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Fort Wayne Weekly Breeze (Newspaper) - April 12, 2012, Fort Wayne, Indiana The Man who knows it al.1 of All the tiresome creatures Mot along life s thorny a Way. There s one the plague of of by cot a fact one Wili gainsay. Quot whose voice whatever is discussed. The stage or Adam s fall. Into our is thrust. The Mau who Kiowa it All. He s met whichever Way vre turn hib place is of a where. And though for peace of Hor in to yearn behold he s also there. We can t Bis reach escape alas 1 in Jarl or Street or Hall. To Long As shows the looking Glass. The men who knows it All Boson l u they settled it. Liy v. K. Hai40ii>. To assert that tale Mas Avitine admiration of tie in Tiro Village was entered Ripon miss Margaret array was to speak mildly. The Young woman a possessed absolutely even Yubing in the Way of masculine attention that was Worth having and a Good Deal that was not. Liere was not a youth in the neighbourhood of Good character or bad handsome or Nelv Brilliant or stupid who had not at some time or another become interested in her direction. In the midst of it All so was Placid and non Coni Rittal preserving a mild exterior a thinking it was All very delightful and that no one was to blame for any personal misery that might i st except the creator of it. She did not ask for admiration but she held it gracefully and did not permit any i Atil cation that it might cause her to show itself in her deportment to her friends. The other girls had Long ago Learned to regard her supremacy As something inevitable and establish lied and they knew that the tall grave eyed girl so far out rivalled them in physical comeliness that it was stupid to envy and Folly to hate her. Of All the Host of admirers that formed miss Gray s court there were two who were accrediting with having succeed Ltd in distancing the Herd. They were John Lee and Edgar Stone the first a tall athletic fellow just out of to lege and about to graduate into a full ridged lawyer the other a handsome delicate Stripling with at present no other apparent object in life than to make existence As a pleasant As possible for a fond Mother who worshipped him As Only doting mothers can worship. The ii contest of observers Wotila have bad difficulty in determining which of these two Yonng men miss Gray preferred. Her impartial course when the passion of both had become notorious caused her some rather Stern i Iti cism from tiie other Young women of the place Wiio j perhaps not unnaturally heartily desired that she should bestow Iier affections somewhere and give somebody else a Chance. As is usual in such cases John and Edgar entertained for each other the choicest and most Ortli Odom sentiments of envy hatred loathing contempt. Xor was it to be wondered at that they Avo Tild by some mysterious Means reach the understanding that a personal encounter was the Only Manly and satisfactory method whereby it could to decided which of Thorn should be a it Tom Elied to his attentions to miss Gray. Tie Clial Lengo i believe came from John and was accepted with an Ali Voity that showed Edgar s to Borough coincidence with his rival s Wisla a. It was All arranged very Stie Edily bang by no Means the first i distance of the kind in the Village. The night before the meeting fully half a Hundred of the Quot boys Quot were lot into the ser ret and All preliminaries arranged with highly commendable exactitude and Disi Macii. The Sun shone brightly As tie rivals at 1 o clock the next morning walked into a miniature ring formed by to e spectators. As they stood facing Oach other stripped to them Aisic Tom Wharton an ungainly youth of somewhat in Savory re ate but an acknowledged authority in such Ali airs announced in a few words Liat the Fig lit a is a fight of Honor that the one Miro should to a Lii it Ped was obliged to with Iraq on Tiroly whatever claim he might possess to the regard of the Yonng lady i solved in the dispute. It avas an Oll custom Tom said and a Good one and might the Best win. In thrilling interest the group of Young men and boys formed themselves in a compact Circle about tie adversaries who were already glaring fiercely into each other s eyes. In some of the onlookers it is to be feared their raged a secret desire to see l oth men badly mauled. For would not that inn both of them to quit the Field and leave the object of their combined Devotion open to siege from other sources the fight had not proceeded far before it became evident to All eyes Liat Edgar was a whipped boy. And no one wondered at it. His arms though prettily moulded and muscular enough in their Way looked almost puny beside the Burley ones of his antagonist. But he battled gamely. Time and again did John s sturdy thwack fall squarely upon his White Cheeks and bleeding forehead. His Cheeks were Quot bruised and sore his girlish sensitive Mouth even was swollen in an equally painful fashion. Yet he fought on. Every now and then a shout went up As John received a Well directed blow from Edgar plumb Between the eyes or straight upon his Cheeks. It was a Gallant Battle and would have been an agreeable sight had some Good cause existed for it. But the end was not Long coming for a heavy blow from John s Sledge Hammer fist delivered straight from the shoulder and with All the Force of a four course in a gymnasium struck Edgar fairly upon the jaw with a sound like that of a heavy Stone falling i on a Lump of Clay. He Topi led Over upon the ground in a Heap and la Quot there Limp and lifeless. He could not respond to the Call to proceed and duly declared Van Quisle d. For seven Long minutes he Rema Ineil unconscious and was then help Jet away to Trio River Side where he washed his wounds and then departed feeling very dizzy and weak in the direction of his Home. It was some Days before the intelligence of the combat reached the ears of i miss Gray. Coupled with the Intel Ligenza of the Alfray came no Intima Tion As to its cause. Sloe was left to sup Ose that the youths had Tju Arreld on some Trilling matter and had resorted to the encounter As a Means of settling their dispute Edgar s Mother was told a similar store and while her son succeeded in convincing Lier that his course had been the proper one it did not serve to ally her womanly resentment against the youth who had administered to him such a unmerciful pounding. So the Days wore on. Edgar kept his word faithfully and remained away from Hor. A she attributed his absence at first to. The very natural desire on his part to keep quiet until the news of his notorious whipping had in a measure died out. But alien the Days lengthened into weeks and weeks into a full month without his making his appearance she grew curious and finally angry. Not being on terms of intimacy with Edgar i am unable to say of course just How much of a trial his enforced absence from the object of his Alec ticks was to him. His Mother however was Quick to note the change in his every Day Demeanour. The House no longer. Rang with his joyous laughter he moved about like a languid Specter of his former self. And John Lee Quot Voll he availed himself of the fall value of the privilege that his Conquest Over his rival had gained for him. He visited miss Gray As often As she would let him and this was often enough because her pique at what was to her the incomprehensible conduct of Edgar seamed to Merit some sort of reprisal on her part. To the of his friends it seemed As though John s Triumph had not procured Liim All of the favor in miss Gray s eyes that would have seemed easily pro curable by reason of Iii now uninterrupted Intercourse with her. The at Lair was watched Verv closely by those who had witnessed the fight and by them it was remarked that a John bore anything but the attitude of a Success Fol Lover. It happened one Day Ashen Edgar could count up five full weeks of enforced hiding from the object of Iii of fact Lojis. That he was sitting in the decline of the afternoon in a very disconsolate mood on the Bank of the Little River that skirted the town. He had been Fis Liinar but with poor Success a and his Rod Lay neglected on the ground beside him. He Viust have sat Quot there for an hour when by a sudden impulse he arose to his feet Shook himself , and turned his face in the direction of his Home. He had no Mure than gathered up his Rod when he encountered the grave studious Yale of miss Gray who Lead emerged silently and unobserved from the Shadow of a Cluster of Alder Bushes. It was the first time that he had set eyes i it on her since the night preceding the almost a minute passed without a word being exchanged then miss said very calmly Quot where have you been Edgar Quot it is unnecessary to repeat the dialogue which ensued. But in the of fifteen minutes Edgar realized that by remaining where he was he was directly v violating the contract to had pie aged himself to fulfil. He turned Ai it Rupply aside and with a muttered apology began to move away. Something Vei a like tears sprang to miss i Ray s eyes. She placed a detaining hand a upon his Arm lightly but fir Only. Then by what Means or process i know not the next thing that Hap one was that she subsided gracefully into the Young Man s arms and remained there apparently Content and Xiii bed no desire to effect a change of any sort in the situation. To the sympathetic a observer the lecture would have been decidedly interesting. It is hardly to be supposed however that Jolinn who by some eccentric prank of Fate at that very instant made his a Paranee Ai Ouid the identical clump of Alder Bushes from which miss Gray had but a few moments before emerged. His Steps were , but each of the two pairs of ears detected his presence at the same moment. The Cul. Prits sprang apart and stood looking very guilty and sheepish before his angry gaze. John s handsome features worked convulsively in their Wrath. Quot traitor Quot he cried angrily Quot you can keep your Promise no better than you can Fig lit i Edgar made one step Forward but at the very moment his hand was raised to Striko his rival miss Gray stepped quickly in Between them. Quot Promise Quot she said Quot what Promise was there Quot neither of the Young men spoke for a minute and then choking Down something like a sob poor fellow Edgar undertook to explain Quot i tried to Tell you some Little time ago miss Gray Quot he said quietly. Quot the chief provision of my contract Quot a with a sneering emphasis on the last Avord Quot was that i should voluntarily absent myself from you until such a time As or. Lee should succeed in possessing himself of your Alf options and i will ask you As a particular favor to inform or. Lee that this meeting Between us was entirely unintentional was the first in six weeks and was entirely unsought for on my across miss Grav s face there broke the Light of a sudden understanding. Quot and is it True Quot she asked haughtily Quot that this ridiculous i ledge or contract As you Call it was one result of the disgraceful fight that took place Between you two men and which i am now led to suppose took place entirely on my account Quot the looks of the two men constituted a dumb affirmative to her inquiry. Quot then she declared drawing herself up proudly Quot i would have you understand this that i myself to have been grossly by the conduct of both of you but that any contract Between Yon in which i was concerned but was in ignorance of the terms of can is accepted of nullified by me at will and i will take the of port Unity of informing Yon or. Lee that bad 1 been aware upon what terms you had secured the right to Torturo to with your no hence in the enforced absence of or. Stone i should not have endured it As Long As i have done. In a i think you Are a pair of fools but in my opinion or. Stone is. Decidedly the More injured and the More Honor Abhi of the with which parting shot miss Gray without making any further comment walked off rapidly and left the two Young men to themselves. Silence reigned for a couple of minutes after she had left then John Lee came Forward with a queer smile on his face and silently extended his hand. Edgar grasped it closely and. with a Friendly smile when John remarked Quot i was too badly rattled to catch the full meaning of her remarks but it str Quot Quot lat the last part of them came very near hitting the truth. If anything that i can say can add any weight to her smashing of the contract consider that i have said it. Go ahead old Man and May you have better Fortune if you have not already secured it than i have met that night when Edgar bade miss Gray a lingering Good night across the miniature Gate that separated her Garden from the Roadway she conceded that if he had been a fool it was very Sweet for such a Bright boy to consent to Stu Latify himself for her habits of Napoleon. When Napoleon married Princess Marie Louise then 18. old he was 41 years of age. The following is an account of his personal habits As Given in the recently published Memoir in Camp acid during his Early Cami sign. Napoleon feared no fatigue braved the worst weather slept under a wretched tent and seemed to forget All care for his person. In his Palace he bathed almost every Day rubbing . Whole body Over with eau de Cologne and sometimes changed his Linen several times in the Day. His favorite costume was that of the mounted Chasseur de la Garde. When travelling he did not care what sort of lodging he had provided that no Ray of Light could get into his bed room he could not Bear even a night Lami. His table was supplied with the Daniest dishes but he never touched them. His favorite fare was grilled breast of Mutton or a roast fowl with lentils or haricot Beans. He was very particular about the Quality of bread and he drank none but the Best Avine and Vei a Little of it. It has been stated that he drank eight or ten cups of col tee daily but this is a fable to be discarded with so Many others. He took a Small cup of Coffee after his breakfast and the same after Liis dinner. He ate very fast and Rose the moment he had done without troubling himself As to whether those who were admitted to his table had had time to Dine. It has also been asserted that he took the greatest precaution against Poison this too is a i ure falsehood. He spoke in a loud voice and alien he was in a merry mood his peals of laughter could be heard from afar. He was fond of singing although he had a bad voice and never could sing an air in . Orig i of the spiders. Arachne was a Maiden who had attained to such expert Ness in weaving and embroidering that even the nymphs leaving to Weir Groves and fountains a it wild gather to Admire her work. They whispered to each other that Minerva herself must have taught her but Arachne had grown vain As she grew dexterous and overhearing them denied the application with High disdain. She would not Al knowledge herself inferior even to a goddess and and finally challenged in Minerva to a trial of skill saying Quot if beaten i will Bear the Minerva accepted the the webs were Woven. Arachne s was of wonderful Beauty but when she saw that of Minerva she knew that she was Defeated and in despair went and hanged herself. Minerva moved by pity for her vain but skillful opponent transformed her into a spider and she and her descendants still retain a portion of her marvelous gifts of so winning and Swiss Cross. Was peaceably inclined. A gentleman with hayseed in his hair entered the Street car. The Only vacant seat was surrounded by ladies. He hesitated a moment As if in doubt about the propriety of taking it and then sat Down. Presently two ladies to the right of him came to their Corner and left the car. The countryman moved uneasily and perspire. Soon after three ladies to the loft of him arose to leave when the countryman sprang to his feet and blowing a loud blast on his nose said Quot see Here ladies Sot right Down a in. If my presence is not agreeable i la do the Gittin off Quot and he. Suited his actions to his free press. The Saguenay River. Tho River is probably the deepest Stream in the world except Iii in a few places the general depth is from 600 to 900 feet and the Bottom of the Saguenay at its Mouth is 600 feet below Tho st. Lawrence. Thus a Low Point of Rock at the Shore or an Island is really the top of a Steep Hill springing up from the Bottom and Many of the lifts Are not half it of water. As the Spring tides Rise about eighteen feet the currents of the River Are violent and eccentric in some places the ebb Stream runs from j four to six Miles an Hou Quot the eddies along the shores Are like those on a rapid and the under currents sometimes Lay hold of a vessel and turn her about or hold her still in spite of a Tow boat. Before the use of Tow boats a vessel left helpless by a Calm sometimes drifted against the rocks lodged on a ledge and alien the tide fell Cai sized in deep water. As Anchorage is very rarely found Large Iron rings were lot into Tho rocks and vessels even now sometimes tie up to the Cliff s and await a fair wind. The tide for some unexplained reason advances with extraordinary rapidity in the Sag Tiernay thus notwithstanding that Tho ebb current very rarely ceases to How out of the River yet High tide arrives at Chicoutimi Only forty five minutes later than As Tado Usack seventy Miles. On the st Lawrence the tide advances in the same time Only from Tadoussac to Murray Bay about thirty five Miles. The source of the Sag Lienay Lake st. John seems like a Northern sea. The Pale Twilight lasts far into the night until the Aurora Lings its Mystic veil across the sky. The beaches a mile or More wide in the summer the Sharp Waves raised by a wind on this very shallow Basin the screaming gulls All make Vou look for a tide and for White winged . But Only a bark Canoe now and then comes along from one of the thirteen Rivers descending by Many Falls and cascades from the Forest covered mountains and the a pinched up farms scattered along the shores add to the Arctic sentiment Felt even on a summer s Day. The Saguenay comes into being As Lusty twins the Little and the Irand discharge deep narrow channels worn in the Rock. They run on separately for Miles tii rough rapids and pools and finally come together at the foot of Alma Island at the Vache Caille. There begin the Gervias rapids three or four Miles Long at their foot the River enters a smooth quiet stretch of fifteen Miles to the grand Remous the most furious Cascade and the most turbulent Eddy of the River and then after a few More Miles of Falls and cascades the Saguenay ends its rapid career whore it meets the tide near Chicoutimi. With the exception of a few clearings the Forest still covers Tho abrupt Hills crop Ding Myjon the River. The grand discharge is a Beautiful Region the Stream is filled with an archipelago of Small islands some Black and Bare others tree crowned or decked with Rich mosses it has All the Virgin seclusion and quiet of a Lake enclosed by a Shore of bold pictures que bastions and avails of Rock surmounted by stately balsams that Rise like sentinels above the Birches poplars Cedars and nooks full of tender Green . But this quietness is full of life the islands Divide the River into a labyrinth of streams the water runs silently and swiftly in Many o it polite directions a Dov it a j across even up Tho general course of the River one is piqued surprised at its coquetry and shyness. And farther Down it leaps away in the furious rapids of he malice. The Little discharge is so rapid that it destroys logs in its Falls and cascades the government therefore built an act deduct Quot the slide Quot for running Timber Over dangerous . After fishing a few Days for the Active Tannou iches said to be the land locked Salmon and exploring the Waters of these twin discharges i joined Tho men driving logs at the Vache Caille and began my acquaintance with Tho voyageurs. A c. Ujj. Far Liam in Harper s a Bear and the locomotive. There Are a Good Many Bear stories going the rounds nowadays but to have one which actually occur re Ltd in this Parish. On a Small Plantation a mile or two above Bayou Goula a Black Bear was seen to enter a turnip Patch and at once proceed to help himself to As Many turnips As his appetite demanded. It is said that a coloured Man the unauthorized levity of or. Bruin and determined that he Avold enter the i atch and drive the invader out. Acting on the impulse he immediately entered Tho enclosure and started in Bruin s direction. As soon As the Man s presence became kno Avn to the Bear he discontinued his vegetable repast with the evident intention of embellishing it Avith meat and Avith ears Throan Back and head erect he started toward the son of Ham with the apparent intention of testing the qualities of his make up. The Darky saw him coming and at once decided that he did not wish to drive his bears hip from the Field and rather than attempt it he would leave the Field himself. So he graciously turned face in the opposite direction and made for the Railroad. The Bear appeared to be socially inclined and a willingly Follo aved his visitor accelerating his Speed As he travelled. Sambo imitated him and quickened his Pace. And thus they had it for some time straight up the Railroad run Bear run mad and the Devil take the hindmost. Suddenly the coloured Man heard a rumbling noise Down the track and knead at once that the night express train was coming. In a Short time it Hoa e in sight running at the rate of thirty Fia e Miles an hour. When the train came in sight the coloured Man jumped from the track and continued his wild flight on the Side of it. Tho Bear also heard the noise and looking around saw the Iron horse with its red lights and its terrible a beeping and puffing Rushing madly upon him. He seemed to lose All thought of the Man and turned his attention to the new foe Avrich threatened him. Hearing defiantly upon his haunches Avith his fore feet extended he snarling by awaited the coming train. He had t Long to Avail and the ponderous engine Avith its Long and heavy Laden train struck bold Bruin amidships and in a Jimiy sent him to the Happy Hunting grounds to join the members of his family which had proceeded him there. He was skinned on the spot by piecemeal we suppose a and the coloured Man who had been racing Avith him enjoyed a slice of hapless Bruin for la South. Abraham Lincoln. Young Nicolay at 11 was Throan on Bis own strength and skill for a living. He served a year in a country store at a month then secured the position of diabolical adjunct in a printing office. He Avent first to the Broom thou to the roller then to the Case then to the desk and beginning a i Quot Devil Quot became editor and proprietor. After Avaryl Anhilo Reading Law he became a clerk in the office of the Secretary of state of , and there in 1857, among the politicians and Story tellers gathered around Tho roaring log fire he first made the acquaintance of Abraham Lincoln. There too without a suspicion of Lincoln s coming Fame he began that very year to make scrap books containing an authentic record of Tho growth of events of which the tall gaunt popular lawyer was soon to be the Central figure. Col. Nicolay took from a shelf and showed me some of these thirty year old scrap books which he now finds indispensable. Quot Hay and i made collections for scrap books also Quot said he Quot All the time ago were in the White House Quot and he produced one of these marked upon the Back Quot vol. Xxxvi. Quot Quot the first time i saw or. Lincoln said or. Nicolay Quot avas in Pittsfield ills., adhere i was editing a paper in 1856. There was to be a Campaign rally there and Lincoln and Trumbull met on the Side Valk and embraced each other warmly. Why Trumbull you Here responded the senator for the fact that they Avert to speak for Fremont that night together was unknown to both. Afterwards around the stove in Tho office of the Secretary of state adhere 1 avas a clerk for four , Lincoln avas a familiar presence and always the Center of the Quot How did or. Lincoln Bear himself during the Cami sign Quot Quot he was always a self poised Man quiet and equable in temper Seldom greatly elated or much depressed. He was not worried about the Campaign and had himself thoroughly in hand. J eople sent him Many curio is symbols of Frontier life axes mauls avenges. Rails and All sorts of people on All sorts of errands called on him in the governor s room in the state House Avrich was assigned to him. Many came from More curiosity and they Avold sit Aav Wardly around looking at him. He could not talk politics much at such a time and the bulk of his visitors Avert shy of speech. They handled the symbols that had been sent in and spoke to him of their use and he Avold sometimes take the end of an a Helve be tavern his fingers and hold the a out at Arm s length to Shoa that he had not lost his strength. In various Sini Jile ways he thus managed to kill or. Tjin Coln was just As democratic in the White House i believe Quot i said. Quot yes Quot assented col. Nicolay Quot and that went far toward giving him his firm to d on the hearts of the i asked if or. Lincoln comprehended that he avas in constant danger of his life. Quot of course Quot said col. Nicolay. Quot it avas often discussed Between his friends and himself. They Avold say now Lincoln Jodi must look out and be constantly on your guard. Some Crank is liable to come along and kill you his answer a Vays avas t Avill be careful. List i cannot discharge my deities and Avit draw myself entirely from danger of an assault. I see hundreds of strangers every Day and if anybody has the di3i position to kill Moho will find Opportunity. To be absolutely Safe i should lock myself up in a Box threatening letters came and these i a lavas showed to i. Lincoln who generally turned them Over to the War department."�?��/67i�us of i Cor. Chicago Herald Highway postal locomotives. In the South of Franco the government postal service is supplemented by the a agon Post Quot of i private contractors who employ Many Hundred horses in convey aug Small parcels from to Avn to town even along the railway lines. This business has become so extensive that several Road locomotives have been ordered for it and Are proving very satisfactory. Two of these machines Are running Betavee towns seventy Miles apart each making Tho trip one Way nightly at a Speed of eight Miles an hour. Part of the Road is very Hilly with Long gradients up to As much As one in eleven. The locomotive with Coal and water a weighs fifteen tons and the loaded Wagon from seven to ten tons making the average weight of the train Paventy three tons. At 175 pounds pressure the engines give about twelve horse Power and with fair roads use about half a ton of fuel for the round trip of 140 Miles. These engines have been running Over six months Avit Hout interruption. Ar-ka7isaiv traveler it is computed that there Are 16,417,-990 sunday school scholars in the Christian world

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