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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - June 27, 1889, Fort Wayne, Indiana The cry of the dreamed a. By John Boyle c really. I am tired of planning and toiling in the crowded hives of men heart Wendy of building and spoiling and spoiling and building again. And i Long for the dear old River where 1 dreamed my youth away for a dreamer lives forever and a toilet Dies in a Dai. I am sick of the Shovary seeming of a life that is half a he of the faces lined with scheming in the throng that hurries by. From the sleepless thoughts Endeavor i would go where the children play for a dreamer lives forever and a toilet Dies in a Day. I feel no Pride but pity for the burdens the Rich endure there is nothing Sweet in the City but the patient lives of the poor. Of the Little hands so skilful and the child mind choked with Weeda the daughter s heart grows wilful and the father s heart that bleeds. No no from the Street s rude Bustle from trophies of Mart and stage i would Fly to the Wood s Low Rustle and the Meadow s kindly Page. Let me dream As of old by the River. And be loved for the dream alway for a i Eamer lives forever a and a toilet Dies in a Day. A Nebraska state Beard. Kyc aka Aie Kwin. Quot and How do you like Lenora s betrothed husband quot asked mrs. Jones in a whisper of aunt Crump. Quot of dear quot replied aunt Crump quot i Don t like him at All he put me in mind of Blue quot dear me quot cried mrs. Jones with a Start quot what strange things you do say Lucretia. Blue Beard quot quot yes i give you my word that As soon As i saw him i thought of that dreadful person that poor Fatima married quot said aunt Lucretia Crump. Quot his Beard is just the tint i never thought Blue Beard s Beard was Light but a kind of dark invisible Blue you know and the Dye or. Turk uses has really a Blue Shine. You need t pretend you Don t know lie dyes quot i Haven t jul extended quot said mrs. A Jones quot i Haven t said a word about it Lucretia and if a gentleman of 40 should und a few Gray hairs in his hair Why should t he color pm is it any worse than friezes quot quot perhaps not quot said miss Crumit quot but it s the likeness to Blue Beard we were s making of. There s an air of mystery about the Many a dreadful air of mystery in my opinion and of course he s a quot Well Yee is quot reluctantly assented mrs. Jones. Quot one or two quot asked miss Crump. Quot i really Don t understand you quot said mrs. Jones with asperity. Quot i mean How often has he been married before quot asked the aunt. Quot Well twice but the unions were very Brief quot said mrs. Jones. Quot no doubt quot said miss Crump quot no doubt. Did you ask him what they died of quot quot of course not quot said mrs. Jones. Quot i should if i d been Lenora s a quot Aid miss Crump. Quot but people Are so glad to marry their girls Olf that they Don t care to whom they give them. No sister since you ask i Don t like Blue beards i mean or. Turk. It s All the same. Quot i do quot said mrs. Jones quot a most gentlemanly person and i must say i think you Are absurdly prejudiced in this Case quot we shall see quot said miss Crump. Quot time will prove but i d like to know How those first poor dears died before i gave my daughter to him if i had one Imogene. However Lenora is not mine but yours. Send her to make the third of Blue Beard s victims if you quot How very ridiculous quot said mrs. Jones but she Felt a Little uncomfortable. She had a great Deal of respect for Lucretia s Powers of penetration and or. Turk had come from some Distant place and very recently and he wore the wedding rings of two deceased wives on his Little Finger though he certainly was not much past 40. However he had taken an excellent position As a medical Man. He had Fine rooms in the College building. He must have Means. He told her that he was not dependent on his profession for Money. Had he not of ered Lenora every elegant attention ? did he not Hope that she would reside with them after their Union and should she let Lucretia s words influence her no of course not. Still mis. Jones could not feel quite comfortable and when or. Turk called that evening she Felt guilty As she remembered the doubts that had been troubling her All that afternoon and All that miss Crump had said. Quot there is to be a very interesting lecture at the College to Morrow afternoon quot said or. Turk As he arose to take his departure. Quot May i Hope to see you All there if you will walk Over about 2 o clock i shall be Able to find you excellent seats. I cannot leave at that hour or i would do myself the pleasure of coming for quot we can come by ourselves very Well indeed quot said mrs Jones. Quot sister Lucretia will be delighted i know. She likes lectures. And so it was settled before Lenora slipped out of the room for those few Good Bye moments that Are so dear to lovers. Quot is he not polite Lucretia quot she whispered. Quot i believe Blue Beard was very attentive to his Mother in Law before the marriage quot said miss Crump but she went to the lecture next Day notwithstanding. The ladies were very Early and or. Turk having greeted them escorted them to his own parlor a pretty room full of Book cases Ami cabinets. Quot perhaps you can Juass half an hour pleasantly Here quot he said quot i must to Greg to be excused for that length of time these cases contain some minerals and curiosities rather Worth looking at and there Are some books that Are of value and interest i will give you my keys. He took from his pocket a i ing and began to detach from it one particular key a Large brass one. Then quot i shall lose it if i take it off quot he said. Quot ladies open everything you care to look at except this door quot a he pointed to one set in a Little recess quot this brass key opens that and it is Best for you that it should remain closed. Otherwise do As you he bowed and departed leaving the keys in Lenora s hands while mrs. Jones stared at aunt Lucretia who with uplifted hands whispered quot Blue quot what does aunt mean Mamma quot said Lenora. Quot of you know your aunt quot said mrs. Jones. Quot she pretends to think dear or. Turk exactly like Blue quot in t he quot asked Lucretia in a dreadful whisper quot and now a locked door that we must not open. Of my love my love let me warn you. There s an awful mystery in or. Turk s life. How did his first wives die ? How do you know what May be in that closet which he forbids you to open quot quot gracious aunt have you gone mad at last quot said Lenora quot yes certainly quot said mrs. Jones quot and to prove it i la unlock the closet. I la show you that there is no mystery whatever in quot you May find his two first wives a Pickle quot said miss Crump. Quot of Mamma quot cried Lenora quot the idea open a closet we were expressly requested not to open ? not for worlds and aunt i wonder you Are not ashamed to speak so of poor or. Turk s afflictions. Widowhood is a calamity. The Best of people lose their quot i always feel suspicious of widowers anyhow quot said aunt clump. Quot and this door which you must t open quot which i will said mrs. Jones. Quot you Sha n to quot cried Lenora. How dare you say slip n t to me quot said mrs. Jones. Quot is that respectful quot quot respectful or not Mamma quot cried Lenora quot i can t let you do such a thing. Y full feel sorry to Morrow if you quot open the door if you want proof that there s a mystery at the Bottom of All this quot cried aunt Lucretia. Mrs. Jones brushed past her daughter and put the Brasa key into the key Hole of the forbidden door. Lenora burst into tears. Miss Lucretia Crump peeped Over her sister s shoulder and the door opened. As it did so mrs. Jones uttered a loud shriek and aunt Crump echoed it. Before them swung two skeletons White and shining objects calculated at any time to alarm a nervous female but at this juncture actually horrifying to both old ladies. Quot just As i said. Blue Beard s counterpart. Those Are his two wives i quot cried miss Crump. Quot let us go Home quot said mrs. Jones. Quot Lenora come away. From what a Fate have i saved quot i wonder which is his first one quot said miss Crump. The longest i suppose. I wonder How he killed then she gave a shriek and slammed the door to for another door had opened to admit or. Turk. For a moment he stood quietly gazing at the excited two then offered mrs. Jones his Arm. Quot it is time to secure our seats quot he said. Quot come but mrs. Jones Drew Back. Quot we beg to be excused quot she said. Quot excused quot cried or. Turk quot i Don t understand. What has happened quot quot we be opened the forbidden closet quot said aunt Crump. Quot i tried to keep them from doing it sobbed Lenora. Quot and we be seen your two wives. Blue Beard quot cried miss Crump. Quot yes we know Why you forbid us to open it and we shall take care that our poor girl is not your third victim. I for one was never deceived in you. I detected your resemblance to Blue Beard at quot Madam quot said or. Turk very quietly quot i never met or. Blue Beard so i cannot Tell whether i resemble him or not but i can prove to you that these Are not my deceased he rang the Bell. A coloured servant entered. Quot Adam quot he said quot open the closet where the skeletons Are will you these ladies feel interested in quot yes sir. But excuse me they mostly frighten ladies quot said Adam unlocking the door quot these ladies will not be frightened quot said the doctor. Quot How Long have those two skeletons been in the College Adam quot quot fifteen or Twenty years this one t other about ten quot said Adam quot and what skeletons Are they quot asked the doctor. Quot this Here one sir quot said Adam quot waa the Skeleton of the largest Baboon Ever discovered. This one a Gorilla quot thank you you can go quot said the doctor. Then turning to miss Crump who sat Bolt upright on her chair with a face the color of an Oleander he asked calmly quot do you still believe that these Are my wives Madam quot none of that party attended the lecture that Day mrs. Jones had cried her eyes too red and aunt Lucretia waa in too great a Sage. As for Lenora she refused to be comforted for a Long while but the doctor must have succeeded at last for they Are married but though they quite forgave aunt Lucretia Crump and invited her to the wedding she did not forgive them sufficiently to attend happenings. Events and incidents that have lately occurred. An interesting summary of the More Itti pm rant doings of our neighbors Well Dan Gas and deaths crime Chi Salties and general news notes people who Are fond of eggs take More interest in the Hen s than in the poet a Lay. Killed by his wife. One of the most revolting crimes Ever committed in Daviess county has just been brought to Light by the confession of the murderess. On the 12th Day of november last Richard o. Allen an aged Farmer living five Miles Southeast of Washington was found tied to a tree near his Home with his Throat Cut from ear to ear. The general supposition was that he had taken his own life. He was buried and the matter Little thought of until a few Days ago when the mystery was revealed by a confession made by the Man s wife Charlotte Allen to two coloured servants. From the confession of the murderess she and her husband had had trouble As to who rightfully should own their Little farm and in order to Settle the dispute she gave him morphine in his Tea on the fatal Day Aud drove him into the Garden where he fell in a deep sleep. She then i Roc red a Case knife and rope and went to where her drugged husband was lying on his face. She tied the rope around his body turned him Over and making several slashes at his Throat served the head half from the neck. She then dragged him to a tree Aud tied him there. After this was done she wrote in the Sand quot choose to die by my own the woman went to the House changed he clothes and then gave the alarm. Mrs. Allen s confession was made when Labouring under religious excitement. She is 70 years old. A famous Case settled. The celebrated starch works Case of James Cunningham against tie Evans Ville Aud Terre haute Railroad has been comp ionised. Teu years ago the Viu Cennes starch Woi is was burned. The j owner alleging that it took tire from a spark from the locomotive of a passing train on that Road a suit for $250,000 damages was entered and tried three times. At the second trial a verdict of $192,000 was rendered. The third trial resulted in a disagreement and All parties concerned got together and effected a Compromise. The amount of the Compromise is being kept secret but it is rumoured that the amount of the above verdict was very considerably lessened in fact shrunken much More than half. It is the ending of a famous Law suit that promised to hold on forever. _ a parasite that threatens Grain. Reports from All Points in Grant county show the appearance during the past week of a parasite that threatens the entire crop of wheat Oats and Rye. The pest is in the shape of a Bug. Smaller than the head of a pin. It is the same color As the wheat and is difficult to detect at first glance but about the base of the Grain on close inspection the head is found to be literally alive with these lice. It is thought that the wheat that is pretty a Ell advanced May escape serious injury but the backward portion of the crop is being destroyed and the utter wiping out of Oats and Rye is feared. In that part of the state where agriculture is largely devoted to raising wheat the appearance of this Bug has created great consternation among Farmers. Mir do a and suicide in Carbon. A most shocking murder and suicide wag committed at Carbon. Conrad Baumann a stave dealer at that place and a partner in a livery and Saloon firm at Terre haute deliberately shot his wife in the Back Yard of their residence just As she was putting her hands in a Basin to Wash herself. He then shot himself using a thirty two Caliper revolver. He expired instantly and she in a Short time. Lauraann was about forty years of age. His wife was but 18 years old. He married her two months ago and she was his third wife. Jealousy is supposed to have been the cause of the shooting. He had considerable property and Means. Before committing the double murder he destroyed his private papers. He leaves two children by his first fatal freshet near Huntington. An insignificant Stream known As Pony Creek across the Border of Huntington county and in Chester township Wabash county was raised to such an extent by a Cloud burst during a heavy storm that it flooded its Banks washing out Road culverts fences Ete. A Farmer named John Maple was driving to his Home near pleasant View Lagro township from Liberty Mills with Lis wife three children and servant girl. In crossing one of the culverts it gave Way and All with the vehicle were swept Down the Stream. Mrs. Maple and two of the children were drowned. Maple managed to save his Wii life and that of one of the children and the girl was also rescued. Minor state items. A a Sand mine near Valparaiso is said to yield the finest product in the West. A Elkhart Saloon keepers have formed an organization to protect their interests. Zionsville s town Council has increased the Saloon License to the full limit. A William Kernoodle of Crawfordsville has been fined �5 for catching one fish with a dip net. A William suavely an old and respected citizen of Veedersburg dropped dead there from heart disease. A four practical miners Are reported to be working a Silver mine on the farm of widow Baker near Spencer. A Thomas Seirp fell from a Plank near Bicknell and was drowned while trying to Cross a swollen Bayou. A Shelby county has added a hairless calf to its collection of curios already ornamented by a two legged Colt. A Charley Deibert aged 12 years the Only son of William Deibert of Peru was drowned while in swimming. A it is claimed that the Farmers Mutual Benefit association is doing great damage to the merchants of it. Vernon. A capt. James Harper an old Veteran and founder of the Tri state veterans association died at fort Wayne at the age of 47. A Patrick voucher a guest at the big four hotel of Lafayette fell out of a window a Day or two since and received fatal injuries. A Bartholomew county s Board of of equalization has raised the assessment of several corporations considerably above the assessor s figures. A the Board of this tees of Hartford City has raised the Saloon License from �100 to $150, and required the Saloon keepers to give additional City notice. A Bridget Mugg of Lafayette recently got a judgment of �9,000 against the l. E. Amp w. Railroad As damages for the killing of her husband in january 1888. A Princeton is excited Over natural Gas a Well there having been shot with dynamite and Gas Sec ired which Burns in a forty foot flame from a four Inch pipe. A Wayne county s commissioners will build a new court House at a Richmond to Cost $250,000, and the City Council there has increased liquor licence to $250. A Ozart Jennings a Little son of William Jennings living near Kokomo was drowned in Wildcat liver being the third child in the family to perish by Accident. A William Henderson a Farmer living near Handa while walking Home on the Pittsburgh fort Wayne and Chicago track was run Down and killed by a freight train. A the contract for a steel Hull twin propeller United states Revenue Cutter has been finally closed with the Sweeny Brothers of Jeffersonville at $85,000, without equipments. A Madison county White Caps Are warning officials not to enforce the Stock Law which prohibits Stock from running at Large on the highways. The Farmers club of the county will see that the Law is carried out. A a company of the state militia was organized at Vincennes with Captain George w. Mccoy first lieutenant Mason j. Niblack second lieutenant John Nordhaus and first sergeant James Harris. About fifty members were enrolled. A fort Wayne Brewers tendered to c. Higgins treasurer of the Johnstown Relief fund $561, proceeds of the Beer picnic on Sunda but the tender was declined on the ground or. Higgins did not feel at Liberty to accept Money raised by known violation of Law. A Lichard Martz of Vigo county paroled from the state prison South by gov. Hovey had an $80 Fine As a part of his sentence but Warden Patten held that he had nothing to do with the payment of the Fine and that it was a matter to be looked after by the authorities of Vigo county. A Danville is still wrought up Over hydrophobia apprehensions. Upwards of sixty dogs and about a dozen cats have been killed. Notwithstanding the use of mad stones is derided by physicians people bitten by dogs continue to apply them. Several dogs supposed to be Rabid Are still at Large. Or. P. Gray a prominent Farmer living near Connersville and a Cousin of Whitelaw Reid it is said has abandoned his farm in the belief that the world will end this summer. He will not till his Fields or suffer them to be tilled claiming it useless. He is a recent convert to the second adventists but the neighbors think him crazy. A Chas. M. Travis of Crawfordsville department commander g. A. R., has received an acknowledgement from the joint memorial committee at Chattanooga tenn., where flags and Flowers had been sent to place upon the Graves of 13,000 Union soldiers buried in the National cemetery. It shows that the posts in Indiana were by far the most Liberal. The Indianapolis posts sent 700 flags. A Box of Flowers was also received from president and mrs. Harrison. The following patents have been issued to Indian ans Charles g. Conn Elkhart musical wind instrument Isaac Conrad and a. W. Pounder Assignor of two thirds to e. S. Conrad and m. Pounder Elkhart Mason s float John h. Dull red key water Heater William Macnamar Assignor of one half to w. H. Hubbard Indianapolis Coin operated receptacle John h. Mallon Francis Ville thermostat ja8. M. Mccord Montgomery child s Carriage arson Mcquiston fort Wayne polishing machine Thomas b. Ross Assignor to Ross Sash lock company Evansville joker s budget. Washed a Shore the Ocean. An elevated Road the Milky Way. A bitter Pill to Swallow a quinine Pill. If it s a fair question what does Iti 30st to Board a train ? i one object of a Combine is com Shuyin. Then comes the Selling. The Coal dealer sometimes by mistake gives the cart Driver a weigh. Colts should avoid exposure. They might take cold and become a Little hoarse. Teachers quot what is an unknown q Quantity ? Coal dealer s Sony what you get when you buy a ton of quot what is the matter with that Man quot quot Thev Sav he suffers from quot what does he do quot quot he s a Elsie i am going to marry the apothecary. Aggie of How Nice. He u tongs for Vanilla Cream sodas now. A Charley Back from new York he ? How did you like the Centennial quot quot immense the biggest bar i Ever saw in my quot i told you my dear quot said the Cannibal s wife quot not to eat that countryman. He was too i Een and now you be got the Moribus write natural Iliff kens see Here Cable the rain is soaking through the roof. Does it always Leal Cable Eye no sur Only win it Rains the o Biggar met a Friend Well met Timothy. Will you Dine with me today the o b. Scratched his head to Day is it ? Bedad i can t answer Yoff hand but i la drop be a line to mor Row. Managing a boy. Husband a literary Man a i wish you would Stop watching Little Dick for a while. Wife Bui if i Don t watch him hell be in mischief. Quot yes that s what i mean. When he s in mischief he s quiet and i want to quot honesty is the Best policy quot said the old Farmer sententious by to the audience in the Village store. Quot not much quot said the brisk insurance agent on the Cracker barrel suddenly waking up. Quot my company has got a policy that beats that out of he of poetical cast to sweetheart a How Beautiful and soul inspiring is this Spring Day. The Trees Are putting Forth the buds preparatory to assuming their gorgeous summer raiment How Sweet the Flowers smell How confound them flies around my a Little girl on her visit to the country for the first time an Exchange relates had never seen a cow before and after watching the milking process with eyes full of astonishment Drew near and placing her hand on the cow s Side exclaimed quot Why she s chock full of it in t she quot quot have you any prayer books quot said a lady in a Wood Street Bookstore. Quot we have the quot of i Don t want be of them i i can t Tell you exactly what i do want. But you see i have been elected president of our missionary society and must Lead in prayer and i want a Book of prayer to learn Fred bringing in a pail of water a Mamma i sat the pail Down at the jump went into the barn and when i came out i found it full of water. Mamma perhaps John pumped it for you. No he is in town. Mamma Well i Don t know who could have done it. Fred demurely a of i pumped it myself before i went into the barn. Or. Bree less did you read the account of my heroic Rescue of a child from under tiie feet of a runaway team ? miss Edith no i think not. Or. Bree less of yes the paper had nearly a Quarter of a column about it headed quot heroism of a prominent Young miss Edith Why yes i saw the headlines but i never dreamed of it being you quot a Terri haute express. Seedy stranger i have Here q couple of articles which i think would interest your readers. Editor Well sir what Are their subjects seedy stranger they Are editorials. One i on quot the business situation quot and the other quot advice to Young men As to get Ting on in editor if you will leave them we will look them Over. Seedy stranger thank you but if you would Only Advance me 5 cents it would be a great favor. I should like to buy a neat but Gaudy Sandwich a me quot can you Teu me my dear quot then he snuggled up near to expedite verbalization quot Why this trim Little Waist where my Arm is now placed is like to a Post trader s station quot quot Ain t you awful quot she said Tho she Neer set her head to fathom his wit s shallow soundings but he to her Side drawing nearer replied quot it s because of its army a Yonkers narrow escape. Minister after Church to one of his congregation a Peter i am rejoiced to see you Here you seem to have reformed. Have you stolen any hens this a week Peter no sir. Minister nor any geese Peter certainly not sir. Minister then i m very Well Satis led with you. Peter after the pastor has gone a lord Ain t i glad he did t ask me about ducks a Ifasi. Small boy a can me and Sally have some cake ? parents Johnny you must remember to speak grammatically. Small boy All right. Can i have some cake ? a

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