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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1918, Page 30

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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - August 24, 1918, Fort Wayne, IndianaSoldiers Luuy today at league Park. At league Parko baseball statistics Cincinnati with the arrival of tha Camp Taylor Ball team Over the Wabash last evening everything is set for the two saints which Ara to take place at league Park today and tomorrow. Maeon our own Especial Pride and Joy. Came with the Woldich and la ready and my ious to put on his match this afternoon. A Large crowd headed by Mart clearly and William Roks welcomed the soldiers and everything possible will be done for Detroit the conveniences of our visitors. The Philadelphia special car was packed with the play ers and rooters and when the army b unch gets warmed up things will surely be Lively. A ring has been erected directly Back of Home plate for the Boline match. Tha ring is situated so that one will have a Good View of the contest Frankie is in the Pink at condition for his duties As Boi inf instructor keeps him pretty Busy and Ellen Vood due to constant workouts even when he is not training Lor a fight is always in condition. Mason weigh in at 109 pounds and Ellen Wood will make his usual weight 123 pounds. Billy Llo Eller the popular local 5 will he the third Man in the ring Vtha sons rings promptly at 2 o clock. A the Ball game is scheduled to get under Way at 3 o clock and with the. Box i info match it is Plain to see that the of so will be tar from a quiet affair. V " it is not often that local fans get the Chance to see big league stars in action and All should take advantage of this Opportunity. And when it costs Only 35 would you think of a Man that did not Gor the army Cantonment All Over the country Are known to have exceptional athletic teams of All kinds and Camp Taylor is no exception in fact it ranks with the leading Camps in the country u for having first class athletes. If Thomas hag successful in i organizing his band and the fans Are assured of Good music throughout the there will be a ble Parade of before the game and All the fans in the City should join the throng that wends its Way to league Park today and to Morrow. These two Days Are sure to he red letter in fort Wayne baseball Dom and everyone wants to feel As if they Are doing their share towards making ii the season has not Many weeks to run and the fund for the s and sailors will soon have to at least As far As Thi few. Patriotic league baseball is concerned when the season closes and the for the wounded boys has reached limit everyone should have con awards it. That Lould attend at least one game and for those who Are baseball there Are any such is the logical for this is an Opportunity to see real Bis league Brand of baseball be a first class boxing match. National league. Teams won. Lost. Chicago 1c York. 62 40 50 59 Brooklyn 53 Philadelphia 50 Boston 49 St. Louis 60 54 56 62 As 71 Washington 64 new York. 55 Chicago e6 St. Loula 64 .512 .461 .442 .42c .413 pet. -5s5 .568 .542 .495 .487 .474 .430 .405 sport world As seen with James j. Corbett denominational work in the army is opposed american league. Teams won. Lost. Boston 68 61 54 56 59 60 65 69 results yesterday. National league. Chicago. 3 new York 2. Boston 6 Pittsburgh. 0. Cincinnati. A Philadelphia 1. Brooklyn St. Louis Idle. American league. Boston 6 St. Louis. 5. Cleveland 6 Washington. 2. Chicago 6 Philadelphia e u in is new York Detroit Idle. Something Towa Means that everybody so scheduled for today. National league. Boston at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. American league. Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Boston. Cleveland at Washington. Detroit at new York. Rescind racing Rule new York aug. 24r-in order to protect the Small breeders against loss to major August Belmont president of tha jockey club has decided to rescind the Rule disqualifying any two year old tha has been raced before april 1. Great pressure has been brought to Bear 01 the turf Bolona by various breeders Ivy complain that they cannot realize profi on their investments under present conditions. Before the Rule can be formally rescinded Tho matter will have to go be fore the stewards at the next meeting of the jockey club but there is no doubt As to what their action will be. Copy right by it Laura Syndicate inc Mike Donovan had some novel and exciting experiences during his thirty years As boxing instructor at the new York athletic dub. Quite frequently pupils of his. Nettled because an old Man made them look the worst dubs in the world and angered because of the idding of friends decided to Klee the id boy a Good but they Ever succeeded at 69 Mike Donovan was still Able to urn Back the most vicious attacks that were aimed at him at 69 he was still a great athlete and a marvelous Boxer. Often during tha years that he was in instructor friends tried to slip Over something on Mike by sending to him in he Guisa of a Pupil some really first class fighter who had orders to hand ild boy a Good but they could t be done. Quite a few years ago a youth about the size and bulk of Jim Jeffries when he great Gladiator was in his prime dropped into the gymnasium just As Donovan was about to Complete his Day s work which had consisted of boxing nearly 60 rounds with a variety of pupils. I d like to learn a Little about Box ing will you teach he asked Don Ovan. responded Mike thinking the Youthful giant was a member of the club. When do you want to take your first i d like to Start right responded the other. Mike was Mike replied All right we Start now. Get into gymnasium and about five minutes later the two men squared away for action present Massy sets his new York aug. Massy the French professional who has been in the army for several months was recently wounded so severely that Golf for him will be out of the question for some time to come. Massy who is about 39 years of age has won Many important titles. In 1907 he won the British open championship at Holyoke while on his native soil he captured chief honors in the 1906 and 1307 events and the follow ing year he finished second in the French championship. He has also held the belgian title whining there in 1910. Ing a strange picture of contrast. There was the aged Mike beaming Only 155 or so faced by a youth who was Over six feet tall and weighed about 215. For a minute or so the kid tried to act the part of a ring Novice. But soon in his eagerness to Send Over a Haymaker to Mike s jaw he exposed his purpose. Realizing that a trap had been set for him Mike at once doffed the Mantle of a boxing teacher and became a fighter once again. And what a whipping he handed out to that giant. Fighting with All the coolness and skill thai had Mace him a world s Champion Mike showed so Superior to his husky foe that it was to contest at All. By bewildering Senifta. Mike tricked the youngster into wild swings and every time Mike rewarded with a Jab to the face. After a time Mike shifted the attack to the stomach and ribs and soon he had the youngster groggy and bewildered. Those who saw Donovan battling that Day insist that had he cared to continue the fight another round or two he could have put his huge foe to sleep. But that was t Mike s purpose. Ai he wanted to do was to teach the kid a real lesson. And he had succeeded in less than four rounds. So Mike grabbed the arms of the youngster in a fatherly sort of Way pulled him Over toward the dressing room and said that s All for today s lesson my boy you be got the makings of a Good fight r in you have much to learn and then As an after thought h added by the Way what is your was the reply. Of you re the Harvard University Strong Man. And the intercollegiate Champion Box the football yes asked Mike would to mind telling me Why you came Here who sent Burden hesitated for a minute or two and then with a Grin replied Steve o Donnell who is my boxing teacher sent Mike chuckled. O Donnell a of Mike s for Many major league games National league. At Chicago . E. York .0 9 1 i 8 1 and Rariden Martin and o Farrell. W r. H. E. I Philadelphia 12 2 Law Cincinnati .0 8 14 Al batteries Jacobs Predergast and Luque and Archer r. H. E. Boston .0 5 1 3 4 a and Wagner Hill Schmidt Smith. Winona lakh lad aug. I think a ban should be placed on All denominational work in tha said the Rev. Merton c. Rice Detroit in an Addrana yesterday before tha Winona Bibla conference at Winona Lake near Here. Or. Rice Las just returned from Tho War zone n France. The Young men s Christian association should be in charge of All protestant work in the army Camps and Cantonment and the knights of Columbus should be in charge of ill roman Catholic he added. I am opposed to putting a uniform on any army chaplain and i am opposed to giving the chaplain a com Mission which requires soldiers to Salute him. A chaplain should win the love and Confidence of the sol Diers by personal service and Merit. Conscription is the very Genius of or. Rice declared in discussing the military draft. As this is a government by All the peo pie and for All the people All the people ought to help take care of it. In War autocracy has an army democracy is an army. Germany s proposal to replenish her population after the War by polygamy is a part of the material ism which has destroyed it a believed by the speaker. Air plane lands years was boxing instructor at Harvard. Frequently he had threatened to slip Over something on Mike. He probably figured that Burden surely could turn the trick for him. As Burden showing Marks of Mike s battering was about to leave the vet eran said when you see Steve give him my re Gards and Tell him that i said you la be a great Boxer not until you get the right kind of Hartford City ind. Aug. 2 of a group of air planes ached used to take part in Aerial Manev ers at Indianapolis yesterday was damaged so badly in a land me at the John Burns Tarm North o Here yesterday that it is still her unable too continue its flight unt Somo new parts Are received from Indianapolis. The machine was in the charge lieutenant p. Benner and sergeant Schuyler and was on its Way fro1 Detroit to Indianapolis when the aviator decided to Stop at a far House for lunch. Another Machin in the charge of lieutenant h. A son and chief mechanician Falke Hagen also stopped at the Bun farm. It was slightly damaged making a Landing but was Able continue the flight. The propeller wings and radial gelding makes Good can you beat this Pittsburgh pa., aug. Brief baseball player travelled Miles from a Western City to play one game with a Tarentum steel Plant nine and then departed for his Long journey Home. Bunny declared that his wife cried continuously after her arrival in Tarentum and he had to quit. American ton e. H. E. St Louis .0 010 j 00 2 Boston .1 6 13 2 Wright and seve read Jones and aglow. At . E. Chicago .101 000 309 6 14 0 001 000 b 13 1 Shellenback and Jacobs Perry Johnson and Mcavoy. R. H. E. Cleveland 6 0 Washington 9 child drown. Special to the Churubusco infl., aug. Word has been received Here that the youngest child of or. And Lawrence baloney was drowned at Gyp Creek Mont. Mrs. Maloney is a daughter of mrs. Mary Magera who is visiting the Maloney family at Tho present time. Or. And mrs. James Maloney who live North of town Are grandparents of the child will enter officers school. Special to the news Warsaw ind., aug. Neher son of or. And mrs. L. Neher. Of this City has enlisted in army service and will leave thursday August 29, for Camp Tay Lor by. Or. Neher will enter the by Jack Veiock International news sports editor new York. Aug. Com Mander j. K. L. Ross paid for Billy Kelly the two year old gelding he took a Long sporting Chance. Being a gelding Billy Kelley is not Eli Gible to Start in any of the big stake events As a three year old and in order to realize on his Purchase Ross had to depend entirely on what he could win by backing the Colt. The Price paid for this youngster was the largest Ever paid for a gelding in this country yet in his first race for his new owner Billy Kelly pushed his nose under the wire in the Van of a Classy Field of two year Olds after getting away to a bad Start and won the two year id championship for the intrepid Cana. Ian officer. Ross backed his new Hoss heavily i the Sanford memorial stakes by winning which the Colt captured his championship. Ross bet on his new pet an average Price of even Money. The stake was Small bringing it yet with Ross s winnings on he race there is now a Balace of probably the mocha a Price of the gelding. Ross has proven himself to be a mighty Crafty judge of horse flesh. H Laid out for Cudgel As followers of the ponies Well remember and Cudgel could not be purchased from his owner today for three times that amount. I addition. Cudgel has won thousands o dollars for Ross. Though Billy Kelly is a gelding am cannot be entered in the big classics has proven his sameness to the satisfaction of the commander who expects to win Many a thousand grand will be the biggest sport in the nation facing now is thriving for the excellent Eason that it is capably managed by Une rican sportsmen who know How to void trouble. The Long fight in behalf f the Breeding Industry is bearing fruit he government has come to realize the Alue of thoroughbred Strain in pro using recounts for the army. The important part played by the american cavalry in France recently is a new in entire. With the generous Aid of Pri vate breeders who have donated Valu Able stallions and mares to Uncle Sam omes the present revival of racing which is the life of Breeding. The sport therefore is in favor and so it bids i air to remain indefinitely. Field artillery school. Officers training they Are giving their All for get Back of them help boost the fund for it. Wayne s sick and wounded soldiers and sailors patriotic league baseball league Park fort Wayne Camp Taylor patriotic leagues g saturday and sunday August 24 and 25 with him in Tho Ordinary events nex season. Bal tossers in service the air plane at Tho Burns farm damaged by striking a stump Hen the machine descended be cause of engine trouble which de sloped As the plane started again to Indianapolis. Indiana aviator la Goshen. Ind. Aug. Miles of Goshen and Syracuse a noted states aviator has been in ured in a fall at dons Field near a Adla Pla. Several weeks ago lieu tenant Miles while making a Solo ight experienced a drop of 3.000 get the motor of his machine fail be to work properly. He was Dis charged from a Hospital August 12. He Day he Mads a flight with Jeu tenant Talbert. The plane be ame disabled and the two aviators dropped sixty feet. They Are said to e in satisfactory condition. Lieu tenant Miles was formerly employed n the Goshen Democrat office. He made application for a fur ouch. Sues police chalet Lor dam area. Goshen. Ind. Aug. Cassle Delcamp of this City has Filec ult against John e. Rigley chief of police of this City and Harrison r eyes his assistant demanding 110. 100 damages for alleged false Arres and imprisonment. She asserts tha she was mistaken for her sister Mamie Adkins and was arrested Ana placed in jail accused of Intorica Ion. When tried in the City Cour before mayor Troyer she was found not guilty. She asserts Rigley am Keyes perjured themselves in giving testimony at her trial. Death of mrs. Katie Varner. Spec Ltd to the Newl Kendallville. Ind., aug. 2 mrs. Katie Varner age 41, if of William Varner of Jefferso township died at her Home in Jef f Erson township thursday night after an illness of sixteen years. Surviving Are husband one daughter or Elmer Lehner her parents or an mrs. J. D. Fredericks of fort want three Sisters mrs. Charles adar of this City and mrs. Ida kid an mrs. Henry Witte of fort Wayne an two Brothers Walter and will fort Wayne. The funeral will held sunday afternoon at o clock at the Home with burial a Lake Lew use news wants. Tew county sues traction interests Elk Hast. Ind., aug. R damages was filed Elkhart county Superior Couri y the Steuben county commission is against the St. Joseph Valley action company. H. E. Boeklen r receiver for an interurban line or Marly operated by the company in his Region and the Benjamin Harris company. Chicago which recently ought the Road for junk purposes. Before the line was built twelve ears ago Mil Grove township. Steu in county voted a subsidy of 00 and pleasant township voted 25 000 on the Promise that the would be perpetually maintained. Ill of the pleasant township subsidy Vas paid and Mil Grove paid 00. The line was recently torn up. Two taken fronm918 Glass special 10 the news Kendallville ind., aug. 24. Noble county draft Board went nto the 1918 class of registrants for men yesterday when it selected the quota for the men who will entrain Here monday morning at for Camp Sherman Chillicothe Ohio for general military service those who will co Are Hugh e. Hubbard Kendallville Floyd Hull Ligonier Cleanthus Emanuel Canzier Kendallville. The substitutes Are John a. Croy Swan. Fred a. Ego Kim Mell and a. Geiger Albion. The last two named Are in the 1918 class. Selection was also made under Call 1136 for two men for general Mili tary service to entrain for Camp Cus Ter thursday August 29. They Are Howard Fike Kendal mlle and Wai lie s. Diehm Avilla. The substitutes Are George Ella sick Wallen and Warren Dayton Hovarter Kendall Ville. Two More Calls were received one of them for limited service men to go to Camp Grant rockford1, 111., and the other for six men for general military service to go to Camp Tay Lor. Selections of men not made but they will entrain during the four Day period following september 3. To fort Wayne Northern Indiana traction company change of time elective dec. 20. 1917 it tit Ysolina trains a A. A. A p. In. P. P. B p. 2 South bound B p. P. P a a. B . A. B p. I. C p i a. P. A. A p. A. P. . P. M . Trains leaving Here at a. A. 9-00 a m., a. A. P. M., Indianapolis trains via Peru 11-00 am. University limited p. A. Jendl Anatolia express. Limit fed trains. E to Huntington Only except saturday train runs through to Peru. To Huntt Niton Only daily except sunday. C hates local stops Between fort and blurt on on sunday Only. J. F. Bebee agent. For big stakes new York aug. J. Winn general manager of the Laurel race rack in Maryland announces Twenty two stakes valued at to be run at the meeting in october. There also will be 167 overnight races decided in Twenty seven Days and these will carry a total value of about Laurel will conflict with the fall race meeting at Jamaica and Empire City but there Are so Many horses in training that the clash in dates will not decrease popular interest. Laurel depends on Baltimore and most of its natron age. The autumn sessions at Jamaica and Empire City have been sanctioned by the jockey club for Tho excellent Rea son that new yorkers have shown this year that they want racing All to them selves. Baseball in China new York aug. Is a tial list of Tho major league Ball players now in undo Sam s service Earl Ham Ilton gainer Ger bar Harris Rice Law a Mcnally met Man Faber. Walsh Minos toy Hob Tell Wambsganss Witt Jacobson the the Pipp Elmer Smith Jim Scott Bates Moyer Sloan Grover Lebold Barry Javron r. Griffin Joe Leonard Shawky gusto shorten shocker Shore pen Nock Noyes Koob Morton Dumont Klepfer Kauff Grover Cleveland Alex Ander Jack Smith. Cruise. What cd c. Mitchell Powell chg Kelly Boeckl Ladore pref tar Ward Maranville Gowdy stoned Kilduff Krucker Bald Fitzpatrick Elliott Reuther King John Miller Barnes Benton Snyder Grimes Marquard Debus tra Greaser Hickman w. Warner. Warner Horstman scr Rod Smith Rixey Mcgaffigan. Carlson Anderson Scorga Kelly and doll. Nt3w York aug. Baseball Haa been making rapid strides in eng land and. France it has also taken firm grip on our allies on the other Side of the chinese. Of course baseball in China is nothing now. Some years ago the Gamo wag introduced to 10 yellow Man by teams from our men mar and some really Good teams Para developed at colleges and schools throughout Tho country. A few of these cams came to the United states am cured Tho Largo cities. However the growth of Tho Gamo in that far country is been remarkable within the Pasi ear or two the greatest to test seem ugly having been aroused in Tho Vlcan to of Shanghai where crowds of and More turn out for saturday games games called at o clock admission including grand stand men 35c women 25c boys 15c. Cut off the Tail a Story la told of Cotters who were playing in a four Hall match nil participants a Cine prominent in Tho in my As they walked to their drives at one Hole a player remarked to Tho Veteran of the party where do you fact those Polf of yours they certainly Aro mighty Cool and comfortable the other chuckled and whispered to Hon partner do you think i m of Olaf to Tell him that it is a regular Rood of fashioned Nightshirt with Tho tails cd added attraction Frankie Mason is. Young Ellenwood four round saturday at p. War wont Stop it new York aug. Solon it ii this country Aro confident that racing will live through Tho War and the Crafto Hanke motor car co. 726-28 Barr Street wish to announce that they have secured the fort Wayne Agency for electric service Light heat Power phone i enter National motor trucks l motor trucks that last no ice for clubs special to the Kendall Libb. Intl., aur. 2-1. Yesterday afternoon Federal Rood administrator for Noble county c. Case issued an order that no More Ico should to delivered to the three club rooms in Kendall Villa elks Tho Mooso and Tho eagles to any family in amounts exceeding 26 pounds per Day until fur her notice. This action was Alten because of he Sli Ortac of ice Here. The Clos ing Down last week of the artificial ice Plant helped to Bruns it about. But it was hurried alone is there Are said to be Many families where there arc babies or illness in the fam ily that could not set when the matter was brought to Tho attention of Tho food administrator he acted promptly. Sues for divorce. Special to the news Van wktlt., of. Ailiff. Ence sued lick Del mar a obey of to Apland thu a shop in the common Picas court for divorce and Alimony. Sim claims no support and that he struck and abused her. They were married september 1833, and have six children. Expert packing crating moving a. C. Borgman son phone 2304 333-35 s. Clinton St. For Funk Hung Oviln funeral director motor phone 6649 1908-10 Calhoun guarantees All work and save you from one to five dollars on your glasses. 234 and 235 Utility building Petey a far Merette suit without a farm by c. A. Voight i Opp. Jefferson theater we that s the stuff know t had such a real. Patriotic i Stem to this Here 5 a letter prom us Csc. Of he to come. To and help him with crops 1332 j. C. Peltier son undertakers both phone. No. 25 Day and strut j. G. Ryan funeral director 1327 Calhoun phone 1623 or. Johnston Osteopath eth floor Shoaff Ixer. Of Kirli Al Lac. To. examination it tee use news wants

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