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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1892, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - April 28, 1892, Fort Wayne, Indiana Monroig Ville. and profit will be found in Reading our news summary. The pre Sifleet on the monetary conference a Canadian Cyclone Bank robber sentenced William Astor be add electric companies combined Biff fire in clinic do. A Blu fire. Tie Chicago Ottiena Ura destroyed. The Chicago Athene us build incr a seven Story Structure adjoining the Art institution on Van Buren Street was destroyed by fire. The loss cannot be definitely stated but is estimated at s150,-000. There were Over 400 persons in the building attending the Law school and other classes when a terrific explosion followed by the sound of crashing Glass and timbers was heard on the seventh floor. The building was shaken to its foundations and fire at once broke out. A terrible panic ensued butt s said All the occupants made their escape. The flames spread rapidly and soon were blazing fiercely in every Story. Woods hotel which adjoined the Athene us on the West caught fire at one time but the Blaze was extinguished with slight loss though the guests were badly frightened and rushed Pell Mell into the streets. Several valuable paintings belonging to the Chicago society of artists were destroyed in the athenaeum building. At one time the fire communicated to the Art Institute but was quickly extinguished. The cause of the explosion is a mystery but it is said to have been due to escaping Gas. The president on the monetary Confer ence. The president has sent to the Senate a communication in answer to a Resolution from the Senate Tor information concerning an internal monetary conference. The president s letter after acknowledging receipt of the Resolution says "1 beg respectfully to inform the Senate that in my opinion it would not be compatible with the Public interest to Lay before the Senate at this time the information requested but that at the earliest moment after definite information can properly be Given All the acts and any correspondence that May take place will be submitted to Congress. It May not be inappropriate however to say Here that believing that the Lull use of Silver As a Coin Metal upon an agreed ratio by the great commercial nations of the world would very highly promote the Prosperity of All her people i have not and will hot let any favourable Opportunity pass for the promotion of that most desirable result or if free International Silver coinage is not presently attainable then to the largest practicable use of that _ a Canadian Cyclone. Belleville ont., special a report has reached Here of a destructive Cyclone which visited the Northern townships of Hastings county leaving widespread ruin in its Wake. The Force of the storm was most severely Felt in the townships of Carlow Mayo and mount Eagle. Thomas Lebo of mount Eagle and James Robinson had All their buildings blown Down killing part of their Stock. Louis lava is barn was carried away and torn to pieces and Alfred Armstrong s House was demolished. The Cyclone passed through Carlow about six Miles wide and swept everything before it. No further particulars have been Learned although greater damage is supposed to have been done. May shake Omaha. Paul Vandervoort of the people s party says that there s a possibility that the National convention of that party will not be held at Omaha As is expected. The local hotel keepers promised to give rates of s3 to s5 a Day but have raised them to to per Day. Letters from the leaders of the party say that if this is not remedied that they will Transfer the convention to another City. 1 the will Kohl but. The lutheran Synod of the Central District which has been in session at Laporte ind., for the past week reconsidered its decisions to make no world s fair exhibit and decided As a Church to participate in the exhibition and make a Complete exhibit by photograph of the finest school buildings a Complete Sot of its school books and a statement showing the branches taught. Electric companies Combine. An electric Trust having for its object the control of the trolley overhead wire railway system the electric lighting system and in fact the general electric business of the country has been formed by the consolidation of the Edison Thomson Houston and fort Wayne companies. The Trust is capitalized at $50,000,000 and has its Headquarters in new York. _ Al Wllliam Astor dead. A special from Paris says William Astor of new York father of mrs. J. Coleman Drayton died of heart failure William Astor was next to his Nephew William Waldorf Astor probably the richest citizen of America his wealth being recently estimated at $60,000,000. He was a brother of the late John Jacob Astor who died february 23, 1890. Served Ais time. Ferdinand Ward whose financial operations in the firm of Grant amp Ward caused such a stir a few years ago has been liberated from sing sing. There is still an indictment pending against him in the United states court but it will probably not be acted upon. Panic in a congregation. Fort Wayne worshippers flee for i life from a cry of Firo. At the St. Mary s Catholic Church fort Wayne ind., sunday morning while the big edifice was filled almost to suffocation by a congregation attendant upon the ceremony of the first communion Bias conferred upon a Lar a number of children a panic occurred. The altar and the Interior of the Cathedral were profusely decorated with artificial Flowers. Just As father Oechtering. The of coating priest was about to close the ceremonies a gust of wind Dis arranged a Bunch of paper roses which blew against a lighted taper and in an instant the whole front of the Church was i flames. Children screamed women fainted and the entire congregation panic stricken made a wild Rush for the doors Many were trampled under foot and a number were More or less seriously injured. The priests and cooler Heads among the Nley exerted every Effort to Culm the frightened congregation and at last succeeded. The decorations were torn from their places As quickly As possible but not before the priest and a number of his assistants were quite severely burned about the hands and arms. Considering the great number of women and Small children present it is considered almost miraculous that no serious casualty occurred. Deadly lightning stroke. One Man killed seven know Ltd senseless and a boy goes crazy. A Flash of lightning descended a Telephone pole in new Orleans thursday morning and instantly killed Jeannot Bernadot aged 18 years knocked Down and rendered insensible Emile Dennis Charles Benoit Tom Baker John Dorsey and three More men who were standing within six feet of the Joy and instantly killed a horse and Mula the party of Young men some of whom Are employed in the stables at the fair grounds were standing under a shed near the main stable. The lightning struck the Telephone wire running Over the shed and Down the Polo. The electric fluid struck Bernadot under the right ear and descended through his body to the ground. For several minutes the others remained unconscious. The first to recover was Benoit who was horrified to see his companions lying around him As if dead. All the others gradually recovered except Emile Dennis a coloured boy. Who was insane. He. However slowly improved and at last accounts a was doing Well. Texas struck by a Cyclone. Loss of life and destruction of property a family s miraculous escape. A Cyclone struck the neighbourhood of Gladiator Texas. Fortunately the country Over which it swept is sparsely settled and the loss of life is . Forest Trees were blown Down by thousands. J. M. Munger s dwelling a Strong six room House was moved four feet and the Corner jammed into the Earth. Then the whole Structure was carried fifty Yards and dropped on several beehives. Not one Plank remained in its place. In this House seven people were at breakfast. All of them remained in the building during its trip and not one was killed. The wind struck six Miles away at West mountains killing an old negress and blowing Down Many houses. At Bonham it destroyed the exposition building and demolished a few houses. _ appeals to Quot Uncle a South sea potentate who fears he will lose his kingdom. King tenure of the big Makin and Little Maklon islands of the Gilbert group in the Pacific Ocean sailed last week from san Francisco on the Steamer Montserrat for his Island Home at Butar Turl. The King s Mission was to cultivate More Friendly relations with the United states and he appointed colonel a e. Dalley As his commissioner to represent him in this country. Colonel Dailey says that the King has written a letter to president Harrison stating that he fears some european government will seize the islands and requesting that the United states a protectorate Over his kingdom. Colonel Dalley is Given full Power to make negotiations with this government and will Forward the King s letter to Washington. Convention Hall ready. The Minneapolis convention Hall has been turned Over to the committee by de Lancey amp Cook the contractor., who have completed their work. The Hall was completed eighteen Days from the Day of commencement and the workmen were obliged to Lay off two Days for Lack of lumber. The executive committee has decided to close up the Hall from now until the convention concert _ a Mored Cabinet changes. A special from Washin ton says the statement was made there on Good authority that president Harrison has decided upon several changes in his Cabinet which it is expected will take place May 1. The now slate moves attorney general Miller to the supreme courts puts Secretary Noble into the department of Justice and nominates m. M. Estee of California to succeed Noble. _ Groom is 74 years old and Bride 7.3. At Washington a it became known that Samuel Ross aged 74, and mrs. Richardson. Aged 7u, were quietly married. Mrs. Richardson s first husband died a year ago leaving her considerable property. About two weeks afterwards mrs. Ross died. It is said that the present contracting parties were partial to each other in the Days of their youth but parental interference prevented the marriage. Was pushed under the wheels. Willie Harding aged 15, wag Cut to pieces at St. Joseph mo., by a moving freight train. At the inquest two of the boy s companions testified that he had been pushed under the wheels by John Hill another boy. Cracking a whip glued him. At Leon w. A. While some Young boys were seeing who could make the most noise cracking whips William Connoly aged 14, a with a Large whip outdid the others but fell dead in his tracks from overexertion. Captured by Dahomey ans. It l8 reported in Paris that Porto novo has been captured by the Dahomey ans. The Rumor is not oils Cal but has caused creat Public s a sound Sleeper the Michigan girl still in morpheus arms. Infection by Vario Loid feared at Detroit frightful tragedy in an Ohio town anarchists instill terror at Paris and Rome cattle burned. Vario Loid in an immigrant family. There is some Little excitement at Detroit mich., Over the discovery of a Case of Vario Loid in the family of Yusef Rhoda a German who arrived in this country fifteen Days ago on the Steamer Weimar although the child is not in a dangerous condition herself the Case is one of grave importance from the fact that Vario Loid is As contagious As smallpox and that hundreds of people have been exposed to the disease. The entire family has been quarantined and the health authorities Hope thus to at least restrict the spread of the disease though All those Quot who Are known to have been exposed have been vaccinated. Tekko Ilzel by reds. Authorities at Rome fear an anarchist uprising. Me advices say that the authorities on monday began tie work of barricading the residences of the officials and also the Banks. This is done in View of disturbances which occurred sunday and of the apprehension of More serious disturbances to follow. The working Classe Are greatly stirred up by the Prospect of a renewal of the flour tax. This being used As an argument to animate them against the government the extreme socialists Are very Active and besides appealing to the prejudice against the moneyed and upper classes they have enlisted the sympathy and co operation of the Irr dentist agitators. Threats Are freely uttered against the austrians and there is reason to fear that in the event of a riot the austrian embassy will be Assally a. For this reason the lower windows of the embassy were walled up strongly enough to prevent any assailants from entering or shooting into the building. The members and servants of the Are armed and every preparation has been made to give a deadly reception to a . Feeling against the austrians is running very High partly because of the close Friendship shown Between the Vatican and the austrian court King Humbert has Gien particular instructions to protect the embassy from violence and the troops of the Garrison Are kept read to go to the Rescue at the first sign of danger. Three lives wi1�ed out. An Olio Man shoots his wife and a Boarder and kills himself. At Dennison. Ohio George Moore shot his wife killing her instantly shot Edward Mcclelland a Saloon keeper badly found ing him and then fatally shot himself. Moore was employed by the pan handle railway company and worked at night. Mcclelland is a Salo n-ke6per and boarded at Moore s House. Moore and his wife had had a great Deal of trouble lately growing out of the suspicion on Moore s part that she was too intimate with Mcclelland. When Moore returned from his work monday morning he found his wife sitting at work at her sewing machine. Without saying a word to Drew a revolver and shot her through the head killing her instantly. He then ran into an adjoining room where Mcclelland was sleeping and fired two shots at him one striking him in the forehead. Moore then ran from the House to the residence of Bis Mother in Law near by and shot himself through the head. Slept 308 Days. The strange Case of miss 31ay White of in Liam Midi. Miss May White the 23-year-old daughter of Palmer White of Ingham. Mich., has been sleeping since sunday june 21, 1891, just 308 Days. At one time she weighed but fifty pounds. Before she was stricken Down she weighed 120 pounds. The cause of her malady is a fall received while attending a business College in Ysl Lanty in 1890. Her hip was injured and an abscess formed. She recovered from this and prepared to return to school again when what is scientifically called Hister epilepsy seized her and on some Days she has As Many As fifty convulsions. The sleepy feeling then came Over her and she remained in that condition for Twenty six hours before she could be awakened at All. From a few moments at a time at first her waking hours have at last been lengthened to from six to sometimes ten hours per Day. Last saturday she sat up to the dinner table for the first time in almost two years. The doctor says he will yet make her a Well girl _ Rava Chol is avenged. Anarchists place a bomb in the shop where their loader was arrested. There was a terrific explosion monday evening in the Entrance of the wine shop of m. Very. 22 Boulevard Magenta Paris where Kava Chol the anarchist was arrested on Marci to. The bomb contained at least twelve pounds of dynamite and completely wrecked tie Esiaba ashment. Ten persons were seriously injured and m. Very w As mortally wounded. Detectives missed their Mark. Detectives shooting at a fleeing Man in Toledo Ohio exit a throng. They missed him and to seemed Likely to escape when a Boody House Porter ran out and knocked him Down. He was locked up and proved to be Henry Rudolph son of a Well known grocer. He is charged with stealing several Hundred s5 Gold pieces used by the Lobbey Glass works in colouring fancy heavy Reward of ered for o Brien. Governor Flower of new York has decided to offer a Reward of $2,500 for the capture of Thomas o Brien the Bunko Sharp who escaped from keeper Buck at Utica. And is now fleeing from Justice As an escaped convict sentenced to Dannemora prison. _ St. Paul furniture House burned. At St Paul the Large furniture and furnishing establishment of Smith amp Farwell was almost destroyed by fire. It is reported that one of the firemen was killed. The loss is estimated at $10,000. The insurance is $35,000. Victims of drought. Appeal Lor help from 5,000 starring bet tiers in Texas. San Antonio Texas dispatch for three years the counties of Starr Hidalgo. Porti Cas Zapata Mexico and Duvall have been subjected to a drought of such severity As to Render the production of the necessaries of life impossible. The season for planting has passed and Early crops having teen killed by Frost there is no Hope for Relief unless summer Rains should secure a Light fall crop. The losses on cattle the principal Industry of this Section Quot Are estimated at 80 per cent., and in deuces county alone 60,000 head have died. The famine District contains a population estimated at 20,000 people and probably one fourth of this number require assistance. The people have issued an Appeal to the Public for help. A dangerous folding bed. Two girls caught in one and extricated in the Niclo of time. At Pittsburg Eli a and Kate Cronen Worth aged respectively 15 and 16 years spent the night with their married sister. Mrs. Hat/., of Glen Wood. They went to sleep in a Patent f. Id ing bed. In the night the top fell Down with such Force As to lock and imprison the struggle los girls. They tried their utmost to release themselves and finally grew so weak that the younger became unconscious and the other nearly so. The noise of the closing bed arouse or. Hartz who thinking burglars were in the House began a search. Going to the girls room and receiving no reply he discovered their condition just in time to save their lives. Crushed by falling Walls. Three men killed and two mortally injured at Jonesboro Tenn. While seven men were building a vault in the court House at Jonesboro Tenn., the Walls gave Way from insufficiency of mortar and a failure to properly tie to the main building. Five men fell forty feet and were buried under bricks. Bruce Estridge Frank May and Joseph Wilson were taken out dead. Wade Snodgrass and Eli Moore were fatally Hurt. More Money for the Pope. In the month of March the collection of St. Peter s Pence for the Vatican was notably increased the amount having been upward of $80,000, while the average monthly collections heretofore have not exceeded of 0,000. Before the Public declaration by the Vatican of its policy favourable to the French Republic France usually headed the list in the amount collected but since that time it has sunk to the eighth place the United states standing second. Baiter executed at new Orleans. Philip Baker the murderer of or amp Laura Nelson the wife of Neil Nelson living in Carrollton Ai the upper part of new Orleans expiated h is crime upon the Gallows in the Parish prison. He died without the quiver of a muscle walking to the scaffold with a firm tread and maintained his innocence to the last every Effort was made to save Baker. _ open to county taxation. The supreme court of the state of Georgia has affirmed the constitutionality of the Law passed by the legislature making the property of railroads amenable to county taxation. The fight to secure county taxation has been a Long one. This Means the addition of $500,000 to the revenues of the counties of the state. Riot on a dark wharf. Chicago longshoremen who Belon x to the Union attacked the nonunion men at work at the Chicago wharf at Forquer Street. Contractor Mcrae had to flee f in his life. One of his assistants was caught and badly beaten. The italians who were at work were pounded right and loft and driven away. _ Youthful clopers sent Home. Jessie May Howell the 13-year-old Alli acts Ohio girl who eloped with 12-year-old Carl Hospard has been sent Home. Site was caught in new York City. Her Youthful Lover was captured a few Miles East of Alliance. The girl however eluded capture until she reached new York. Tanner cat cities a Plum the president has appointed John r Tanner formerly state treasurer of Illinois As assistant United states treasurer at Market quotations. Chicago. Cit tiie common to 5.2o hons a shipping grades. 3.50 amp 4,75 sheep Lair to Choice. 4.00 @ 6.50 we Kain no. 2 red.82 in .8 5 corny no. 24110 .42% Oats no. 2.29 @ .30 Rye no. 273 .74 butter Choice creamery.21 .23 the Esko full Cream flats.12 a .13vj kggs�?fresh12 amp .14 potatoes new per Bra. 8.00 @ 9.00 Indianapolis. Cattle shipping. 3.25 @ 4.25 hogs Choice Light. 3.50 4.75 Shi Eph common to prime. 3.0c @ 6.50 wheat no. 2 red86hj corny no. 1 White.41 @ .42 Oats no. 2 white31 a .32 St. Louis. Cattle. 3.00 in 4.25 hugs. 3.50 4.75 wheat no. 2 lied80 @ .87 corny no. 2.37 amp .38 Oats no. 2.30 amp .31 barley�?iowa47 @ .49 Cincinnati cattle. 3.00 amp 4.25 hog. 3.00 amp 4.75 sheep. 4.00 @ 6.50 wheat no. 2 red90@ .91 cab no no. 2.43 .44 Oats no. 2 mixed31 .33 Detroit. Cattle. 3.00 @ 4.75 hogs. 3.00 4.5j sheep. 3.00 amp 5.50 wheat no. 2 red90 @ .91 cob no no. 2 yellow.42 amp .43 Oats no. 2 white32 i amp .33 Toledo. Wheat no. 2 .92 @ .93 cob no no. 2 yellow41 amp .42 oat8-no. 2 whit�31 amp .32 btb.79 @ .81 Buffalo. Beef cattle. 4.00 amp 5,75 live hogs. 8.75 @ 5.25 wheat no. 1 hard92 .93 corny no. 2.44 @ .45 Milwaukee. Wheat no. 2 spring.81 @ ,83 corny no. 3.40 @ .41 0at8�?no. 2 white31 amp ,32 Rye no 1.79 .81 ,255 @ .57 pork mess. 9.25 @ 9,75 new York Hattiie. 3.50 @ 5.00 Hoos. 8.00 @ 6 50 sheep. 6.00 a 7.80 wheat no. 2 red98 @ Loo Cork no 2.49 @ .61 cats mixed western.84 amp butteb�?creamery.16 off p0bk-N�ir mess11.00 Soju St glance Over this and ascertain All the late Indiana news. A cat Alomae of the week s important occurrences throne out Tlle state a fire ii accidents. Crimes. Suicides la to. Minor state item Ltd Jagt res Pinnell aged 76, a Pioneer died at Lebanon. A a Kwh Mair Netie Sulphur Well has been struck in Orleans Milo Pearson of Wabash was badly injured by Beni is kicked by a Colt. A Man named White near Edinburg bad a horse valued at so our drowned. John Niemann of fort Wayne was caught in an elevator and had two ribs broken. county voters downed free roads. Say they Are already taxed enough. Tuk Indiana department of the g. A. R. Will locate its state soldiers Quot Home at Warsaw. Mrs. Jud Rock of Valparaiso was badly Hurt by a cellar door blowing shut on her head. Marv Jornson an old respected woman of near Ila Lewood. Hendricks county was found dead recently. Charles Alexander to have been healed of fits at a revival just closed at Trafalgar near Franklin. Henry Moon who had his Skull split open by a planer knife at Ellis Sawmill Plainfield died from his injuries. What is described As a daring thief was captured at Jeiter Sonville with a Box of eggs which it is supposed he had stolen. Little Blue River English has flooded the town. Logs Are floating in the streets and fifteen stores Are in water five feet deep. Joel Walters of Paxton ind., committed suicide by shooting himself through the head. To had been a heavy Driukow. Tramps burned Charles Ashcraft s House in Jay county. They were pursued across the Ohio line and will be lynched if taken. De Barenfenger Evansville had his thigh fractured and his left Arm broken in two places being thrown from a Wagon during a runaway prof. Sheridan Cox has Boon reelected superintendent of the Kokomo Public schools his twentieth continuous year in that position. Cornelius Mccurrey a prominent contractor of Elkhart fell dead at his supper table. He was a Strong Man and had been in his usual health. Merchants of Colimbus have of tir toned the Pennsylvania Railroad not to run cheap excursions to Indianapolis As it takes shoppers out of the City. Capt. Atkinson of Wabash has prepared a memorial for the Christian Church of the United states asking that the world s fair be closed on sunday. On a Corner Stone of a Church in Richmond the word Chapel has been carved the stonecutter says twas not his fault because he followed copy. Louis Browning filed a suit at Seymour for &Quot>,000 damages for injuries received when thrown from his engine in the Yards at Seymour one night last fall. Thieves entered the store of j. F. Snyder in Columbus and carried away Sloo Worth of watches which had been deposited with him As Security for Small Loans. During a severe electrical storm at Princeton a 4-year-Oid daughter of William Duncan four Miles from that City was struck by lightning and instantly killed. The people of Waveland have organized a Drivins Park association and will build a half mile race track. There is also a driving Park association at Darlington. The Columbus City Council has fixed a penalty of Sloo against paddlers who go from House to House with their wares. City and county Farmers and gardeners Are excepted. Tramps burglarized s. N. Felt s store at Blaine Jay county made a meal on cheese eggs crackers and Apple butter after which they carried off a Wagon Load or so of goods. The Monon railway has paid the daughter of Benjamin Hamberger who was killed in the wreck near Crawfordsville Jan. 11, the sum of 53,300 in full of All claim. The daughter lives at Indianapolis. Representatives of the Illinois steel company of Chicago Are prospecting Alons the upper Wabash River for Limestone suitable Tor use in the manufacture of pig Iron in their furnaces at Chicago and Joliet. The meanest Man yet heard from lives i Sharpstown in Southern Indiana. He Tore Down the upper Story of his Brick House and sold the material because he did t need the upstairs on account of his Small family. Mrs. A. F. Miller of Indianapolis lost a Gold watch at Spencer last summer and suspicion rested on a Young girl at the Bath House. The other Day the watch was found amid the debris at the Mouth of the sewer which carries the water away from the Mineral Springs where it had probably been dropped by mrs Miller while drinking from the fount a two suits were entered in the Federal court at Indianapolis recently in both of which Isaac a Walker is the plaintiff and the defendants the cities of Evansville and fort Wayne these suits Are similar to the one brought by Walker a year and a half ago against the City of Terre haute he is the Assignee of Kobert Bragg the Patentee of an electric appliance for opening fire engine and patrol House doors at the top of the Gong. In the Terre haute Case the court granted a decree for the plaintiff at the rate of $100 for each 1,000 inhabitants. Rating Terre haute s population at 30,000 this gave Walker judgment for 93,000

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