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Fort Wayne Sunday Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1895, Page 1

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Sunday Journal, The (Newspaper) - August 18, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe sunday journal pages 9 to 12. Established 1868. 12 pages. S0nday morning August 18, 1895. Part 2. Five cents. Swaps enclosed for reply by 1hmvakd . Or. Inn any Awn j till Joy of iikat11. Fly ten Niv Dimit of my in the new Ltd Liuni Llou a no tin mom ii slut Ruml. Hornli to met Liu Fri to and by my with lir Ali it Falve ill the .-us.-, 1 to fit Whill in Limul me to mid Mifu in Iii of it Tito in Ilu to a Wroudy or. Until. 1, it will in of the tinn it inti Iii at by wit i on 1 ii it Pili. Near Triin Slivny. Wynn Lenl Laid Wuh n link mow Tuliau n i air gun. Tin Linn in a by Iuie Pilici thu re with fill nine from tin ii Ciufu and an Uther from Tom Litulu Hull of tin 1 Wuh ims Sunj Ali Ruigh tin Hall when Trio outer c Lipini in Cut Mimi Lului Tjin Don death of str. Hratin Ruti Diki nil Fiat the he and Iii voices of the Yurwit the Huay Wen Mhz lieu Dreu of ii Ojile within we Iii of thut i by and Ull of tin in i a Cutburt to May mood still did kit med in in in in Ruiu Nuru Uitz by the truth i Udine of 1 deut i. For Ali re that in the alarm which in Atli mud no out of Ltd Inin to thu it. Imm Diati by u boy with a d face rushed out of twin i rust r a -Ihii-t1 into tha Hull. Cute Lith night of an me curtain at Nitti Ert Noii. Then tier Mil Ami Hur Irhn i i in hat in Van 1 ble. I had not seen Hon fan Lifford Ami had nut iwo Nix Tel he in the of Laius which 1 Imd upon it. Had a mfr of time Iii in i duh Art 1 Luul previously Reu irked. He detained tin col out to by the Ilo Tir Ami Terrt wan n Liik to Ivd Etui f Riiff it the Floutt of which the Rtin our eur Liitt for ital ii jul mild "1 Milf to i Tiitu it nil of you i pc it hell Ulm or. It Ruml to into two of the sent it Iichi it Fillon but on that tin time would very Brief they Yii Ucil Mill Wallad toward tin room designated by . I Hud Kunle my Wity to i Milr n and bail hurriedly him to me from thu loin of Tuuri in into a he of thid remark Able cum wan a Iii to be. In a voice audible to the Ormut there in no object Iii to your Tiern Litif to be tin Iii Iii a to Liili f Iii no Mimi lightly ulu i. Ami . Kir while 1 Hare my Ami 1 Tir i lie bilk of i in i i inn. I Iii nil ii my in i l until Imi i. will wot lit Why hav not it. To. Von ii gym of. Arc . Which Yon a Lull soon . My will Lirian Yon to Anil us she i moved. 1 Wail with to when i Tii it hoi Bluit 1 will in fur Yon it Klinl you will my it i late a Bome for me. Ymir erf v. Till i Jinn a Hiil Liy. My to 1-nh twin is Winum ext Donlina mild oin a. It in that ibis 1 Hud it anted about Chr will and Luul it Poison to the who would a o fur la i a what i kiss ii to Yiyu j. Doctor to Licuan who Clung de to lie directly the door the boy Fried out you re or. Ain t Yon i they sent me to find a i am or. was the Roplo a what s or. Brami a dropped replied the boy. I saw him do horror at the Ami Pride m share of it seemed to be contending in the youth s mind. Same phenomenon in Many persons of culture years including myself. Think better ourselves when mkt us into her Confidence. Indeed i have seen a Man saved from suicide by to new interest in himself that came from his Chausee Wilde Saint of a Dikinis Sunj catastrophe. Or. Bell in into the office i being conveniently near him. Fol Lowed close upon his heels. Otherwise i should not have Roc in for a Polk Zenum who had entered from the Avenue immediately closed tie door with Tho hotel and denied admittance to All save those who could give a better reason for desiring it than Idle 1 could not. A fall Young Man Imd just i wad the door and was then in pulling up the shades. Almost tie whole the front of the office was in less and there were a Hundred people ing i. There were not More than half a dozen persons in the office besides those who have been mentioned. Two of them were evidently employees. Another t recognized 88 Harold Brand Nephew of the broker and his assistant in the management of Che office. The others seemed to be play ers of the Stock game. The Nephew stood beside a Clair in which sat Holman Brand in an attitude to natural that i could lot believe him to be dead. His handsome face framed in abundant Gray hair showed not a Trace of pain. On the to Nymry. Its expression was eloquent of happiness. He As one transfigured. If the Bliss of heaven had been revealed to him in the moment when m s soul put off its earthly vesture thus and not otherwise should the mortal part have echoed the rapture of the spirit. Or Bell had hurried to the dead Man s Side but after a few seconds spent in Trio Ordinary tests he had stepped Back. When i turned to him i upon the Corpse with an interest equal to my own. But of a different nature. It was a scientific Experiment to Hini. The impressive silence was broken at last by Harold Brand who asked if there was any Hope. None replied the physician. For Fiu tour ill oils of tin lit Imd just ii Eil to Hviid Urail to the Hoy who Imd run our into the Liall of the hotel an 1 it it Ril Ifil. Lit told him to infill a letter. Sudi limply half Ros from bin ulu Tir nud the ii toll la Cilc. Lie did not cry out. But Only Uttmi a faint sound like to but of Content men t than who Wii it that d a did you heur 1 win Juat Pastis no the "1 think Yon must have Uei ird Tom boy. Lie wan f right 1 id of to it wan Home Oisiu Wii it i cry Nam 1 did. You Mie 1 run to his Side Ulm lifted hand. It fell Hack i he. Then i thik in Rud out in terror but 1 Imd forgotten. Thin terrible if Muir has nearly driven me out of by senses. 1 or iiihtanci1, i have not even nuked who you uru and by what right you Juet Tsiou i am a detective at Pri sent in of then plied pn-ble., now about that letter it in t . I Thal h us Ramige 1 saw the it Imp to his hand. I remember Tomt he took it out of a Lett Srou his were watch Liam i Illitia lie finished with his letter. I had so nothing to say to him and this the letter Lii Ali he took Toni Stanici snid Preble to Ukiu one from tie desk. It wii4 addressed in a feminine Luud to hol Maii a Niue. Responded Harold. Do you know in perhaps would better read a Hyp a let bearing Cau in Liao on the cases i will show Yon. If my theory is Cor rect. It plays a considerable part in tie put about the Iio irk the a Giitl and with hands very gently of lived the jaws to open. Lits cried. Nil or erased Forward Ami we saw upon lip of the in ii Tongue this Lii Al to Ltt-11. Who to Urlik the Toni slim of Hie it Stltt Luul ill but a Idle As Isif b had Ivov Cal incr lamp fun i i the num. Find Hud u Tou a slut Toi paper. Tit a in Lino . In Ovid and Imu-1 More cml ii tin body. I then it Bill one Point Mohi n lit in to to tin a faint Umi unusual odor i 4ivcalilc. I i tin in not Ioctl nuo Aliona the lip of tin tit nil exc Jiuu dmm tit ice Lluc. It u a Imis ii and by a German chemist who to Havi Lii own Inov Littin itry Bun in nit Ani the ii stud to Utility Joy of deals " Jual thu ii a von Are undoubtedly snit or Bell. Anim "1 never lil Una of is it a new Respondi a i . I qua Dur Ioctl in last snip any i till the be Initia who Dihm vol it said have with in upon animals the m Tim Lions which Coli in Iny Lei from it Are so intensely us produce a aft Sci Van Uoo the faces of dumb brutes. The Story Wii that one of the doctor s Chi omitted Sui Eidi with it am it wus a Case which Len Only we Ticoli Lle Worril Haw of its effect Usu Tel in Man Beluga. It absolutely tulips Tileti i by Anil Ilie Oiler Ulm the n snark Tahti expression he Fetco of Ali dead untie Only Means by which it a be von Don t mean to nay Bluit Mich n to Sou that was Ile ascribed in a exclaimed tie Enron or. Its Jin tin id of was Oul i hauled run lied i Reble. Bit he big was very 1 was Able to male a Liat you have actually inv pain "1 Inive will in Doue Liy of of tin1 one of tie Large postage Stamps of the columbian pattern. Exclaimed the Coroner. That should Inako the care i Leur. The writer of. That letter is the he took the letter from the Lur Clope and rend aloud As follows Holman Brand Why do you not answer my letters i have written three and von have not noticed them we Are destitute. I cure nothing for myself but my Mot your brother married in ally Deuce and has left in dying for of proper nourishment and the medicines which her illness de Mauds. Whatever you May have believed at the time of that marriage surely you will not let her die in this Way when so Small a Imit of your vast wealth would at Liia Point the Coroner paused. The remainder of the letter was Evi Dently added at l later said a showing it to the detective. The writ ing at this lout changes. It is hut tits and in. I wan near in Houlik a mid my car Unity omit Lutil to do it. Lira i Oil tile was the tin rim pal part of tie of to Tut Iii ii. My mind Wax Milc Uji. Tin irl Wun Ltd. 1 hut Wannu Ould it ii Lui Hatim of in a crime. In blk Tiirik in Artim me. Siml not e but lit Wuh it it in e to in mining i i it it a tit a. Wast a Khin a the Imp. Ami atom Vircil n Man Lioni Liy Iii As member the. Iho Jib in was i Plain la Tom Newt Pipit you Kuril Liandi if it to i . Ali it. "1 to Tilbow n if trip toil f that i Hviid. Third in be up a which contained in. 1ml Nii Furlini utly in Bax int u nil Chi Cor Ner. Or. I Reolf 1 am utter the. Aclei Tlok pit de t to lie it will he he is quite beyond it was terribly the s Man. With a shudder. Have you any idea what was the i have a very distinct said or. Bell but it will he hard to get Legal proof of great heaven do you suspect to said the doctor bravely. There is cd cry indication of exclaimed Harold Brand you must be did you Sec Roar Uncle cat or drink anything just before he was. I remember that he drank a gloss of there was the Ordinary water cooler in a Corner of the office. Or. Bell walked up to it. And Sec lid the gloss which stood beside it. I can detect nothing he said he 15 quite i will for ctr you at least to answer this.1" he continued Reading. I acl Osc Shamji for n reply. Yogi believe Rau that this stamp costs my More Thun i can afford do you Ferow what Jio Verty As that a Catiti you dare not. For shame s Sake a i is to answer me. Though it be to Tell me that we can expect nothing from it is can it be tie continued that so pod a Minn As 1 know your Uncle to have own allow in Iii Broth or s widow Ano her child to suffer like i know nothing said in Roll. He never mentioned them to that said Frew. Pointing to the one Winch the broker had written will probably us on that Point. I would Stinst st that Yon open it or the Glass of hold be saved for it said the policeman. Ill see that it in t disturbed. I think Coroner Robertson will be Here in a few minutes. Lie has notified and he lives there Watt n pause and then at or. Bell s request Harold Brand related Tho circumstances of his Ancle s death. Ther were very simple. To had been in the an hour and Rii Cunico Theo he had written one. It Lay sailed before him on his Dorsle. 1 til in. Rend inc address Margaret i Uard n. Y. Or. Jyh Cla Rrt it it a relative of i never hard of Hirow. At this Nom int arrive. N whom 1 Nat mention i hesitate to do of bonded the Young Man. It i add enl to her. Vet a such a Cense it is 1 lie Tore open the envelope Aud rend As follows my poor child before von receive this Yon will have Hail such i cup is Money a in give your letter four Days delayed came to me this my mind. I instantly telegraphed to or. Edward Morton of Cornwall one of the Best of my friends. You will have seen him before get id will have font to yet for yourself that i could Bave sent no bettor Man to you. He Haa doubtless so far As anyone can explain mystery of this wretched affair. I have never received your letters. I not know where you we Fri. My lost info nation was that Yon and your Mother were in England nud comfortably pro Jdc for. I Banc tried to find you but vainly. If i com have done so. Von both would have had a Home with i am childless and alone and you Woald have been n Thott a ind times Welcome. So far from Cher Ishing the old resentment. I have Long rep Ontott of Ray behaviour in to brother s marriage. If Stiert is to be for alumni in every Druja Iti i blog form. 1 should judge thai n drop of Mist in with the on u posh inc would kill a Nuriu in afoul leu but coulis Liiri girl Wiiki Ile inned j de to i anybody am make replied Preble the article in the taper was u Man who Luul the Bat of flex Flor Early one illumine flu a Yon tiie along mid i Linfitt Ali lain a into it. Of Moursi in Carniol kit or Tyml it that it i m willing to bit in Iii to von Are mini to not Iii uie of Tiiu tried strand Wilb trembling lips. Do i Gaiu by my Imle s 11 paltry mini. This girl much Moi Luiu if be can be convicted of his Mur said i Reble. You know i Wuhu Law Lor thut. Turned to far As my is a Ohio earned. It is doled. Harold it nud you Are under Urril tin next instant had sprues n Ion Itra Uil Aud the two Down in k Corner with u crush. I was it a loss to 1 a jag of Pul que. Where a drink will fill one i vision with sea Sorenta. The Jikit is slant i Jle Ulk had Shiung 171 of b11amu. Mud Estlund liw Midden Ami violent action till 1 saw Preble wrest something from bin adversary s Hunt. The detective Nii Ranu to ii feet i uld before my eyes a Little capsule which in moment he burst by the pressure of his fingers. He was try Iii to anticipate his sen raid smell that i recognized the faint delicious Odo of Gelot Hanla. 1 a quo Iii to few Klo ii edit in Cut of warm of Pul que Aalo oni Are Era vile taxed mid the their Puy Uii with to lir almost inert Dible. Tins India in Dusty Cotton shirt owl trousers Hla tattered Sombrero his Utt Ping us Illus Hulti stolid dark Filee the Siukue Type in Tom regard that is familiar to every lamp the Amu prisoner the to Elm. In Riding through almost Auy part of. The High Rountry you Wilt putts drat tiling to to Doii by the tourist of Mexico is to begin o done by the n Vest tin tourist la to a Chise to ill no this last recommendation however a necessary to no one. The Luau acts automatically so to Hwik in thin Case. If the Drui Ikard of Tho drama should raise fall Auti null swear sole Ianuly ii Overto Emch another drop of intoxicating Saulque As Long us he lived so help him would Moke himself Ridic Ulous. It would be too Blin ple. Why to should a Init Ever taste a another drop of pull us after having onco collided with it hut this does not relate to the cans. This relates to the foreigner who bring with him numerous super tin. Jam Alt Losand racial fundamental try Tel melt Icalla Ioas concerning doors. To the for after acre mile after mile of ova Tury plants Laid out in rows that stretch away to the horizon whether it is it the hazy Edge of a mighty Plata or at the Summit of a rugged and Steep Mountain. You wonder at the density of the thing. Haciendas a Fol. Have their thousands of acres planted in nothing but the Maguey or a americans Call it the Plant. The Earth is Laid out in pattern Maguey plants in Long Awwp-1 ing perspective. Well it is from this Plant that natives make Pul que. Pul que is the juice taken heart of the Maguey and allowed to ferment for one Day. After that it must be consumed within Twenty four hours or it is positively Uselia. The railroads that run through principal Maguey districts operate fast Early morning Pul que trains in much the same fashion that the roads that. Run through Orange county n. A Elgner the very proximity of a Glate of Erate Early morning milk trains to new Pul que is enough to take him up by the York. Prom the depots it is hustled in hair and throw him violently to the wagons and on the backs of porters a i of Vinc locked lie Trecet sad it must come from Yosr Mother she opened a Weh Wpm purse Ai Drew from it a a Tnp of Panor. Which n. Cart to tie detect in. It Vas n. Dippy from a on soar. Preble started Truta i flask let Sie she cited. Ave lain upon his desk for Days it might Lave been lost or Given to somebody ise whatever stamp or. Brand used was sure to seem to be thy one his Niece ent. Is Qew see if you can ind an unused Nve Lopo on that Robertson and Bell searched but with iat Avail. Now there s a said Preble with evident satisfaction. The murderer Sidn t go upon guess work. Lit knew that ill. Brand would that letter before he attended to anything else. So he re moved All the envelopes from Tuc desk i capt that which was poisoned. Be could 0ntrol the matter of envelopes but not the it quips. For some of them would be Likely to come in the morning s mail. Who has Access to this desk 3" the question was suddenly addressed to Johnp Brand. He turned White to the lips and stammered several persons in the who Are they let every one who Las a key to this desk produce it every employee was called and one key found. It was Harold Brand s. A Riding Over an earthquake novel Trman expat venue of to american Tim Veler in Turkey. Hiding on a Tram Over ground shaken by earthquake is the novel experienc of ii constantinople correspondent of the Cincinnati Tribune. He thus de scribes it All at once the air grew still an oppressive silence seemed to hang a Valo and Hill and nil the people stopped Short. It seemed to me that to run to a had piece of track or that of long1 journeys and where a native can ret Pugue he usually prefers it. The effects of Pul que is witnessed la the natives does not to be Potot Ehnle and clamorous As Are Tho effects of certain other drinks upon citizens of certain other nations. The. Native filled with Pul que Seldom wishes. To fight. Usually he prefers to his friends. They will Hahnjr together in front of a bar three or four of their legs bending their arms about each other s necks their faces lit with an expression of the most Ideal Raffeo a tic and supreme brotherly regard would be difficult to make an Imprest Sion on their feelings at these to Mem with a club. Their whole souls Araj completely absorbed in this beatific fraternal tenderness. Still there Are certain mixtures cer i Tain combinations which but it is a de maim to tiie mexican. Many men of celebrated thirsts in cd York would consider tins a profoundly Ideal condition. However six cents represents something to the Indian. In lips there arc some americans around to be robbed a is obliged to Breed troubles. Let the native Nix his Pul que at three cents a a Liswith Somo of that vivid native Brandy and to Taro is Likely to be a monstrous turmoil on Little or no provocation. Out at Santa Anita which is a resort for the lower classes Oil the sign. Cabal they used to have a weekly ceremony which was of the same on scr As the regular sunday night murder in the old Days of mul Berry Intond. And it happened because the natives mixed their drinks. Ste run Chase. Rustic very for his in quo Money to Pels it he is Happy and the Liuo he make for one Ith the of tie annl . When the sri pro or Ratett. The mexican ill fan. Well As those of Tho Goat Al american re pub a to the effect that the ii Trio was made before either Tho White Man or Tho Indian or even be Foro the Sun was created. Thev account for his color by declaring that he was made and dried in the dark. Their own race they pay. Was in Tho room inc of the first Day Between Daylight Neil my on this account they Delight in a term which they apply to each other and which signifies Dawn Tho White Man. Who foam and never been by and metropolitan Shat the Tho cannot stand made Accord Cir belief tit noon of the first
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