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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - February 21, 1895, Fort Wayne, Indiana Business picking up. Comptroller Eckels gets encouraging reports. Bankers throughout the country assert that Confidence is returning and prospects Vire brightening Cleveland averse to an extra session. Washin Eckels is an Optimist. Jon correspondence comptroller Eck ols who is in touch w i t h the Bankers shout the country re an improvement in business. This improvement. He says began some time ago and is going steadily on. His information warrants him in expressing the belief 1p that it will continue fill la i s j40 to go steadily on. In. Til the Normal condition has been once More reached. He is i not discouraged by the present financial situation. He does not believe that the country is going to the a dem Nixion Bow wows or that it is anywhere near that place. Though of a naturally optimistic nature or. Eckels is conservative to refrain from expressing any opinion under which he has not a Eood solid ground for foundation. He is in daily communication with the National Bankers and it seems As if every owe of them Felt called upon to give his opinion As to the condition of affairs in his particular Section of the country Allaf which is very agreeable to the comptroller. His correspondents Are the Ablest men of the country. They have carved their own Way in the world and have achieved i prominent Niche. They do not give their opinions for the purpose of Ambli Rinion or to achieve any ulterior end. They merely write hem As bits of gossip thinking they will interest the comptroller. These National Bankers receiving their information from business men of their respective communities who come to them for Loans probably probe More clearly into the very heart of the a rouble and condition of the general Public than any other class of men. It is their knowledge Given with the honest purpose of supplying the comptroller with accurate information of National affairs which forms the basis of comptroller Eckelsa opinion. The chief trouble which the present condition of affairs is causing the country is the spread of fear in Europe that our National credit is in a shaky condition. The report has gone abroad that we Are not to maintain Gold payments and american securities held in such enormous quantities by foreign investors will be paid for in Silver or some depreciated currency. This naturally creates apprehension and distrust. The president s message has had a wonderfully l reviving effect on Europe according to private information received at the Treasury department. And Many men and corporations of great wealth seeking investment and who a month or so ago were doing their Best to realize on their american securities Are now perfectly willing to hold them. There Are plenty left however who fear that this Congress is not to be trusted and that some legislation dangerous to the stability of our National credit will be inaugurated Ere the final adjournment. This feeling possesses in a slight measure a few american Bankers. They art1, however. Of the timid class and though their feelings May be extended to their customers the damage will not be so very Goa t. A a resident Cleveland appreciates this feeling both Here and abroad at a recent Cabinet meeting he expressed himself As being strongly opposed to an extra session so strongly in fact As to warrant him in informing his associates that there would be none unless some unforeseen emergency should arise. The president does not believe that the Prospect of Semi ring party advantages alone would warrant him inflicting an extra session of Congress upon the people. The situation must take on a much Darker Hue. It is his belief based on communications from people in All parts of the country that what the country wants is a rest from Congress. Lie further believes that the recovery of business will be More rapid if members of Congress Are at Home instead of at the National capital in session. He shares Secretary Carlisles belief that the revenues will soon be Surwic gently Large to meet the government expenditures and when that is proved to the general satisfaction Confidence will strengthen and the need for further issues of Bonds . Such is the situation to Day. Employees of both houses of Congress Are spending a Good Deal of time on their Knees praying that an extra session will not be called. No particular love of country actuates them in their desire. It is purely personal with them though they May possibly think that their own personal Benefit will indirectly add to the Benefit of the country. The fact is that an extra session Means the cessation of their present jobs. If there is no extra session their terms of employment will continue until Congress meets in regular session next december. That Means the loss or gain of just about nine months salary to them. Should the fifty fourth Congress Convene in session immediately after the close of this Congress new officers would doubtless be elected by the Senate which it is expected will reorganize inasmuch As the democrats Are no longer in the majority and the employees now enjoying soft positions at remunerative prices will have to seek other employment. And the seeking of other employment to a Man who has enjoyed a few years in the service of the United states Senate is about As disagreeable a Job As Ever confronted a politician. The Day after the last election Logan a Carlisle chief clerk of the Treasury received applications from nine tenths of the employees of both Senate and House. They had hoped for democratic Success at the polls and had gone to bed the night before wondering if their Hopes were to be realized. They were up before Daybreak and read the answer in the stars. These told them they must seek other places Ere the incoming of the Congress elected the Day before and Ere the Sun had risen their applications were prepared for positions in one of the government departments. Some of these applicants will be provided for of course but comparatively few because the departments Are already choked. If the prayers of these supplicants Are answered there will be no extra session. But even when the next Congress convenes in december they will be just As reluctant to go and moreover they will be All the less Able to secure employment. The report that the president is once More suffering from ill health has gone abroad again. This report will doubtless be repeated with More or less frequency after the adjournment of Congress and news at the National capital is scarce. But whatever the condition of the president will be after the adjournment of Congress it can and should be said positively now that it has never been better during the present administration. The president is naturally a Man of action. He likes work. He thrives on worry. His step is Light and his gout has disappeared. His Cheeks Are Ruddy his Eye Clear and his hand clasp firm. He seems Well eats Well works Well. He sees everybody who Calls on him on Public business and his information shows that he keeps in touch with pretty much All that is going on. The president May not live fifty years longer but a great Many who Are now predicting Liis death will leave him on Earth a firm vigorous Man of affairs when they Are climbing the Golden stairs. A Strong Effort is being made by the friends of general Casey chief Engineer of the army to have him placed in charge of the construction of the new Chicago Post office building. It is to be hoped that their efforts will fail. To one doubts Thuc engineering ability old general Casey. But the Long time it has taken him to build the congressional Library is a Monument to his Lack of Energy and should be a warning to All who Hope for the erection of the Chicago building in Chicago time. Scheme to defraud. Mother and j a Giters conspire to heat a Railroad. Mrs. Freeman and her two daughters Fannie aged 19, and Jennie aged 22, were arrested in Chicago the specific charge made against them being that of attempting to defraud the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific railway company out of $2,000. The three women tried to work a new Dodge on the company but it is one which it is said has been successfully used by the same practitioners before. Miss Fannie by much practice in stoicism passed herself off As a paralytic claiming that she had been injured in an Accident on the Railroad and had become paralysed in consequence. She feigned the part so Well that the company came near paying the claim presented. Them Mem of a f a i a Quot a a a w is. / h t a a Kest of the Freeman. Smallness of the amount asked for however created some suspicion and detectives were put to work on the Case. The Freeman lived in a hat at cos West twelfth Street but the Flat above them was unoccupied. Detectives rented the upper Flat made Small holes in the floor and through these watched the proceedings that took place in the sick room below. Whenever the family was alone the paralysed Young woman would leave her bed and walk around the room just As Well As her Mother or sister could. When the doctor called the Mother before admitting him to the chamber of the a paralytic a would immerse miss fannies limbs in cold water and As soon As they were half Frozen she was put to bed and the doctor called in. He found her limbs icy cold As they should be if really paralysed. On his final visit however he the a a paralytic takes exercise. Amused himself for a few moments jabbing pins into them but miss Fannie had been schooled to stand this sort of thing since childhood and never winged. When the doctor raised one of her lags a look of consternation overspread the Young woman a face. What should she do no doctor had Ever raised her if before. It was not in the program. The leg remained raised and the doctor smiled while the Mother swore. A few hours later the place was pulled and miss Fannie sprang out of bed. The women objected seriously to being taken into custody and loudly protested their innocence but they were quieted Down a trifle when the Peep Hole in the ceiling was pointed out to them. They were taken to the police station where they broke Down and made a Complete confession. A Wood for kindling purposes How it is prepared by steam and machinery for use. Pine kindling Wood comes principally from the forests of Virginia. The Trees says the scientific american Are first Cut Down and the trunks quartered and sawed into proper lengths. The Wood is then carted to the coast packed into sailing vessels and brought to this Section where it is bought up at the docks by the dealers and manufactured into kindling Wood being first sawed into Short lengths then passed through a steam splitter which carries the pieces to an elevator which in turn passes them along and drops them Down into the delivery wagons. The pieces of Timber which Are four feet six inches in length Are first sawed into eight and one half Inch lengths the saws used for the purpose being thirty inches in diameter one eighth of an Inch in thickness having fifty Inch and a Quarter Teeth. These saws make about 2,000 revolutions per minute. The attendant being Able to saw up about from twelve to fifteen cords per Day. The pieces As fast As they Are sawed Are passed to a steam splitter. They Are first placed end up on a movable Chain which by the Aid of two Hexagon wheels and a Ratchet wheel which is worked by an eccentric causes the Chain with the Wood to move along under the knives which pass Down through the pieces of Wood splitting each of them into a dozen or More pieces. The knives Are four in number and bolted into the Crosshead. They Are twelve inches in length six inches in Width and three quarters of an Inch in thickness. The knives Bass up and Down a. Perpendicular slide with i twelve Inch stroke. Mailing about eighty cuts per minute. The endless Chain is twelve inches in which. And pass s Over a wooden bed. The top of which is covered with an Iron mate which protects the Chain from the blows of in knives Wii a it. Striking the Wood. A it it very downward stroke of the knives a movable bearing Winch the in pass through holds the Piec s of Wood Down firmly against the Chain. With the upward stroke it releases the split Wood which is moved Forward Yaboni two inches at a stroke by the Chain which is worked by tiny Ratchet wheel and eccentric. The pieces of Wood Mien drop Down into an elevator at the end of the machine and Are carried off to the delivery wagons by a number of buckets bolted on a twelve Inch Cotton Belt. These buckets Are eighteen inches apart and made of wooden strips three inches in height and about one and one half inches in thickness. They Are held in place by being bolted to narrow Iron strips on the under Side of the Belt. The Belt is about forty live Leet in length and travels about feet per minute. The splitting machine can Cut Twenty cords per Day. A delivery Wagon holding one Cord can be filled in about fifteen minutes. The wholesale Price of Virginia Pine Ai tin Dock is from 7 per Cord the manufactured kindling Wood brings from $11 to per big rat Star. 3iisehievous 31 me. Malibrani. To Prima Donna was Ever More delightfully capricious More full of mis chief than the famous mine. Mil Iran. At the rehearsals of Quot Romeo and Juliet Quot she could never make up her mind where she was to a die Quot at night. It was important for Romeo to know but All he could get avas Quot not sure Quot Don t know a a a can to Tell a or Quot it will be just As it happens according to my humor sometimes in one place sometimes in on one occasion she chose to Quot die close to the footlights. Her companion of course being compelled to Quot die beside her and thus when the curtain fell a couple of footmen had to carry the pair off one at a time to the intense amusement of the audience. John Templeton the Tine old scottish Tenor was probably never so miserable As when lit avas cast to sing Avith Mali ran. Very often she avas displeased Avith his performance and one evening she a whispered to him. A you Are not. Acting properly make love to me better a to a Hichs so it is said Templeton innocently replied a a done to you know i am a married Man a a evidently the lady did not think there avas anything serious in the circumstance for not Long Aften Vard alien in a a Sonnambula she avas on her Knees to Templeton Asel Vino she succeeded in making the Tenor scream with suppressed laughter when he should have been singing by tickling him vigorously under the arms a the Cornhill Magazine. Long thoroughfares. Philadelphia has some Long streets. Second Street fifteen Miles Germantown and Ridge Avenue ten Miles Broad Street nine and three Quarter Miles Frankfort Avenue eight Miles fifth Street six and one half Miles Market Street Fiat a and one half Miles. Good Rule. Pupils in the Public schools of France who Are found using tobacco Aie promptly dismissed. Sketch of the Man who led Mary Anderson to Fame. Also played leading roles with Booth Barrett and Thorne. From the is. Louis chronicle one of the most conspicuous figures in the stagehand of America to Day is John w. Norton. Born in the seventh Ward of new York City forty six years ago the friends of his youth were Thomas w. Keene and Frank Chanfrau. We find Keene a Star at the age of 25 and Norton in the Flower of Early manhood the leading Man for Edwin Booth at the famous Winter Garden theater. He was starred with Lavrence Barrett Early in the �?T70�?Ts, and alternated the leading roles with Charles Thorne at the variety theater in new Orleans. Early in the Centennial year in Louisville Norton met our Mary Anderson then a fair Young girl who aspired for stage Fame took her under his guidance and As everybody knows led her to Fame. Or. Norton is now the proprietor of the grand opera House in St. Louis the Duquesne theater Pittsburg and one of the stockholders in the american extravaganza company. One afternoon Early in june he hobbled into his new York office on Broadway and encountered his business manager. George Mcmanus who had also been a rheumatic sufferer for two years. Norton was surprised that Mcmanus had discarded his Cane. Who cured you he asked. A i cured myself a replied Mcmanus a with or. Williams Pink a i was encouraged by or. Mcmanus cure and As a last resort tried the Pink pills myself a said or. Norton to a chronicle reporter. A you have known me for five years and know How i have suffered. Why during the summer of 1893 i was on my Back at the Mullamphy Hospital in this City four weeks. I was put on the old system of dieting Avith a View to Clearing those acid Ulous properties in my blood that medical theorists say is the cause of my rheumatism. I left the Hospital feeling stronger but the first Damp weather brought with it those excruciating pains in the legs and Back. It was the same old trouble. After sitting Down for a stretch of five minutes the pains screwed my legs into a knot when i arose and 1 hobbled As painfully As Ever. After i had taken my first Box of Pink pills it struck me that the pains a Ore less troublesome. I tried another Box and i began almost unconsciously to have Faith in the Pink pills. I improved so rapidly that i could Rise after sitting at my desk for an hour and the twinges of rheumatism that accompanied my rising Wen so mild that i scarcely noticed them. During the past two weeks we have had much Rainy weather in St. Louis. But the dampness has not had the slightest effect in bringing Back the rheumatism which i consider a sufficient and reliable test of the Efficacy of Pink pills. I May also say that the Pink pills have acted As a tonic on my stomach which i thought was Well nigh destroyed by the thousand and one alleged remedies 1 consumed in the past five _ persons troubled Avith the diff cuties of French pronunciation Mav Noav buy a phonograph Cylinder containing test words and phrases done with the most Beautiful accent. Cold water men. Or. Caine says that there Are now 7,000,000 Teeto tales in the United kingdom. Free to Christian endeavours. Pocket guide and maj of Boston the convention City. The passenger department of tin my four Loute have issued a very convenient and attractive pocket guide to the City of Boston which Ayi 11 be sent free of charge tall members of the people s society of Christian Endeavor who Avill end Throe a cent Stamps to Cov a mailing Char Gas to the undersigned. This pocket guide should be in the hands of every member of the society who contemplates attending the Lith annual a a invention As it show the location of a All depots a hotels. Churches inst it natio s. Places of an sement prominent . San it car lines Kie. Etc. Writ As Tiu edit Ion is limited. E. O. Mccoy mkt Pas Turco traffic manager big four Louie. Cincinnat i. It Hio. Sourati a imagined that to had a familiar spirit of guardian Angel that conversed with him. Who wins the $300? a novel Avay to obtain a suitable name for their great yes avoid Kerful Neav Oats has been adopted by the John a. Salzer seed co they offer $300 for a name for their Yoav Oats their catalogue tells All about it. Farmers Are enthusiastic Over the oat claiming 200 bushels can be groan per acre right along. You will want it. Farmers report six tons of Hay from Salzer a Meadow mixtures 112 bushels Corn per acre in a dry season and 1,161 bushels potatoes from two acres. If you will Cut this out and Send it Avith 10c postage to the John a. Salzer seed co., la Crosse wis., you get free their Mammoth catalogue and a package of above prize Oats. Inf Saffra to avas so called because it was inhabited by the Kaffir or _ Flome seekers excursions via. Nickel plate Road. To Points in the South at one fare for the found trip March 5th, april 2nd and 30th. Ask agents of the Nickel plate Road for detailed information. The Brilliant Southey finally Sank into a state of mental stupor in which he died _ health in your Vest pocket a Box of Kopans tubules can be stowed away in your Vest pocket. It costs you Only 50 cents und May save you As Many Dollar so Worth of time and doctor Bills. Lord Clives melancholy finally ended in madness and he died by his own hand. If in need of a remedy for a sore Throat or a bad cough or cold use promptly or. Jayne s expectorant a useful Medicine to keep in the House because of its great helpfulness in All lung and Throat troubles. A Clay found near Clarence mo., has been found to contain 40 per cent of aluminium. Excursion rates to Colorado Utah Texas and intermediate Western states at one fare for the round trip. Ask agents of the Nickel plate Load. The Keystone of the Arch in the edifice of health is vigor which Means not merely muscular Energy but an Active discharge of the various functions of the body such As digestion secretion of the bite the action of the bowels the circulation of the blood. Nothing More actively and thoroughly contributes to the United performance of these functions than the renowned tonic and regulator Hostetter a stomach bitters. The result of its use is a speedy gain in strength together with the agreeable consciousness that the tenure of life is being a strengthened that one is laying up a store of vitality against the unavoidable draughts which old age makes upon the system. The fortifying influence of the bitters constitute it a reliable safeguard against malaria rheumatism and kidney trouble. Appetite and sleep improve through its user and it protects the system from the effects of Eold and Damp. Favored Demoiselles. The French believe in marriage and legacies for its encouragement Are not uncommon. The latest is that of a parisian tradesman of neapolitan origin who has left 18,000 France to the City of Paris the interest of which is to be applied every year in providing a a edding dowry for three Young girls born in Paris Avo Are Between the Ages of 16 and 25. The names of the candidates Are to be entered at the fairies by the 1st of october in each year and the three fortunate Demoiselles Are to be selected in accordance with certain conditions Laid Down by the testator. Attend the fort Wayne business College. Both Kepler and Cuvier died of different forms of brain . Or. Parker is the beloved pastor of the universalist Church at Fargo n. D., and has also been a pastor in Providence r. I., new York City and Troy n. Y. Lie says a i regard Hood s Sarsaparilla the Best blood purifier and i have Good reason for this opinion. I am now to years of Aje. Four years a of i was afflicted with rheumatism in my Back an it limbs so badly that it was impossible Fot ice to get my usual sleep at night. I had just partially recovered from the grip which reduced my weight 40 lbs. My appetite was poor and i Felt languid and weak. In fact Kev. J. X. In a kor i it. I. I was in a very i cargo n. I. Lap dated condition. Having heard and read so much about the wonderful cures produced by hoods Sarsaparilla i resolved to give it a trial. I followed the directions and before the fifth bottle was Fin Hood sea it cures shed my appetite was restored i Felt invigorated and Strong. My rheumatic difficulty had entirely disappeared. I cannot but think very highly of hoods j. N. Pakker. Hoods pills Are the beat family cathartic and liver Medicine. Harmless reliable brings Comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The Many who live better than others and enjoy life More with less expenditure by More promptly adapting the worlds Best products to the needs of physical being will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy syrup of figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and please ant to the taste the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative effectually cleansing the system dispelling colds headaches and fever and permanently curing constipation. It has Given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession because it acts on the kidneys liver and bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of figs is for Sale by All druggists in 50c and $1 bottles Blit it is manufactured by the California Fig syrup co. Only whose name is printed on every package also the name syrup of figs and being Well informed you will not accept any substitute if offered. Ely scream Balm will cure Catarrh apply Balm into a Ach nostril. Ely bbob., 66 Warren St.,n. Y. A a a a a a a a a a sin Relief a off Inri Kidder a pfl8mu8i�t�g maa mrs. Winslow a soothing 8tkop Tor children Tueting sen tons Gums reduces inflammation allays pain cures wind Colic. 35 cents a bottle. Var fails. A cough syrup. Taste Good. Use in time. Sold by druggists.

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