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Fort Wayne Sunday Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1895, Page 1

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Sunday Journal, The (Newspaper) - August 11, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe sunday journal pages 9 to 12. Established 1888. Off professor s daughter. 12 pages. Sunday morning aug0st Al. 1895. By u. . Part 2. Five cents. Rat car. Within a filly riot and he Konvit i myth Jun re. The Iti tit Jolt Ilici to up us then with i . They umut k a Phliip Huid Wharton be threw the a life Blaiki of Coper flit 1.s05. Irv Trifi ill Leer found the note Iii Mhz table bin return from the Century club picking it cart tidily up. I Fol Low my dear Paul i have not forgotten toy Promise. Am just Ilii Diqui up a i due that i think will unit you exactly. I will ouf Eim that in Many it is the 1 to Otto Hwy Fiilus of Tony in by you know what in Mich. Are you free if to. Meet uie it Central depot to Morrow Iorii Iuta at 8. site enly. I wore a Hill lied off his out. I Hil is Jim int Linie. As Bald to i have not heard from hint the affair of lieu it Hamlet and or. Crane Wax after me to Day for another he Tolu what s up he nut Down a Furu Ibe tire and gave Way to Wii re Ilu familar writing awakened. Wharton the Inott Leiua rouble Man in hit his a quaint Iii He Hud known him for years but wait unable to Krliu Walfy him. His wan strik ing. Over six feet in Iiri Jolil lit possess the strength of n in Coni always Llu Gerd an line i id he Meir hired him Only Chopin he interpreted with the of inched mid delicate sympathy of thy artist and his Matt it of the violin showed limit Power und u rare Itna Lity of tone. Oil the of the Day hint lie figured u mining expert in tin import Tut nine to delivered a profound on the physical Bunin of before Brud wiling clans of flu co Tuic Seli ool of philosophy which vim after win d quoted. In sonic of the his Knowlton lev win hint of a . An expert Nauthi Imit icon be wad Ulso a practical Man of not Yiirs. At Une time her Vitier us bunk examiner in the state of new York. Ills intellect Mil Energy was _ Narvo Loith. Und there Wim no self Fon it All seemed merely a plus of unrestrained Force. At one. Time he drifted Westward and there i Anie of in which his Peculiar aptitude for. men with wild eyes and huge tristum prominently. In his singular for Iii a physics discovered u weakness for he bad no Conception of the Universal which True philosophy. Flu was a walking Cyclops Dia of details Lucking the Tower of higher deduction. It not a Mir rite. To bin friends when he turned Chi attention the pro Scaglon of the us. Was Clear. In it he found a Field for the elfin Rise of All Iiri wonderful faculties and the of Bia Var i Smidd experiments in Ehu Mutry to the Coli upon of. U problem and at another time hid Clear insight into the intricate affairs defaulting accountant would be called nto play. It wan after Iii remarkable and nut Cea annl investigation of the Sanford Hyp Kiotie Case thut tie Public first pave him Fame. Flin Brill hint work sinet1 then in Many other cases notably hut of the Anchor torn balloon mystery justified High recognition and confirmed tha general opinion that he was the Foremost Man of the Day in-1 his line. Of a Large daily. J. Frequently came in Contact wit i too and the acquaintance soon developed Vito a warm Friendship. He had invade Afeie of his most striking Success of and when Chance offered he followed him in Hio Iwori with absorbed interest. It was just two Mouths .vg6. Be Lemom Wharton promised him the 1 next unusual Cane and he Felt glad that the time was at hand. The nest morning found them flying through the Crisp september air on rhe "0. A. R. Limited and Between Hii glances out at the red Dud Brown land Cape Hilger blew Little Clouds of smoke up into the Lazy Interior of the car. Wafaa Rubn Lay Back in his seat with half closed eyes. They were deep Black eyes covering Depths that few presumed. To penetrate. Was thin. With straight nose the Chin prent firmness and decision Hilger for information. Commonplace exchanges had been made but not a hit Hud Iii Friend dropped relating to the subject uppermost in his mind. He grew restless and twisted in big Scute he never liked to question but he could stand it no longer. Could you give me a Short synopsis your a of this he ventured hesitatingly. Wharton grafted in his Peculiar . Of course i could. In t it always the unforeseen the unexpected that inter ests the nost if i attic into will it not detract from your artistic appreciation prefer to Render the explanation after the fact As in the Case of the nun with your kind lie laughed again and Hilger looked ruefully out of the window. Feeling in the said the latter but it certainly no lows the imagination full swing. What a Good stage manager you d make. you Are said Wharton lighting a fresh Cigar and extinguishing the flame in a burst of smoke did you know 3ack he asked. Only by answered Hil Geld. Was t he one of , Wharton nodded. Kwh Albite to if fit Toni Punk. U Raki Nitrini Limik hanti 1 at Liia Ino Aiea a dour up id from a Xii flu hot Tiv had i Vii Imrit Lunil Tiff in one Corner and a acc Ovyd Antn Hudiel filly and swiftly unit. 1111 old not a ton Ryvik had mud Hook Liu Sidn wit i lit Lle Man. Clad we you la Haiti. You followed my a a ctr a Lovely. That no or. Wade. Tank the i f thu i Guiou. Von Hare probably Inird of i by Herf u ill to Iii maid the of Iclal mud two looked our the t Lohut closely com in Here i Rawl i tint your opium us of my into st in Van Tion Hillyerd. Followed him into the Little spurt Merit and the door -.vatiiphil. It Wax Intel Fly dark and thu air hut nud bit Dunk. They a Reutin a with Dill Tilty. Wharton Oji Ned u Lilly window in the Ulde of thu car. And the fresh stir my Hong in off Nind Dollci Riih. Heppl d toward 1dm, reach uni out he hand Tom Voll it an article that oked Bro Uigh cure in. Had Lieen but unite wan leaning the Wall Tina Leizur with merr Guiont. Moyt a hut waited in silence. Finally Whit Ron said ii did t you recognize i air Witley who in the world. Is lie s the Iii a Tel Zigl r we saw us we came there Watt a curtained window in front of the partition. This Hilger threw aside and looked out there was the same at his desk that he saw out looked Aguin it the figure in. The mud now Law i wrong Rusein Blunt. Wharton eyed him in silent enjoyment. Is this us i of your asked sure re if so in ".no, Pii Ulfe lire very i Onich in ear nest. To lie Puree bunt heavily like one in u p08riililn ideation can unit kit urn have to choke uncanny unhurt a that Oliv Toish to All and Why should it have canned All dire Ful to re oilily ii Rule bin eyes und Loots i Quill Allf he hot u if one und the White Ioanu Jive Forth Len Klu Cen it the id Lent Dunn Niort and then it the Wolik i Dicker Buek at him brightly. U that Milf Oil inti Tiova Rini in the. Air now sir lilt red to landed a Hautly eol Orv Slid Denly he in Coutt Cioth of u Rautini without Wariti Lutc he 1 uie Kly choked. Ilia Bruin mud i tide Liimol la Uii Vitins for breath. Abott thu buzzing in Tiki in Hia earn tie distinct Vliek. Some one had open us lifted the Man up. His hands Lay Limp in his Lun but his head was set with an nil natural the eyes stared straight with u fixed look the face u ghastly yellow with an artificial flush on Eticy Cheek. Hilger looked ii Una at Hie immovable features and Hen the Light began to Dawn. Vat s one on Pic lie said. But May. I ask whether this dime museum. Wax figure business has anything to do with the Wise in hand a has everything to do with it and it will to Clear to you shortly.1 he looked it his watch. Not numb time to he continued. He blew jut the Light fumbled a moment in the dark Bun stepped out with the lifeless double of Bent Ley dangling in u grotesque Pushiou from his anus. 1 lie Laid the figure on the door beside the table. The big sure stood at the opposite Side of from it the Nie Songer took several packages and sacks and placed them with others on the table the former took into the closet. A Bertoti and the superintendent picked up the Wax figure and placed it in the choir lately occupied by its jiving Model bending it slightly Forward in the Posi Tion for writing. They then placed u pen la the stiff fingers and spread sonic papera out on. The Dost. They fastened Tunion. Und Niu Liik Luik Bent but their or hoi14 Here Ruth. Am be Utt pm Hal Only Ull h lure of the Luu pm Eureil in in right baud. Mid Ira rely a cry of on work Tel it in Safe the Man Tim k Nii other or two then. Us if with Nulud there huh n of for we. Run feared he we pm Ibe Gitlic Rimml. A if by Niak in tin Maiio end Ibex Haw into the yen of the other us in Lay help in on Niu irk. It a it critic up Iii. Uld the hot a Loxen unit he Ruoh or win need 1mm bin Srajt he Touhl turd or Nike u move. The a Vul Lay in Mil leu the Light of in ii tit. Bevily looking tym. Wade dipped into the Mii Oker and returned with three Ditt Rui lit door Kilt men. There tit a Are. be Nirid Bra Italy Tivo of thu worst in part of tin ii Kiniry. Von have or. Wharton Here to thank Tor tint Job. 1 Imit Ivich a neat Thi thu Rifle live in his migration at Wharton. The Hitler Wuh pipe King Lii Luva coat und bin Kliu lil i thl Woi trint the oat mud hat of the robber. We will Uke or. Suilun with in i wild shortly. I ii Oak to Able to Iii Isle thu by to ruins. Tjo Oil Lori tic ked up u lantern Cuil 1111 Kerd followed him out onto Ilie Viilu form. Will now change Irum. Mild Harl ii. "1 know it not Vito notary to Wjk form thin feat Thlu july lieu Chr Yuill a Pace yet the. It Imu Tiou i list novel.1 they wore Wail Alluie flu Iii lipping tin. motion of the Ink Iii it Deli cult to Tanil the Nilla of the Tom a track dipped Pust like Hilver Ali Ruail. A Board led out from the lower Utt Pund Down this Whu Tim crawled fear lustily. He stopped turned am or to re of a lire Bikini twit tuned their blood to re. Shurum n through them. Uis or he that with him wan unusual. Came Imit before thu e in Iti our Lanui in. Lien id the Rubin Anil Tilque. Muke no to hot. Lono to la Lite they crept stealthily Towi ird Lulu in flit. Which Chili Jurew More .tintiiu-1. And Nilsi re mtg. Throw in a Little the window from which the Rayn Caw. They moved Forward cautiously. The door waa Ijar mud through u could in st i a the of a Man heated at a table i us had remitted Rikhi Hiu Mauiu mud he Lay an Upu Book. Ute Lii it up some new spa Lea of Dev try 1 hib Jofh Bihi Kowl. A Tepa and thu Wax i. With a sweep flu Arm m hard fun g Buck thu door nud Ulep Ped inside. U Man turned with a a Turtle Faco to them and sprung swiftly to Liis feet. H bund he hide. Careful proves or just raise your urdu at Ioviti your head. Whar of n Vulce or tit Culm mud soft but la it Ingy i Hick Crohn the a Uhi Irp mud i Wilferd Felt the Tel Oil try Klimik jowl Arm Lii i the Hullt a. Are in for it now. 1 Fried whirl on. A july one Way of this Imp by land Aad that u Alozij the i rail Buxe in vits took lie darted swiftly toward the Rii Iii and Fol Loiti us his laity can revealed outlines of Uii diary Loo King mud Var moving Al with the Trulu. I forgot . L Learnt get it.1 he shouted i Luji re went Back into thu cur picked it up Anil threw the strap Over Hiu shoulder. It seemed to him like courting death to from thu train out that bin it Luo Khie Lirida But he Shu Hia on All fours Anu moved slowly out. Thu Hoodei connection rattled1 and viciously he could not see Ulm nothing would lit Tuc Diu Kinn your of the Nois cars. The wind Cut Pnat him wildly smoke ninth cd into his nose and a Lieuru ing him slip reply on Nuh by Inch tie made Hia Way Niheu a Tronu Arm awning he looked up Aud Suva the Dii Milfs Burly Bis Ruaix hkk1.b and he fjsd3 Hiu sulier Oab Piso for Lar rattle. The outer window and the incoming air never seemed so Sweet. I Here ii thar Wharton work Iii the wires lie looks through the Eurt Iii Aud fees the doubles tilt in their Chrim. Their limbs Mouti suit medically then the floor Tumble to if and Woolen fabric. Groaning and Nelling the train sue ods through the Huerd Fecla himself drawn gently back1 Liuti Wharton s Shadow passes before him. To Hilt re Stasiuk out in lie lighted puce the whole thing items Mireal and of the nature of a play. Buoyed up by Strong excitement Eady for any thing yet knowing not what a to -.-omy. Easily he conjectures up fantastic forms hovering Over the prostrate bodies and fancies he hears them minutes pass in , then unusual noise1 comes from the platform outside and the Back door is quickly opened with a. Bang. A heavy in heard close by the partition and a new Ictor appeared on the scene in the Shapi form pawing a Al Obj so like a Beni Lowed Bluni Blutig blindly Vetn tilth. Sanders looked hey dish Tel Iati the i Abin. We Martou stepped to the clout to and took rum there two rat Lith one of he handed to erd oin Lii in his Rachel. He placed in it tilt tin Box thu following movements with furtive looks flu am Rietl bin Wear Wurf carefully mud Niheu Tot quickly. Hoys we must either find one of their boats or tight it out. Sunders you will follow Atid Wilgerd can bring up thu rear he threw Home water on the fire blow out tic Lighta mud they tiled us gently out into the tight. Hurt of headed for the Shore of thu Haku below whore they had left the bout. The dump urus mud Wue Dii dim to their limbs wetting their across the Antiely Unten of the swamp cume thu Mournful Hoot of ail owl. They pushed do Peruti by Forward through thu tangled me to Turnr. Will run Camer. T i i in manage for a while. A Lull fur uakf.1. Uii Switt in wharf More a i Pulu to the s of the rank Groin Tom the Uke. It nce mod an age to Hilt re a Timon he la aril Hurt of utter in of Kuri suction and him stooping Down a Liova u lout Black Abbott into thu open Wuttur. It the boat and they breathed More freely. Hviid Wharton Wurm higly. Do you hear that we Are Louo too Krom the direction of the Trail Cupitt Dimi cutly the thud of rapid Hoot that in spite of Tom of it Al he could not repress a i swung the Bridge Buck into its plaei.-, us. Quickly they dropped behind. The tapes car shot my Jim Theu the the Couch ii Dunrud sleepy pet sprur ult Lauon Acincid the night. With a final your the hem sleepers Lii Zoud out of sight adventurous Trio Sut in a is Luule us deep As the Tomb. Hilger re blvd Bis eyes. Timid he this tight rope business is dread fully trying to u nmn out of training. Is there any More of thut ahead of was difficult and you min void no Bly replied Wharton. Luiey hug but we have some harder Vork before la. Let me first speak of his be continued it is the Handiwork of the gifted professor and will easily run forty an beg Pardon but who Aud what is the asked Hilger. He s the Dell a own and the accomplished Leader of the worst gang of train robbers in the country he is Xerell up in chemistry and mechanics and the scheme we no successfully foiled to right is his latest Aud Moat daring mp-2rimeiit. The baud has u rendezvous Back Here in the Black swamp. These two men waited for the train just this Side of Montous and running along with it they Nade fast to the e lower Brace Irons. Boring a ii Ole a the car they inserted a tube of Reservoir Here and a deadly gae a secret production of the professors instantaneously pervaded the oaf then they moved tie Bridge Back to the step came in and you rest. They looked through the window to see that their Devilish plans worked successfully hence the int cd with a Hal titled pack Towall t1ik1i. Thu of the udder. The pro Fessor hesitated Ghuneim from a Burton s steady Eye to frowning of the my 45-Colt, then Back again. There was no mistaking the Chance was our of the ii estion und up went his bunds. Said Wharton wee try. Paul will kindly relieve the of those ugly looking guns and or san Ders will attend to the Ollil re took a Good look at the Man As he oat in it Irli Iii a Guidt the Wall. He Hud a smooth with High forehead Aad piercing Blue eyes and there was much in Iii upper Lucy to suggest the criminal. He Hud not Tully recovered from his sur prise god was looking wow Ridgly though Delius try at the the Cabin 1ml a Board floor and there was a cheerful Wood fire i Irmini upon the Hearth. A rough table four chairs sumo bunks Corner a looking gloat Aud Susie the furnish Ings. Without losing any time Wharton stepped to the carefully the logs and threw Back panel disclosing opening from Lieh he Drew Forth tin Box. Do you remember the Cooper Tovin no be asked Hilgard who standing near. Hilger nodded. Cuu Linued Wharton Here is the suit of that mighty the Prossor moved uneasily in Hia chair eyeing pm murderously beneath his drooping Hurt of then opened the door of a. Tie closet and in it they saw a woman s to cloak and some dresses. He Gunc at Hilger and examined pm closely. It a us i he said whispering Uey have not been worn for some ii he pointed to some dark red stains u the garment shaking his head slowly. Hilger had taken a dear from his and was approaching Sanders to Jarrow a Mutch when the latter uttered startled Grunt and Rose la his feet arms in dumb Surprise overt is Shouler. Hilger turned swiftly. The door As still standing open As they bad left and right in the Center framed in the keep Black of the outer night stood the ugly form of a Man. Over his shoulder Light fell upon the delicate face of a Oman whose Large Blue eyes opened Ide in astonishment in the few seconds that passed it was up Rossyn upon Ujj Higerd that the Muu roughly dressed and thut uis head from the Bushy the Best Man in Munu s inc we Bate worked together and 1 know him. I Tony Tell lie Lian it bar lost Bis life or his Liberty in this affair i am not Hilgard looked tracked is it so serious to it is Likely to answered the other gravely. Hilger thought Aliy Thain cd the Sobos from his Cigar. Where do we get he Bally asked. Acain Wharton mile be Inin Gly. We Don t get he kind. Uil Perd stared at him do you mean to say that there is Soai body on Mot said Wharton. Then he Rose abruptly and in coded tails cd c paper Paul i nudist have some sleep. Try and amuse yourself. Ken Ember. The cur Tain rises at and he re treated. H was dark when he came in again. He motioned with Bis head and Hilger following Stind himself heavily Bovit express car. Us looked a round Conri to Hatbox and the site Button debt tick to it tue Wax figure. Wire a around ils Waist carried them Down through Staples in the floor and thence to the Little where they wrapped the ends around a projection. In another part of the car Lay a Long bundle which they unwrapped disclosing n figure similar to the first. They placed it in the chair belonging to the guard put a Book in its hands Bent Down its head and Laid a Rusty looking weapon its then they stood Back to inspect tue effect was lifelike and the resemblance perfect. There were the messenger and the guard in every particular it would have deceived it s most time we were whistling for the crossing in t it. Wharton asked. He Gard Felt that something unusual was about to occur possibly a tragedy and be could bal wonder at the unconcerned business like manner of the men. Presently there Camo to them above the incessant ramble of the train the long1, Mournful try of the whistle. That s said Wade. The four stood in Earnest moment and then All went into to in tar compartment except Wharton. Who took a a Aadla off the shelf lighted it and went to the South window of the car which was next the double Here his glance nested of the opes sats. Of a Tali powerfully built Man. He Stop Ped right in front of Hilgerdt and looked sharply around. His glances swept the floor Theu rested on the opus Safe. With a few Swift strides he was before it. He was heavily bearded and a round his Waist Hung a leather Belt supporting bolsters from the tops of which loomed up threateningly the handles a pair of deadly Colts. His motions were cat like Swift and Graceful. With deft fingers he feared the Money packages from the Safe to n huge pocket in the Side of his coat. Again the nauseous odor came to Hil Gerd As a Large panel Slid Down in the South Side of the partition. Be mile Hilf Ford Wharton crouched like a Panther ready to Spring. The robber Hud emptied the Safe and was casting a last furtive Triumph ant glance around. Quickly he stepped towards them. Now he was almost with in reach and another step brought him opposite the open panel. Kor one Fleet ing i Lillord him turn a in he moved it Back and Forth til Surprise. Swiftly As the lightning ? stroke Wharton p Arm shut out. The robber s Lind crashed a inst the opposite Side of the car and Down he dropped a helpless mass of quivering flesh. The door was thrown open and the guard nigh cd out. Hilger started to follow list was motioned Brick. Not yet said wliartiii.1 the Man was quickly handcuffed. Then half Cir Rich. Half dragged into the already close air of the closet. Is he done for. Iii la asked no hut it would pimple Justice if he answered Wiarton re Mutiny the insensible Cap Tive s coat Ami hat these lie donned awl stepped Roond to the Back door of the car. Oils Ord a card a Peculiar whistle. Nud the panel and door were closed. Whit Ron stopped sind took a kneeling position in front of the Safe. Bang went the door with a Sud de new that was startling. Wait unusual. The panes wore half smoked. To Larce i motioned with his Arm. Pc epic his ones reaper was at desk in tic Comer inc Nyji apparently too to notice them. His i i of car still bum cd Bright i front a Shadow pawed the cur dark up acc where uni lain and Bil Rem scanned the n the figures. It was the Only Wiy to out wit them un-1 to get them into the far and that was what we wished to accomplish. Our Possession of this car is. The key to the situation and the Only think that will enable us to capture the proves Sof. Himself Didu t began Hilger. No exclaimed. Wharton you doa l East h the old gentleman risk ing his precious hide in the iteration o his Little scheme. Yon can Wager he is Safe at Home and that is where we Wil look for they moved rapidly of some time in silence. The car stopped a the first trestle Over the River and War ton jumped out and walked toward the deep shadows at tact dec of thu thie Timber. In a minutes they saw Bira coming Buck. I have telegraphed the professor Ove his private Tine to Send All his men t number one on important business h said and i sincerely Hope shall Fin him they removed the car from the track climbed into a boat Wharto had conce Abd and were soon thread in the Muze like Chana Sof the great Sanders rowed while Wharton Mccred. he said presently you hav never Beano the professor s daughter Huger Shook his head slowly. Of course said the other though fully and if you knew her you woul not believe that such a charming Refina person could possibly be so related. Shwa educated in a notable Convent and extremely intelligent in diabolo manner he lured her away and no keeps her imprisoned in the Center of the beastly a whip. With no comic irions on these brutal of course so is dying by inches and it s a Burnon shame. It was Here where Newell Cam in discharge of Hia duties und i am a most convinced that he was caught n temp tin c to rec pc her and was killed outright or is differing a eve mint worse than death. I have utter failed to discover the slightest Irace either of to Beni. But i am determined i to Pic no until 1 learn Ilei they conc Fprd in Low tones the boat passing throw High a narrow Rha incl. End cling us had n Sandy bore. T i out. Some Diston the Leick la Hilje Cancho the climb a of a lish1 Ward Wharton slipped off y while the others remained sitting a t current Down moved Suead. Koon they in main. With the swamp. We Vartou stood in and looked Buck. It is us 1 he said. There the Light they have traced or to the Shore and will lie after us now in no Over to the right of their course there was an opening in the Woods ind through this Back and Forth danced the Lun Tertis in the hands of the professor s men. One flitted toward the Cabin then Back Aguiri Aud now they Cross and Lear Oak each other like fireflies. After an interval they Wera All bunched together ind then one by one they went out. They re coming said Wharton quietly. Little islands Grassy marshes my jut Ting Ppitts of land glided by in the gloom the tall Trees in places standing in dim Relief Iiga inst the murky like sentries at their posts. Mile after mile Wax trav with Ufa word the Row locks the Only break Black fullness. They entered another Lake larger than the others and when but a Short distance from tie line of Trees that fringed the Bayou Wharton s hand was raised with u warning motion. Without relaxing his stroke Hilger looked Back a rift in the scurrying Clouds let a soft glow rest the Choppy Waves and in this he caught the loom of a moving Black attend. A to Ami you thu a for us Tail bit barricaded by a Luw of fallen. Wetter Oak no they hot Tobt Uruu thu of he and ill Leer Hin Vlf for thu it never came fur the Hoat. If moving by human awl try to the left. And grazing overhanging Vlam Tell did through a narrow of annul into hidden Pool. Not n word now. For your mid Wharton . He Drew nil re Volver and corked it. Now 1 Rofe Wor. It with you who will go tint. Vou Tutu Prisi Aier silk Nutly Lio Ivel his Hud. By a ctn flu Utah paid Tel in a silence tint ii Luxom made Iti Telf Felt. Theu the he text up Idhe of an our. What shall do a Nev a eked a Low Wolfis. Keep on or turn in to right a d if i thu Gruff ply Aud then followed a hiring of Start Lului up Lumives touching Uitti bad Luck in general Aud their own in particular. Ite Duy said they d take the Utalia said Titio Tvr voice in a drawl. What in i doen Roldy know bout it Uny Muyr Snail did the yen Biman u rtt if Iti Day had t acted us sticker und Toloue As ought to her did we a had Tow Chu Uius dead to rights noddy be do you keep ahead there. Smoky. And an clump of Bushes charitably ii mothered .lake1 fur ther remarks Aud the voice a conf Eod murmur gradually dying away into the right. Kive minutest passed. Hurt of broke the spell with a laugh. Professor i am afraid your Are not in the habit of frequenting your valuable Library any great extent. Jakatt Hua Talent rhetorically Why neglect the Trof Csogor did awned More than Grunt in reply und wharf directed Sanders to Row across the Pool. They bulled the boat upon a Dort of Island dryer than the surrounding parts and built u fire. In Linerd started to bring sum tiling from the bout and Wharton Folio wed him Down to where it was pulled up on the Sand. He came close and in Hilger s ear. Paul Chintis have taken an mex peeled and disappointing Purn. There in but Oue Way i can Nee now to discover any truce of poor and that is through nodding his head towards the still manacled captive. I must talk to him and if Newell id still alive. I will Promise him All possible Lenio icy if he will Tell us where to find him. It is the Only Way ind. There Iana time to course get out of their present quarters and they not trouble 10 take Newell they. Returned to tie wha Ruu said Pomet neg in a Low tone to the professor who arose sullenly Aud followed him off to one Side they sat on a of just Nusida the Circle of Light which threw weird waving shadows off into the dismal was covered with a Black Felt hat. But t evil face its Ime most clearly. Aston Sam out was deleted in every feature. Behy nth in empt hair glared lower ugly a pair of Reu Charous eyes. Tor a Brief second he Joyd like a statue. Then Hilger caught in gleam of a Light on a Long Blue bar Elas his Aru swung swiftly upwards Here was a and yet another almost u continuous Roar. The smoke Hung thick a but through it we saw Churlou s Lithe Nape bounding towards Pic door two lore reports rung out in Quick Succes of. Sunders was standing up Uriu tired the ome bewildered look his face clearly uie Pace was too Swift for his sluggish nature. H was All Over in a moment and then Wharton Caius in stifling an exclamation of disgust Reddy he a had Man but a worse shot. The gang prob ably forgot something and lie Back for it hence the Little Surprise. I need Tot ask if you were Hurt for there is one a left in that log and the other with which 1 Hud a passing you will find about three Cut to the right just brazing that but the other shot. Hilger cried. Surely i heard three. And what s that Bright red Streak doing on Jour object in their Wake. It is just a mile across this he heard Wharton s voice say Init Colaizy and if we can lend them a Hundred Yards at the Murphy s Creek to can bid them r. Dinul Good night. There is a hiding place near its head which i hardly think they know of. If they do we must have it out on first principles and if not. You and Sanders May rest peace fully on your oars. No doubt a glancing Bullet splashed the water in their faces humming spitefully As it sped of its Way. A Jet of flame leaped from Pic Black in the rear followed by the reverberating crack of Rille v we Morton s Uio Utu a trap. Engagement opened by the exclaimed Hilger breathing hard. Yen. They Are trying fell a Little we will in end them an other trial before showing our they had not Long to wait. Another Flash Ami the Leaden missile whistled so lose overhead thai Hilger and the her of involuntarily ducked together. Whar of never stirred. Improve up said he grimly. Tuni about is fair Sun the to Eali Byr win to Biu shoulder with the hand the second was Wharton briefly it s answered it went wild. He is badly winged at any rate Lor he dropped his pm just outside the door and it bars evidence of a disabled owner. I heard him a his horse. But could Sec was that your daughter. To Rataj suddenly Uyon him. It was. And Shell fix you for came the answer with a positive nod and n Ginnee of deep cunning. Wharton looked at Hilger and they stepped out of 1 Liu is beyond me. The door.1 he i cannot understand it. He a either Lynn or l have been orca try . I us entirely it Sra about Newell. Of Tiht m Cire the boat us it is our Only Way of this rat Hole my the s Here now in Short As they rushed Down to the . The Korud of Ypon Shine oars a track to their a shins Nihro jul the thigh they arrived in Tinc to their boat inv inc rapidly away a cosy Grace of., Boris Rifleman. Master of the weapon he poised it his attitude a artistic study. As they Rose on a Little swell he fired. Clink Clink went the lever and the second re port acc Nice but an Echo of the first. The names of the Burnt powder Hung Ilos Cly about in the moisture Laden air. Co sound came from the in Rojers to indicate the effect of shots distance Between them gradual eyed probably disabled one of her pro said Wharton. Throw inc in an other Shell the month of the Creek is right Over to arc. And we to beat them easily into hands were Milored froth the wort but the Fly wid and the pain in his Back was excruciating but the Burly shoulders 91 the sheriff never seemed to tire and the st Mac was Gilill Strong. They arc near month of Tiv Crowle. And with a few m arc strokes will in jut of fight. Ill Ecol is said Soke this is a tone to the profes80k. Ceases of the swamp. heat Forward speaking earnestly occasionally raising. His hands with expressive the professor sat erect with Tow Mien of an indian1 chief staring Back with set visage at the glowing Mbeni where Hilger sat with the Collar of he coat thrown up. The Damp air was penetrating. It was Long before he Council ende d and Hilger awoke Tiroui his t of with a Start As Wharton s hand fell on his shoulder. He got up without a word and followed him Down to. The bout leaving the sleepy sheriff to stand guard. War ton s face was serious and Hil scr expected the worst the Gray Light of an Early morning threw a ghostly Mantle Over the Odd shapes of the stunted Trees and the influence of the scene was Felt by both. The professor has told me said Wharton. Slowly Newell is Otill alive but whether he will be to Morrow night depends upon our action. An hour s floating Down the Little Creek Over there to the left will bring us 1o crisps Sta Tion on the line of the e., n. It w. A it. There you will take the train East and get your breakfast at bleed Seville. Alter you May read these direct ions i wrote while you slept they will fully instruct you what to do after arriving at Cedar function and also contain certain explanations which i have so far not had an Opportunity to make. Am 1 Vichy in assuming that you wish to stay with me to the replied to would n t miss tie rest for the i appreciate your Friendship said the other taming away. Hilgard carefully placed the letter in his pocket and then bathed his face id the cold water of the Pool. Some difficulty they pushed the boat Over Portage to mid greek whose Swift cur rent was soon hurry nor them Iilona through the foe of the Early morning. Fallen tree caused some delay. And just As they reached the Bank below the track they Hoard the Distant or the train. Just in time to get your exclaimed Wharton. He left san Lurf with the professor and dashed inti a up the Steep Sandy lie Fol Lowed him into the car and Ahji Pierc j a ii instructions. Hil Jenl saw him a Stincic pain in his right band. His oar is dashed out it in splinters us another whip like re Wrt echoes Over Tow water. Are you Hurt. Wharton asks not much tast bruised a Little. For inches farther to the right and it would turn for another Fri Nelly . Is he reached the door and then he a from View. Number -0. For the cast. Ii on at with .1 Hir Lojis. Lay inc re icily on the scat. To feline very ? after his a Carly bran Kfaft. Continued on ten
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