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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1918, Page 10

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Fort Wayne News And Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - August 12, 1918, Fort Wayne, Indiana1c the tort Wayne news and Sentinel monday August i2. The Market and financial world Oats hits thigh my seventy cunts paid this Market steady. Roark for the past i today ot1 the m Traum stands cd has it veiled for some 1 Tom change in the sorted setting month 01 upper Ngi at 63c Enn time otherwise Han the fluctuation in Oats the Market went Brettl level keel which operated to the greater steadiness of Price but it trea Ai de Man kept Don a receipt the Able weather i a Factor importance farm produce should commence com to the Market m greater Aua attlies than for some fun taxi on conditions time past continued Good Prospect appear for bumper crops no Corn whatsoever was brought no the 7 Cit Scales Oda while twelve loads thav and Oats were reported m even proportions City a Caw report ulpts 6 Load 63s of local retail and jobbers prices prices to producers. Mayflower 16 50 75c. To 60 corrected by w d Henderson i in s f a License no g262o. Tilmoth Sis mated cover Hal-j17 00018 00 torn to wb1 50 it produce Cor acted by j t Johnton be of s f a License no 639437 3 c Dol packing new j3 60 cwt hew 2c in fowls. 24c old corrected by Sherman Wylte co u s f a License no q06s37 hens 4 in and Over 24c hens under 4 in me old Roost heavy stringers 8c broilers Over 2 in ducks 18c geese. 14c no 1 turkeys of seeds Etc. Well Bro tier. Co hides Green salted issiae Bull Green. 9c cured salted calf skins surf Sec no 1 Green calf skins 30c Sage horse hides no 1. F 6 60 each to 2 00 each ode skins Large no i 100, Goat skins cake 16017c in cheap Ary Wool 1 00 last if ins each shearling in. In j w Bash co cured feeds Etc Clover 17 00 s3 00 Aalke j14 00 Golden Seal 0083 cultivated Ginseng 3 009 do. Wad Ginseng 00 the male hide i fur co. 1 Green no 1 ured 1883uc no 1 j6 50, teen calf 30c cured calf. Hog new York Stock Market i new Field army p g Sprague hotel build of open High Low close am am am am can c f am l o am Loco smelt is f sum Bugar Anaconda at Colbon am t t Baldwin Beth steel b o n t c men leather can Pac c o Chino Colo fuel col Oak Corn prod pcs Crucible Dis Sec Erie do 1st pad 0 w w Gen elec Gen Mot Goodrich g n o Greene can g n pad ind Alco inspiration 1 m m do pad 67 -9 110% 85 92 95% is St 67% 154 57 39% 68% 59% 14% 31 47% ssi 47 84v 79 75 130 85 92 85 56 73 39% 47v, 35% 69% 59% 148 45 43 1281, 146 153 45 128 4 52h 128tt 66 4 so 91% 93 4 h a 53 7 a 67 s 154 67 j9h 35h 6-% 1474 31 29% 14cv 148 45 43 91% 128 s2 47 8414 42% 664 85 4 73v 67% 39% 29% 68% 146 1e3 45 128 62v 98% Kemi Ott Lackawanna Lehigh Max Mot met act Miami c of Midvale steel to 1 Ai vat Lead i of new Haven n t o Norfo k nor i a 0 c Oas Penn Ftp Pitts ocal 1 s car Raj cons heading rep steel r 1 slow s menu air Oil so Pac Sou re St Paul Studebaker Tenn. Cop Tob prod. In Pac l n cigars u s rubber u 8 steel do pad Utah cop Wabash a w u est House Overand 5 5314 3v ssi .0 40v 44 34 84. 58% 6v 33% 84% 37% "6v 10 "8v, 53v "3 "0 40v 20 mems bi6 step continued from Page one 40i, 52 i Tion of the first army will see an decrease in to e spirit of co operation i Hue the americans have operated under the higher command of the French and recently he Trench had served under american corps commanders and it is expected this interchange Mil continue the Tep is regarded As the most important elopement in the organization of the american expedition an forces to Date it is looke 1 upon As the natural de v elopement of the 1917 is scheme of organization and training by which 1041-. 89 444, the did not see their Schooner sunk but assumed she was destroyed by a bomb the fishermen reported that the submarine was 300 feet Long and carried a Crew of about 70 men a six Inch gun was mounted Forward and a smaller one astern the Sec Ond officer told them the submarine could make Twenty one knots on the surface town of Roye reported taken Conti med from Page one 1 times in a a aviators report the enem Back areas choked with re treating transports and columns of to oops review of latest operations. Re associated press London aug French Are continuing their Advance Between the and the Oise according to news received in London today and it 24 regiments after training were merged have captured the town of Lechelle into divisions under full staff direct _. -4 Fel 92h Ilion the creation of the first arms 33v, 86 19v 71 122% 102% 61% 81% 77% 4" 23v ti1t 45 t.21- 33 86 24 48i4 45% 19s hos 70% 1 3% 101% 61% 112, 111 4 110% 110% 81% 39 61 32h 86 v4 4 4774 45 my 110% 7s4 35% 19% Wall Street has slight rally from reactions by Ambo Flktti Presb new Tork aug 12 Van form at the opening of Toda s trading. Retaining the greater part of last sat urday s Genera Advance but eased self Hilj later a noted states steel for felted a Point and other equipments especially Baldwin locomotive were heavy tobaccos and United states rubber registered substantial upward Progress and rails hardened St Paul preferred gaining a Point Liberty 3k s made at 10004 l new maximum for year the Early reaction was succeeded by irregular rallies rails leading the re cover Canadian Pacific gained 3 Points and other investment issues of the transportation group were fractionally higher although Reading lagged United states steel regained the greater part of its loss and Crucible and Midvale steels were comparatively Strong Liberty 3h s made a further Advance to 10006 opening stocks Dull by lated press new York aug were narrow on a Dull opening of the Stock Exchange Here Toda the general trend was upward but changes were irregular r Bethlehem by opened at 92vs Oft Midvale t Crucible at 68% off and West Ghouse at 42 up it the Market closed lower Corn rallies from Early downturn of quotations by associated press Chicago aug Corn strength today after something of a downturn at the Start opening prices which ranged from 9sc off to be Advance with september to and october 597a to were followed by substantial gains ill around the close was Strong 3 to net higher with september at 62v to 62is and october it to 6oh Oats like Corn rallied after a Small orders of the Generalissimo marshal och the size of the army has not been beyond the indication that t contains corps commanded by major generals Liggett Bullard Bundy Reed and Wright each corps is composed of several Divi Sions the each division including 30000 troops of All while the corps in addition will have its complement of auxiliary troops suppl rooms air squadrons tanks and heavy artillery it is understood that other armies will be formed n View of the recent Washington announcement that 1 300 000 Ameri can troops already had sailed for americans wage Battle for Bray continued from Page one break the Market oped to lower with september to 68c covered to saturday i Fiti Ith and then declined higher quotation1 on gave firm Ness to provisions 00 heavies a a la 1 get Turkl sheep and race pit 3 "00 n in Kei Sicardi tip Sherp to lop Lam s Fri takes receipts top w Bead Turret Stead Indianapolis live Stock Laud i Ress is alj., 1 4 owl cattle 1 00 e prices unchanged hog t i the Oil markets to i produce Market imbed press t o 1 in Teton 4 nor h l Mats i Ina of 38 Indiana v Ooster ply Mouth s2 Ujj c in prices to retailers. Retail Street Market 38b40c Dot. 40c in poultry roosters and hens in fresh in potatoes Home grown 20 Tro. Turnips 50c by. Onions 5c in cabbage 4c in wholesale 6arr Street mar. Ket Doz 340 in potatoes by. 00 by 2 07 by u04119 00 ton 60ij55c by Orn 40 by in butter fort Wayn. Creamery co old medal 1 la 46c com medal id la tubs go. Medal 6l la 46c. F h George a. Co u s t a License no g00123 1 in prints 46c 60 in tuba 45c 30 in tubs 46c Lour and feed c Tauselt sons All pears Mille m accordance with government food regulations hungarian 00 Dol Lar jll.04j.h80 Little Turtle 111 1180 up my wheat Gra Nam 111 Ogill 80 Pumpernickel jul 00 Oil 60 a ill bran shorts 00@ s6 do Middle mob 00 chop teed jes Oora duo Corn Meil 00 scr Emenga of Globe Mil t v inter wheat straight 00 apr n0 when jul 00 Graham Ioa 12 to Pumpernickel jul "ob11 60 ice 60 bran to Cissoko Short 00@ 8600 Middle mob chop feed Corn meal Mayflower mint Winter 60 new Venosi 00 Silver dust re 10 40 00 ton Izaj 00 ton twelfth District prices Corn no 3 Al 0 by Oats new l 7oc j156 new York produce by lated press Van , 4us Duritt Market Dull mess Mil 00 form Middle West spot "0 80 quiet centrifugal 06 test 6 Masc refined Dull it loaf 0 Doc crushed 8 "5c dered 65c granule de Doc so 7 on foot quiet Bocc a City i a Inlet or n i to 1 60 no s 35 Cloi r 1 i 45 dressed poultry diet chickens rollers 3 c fowls ducks sic live Filc adj Pacso Durks 2 t so fouls 33c Turke roosters chickens broilers 3 4 Dill state milk common to specials skims common to specials quiet receipts 9 610 tubs Mamorv extras special Market state dam tubs id Sutlon Creamer firsts receipts 10886 cases nearly mate fancy o to the it arb mixed Fanti fresh pr5ts Cleveland produce b t United press to a find Auk is Market to plus oops 51 by re tit potatoes hamper extras m tubs or 49 to first seconds 41@ packing Resl 41v live i Clit kens broilers it Sec roosters Spring ducks aur Raf 44t Creamer seconds Chicago produce by i med j 4lvi Ordinary firsts 2 i i pc t to Ultra i owl ducks 2 to 30c i 30c Opi Kip to 40 can Michigan and i daily Market gossip i p g Sprague Anthony hotel build a Chicago aug 1 sentiment Las turned conservative some locals figure that on the next downswing sep member a Neir 50 immediate trend i prompt bulges when locals the Flat hesitation it 60 to is 65 has impressed min to Alc some leading judges figure a. 2 800 000 000 to 2 900 000 000 crop is certain and the Chicago territory has pet a record pros certain people believe the wheat substitutes will be relieved shortly there is no serious news on this subject the 111 decline if locals the Tribune Sav Herald thinks Corn the Bear Side there a Gen enl feeling that highest Corn prices been seen for time aug 10 is the old Calendar Date Call no for top of in August Corn Market no 4 mixed Corn is to to "0 m heat and Oats ement is also weight on Corn weather forecast mixed half of Corn Belt expects showers hot in Indiana and Kansas Oats pre pour ing to Market Freeh final crop May american command but under the i j St Aurin three Miles directly West of Rove the line on this front now runs from Lechelle St Aurin Southeast been men from the Marne to the Vesle yank airmen Active. B Asso a turf press with the vweric4.n army a France sunday aug Gynan air planes been brought Down by american flyers in the last Twenty four hours on the tout Sec Loi Onilia can formation a still lacking a. Third m believed been brought Down the first German she t Down was the victim of Captain r o Bridge Man of Illinois the machine was seen to fall in flames near Whray saturday saturday night a patrol of Amer in in flyers met four German biplanes near Thi Acourt lieutenant Tobin attacked and it went Down into nose due the second reported Ictor occurred morning near Tia court m an air Battle Between three German machines and Amer leans i through a Mancourt and til Loloy 1 three Miles Southwest of and continues on in a southeasterly direction through Gury eleven Miles Southeast of Mont Didier it then Cunes More to the East and passes through the Montigny Quarry to the Hill North of ant Oval just Northwest of rib court on the Oise apparently the attack on South Ern part of the front tabs being continued by the French this morning main interest entered in the sector around the Lassige Massif it is difficult to Siv w nether the French Are in the Trest but must be to it the whole posit on on the Southern line depends upon posses of it in the Region Between the Roar and the Sorne the position has been stabilized the germans have masked artillery on this front and Are heavily counter attacking1 the towns of Albert and a Hulnes seemed Hodij to be held b the enemy and Roje has not fallen the British have captured the Western Edge of the town of Bray on the Somme the advices state British slowed but Hammer on continued brom Page one 1 uttered Tower ind enough of the facade to form a pointed arum the doom Mesnil the condition of Mont Dimitr in patiently w is composed of houses built on fight arc reported coming into the p Ris reports offic Nelv that 40 prisoners 1 Een taken j thursday morning 1 Hii i the total number of be Man i i Tuu i in mar Phil Joel s Teit drives i p to 7o 0 i the no i l i of Gurs o fir to Ken in in the two offend a 11 int in in 1 m Berlin reports the air Limtt As i ing to e bitter Ai 1 says that Sun j Daj All Allied efforts filled one or Man Nev Draper Calls the it bit tie the first serious defeat of the War Between Soissons and Rheinish t be germans Are prepared to hold fast and the French my Ami i cans Are making no attacks m Force the German Artt Llero Are has been much Ier Enen y preparations for an attack Sudaj were stopped court House news deaths Long to Oregon m Llen Cli 1 is gone on to l Voli i will to him to my he Schacher Man j 3 Vears of age wife f Bih Acher a bed Attar Sundas Morimi at 7 of link at the family Lesi Richne 703 Home death a exulted from complications and do Tiivel a Sis month i iness the deceased Bon at Akron o 01 oct Meral months by american artillery fire Field arms has the a St been Gani Zed with five corps under command of general Persh Lenine and Trotzky rulers of Russ a since last november Accord ing to German sources have fled from Moscow to the naval base at Kron Stadt near Petrograd there is no confirmation from other sources fearing a reign of terror by the so Cal revolutionists the geman ambassador at Moscow is fleeing to Pskov within the German lines in Esthonia russian Premier flees vengeance continued from Page one Patch to the Weser Zeitung of Bre the czech troops at Vladivostok who have been in touch with the japanese for some time Are Sepa r item from their comrades in Western i Siberia who hold the trans siberian Railroad West of Irkutsk if this Dos Patch is meant to refer to the Czecho slovaks in Western Siberia it is undoubtedly incorrect As no and Vance by the Allied forces from udi Vostok has been reported Indian ans in Day s casualties continued from Page on Cluj ind wounded degree unde termed private Rudie Stringer muscle ind wounded degree undetermined kurd in action lactic City sergeants Earl j j James Groogan at m Beatty Worcester mass Thomas l clan Pool Kittanning a Bernard f Green Bradley a flood c Hainer new Brighton a Herbert h Rockard Somerset a Frank f Sullivan Collm Gdale a Orle j Taylor Rochester n t corporate Juett Caudle Frank Foi t by Byron c cot Darlington ind John j Hogan Chicago Oli ver t Lockhart new Brighton a Shirley Moncravie Irving 111 Arn old s Reninger Chicago Elwood g Roe Surija x c Leroy l Stewart new Brighton a South Bend ind inv ate Robert Harold Snyder b Alexander a Nooijen f am work with plastered w ills and tiled Only the for lines i m med shining in the Sun j enrage ight with i Gln Stuj appear inc " like Bridges Hickman by Poughkeepsie n Philadelphia Charles Fra Ungham Center mass h Blissitt Juliette a Frank Rose David City chaises s Breck Alonza d Allen y Auritt Bellows Thomas Thi Zona desert of hordes on in Chicago Magness Illiam g Aik Joseoh at Mont i Dir the finest building Rocc gazed w is the ii was Sta Ion Only Leco gazed it because tie Chicago Francis j Ford Philadelphia Bitton w Crip pen Castleton it Wade Cummings Mossy Bottom k John j Philadelphia Daniel Fecca Dev Len Phila .11 brims the n Ime happened to Delphia to Evvard c Foley Woburn be Eft mais q Ford Bumpus Mills Nam Street i t hol l de Lingo the town Hall nothing Remund except rums and More ruins m no of which Bear Ger rain signs the Mam Street Are successive e strips of matted c in Huflage 1-Ive months ago Mont Didler was one of the French towns today its condition reveals How Ranee is contributing not Only men and Money to the War hut Whol Pooh facing the Cost Tenn Thomas r Luth subs get three off East coast continued from Pace one be 1 470 000 000 to 1 490 000 000 000 000 last Jear while Oats Are cheap much Bear sentiment arose last week Missouri Oklahoma and Kanvis and part of Sebraska we re hot aug 11 running 94 to 104 the Central West was mainly 80 to 10 and 78 to 90 aug 11 f r sprain in a Ithon hotel b id no new York aug 1. One of our Best know n financial organs some of the biggest financial Mas ates i sunk by a submarine in the country have entered the Stock Southwest of Cape Sable Market on the constructive Eide of the Market recent 5 my of steel re live Stock Market provision and Grain markets Toledo Grain and provisions by i n of a s t0 pro a i Tefr no Clover or of or a t i r t for March in t Moth Cash 4 s jct Nurr r Tober and det Ember March and apr w 00 Mach i of f if Vuk 5 hats j h h a c Ober 00 december m much it ocl her and March w t no i r me 4 keep Timber foot t for ind 2 mar h and apr 1 h up and lambs 1 000 and Roar it 50c lower top ?1r 50 800 head Market slow top Toledo live Stock by i n Ted pro Toi do Ann 1 Rock pts Light Arket Ira mag 5 mid it 0 w Portr 60 Good pigs 11 in who no fax ifs Mir kit Steak Shef i and Timothy Chicago live Stock i ate i or ref i aug m United s arts Bureau i Miric recep 31 000 head Marki n la Loc very to line on Park in i Iff Init hers b a lower top to 15 new error a but Tel s11 psf of Al 10 1 the Public steel Crucible and Midvale would indicate that such in the Case War news 8unda most favor Able the germans Are now Identa More resistance or Mcadoo was bacs in Washington this morning ind we Mav expect news on the Railroad contract in the near future if the Money situation improves this week stocks will undoubtedly move for Ward would buy the Copper Stocki and motor issues that Are doing War work in a big a the talk is for Baldwin the Stock has wonderful potentialities but there is old Frlj scattered Long interest in it now f e Hom it j or 1 new York aug 12 further rapid advances of a Skrl the taking of an additional print ers and mid cations of a general Retreat of Ger Iran should further stimulate moderate bullish n the Stock Market the recent due Rither to Pur chides on Long to court and consequent la the outstanding Short interest is unchanged and considerable in t he Lead purported to Tell of the sinking of the Cyclops is regarded As a hoax Daniels personal opinion is that the c Clops shifted her cargo and Sank Baltimore which purported to Tell of the sinking of the cd Clops is regarded As a hoax Daniels personal opinion is that the c Clops shifted her cargo and Sank Rydland sunk off Cape a Abaft t titled press Atlantic port aug 12 the swedish steamship Rydland was 120 Miles thursday afternoon it became known today when thirty Surah ors were landed Here the were brought Here by the steam trawler Spraj which picked up fifteen in a boat saturday night off Highland Light the other fifteen were picked up by the steam Traw Ier Kingfisher and transferred to the Spray Captain Larsen of the Sudland said his ship was sunk thursday afternoon the Crew was Given time to take to the boats and the ship sunk no lives were lost according to members of the Sudland s Crew the was carrying supplies to Bel fishermen describe Raider b lated i Ruyi an at Altic port aug a British merchant Steamer was sunk off the North Atlantic coast according to the second officer of the c Erman submarine which sent nine is hmm schooners to he Bottom of c Georges Banks saturday and Sun d i this report was riven Mem hers of the of the Kate Palmer a fishing Schooner when they were ing Tochy s Market is somewhat taken aboard the u boat livelier and we look for further advice the Shermen did not learn the in Meel Marine pref pro i Baldwin name of the britishers but were in Burns and distillers a Arlic should formed that she h id two smoke Chicago Grain and pro Vul 1j Awn Atco press Chicago l n and clone september or Tvr september 6ft october of september 2o Scoter nor 2h 30 october Ember 65 october Chicago Cash Grain by associated Chicago aug 12 so 1 yellow no 3 Jellow ?1 Al 80 no 4 yellow nominal relm Hulk of p is h much so attle r e pts 1 had in rect bit and to Trik in to ittle i ctr ral trs tenth sheep a Cacitti 1 Ivo heal Market a tron top i morn Lam a a nine Idaho Umbs i4 50 n t Prce Montana Weythm East Buffalo live Stock b Asunci Ard prow Aue 1" cat be the Leader in rails Cilc breakfast is invention of Only Regent years Ion Don at g also Union a stacks the men were brought Here i e irl Toda aboard the auxiliary i Schooner Helen Hurley after hav ing been Sot adrift in a Dory b the submarine commander they report of that probably sixty fishermen cast adrift in sea 1 boats after the boats attack i on the Fleet naval and Marine men expected a Yovor that most of these would be with Bacon or meat 11 a utter Day up today Illo i k o ills l r pm of re w fresh 3 White Standard 6 nominal pork nominal rib i 00 use news Black Type soc per line and St arc Hec Ciptik i 18v hoes Kurce pit it j too l Rad Raaket steady f we hell Market a Flor 1 of 10 a 15 and lambs rate Pitu 001 and Iamb a j10 00 1 1x1 bailing vessels in the immediate Vicinity at the time of the attack they invention it shul be recalled to almost m Dern times Man was Atwo Meil a Daj Ner and supper a fifteenth Conturo proverb bade heard firing Nearh All Dav saturday him Rise at j i m Dine at to bed at 1 p m i Dward Russell of the Kate Palmer and the u Shilt ninety and nine and three of Tho Crew afer the the Oxford diction Are indeed cues surrender Thuv were ordered along 1463 As Tho Date of the first mention Side the submarine and taken aboard of Breal fast immediately Thev were sent Bolow for ctr tunes afterwards it meant and kept there for about an Hou Only the morning draught of ale while the submarine proceeded in a with or without a bite of Bead Westerly direction later they we everybody then set Abr it h s r told to get into their Dory and wer fasting As the farm labourer and cast adrift they were picked up Fly Toto re we fears Flo noir hour later the Senate to Rush new draft Bill continued from Page one taken three Davs must elapse a Toro and business can be transacted after a quorum has been called and As i result the Bill will be taken up next monday an Effort by sector Kirby of Ai k incas to administration Man Power Bill to extend the draft Ages from 1 to 45 inclusive m of is to 4o is proposed failed today in the Senate military commit tee by an overwhelming Ben Ator Kirby announced that he would when tre Bill renew his Effort reached the floor the comm tue could not read i an agreement upon the measure so of could be reported at onco is i Innell Butch Urman Chamberlain s us he expected consideration to be con eluded Tomo trove in that Case he will report to the Senate to nurse my will Endeavor to have a quor Tira on mond in to take up i mediate la without waiting Foi the v cation recess Agie Emen o the committee today discussed an amendment by senator Thiras to Vidag that inv order granting do. Ferrod classification to and Man for Industrial reasons shall be revoked if he is from work for More than five dive Benito Reed of mis proposed some modification which will be considered when to committee reconvenes tomorrow Decatur news. The mite to Cieto of Tho methodist Church has passed a Resolution to ask the major to proclaim a minute or two at the noon hour to be set aside Foi Cravei for the Soldier Bov the Waring Glove factors of this _ i cite employ Ini scores of girls in Tak Norris Furman Phi Delphias no its annual week s vacation be do turd j of Bois Csc ago ecly ird today Gaff Rev i i u ind James 1 o aghan i Kichno grub Bighton a George m he on Ost Muei Minn Evv ird hats Chicago Thol mass Hook Len n Var a Viver mass c Arthur d Kemplin Thorn is f Pmj to Varcol Laurel Harrias licenses Rudolph r Frank l Frieda Osth held James r Elton Laurei Ray co loved John c Man halt Beth Erwim John b Walker r Peters inv j Connett s Mckellard Charles h Francis Bente court Florence Broth has been granted divorce from Ira Smith Deputy clerk lament has gone on a weeks vacation Art is a Sherman who admits he s Good and he has promised the other deputies plenty of fish to defeat the h c of l. Whitley county boy is severely wounded special to the news Colt Tiiu City ind aug 12 word has been received Here that private l. J Byall of Whitley to int has been severely wounded while fighting in the front line trenches in trance no Otner particulars Are known Byall was a son of or and mrs James f Bynell of Jefferson town hip and was thirty two years old he left Here on september 20 1317 with the first contingent of drafter men to Camp Taylor he was at Camp Taylor three weeks w Hen he was transferred to Camp Shelby the ast letter received by the parents written on the water and dated june 24 a few Days later a card was received telling of his sate or rival in France seeks co operation in letters out by h e Barnard Federal food administrator for Indiana to Sauners and county councils of de throughout the state attention is ailed to the fact that Indiana this ear is enjoying her heaviest a let of Toma toes and asks the Public to lend their operation to the Farmers that none of the crop rms he through Scarcity of t ibor is made that the peo ple a a whole recognize the Eig Toifl Cance of the Large Tomato Leld and do m their Power to assist in picking Tomato that is available for Canning it hoped that the pub lie will Aid the growers in the was that the wheat Hanest was made pos ble through Mutual co operation Able bodied people ire asked to their sen ices for the coming Tomato est Ping fled Tith mond Newark and 11 a Illiam j o h h i i la id Powers Michael a Hohe John sati Johnstown a. Fnng1 Schneider Colm i Mich Eter Pinto Phihal Elphin Joseph Stanislawski Brooklyn Chirls lungs Tonelle by of i Zok Osakis Minn sergeants Nich s a or mount Hope y Leonard c flip oils Martin j Cunner t in Chic Igo Thorn is m Richard son Newark n j Pratos flare Uehner Mien town a Charles Gouverneur n y Ien Decono i John Meek Chii Les s Moore Short Creek o Theodore Rosemoen to Itson Minn died of diseases ornates Walter h Mathieu Kewaskum is Bernerd bumper neb died of Accident and other causes Prates a qum a mass Thomas Barthen polio is Arnold c Pich fort Worth Tex John d Popplewell Detroit Mich missing in action Corporal u Illium Reiter Chicago pro ties in j Kell new Ork Scott Morns cd male re tile 111 John h Herrin Pisgah la Peters Mashpee Misi Elmer Peterson a Mesa Mont Philip Harold mag lev left today for Union cite to take a position As Linotype operator on the Dull Eagle or and mis Cole and Soni James and Roger rav came i from Hamilton o to spend the week with their parents or and mis a Kohne and Ith Thelt sister 1 Stelle now sister Frances Claie of fond do i a wis mis Howard Shickley who spent three weeks Here with Hei children returned to Hei Home in fort wave she was accompanied her Giand daughter Bertha who h be turning from a visit at Sidney o Clyde Butler and Elmei Chase went to Dayton o to v their Cousin and brother Arthur Chase mis James h Ward of East of the cite sent a Box of Pood things for a feast to her son Harley a Soldier in Camp m Penns Vivama ror his eighteenth birthday Annh Eisar which was sunday he is in the part of Pennsylvania that was his maternal grandmother s old Home Fanny Heller will entertain the Tri kappas tuesday evening air and mrs Sherman Beer and Mother mrs Putnam of Jackson Mich and the Vav f Beery and de Beer families hive Tetu ined i m a motor trip to the farm in Ripley counts where Thev visited then parents or and mis to a tin i and their brother Fremont Beery and family the found that an eight Pound son had just arrived at the Fremont Beery Home Ohio men m list Corporal Richard daunt Cincin Nati wounded degree undetermined private j co Trina Cincinnati wounded degree undetermined r l House Hamilton wounded degree undetermined j a King Cincinnati wounded degree undetermined private p Portier Cleveland wounded degree undetermined War summary continued from Page one the Contr Irv the present fight appears to have reached the Siire presented Throe weeks ago when Tho germans made a stand along the of Iraq River and the Heights of Fere in t ird enols this stand it de v eloped for the purpose of per milling the enemy to get his it leery out of danger and remove stores from the threatened Region fir As the coming div or two pro Ihly be marked by Sav Ige lighting especially on the South where the continued Progress of the French a would weaken the whole germ in position if it do s not urn the flick of the non Nesle which it no Papais Mav be the first defensive front upon which the enemy maj elect to stand the front As it stands Tod runs in a generally straight line from the Somme southward to till Olov we Here it begins to curve eastward until it reaches the Oise the High around on the North is proving difficult of capture by the while to the Jpugh heavy of German or and mrs elms Hirschey of Berne stopped Here no their was Home from a visit in Detroit Mich the Harie Shrol family and mrs Dennis Wertzberger and sons of Tulsa okla motored to Rome cite to spend the week Gretchen and Barbara Millet came from Anderson to Isit w Ith their grandmother mrs Barbara Winnes and Famich Edna albeit and children Robert and of Jinn o passed through the Ento Ute to Geneva to visit with mrs Jesse digest 1 i form wheel miss Man Jine Wilson of food questions answered u s food administration questions and answers Tell Why conservation and production of food is absolutely essential to the Success of the nation s cause in its War a most Germany milk does the food administration ask us to our consumption of no nor attempt to substitute other forts Foi it Lse All the milk Clyl Lien need plenty of whole milk us sour and skim milk in cooking Anil for m Iling cot age cheese if 1 c ingot afford whole milk shall i get skim milk7 is skim in Elk is an excellent food try to Mike up for the Hack of fat m some other a but remember that children should Hava whole milk is milk a cheap food compared to its food value9 ies even it twelve cents a quart one gets protein As cheaply t s in me it it Owenu five cents a Pound eggs it thirty Iive cents a dozen or fresh cod at Twenty cents i Pound How pm we avoid wasting uni k7 i ism All remnants of sour milk Cre irn Mil Buttermilk in cooking inn for 1 ome m Ide Couge cheese How much milk does a child need each u n least a quart us to the age of 6 oars after the it it least a pint up to the age of 1 does an adult need under conditions it is not absolute Mece Sarv As it is Foi Chil Dren but it is nevertheless a Desira ble food for adults is the nourishment in skim milk it Conta is ill the protein of whole milk Lontus Lime phosphorus milk sugar what is the food value of m in skim Mill 90 5 per cent water 3 per unavailable nutrients 3 t per cent protein 3 Pei tent fat 51 Pei mrs Lucy Gibson airs Luck g son aged 83 Jears and 3 months died this morning at her Home nine Miles from fort Ayne on the Decatur Road she was the w Idova of the bite David Gib son who died eix years ago mrs Gibson was born in Mav 25, 183a and came to this county sixty nine years ago settling on the farm where she died she is survived by four children Edward Henry Helen and mrs. Frank fourteen grandchildren and two Brothers also survive funeral services will be held mesday morning from the residence t 9 o clock and from St Joseph s Catholic Church at Hesse Cassel at 30 o clock interment will be in he Church cemetery Randle Irene Randle daughter of or and mrs Frederick Randle of 727 Florence Avenue died this morning at 9 o clock after an illness of several weeks due to complications. The deceased was a member of the Trinity episcopal Church and for the past year had been played by the general electric com Pany she leaves her father and Mother one sister mrs c l Dewitt rothers. Leslie of Chicago Lawrence of Springfield of and Ernest of fort Wayne the body has been removed to Mun Govan s undertaking Parlours to be pared for burial. Funeral ments later rail. Death brought on by an attack of cholera inf Antum saturday after noon claimed Thrilda a rail the infant daughter of or and mrs. San Ford rail living at 704 Frederick Street she was 6 months and 6 Days old funeral services were Neld this afternoon from the Home of the parents at i 30 o clock. Interment at Lindenwood cemetery. Pickett. Word was received Here today of the death of mrs Milton Pickett at Minneapolis Minn mrs. Pickett was the daughter of John Mclntosh of this City she was born and spent her Early life Here a sister mrs. Henrj off of West Crelghton ave nue Surv ves another sister mrs Richard Chute of Minneapolis died this Spring mrs Pickett was in her Eightieth Jear funeral announcements Henry afternoon 2 30 o clock from residence West Superior Street with con Cordia Lodge no 228, l o o of in charge interment in Underwood cemetery Elmer Wayne Ftp Rahmil afternoon 2 o clock from Home of parents 2737 South Calhoun Street Rev or Boyer officiating interment at l o. O. Of cemetery new Haven. Clem had to have his Supply of booze Indianapolis ind aug 12 an 1m estimation into the alleged Pur Case of 100 pounds of sugar by a i. Clem residing two Miles West of Cutler Carroll county is being made by the cull authorities in co opera Tion with Myron Federal food administrator for Carroll county and John l Hanna chairman of the county Council of defense Clem it is is guilty of a violation of the Federal regulations to hoarding and May violated the Indiana prohibition Law in that he is charged with having used the sugar fraudulently secured for the Manu facture of wine the evidence secured against Clem include i the signed statements of he grocers from whom he obtained sugar on cards dated july 26 and july so on his statement that he desired the sugar for Canning an m estimation disclosed that Clem grew no fruit and bought none except a Quantity of Black berries not of which he is making a cordial he also is said to Nave admitted that he used rhubarb for wine making add no that the food administration and the state of Indiana can go to Nell As he said i must have my 7o02g death at Ostian Ipp Cial to to c news of Siva ind aug til Madge White 28 years old died Sun Day morning at her Home Here Fol lowing an extended illness due to tuberculosis the deceased Vav is a daughter of or and mrs John Gross o Washington township Whitley county Fene is sunned by the Hus band and one son Robert land o accompanied Uncle and aunt or and mrs Robert Harding to their Home in fort she will return Here for a week with her or and mrs t Myers before going to her Home her Mother mrs Emery j Wilson is in the Huron Hospital n o taking treatment and is improving nicely Carl Atz a member of the Ama Tion corps at fort Omaha neb re turned to Camp after making t weeks visit with his parents Ai and mrs Jacob at or and mrs Ernest swing of Argos spent sunday the Rev and mrs Paul Mai i Fouyer is prob ibo us most a native fit and is 100 cent digestible Cruese its nigh miss Niina o and Nephew Robert Ilkei went to i Ort wave saturday evening i milk and a titter it mrs Margaret Brokaw and Daugh fiefs a is Rise of n protein v due and is a Good substitute for no at who is the number of Dan Zittu in Europe Bee Iuse Turki e h is h us c it. M inv a nov animals arc be Ihor Ige of 1 ibor his reduced fodder in i help for the heels my shortage of shipping has limited t in. Amount of imported Forl Dei Tahj do Tvr allies turn to us Foi dam products Bee Iuse supplies Reihms them from Sci Limu Holl my my Swit refund ire now 1 in gel Cut ctr my shipping Cinnlt be provide to bring food from and non a i my should we pm our Ige our a n i cause Cli Klun 1 Pant of Iuse the Vorlik in 1 butter Ter Viginia of fort Weie guests of friends Here Over sting adv the Chi stut romans Boa d of missions will n get after noon with mrs Paul Marsh when the study of China will be taken in Rev b b Uhl resumed to Jii Home in Toledo o Jetor a two weeks visit Here with his relatives his wife and children remained for a longer visit with her parents or ill Bora i a Irvinc is fundamental and John Christen in much of our agriculture Hov c n w e use in Irv products most wish u ing 1 it or 01 in on the table to using nor skim incl sour Milt and no More whole milk by w i stand no m in or butt i Only Market s Best served use news wants. At Baltes Grill. For More eggs feed red comb the economic egg maker bed h comte the Ron Keg ration Aad 9 backed by years of remits the country Orr red comb Mash feed bungs increased egg yield o Bigner Valleto you because it makes natural Tot of your sock. Heavy feeds that Faro egg weaken the Ben and m most instances trait her future egg producing Power feed this Mash feed with Rej comb scratch fwd for greatest results. Free 1 f Al v0 hed it m in Oil scratch Tel bug1-Letun to in Pool condition we go x u 10 pounds t f Eithe feed if your Alei ingot m up Vot 1 orb j the 1

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