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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - January 19, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana M o the editor a i thought Nebbe you would like to hear about our anti scan alous society land so i m a Goin to write you a Short count of our last meeting. We met about 2 o clock of a wednesday afternoon at sister Sawtell a. After we had Tuk Olf our bonnets an a at Down an talked about the weather a few minutes sister Deacon Buzbee she s the presiden Tess she rapped onto the table with her thimble an a ays Quot this Here meeting will now come to order quicker n seat. An the Fust thing on the program is for the sectarian to read the we All hustled round and come to order an sister Goodall read the minutes but they might better have been called hours from the time it Tuk her to read pm. But she got pm read at last and then Slater Deacon Buzbee flays Quot before we perched to any futher business j will Esplain the objects of this Here society seen there is some new members come in that Ain t never been Here before. We Hev got two objects Quot one of pm is to sew and an make up different articles of All sorts like fancy spurns lamp Mats pin Cushing and Sich to sell an the Money to be gave to help s port the preacher. The Money has to be got Riz somehow fur the preacher s wife has been Grum Blin right smart of late to the Deacon because they Don t get enough scullery to keep Mem in vittles and close. Quot most they do get is donations an the things donated is not according to their needs. Fur instants she says they could have got Amonjr a spell yet without a Chany shepherdess to set on the parlor mantel. An they wan t a Chilly suffer in fur a pair o bleached Domestic Piller Shams with lace Borders onto pm. But though she said a he could use the Piller Shams to make Little Tommy a Petticoat and the lace would do to go round Amelia Alice s sunday spurn. A a when folks did donate vittles she said a mess of dried Beans or potatoes would be More except Ible than eighteen Apple pies an a dish pan full of Flitters. She had t nothing to say agin the pies an the Flitters they was Good latin fur once n a while but fur a real Tiddy diet she did t think Tivey was so healthy As some other , a besides they was Apt to Colick the children. An so As i was a say Inone of the objects of this Meetin is to sew things an sell pm an raise some Money fur the preacher s family. It s got to be Riz somehow the Deacon states fur it Stan s to reason that a family of two grown uppers an nine children can t a live altogether on Chany Shepher Desses an Piller Shams an Flitters an Sich. Quot an the other object is to prevent the spreading of scandal. No buddy belonging to this society is All owed to Tell a can alous Story to the detergent of their neighbors or no buddy a ise. Quot if that their stuck up miss lawyer Greene Quot chooses to air her bed close on the front porch every Day of her life jest to show pm an let folks see How Many patchworks an tied comforts she s got Tain t none of our business. We Ain t got to Tell it. Quot an if or. Pottle s wife has cake onto. wears year bobs an Friz Aea her hair Over her furred an up tends to be fashionable then us Tain t none of our Eon Sarns. We Kin feel sorry fur her an be glad we Hev got better sons but we Iio Dii t to Tell other folks. We All Hev our failures an we in most Larn to be for k bearing Quot towards Fel Ler cutters Quot an so in order to help us Kep from tattling about our neighbors we air a Goin to take turns in tellin stories. Something we Heve beaded or read or else some of our own Esperi ence. Quot an now the Meetin Quot May perched to sew an sister Saphelia too neck May begin her Story Bein she was i Way betwixt pm. Hiram Aud Calline Slep in the one where the cooked an i eat an Quot i Slep in Tother n. Twas a chose synonymous at the last Meetin to do the Talkin sister Deacon Buzbee Sot Down an we All put on our the Miles an begun to sew an sister i Aphelia got up an Sot Down in the Boston Rocker. She is one o these Here tall bean poly kind of women and Alius wears a hoop in the Bottom of her under skeet 11 makes her dress stick out at the Bottom an looks kind o quare Bein it s Flat All the rest of the Avay up but it seems to kind o match with her nose that s Long and straight and joints up Ards at the Send. But she s a real pious woman an Good hearted too. She Sot Down in the Boston Rocker an Tuk omit her knitting fur she said she could talk better if her hands was Busy As Well As her Tongue. An then she says Quot a Ham 1 did any of the Sisters Ever Hev any legs Prience with a Bur Gle or Quot we All Shruck an says Quot la no Quot and sister Sawtell s biggest Gal Matildy Ann scrounged so close up to her table twice a Day an gives Lier Husban Fried pies fur Brea Fant. An makes her hired Gal set Down to the second table like she a is a Tellis i my Mahala last week none of us need t to say nothing about it. We Hain t got no Call to spread it round. Quot or if Nancy Marier Stricklan me 1 cum nigh jabbing her in the Eye with my Needle. Quot of i m so feared o the burgle ers Quot she says Tell us All about him. Sister Saphelia. Quot an so she dared her Throat and picked up a stitch she had dropped in the toe of the sock she was knitting an then she says Quot twas a Good Many year ago an sister Callines she s the oldest of us gals she had married Hiram Slinker an had went Over to Sassafras holler where they begun to House keep in a bran new Cabin Hiram had built on the forty acres his Paw give him. Calline had right smart of a settin out too. She had a Cook stove and a cow with a Heifer calf an two Feather Beds an Beds ids an half a dozen Donai Nicker hens. A she had plenty of blankets an Patchwork quilts an two Blue Kive lids she hand wove an made herself. So they was fixed real snug. But she Felt ind o lonesome of Quot there by herself with nobody but Hiram an him out in the Field All Day tending t o his craps or else in the Clear in Maul in rails fur a worm Fence. An so lust Chance she got she sent our me to come an Quot make her a visitation. An 1 went. The Cabin was in a sort of holler an nary other House higher than five Miles so i did t wonder she was lonesome. Jut they had a Good dog a Jack was his name an Calline said she want noway feared to stay alone All Day though 1 would of been with Hiram out o sight an Hearin an tramps comin round once an a while to git a bite to eat. "i5ut Calline had t a speck of Coward Ness about her. She was t like me. I was Alius feared o my own Shadder most and would t of stayed alone All Day in that House fur a pretty. But Bein we was both together 1 did t feel so skeers an after Dini or i an Calline washed the dishes an Redd up the room an then we went to a the milk Honse an sum the milk fur next Day s churning. Long towards night the cow come Home an i milked hex while Galline was a Doin Ujj the other Quot an did you see the burgle or then Quot says Matildy Ann. Quot test you wait Quot says sister Saphelia. Quot i m a comin to Quot when twas too dark to see any More an the whip poor wills was a holler big out in the wools an the bats an Quot night Hawks a glittering round the House Hiram come an we All had supper an we at to bed. The Cabin was built like this Here Onei with a room at each Send an a wide open passage powerful warm night an Calline said i better leave my door open. But i was too Skerry fur that so i Shet an Quot bolted the door an went to bed. 1 had t got quite to sleep a but was jest a dropping Olf when 1 Heerd something that made me trim Leall Over and the Cole chills run up an Down my Quot of Quot said Matildy Ann Quot i m so a keeled Quot Quot you Ain t nigh so steered As i was Quot says sister Saphelia Quot fur what i heared was som buddy a breathing right under my bed. Quot we All struck right out at that an Quot Matildy Ann scrounged up so close to me i cd me pretty near jabbing her agin. Quot i wonder you did t holler Quot says sister Sawtell. Quot i dissent Quot says sister Saphelia. Quot i was feared he d jump right out an Cut off my head. So i jest Laid an trim led an did t Dass to move an i could hear him a breathing louder an louder. I snowed Hiram had fifteen dollars locked up in the Bury drawer n of course i thought right off that was what he was after. Me be if he gits it think ses i hell be off an not kill me but i want sure about it. Burgle ers air Pesky mean sometimes an Pritty soon i heared him a Movin under the bed an i Felt like 1 would die. He moved round an Kep a Movin sort cd of easy like an think ses i now he s a Goin to tackle me an my heart most stopped a beating i was that steered an even then i could t help a thinking if i d Only of left my door open As sister Calline had told me How much better would be fur i might give a jump an git dare out Afore the burgle or could have said Beans. But there i was Shet up with him an the door Quot but do Tell us How you got away Quot says Matildy Ann. Quot fur you must of got away somehow or you would t be Here a tellin Quot i m a comin to the p int Quot sister Saphelia says. Quot All to once he quit Movin around an made a snort Snuffy kind of a noise something like a snore an then he gaped real loud like he had been asleep an was half Wakin up. An at that i jumped right up in bed an bust out a Laflin Quot Quot of Quot says we All fur we was real dumb fou n d e r e d when she said that. Quot yes Quot she said Quot i busted right out a Laffi fur i snowed that gape want made by a Man but a dog. His breath in had sounded exactly like a human Critter but when he gaped real Long an loud like this How wooh a an bet on the floor with his Tail then i snowed twas a we All had to laugh at the Way sister Saphelia mocked a dog a Gap ing but Matildy Ann looked a Beetle Grain Digap Intel. Quot then twant no burgle or after All Quot she says. Quot no Quot says sister Saphelia Quot but i was jest As steered As if it had of been one. But 1 got up and turned Jack out the door. I s pose he had snuck under the bed fore i went in. An had went to it sleep there. But after i disk Vered him an turned him out i West to bed an Slep so sound i never waked up when a chickens crowed Day. Gauvine and Hiram had a Good laugh when i told w my legs Prience but Twar it no Lauglin matter to me at the time. An sence that i Alius Loo k under a bed fore i git in when she had got through. Sister Sawtell an Matildy Ann hustled round an got supper. Twas a right Good meal o vittles the got up too cold Riz bread an warm biscuit an Blac a Berry jell an poaches an Cream an Fried Chick in an aids an costar in pie. I an when sister Sawtell come in an i asked us All to walk ont to supper Sis ter let Eil frn say Quot Liis Nir Otin will now Jet away their sewing Quot aug at Supi Jor. I a aft. R a a i Hose Betsey h Jnice to talk at the next Meetin. Sister i a Ltd invited us a a to meet at her House next time an so Tsien we Soljou lined an Quot went Home. Kes i Lici. a wic. Cotton Crick Misoury. Me i a few f Coin a ii. A fru in Pic by. Leprosy in Louisiana. Or. Kly and tie priest lodged in the House of one of the Ujj Tita Fiott tents. In the evening when we were alone the subject of leprosy came up. Quot we hear at the North Quot said or. Kly Quot vague accounts of the Terre Des , which is said to be somewhere in 1 Louisiana. What truth is there in them ? Quot they Are no Doubr greatly exaggerated Quot said l Ather Nadaud. Quot a spurious leprosy elephantiasis was so common among the negroes under the Spanish domination that governor Miro founded a Hospital for lepers near new Orleans on the Bayou st. John. It has been go in these Many years and lepers land is now built up with pretty houses. It was in the suburb a the disease is ext Init. Then Quot Quot there we me some cases of genuine Static leprosy near Abbeville in this Parish about Twenty years ago. An old Creole lady was the first. Her father doubtless brought the terrible taint in his blood from France. When the White Scales appeared in her face her husband and family fled from her. There was a Young girl daughter of m Sieu Dubois who wont to her and nursed her alone during the three years in which she fought with death. An outlier of god s servants m Sieu four of this old woman s children who deserted her became lepers. The Young girl who had nursed her after she died married a Young Jei Mier and lived happily in her Little Cabin with her husband and pretty baby. But one Day a shining White spot appeared on her forehead. That the Quot she died Quot Quot a Sieu after four years. There is no cure. It surely does not matter to her now by what Road void called her to him. There have been since then no lepers in this Parish except in these tainted families. The real Terre Dea la prefix in Louisiana is now on the lower Lafourche below Harang s canal. The Bayou there is turbid and foul it flows through Valarious swamps lower than itself. The Creole planters there Are honest and temperate Folk but they Are wretchedly poor they raise Only Rice and live on it and fish. The wet Rice Fields come up to the very doors of their Cabins. The leprosy which certain families among them have inherited is developed by these conditions. Five years ago professor Joseph Jones president of the state Board of health went himself with his son to explore the Cypress swamps and lagoons of the lower 1 Lafourche. M Sieu it is the Region of tiie Shadow of death. He found Many poor lepers hiding there. They were As dead men who walk and talk. They could handle burning coals they Felt no longer cold nor heat nor pain. Their bodies were As corpses. One Man lived alone in a hut thatched with palme toes which he had built for himself eating Only the Rice which he had planted. No Man nor woman had come near him for years. The Terre Des i e Rex extends As far As Cheniere Caminada where the Bayou empties into the or. Ely remained silent though a torrent of angry queries rushed to his lips. Why was nothing done to mitigate the horrors of such a life in death How could this priest a Man of god so calmly discuss these poor accursed creatures from his Safe comfortable Point of Vantage jogging on his easygoing Mare from one farm to another ? to bade him presently a rather Curt Good night and went to the loft where he was to sleep. When he came Down in the morning Pere Nadaud had gone. Quot a Sieu Quot said his smiling Host Quot to Pere Haf let you Bon Matin Quot waving his hand to the Black figure passing southward far across the Prairie. Quot where is his charge now Quot Quot a Sieux Quot Gaspard paused a moment. Quot in hell i think. It is near Cheniere Caminada in la Terre Des or. Ely walked away from him and paced up and Down the levee for a Long time. Quot god forgive me Quot he muttered to Ca Harding Davis in Harper s Magazine. A onion t be locked out. Before 10 judge b. With emphasis a Quot Clara is that George fellow coming round Here again to night Quot Quot Clara hopelessly a Quot i believe so judge , daughter remember this this House closes at 10 Sharp and Quot Clara Quot of George will be Here before that papa please Don t s Bazar, of the Senate and the of Iotus of representatives. T f. President. Out to rom Senate on thurs doth the. Iii st. The of Gou. Cd Lirar to. Bragg of wis Pouniu to to envoy and minister plenipotentiary of Limo United states to Mexico. Ill. Chandler this Sanate in support Othia Resu ution instruct in Tho judiciary Cumi Mitten to inquire Jiuu Tuc iiuypre8-iii.u Tho votes of coloured Fiti bus at Tho recent Nui air Juil election at Jack Siam . Or. a Ger remarked that the Resolution it in Inte Mlod to Auest matters that ought to to Cou i dered Only in ext Cutie session and How Iise notice that As to himself he would Oce for Tea confirmation of ill. . The it so i adopted yeas. >9, Naya. 24�?a party Voto. Except that i Liddles it it or voted with the boil of rats while the two Mississippi he Tutora a were excused from voting. Job Quot in it a the Cornu it Tec on military affairs Benator Mander Mou reported favourably the Bill introduced by him to increase the Elti Cliency of the infantry Haneh of the army. Tha Senate passed the Bill authorizing the o. A a traction of a Bridge across the Mia Ouri Stiver below st. Charlesmo. Senator Cullom introduced a Bill to provide that the legislative Powers of the territory of Utah shall hew a i a the Iov Emor and legislative Asse Muin. latter to consist of thirteen citizens t Trio United states residents of the territory to be Aji pointed by the president and Coll nod by the Senate. Or. Mitchell called up his Bill abrogating All treaties with China in 80 far As they permit the immigration of chinese or inhibit the United states from absolutely prohibiting such immigration and Recai ing All acts of Congress recognising or permitting such immigration. Messes. Mitchell and Stewart addressed the Senate in a tip port of the Resolution. The House passel a Bill to punish robbery burglary and Lorca by in Trio Indian territory fixing the Maxim in ii punishment Fine and fifteen years imprisonment. Tho Senate Bill fixing Tho salary of the commissioner of fwd and fisheries at fli00 per annul was a Assed by the House. Kewpie tentative Townshend reported Back Tho Boutelle Battle Flag Resolution As amended by the Ommittee on military affairs. Or. Boa Telle said he had no to the amendments and the hone adopted Tho Resolution. Tbs Blair educational Bill again came no in the Senate on the Luh inst., and or. Gray of Delaware made a constitutional argument against it. Or. Vance of North Carolina addressed the Senate on or. Brown s Resolution to abolish iut Erual Revenue taxation. The lines he said had been drawn Cio Selv by the presidents message on the of object of the surplus and . The contest had to be fought out squarely and the question had to be decided on its uie rits. North Caro Liua people he said objected More to Taa most lands of Joi Lecuona than to the amount of the tobacco and spirits tax. Or. Stewart of Keva a offered a Amend sent to the Bill providing for the Invof Treut of the surplus Ali ice provides that any person May Deposit at any ruins or assay office Gold or Silver Bullion and receive certificates therefor. In the House of representatives or. Crisp of Georgia chairman of the committee on Kleo tons reported on the Case of a. K. Redstone claiming to have been elected to Congress from the l with California District. That no Chi device had been filed and there was not Buttic Keiit ground for contest. Or. Hatch of Missouri from the coning tree on agriculture reported a Bill making appropriations to carry into elect the provision of the act to establish experimental stations. The nomination of Lucius Quintus Curtina Lamar to be a Justice of the supreme court was confirmed in the Senate of the United states on the Lith inst. Let it Trio Votouri of Liddle be Ger of Virginia Stewart of Nevada and Stanford of Cali Portna i lie follow my Sena join spoke at Iii event times in opposition to the confirmation he Muddy Evaria Allison Sherman Hoar Ingalls Hawk and Wilson of Iowa. Thia comprised All of the lie pub lican members of the judiciary committee and the i residential came Dutes on the lie publican Side the latter currently classed in the Senate Are Sherman Allision Hawley. The singular feature of Tho your hours session was that the i it Omo cratic senators sat silent in their seats. None of tie i urged the cont Irma Tion of Aruar. The Miusiu Sippi senators Aid not say a word. One or two of the democrats Bretly answered a few Juez tons but none of them made a speech upon the . The objections of the Republican senators were of the same general character As the arguments which have been published in Tho Republican Newsua Jors. They May be summarized under two Heads 1. Want of experience As a lawyer. 2. His i political record with Especial reference to the issues of the War. There were no iter Bon in objections to him and it is stated that nothing was said that could have wounded the suss of abilities of or. had he been prurient. The following senators voted for con Fitima iou Bate Berry be ii Brown Butler Klong Cut Coc Vireil Coke. Call Colquitt Daniel Fuu Lunor George Grady Gorman Mariia Hampton Rouea Mcpherson. Pugh Keagan Saulsbury Turpie Vance Vest Voorhees Val Thali , All democrats and Riddleberger Stewart and Stanford republicans. Total the following senators voted for rejection Aldrich Allison Blair Bowen Cameron Chase Cul Loru Dawes Dolph Davis Edmunds Evarts Frye Farwell Hawley Hoar Hale Hiscock Ingalls Mitchell paddock Piatt Palmer plumb Gray Spooner Sherman Stockbridge. Total 28. The following senators were paired against Lamar Manderson Toller Sawyer Jones ,Sabin, Morrill Wilson Iowa Chandler with the following democrats who would have voted for him Blaek Buru Gibson , Hearst Kenna Payne Pasco Kauai a. soon As the vote in the Lamar Case taken the nominations of . Vilas and Dickinson a were Coati red without debate. Gen. Bragg was also Coati red As minister to Mexico. Or. Chandler introduced a Bill in the Senate to control congressional elections in South Carolina. Or. Sherman introduced a Quot Oill creating a to inquire into and report on the material Industrial and mental Progress of the coloured race since 1865. Or. Evarts introduced a Bill to indemnify the settlers on the Des Monea River lands above the Raccoon Forks Iowa for payments made upon lands subsequently taken from them and also for the damages sustained thereby or. Hale introduced a Bill prepared by the american forestry Congress to preserve the forests. Among the Bills Intro Lucid in the House were the following by or. Townshend 111., to retire National Bank notes and to substitute Treasury notes therefor by or Landes ill to reduce tiie Treasury surplus by paying a Bounty of 25 cents a Bushel on All wheat of ported to foreign countries by or. Chipi Jian mich., increasing the duty on imported lithographs from to 50 per cent and Valorme by or. Tarsney mich., authorizing the construction of government buildings haying a postmaster the Cost of the building to Range from s"20,000 in towns of inhabitants to s1&Quot>0,000 in towns of 50,1 00 inhabitants. A ill stration of Tho puzzling migratory habits of the herring has just been observed on the Southwest coast of Norway at the so called Jaderen Between the towns of Stavanger and Eger Sund. This District used to be one of the richest herring fishing grounds in Norway during Spring but about Twenty live year a the fish suddenly and completely disappeared from the coast. Last month enormous Shoals once More came under Shore first Quot striking Laud Quot at the same spot As in former times. The Quality of the herring is exactly the same As it was Twenty five years ago and the Shoals were accompanied by numerous Quot herring Quot whales. The highest officer in Hwan the largest of the Sandwich Island the o of the ing is always a Wom iia. Is appointed by like iving and holds offi. E n his ply Smie. The in Esert Rne is a i in some a Siivo mud woman of Akin 37 years. Her husband has been in the legis Uttira several times. V

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