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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - February 23, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana Maix tse tba1ts Oplt mis Atno is. By 8 w. Fobs. Pm Bush upon a nervous Plaa a theofr a Ervoli Styls am Tien by was Tae great Carlyle z Biaglo to fax Presa my thought. To give t i Idi. I Pant lode Ltd i i incl it to talk. But to Dit lie ueral urn it. I have no Graco. An a a i m too iat to get Niy lust r on i m ver y puffy r mud and Stout to was Napoleon. And although i m so very Plain i it Uia be a satyr sneeze 1 am no to Midorl i tii Ink Sihau ancient Socrates. I am a liar so they say. But a i Roii was i Hoar. And Tonali tis i sometimes steal be to stole Deer. Indie a a i do resemble to Itie e favorite sons of Fate. In Teutli. 1 cannot help conclude 1, to j. I too am curious facts. Curious propositions which Puzzle wits of unwary list finers. There of its floating about world in a Vertial form and occasionally even appearing in print a certain class of propositions or Lucrie of which object is to Puzzle with of unwary listener or to beguile him into giving an absurd reply. Many of Toliese Are be. Y of Ltd and some Are excellent. Instances will readily occur. Who for example has not at some period of Lis existence been asked following question Quot if a Goose weigh Tea pounds a old halt its own weighs Arhat is weight of Goose Quot a l who has been to reply on instant 15 pounds a Correct answer being of co Rise 20. Indeed it is astonishing what a Vei y simple que a will catch a Wise Man naj Ping. Even tiie following have been kno Avn to succeed Quot How May Days would it Talie to Cut up a r piece of cloth 50 Yards Long one Yard be n i Cut Oil Quot every Day Quot or again Quot a Snail climbs up a Post 20 feet High Asco Litls five feet Ever. Day find slips Down firm Fet every nights How Long will Tuo Snail take to reach top of Post Quot or again Quot a Wise Man having a window one Yard High and one Yard wid a and requiring More Light enlarged his window to twice its former size yet window was still Only one Yard High and one Yard wide. How was this done Quot this is a catch question in geometry As per cedi ii were catch questions in arithmetic window be inti Diamond shaped at first and afterwards made Square. As to two former perhaps it is scarcely necessary seriously to Point oat that answer to first is not 50 Yards but 49 and to second not 20 Days but 16�?since Snail who gains one foot each Day for 15 Days climbs on sixteenth Day to Tep of pole and there remains. Such examples , and occasionally both curious and amusing. But purpose of following paper is to illustrate a class of prob Lens a which Are in no Way catch questions any problem involving a Mere verbal quibble is of course out of court by its own innate vileness and which though at first sight Extrema he simple often require Consi Lerable ingenuity to arrive at a Correct result. Take for example following Quot a Man walks round a pole on top of which is a Monkey. As Man moves Monkey t irus round t n top of pole so As to keep Faise to Jace with Man. Query when Man has gone round pole has he gone Ronni Monkey Quot answer a which will o cur at first sight to most persons is that Man has not gone round Monkey since he has never been behind it. The Correct answer As decided by know pledge in Pajes of which to is momentous question has Quot been a rancid i i that Man has Gona around Monkey. The following Lias not so far As a writer is a Are i Herto appeared in print a train standing on an incline is just kept stationary by an engine a which is not sufficiently to Werfal to draw it in incline. A second engine of same Power As first is then Brou Glit u to assist by pushing train from behind and two engines together take train up incline. Suppose carriages to to linked together by lot use chains so that when engine in front is acting chains Are stretched and busters Between carriages Are separated then when train is moving under action of two engines buffers must be i her together or apart. Which Are they ? if they Are apart engine behind train is evidently doing no work. If they Are together then engine in front is doing none. But neither engine alone can move train. Why then does train move ? following was once asked at a University wine party by a now Well known senior wrangler Quot suppose three snakes each of which is swallowing other by Tail so that three form a circles then As swallowing process continues Circle evidently crows smaller and smaller. Now if they thus continue to Swallow Ca h other Quot what will evidently become of snakes Quot of course it is Clear that either swallowing pro Ess must Stop some a where or that snakes will vanish own each others throats. At what joint then will swallowing cease f Reader finds himself ready on spot with a Clear and precise ans a wer to =8 question he will have proved himself of a readier wit than guests of above mentioned wine party. A Little consideration however vill probably be sufficient to Clear up tie mystery and like preceding Enigma of railway problem May safely be left to examination of Inu euiou3. Quot a which at any Given moment is moving Forward fastest top of a coach wheel or Bottom to this apparently very simple question nine persons out of ten asked at random will Irive an incorrect reply. For at first sight top and Bottom of v Heel must of necessity be moving Forward at same rate namely Speed at which Carriage is travelling. But a Little thought will show that this is far f Ora being Case. A Point on Bottom of wheel is in fact by d of its motion round Axis moving backward in an opposite direction to that in which tie Carriage is Prog Issing and is consequently stationary in space while a Point on lop of wheel is moving Forward with Dolime velocity of its own motion round Axis and Speed at which Carriage moves. The following , which has Given Rise to Muvdi discussion is somewhat Akin to preceding Quot How can a ship sail faster than wind Quot every Yachtsman knows that a ship can sad faster than wind that is to say that if wind is blowing ten knots an hour a ship May be making twelve or fifteen knots an hour. Now it is obvious that if ship is sailing straight before wind it cannot at utmost travel faster than wind itself is blowing As a matter of fact it will to us 1 much More slowly. If on other hand .? ship is sailing at an Angle wit i wind it seems at first sight that wind must act with less elect t Lan before and ship in con sequence More slowly still. But As a matter of fact ship not Only sails More quickly than before but More quickly than wind itself is blowing. This is a Ira Dox which few even of those who Are Well acquainted by exl Prience with fact have found themselves Able to explain. I Jet us consider Ditl Mculty in Light of following exit ariment. Place a Ball at Oue Side of a billiard table and with Long Cue held Lengthwise from end to end of table Pash Ball across cloth. The Cue Here represents wind and Ball ship sailing directly before it Only As there is Here no waste of Energy Avrich in Case of wind and ship is very great Ball of course travels at same rate As Cue evidently it cannot possibly travel faster. Now suppose a Groove to be Cut diagonally across table from one Corner pocket to other in which Ball May Roll. If Ball be now placed at one end of Groove and Cue held horizontally and move Forward As before Ball Mil travel along Groove and along Cue in same time As Cue takes to move across table. This is Case of ship sailing at an Angle with direction of wind. The Groove is considerably longer than Width of table More than double As Long in fact. The Ball therefore travels much faster than Cue which impels it since it covers More than double distance in same time. It is in precisely same manner that a tacking ship is enabled to sail faster than wind. The foregoing mysteries of motion bring to mind famous Paradox of Zeno by which he sought to prove that All motion is impossible. Quot a body Quot thus argued tie ingenia philosopher Quot must move either in place where it is or in Quot place where it is not. Now a body in place where it is is stationary and cannot be in motion nor obviously can it to in motion in place where it is not. Therefore it cannot move at it was of this Paradox it was said sol Altur am bul Findon Quot it is solved by a Racine practical solution could hardly be required. Another Paradox familiar to greeks that of Achilles and Tortoise is Well known. Schilb s Swift footed allows Tortoise 100 Yards Start and mme ten Yards while Tortoise runs one. Quot now when Achilles has run 100 Yards Tortoise has run ten Yards and is therefore still that distance ahead. When Achilles has run these ten Yards Tortoise has run one Yard. Wiea Achilles has run one Yard Tortoise has run one tenth of a Yard. And when Achilles has run one tenth of a Yard Tortoise has run one Hundredth. It is Only necessary to continue same process of reasoning to prove that Achilles can never overtake t a Oise. A much better Paradox though somewhat of same kind runs As follows Quot a Man who owes a shilling proceeds to pay it at rate of a sixpence first Day threepence next Day three half Pence next three Farthings next and so on paying each Day halt amount he paid Day before. Supposing him to be furnished with counters of Small value so As to be Able i easily to pay fractions of a Penny How Long would it take him to pay Liat shilling Quot answer is that he would never pay it it is True that he a will pay eleven Pence one Farthing in four Days. But remaining three Farthings he can never pay. This Paradox varies from preceding in one important particular and deserves to be called a better Paradox for this reason that we know that Achilles in spite of reasoning will certainly overtake Tortoise. But it is mathematically demonstrable that debtor Nadir such circumstances can never pay his shilling even though he should be endued like tit Honus with gift of immortality. The foil Wing is a really excellent Paradox Quot a train starts daily from san Francisco to new York and one daily from new York to san Francisco journey lasting seven Days. How Many trains will a traveler meet in i journeying from san Francisco to new York Quot it appears obvious at first glance that traveler must meat seven trains and this is answer which will be Given by nine people out of ten to whom question is new. The fact is overlooked that every Day during journey a fresh train is starting from a other end while t Here Are seven on Way to begin with. The traveler will therefore meet not seven but fourteen. The following proposition is both curious in itself and admits of some interesting variations in application of Princi Ide on which it depends. Quot if there Are More people in world than any one person has hairs upon his head then there must exist at least two persons who possess identically same number of hairs to a if readier to perceive at once necessity of this conclusion let him first consider As a simpler Case instead of hairs on a Man s head number of Teeth in his jaw. Let him sup Post a thirty four persons to be assembled in one room then full number of Teeth in a Man s jaw being thirty two it is easily seen that even supposing member of party so unfortunate As to have no Teeth at ally there must be at least two persons present of identically same number of Teeth. The application of this example to proposition in question is Juite evident. It is in fact merely a matter of Large numbers. Now to apply this principle to other Caes it has been asserted for example that in a Field of grass there cannot be found two Blades in All respects identical. It will be seen however that if Blades of grass Are More numerous than Ditl Ronces Between them per Celtib e to eve then there must be at least two Blades exactly alike or at least not to be distinguished from each other by inspection. A term it be bar. A tragedy of Faias. Quot average Cowboy Quot said a cattle dealer Quot do s not bother himself about religion. The creeds and isms that worry civilization Are As a sealed Book to Ranger who is distinctively a fatalist. He believes that when time comes for him to go Over Range nothing can stand death oif and no matter what danger he faces previous to that time no deadly harm can come. The Arch destroyer of boys is lighting. More cowboys meet death from this source than from any other. Quot one night when a party of us were driving a Herd across staked Plains we had hardly made Camp when a fierce storm accompanied by terrific Thunder and lightning settled overhead. The Cra Hes of Thunder fairly Shook Earth and lightning seemed to dance from tips of Catt a s horns. You see when cattle Bacome wet steam arising from them forms a body of superheated air that rises upward two or three Hundred feat in absence of a tree Mountain or any better conductor lightning runs Down column of heated air. It is then almost sure to l e attracted by steel guns and trappings carried by cowboys. Quot Well that wild night whole gang were kept Busy preventing a Stampede. One of party was Jim Woods As Good a Man As Ever saddled a Broncho Jim had a premonition that his end was near at hand. All Day he h id been talking about his old Mother Back in East an 1 some girl he used to go with. It was a sure sign that Jim had blues. Well when Stol a broke Jim went about his work with a White face and listless manner. In gang and stationed next to Jim was a Young texan loud mouthed and blasphemous. Every time a loud peal of Thunder Soun led and lightning flashed unusually Bright Young Bra to raised his cliche i fist to sky and uttered a Volley of oaths. Quot go on yer Ole Pelter be can t hit us. We re Thunder proof we air Quot As Quick As thought Jim pulled up alongside sacrilegious scamp and Palling a six shooter shoved it into tiie Blasphemer s face. His face was White As Chal k As he screeched Quot it around on other Side be Mineral it be Skunk or i la shoot be Fiill of Lead. Be can t include me in none of yer do Fis. My time s comin soon enuf without Spe Shully inviting it now Stampede Quot texan fairly flew and not a second too soon for Flash of lightning and Thunder crash that followed took soul of Jim Woods along with it. One of boys hurried to spot and found Jim and his Pony stiff and City Iwine is. Quot father said Rollo Quot Why do baseball pitchers get so much Large salaries than preachers Quot Quot so Quot said Bollo s father who is a Deacon cautiously Quot come Here into Back room behind door. So sometimes Only sometimes mind you it is because Pitcher trains longer always finds his Sermon in his text never pitches for effect tries to Pioh when he and his congregation Are morally and physically satisfied that he can to and in fact if he can t pitch there in t a Church in America that would give him a place in Battery even if he offered to come without salary and pay his own expenses. See Quot Kol o said t Tat he thought his father had got some of his technical terms a Little mixed but on whole he caught on. , you see Rollo is a Little slow and Rollo s father does not express himself very clearly. But Siil however. hexi Cau Flower choir. All types of Spanish and mexican Beauty filled Little pla2sa of mix coach t Tat Forenoon says a my x co correspondent of Boston Herald. Tuere were flashing eyes of Castile Large liquid melancholy eyes of moors set in True moorish faces and Gray or Blue eyes of Ger manic conquerors of iberian Penin-1 Sula. There was a tall slender girl in a neat Brown toilet with eyes that seemed to magnetize her admirers eyes dark and Lustrous which were not used with artful Ness but were by nature and without Art of sort that make of these susceptible male latins slaves and serfs. One Superb woman might have been taken for a goddess of mexican Liberty. She was of blonde Type but with dark eyes erect sympathetic in Spanish and italian sense of Noble proportions lit for Canna 3 of a Titian. There were so Many handsome women and of a girls on ground that men who had come out to see Flower show quite forgot wonders of vegetation and gave themselves up to admiration of nature s masterpiece. Me it Ico might make of her finest women an exhibit that would conquer hearts of civilized men and bring half of Europe Here to find its Fate. A feature of exhibition and tolerated with Southern carelessness was gambling. There were Roulette rabbis in full swing card games and last but not a bit Lea to tie three card Monte. All these people and their apparatus were kept outside Low Wall of i Laza. It was very funny to watch Monte Sharps who were each accompanied by one or two confederate.?, who affecting indifference would saunter up and win from $1 to $5 with entire equanimity. But these gamblers had Liard set Mouth deep drooping hues Over lips that Mark Man who lives by games of Chance. Tiie Monte of iterators had blankets of Gaudy Hue which they sat upon manipulating cards with great rapidity and calling out incessantly Quot Colorado a a Colorado Colorado Blanco Blanco Blanco Qantas Vuel tas Qantas Hueltas Quot etc., till one was quite deafened. One Chap had a Confederate who assumed role of a nurse girl. She was modest dressed in a Cotton frock and a neat Cotton Rebozo covered head and shoulders. She was a picture of girlish innocence and when she first staked her big Silver Dollar on card she had selected i thought her a sort of foolish Maiden who was being entrapped by guile Ful Man. She won and then tried again and won once More. Some people tempted by her Luck tried their hand and lost soon Monte Sharp had shifted his blankets to another place. I followed him and there found trying her hand again that innocent Damsel dressed As a nurse maid in service of a Good family. As often As Monte Man took a new place so often was to be found nurse girl and How Art Lessly she won her dollars which afterwards she slyly gave Back to her partner. Many soldiers played at Roulette some winning and some losing. The faces of big eyed Little boys watching rolling of Ball were a study. The police stood about idly never interfering with Busy gamblers but ready to see that no one robbed piles of Silver lying on blankets on ground or on red coloured tables in Ojen air or under tents. pay of two presidents. W he emoluments attached to office of president of France Are considered it is not surprising that a vacancy brought Forth such a Host of candidates neither should it astonish any one that m. Grevy was loth to relinquish such a paying position when he had five years of his time to serve. The salary of president of French Republic is $120,000 per year. Beside this Liberal stipend he is allowed firewood Candle and gaslight men servants tie wages and Board of whom sate pays As Well As buying their liveries two carriages a Carriage for his secretaries two be cretan is three civil. Secretaries Houe Linen and Cost of washing it and vegetables for his table from gardens formerly belonging to Empire. The Flowers for his greenhouse and ballroom come from tie City Nursery gardens. His Supply of game not Only costs him nothing but is so abundant that he can sell about $9,000 Worth a year after supplying his table valuable preserves in forests of Marly and Rambouillet being set apart for president s use. His musical and theatrical tastes Are also gratified at Public expense state paying for a Box at opera and at Frank Ais for his use. And if he is too indolent to occupy his boxes he and his family can enjoy music without leaving state residence telephones having been put in for that purpose which Are paid for by Republic. For household expanses sum of $ i2,480 is Allowe i annually. The president of United states while receiving but $50,000 As salary Man ahead of French president in matter of household expenses. His private Secretary clerks doorkeeper messengers 8teward,Aud servants Cost $ .13,865 a year which nation pays As Well As a Quot contingent fund Quot of $8,000 a year. Then sum of $16,000 is appropriated for use As president sees fit in buying furniture for White House and in keeping that in repair. For fuel $ ,000 is allowed and $4,000 More for repairs to Green House. These sums add d to salary make president Cost United Spates $114,-�05 i it or year which is still a smaller Sura than Bare Salar of France s Rul r. A Fui Sbur it Jyh chronicle Telegraph. Elt Meiji of destiny. One might roughly indicate differences Between Ordinary men and men of eminent Mark by referring to their relative Possession of a consciousness of destiny. So often has a sense of being set apart and devoted to something accompanied great capacity that it would seem to be a natural and legitimate help to carrying out of any arduous undertaking. Schopenhauer declares that no one can be Blind to his own Merit any More than Man who a six feet High can remain ignorant of fact that he towers above his Fellows. He notes Juride with which Horace Lucretius Ovid Dante Shakespeare and Bacon have spoken of themselves and quotes englishman who wittily that a Quot Rit and modesty have nothing in common except Ini Ial letter. "1 have always a suspicion about modest celebrities Quot he adds Quot that they May v e right. Goethe has frankly said Only Good for nothings Are modest Quot certainly great German himself came Well within limits of own estimate of Worth for no one would Ever think of Acci Asing him of being without personal poise and absolute Confidence in Powers which influence human Success. "1 begin with this Quot he told his Mother As boy Quot later on in life i shall distinguish myself in far other tiie fact is that As Long As he lived Goethe believed in oracles and was As willing As Rousseau to Trust his fortunes to merest process of Chance. Rousseau was to be saved in other Wor d if Stone he threw hit tree at which it was aimed and had Goethe caught plunge of valuable pocket knife which he d into River Lahu from behind 1 he Bushes where he Stool he miss pfc have become a Painter ins Iead of a poet. There May be a Quot divinity Quot that shapes ends of All men but Only exceptional individual seems at All conscious of fact or in Way i it of turning it to i practical account by actually reviving to on it in daily life. Thus it comes about that demonic men men of a definite Bent and direction which they cannot resist Are Given to trusting More than those whose standpoint is merely personal and commonplace. Greene historian tells us that Quot Elizabeth had As All Strong natures have an unbounded Confidence in her Quot her majesty counts much on Fortune Quot wrote bitterly Quot i wish she would Trunt More in almighty god. Quot Lincoln never for an instant doubted that he was formed for some Quot great or miserable end Quot and. Freely talked about impression to this effect which had been a wih him All his life and which after year 1840 assumed character of positive conviction. His biographer asserts that this presentiment was As Clear and certain As any image conveyed by senses. Quot Star under which he was born was at once Brilliant and malignant Horoscope was cast fixed irreversible and he had no More Power to dive tit in minutest particular than he had to reverse Law of gulled. I must have been a very simple Little fellow when i first went to school. A boy of name of Garrett took me into a cake shop one Day and bought some cakes for which he did not pay As Shopman trusted him when he came out i asked him Why he did not pay for them and he instantly answered Quot Why do you not know that my Uncle left a Large sum of Money to town on condition that every should give whatever was wanted without payment to any one who wore his old hat and moved it in a particular manner Quot and he then showed me How it was moved. He then went into another shop where he was trusted and asked for some article moving his hat in proper manner and of course obtained it without payment. W Hen we came out he said Quot now if you like to go by yourself into Liat cake shop How we i i remember its exact position i will lend you my Liat. And you can get whatever to i like if you move hat on your head i gladly accepted a generous offer and went a and asked for some cakes moved hat and was walking out of shop when Shopman made a Rush at me so i dropped cakes and ran Lor. Dear life and was astonished Ltd by Bing greeted by shouts of laughter by my false friends.�?27te boyhood of Dar loin. Quot ways of provide Aee Are Sumer oils mrs. White of Vernon. Miss., while on a visit to new Orleans Pur. Based a setting of Pekin Duck eggs and shortly after her return Home placed them under a Hen. A Day or two later she visited nest while Hen was feeding in Yard there were thirteen eggs but they looked much whiter and smaller than those she had set still she nothing wrong. In due time eggs hatched but instead of a lot of Little Webb foots imagine mrs. White s Surprise and Disi it Leasure when she found thirteen Little Chicks in nest. A few Days thereafter Lier negro Cook told her that old aunt Mill v. Down at Quot quarters Quot had a Hen that had just hatched out a lot of Little ducklings so mrs. White proceeded to interview aunt Milly at once. The old Darky declared that she had set Hen s eggs and professed to be As much astonished at result As a her mistress in her Case. Quot Well. Aunt Milly How do you account Tor it Quot queried mrs. White who of course understood matter. Aunt Milly with arms a limbo re lie i Quot miss Mary it sure am strange but was of Providence am numerous and Bible Sav Chile that nothing aia on possible with in /

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