and Early history of America was reported by or. Pettigrew from the committee on Tequ Idri Centennial and was passed. Senate Bill to authorize Tho construction of a combined Railroad Wagon and foot passenger Bridge across the Missouri River at Yankton s. D., was taken from the Calendar and passed. Tho Senate resumed Tho consideration of the Post office building Bill. It finally passed a yeas 24 nays �21. The Spe i Ker Laid before Tho House a Messagie from the president transmitting a communication from the Secretary of the Interior submitting the agreement concluded Between the commissioners of the in Ted states and the Cherokee nation for the cession of tie Cherokee outlet and stated that it would be referred to the committee on Indian affairs. A Bill was passed to establish a port of delivery at Council Bluffs Iowa. Facts and fancies. There Are so Many reformers who never want to do any work at Home. Cotton soaped in Olive Oil and turpentine and put in the ear often stops earache of the most painful kind. An old Clipper ship has just made the fastest time on record Between Japan and this country being out but Twenty two Days. The Bank of Scotland issued one Pound notes As Early As 1704, and their Issue has since been continued without interruption. Only citizens who Are Able to read and write have the Power to vote in Bolivia Aud several other South american republics. In England an american dip Loina of Medicine does not entitle its possessor to Call himself m. It he does to May be prosecuted. A rub establishment in Chicago has just completed for a feminine resident an Ulster in which Are 125 Mink skins and 350 tails. The remains of ancient hot air Baths and sweat houses still exist on the Island of Kathin on the Northeast coast of county Antrim Ireland. A distinguished Egypt Logist has recently unearthed with a lot of his mummies a will probably made 4,450 years ago but curiously quite modern in form. In Eastern new Mexico nearly 600,000 acres of fruit and farm lands have been reclaimed by the construction of storage reservoirs and mitigating canal s during the past two years. Don t expect a Man to do anything for you on account of anything you have already done for him but if you intend doing More for him Tell him and get what you want in Advance. The father of eleven sons has applied for a salaried position in a base Ball club. He says he never played a game in his life but he has had Twenty years experience in making base hits. 8f>� i it Ost Ber temper. The conductor of a Boston Street ear the other Day tried to explain to a lady that his car would t take her where sea wished to go but the More he explained the madder she grew. Quot you see a am this is a Cross town remarked the conductor in the tone of a Man who feels that to is acknowledging himself to be a deep dyed criminal Quot Cross town fudge Quot scornfully retorted the lady in True Boston hauteur Quot Cross conductor More Likely Quot and she got out threatening to report Bim to the company. Or. S. G. Derry of Providence e. I., widely known As proprietor of Derry s Waterproof harness Oil tells of his terrible suffer nits from eczema and is wonderful cure by Hood s Sarsaparilla. Go Allemen fifteen years ago i had an Attali of rheumatism which was followed Basalt Rheum breaking out on my right leg. The inn or spread a oter my legs Back and arms a foul mass of sort Vollea and itching terrible causing intense pain it the skin was broken by scratching and discharging constantly. It is impossible to describe my thirteen years of agony and Toi Ture. I spent thousands of dollars la futile efforts to get Well and was discouraged and ready to die. At this time i was unable to lie do to in bed had to sit up All Tho time and was nimble to walk w thou crutches. I had to hold my arms away from my body and had to have my anus Back and legs bandaged by my faithful wife twice a Day. Finally a Friend urged me to take Hood s 8ar-Saparilla. I began by taking half a teaspoonful. My stomach was All out of order but the Medicine soon corrected this and in Gix weeks i could see a change in the condition of the humor which nearly covered my body. It was driven to the surface by the Sarsaparilla the sores soon healed and the Scales fell off. I was soon Able to give a bandages and cent eyes and a Happy Man i was. I had been taking Hood s Sarsaparilla for seven months and since that time 2 years i have worn no bandages whatever and my legs my anus Are sound and Well the Delight of myself and wife at my recovery it is impossible to Tell. To All my business friends in Boston and Oyer the country i recommend Hood s Sarsaparilla from personal s. G. Debet 45 Bradford Street Providence r. I. If you Are billions take Hood s , there is ease for those far gone in consumption not recovery ease. There is cure for those not far gone. There is prevention better than cure for those who Are threatened. Let us Send you a Book on careful living and Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil even if you Are Only a Little thin. Free. Scott amp Bowne chemists 133 South 5th Atena new York. Your druggist keeps Scott s emulsion of cod Livet of a Ali druggists everywhere do. I to please it i the next morning i feel Bright and new and my complexion is better. Jim doctor says it acts pc try on the stomach i it Andt kidneys and is a pleasant laxative. This drink is made from herbs and is prepared for use As easily a a Tea it is called Lake s Medicine a druggists sell it at soc. And $1.00 per package. Buy one to Day. Lane s family Medicine move the bowels each Day. In order to be healthy tel 1 Friend Quot my child birth get by. Colvin la., dec. A 188e.--my wife used Kother s of bind before her third conf nement and says she would not a without it for hundreds of Domank Dock a tells. express on receipt of Price i so per Bou tie. Book Quot to mothers Quot mailed free. Bradfield req Latch of form a , oms. habit cured la Imp Liam a Phr i to Bho set it Quot s t it a

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