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Fort Wayne Sunday Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1895, Page 1

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Sunday Journal, The (Newspaper) - September 1, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe sunday journal pages 9 to 12. Established 1868 12 pages. Sunday morning september 1. 1895. Part 2. Five cents. Of t of Minu also. Told Silas Lenox that i out of Jim Wiy 1 Vorill Tail in old Adai Luule die. Said the physician who la now de for his heavy chunks. I must your temperature " All responded the patient in tone of utter resignation. Vou to rot about everything else 1 own. No reason Why you should t take that life 1 i beg Pardon. Mrs. You were right first or. Olsbo. I am not yet plucked from the Parent courage Madam. You know that Naomi the daughter Enoch was 5so old when she cutting it Short. A Barber s shop is sometimes a try ing place for men who dislike to hear other people gossip. The Barber especially if be has a Little shop and is alone must talk to his customers. Here is a scene in a country Barber s shop a full bearded and rather sour looking gentleman being in the chair All right air How la you have it Short or Only old very would to if i was you Why i Don t think very Short hair would suit you at All Well of yet it would it would suit me makes you think 10, because i should t have to comfy Here for a. Long the Barber Cut away in is and very Short. A. Kind Len Wolfey dear i have just bought you two bottles of extra old barolo for your birthday. But you know very Well i never drink Well. Then. I la drink it myself to your Good a Dandy wishing to , accosted an old ragman As follows thou take All sorts of Trumper in your cart Don t yes jump accuses you of having bitten his hand. Is impossible i honest mass Lily nr-stles., familiarly on the Lap of a Young gentleman wha has been paying his addresses to her big sister All through the springtime of this year. Tell me sir Are you Well yes my. Little Are you very Well what difference can it make to you whether i am Rich my big sister said yester Day that she would give Twenty Franca to know if you were Well off and i should Luket to earn the a Man who has never had the tooth ache does not know the real pleasure there is in. Not having it the reconciliation. He had been gone a full week on his vacation and when he came sunburned. For a full week each nigh she had thought of him and As so sat in the parlor and played Pearl she had pictured him a still her Owr if it had t been for the Shade of Napoleon accosting Shade of the Duke Wellington. World might have been True the Shade of the Iron Duke complacently replied. I must confess that i was too Many for and yet the emperor continued look Here. Together they leaned Over the battlements. Napoleon said with a Broad downward sweep of his arms thousands of books millions magazines portraits my own Mother would t whole world talking and what of the Duke said. Napoleon Pat ionizing by returned now Ami Ihen you Are a footnote maybe. Reflectively stroking his High Shoul dered proboscis the Duke Wellington turned sadly away. And to muttered that i should be re Pons ble for this Man s Gre Tneia Waterloo Loo i a gentleman encountered two who looked so much. Alike that topped them and asked Are you Little toys they looked up at him or a moment As though they did t exactly understand. Then one Sals Meele y no sir Don t believe i la be a Sailor when i m bowed up. Uncle Wiz Talkin to an old Man to Jay who was Over fifty and he never scuttled ship or never saw anything like this tide. Here i be been pulling steadily for ten minutes and we. Don t seem to have moved a foot she after a or. Stroker. I be just thought of. Meth lab the Anch or fell overboard a while ago and i forgot to Tell you of it. I think it has caught on something. mlis antique school does we it a spell answer. Is the color o i my own b03.e of the a joke t exceedingly warm Day in july a neighbor met an old Man and remarked that it was very hot said Joe if it was t for one thins i should say we were going to have a what is inquired Iho Friend. There s nothing saw Joe. One of the French provincial May ors recently following Start Ling announcement apropos of the National fete in Case the weather Shoum be . The Luh of july be postponed until the following a perfect treasure. Madam shows the new servant up stairs to her bedroom in. The attic and it is hero you will have to sleep there is a Good bed. A table and. A chair that i All you will the servant had been Tak ing measurements with her apron. What arc Ycu doing that mad Arr i was Only trying in there is room enough for my i has to resort to to a French halt. Mus devise some Means of paying this outstanding Bills against the Church. We Are being pressed for the Money. Vestry Man in what Are. They for Flowers decorations music and so Forth furnished for the entertainment last month to celebrate the Church Belne at last from debt. She had Al gifted that during the wee he had thought of her and had the mail at the Beach for a letter every Day. Had news at the ribbon counter und wha had happened in the hosiery department and How the boys at the Button Founte were sure the sales were dropping o during his absence irom the Stock by alas the dream was Over. He was Back. As he entered the store that morning h had handed her Back her letters and the beanbag she had made for him remark ing All is Over Between loud enough for the notion counter to hear.1 she Caw it now too late. He had mar ried an Elresa. At noon when they met at the ice water cooler at the Back of the store she said with emotion Augustus what is it Tell me the any pirates walk the. Plank or. Wujs even shipwrecked on a desert Isuzu ii have iad an addition Ince i How Many does that Don t you find that you have rather Loo not at Alt As a actor i like to a full chanted time he hissed Why did you sell me a bathing a Dollar eighty two when you knew that they would be reduced the next morning to forty nine i will pay the difference she said. He said coldly. Then give h Back. I will put it Baek n Stock and give you a credit she answered. He whispered As he passed her the ice water. Hurry the reason Yott charge twice As much for you did formerly you Haw begun making Pencil notes on. Them. Hurry up what difference that make i trying to make them out. Some time ago a Man went to a lilt a Friend who was an inmate of a Lunatic Asylum. After a prolonged Chat in a humorous if not very Edify ing vein the visitor thought it about time to go. That clock right he asked of the inmate a. Jock gazed at him for a minute or so in speechless amazement then laying his hand compassionately on his Shoul Der. Said Man. Dac be think it old be Here if it was the charge against this Man off Cerr beating his wife your work lip. But Here s a statement from that he did t Hurt her. Here to Estafy in person does t1 like to come into ourt with two Black eyes and a nose your worship. att Sarc 01 it. Her eyes were wild her hair was _ disorder her face was flushed her hand were clenched. She was a deeply injured and desperate woman. Of cruel she cried. In anguished tones. "1 have borne with to too Long you have injured the foundations of my being Day by Day to have tortured me. And yet i could no Bear to give you up. When first we me How your ease and polish attracted m when you became my own. How m friends envied me but your under standing is too Small for my Large soul Tou Are opposed to my advancing my self. You have ruined my standing in society if had never met i might have walked in peace. So now begone we part there was a moment s convulsive breathing a. Gritting of Teeth and a Sharp it was Oil Over. By a supreme Effort she had pulled off her new . My Simpson solemnly was More sensitive to colds than any body i Ever knew. The1 slightest exposure gave him a that must have been very disagree indeed it was. He never could sit near a draught for a minute without catching cold. "i1 remember on one occasion he was sitting in the House of. A. Friend when All at once my Fath Ajr be Gan to sneeze. He insisted that there was a draught in the room. Every Effort was made to discover where the draught was but in vain. The doors and windows were closed and there was no fireplace but my father kept on sneezing and insisting that thera must be a draught in the room and so there where was it was found that the stopper ha4 sen left out of the vinegar not the Rucht time did your lather Sar when you told him i wanted to marry you ask me Uch a question with the thermometer 99 in the Shade. Or. Courtney had the blues when i Camp miss Fisher but they Are All gone now. Tou arc a Good As Medicine. Miss Fisher s Little father himself says Shell be a drug in the Market if she Don t catch on to fellow soon. May i have a slice of bread Jam now you must not think of Patluk now. Because you will spoil your appetite for dinner it will be ready in Only sad lunch three hours ago. Did t i i Lon t see How Tho bread and Jam can spoil my appetite for Winner Whon my lunch did not spoil the appetite i Bay now for bread and pc dropped me for a girl with More mover. But that s to Slyn he love Yon
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