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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - January 5, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana Rem bbb. White or the future May a fold a byte or the word time a Pep May Init altho Iiga my two should Drift apart and All oar Bright Days end in night Wili Yoti remember ? ton say that you will never change. That Yon 11 by Ever True and yet a Quinot see the journey s a us. And it a easier to forget Thrisi to remember. O. When the cares of Lite Presa hard with heart and Bain in need of Raat. Then shall i by my weary head in Pace upon your faithful breast will you remember when wrinkles mar my once fair brow. And when my dark hair fades to White then will you love me just the same As when my Youthful eyes were Bright v will you remember the Barb Shine clearly o or us now the by above is fair Serene. But in the tempest and tha storm can i Puu your Strong Arm lean f will you remember ? a shall we Ever live to know that time but strengthens love like Lunf in that Bright land the stars beyond amid its everlasting Flowers shall we remember Label another s j. 31. Morkill. Quot Alan Day Mark your services Are no longer required there was a Stern look resting on the face of old Horace Ferguson As he littered the words. The Young Man who confronted him was very Pale and there was a strange trembling of the lips As he opened Vliem in reply. Quot i expected this or. Ferguson Quot Quot you did Quot interrupting quickly. Quot i am glad you admit your guilt. You know Well enough Why i do not put you behind prison bars. Another in my place would not hesitate and the world knowing what i do would Call me foolish perhaps a Coward. Do not tempt me to undo my decision by remaining longer. Of course you will be Wise enough not to hold any further Intercourse with any member of the family you come so near Quot certainly not Quot Alan Day Mark walked from the presence of the Humble Baron with bowed head and shame suffused Cheek. And yet he Felt conscious of innocence. Quot there is one in this household at least who will never doubt when i Tell her that i am innocent Quot thought the Young Foreman As he walked Down across the velvet Lawn to a spot where he could View the grand balconies front of the Rich Man s dwelling. A what memories were roused in the brain of the Yong Man As he stood in a hesitating attitude and regarded the window of her room. For a Long time be had been a welcomed visitor in that grand House the one attraction being Florence eldest daughter of Sterne Ferguson the millionaire. The old Lumberman had always asserted that he regarded integrity and Good moral character above Mere Money and it was for this reason he permitted his Foreman to visit in his own House and become betrothed to his daughter Florence a proud and rather pretty miss of three and Twenty at the time of our Story. Quot my daughter alone knows your shame. It was necessary that she might be a deceived As i have been Quot said Ferguson during the Short conversation that ended in Alan Day Mark s departure in disgrace. If he bad expected to meet Florence he was to be disappointed. As he moved slowly and thoughtfully toward the path leading to the Street an intense longing in his heart to look once More upon the face of Florence a slight figure tripped up from the shadows of the Trees near and confronted him. A girl of 12, with red Gold Short curls and sparkling Brown eyes yet tin Ripe but promising much for the in tire. Quot a it is you Madge Quot said the Young Man in a Humble shame faced Way indicating that he Felt his disgrace keenly even in the presence of this child. Quot i be brought Yon this Quot said the girl and she placed a sealed note in his hand. Then she stood Back a Little Way leaned against a tree re watched him while he read my. Pay ask a have Learned All heaven he us both and be kind . Of a Ourse i Snail never care to look non your face again. Brother Jasper has told me All no one feels the disgrace More keenly than he. He was Ever a sensitive boy. He in with me now and on his Arm i lean for Comfort in this hour. I am Strong however and will not shed tears Over one so unworthy. It was hardly to be expected that one reared in the Low ranks of life Conid endure the thought of respectability. I Hope father s magnanimity w ill be appreciated and save you from further crime. Fax it ismae. Altogether it was a cold heartless letter one that Alan Day Mark knew he did not deserve and one that he had no thought of receiving from her. He crushed the letter at the end and Illy suppressed a groan. Quot the letter was from sister i know Quot said the Little miss who had delivered it stepping to the Side of the Pale Young Man and looking up into his face. He said nothing but began to move away slowly. A hand touched him on Hia Arm. Quot Alan won t you speak to me Quot he could not resist the pleasant sympathetic voice of Little Madge whom he had scarcely noticed until now. He had brought her toys and sweetmeats often and they were always Good friends. She lung to his hand and walked with him to the Gate. Night shadows were fast drooping and it would soon be dark. He looked hard at the House then Down at the curly head of the Cha feb Elt the need of human Symani new Are called non to i by amp de a won Deranl a Bault of the by Ferguson he had not Tho tight of How that sacrifice would be received. Of a sudden came an indignant feeling to his he Art and just then As he stood there holding the child s hand he cherished a Swift born feeling of revenge that had it held Sway Long would have sent him to the presence of his betrothed with the tires of outraged feeling in his eyes and a withering and Quot terrible Story on his life. Perhaps had no touch of human sympathy come to him then his whole after life would have been changed. Quot i know there were cruel words in the letter Alan said Madge clinging tightly to the land of her big Friend Quot she said some bad wicked things of you and laughed with brother Jack. I Felt real mad and said i d Tell you on them i Don t see How they can talk so Don t you Quot then a groan followed. He pressed her poor Little hand almost crushing it but she was too Bra to cry out. She knew that great Strong Man was suffering however and her Young mind was eager to know its cause. Quot or. Day Mark won t you Tell me All about it Quot Quot yes child i am going to leave Silverton forever. You la never see me again after to night Quot he said in a voice that was husky with Strong emotion. Quot never see you again. Of or. Day Mark i never can stand that. Won t you Ever be my own brother like Jack you said you would tears glistened in the eyes that were upturned to his. Quot never. I shall never see you again after to night Quot he answered with solemn emphasis. Quot of of dear you must t go Alan you must Quot cried the child clinging to his Arm and hugging it tightly. Quot i know it s something Florence s done or Jack or Quot no Sissy it is my Quot Tell me about it this child was the Only one who had shown the least Mark of sympathy. Should he banish even this by telling her what the rest already knew ? he hesitated Only for a moment. He would not have even a child s sympathy undeserved. He told her the whole Story of the theft of several thousand dollars from the Safe and that he was guilty. Madge regarded him curiously her tears suddenly dried. Quot and did you do it did you steal that Money from my father to pay gambling debts ? Jack gambles sometimes i heard him say so once to Florence if you did i Don t want to see Quot it is for that i am going away Quot said Day Mark recoiling from the fierce glitter of the child s dark eyes Quot and you did steal the Money Quot to or. Ferguson he had admitted the theft. Those Brown eyes full of honest questioning could not be denied and he would not spit upon his manhood a second time to gratify an unworthy object. Quot no As heaven hears me i am innocent quoth cried fervently. Quot i would have told Florence the same had she Given me an Opportunity but it is too late Quot come with me to papa Quot cried Madge pulling strenuously at his Arm. Quot no no i have come from Quot and would t he believe you Quot "1 did not deny being Quot not deny it Quot Quot no. 1 could not i wished to save another but you cannot understand. It is late Madge. Let me go he tried to disengage himself from her clutches. She held fast however and said Quot i won t never forget you or. Day Mark and you will come Back some time to see me won t you Quot Quot heaven help you child i will see you again then he Bent quickly kissed the upturned face of the child then Flung the Gate wide and passed out into the world leaving Only one being behind who even respected h in and she but a child with some of the world s hyper criticality in he heart out into the world dark and cold with no smile for such As he. At the time he turned his Back upon Silverton Alan Day Mark was a heartbroken Man. He night have done something desperate had he failed in meeting Madge. As it was he went to the Public House in Silverton and poured Down fiery liquor until his brain was in a whirl and he was ready for anything of a desperate nature. Once that Day he placed a pistol to his throbbing Temple and would have ended All but for the sudden ring of a Sweet Low voice Quot i will never forget you or. that saved him from a suicide s Fate. Flinging aside the weapon he stood up in the sunlight and registered an oath to be True to himself in the hereafter let what would come. A a and so Alon Day Mark went out of the old life forever and turned his face toward the setting Sun where marvels had been wrought in that land of the famed Eldorado. Quot there is no Hope the doctor says Florence. I am going it was a weak voice uttered the words and the weeping girl looked Down into a face pallid shadowed already with the touch of the death Angel. Florence wept silently. She knew even before now that her Only brother going out into the shadows but she had not whispered the truth to Jasper Ferguson. He was All she had to love and yet he was ill deserving. More than a year the father had been dead and during the Brief time Jasper Ferguson had squandered the last Penny of the Little left from the wreck that jihad lain the elder Ferguson. He Alla of the room were Blank and Bare and poverty marked every a thing. Jasper had found his Sisters Here but a few Days before at the end of a protracted Debauch and he had lain Down on the Sisters let de to die. Surely the Way of the transgressor is hard. The Young Man s sins had found him out. He had squandered the Sisters Little Patrimony and this was the end. In i be been a bad Man Florence Quot murmured the lips of the failing one. The tall Pale girl Only wept in silence. She knew that Jasper was uttering the to uth and she had never rebuked him As had Little Madge often times. Quot i am worse than you think Flor ence Quot went on the sick Man. Quot How Long has it been since he went away from Silverton Flora Florence Quot Quot he Quot Quot i mean Brave old Alan Day Mark of the mention of that name sent a thrill to the heart of Florence. She was 28 now and sadly faded deeply humbled since the hour five years ago when she refused to see her Lover or to listen to an explanation from him. Quot five years Quot he uttered hoarsely As she gave him the information. Quot so Long How he has suffered and wrongfully Quot what do you mean Quot Florence was now bending Low Over her dying brother her eyes glittering with a strange deep tense fire. Then in husky broken tones the wretch made confession. It was he who had robbed the Safe that Day in the Long ago and had been caught in the act by Alan Day Mark. Stricken with fear he fell on his Knees and confessed his theft but pretended repentance plead with Day Mark not to expose him and to remember the shame that would come to Florence. Mastered by his deep love the Foreman promised to keep the Young Man s secret. A few hours later a Large theft was discovered and Day Mark shouldered the crime for the Sake of Florence. Quot i had robbed father systematically Quot concluded Jasper Quot but promised to Reform if Day Mark would keep my secret. He kept it and went away in disgrace. In i would like to see that Noble Man once More but Quot his voice failed him then. Florence uttered a great cry As she saw a Gray Shalfow steal Over his face and realized that her wicked brother was beyond speech dying dead Florence staggered upward with a moan just As the door opened. Quot Florence i be brought a it was the cheery voice of Madge a tall girl of 17, fully realizing at this time the Promise of her girlhood in the magnificent proportions of a Beautiful woman. Florence White As death looked into a hair some bearded face. She could never forget that countenance. A wild throb came to her heart she put out her hands tried to speak but failed and then fainted in the arms of Alan Day Mark. Two weeks later Florence stood alone with the returned Foreman now a prosperous Young business Man of one of the growing Western cities. Quot can it be that you Are going to leave us Alan Quot Florence was saying after a Short conversation had ensued in which the past had been mentioned and the revelation of Jasper Ferguson was made known. Quot it is imperative miss Ferguson Quot said Day Mark with considerable coolness. Quot i have no business Here in particular and came on to fulfil a Promise made some years miss Ferguson blushed under the gaze of his honest eyes. She fancied that the old love was not dead and that the future held something of brightness for her yet. They were in the parlor of the Silverton hotel and the Only occupants. It might not be Long thus however. Quot in i have bitterly repented my Folly Alan proceeded she in an agitated voice. Quot i Felt very bad Over refusing to see Yon on that Day when i thought you disgraced but you must remember How shocked i was and Quot Quot certainly i Lay nothing up against you. Miss Ferguson. Quot you have forgiven me Alan Quot a hopeful gleam in her eyes. Quot yes Long ago. I can forgive but not forget. I believe now that i ought to be thankful for the mean trick you served me then Quot Quot of Alan Quot and Florence looked As though she were about to faint. She held out her hands. Quot you will take me Back. I so Long for your love Quot to stopped her with a gesture and then turned to the door through which passed a slender but pretty girl Clad in somber Robes mourning for her brother and yet in her eyes was a subdued Hai piness that was unmistakable. Quot come Here she came and stood with Alan Day Mark s Arm about her supple Waist. Quot i have a few words Only to say. Miss Ferguson Quot went on the sex Foreman in a Low steady voice. Quot that Day in the past when i walked from the presence of my employer suffering unmerited disgrace one hand stayed my step one voice was raised to Comfort and to cheer me and to say with the Loving Faith of a child i believe you Are an innocent Man from that hour i cherished that memory. I came East when i Felt that it was right for me to come to keep the Promise i had made to Matlage. She was 12 then my child Friend she is almost 18 now my promised Florence uttered a gasp and Sank White and helpless into a chair. Madge went to her quickly while or. Alan Day Mark considerately left the room. A few Days later the Yonng Man returned to his Western Home. In the after time Madge shared that Home but Florence never forgave herself or the Man she had lost and still Pines in Silverton a disconsolate old maid. The Winter sap. By mid october most of the Kip Van Winkles among our brute creatures have lain Down for their Winter Nap. The toads and turtles have buried themselves in the Earth. The Wood Chuck is in his Hibernia Colum the Skunk in his the mole in his and the Black Bear has his selected and will go in when the Snow comes. He does not like the looks of his big tracks in the e Snow. They publish his goings and comings too plainly. The Coon retires about the same time. The provident Wood mice and the Chipmunk Are laying by a Supply of nuts or Grain the former usually in decayed Trees the latter in the ground. I have observed that an unusual disturbance in the Woods near where the Chipmunk has his Den will cause him to shift his quarters. One october for Many successive Days i saw one carrying into his Hole buckwheat which he had stolen from a near Field. The Hole was Only a few rods from where we were getting out Stone and As our work progressed and the Racket and uproar increased the Chipmunk became alarmed. He ceased carrying in and after much hesitating and darting about and some prolonged absences he began to carry out he had determined to move if the Mountain fell he As least would be away in time. So by mouthfuls or Chee Fuls the Grain was transferred to a new place. He did not make a Quot Bee Quot to get it done but carried it All himself occupying several Days and making a trip every ten minutes. Insects also go into Winter quarters by or before this time the Bumble Bee Hornet and Wasp. But Here Only Royalty escapes the Queen Mother alone foresees the night of Winter coming and this morning of Spring beyond. The rest of the tribe try Gyps Ying for awhile but perish in the first frosts. The present october i surprised the Queen of the yellow jackets in the Woods looking out a suitable Retreat. The Royal Dame was House Hunting and on being disturbed by my inquisitive poking among the leaves she got up and flew away with a slow deep hum. Her body was unusually distended whether with fat Ore cos i am unable to say. In september i took Down the nest of the Black Hornet and found several Large Queene in it but the workers had All gone. The Queens were evidently weathering the first frosts and storms Here and waiting for the Indian summer to go Forth and seek a permanent Winter abode. If the covers could be taken off the Fields and Woods at this season How Many interesting facts of natural history would be revealed the crickets ants bees reptiles animals and for aught i know the spiders and flies asleep or getting ready to sleep in their Winter dormitories the fires. Of life banked up and burning just enough to keep the spark Over until stricken by imagination. Professor Blank of a devoted a whole week to lecturing the students on the subject of heart diseases. He had a private apartment opening off the class room to which he was wont to retire after he had finished his discourse in order to take off his gown and enjoy a Little meditation by the fire. On the afternoon of the second Day a modest Knock came to the door. Quot enter Quot said professor Blank. One of the students entered hat in hand looking somewhat worried and Pale. Quot what can 1 do for you or. A Quot Quot nothing i fear Quot was the reply. Quot nothing on Earth can Aid me. I have the very symptoms you were to Day describing in the lecture. Sound me and see the sounding was soon perfumed. Quot you re in perfect health As regards your heart Quot said the professor. That was the verdict and or. A went away Happy. But hardly had the kindly old professor resumed his seat before another Knock resounded on the door. Quot come in. Well what s the matter with you or. Cd Quot Quot i m a dead Man Quot gasped a looking wildly round As if he wanted to clutch something. Quot i have got heart disease As sure As a Quot not quite As bad As that i Hope. Take off your coat Quot auscultation and percussion were speedily performed. And then the professor laughed in a s face. Quot sound As a Bell Man. Go Home to your dinner and Don t be a fool Quot a be said. Tho doctor did not sit Down again however. No he was afraid there would be More of them so he hurried along through the squad and got into his Carriage. But he had two More visits at his residence on the same night from frightened students and every Day during the remainder of that week he had a visit or two of the same kind. On the following monday he got on to fevers and the students completely recovered from their cardiac complaint a Exchange. _ there Are nowadays professors of philosophy but not philosophers to be a philosopher is to solve some of the problems of life not Only theoretically but practically to a. D. Thoreau Call Back our own actions ? of impotent heart As Well stand on the Shore of some hurrying River and Call Back the Waters which have swept Down to the . M. Peard even the worst people have some Good left in hem. Facts him Fate Camou amp o. C. Cabot a by a ther of Sebastian Cabot had Only to spell his name backwards and the result was tobacco. The flame in a Prairie Quot fire at Man Mitten. Iii., recently reached a height of Twenty or thirty feet at times and the fire spread Factor than a Mem could run. According to the last report of the United states commissioners of pensions there Are in Vermont 6,326 pensioners. Drawing annually $190,000 in round numbers. A r008tkk at Salem 111., is so fond of music that he will Fly in at the window of his master s House and run to and fro on the keys of the piano delighted with the sounds he evokes. Edison sends up from Llewell a Park every night a Small balloon held by a wire. The balloon bears an electric Light which at the height of 4,000 feet or so it is impossible to distinguish from a Star. The glaciers in the Valley of Cha Munix after a period of rapid Retreat and diminution in size Are again beginning to Advance. As about fifty Yards a year is the rate of Advance it will take Many years to recover their former ground. A trek called the umbrella tree of Japan now growing in a Yard at Tallahassee fla., though Only three years old has leaves onit that measure i l by Ift inches. It is umbrella shaped and makes a shelter that is impervious to Sunshine or rain. If Yon should have Hiccough try one of the following remedies every one of which is vouched for by different authorities. Slightly refrigerate the lobs of the ear clasp tie hands with army raised above the head press the Finger Nix h Side Imper the ear near Jawbone inhale chloroform until relieved. A one legged beggar of st. Louis became so urgent in his requests for Aid that he was arrested the other Day. When the police searched him they found fifteen tobacco bags in his pock Eta and sewed to his ragged clothes and each bag contained some Money. The total amount was 71.41. The medical pre a says that a physician living on the Seaboard thus writes to a paper Quot within the last five years in a District embracing sixty Square Miles of so by the sea i have noted the hour and the minute of no less than ninety three demise in my own immediate practice and every soul of them has gone out with the tide save four who died suddenly by fatal a curious old Anchor very probably lost by the Early French missionaries was found at the head of Green Bay. It appears to have constructed from a Young Maple tree having three branches from the Root. Another bar was fastened on. Thus far it is like a round topped Stool with four legs. On the Bottom of these legs were fastened with mortise and tenon the flukes which were bars of Oak crossing each other. The Brooklyn City directory has the names of George Washington labourer Thomas Jefferson Painter John Adams bricklayer James Madison Cooper James Monroe Cutter John q. Adams fruiterers Andrew Jackson Engineer Martin Van Buren truck Driver William hear it Harrison grocer John Tyler Hatter James Polk druggist Zach Taylor Moulder Franklin Pierce Painter James Buchanan plasterer Abraham Lincoln clerk. He stopped the fight. President Bartlett of Dartmouth College is a Man Over 70, but he says there can t be any Quot Rush Quot Between freshmen and sophomores while he is around. The other Day there was a struggle Between the two classes on the College Campus for the Possession of a foot Ball. The president saw it from the Library window and he rushed out and into the thickest of the fray jerking and tugging at the fighting students and shouting at them to Stop. The boys on such occasions Are always ready to encourage True Merit so they yelled Quot go in Prexl Quot get onto your Ball Quot Etc. Quot be men cried the president As he pulled a Sophomore off from a freshman by the coat tails. Quot chestnuts Quot shouted another. The president tugged threatened and implored until he was nearly exhausted with the exertion when the Row stopped. His further remarks were inaudible for want of breath and were mainly delivered in pantomime with his hat jammed Dowie Over one Eye. When a lot of eager and sinewy students get struggling Over a foot Ball it in t a very Good place for an elderly professor with Short breath. He might As Well calmly observe the fight from the Library window and give the boys Quot a talking to Quot afterwards. Active interference can Only be indulged at the expense of official d gnity.�?2 Eaas sift Ings. A child s thoughts. Little Emma s Mother was entertain ing company. In the course of cock versa tips one of the guests used the exclamation Quot lord Quot fixing her solemn reproving eyes upon her the child asked gravely Quot Mamma does she mean the lord i know Quot one Day her Mother reproved her quite sharply for not changing her shoes. After a moment s reflection Emma said Quot i wish you would be real Good to me Mamma. I Fink you would like it after Yogi got used to i free the Dice Box gets the Shi the Man who holds it does the she

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