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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - February 4, 1892, Fort Wayne, Indiana In other skies. I went across to snowy Field an eerie wind swept whistling by. Far off a oligarch Dell slowly pealed Tsien silence filled the hollow sky. As if the Daylight held its breath the very Seal and soil of death. To late the Sparrow s pipe did drown murmur of leaves and Wash of air. The Bluebird Shook a measure Down the Robin whistled everywhere the Bobolink s wild spurt of song bubbled and sparkled All Day Long. So late from Covert of the Wood stars trembling flowing Waters still the spirit of the Solitude Sang soft Sang far the whippoorwill. And thrushes made the glad tears Start while dim strange Joy half broke the heart. To late so late from every Bough mad music troubling far and near As if the Sunshine Sang and now the Frost of empty silence Here so might a dead world sink and swoon beyond the dark Side of the Moon 1 of songs of unforgotten moods. In Royance whither have you flown within what sweeter latitudes on what Serener breezes blown ? Quot upon what Bloom what Folden Bough of singers do you warble now within what other heaven showers the lavish measure of your tune ? Are other skies More soft than ours Are other skies More fair than june All Crystal Safe from Sun or drouth in there a land More South than South kith s fright. It was on the a Ali Clay of n november a a Guy Fawkes Day Quot in the old almanac that Hung above the Mantal in my maternal grandmother s Long disused room upstairs. In this Northern Home to which we had recently removed falling heirs to it through theve by Anc Estress will the dwellers regarded november rather As a Winter than an autumn month and to Day the wind howled and the rain pattered with a persistence marvelous to behold. And As it happened i was All alone in the House. Father had gone to take his russet apples to Market the apples that myself had helped to Harvest and pack into the barrels and was not expected Home until to Morrow night at the earliest. Jacii. My brother was in Montreal sitting up the Law Otyce which was henceforward to be his abode. Jean our hard featured Cross grained old servant had gone Home with the Quot rheumatic Quot As she termed it to be treated by a certain ancient Indian Herb doctor and just at dust fall Peter our useful Man Quot had thrust his Shock head unceremoniously in at the door. �?�1 say. Miss Ruth Quot he had said Quot there s plenty of Wood and everything s All snug for the night and i m Goin Over to Stephenson s. They re in trouble Quot trouble Peter what kind of trouble is the old Man sick Quot but in answer to my query Peter Only uttered an indistinct remark and went out slamming the door behind him. I stood in front of the fire looking Down at the glowing embers and pondering within i self. The Steph Entous who lived in an old Gray Stone House on the other Side of the fire Cip Itous Glen had always been a Riddle to me. The family was Small consisting Only of a crabbed old Man his portentous by silent wife and two tall ungainly sons and what on Earth they did wit Liall the big echoing rooms or How they contrived to live perched like eagles on the Side of the Rock i could not form the least idea. Quot City boarders Quot Peter had once grunted out in answer to my persistent interrogations. But if they kept City boarders Why did they not leave these dreary Mountain fastnesses when the leaves fell and the dismal autumn fogs gathered above the Cliffs altogether there was a certain atmosphere of mystery about these Quot Stephensons Quot that aroused All the eve like instincts of my nature. While i still stood thinking a soft tap sounded at the door. I opened it at once never once remembering that i was alone in the House. Quot be never Aughter d do that miss Ruth Quot said the Well known accents of mrs. Sludge Farmer sludge s buxom wife. Quot do what mrs. Sludge Quot Quot open the door after dark when you re alone in the House without Askin who s Quot what of Stephenson a Quot i cried eagerly. Quot who is Stephenson anyway do Tell me mrs. Quot Well i declare Quot said mrs. Sludge. Quot is it possible now that they Hain t told you Quot Quot they have told me nothing Quot said i. Quot Well it s Likely they did t want to scare you or make you nervous Quot said mrs. Sludge. Quot but All the same i think you d Aughter Quot How did you know i was alone in the House Quot Quot i just met Peter Goin to Stephenson Quot of Quot said i. Quot but we Don t have tramps Here mrs. Quot i m not so certain o that Quot said the Farmer s wife. Your folks Hain t lived Here As Long As i have. We re just nigh enough to the Canada line to have queer characters prowling about when we least expect pm. And then there s Stephenson Quot mrs. Sludge Quot cried i seizing her Arm Quot what is it do Tell me Quot Quot it s a private Home Quot said mrs. Sludge lowering her voice to a whisper As though the rain drops and the rustling fir. Boughs could overhear. Quot a what Quot i gasped. Quot for people of feeble mind Quot explained the woman Quot and lunges Quot tapping her forehead As she spoke. I stared at her. Quot then Quot cried i Quot that s what Peter meant when he said that that Quot Quot one of the poor creatures has somehow Given pm the slip Quot said mrs. Sludge a Quot an English gentleman from Montreal As has Only been there a few Days. Sobody knows just How it happened but happen it did. My Man s gone Over with a lantern to help Hunt for him so has Quot he might have told me Quot i cried indignantly. Quot anyway i Don t think he ought to have left you Here alone Quot said mrs. Sludge several Quot but you be come to stay with me mrs. Sludge Quot Quot bless you heart. Miss Ruth no i m on my Way to carry a letter to or. Romney a up the Road a very important letter with in haste writ on for in addition to her duties As Farmer s wife and a Mother of a Large family of Little children mrs. Sludge helped her husband in the care of the obscure Little country Post office a mile Down the Road Quot and by the Way i d nearly forgot it i be got a letter for you too. That s what brought me Quot forme mrs. Sludge Quot instinctively i put out my hand to grasp the treasure while the woman fumbled first in one and then in another of her pockets. Quot it s very strange Quot said she Quot i made sure i had it. I did have it when i started away from Home but now i remember just at the foot of Gibb s Cliff i took out my handler Cher to tie around my neck the wind came so keen around the rocks and i must a pulled it out with that and everything too pitch dark around me to see. Of miss Ruth. I m so sorry please Don t report me there s a Good Young lady or i shall lose my i swallowed Down a great Lump of discomfiture in my Throat and tried to laugh. Quot report you mrs. Sludge Quot said i. Quot of course not. It was t your fault. If you had t kindly thought of me Anc started to bring it on your Way Toro Neys you never would have lost Quot and quite True Quot said mrs. Sludge ruefully Quot but All the same i wish i had t been so thoughtless. I la Send the boys out to look for it just As soon As Quot Quot of never mind the letter Quot i interrupted. Quot i dare say it s Only from Jack. To Morrow morning will do very Well for that. But mrs. Sludge you la come Back and stay with me till Peter gets Back Jean is away you know and Quot yes my dear i la do that Quot assented the woman evidently relieved to be let off so easily on the score of the letter. Quot and it won t be Long first. It s Only a Short half mile to Romney a if the wind did t blow so like All with a Good Humoured nod she disappeared into the rain and darkness and i ran Back to pile fresh logs on the waning fire. Bank burglars extradited wanderers a Lunatic at Large a with All these possibilities whirling in my brain it is not strange that i lighted a second lamp in order effectually to banish All lurking shadows from the angles of the room and started nervously when a sudden blast of wind Shook the window shutters As if with some imperious hand. Quot ill go up to the Garret and bring Down some Butternuts Quot thought i Quot and then i la get some cider from the cellar. It will to fun to crack the Butternuts and watch the shells Blaze in the fire and mrs. Sludge will like a drink of cider when she comes Back All wet and cheered by this Happy thought i caught up a lamp and Fiew to the Garret of the Roomy old House where my father had bestowed All the nutty treasures of the autumn Woods. Somehow Priscill a the cat had got locked into the Garret and i had to release her from Durance vile and replace a Box or two which she had knocked off from the window Sill before i came Down driving her cat ship before me with the lamp in one hand an Apro Ful of Butternuts in the other. Through the open keep Nir room door streamed a Ray of Light into the cimmerian darkness of the Hall. I stopped abruptly. Surely i had closed that door when i came out remembering a certain trick it had of slamming to and fro in Windy weather like this. And at the same time a curious consciousness of some human presence near by crept Over me like an unseen magnetic cur Reikat. Isor was it a false premonition. As i stretched my neck to Peep cautiously into the room i saw seated before the fire a gentleman a Youngish gentleman Pale Black haired and As i thought rather unsettled of aspect. And a decidedly wet and mud be spattered gentleman whose raiment steamed in the glorious Blaze and crackle of the Pine logs As he sat there holding out his hands to the genial warmth. How had he gained an Entrance had i carelessly neglected to Bolt the Biff door after mrs. Sludge s departure yes i must have done so and that was a proof of How utterly unfit i was to be left by myself. For a second i stood there quiling and quaking my heart thumping like a trip Hammer and a cold sweat breaking out upon my forehead before 1 decided what to do. I had never seen a Bank burglar to be sure but i was pretty certain this Black haired gentleman could not belong to that race. And i did not think he acted like any other scoundrel who was fleeing from the Rigours of the Law. He must be the English gentleman gone wrong in his head who had Quot escaped Quot from Stephenson s. I was alone in the House with a maniac. And at the idea my heart beat More violently than Ever and the cold drops grew colder on my brow. With a sudden instinct i decided that there was nothing for it but flight. The worst feature of the Case was that i could not get out of the House be it remembered that Peter had taken away the key of the Back Kitchen door in his pocket without passing direct y through the room where the escaped Lunatic sat basking before the fire. This however must be faced there was no remedy for it and with one Blind Rush i precipitated myself through the room tumbling Over the cat and scattering a Shower of Butternuts As i went and darted headlong through the door with an involuntary shriek that might have rent the ceilings if ceiling were rent in that Way except in the pages of Romance. Directly into the arms of Jack my own brother Jack who was coming in from the Van with a Light Valise in one hand and a dripping Carriage Robe in the other. Quot Halloo Quot bawled Jack staggering under the blow of my very unexpected appearance. Quot Why what the i declare if it in t Buthyl Quot Quot of Jack of Jack Quot i screamed clutching at him like the drowning Man at the proverbial Straw. Where Are All the folks what has become of the stable Kejs what have you done with Carleton Quot he demanded. But i paid no heed to his interrogatories. Quot come Jack Quot i cried Quot come quickly the escaped Lunatic he s right there in the keeping room of Jack i do Hope you be got your revolver Quot Quot what Quot roared Jack. Quot an escaped Lunatic where the Deuce has he come from has he Hurt Carle ton Quot he made a Spring toward the keeping room in whose door stood the tall Pale Man straining his eyes out into the night. A where is he Quot shouted Jack. Quot where s who Quot said the escaped Lunatic in a pleasant slightly drawling voice. Quot it was t a he it was a she and she cleared the floor in a single bound and of i m sure i beg a thousand pardons Quot a As he caught sight of me. Quot but please what is the matter Quot in a second my mental vision became As Clear As Crystal. I saw it All and i envied Priscilla the cat because i could not vanish under the China cupboard As she did and be gone. I could Only Blush and hang my head and stammer out incoherent apologies amid the laughter of Jack and the polite apologies of the Friend whom he had unexpectedly brought from Montreal with him and whose coming had been announced As it seemed by the very letter mrs. Sludge had lost. That s All. There is no sequel to my Story. In real life i have found that stories Seldom do have sequels. I had had a dreadful fright and they All laughed at me first and made excuses for me and petted me afterwards and said Quot poor Little Ruth Quot father declared that he would never risk such a thing again and discharged Peter on the spot but Peter came Back to his work the next Day just As usual and he is Here still. Or. Carleton was very Nice and apologetic for coming in without knocking to dry himself while Jack was leading the horse to the barn but he has not yet fallen in love with me As an orthodox hero ought to do. The genuine escaped Lunatic was captured near Stephenson s and taken to Montreal under the impression that he was the governor general to take Possession of his vice Regency. And just half an hour after we had settled Down to the cracking of Butternuts and drinking Sweet cider that night a merry group a sepulchral Knock sounded at the door and mrs. Sludge s voice was heard proclaiming Quot if you please miss i be come to keep you company Quot a new Orleans Delta. A wicked woman. The polish countess Potocki in spite of her Lovely innocent looking face was As free from any sense of morality As any woman of her Day. She came to see mme. Lebrun with her husband and when he had left them coolly observed Quot he is my third husband but i think i shall take up my first one again. He suited me much better although he is a regular another of mme. Lebrun s friends who indulged in relays of husbands was Quot the pretty Little wicked Duchesse de Fleury Quot As Horace Walpole Calls her we managed to escape to Rome from Paris. Before the return of the bourbons having occasion one Day to visit emperor Bonaparte he said to her brusquely Quot do you still love men Quot a a yes sire when they Are polite Quot she replied. Lob scouse Quot and Salt a tale of the sea showing the influence Cert eco by diet. I have a particular and pronounced antipathy to Black cats. I can stand the maltese and other varieties whose colors do not bring them under my pet aversion. But Black cats ugh and this is Why a dozen years ago perhaps i shipped As a boy before the Mast aboard a Large Clipper ship bound for san Francisco via Cape Horn. I am mentioning no names for obvious reasons As will appear later on. Nor will i enter into particulars regarding the trials and horrors for me of that voyage. Enough to say that i ran away from a comfortable and luxurious Home to partake of the alleged Joys ? of a Quot life on the Ocean i had rather be Many things now than a Sailor. The Captain a Stern and austere old Quot Shell was part owner in the vessel. He hailed from Cape cod. Quot if you want poor grub Quot the sailors informed to. Quot just ship Ander a Cape cod Yanke skipper an you be got i May say right Here that i had every reason during the voyage to accept the Al Ove statement without any rese r a t1 o n we a Tever. The Captain had on Board As pets two Black cats of the male persuasion. Tom and ferry were their names. These felines were Given the Freedom of the ship from the Start and by the Captain s strict orders they enjoyed an immunity from All interference or molestation that the ancient cats of Egypt might have envied. They were fed daily just in front of the Cabin it or on so rails and sundry delicacies from the Captain s table. It used to stick in Luy Gorge somewhat after going of the Galley for my allowance of Quot junk Quot and Quot lob to watch those cats quietly feeding on Fried Chicken and other things that my own daily diet led me to think belonged to the dead Joast. On several occasions when no one was looking. I had driven the cats away from their meals which i devoured with intense relish. I had invariably been scratched on these occasions and this by no Means increased my love for the Captain s pets. I had succeeded one Day in capturing a mess of corned beef hash when i was detected by the Ca Tain in the act of transferring the same to my own digestive App ireatus. It Only amounted to a Rcv licks with a rope s end and being deprived of my watch below for that night but my hatred for those felines now knew no Bounds. Besides they were fed in the Cabin after this which was of course Tabooed ground for me. A thought i if i could Only catch one of you chaps some dark night 1 it was dark and Stormy that evening. I was stationed aft near the poop Steps and a More wretched specimen of humanity would be Liard to imagine than i was As the seas broke Over the Side and drenched me to the skin. My foot struck against something soft. There was a plaintive meow. Quot locked out by Thunder Quot said i. Quot Here i uss puss Quot it was Tom no other. With a sudden movement i had the creature by the Back of the neck. Quot Here s for that last scratch Tom Quot said i. And Tom was forthwith launched out into the storm. There was a commotion on Board the following morning. The Captain eyed me suspiciously and remarked carelessly to the mate. Quot if i thought that cub had a hand in this i d heave him after this Jerry was a great pet with the Captain and Steward. Once i accidentally stepped on Jerry s Tail and was bitten and scratched on the leg. Quot served you right you Young whelp Quot observed the Captain who was standing near by Way of console Ilion. Once again i was scratched by Jerry who had wandered by me with a Chicken Bone in his Mouth. The Quot grub Quot that Day had been particularly bad and the sight of the Chicken Bone was More than i could stand. I did t capture the Bone but received instead another walloping from the Captain who had witnessed the occurrence. We were Only a week s distance from port. The ship was being generally scraped and painted and it had fallen to my lot to manipulate the tar barrel. This consisted in stirring the mess about with a heavy bar. As one would churn butter. Both the Captain and mate had gone below for dinner. The sailors were All busily occupied for Ard. The tar barrel was about amidships i looked around and discovered Jerry quietly sleeping spread out on the main Hatch i Don t know what put it into my head but i wondered How Jerry would like it if there was a sound of scuffling which brought the mate out to see what was the matter. I was pounding away at the tar barrel for dear life. Quot Here Don t work so hard at that tar Quot exclaimed the mate. I then relaxed my efforts. Inhere were three feet of soft tar in that barrel and i have since wondered whether they Ever found the remains of Jerry at the Bottom. They certainly did t during this particular voyage and i left the ship As soon As we reached san York budget of fun. Humorous sayings and doings Here and there. Jokes and joke lets that Are supposed to have been recently born sayings and doing is that Are Odd curio us and i Aag Hable. Brea Cli of Promise Case. Lawyer you claim that you were insane when you proposed to her defendant yes sir. Quot can you prove it Quot Quot yes Quot How Quot Quot by producing the plaintiff in court and letting the jury look at Light. A fact. Jewelery this clock will go twelve months without winding. Old boy Well How Long would it go if it were wound a vew York Herald. _ a play Tui failed. Fled Ely i see that Bow knots in jewelry Are very fashionable. Gwen dolium Beau knots have always been fashionable. And she thought she heard the Dull thud of the setting Sun As the Young Man showed no signs of intelligence. A the jewellers Quot circular. Plush Ermine. Prisoners if your Honor pleases the officer who arrested me is unworthy of belief. He actually offered to carry a bribe from me to your Honor but i refused Justice o Rourke Fine that Mon $20. Prisoner amazed a what for Justice o Lour key for contempt r court . Pants for a Tiene Rution. Mrs. Whalene Lvov Yez Enny Short pants Fer byes or. Silv Orstein i hafe not. I hafe Iong wants for mens i by a Bair for your Suslian Quot Vash Quot pm Vonce und Dey vill lit Der Chile. I hafe sold wants Dot hafe vent Drue a whole Chen ration like Dot. De longer you Vash pm de smaller Dey . Slie was Wiki nor. Husband my dear Well have to economize. Wife Well let s smoke less a puck. Foul his level. Old Friend Well old boy How have you been getting Alon Quot did you Svi Creed As a novelist a or. Soar High no the Piro Fishers said my imagination was too Lively plots lacked probability you know so i had to give it up but i m doing first rate. Quot what at Quot Quot writing railway a new York weekly. Dangerous revelations. Belles Don t you think a gentle Man should always Wear a dress suit when he makes a Call on a Young lady Nell doubtfully a Well i Don t know. If he wears a full dress suit his shirt bosom when he gets Home gives him dead journal. A hypothetical Case. He do you know what i d do if i were you she no what he i d marry . A wonderful memory. Bulfinch a miss Smilax has simply a wonderful memory. Wooden Why what proof has she Given of it Bulfinch a Why. I met her at a supper last night and she not Only reminded me about our being engaged last summer but gave me a number of the courier. Innocent repartee. Quot do horses go faster with shoes or without them Quot asked the wife looking up from the pages of Quot Black Quot with them. I should say Quot answered her husband. Quot what makes you think so Quot Quot Well. I be noticed that a Hen Al was goes faster after you shoo it. Quot a new York press. Walked. Rut Hington who has been scooped by the races jilted by his Best girl and left out of his Uncle s will All in one Day a Quot there is at least one soft resting place for me the River Quot officer Kerrigan Quot of would t go in on Thot Side o the Dock Young Feller. It s Jam full o Haverstraw . One of the mysteries. Quot i Don t see Why they Call this a situation Quot said the horse car Driver Quot with me a Standin All Day

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