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Fort Wayne Sunday Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1895, Page 1

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Sunday Journal, The (Newspaper) - October 13, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe sunday journal pages 9 to 12. Established 1868 part 2. Sunday morning october 13. 1895. 12 pages. Five cents the Wisdom of the wits a. D. T. Night i dreamed x Wiz in heaven. I a. D. T. Toy Here any boys 1 a. D. To boy 137-nah. Not yet but Ana increases the flavor of we All agree Voth this. But ape has never yet increased the flavor of a Kida my. Set1 by the paper that the Railroad s Fiher Payin twice an much for Cut tin off u Man s leg As la did for wan. I ddn t understand it at til at All. Or Suro that s Ralson Able. It takes do Jiruch Leas or a Man to live on author have Enid. A Lover once pondered an amorous plea for Many a Day resolved that the tale of his passion should be told in a Nesit Way. The tender cat terms of the language he sought. And conned them l1i All were arranged As they ought to he. "1 know what i la so to thought of. What will she but strangely enough when he Knelt by her Side it chanced to befall that Nonu of the eloquent speeches he tried would come at his Call. His cowardly Tongue could say Little at Best. But Hia Brave eyes said much., while a kiss said the rest and Only hid her face in i breast. Saying nothing at All. 1 Olla to. When Prosperity a Man to grief. It in t the fault of Prosperity. Pro Anil Ralty is like bread buttered on both sides. H must to handled care fully to avoid 11 mess. It in a wino child that knows when to Ink questions of its father. What la one Man s Puicon la another Nan s treat. Metal. At Washington he swore to would ii in Iron reveal do soon Twuwa clearly understood this Slat Oaman m will was steal. Subject. I Upa. What does it mean r bread upon the turn after Many that your Upa. A Oes mean ii it says cast your bread upon the and it shall it moans my Mother never made in the Fimon. You ask me Why this Rose has bloomed Ceca up my lady kissed it. To what sad Fate would have been doomed if her fair lips had missed it she wears it on snowy a red heart to my seeming1, thai Lulb my slumber with the vision of my dreaming. If would have been a blighted Bud. It her fair lips had missed. It but it is filled with my heart s blood. Because my lady kissed it. An opt smut. I Low beastly had it a so Muddy out there just now that our Cook can sighs of the times. A your great Groom other ave but 1c i Ever see or Gadtke o As i been a Good wife to me of n them a things that Are Sot Platiro the sew Woma .1 is twas a Mirage. Chapter i. The paso Del Pinto few within the heart of the wild Sierra Madre is a Youngf Man whose handsome face readily bespeaks him to be no other than Oscar Cuny Sham. Tho time la Early May. It is morning time of Day which in this Distant land and All its environments. Including1 the spaniard and Maiden Are gently rising and floating away Over the mountains iut of sight. Exclaims Oacar i Mangham and is it possible that after All i be my powder on a so with a heavy heart he re crosses the Rio Grande to texa8.-new York world. A the weary looking Man who had just entered the car Sank heavily into seat but the words of the stranger aroused him. Sixteen to the disguised member of the new York baseball team could Brand it no see he exclaimed they Only beat us fifteen to two. And. Anchor next a fifteen in 1 i about the new i la throw him out of Mexico mostly appeals to those whose thoughts Are of love. Oscar Conyngham looks about him wearily. The scene is Beautiful but nevertheless Caras not if he lives 01 Dies Tor his soul can derive no Anima Tion from it. Drooping Palms and hang ing orchids Only Back to his Mem Ory a recent scene in a Church beyond to Rio Grande. Of. Lettuce cutting How could you shake me at the altar in sue he finally mutters. Then in a paroxysm of rage with his Hunting knife Between his Teeth and his a Vul Winchester cocked he dashes on towards of the window. The Rocky but unwonted exertion told a a Bronco tracks and Froah ones. Too. At exclaims Oscar Cunyong Hani at the same time leaping from Hia horse and examining the Hoof prints with read ins Glass. I yes. Yew they Are fresh and by i Jove with heaven s assistance. I la soon overtake them. And but the words stick fast in his Throat. Lunges further and deeper into the Moun Tain fastness. Now he Scales a Barrier of jigged rocks shivered asunder by ancient Terra can convulsion per such obstacles would seem impassable to a heart loss determined on revenge the not upon him. Woke up the other Flor ing and found himself famous. Surprised to hear that lever knew he amounted to anything Jones he never did before. Has happened then found his Wile had eloped to the Guillotine with Napoleon bowed his head la. Thought then murmured this a not personal revenge i did for the Benefit of Man writing memoirs of a look of beatific Calm sctt Lea upon Stern features 01 the tyrant for he i that he had done a Good deed. Him. And he soon relapsed into his usual Iii so Mefs Beauty is to marry old Semi comatose condition. The strangers to Nejrup in. Were Only discussing the Jerreat Sliver he has won by a neck. York world. Have loved anal Loat you Gat Buck your engagement a lip that la what trouble a me. Still in tub punch i tin of Cocoa Lna Edwin ties Yon won t forget to not in his pocket valid kerchief not in his Pockat Nahl kerchief you won t forget to Call and see dear mamma.? Edwin another knot in his pocket handkerchief of. Edwin dear you wont you won t forget to think some times of your poor Little wife left All alone for the Day Edwin ties a third knot in his pocket handkerchief a to Ordell. Judy and now. At last he draws his reins beneath an overhanging Cliff and rals wet tit won her. And in pretty petulance Fatima the favor Ite toyed with Hig whiskers. Co you Call me your the Sultan gazed fondly a the Star of the harem. V Why. You he said. I paid a thousand More sequins for you than All lose other sub relates put pleased at his reminder of her Worth to him she nestled yet Anear and called b ing his Lett hand Abo Gine c be his brow he looks him papa say it s the finest one in the whole parterre Row at the grand opera and Juat the thing to hang Hia diamonds on. Too Macli. Did t know that i waa once engaged to marry your wife did you who broke the encase ment did. Danns did. Of smashes him. And pounds him within an Inch of his Chafter line before him in a Grove of live Oaks interspersed with plantains and wild grapevines. He sees the Hacienda of Don cardiac. A scene to compare with fairy tales it is. Here an abode with Broad Cool verandas and there a rippling Brooklet Nola ulessly winding its Way out of sight beneath yonder Mountain. But Why docs Oscar Cuny Norham to Halo so he sees a Fly Una of a. Mounir sitting in a Hammock band inc Over a cult an As runs her Fin com lightly Over the frets Phe now ind again raises her lunar our soulful eyes to the dark face of the Young spaniard who stands beside her. It in cardiac the notorious Young Chihuahua Bandit end the Syrl is none i less than lettuce cutt Ync. But see the handsome spaniard embraces her and their Are moving to each other. Chapter in. With an oath Cuny Cham raises his Rifle to i shoulder. You he exclaims. Ibid then to runs Hia Eye alone the burnished bar Rel until the Cliftn Itic Slacht blown full against the spaniard s Proulk the arc la a Sharp report into the of fully on its Way of Crove. The smoke clears away and the Yunc american looks Down tie vain with ghoulish a what work of death he had Rousche. Chafter v. Still do the ups of Don cardiac the Beautiful Karl fir together at Val. But there is no report from their Contact which is Tranco taunting to Oscar Cuny Offham who now raises his weapon Scain and takes Morr careful aim. Ranee i simple and his heart with Hope and determination. Bui the result or the shot is no different and they kiss Ocam. Chapter in. Am now Oscar Ctm Inkham is Fleter my Neil to bombard the in ear neat. A hour of inc Irvint shoot inc is Carlod on and thru ammunition elves out. Stilt the spaniard and continue to Kins Uncein of Wislous of the it flanged Bat Paw. A Chow. Scar. The Tiac
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