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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1921, Page 8

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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - March 14, 1921, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne news and Sentinel monday March r failure to Post forfeit sets fight Dom agog Fristic world agog Over j curtain Falls on big failure to Post forfeit ten basketball race Carpentier has not sent Good Faith Deposit As yet and match is doubtful. Ruckard wants time by Henry i. , in ipod press n m w v o r k. Ucli m. I Road Way cd try rumours today thut Hontros or erotic a is getting Rowdy to run out of is match with Lack i Rin soy. The failure of the a rom Hun Rrt Jihei forfeit Over Hen to rest eff Tex it Kibird s and Lebpw y s Faith Money is taken by some 4o mean that the pedal a of acc kor open Champion Ziruk Gittins attain h is said thut of pct tar was his fees. Kic Karu has Duit talking but be perfectly satisfied with develop of tints. 1 yom outward appearances he fun t to just a Sibo i scamps the manager said he would comply with Wickard s that forfeit Money to posted on this 2skle. The sceptics should not be because the Money has not in seven Days. The frenchmen on a tour of Europe arid they can attend to business with the celerity possible if they were at Home in 1 Aris. To besides frenchmen never see the need a Rush and the Date of the meeting months away. In regard to Tho reduction of the Reikard told Tho United press recently that he Hail not suspestcd1 Cut to had not tasked to have him work on a percent age basis. Lie intimated that he might ask him to work for a Cut of the Petitf when came to this country feel lip that More could lie accomplished by than by Cable. Experts pronounce entries poorest in years with no consistent performers. Three the Lead big ten standing. Won lost i Virdue Alk hip an Illinois 7 f. Minnesota 7 it i and Iana k r. Iowa s t Chicago i c Ohio shiite 10 Northwestern 1 10 games saturday. Minnesota Liy Northwestern 1 it m mss s .583 .545 .1g7 .091 Bull fighting not sport but murder says Menke cruel and unfair Slaughter of j dumb animal that has t j Chance for life. Brutality it appalling Garrett fires Back sports. Mitor news and Sentinel. Clarrett. Id. March 12. Var to i aft Tho pleasure to answer the article that appeared in the fort Wayno news and Kent nol the Lois. Fair we. As supporters of fair and o. H. S. Have come from Hind Thonn Foj Rainy a locomotives. If you. Deal Ute will stip out from behind those Corn who cloth and Hiil fish kill link bet fuel wry flown there at that will a kindly express our opinion of tin fair 3port" and Bis followers. If Phi Cater Hud been a truthful and port Short would a Lilly comfy Torrett and Pion ship and wit i Ilad i iut any doubt would my fairly treated As any St in Many seasons. At any was no method in the Suc one of he most unique races for a championship in the history of the Western Colef Fiat conference comes to a close tonight when Iowa meets North Western at pcs Moines. It a Cen an in and out year for most of the teams and the experts Ren rally explain the form reversals which marked the play Jim due to the Lack of class of most of the entries. Many of the floor followers big 10 entries this year to have been Cluj Rale there Cess of. Any of the. Teams. Michigan after a late Start must be Given credit for the most consistent performance copping six straight games. The. Game tonight will not affect the leaders. Purdue. Wisconsin and Michi Gan will top the 10. Illinois and Minnesota tie for fourth while if Iowa wins tonight As is probable the Corn he skits will tie Indiana for sixth. In any event Chicago will have eighth place secure my should Iowa Lone the will move up one. Should the i Urple cop they will tie Ohio for ninth stir Hoff Chicago White i Nardue Oean. Indiana Anil Oss Minnesota Are mention and on a.11 hands for All confere is said to have made -1-1 Field goals to Lead big Emmaus Bowling league the Stellhorn and Noire i Lor team continues in the Lead in Jim mum i jowl Liik league race with 20 games won und four lost for l percentage of jump Bona and Weber Knirs uru lied for second berth with Tho others scattered behind. W. tops Tho individual a with 1h3 for 51 games. Shlit la next Beliinda him with i. and k. Lle Geriold in third and fourth Plutch Post icly. Tho Stundl Nga and a team Standl Nib w. 1, bullhorn it or tier "0 tit uni Cornea to Wilt a i bin not Tom lira entity out front that hit Tahoe kit unit your earn just want rat Vlna in Titi Bull of the. Piunt find. Do recall that Mut tilled Ball Jeanm. I Irnie to in Rituta you pumpkin huh Kim Down in that Hugar . But any1 Way in tha fifth inning the Acorn than jiving i j 1. And Alt that Mai hopi wet not Niue u. Ganik. Our first fool Ball of the sea t of lust Ytter wits played with of tour and tins ended in 1 Tiia Ift for 50 to a und f Nti it. Rtt turning at 1 of Cmittur. O itt Tfir. The it room und Uga won. Set to 10, 1 we Arft not he to ended an you my the. Our a Cuxil manuf frs Runk i High and a in sure Yim Triin not prove if to of your a lying. Youm truly. A paid Trot sport. Trump son h neatest hair Wayne hotel. The upstairs store Jyoung men s i easter suits if for just the right com mation of Snappy pattern exclusive style and High Grade tailoring look to Wayne clothes. Special easter display at the new a and greatly lowered Spring a prices to Jwayne clothes Ishop the upstairs store 714 Calhoun St. Weber itar ult s Auto 1 tra 1 g to flrge.1 music co. 7 11 3 in Denind Jadw. 7 11 Nocht a per nut 4 17 .1 individual averages it Tow Lumc 11." Kali 1. 17 1c. 1 tester til Kortte 42 Kunn lne. Kiu-1 to w. . I l by. Ilu Ucko k. A uni j w. I lot Mun k. 1c. . K. In cd. Jump. I o m. K a. Orting. K. Tejkl kor. Is Jendl a. Fin a. 4fi w. 1c. Diokmeyer., 3f, k. Timme m ii. Numier . k. A Climan j. I and. I. Croatian j. Sthuat5fi Hor Chat ice Van jump .50 Wai to k Koch a. Schwaf. C. I. Elcue. K. Jump two score clean sweeps ave so kill s-1h 177 Elf. 174 174 174 171 no 108 1117 inn i on inn i i in id4 ice 163 140 Bull lighting classified As a Sporl. Has no s Uhi k m than has murder. Sport is a medium of recreation and diver Sion it s play tween evenly Matoh cd with the result p r e s u in a b i y shrouded in doubt until the last blow has dlr cult the last Bell has rung or the final g. Merick. Session has been played. But Bull Well the Bull has As much Chance from the moment that he in driven into the enclosure us a condemned Man has who walks from the death cell into the electrocution chamber of a Slite prison that much and no More. And the danger to the Man who him is just about As great As Jack Dempsey would confront if he was shooed into a for a four round with Jimmy Wilde. Tho writer Bull fight not so Long ago in the brutality of it. Anil the nauseating details Are indelible in memory it was a pitiful sight for anyone who has compassion for dumb animals. It was t a was simply Slaughter by degrees of a poor dumb animal who suffered excruciating agony for thirty minutes to make a Toman Holiday the Bull enters the enclosure through a Small Gate. As Jie is driven through by Means of Pitchfork prodding men Silling on the wails at the Edge Pau p Ungco huge barbs into the flanks of the animal As he races through. Four barbs with Points fashioned like the business end of if Lush Hook arc jabbed deeply into the flanks of the animal the and of the by Robert Edgren lion Tex Rickard took Over Tho in trysts of Liis partners. Charles Coch ran and William a. Brady. In the Dempsey Carpentier bout the Public heaved a sigh of Relief. Tex doing it s ffoing1 to be done. That was the thine people said All the country. Rickard has a re Mark Able reputation and he has earned it. Of course the Wickard Cochran Brady combination was Strong but. Tex Rickard standing alone is stronger. Or. Brady As a theatrical producer and in Tho i figure i barbs Are about the of a Hugo har my is tied with gaily Imon. The Oiler coloured ribbons. Tortured from Start. The barbs Are Welgh led on the ends. The result is that when the Points enter the pour animal s mesh the other end sags and As it sags it twirls the Llesh. Tearing Points around in the flesh of Tom Bull. It Lood spurts out first in rivulets then in thick streams As the Bull wishes around the ring and Gocs through every com i Labh contortion to shake out the. His agony. Kennt Lilly the Bull spies one of the three four or live men in he ring. One of them is Hie Matador Spanish wont meaning i he others an Hon assistants. A Matador is a Man who fights unmounted a Toreador fight while on As the Bull rushes at the first Man he sees another Man hurries we Luln cause of ills vision Anil Bull stops in vim i his origin Eloth. In Rush Ali and Titt a of try Tom Man with the. I Lola. A lift Nearn that Mun. Fellow rushes Over and a Uvea at Bull. Hull in fun taken after film. And the continue. Itin Bull a Turlott run Hong fallow. Wui r the Anil Pihrt Bull Wal for the und rntiiul1 we vat the Bull. The Graa Ujj ony from hid und til run he Load of a lome. Is Kepi there is Ehatt Slotik the red rags. Something in n Hull s nature who Ali eau Aas him to Clemye Rufi no mat Ter How weary and. Broke to it Niue and the. result zing thut. Krofl the still Runny ii until Hurt Itris Ulm fit Crump left under him. Toni in Tut tit out of Mouth und bloodshot eyes b from Haj Iarud. Death ends agony. A t Inch t moment i he killer pro actor i und Bull int Iff Ali Lochli no tit Ahti her ctr inf a and no nost Anima and jaw More into him. The Bull hallows with a any t pitifully i tempts another Rush Onnet of truly Thor a Madof into he mesh and blood now rims in str Fauna front n parts of the body. Assuring himself that Tho Bull now in enfeebled a that a Young i my i null up and frisk around on Hon Horny. He a raft Matador. With u. Wry upon shaped h sword but longer and narrower to killing be toward the Bull now so that it Hurdly Eon loiter make in fake thrust or two r see what the. Bulk will than plunges the knife to the. Heart. The Viil Falls. As he writhes in the death throws with if an Ealing for it Ecsy. The mat a in whips a knife on the Ivole from within his re Ujj Aliu and the Bandt Auto painters and Spiegel music company fives scored clean sweeps Over the in scat 1-Yeese and Hildebrand hardware fives in Friday night s tilts while the Stei Loru Xei Reiter and Weber drug Crews copped two games out of three from the news Sentinel and Rump son outfits to Anweiler was High with 223. The scores be lira in of the Mill. There is a last pitiful Little cry from the dying animal a convulsive my 1 then the Bull crumples in death in a Wallow of his own blood. The Bull fight is Over. Lundt Auto 1trs. I. Incl i Conn sin 16 i 1.10 Critian u Ell a loll Ira 175 lit 1s7 toils 854 823 s14 ask Clit k arteese 1st 2nd Ltd Borchelt 138 111 to irime Lif ticker info Timme k. Kohl Fig Ifil 147 17i 175 it How. 1st Canning nil Proem or 144 h5 Ichi Ilta Nio Kukuck is a 141 v Buick 172 181 Ioc i 1. Ruzick 121 totals t77 apiece ii sin to. 1sti in e. Knock j37 171 Al rodent d 167 us 332 aft Toht us Ilik r i33 1c7 tools Uku s Sentinel 1st. 2nd sri h. Dirk 351 167 h7 a. Pitlick ifi7 Zilfi 147 c. Dicke its 150 a. Sauer Fitt j60 do you shave the train 1m in 171 i 607 s4c i totals 7sj 87i do you have to wait your turn in crowded washrooms and do you hold up the other fellow while you re parked at the Wash bowl you d both get through quicker _ u you d shave with Barbaso Zhc Only need you have for the Wash bowl is to Wash the hands and face. Then move aside spread Barbaso on and shave it off. There arc no time wasting lather to pre1 pare and rub in no hot towels to apply nor Brush to rinse out. Neither do you Wash after a Barbaso shave or use lotion and talc. Just rub in the Little Barbaso that s left on the face for a smoother cooler skin. Puta Man size tube of Barbaso into your travelling bag and matchless Speed and Comfort info your train shaves. All real Friend to Man druggists sell Barbaso. 35 cents a tube. The Barbaso co., Indianapolis Hitup i son 1st 177 j7s .1. 1-App ir.9 vj5 h4 f. Stump 132 151 jr.5 ruins 173 Fitl e. Hump 113 167 irs totals s15 Weber do tues 1st 2nd 3rd loft Liefl i Iii 355 k. Lapp Fitt ii. Virote m oboe Star 172 Ico totals 879 sos s31 shiu3v1sport. La., mar. In to a doubt Here that Ruth is Hies King of Tho natives still talking1 about performance yesterday of the Sabino Aff inst the locals lie knocked three homers und three singles scored four runs a loft six bases and scored eleven put outs at first base. The score 21 to 3. Cincinnati. O., March 14. Four Home runs and a sniffle out of six times at Bat was the record made yesterday by Sam Bono Cincinnati National league baseman in a game with the Columbus american association team at Granger Texas. St. Louis. March n 4, the first foams of the St. Louis nationals and the Philadelphia americana were to meet in the 8th of their series at the training Camp of the cardinals in Orange Texas today. Pasadena. March 14. Rain Here yesterday. Tho dim Wiist Lias been a Large in Riner Iii airs of the Champion ship variety. But lie never was u. Bout promo top. He was breaking into a new Amu. Or Cochran is Tho Bieg Wjt pro Moter night Wotus Liinar and theatrical. In Upland but after All he is in Plano. His interest in the car rested chiefly in his Hope to have it held in London. He Huil an air Cement with i Ripen tips after Carpenter knocked out Beck Ett and he wanted to have a hand in running the its evil flight of Carnen tier a career. C6cli.ra.il is a Brood Vuk Al of a sport. The Katie action of running such a Worlat h championship bout in London would have repaid him for All hug work and risk and j. Don t think he cared a lot whether he Mado Money out of it or not. Or. Cochran lia.1 been sick for the past month or More. Whu his another Rezian. Why. Was. Willing to you jus watch that Bergor Mun. That s All that fifty Bones is. A s Koin to have Sam Buzzin around me to get some More and Glrst thing Sam knows he Ain t going to have a cent in e next Day Kam hunted up Bob and suggested that there might be time to Roll Tho Kuji uppers. Two hours later Yam pall idly perspiring halted to count casualties. He had lost just paid it too. Jim Jeffries hearing of the catastrophe got hold of Sam and earnestly advisor him. said Jim Don t be a fool. You Haven t any More Chance with Bob than a baby. You Don t know thai game and you to up against a master cd it but Sam could t rest. While Jim was in the Baths to hunted up Bob again and for a Chance to get even. Half an hour later Armstrong had ?500 More of Sam s Money. Then Sam decided that craps was no Busi Ness and act inc a from the game for 1 saw Armstrong Down in Cuba after Johnson had lost to Willard. Bob had Bien assisting Johnson but remarked that he expected a Long cold swim Back to the Good u. S. A., As Johnson had t been very Liberal and he did t have Steamer fare Home. Met him in new York a couple of weeks later dressed like the King of Africa. Did you swim i asked. Bob grinned no he exclaimed. A done indoor baseball games Start off with Rush great enthusiasm shown in Industrial league series at a saturday night. Sport once Over Large crowd attends conic Home ice Cream of Cabin with Chicken break fus. How come Dron out. There never was Uny real trouble about us forfeits. Lul of which arrant my for exactly according to the terms of the contract trek and showed How itt ten Chancy wan of a Money misunderstanding when tip took Over ins ii Artner interest and Imit Al lately in omm a Eer tilled Check for f6g.ccc.cc in addition to to tuft to had already put up. As for lie Frenchman his Money Watts put up on time and took out a Bond for has forholt and turned it Over. To. The which was aim to Cordone to contract. There is no Elmance for a ulip in the recently comply two ii Ranet . In which All the for Rei is. . Have deposited with Antral Trust co. Of York subject to my order is Sluke Holdar. The Biff match la till tix he curd will undoubtedly hold it a Plu Nittel. Galloping can be coaxed. To of is u. Guts of Jekill. I la say it la. That chump on crap of the world in big Tob Archt ring. Duh icy Rine Mim who fought Jtj Frleta. And who nuts Bertn chief partner for Iru Tny . Won with Jeff Tia at Ufano. Tinl Cru a. Opt not Busty in Duy Sam Joe rear Horn Art into a Gam with arms Protik and won of Fly 1oilb.ru. Juck Jim 3 brother. Iia Kett Bob. How i Law eur cled that Way he Muto Jack Why t jest showed some of Dum cuban ii Jahs How to shoot a doubly Demon. Leo Piekal the Demon Rolf professional at the Pasadena Golf club by to upset a lot of world s records before another year is up. Leo has j. Trick of shooting courses in about Cind to info Over them three or four times with no variation in the score. Recently at the Coronada coun try club often championship diesel shot his first Frame on the i with Sand greens in 95, and 270 in 72 holes of play Leas than four strokes a Hole. Dec Rel is a tremendous Driver but even better at approaching. Playing on soft greens at Pasadena to almost in variably drops Hitt Ball dead to the Hole from any distance up to 160 Yard. Leo is also a Demon with the Gallop ing dominoes. After making his 72 Hole record he rolled n. Nineteenth Hole match with Scotty Chisholm. Turning up five eleven times in that Royal motor it Echt club of inc Lucid will inv or a Job on its hands to a. Of motor to Amer Ica next Ymir to try to a Stover International trophy won by Ameri As lome Smith Tom Al Tonac or any of the Smith family for that matter builds Ameri can act a that cup in Likely to stay Here. For four Keener Atlon the Smiths Timve been builders at on the at. Clair River. For years their sailboats won on the great unit for years their motor my net boats have captured the old und a majority of Tho e. To s All set for Battle at Paul s tuesday. Llola u.rrt.a.11 set for the bit to attic a huh will tensile in Heidi that St. I aul Nat Ionata a Taal Ullh k. T. C. Miet at 8t. Hall on thu Willay night at a left and ure in 111-1 hit Tine a fit Prtrt full of thrill ii. Tylik Suljo Iraln closed their Keoson a. Abort to left but of Trot prevail we upon to put 00 this tilt left k. T. C. Five an it posit Hoci Ilion Rume the 1c. To c. Lady Haft of ten Eoline atone been tha Indus trial Piid they Are to i n. Good account of in tuesday s winners in regional basketball tourneys i at Huntington 19 Kendallville 15. Syracuse 20 Grawford Reviue 17, South Bend 31 Angola 16. Jefferson 20 Monroe 16. Pra Rickfort 35 plane a Leluga is. Walton 21 Arcadia 21. 5 Inin. Over Anderson 32 Marion 13. Lochester la Whiting 1c. At Redford 13 22." 15 ride Reville 22. Martins Villot 38 Carfield Terre haute 19. Sandusky 29 Evansville Central 22. Franklin 43 Sullivan 3. Muncie 18 Richmond 2. Bloomington Defeated Columbus. Technical ind la 8 Vincennes 29. Loss of Center causes defeat. Special to the mews . Ind. March the Kend Auvine High school basketball team has returned from attending the regional tournament at Purdue where they were Defeated by Huntington and Jas explained that their defeat was caused by of Calkins their Star enter who was unable to play due to Juness. On Inland Lake and Chela Smith was the first Man in America to predict a my a Man us bout. Boats were firm to Pana that Mark and drat to reach a Speed of 70 ill Tii in Hourt now Chris a talk lne of done 80 and hell do it. That h what urn Knoll he will have to if beat it Smith wll produce Stoma new bit of i Natuk to flutter. Copy Riglis 1021. By the Bell Syndicate inn k. Of g. Five to Detroit two Battles for locals this week. That vol Wayne k. Of c. Team to Jef troit tuesday night to y. Of of Thill City in it two out of that Detroit five will Rauni Jere for in Coti Iii i Xiv let the Home Frith a. Snappy game be tween the a Vinsy and Bowser twirlers. Hie Industrial baseball league was Suc to Oss fully launched at the y. By. C. A. Saturday night. Keen Competition apparent in every move of the same and some unexpected skill was Dis played in not a. Few instances. Almost spectators attended cheering Tor their Teum with enthusiasm. In the first game the Bowser players vanquished the Pennsylvania men 19 to 17. In the closest and most exciting same of the evening. The Tan makers had a slight Edre Over the railroaders in that they have played before. Another interest inst setto ensued when the electro Tec Mic club clashed with the Dudlo men. The g. B. Men won 22 to 9. In the last game of the evening the Edison team Defeated the Vav sync Oil tank pump Hus Kies. 15 to 12. Line ups 13. T. Kreicher Baycer. Hamilton Shivers. Schultz and Sllen Wood. Stevenson Sny Der Sephel bump eat tee Chancy and Spier. Blauvelt. Saffren. Al Blauvelt. Castle Showalter. Blue and Blauvelt. Man Sinur. Johnson. Dobby a. Bradeis Genzel Bill Heller. Schlagl and wit Yno Compton och Stein Settli. Brackm Uii Thompson. Re Tiff. Costello and Mckinney. Edison Heck Rogers. Undly Mooney. A ceding Watkins Smith and Clawson. City. Bowling tourney respite he prevalent impression the six Day Bike racers do not have ath Letic or swollen hearts. A physician examined a dozen or the riders in the recent race in new York and found that All except one or the Bike men Nad hearts above the average and one was pronounced perfect. Joe Folger Winner of Many or the six Day grinds in recent years has a that the a Abc Day were read of his physicians said crazy anyone who has followed affair would think that they a Yarini to Joe s head inst ii . De Horemans. The belgian who came Over touted As .1 three Cushion shooter who would scare Willie la Opp is Bow ing to walk or Cockran and has already admitted Jake schaefers superiority. Foreign challengers too often have More publicity than ability. Followers Point out event Lincoln life it. A. Hui prior Type. It. Berry Buffet. It. A. Skelton 4 Auto. It. Crystal Bott line works it. W.2.717 Wayne Oil heavy tank. It. A. Academy Alley no. 3, it. W.3.680 a. U. Perfect. Blunt Langton 2.g6 Orp mum theater. It. W2.6it act Idem alleys no. 1, it. A. 4g prizes two men event Kraft Madden. It. A. 1.154 Swan Hortman. Hunt Niton ----1.12 sol urls Stonebraker Hunt Lipton Haas unto Mach it. W1.117 lloy nolds Juckno. It. W.1.102 . It. A. 1.079 Stanecke Adamske it. It. A. It. A. Semler a Lertich. It. A. 34 prizes Pendland it. A. Slawi. It. A. Illa Uvelt. It. A. Item Nolde. It. A. Adamske it. Mall ride. It. A. Hartman Jun Vincton. A Turk. It. A. Lone min it. W. Strandt. Blunt Langton a. In tit it v. 56 prizes sunday s scores Flat Man a vent 1.052 b26 130 603 ens r.h4 pm 578 co. Ii Tai. In 171 "js3 aos strand. 107 174 177 4iililari4 let i Little 171 a to 141 1w at 025 i Fine Crystal hot. Was. 1 ir4l t. Alter 183 177 z12 304 j77 til 1w 178 15c 19i by b a Imp a Tefft 000 kcl3o 3alks co. Lat 3rd lid h3 m of run j07 if Al 1w Cut 14r 100 Quittn it 184 thursday Naff it the k. Of c. Five i takes on the pm roes at Indianapolis. This will return the the capital City live Euve Here a week affo. The Shimron their own floor fire hard to Kanniii beat and the Casey franc is primed item Csc a hot skirmish. Cochrane. Marquardt Stonebraker. Eaton. Lle Klc will total 603 7m sa5 Urana 2.s77. J i. 0. 41. No. L. Jul Liml tin Zolly near 1m i j Irvine i5s 141 1111 j. 177 Immon 1iu a m t Urney 14u 140 705 704 Lynnd 10u1-2.318. L. 0. No. 2. Int 2m try u Eiliv Nurr 1m Stellm r l-2t 148 114 a Tanintr 134 i j4 m is alter 170 141 it. Lio Tusit 775 or 774. Irand Pill Kappa Jet 2nd 3rd it aim into 101 148 2ft 1.147 ass 134 142 Flo of 177 181 total few we s37 Croud j. Millar ii. Birr 178 114 makeup the local fives have rough time special to uie news pleasant Lake. And. March the i Leas int jute. Athletics Defeated the Hudson All stars Here saturday night in a rough 32 to 24. Thirty six fouls were called by referee Bruff Cleary during the. Course of the Pas. Time. Bach Side Drew a dozen and i half. The lineup and summary pleasant Lake Hudson Bennett r Luttman Keady Vanauken Weldy Hall poster Clark Black Griffith Meek 7 Griffith. Clark. Weldy 3 Hall 2 Vanauken Parsill 1. Foul Irolas Foster Clark c. Tour 879 778 013 Auburn High makes Money. Alt Burn. And. March re port of h. To. Mckenny who the District High school basketball tournament Here shows a surplus of which remains for the to cml High school the tourney was a greater Success this year than Ever. The total receipts were which shows that 2.500 admissions were paid. The teams participating were Given meals and their car fare was paid to Auburn and return. The High school students want the sur plus devoted to building a running track. It is understood that the Ameri can legion May Back such a move. Indicted players averages produced in their defense. The cubs and Vernon. Wiliam Earl Marriott infielder operated on for appendicitis. By associated press Chicago March and of the eight Chicago third week of a. B. C. March today marked the opening of the third week i of the american Bowling Congress and bowlers still on schedule in the 1921 championships have some top heavy scores to Roll against there Are now nine teams with scores Over 2soo total in the five Man event fifteen pairs i have passed the 1.200 total in the Dou , seven individual bowlers show scores Over g50 pins and 17 have shot a score of for nine games in Ilif All events Competition. The new York City learns will bowl tonight think Well of Champ York. March of 17 to 5 an1 offered by Early it tiers thai John no Wilson Champion will defeat Mike o Dowd. Former Champion when they in Madison Square Garden thursday night. Decatur girls lose to Kingman. the opus i f Nii Matuu. Ind., March Decatur High school girls wore Defeated by Kugman girls on tin latin s floor Pir Lily night or a Lumblad pit which ended it to 11. Them it ii ii Nuj of i lie will to Calburn Lyida night and Lis arc hoping to mag a Iiga inst their heavier opponents. Orleans la. March Klim a Smith Star Southpaw was Back in the Brooklyn Camp today for a while. He arrived yesterday and signed a con tract but according to reports will be used in a Trade for an outfielder to take the place of Zach wheat who has re fused to report. New York. March the game at Shreveport yesterday in which the new York americans fated the Shreveport Texas league team 21 to babe Ruth got three Home runs and Threte singles in six trips to the plate. He stole two bases and performed brilliantly at first. Botox. March Nicholson and Billy South Worth players secured Liy he Host on nationals from Pitts Burgh have reported for training at the braves Camp in of Alec Ston. Texas it was Lierni the a Juad now a virtually Complete. Friar juniors win again. Tho Friar juniors added another Vic i try to their list of 12 straights. Satur Day night Whon they Defeated Tho boy scouts Loam of Trofi 7. By the score of 23 to if. The winners arc anxious in Metal. The Victor of the f. A. Ture j juniors series. Short sox Down Turner thirds. The Cathedral Short sox won a fast game from the Turner thirds 12 5. In the opening title of a Throe game series at Tho Turner Hall. White sox baseball players charged with throwing the 1913 world series will be introduced by the defense in contending the innocence of the indicted men whose trials began Here to Day according to their attorneys. Attorneys for the defense have made no secret of the fact that they will contend that none of the players actually made deliberate displays or actually took part in any game throwing. H is known that they will contend there was no conspiracy for t hat. Was brought out in affidavits filed when the defense demanded a Bill of particulars in the Case a few weeks ago. In proof of this Contention the world series batting and Fielding averages of the accused players As compared with the averages of their opponents and their own regular season averages Wil Bufi offered As that state then will be challenged it is believed to prove that the players did not do their Best to win and that they made More than the Normal number of errors to be expected when under the Strain of world series games. The averages of the players concerned show that Buck Weaver third baseman outhit and out fielded his opponent. Heinie Groh and also sur passed is own regular season aver Ages both Fielding and batting. Jackson equated Weaver s feat but Lisberg and. Felsch were outplayed mathematically by their opponents and fell slightly below their own regular season averages. Gandil also was be Low his opponent and his regular sea son averages except in Ivorid series Fielding. He outfielder his Daubert. Luihn was used Only As a Pinch hitter in the series batting Iloo with one hit out of two attempts Cicotte and Williams As pitchers. Probably were not expected to do much hitting and neither did any in the series. Williams fielded but i Cottet made two errors for an average of .77s. The following table gives the batting and Fielding average of each indicted player in the series during the season and also his opponent s world series figures Winti notion Swain pm Titt so Hartman 13ft totals 301 a . 1w 1s5 Sumer Ltd 180 158 Tolash 408, 317 36g Oromel Bunn 174 125 Stratulat 233 lit 1511. Totals 407 is grand foist Wayne Lully 344 204 100 Shields in 149 150 totals 300 253 .140 fir and Kennedy 176 152 206 10q 161 175 two Man events totals 245 s12 3s1 grand or Wurr 121 174 184 Thiec 139 159 115 254 333 290 grand ss6. Ii. King 151 307 rift ,10ft 341 Orand p. Kinoff 145 17fl 13c o. Jacob 13 1c1 100 270 340 356 Orand for Fuson Ifil 147 15tt 203 196 169 243 352 strand Moorman 156 158 156 o. Lauer 147 187 Iso totals 345 333 grand t. Holt 15f, 189 181 170 152 177 total 326 221 rats grand 142 is 136 to Sim r 187 158 Iso totals 329 3io so grand the Pon of that kid Ollason is still. A dangerous Man. Although stripped of much of his punch. They say that with such vet trans of great ability As Collins Schally Hopper Kerr and Kaber around which to build a new machine he May show the Way to the Beato the a. L. Entries. Tork jockey dub has held m Louie Trainer of Man o War m order to More fully investigate the horse s Only defeat by 5.1 in the summer of action May Clear o War of the Only blemish on his record. Tris speaker says that he will Send a better team after the Pennant this time than to did last year. Tristram us acc is for another cop we scat parcel he Penn u. Students want general Jleonard named Prev oat of Tho institution As they Hill co to would put a punch in the athletic program. It is predicted that he would demand with Harvard and Yale and otherwise Road in the scope of the Tim Versley s athletic program. Senorita Francfsca Villa daughter of one Rancho of Melvan Fame has challenged Lucille i Jarnett Champion woman rope thrower to a match at the annual Texas Rodeo at Wichita Senorita la said to have to invest in her chances. Miss Barnett Macht do Well to Ascer Tain if the Villa Ono is Waco Lar mex ican dollars or real Money. Tie sides cop Penis the Western con Ference football title the world s base Ball ans both nominations for the presidency last year. Ohio s Only claim for Fame in Tho fact that the Champion Horseshoe Pitcher resides at that state. Churl. Bobbitt is his name and he travelled to St. Audru Stilie Fla win the u. S. Series. That Wilto sox Rooklyn who prefers Stop Plenc criminals with to sheriff s Imd tre to Stopp Lnor baseballs Ului his head is a sensible fellow. Besides out m Wagoner. Oklahoma he can Wager on the games to his hearts Content. Although various coaches have been suggesting changes for several months tile football rules committee took no cognizance of the reformers when it met last week. Tho changes amount to non my. However. The ruling on officials is an important one As regards the status of professional football. The College mentors Are determined to stamp out the Competition Tho pro teams offer. As a move in this direction they Are going to make the pros Hustle to get a Good Umpire or referee the colleges will not use an official who has acted for the Money players after this year. The rules make return of the bait on a safety to 30 yards1 instead of 20 seek to eliminate clipping by adding penalties and give Captain calling toss of Coin out one Choice As to play Bill Pendland surprised the fans in the City Bowling series by his High total saturday night. Bill made 035 for first place in the singles Toping Tommy Haas who made 026. Young Refl Adamske is the real hard Luck player of the series to Date Adamske started with his first two games netting 407 and with a strike spare four strikes he hit three splits Fiat set him Down with a total of 599. Freddie Reynolds started with a 249 game but a Bunch of poor splits Cut his total to 603. Blauvelt and Haas shooting together on the same Alley had a Duel All their own. Blauvelt got 620 and Haas a half dozen More. The honorable president of the local association got a Little excited and commenced rolling on the wrong Alley in the first doubles. Who can imagine Pete King when he is real excited the fat men s squad took the spill ways promptly at a m. Sunday afternoon. They were All 200 Pounders hut not 200 bowlers. Amongst them were r. King c. Jacobs h. King and a. Franke. The lads sending them in the singles have been toppling the Maples at a great rate Over the week end. Herb Miller lost the pair of trousers donated by Schloss Tho tailor for High game in Tho tourney when loner gun shooting his last game netted 2iis. Made seven straight strikes unit totalled 584. Herb King ran Down from Syracuse to Thow Tho boys that he Cunt Stul Knock of in the Good old Way. In the five Man event Sharp shooting took place. Centlivre. Nailed the 6-10 split. J. Miller made he 7-10. Some Rood h. Carr and singles Swain Hur. Hartman it a. 223 Kordaris. Hts 175 strands hug. 230 Bunce hug. Stori Braker. Hug. 187 a. Kennedy164 c. Lonergan 145 h. Meisner 150 h. Thieme125 Hayes. 156 h. Kins 212 p. King. 136 c. Jacobs 178 c Ferguson. 182 a. Franke .152 c. Moorman 162 l. Lauer Hoffman 166 125 166 169 151 142 158 203 1s1 171 131 162 171 179 191 194 168 ins indicted players world series iter. Season hat. Fide. Bat. Fide. Weaver. .291 .963 Gro i. .080 .923 .934 Kopf is. 1.000 .967 Duncan if. .923 .06s Keale .997 Daubert .331 Jackson if Felsch cf192 Landoll 23s Mcmullin Williams 20" Picot or. 000 opponents world series Bat. Flag -u31 .97.1 to .294 Iso .202 .269 .357 .241 .977 Mcmullin was used Only As a Pinch j nor opponent. Obviously opponents averages in the cases of Oie Olle and Conse Williams pitchers Are not considered ouch try Hail neither Fielding average i to have any bearing. Hitter in the world series and w. Smith .115 165 .170 342 145 166 162 181 How regional winners will clash in finals Indianapolis ind. Llarch the sixteen survivors of the regional tournaments meet in Tomlinson Hall Friday and saturday to decide the High school basketball championship of Indiana. Following is the tournament schedule Friday morning March 18, 9 o clock Franklin is. Martinsville. 10 o clock Walton is. Rochester. 11 o clock Syracuse is. Huntington afternoon. 1 o clock Frankfort is. 2 o clock Hussell Volle is. Blooming ton. 3 o clock Ridgeville is. Muncie. 4 o clock Anderson is. South Bend night. O clock Vincennes is. Sandus Tkv Winsier 9 a. In. Game is. Winner 10 a. Game. Saturday morning March 19. 9 o clock Winner 11 a. In. Game is. Winner 1 p. Game. 10 o clock Winner 2 p. Game is. Winner 3 p. Game. 11 o clock Winner 4 p. Game is. Winner p. Game. Afternoon. 2 o clock Winner p. A Jam is. Winner 9 a. In. Game. 3 Oclock Winner 10 a m. Game is. Winner 11 a. Game to might. 8 o clock Winner 2 p. Game is. Winner 3 p. Game. Inter City schedule monday March 14, 8 p. M., five men event. Alley no. 1. Kotul Brink a Auto Supply Kiln Aten rip turn r trainman. A. Urburn p. Welch a. Schliter. W. Scheller. Alley no. 2. Pm. Becker. I la. Vynn. Captain c. Craf. U. Kuum fun. Alley no. 3. Trl slate loan Trust k. X 116v. To. Tkv Ioil Kev. N. C Plum Nmair. Rev. J. Supp. Captain Kev. Alley no. 4. Moeleh or. Cupial c. I inny Groth t. J Ronco Ted Alley no. 5. Ceo. Denul join dear. Talk it. Murre. J. Huler. J. Jjoe Heck. Alley no. Coal Ivel str offer. Al alter. De alter. I. Billies Aftuk. J. K. Zurbuch or. Captain. , March is 6 p. M., five men event. Alley no. 1. Tobias. R. To Hunt. K. Adamske Cap turn a. Beneke c. Menne Lahi Alley no. 2. Kenn tone. A. Cell inf. J3. Iten Hoft Captain c. Auman a. Doehrman. Alley no. 3. Cleary Hambrock. Cap Tain w. Marker. C. Bocker h. Miller 1 Fullmer. Alley no. -4. Blehm a soft Mooney Capulin a. Claw on c Koy oat r. Van Horn. Alley no. 5. Aurentz Candy Weinert. I. Koehl g. Koehl. A. Eckert. C. Hedding. Alley no. A App a shoe Weisen Beruff Leo. W. May. Al Franke a. Haas. A. Luley. March 16, p. M., five men event. Alley no. 1. Captain Moylan Zur Buchli Jackson Palmer. Alley no. 2. Blank Kraus Bueter. Sternberger Blank Captain. Alley no. 3. Lincoln National Quinn k. Carman a Shalt p. Hills. King. Alley no. 4. Ai Greier m. A. P. Alt c. Merz j. Alt. Alley no. S. Franke. C. Mer j. A. Rodermund j. C. Roder fund. J. E. Rodermund. Alley no. 6. T7. S. System Auman a runs a. Bartels b. Devilbiss w St. Win two. The i. Patrick s varsity adored two saturday afternoon by the lyceum reveres 30 to 44, and vanning a mania by forfeit from Cathedral Short set. Who failed to put in an appearance the winners will stack up the Bloomingdale nationals tuesday nit it. At the Boom inc Dale eym in Tho first of a three Emo series. Gay lord can Shlat talks no. S two Mcginnis. Thursday March 17, p. Men event. Alley to. E. Knipstein. A. Schelper. Alley no. 2 p. Bleich. A. Burns. Alley no. 3-d. To longer. W. Cubs. Alley no. 4 w. Mooney r. Van Horn. Alley no. 5 a. Rogers. C. Koy oat. Alley no. Haas. Al Franke. Individual event p. Alley no. Bugs. Alley no. R. Van Horn. Alley no. Kayo at a. Rogers. Alley no. Haas a. Franke. Alley no. Knipstein a. Be helped. Alley no. Bleich a. Burns. Two men event p. A. Luley. Alley no. Palmer. Alley no. Boylan. Alley no. Graf. Alley no. C. Mere. Alley no. Alt. J. Alt. Individual event p. Alley no. Boylan. Alley no. Graf. Alley no. Merz. Alley no. Alt j. Alt. Alley no. Luley. Alley no. Palmer. Friday March 18, 8 p. A. Two men event. Alley no. Alt w. Root. Alley no. J. Auer r. Schellhammer. Alley no. Smith. Alley no. Shaaf. Alley no. C. Rodermund j. E. Rodermund. Alley no. Franke g. Schellhammer. Individual event at 9 p. Alley no. Smith Alley no. Schaar. Alley no. C. Rodermund j. T3. Rodermund. Alley no. Pranke. G. Schellhammer. Alt w. Root. Alley .1. Auer. U. Sci Wellham drier. 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