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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel Newspaper Archives Sep 29 1855, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 29, 1855, Fort Wayne, Indiana Ii Tine. 29, �z855. A we notice that c. A. Grey is on hand again with a bouncing lot of those serviceable goods which he always provides for his customers. Somehow or other he usually manages to find better articles than most other dealers and fall of sub Katopol a by the foreign news this he has Tho Knack of buying at Low prices or is week it will be seen thai this far famed fortress satisfied with Small profits to that his customers has been captured by the Allicia at an it awful not Only get Good goods but Good sacrifice of life. The loss in killed and wounded in fancy Knick packs he May be beat but for on both Side is said to amount to 30.0i 0 go serviceable articles he is always ahead a the news Only reached Here last night and to it an excellent store to Trade in and Charley Snake room for it we arc compelled to omit our though an incorrigible old Bachelor has won undergone no material change. Wheat one politicians amongst the Atchi Solit know nothings 0 the new York journal of Commerce ii Penny higher. Weather had been remarkably in Howard county Claiborne f. Jackson. To of opinion that the prohibitory principle of the favourable and crops accounts sati Facto. Those in Clay county by Geo. Atchison and to Maine Law is dead because of the doom i Maine. It was rumoured to Day that the allies found those in the Southern counties by Sam Woodson its birth place. The re action there is consider-1200-guns within the Walls of Sebastopol. Also a urging a full attendance at the grand Council Edas premonitory of what is everywhere to that the russians were i icing Back. Probably at Lexington to take into consider Aton the state follow. Nevertheless urges the journal let us the allies will attack for of the order and to act upon very important push on Reform and restraint and Temperance in measures. This Call was Only responded to on a the old Way and not permit intemperance to the part of Many of the counties by their Dele riot in the re action brought about in a measure Gates although owing to a misunderstanding in Gay the intemperate action of a few professed but 1. 1. _ 1. Men. Bay. Ravages of the yellow fever in Portsmouth to Quot a if or a a n i in if Quot a a , univ aug in Quot cd i v Quot jew 111 icel uhf tie til and Norfolk Corres regard to time some of those counties nearest fanatical Temperance pendent of the Richmond dispatch says Point of proximity were not Quot the approach to ports Mou h cannot be mis the Council was intended to embrace chiefly on usual Quantity of editorial the people Quot Are moving the Faroe of a people s meeting and a people s nomination was admirably carried out at the court House last saturday. An immense gathering of 35 persons 20 of whom were democrats drawn there to see How Quot the people Quot looked the Good opinion of the ladies for the pains la takes in supplying their wants. Fresh body of course likes Good oysters and every body therefore will be obliged to us for informing them that they May be found in perfection at Drake Quot a celebrate dem podium of Good things. Mose has the very Best embrace chiefly Portland Wells taken and is terribly marked by the newly- the Border tier of counties on the w Democrat 1902 for Morrill know nothing Earth under which the victims of the fever the state and those immediately a Diacont or abolition Maine Law fusion 1746 for Reed have been Laid. It extends for hundreds of Teres ted. And consequently Gen. Clark messes anti fusion whig and anti All other isms 372. Yards Andmany spots is studded with stakes. Lowry Boone and upon which Are marked the names of those who . Pierson and similar n s from a rest Benea h this has been done by some line together with influential members of the Friend or relative who contemplates it life be order from tie counties specified were summon spare Tojim the remove Ana Agam inter the and As to Are advised Tho Munsif of Kim when assembled in their Soveig Tonty convened i of i Altin orc oysters securely packed in air tight and Procce aed to bassinets with a decorum and tin cans and equally As Good As when taken i Gravity befitting t be character of the assemblage. Toetly from the Shell. We speak understanding Rev. Brinton opened the proceedings with a y on this subject. Those who Doulet our word fervent prayer no not exactly a prayer but a had belter try for themselves and a convinced. Of Sion speech which probably he thinks amounts speaking of the Emporium reminds us that to the same thing. We were led or. Drake has entered info partnership with into the mistake from the Rbruce of habit As to has lately returned from Cal wore formerly accustomed to hear of clergymen fornia with a pocket full of rocks Louie has indulging in Praver and did not at the moment troops of friends and is jut the Man to add to remember that the Rev. Gentleman had quit that the popularity of the Emporium if that be pos Good old fish toned habit for the More modern Sile we wish the new firm a continuance of one of stump speaking. The patronage hitherto bestowed on the Empo or Bell then gravely moved that a committee rim. Of one from each township be appointed to select i. R re w on fx-., monthly . James Hamilton has candidates for county oboes. I hero Are 20 town Olti Ltd 1 now of Rowin t in his Garden near the Rai Joau 8hp>. Idiot Oue hath of whom wira represented avow in i us -.,g something of a a in de and As to Are advised the most of them were in attendance at the time and place specs Find. Upon assembling at Lexington however and brother the Rich and the poor the prepared it found that a mistake As to the tie had bodies. This sight is perhaps the Saddest in Portsmouth. Here lie father and Mother sister and the unprepared a the passer is met at every Corner nearly by coffins coffins made in taken place and it was accordingly resolved that no formal action should he had until a full b it appointed consisting depot an Apple tree which to believe offre persons. After proper Del Bora. Curiosity. It contains a crop of Ripe apples already selected by second crop about half grown and blossoms differ Chat degrees of forwardness. It has in tact Tiou. They reported the names blossomed regularly every month for the past five months. This Ever Blooming variety of a the k. N. Wire workers and they were Zinani. Mously nominated and called people s candidates Tho Luck men Are Solomon i. D. Eagle for recorder. We. H. Bryant for cop a commissioner and a or. Fulk for auditor. Of Pomology its and the curious. A series of resolutions were , endorsing is rumoured that fusion platform denouncing Tho Nebraska minister to England will shortly re Bill tickling Tho abolitionists supporting the Landing in new Orleans and thence prohibitory Law and whittling Down know via Nash vice. To Pennsylvania. Hav Noti ingims to a simple declaration in favor of concluded his no go citations with not having foreigners vote until Jiey have been a in the country the full period by the naturalization Laws of the United states. Know nothing ism is discovered to be not very it fins. In Sii Ffolk they Aro making coffins at the Rato of ten or twelve per Day and Send no them Down. Fri a. A a Quot a a Hap Ilat the matters coffin., raised coffins red coffin and what the cof however for which the Call was made were broached Tully discuss cd and referred Over with the unanimous approval of present. To r a a i it a tvs r a a it Niay perhaps Beof Rome interest to our Rea Rhc fever is raging More terribly in Norfolk a ers to know what these propositions were and than it is Here and the sight in the h 8tab an state them authentically our inform is truly Dis Ressing Long rows of bed. Camtam i a a a being derived from gentleman who were patents who arc per Toetly delirious and Tho air cognizant of what transp incl. There were resounds with then cries and imprecations while Points brought Forward which we state in they Are strapped Down with Linen to the bods Brief As reported to us in this situation they have the Black vomit and i to Endeavor by All Means to reinstate the sight presented is Ruly awful. Be phys Harmony of feeling Between the Atchison know cans elsewhere be what they May those in nothing Branch and the Doniphan know Noth Norfolk and Portsmouth Are Horce and nothing less , monday september 24. The fever in steam Jat n. It Molina arrived to Dav. And brings intelligence from Norfolk p to noon saturday. Nothing can be More appalling than Tho aspect of affairs and the weather has been so very unfavourable As to cause misgivings with regard to those who Are sick. The physicians say that the disease has lost none of its Malignity. There were forty Intel ments on thursday and ins Branch of Tho order and thereby to obtain a nomination by the United society for Atchison As senator in november 2. To establish a Missouri Emigrant Aid fund for the purpose of assisting and promoting the emigration of indignant pro slavery men from this and other Southern states to Kansas territory in order to make that a slave such were Tho propositions which Wero presented for the action of the secret conclave and which were approved by those present. That they will also meet with the Sanction of Tho and went right on Friday. On saturday thirty Jour de meeting to be held this month at the orders for coffins had been left with Tho under reason to doubt from takers up to 10 o clock a. M. The character of the parties and persons inter during Friday night ten deaths occurred.�?,"ot so violent , As mrs. Wal acc from new York was doing Well. Nashville with an american lady mrs. Polk widow of the late president. The Reault is con. Fid entry predicted to be an Alliance Between the Puar hero hence its True principles Are sought. ,. A i c re High contracting parties. Good for the old acc Lon at Portsmouth on Friday Twenty five deaths on thursday Twenty two and on saturday about thirty. ,. of it is estimated that out of two thousand two Queen in his diplomacy will be at Hundred people now in Portsmouth two thou it 1 it a a a a a Lar to i Olk 1 / a _ _____1 to be concealed and a Moro moderate policy announced. The nominations made arc a str Kirg proot of the consistency of these people after denouncing the Nebraska Bill and slavery they nominate or. Bayless who is one of the most decided Nebraska a in in the count and does not look upon slavery with Ary of the holy horror with which the usually View it. Nor do we believe he is very Ultra on Tho prohibit Oil fact to have some faint recollection of a certain a Poco act Pio cd which would seem to indicate that to was at All orthodox on that momentous question. Sol is a a cod fellow too Good to be used by those who Are now dragging him Bop arc the Public but to has got into bad company and is b found to be shockingly beat. He Doi is 6hov/much of the Wisdom of his old Nain Sake. Or he Woald have kept out of this of scrape. Ill. Bryant candidate for com missioner his ring been itt Bing for Oitice. To has run a Ceciul times for Alderman of the Ward in which Horch do but his reign ours knew him too Well i a id would not elect him. His chief granting it. Gen. Scott responded Dation for to big do Paity Quot nomination is that he hat he was not responsible to the a re is a brawling fusion St partizan who has rendered Liim Elf obnoxious to All Moil Tato men by the North Eastern Indiana 3ielhodist Confer Ance was held in last week. From the list of appointments for preachers for the ensuing year to extract the following fort Waite District cd. F Strite p. fort Wayne. J. G. D. Pettijohn. A s Kinnan Allen. Mhaun Ossian a Andrews deca tur. M Blake Massilon h a Ladayne Harian. W Smith Spencerville. J Johnson Auburn w. J. Welch Hamilton w h Metts. A v Gorrell Klen Deville. D p Hartman f Hunstein fort Wayne College r d Robinson president and j Cooper. Agent. Another muss with general old hero of Cherubusco seems to have a Peculiar faculty of getting into a Wrangle. Tho Washington coi respondent of the n. Times telegraphs that a bitter controversy is going on Between the Secretary of War and general Scott in regard to the six months leave of Abs acc granted by the latter to Gen. Hitchcock. Might have been expected from the antecedents of Atchison Jackson. Lowry and others engaged in the matter As leading spirit i. But yet they Are in strict accordance with the conduct which has characterized them . Louis Bern. Denunciation Dation of the National democrats by the stringfellow party in the Sand of them Are either convalescent or sick. Acclimated nurses and physicians Are much n w r i. Wanted but the authorities Hope that no More Ftp charging will come from Tho North who have not had that Tho democratic Partythe free states is the fever to furnish fresh victims. A z % k v son Quot and stringfellow know no thugs in Kan More Indian difficulties in Missouri denounce it As no better than indians of rogue River Scott River. Shasta Tion. Hoar the squatter sovereignty paper Valley horse Creek and Klamath says the Sacra Vej ted by Tho know nothing , mento Tribune Are said to have combined in who says Quot every National Democrat is an abolitionist in disc raise. Such a one might not steal a in Quot open hostility to the Whites on the 27th ult. Three mines Wero attacked on Humbug Creek. _ a a and a or. Peters was shot through Tho breast himself but he would Pat on the Back those und died within an hour. Shortly afterwards Tjie to did not know the indians attacked and killed three men named governor but Pierce Vasa Coward and had Edward Parrish Thomas Grey and Hennessey who lived opposite Buckeye bar on South Justice. For instance he had appointed a the Klamath. Proceeding Down the River two Southern Man to govern Nebraska where . They murdered a Man Namei Peter could not naturally go while in Kansas which Hignight and two others names unknown the South to has Given us a Northern Man. The three men were sleeping in their Beds at men who come Here from Tho Northern statc.-, the time. The nest morning the indians descend professing to stand on the principles of the Kan de the River to picker s ranch some six Miles be Sas Nebraska Bill were asking to make the Low Buckeye bar where they arrived about ten Mitory a Den of thieves and a Harbor of abolition of clock on Friday morning. Here they killed four men who were working in the Field. I in Reader there Are papers so devoid of truth Pickens saved his life by concealing him Elbe and Fiir dealing so notoriously dishonest As to Hind a fallen tree. The names of the killed have hold the democracy responsible for the sets of not yet been ascertained. The put River indians partisans who thus bitterly denounce it and who have made a descent upon the miners at the new arc league with its enemies in seeking its Over digging. On the Sacramento and seven Whites throw. In this class we include Tho Gazette and wounded and som3 fifty indians killed. On the the latter of which still in the governor for slavery in Hubn Edt to a iffy an Doob cd remedy for asthma a or. Ellis Wilbon of Brooklyn few York had for fire years Tiery severe attacks of asthma which deprived him of bodily rest night and Day the cough at times Al nost choked him and caused him continually to spit blood he was never sae either eating or drinking and his family were distressed beyond measure to see him gradually reduced to almost a Skeleton. H. Alloway s pills in his Cjase were As usual efficacious weeks and they effected a perfect cure he feels himself stronger now than he has been for the lost fifteen years. , dealer in Yor Rign and Domestic hardware Iron nails Glass and All kinds of produce 193 Columbia Street fort Wayne ind.t%rall3�?500 kegs assorted Best Brenda list this gentleman used them for eleven 111 a received at r. A Taylors. Steel r a Lish Lind Are Tricia. By in Ier during in a ear i now and Gorman steel at r tax Lor. Majority against Hindo ism Maine Law ism abolitionism fusion ism. And All Tho other isms 528 in this same City Neal Dow the author of the Iriaine Law was Elc cled mayor a few months ago and it is there that he ordered the military to fire on a crowd threatening to destroy liquor illegally brought thither by him and killed an american citizen in his wantonness and tyranny. Do the Detroit free press the Homo Organ of Gen. Cass says Atchison left the democratic party As Long ago As last Winter and joined Tho know-nothing.-?. His Border league is a know nothing Lodder which by fraud and violence has carried slavery into from the Vitin mini cd Durant. Withdrawing from the k. N s. Edwaun Pforr Knox , ind. At a mooting of the in designed citizens of Edwardsport and Vicinity on the a the of August 8.&Quot>5, it was unanimously that the annexed address be published in the \ incenses courant to Allu Hom it May concern sometimes in the course of human event it becomes necessary for individuals As Well As nations to dissolve the political bands that connect them together and to hold it to be just and right to Mako known the causes that impel us to such action on this occasion in the first Placo we wish to state that through curiosity patriotism or some other cause we hardly know what to were induced to give countenance to a certain secret political organization commonly called Quot Sam and during our Brief sojourn with him ris6ia Kood-500 bundle 25 la a Nib j ubi Recti sep at i. Vav. A a a Lur. Al \ck5i.\lirh, joiners. Coopers and Wagon makers l a vol Lur Sale by k. W. Tayidi head nil Bowel diseases cholera diary Lisa Dysep Copia flatulence constr Paton and general de Iii y we know of nothing better than or. Bostetter s celebrated stomach bitter�,-o.je wine Glass taken three times each Day before meals will be a sure cure for All the above disease will Ternove Cable log Mdini tace an All heaviness from the stomach keep you tree rom , at k. Vav. . Cost Veness assist digestion give a god a ppm Quot it a cd impair. , of too to whole ,n. a a Wati . Family should keep these bitters on hand i Ivery during the summer season As a family Medicine. Sale by All principal Druggie to and dealers generally. For Silsby ii h Reed . Mever j. A wet Ken a and g ii. 4.a9 Lyon s Katharion. Tipiere is no in r teat of the unrivalled merits fan a Articie t inn the springing up of countless i Titita i it a find counterfeit a. This test conclusively proves d Katina Iron for preserving restoring ant beautifying the hair to be the finest toiled article. Ever prepared. Combining As it does tiie Fra giant of the most a Dicaire a Wilh the Nkosi valuable restorative qualities it stands entirely without a rival. The ladies have decided that no toiled table is comp Ete without it and their Fine discrimination rules who world. To guard against value a a a Imilia Iione and Chin its a a Loran s Kai ii Ivy Kodl it co. Proprietors 410 Iii Eric so. New York anvil.&Quot-, 3 edges Bill we vie Siock and dits Ando general assortment of ajl Fly Krny Rhos Tes k. A. Tay Luti. A is a Ana of Ohio is awake pattern at Quot r and w. 1 a 1.0 r. Braj it axes of Vai Lous a Anis r. W. Or i to a a l Ksn smoothing match planes Jisi r Gay , joiners. 1 ii. W. To a zest Hunt a Immon s cd Kra rear r k a. Saint Hiss the Best a i Ortr i. J had at r w. O-.-. N Ca i Avlon. 50 assorted a Imit a a 11 ? prof. Woods hair Resi Orali c we invite special a Entina to the advertisement of this article in another column of our Piper. It has now been a Little less than two years by fire the Public and yet it has come from its intrinsic Merita we have become Standard aride upon Tho shelves of almost All drug convinced that an oath bound association for Gist a and the Chester Herald says it now stands political purpose is neither in accordance with at the head of All remedies of the nor is this the spirit of our consciences not with the spirit result at All us prising when it is remembered that of the Constitution of the uni de states that distinguished statesmen As Well As mein x a our right to think speak and act should to o the medical profession indeed ladies and gentle Untra Meled and not controlled by secret charter men of the highest intelligence in ail pans of the de leagues. And we will Here take the Opportunity to say. Tad Ril a from j by a a to 2i Vav. In in-., Rai nun v All 8 7. D and Bot a in i for Advance on manufacturer d priv. S. A. Taxt. Sti a Pine in of plur a very a a i cd Salent a Turer a prices. R Vav. Quot i. A Sam ijee.-. A ent a Runny. My , a is together w i i i we lad s to Tayloir. Jjck i country testify that ii has and will restore the hair -., cover the head of the Bald remove All Dandy it and that hereafter we intend to act As freemen with a a a a Pathan _ out the dictation of any Man or any set of men j Quot a that in All cases we will use our own la Diment. A i _ on All matters of Public Poi Icv and Cas Quot our i by votes in Tho Way that will satisfy oar own con one of the circular. Sciences. And we would further state that to ent and we think you cannot Are not disposed to sacrifice every Noble and Alpo the generous feeling towards a portion of our follow a citizens for the sole purpose of upholding Dema sea l a pkg nos right and or a. I or w. Stavic a a ivs and he go Tley Tiz 3 can iut Folind a is rings of i w t. To less Brand acid Worcel k. Of. At a it o a you de by los a Tampa bar l a. R. W. T Ron a a Rompietti Assoc Holt of bar a Square. Oval half a Cunt Barite he. Re of. Com Imee i a l. Fort Wayne saturday september 29. Prices continue to Advance. Best White wheat is Worth is 50. And a few lots this morning sold a inks or Ilves. S a wrought at and Cut of3 to it. He5 a. W. Taylor. countermanded Gen. Scott s per ,. _ ill two indians Wero captured near the town face of truth a sets that govern Mission and at Tho same t demanded Humbug. Made Tho declaration that he was ii his Coffi Ciuti interfere no at the poll challenges of the of men As Well entitle 1 to Aslo is himself. Lie is about As unfit a Man for comm its once As could have been selected. And ought to be beat by an almost unanimous vote. Of . Tilk we known tiling Quot except that to u a rank v. G. He away be a go cd Farmer but he certainly is not the i Ual of Jar. Starkweather for auditor and no one. Except Thorvor Iet partizan would think of voting for him against the present Noble incumbent. J be whole business was As pretty a game of a make believe As any Little children Ever engaged in and it was played out by these children of larger growth with a Gravity and that would raise a Blush on Tho Cheek of the juveniles. Vive be Humbug Hon. pm has resigned his Sta tin As judge of the Lafayette judicial circuit assigning As a reason that the pay is not sufi cont for the support of his family. Tho salaries of the judges there can be no doubt arc too Low and until they Are we shall never be Abb to retain Tho services of Able men on the Bench. Hereafter oblige him by addressing Fofi Ocial communications to him through the president to a whom alone he was responsible. The correspondence is not yet closed. It will undoubtedly be Comitini catch to the Senate at the opening of the . If not. It will be called for by special regulations. Foreign news. Rii Oscott Valley Liuliang Are said to have sur rend Kansas Rcd their guns and Are now on the government lie serve. Five indians were killed at Humbug bar on thursday evening. Fight v Ith great Battle occurred on the 3d inst. Between the u. S. Troops und the indians at Sand Olill on North fort of Tho too 8 numbered 4,-Jo under Gen Harney. Mccady commanded Tho infantry col. Cook tha Tho dragoons and one company of mounted infantry and a company of artillery. The Battle 3 o clock p. M. She is commenced Early in the morning and lasted Sev total Lois. Chicago sept. 19. Wrecks by the noon yesterday the mate and Pilot of Tho Sevastopol attempted to reach Shore but were both drowned. Subsequently a he boat was culled ashore by one Seaman safely whereby a hawser was fastened ashore and All Tho passengers safely landed. The Sevastopol parted in three pieces about a completo wreck and her cargo of 800 tons merchandise and 50 a total Oral hours. The indians fought desperately but were routed. A running fight followed some hoses from Buffalo to Chicago is also ten Miles distance the indians halted and a loss. Stand fight ensued. The it indians fought Despe the supposed cause of the wreck is that the rarely but were completely routed�?80 men Kil government Light was out and capt. Watts misled�?59 women and children taken took the Light of a beached Schooner for it. She Indian women f ought bravely. Harney lest Tjw grounded at 3 a. M. No officers killed by tic indians. The Battle was commenced Iii Coo monday september 24. Address from a Missouri the Brig Tuscarora at this port had entirely disappeared this morning. For ailments of the wreck Lay along the Shore. Flour Best City $7 50 country 7 00 Corn 55 a 58 Oats 25 Barley so Rye 55 Beans 1 75 =, 30 Sweet 1 00a 125 onions 3i butter 18 Chreso 8 a 9 eggs 10. T now a. Be Ivinia one of the t to. T i Quot Al assorted St pc 3 of t.r.,. Salt 2 00 Bacon 10 lard 8a9 hamsllal2 1 Ork Shroi it to i. ,_ 5 bcef5 goal 12 Clov Creed 5 50 , to Aas a. R. 1 i Rort a no septem Loci 23. Timothy seed 1 25al 75 ,30a.- 0 we Obj a common 22 a 25. Fine 29 a 35 White fish of bbl 5 50 Pickerel 5 00 Trout 5 00 Lake herring 5 00 cranberries 2 00. Died on a night last about 40 years Inniss this place. Mart Jane Iii ton of for the Sentinel. Clear. Dawson in his weekly times of last thurs Sho was owned by Day. In a Long Leader under the caption of a Davis Sutton of Buffalo. Hull Insuredtho trip to Tho Ohio state fair some incidents Rune Ever Nide to Oujo Vav Inteia , attempts a description of some of the works of Art on exhibition. He says Etna. Cargo in Chicago Mutual the Schooner Drake is ashore 4 Miles North. Cargo supposed to be of lumber. She is owned by the . Winslow of Cleveland. democrats in Dekalb have nominated our old Friend maj. S. W. Sprott for clerk i. F. Pierco for auditor w. Griswold for recorder and j. M. Goetchius for commis of Mioner. It is is a first Rato ticket. Or. Sprott Lias Long been Tho wheel horse of democracy in arrival of the America. Capture of Sebastopol immense loss of life. New York sept 27. Tho Cunard Steamer America arrived this morning Seba Topol fell on the 8th instant after having address to the people of the United states from been bombarded three Days and after six repulses a committee appointed by the late convention at of the French from the Malakoff and one repulse Lexington in Tsouri. Has been published. It is of the English from the it cd is principally devoted to a the Schooner lady Ana is wrecked at pc Swan executed by Motyli an artist of austrian lost about 2.000, and the Hrench about 1,5.000. A of Tho Gration from Nosha 1. J. The russian loss is about same sallies. The r.1ssetts and other states und of , i the bark hungarian from Milia Tocce wins evacuated the town after blowing up the whereby the Kansas and Nebraska Law is Render Chica it to. With a cargo of wheat has returned defences sinking the ships and firm the town dead letter. I Days that Sulci emigration Yal Elv but leaking badly leaving nothing but a mass of smouldering ruins i dangerous in the extreme is without a pre Quot Quot the Schooner Superior is ashore nine Miles himself thus to transform five French generals were killed including cadent and calculated to circumscribe slavery to this Side of Milwaukee with the Waves dashing judge into an old woman in his declining Bosquet. Large Allied forces marching along ifs present hernits and defeat the True Ament of the Over her. And the men climbing the Rig ing. Ears the Cost to into cent Tho Retreat of the on and concludes by saying that also three schooners ashore near Tho wreck of Huid. Iho Allied captured an immense amount takes a position from the Lexington the Sevastopol. No particulars with regard to of materials of War. It is reported that the Allied convention whence she will not recede. J them generals have orders to Deurand the surrender of the rejection of Kansas As a slave state will a the russians unconditionally All troop stores a considered As a Gross insult to the South and go deism and we conceive that we would to maintaining grievous error by remaining silent or by our further action with said party. We therefore dissolve All connection with it. r a r a a warn our friends against being caught in a snare cents.-1 so dangerous to civil and religious ii cry. Signed by 35 repentant now nothings for the Sentinel. To the absent one. Of hippy thought of by one Days Bright Nim cols of Tho Distant past whore blood Rietl Tho Short lived Flowers of youth so Early Edh t by Winter s blast. But yet their sacred Mcm by dwells around Tho h ii ints of Youthful love to i u of buried i tops Long Troat used in the Lund above. Yet once again the Sun hath Elied his guns inc o or be in ted years to ii the shadowy Paton of Lile dispelling All our doubts and fears. For kit or ted spirits new May meet around lib Hearthstone As before. While fond Alec lion big Lily gleams from the Depths of Happy Yore fora rot dior still is spared us a Lonj lost wan Duro a thou r Neer was life so truly Blies Lul. As Tho Trouk that brought Theo Home and How Oft Sweet to Noriea waft us Back to Happy of Cenea no More vol a t leg it Ildon diam a o f childhood were the Brit i est a a cams we Wuich. But we be Tina soda Buo theh s kindness. During Nitina Long. Long year a and full Well have a earned Tho Valuo of that Kindred lie so dear. And now Farewell unt i we meet the if Grant the Lessi in Bright Wil Iii the Circle of our Homos had where pure at Fellion Sheds its Light. Fort , a i Eli Ih City Waer Lime the and it Raie by w. Tav of. I hovels Ames a open Cotov to Hove is. K Quot hrs ii a v r i set i a �zmyl.---. Say a of lands. A tic St in the Day of re Hetwin tilt h Jura it Gnu a and of Quot id at fio it in of l�arki�i� Giniso of a t a Quot cd f it it Way noon to it of Indiana in i Ort . Branch Bank foist notice is a by it it a that the re in annual meeting of Nic by Otil Rainich at fort a Vayne of the Ai Batik. Of i a jul Lor the Elk onion Olsi i n Dir frs on a life stockholders of said Laranch a Hejra Fly Fin will be held at the in fun Wayne on the tits d by of Iso be Riiber ne.\t, tue hours of it to us of said Dav. H. Mccull Tuil . A fember 2a i8.&Quot 5. Evv l3 new goods at the Cliea store c. A. invites the site Union of Ihlae wanting real Good Artt Eltis to Liis new Stock of fall and Wilmer goods Juet received consisting of French German and Iii Erica Broad lot of Pilot cloths Cas Jinieres Tuluii Fath jeans Lii Seya a. Ellesa Ciu ods a alpacas Merino a de lain ii Calicott a Bolo did a adornment. Sil Awlsevery Varit to together with a heavy Tock Ott Superior shirting sleet Iii ticking Fiji Nils and Osiier . Batting Vic. Ifo to f f7alu Solors. Knit jackets comforter., Milts worsted i it upper so the Moat cd nit Nibbe wave a a the Twenty a tilt r numb ii f Bank the of is Tion Hill of ii Virbin Tov a Rango 1 Quot co Veydt 1 i he fast Hait of i no. Tin in will b. Of iced at Public ast Quarter of it i Tion Nui her v.i t Hall of a 3r ii to t n r. I n if Quot v.-. A p Nort i it Rai ii Iiir by. Tii a in a i be i o in bust Iii Foo l it. It of t a h Juh Eaf. And the Jive it Oce or or Ramon number six irty.ve Bijj. Otoble l. Uty. Quot i i a a a a Ank by Vii h. A Ino nor i.iit or i township. Inin the Art of statuary wag a in Sec of judge Xci ipod by Motel i an artist of austrian Italy. It is of White Marble and represents a veiled ,&Quot Etc. Now this artist ought to have been ashamed the venerable blah Caps umbrellas 2fc. Rufth of Range no. In id fax. A v. Otic it j Indiana Cove Ltd to Quot the la of Law Ovil to Quot f it a Lii other Iraq i a a a a a a pm. 6wl3 ill in Mccu Lii a stray. Re Aken no on the 7i Nis it cry her r i John doll Jii or 01 Efi to it a i she Gunty Indiana. Trio is Quot tie or Perty and the Velu of a a in Quot Ltd i Bay Mare a i he t of .1 A. U a a i a on tee left aide Ota , re i i2ze t i 1 w t to Eye rimming Dov a to leu to trip posed t it be three or of a year a i Ltd a a forty dollars by Ujj. L. Charges. T in at voc i a in l Ani r or a a Ven n Iny a j a a a just. A Rev twin of r. P3vvi3 a iia p. J. Defences &c., including Odesso another attempt has been made to assassinate Napoleon. New sept. 27th. Storm ship Washington from a Southampton arrived 3 o clock this p. A bringing dates to 12th inst., from Londom and Liverpool. Washington brings 300 passengers. Gen. Simson in a Des the declaration that slavery is incompatible with , sept. 24. On saturday Tho grand jury of Burlington a Republican form of government an Kunef i vocal county found a Bill to Aist Israel Adams Engineer step toward the dissolution of the Union. Of Tho train that was thrown from the track of Dekalb and is deserving the Confidence of his Fillow citizens. Or. Pierce is editor of the dem. Patch dated Sevastopol sept. 9, says Sevastou Singer and has done Good Cervice in the a Quot the hands of the allies. Enemy evac cause. Messes. Griswold and Goetchius Are both expo dog Magines set ,. ,. Tag Hrc to towns and burning All ships except we believe Good men and True. The entire tick tree steamers. Bridge a communicating with it ought to be elected and we believe will. Prominent lawyer. A Ning his train. He was hold to bail in the Sura Austin a King late governor refused to sign of $6,000. A Bill was also found Ajr inst Jabez the addres for reasons not known. Arraignment of Arrison. Kingdon ticket agent at Burlington for grand larceny in appropriating certain property belong William Arrison was l Osto or. P. Loveland one of tiie persons killed communicating the North Side was destroyed.,., Prince Gort Chakoff telegraphs on the 6th, that been entered by the Iro scouting Adams democrats at their late con Sebastopol after sustaining a most infernal i indictment and repulsive six Succes Fui , found we prison Lookedexcellent health and by the recent Accident. But there is one subject in which he appears an Amateur and entirely at Home. Hear him a of 5 and mules there was a Large collection and in the useful part of the matter they will Servo a great purpose. The loudest feature of thei r the noise and Matisic of Tho jacks and mules sounding that s Clear and intelligible and proves that when Dawson writes on a subject with which he is acquainted to can make himself understood. Thally. W a full Supply of the and Best. Hardware a Ueen sware glassware Sec acc. J the dry goods have been selected with a pc Ciali refer once to durability and Are Worth 1 hey will be sold cheap and buyers will save Money by punch Jtkina hot re.�?b Columbia Street. Sep Emer a Lih. She Lii s Saie. By virtue of an execution to a. to to Tsitlik i the Quot i i . I have it vied Upo i Viii 6 at. The court House dour inthe Caty b a Quot out of Allen and St ii o by Ion a Day of us Tohir a p. I Quot. It iv f. Wayne Fema of i and Institute. In Ilam upon a second indictment found against him for the murder of Isaac Allison. K Node tvs v o. New York sept. 24ih. Tho City officials indicted by Tho grand jury Tention nominated the fallowing Cic of licit ticket repulsing Sii assaults found a Quot Quot Lica in oko Lent health and uproar i to Quot and intend of elec. It in Odo could l Tho , from Malakoff a a sets a Herrick to w sell Are James b. A Mooko for county clerk Kihei they had posers on. A i Brave troops re. Mojonnet for county auditor of lwuiea.,- for county commissioner 2nd District and stained ruins. Quot George Frank for county commissioner strict. 3d Dis the Allied forces attacked the defences of Sebastopol and the French succeeded in gaining by the last Decatur Democrat we per a session of the Vivki Lakoff. Tho English were unsuccessful in their attack on the Redan. Tho chive or Burkhead declines the nomination As he expects to remove from the county. Rison. This plea recites the former bribes from Sloo to and conviction in the criminal court and final $1000 no w Waths the great music publisher and piano dealer 33.3 Broadway n. Y., has sent us the following popular piece if music a Jeannie Marsh of Cherry Valley song and chorus words by general mor Ris music by Thomas Baker Price 2.5 cts. Jeannie who by the by we understand is no Ideal personage has excited the poetic Muse of general Morris and furnished a new inspiration to the most original and melodious of All our Ballad comp Ohera Thomas Baker who has produced an admirable Melody a Liht sparkling and Graceful As is the theme of both poet and musician. Liis song possesses All the elements of popularity and will soon be found on every piano throughout the country. Russiins, i the night blew up their ships and the town and evacuated the town and communication Between town and North a Jet was broken off. General Simpson reports casualties in the attempt of the Redan As somewhat heavy. No general officers killed. Tho English loss at the Bedan estimated 2.000 killed and wounded. In a supplement to the Moni eur Tho following do Patch fro general Pelissier appears Quot Carna Bel Mangra and Tho South part of Sebastopol no longer exists. Tie evening preceding our solid occupation of the Maia off. The russians decided to evacuate the place after having destroyed and blown up the mimes. Having passed with troops i can assure you that everything in the Carabel Naza is blown up and from what i can Pec Trio same must be Theca of in front of our attaches. This immense Success reflects the highest Honor on our troops. Everything is quiet in the a Chernaya. Sentence of Tho defendant together with the issuing of the writ of error by the District court and the reversal of Tho judgment of the criminal court by reason of an error in the charge to the jury. This plea is intended to embrace All the question As to the jurisdiction of the common pleas court Over the Case and also the question As to the jurisdiction of the common pleas court Over the Case and also the question of Tho defendant having been once placed in jeopardy. The court set the hearing of the special plea for thursday next. Maine returns of the Maine election make the total vote 104,204�? nearly 20,000 More than last year. Lorrill Republican gets 48,604�?Over 5.000 More than last year Wella Democrat 45.229. And Reed whig 10281. The democrats have 15 senators Tho whigs 10, republicans Nix House 61 republicans 67 democrats and 21 whigs. Quot grand secret Council of the Atchison know nothings at Lexington Havo for several Days past been in the receipt of information from various sources of the meeting and proceedings of the grand secret conclave of the Atchison know nothings of Lexington it has Only been for the Sake of obtaining full and completo evidence of their action that to have delayed thus Long the publication of the acts and As that has now been furnished us we present the matter to the Public. Somo two weeks since circular letters of a Brett Stafft Generali Dull but Price Kad Era urgent clip Raotz a were wok to the in dog Santa Havana correspondent of the National intelligencer writes that Santaanna has besides his possessions in Venezuela and the United states for his sacrifices personal and pecuniary s2,000,000 with him in the Bank of England and other places of Deposit an equal or larger sum and in the United states several Hundred thousand dollars making an estimate of his property All told out of Mexico s7,000,000. Senator Douglas on the Don a is of Illinois has commenced stumping that Tate upon the issues of know nothing ism abolitionism and the Maine Law now before the people. He will make the blur Fly from the Fuji Obriti or a in full a much mistaken. Do Illow Katly Sweetl is. Meetings of the heal people will be held at even o clock p. Mat the following places to wit on saturday sept. 29, at Samuel sower s schoo House. Monday oct. 1, at san l Bloomhuff in St. Joseph. Tuesday Quot 2, at Moyers in pleasant and at Hall s school nouse in iian. Wednesday Quot 3, at Leo Cedarcreek and Atixhe French . Thursday Quot 4, at new Javen also a Miller s Corners in Jefferson to. Friday Quot 5, at Huntertown in Perry and Maysville in Springfield. Saturday Quot 6, at Harris tavern in Marion township. One or More of the following gentlemen will ad-dre.s3 each meeting Joseph Brackenridge w. W. , judge Mcmahon judge Borden w. S. Smith or. Sturgis and f. P. Randall. Democrats out collegiate Priluk i ill comin acc Oil 1 i onto her third., urea conium a i i i it in will to Etc a Tiili Ninfi i in i int to ird Oil dts. Tuition per in i Rit nary de Armeni if 50 i i academic Quot 4 of a j Quot Coll ice Quot 7 >0 Young ladies can obtain boarding in Cylle Giliati a at Oil 7. Per wet k. J Youn Quot Lient Lemen obtain boarding in priv at Fani Ilies Al Irum $2 00 to $2 "23 per in k. J2w13 to Binm a Prcz to iof Hacks Albion Avilla and fort Wayne. Hacks will Loave Lek Mays a Vern a Days and fridays Ai 10 o clock a. arrive in fort Wayne at 2 f. .m., and on tues Dave thursdays and saturdays at 7 a. M and arrive in fort Wayne at 12 a leave fort Wayne every Day on arrival of the cars and arrive at Avilla Sama evening. Leave Albion via , monday and fridays at 7 o clock a. M. And connect at Avilla with Hacks Lor fort Wayne. L a Avilla tuesdays thursday.-, and saturdays at 7 a m., and arrive in Albion at 12 Al i0ff1ceus. A Indiana House ant Trent ans i Avern fort Wayne . Bickwell Lisbon Avilla House Avila Indiana ii use Audon. Ii Aphis Csc Sloan. Albion sept. 2lth, 185. 3ml3 o c ook p. M. Of Daizi Day the r its and a i years s Van. It Fri a a a real a. To Quot in Ujj s no Reboa a i. &Quot-."i. 8�vcntv-Iiiiii a a in ave Lulu do of a. Und y a Tiv i Uulrey and Lite Inui in a Jiuji n j town of fort wine air Ani con nov in l on f in Ito a Ilizal it the t Ali irn runt a la resist. J thereon and i. It Quot us a a a Ancl in Marner a a orc air. A t. Sirij Leol fail . . Tat n a cd i Yiirs Howe to Utiss a Saij Jiu ii. I i Ivor a a Luey Parks. In. . So la c sept. 2?, Isrl Ujj 4v, i sic Riff s Sali by Virtna of to i.x to Ion if stud of to a flu Anh ii Idi r Tae re a to to a l Ftp of to circuit c Hurt to in direct ii ind ver -.i, i he a a levied Luion wll cd Post for sle Ai j us Quot no Tiofio at the it ourt Louye door p. The City it Wayno Cut Iuit a a a i n a.i Lato India a. Of. The �?�j7ih if c cob hours of Lio Cit Cix. Said Day the Renis and not f i Edini a con. O it Ray to if. Tue of s i i of in North of sri Iii Iii acres Intro or be a and on in Urt amount of Judi or it Ini Ertis Elt to for Arn a i or. A i Iii a St qua trip twill to Pii Quot l to i. Buy re the id. , i Allen co. Democratic ticket for auditor Robert Starkweather recorder p. J. Wise county commissioner f. D. Lasselle judge lath judicial circuit James l. land for Sale. Fok. Sale a valuable piece of land on the Bluff of Piank Koal 3 Milesa Outh o fort Wayne admirably adapted for a tavern stand. There Are two Good houses a Large Frame barn and a Good Well of water on the premises. The pack contains 35 acres of Good land and will be sold a bargain. Enquire on the premises. Peter Valiquette. S3pt29. P3wl3 wills the Samo to and a Quot it e to Public Bitici Iii -13 Ilie in o it r i real is Are. I non to Sara a ji.-. Lavor of g�or4cua Sill fat a Thi use a a Shniter. Kak Vul , in Quot a sept. Is a i5j a. 4wi3 Jim ii Istatt is police. Notice is hereby Given that the undersigned has been appointed a minis Gratrix of the estate of Uriah Chase late of Allen county ind., deceased .4.11 persons having claims against said estate Are hereby notified to present the same for settlement All persons indebted to said estate Are notified to Aake immediate payment of the same. Or a Vittor a please announce the name of h. N Putnam As an ind Pendant candidate for theft ice of county recorder at tha next october election j the estate is probably a Jive not. And oblige _ a a p make Vona a f 8ept�nb�rlo h�lds5. Mary Chase adm x. Solo election i ctr Tob. Sut Lvi s oinck.,-.at.l�n cock str Illey Ildy Jive notice that an exec to held at uie uial Paceli. Holding Elci Tsiu the several t a Viii tips in said , of i a. Day in october 1s. 3, for Tho purpose of Eit c t e of to cers in a writ of election �.= by a clerk of the Allen circuit co in t and i to a copy i which is he Eumo a Quot. Rick 11. It mullets. Sherill of a Len county ind. Fort state of Indiana Allen county is. I Isaac d. G. Silson clerk of Al Cuil court do hereby certify that at a i M a it be held in said Nonty and on it 9 october a. D. 1s5."the follow lilo be to Quot a a elected a a an auditor for a Feu Cul. In con or for Allen county a Coit y it i r the third District of Eaid county r u a j re tin. 10 judicial circuit of the bite of Indiana witness band and the Seal i. Said Cou this 17th september 1855. Ital 1. D. G. Nelson. 3wia Clrk
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