Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
15 Dec 1870

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel in Fort-Wayne, Indiana
15 Dec 1870

Read an issue on 15 Dec 1870 in Fort-Wayne, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel.

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel (Newspaper) - December 15, 1870, Fort Wayne, IndianaKioski w a Fin sent r m my go. J. E. I incr and f. Voirol jew Olon no. 38 first Danilc cordially invite Liliu and peo i Loof to Call and Otai inc their Stock prior to Elbow firc. Tho Ali boat collection of silverware Wilid and plated it of a in Unis City. Watched chains jul cry i Bokhof cd Orr Noat Olid improved a Wii i. Their c Uri laity clock in r visit f min everybody. It will afford hem Plo Imiru in a Zhini nil its features. Dolif. Gnu Wii you it Siulc Liy k. Imit Iii a 1 0. F011t w a Jve thu Usua v morning becembe11 1 5, 1 870. To. Of the Hatty Ity rare in 1 1 or. Sim Fly Carrier c 1 Feuilly mull 0 my Luo copy 1 Jet thu course talc ii in i Trio Jhoss in Plontz lie now which Cut nifty to Yoke. Death of Hon. D. A Burnett of Texas. The strike of the gris pins a new Atlantic Cable to it dec. Tho How Wash Ospon Doit Totaj a pct last Ghl be Lent assault of Boi we Tor upon Porter. Instead of in air it Poi or in the so Valr in served Nelto -011113 a i. The who were kalhor toward Lini Yos larday a Iid of this for real twin la nude Propec in Ali that they thought 1 Orter Weinri binned Thitu Sim Milr when the Hon i Bill overt Tho Senate to Day it was Pii etly refer Eil to Tho Rommi Itce on naval a air. Liuro it is a Nimlin forlorn As a Nii Jority of that commile tet Tiitto he Sivo Nibler to j Orler. I addition Louik Tiu ii a in the Senate Thule it i ills desire that t of Irani Sham in Bortei Meh Anceo Attlio the Senate and an Liis very . Nor , the jury ens of cons. Sunn charged with the murder of James Jjo pm Liis Nior Ning run Ilerd a a Enlil in Tho third in compliant with Iho request of prisoners Council Aeu Tonce Way to Fri a d till to Morrow. Tim Atlantic Kew it us Dee. An Enterprise bus Heen a. Eil under favourable Nus prices the a Kwh Atla Tig Jaklik. Sonimun ideation from George Trent counsel Tor Tho it is Viik it the to Pauy a Kink ill six ass am disc Spiot Etc id Lowill out in any rival company. The Amer Cirii j. Island win. J. Flod Etc Henry o. Afa Rimnal k. Kelly in us uni Iii have Naniel to c uni my York and it. Will Lireet the Tele rapt Nii univ Ami it tical to its own Liiri. I u order ads of i Ahl Junun who Eli provide Abr tie Mir Unipan. The Colin Paliv liar the in Ivi i Juhl. Lor . By a up Cunt of Iii. Of Isle ital Tor lanolin or mid Ojie Raiciu. Kle i Rrapi to connect with in at Itri Tilin. Loll am. Minium or Spain in any of tie Waters of it Poilu s Ami. It Imler oils style Olini Ami european company. It has United Anil entered int. A nil rate w i a London company under Tho name Pivon above. The i to had and opera to the Cabin on the Easl of with a. Has been ume eded by 1 he Karl of in Eha Man of the company Ami out of he twelve Delreo tors. Lor in the Artielia live it to 1m aim Riean tin ims Lin ii fixed at pounds therlin or in j he american Aro to a of m now Yorac. Thonol Oftle Capitalis Lollio Pablo will be on the of is and on this ride 1 lie i Lei to a limit 1 hit a Scarcity of Fiyod to sukh Tox. Lux Ink. Uco. Tim Jum Trio it Yusimi Sliwi Issei it Joii Liili ill Dokkil lint Ortleio i a r Oaty. A Iii Lump tic to a null Gainal Hirji i. Iii Kukuk or on in Tat sums. Okd Kaka dec. Tin., follow 11 news is us hurl Trilus to Trio Inion hit., of 1 lib "1 Imp returned from Toure having lol t Sci to Ronti Imus sub d fort to Finice is fully def Emillio Liim u Uio Loiro. Iio buys. 1 think Trio Situ i Titi so Good Ihal Lime go to to urge to him what Cim be done with acc Ontl army it is reported in Bordeaux Liliu Vii ural Ilou Balti Rcpt lord the to is Bivins Thomli our or lilith wlm make Imrch Nihi Forl Bijj Cut Liik mils nut Mill a inc it an will Havu line Una lr..1t-. The Sulc ton him a Iii carefully Milr Anil in Ulm Ltd finist Kril Ivan it. Hamilton s Hall by Tho indies co Liolio St. Rulp congregation. Tho Anzur will to open every of tuning from december 17th to Holm the no kept sin Ulaj. A full Lino of Holiday Ami Othor Kuosu Imblon goods will he Otic rail for redo at Lei i than Tho a enl retail Pricen. Also Thuro will to Given away every night in amount of Ohri ainu or Corenta. Dl2-td Art . J k Waii Uin Callioni St., Over Zhuni Llotys Kittl j ii. Sauls Dokks to j Herinx Illo re. ,1 a. Kitoff out i dla.-. ,.l a. Nun., Tai Iii Niki. Ii Dumm co. For. a Psi Yiuzi tits books stationery. A. Stockist mrik sort i Velill a i1iio., 2 Fali Imiri so Suwon Hilo. Tco. Brass works. A. Hattk1i8lkv. Kils main Strart. Boots and shoes a Asoph 1 i Lii unix Ulock carpets John China Ware. U. N. Arc cd list so Rel clothing. U. K. Wood i Ilhom i. In not House. Do Ltd hoods. U. Oiecki 1 a co. Us Columbia Kenvl Kiank to than Houskin no. 7 key Lono lilo a druggists. Ploy kit to co., u Jil k is ii Lichih n is. Iman Imil to s. Cor. Main Ami Chilli Nikii us file cutters. 1iaiumh Auto Tiik Clell Kuil is. Sch Luif Washington. Furniture. k to 1 la Ihrk a Liimol us Kilisl Mriln sri of Glove Mitten factory. 11. Noil Lolli in unit Stettn ii Uttke 7.1h.i i suit Xvi Liisu Ivlo , k to r to i i i2tf or Lull. Or a i we Sii Louisi 1 1" tji Liiv Volt s , -1 or .-iir. Phi lilies m Nini Ahab ratio jul a Jinx Knitt dec. 8, 1670. F to 10 animal mooting of Tho Stock. I Uhera of this Bank will to hold at Tho banking Ulusc in tuesday juju try 10th, 1871, Between Tho Bourn of 10, a a., and p. , for Tho election of Sto i rectors to Sorro for Tho ongoing car. Jozik s. In talk in Shier. Iio Usk. , dec. Or. Klovis Noil presented a Resolution of the tonal Rinard of Trade in favor of up rope Minir for Liliu o in Pimp Lou Sivillo Uxmal ii nil Arouth of Mississippi River. In i against Railroad a Ridge 1 to by tilt As to obstruct Navi it Oij Ami using Tomt nil Bridges Over Nav up lilo Stroun to Miido Uhlie. High ways. Washing Tox dec sir. Moit 11 of from the on Orojio itch n Bill o air Ovid for Ccle ruling Liliu Ilmi drool i Iii Vonsury of american ind pc dunce holding Iino exp i Ilion of arts Ca Stintl prone of the soil and mines in Uio City of Philadelphia in Iho year 1870. Ali asked thai it by Ned cd n a Puiul Jonhn for lilo fourth thursday in january. Objection was raised by or. A sri and Trio Rousu proceeded to us Midur Lio Bill. To Taio Tomt if Coli Fresa o Trio u until nil Ehi Iracki r. By Thi Pas Saffo of n Bill the but Bondii of would put pall Recs wry buildings in firm outfit Park in Rialto fill proper Xvi lion any cup Cuneo to the goal nil Ovorn mint. Or. In Kris moved an Nuci Edmunt t Tho Bill nor Kiim Trio provisions fun hey hint they should be paid their us the tits Silil Merit. Or. Allison objected. A Largo number of provided for in the Bill Izreo fron Uno stat and territory and moved to Ranco Obein o Ono film Cicili state Niu accepted. Or. Weller moved in Nom Menf providing that in Espi ume be by the United Latua i Dur thu Bill Lio Bill Ami Lover till . Trio Homo then to Lam Onsi Donilio of.lie Bill for full Ulm auit Ihly and of Livius r nil wrongful net Anil Nitti Riih of pure onto in Iho a of the lain rebellion. Tin Bill oxen ii Riiinlriin a Ipolit inc Burh of Oil Hui ouzo of and of Ilio Jon Udo rate for Gresa heals of a depart Antn. Foreign Ulm Jii ilm a Uii led nut los Courlis wlm thu bite rebellion member of thu elided Blat a during the null Iii by Parson who Cru Fly Iri Sonnah of War or who Liao it duly for United Sulon i Lrus led to ilium during thu Bullion or who Havo or the Naomiy property or Iblis Korea of Uio United flutes Anil 1 iwo Stein from Trio United states my and Navy and nil Bounty a Imp i. Tho Bill Ulso Lisci Ilid or forfeited Litlo which a of held by Tho United Nta twi or any in and nil lands been ipod by Cine Lush. Thu not Lih ties from any Parson whom it sex Pis from its Prev Inion and i flares valid Ivory right of action and arising in any Orilin Ane Law contract in Aid of Trio Roh Ollion Bont Ilis Josing of it. Tho Bill went or till to Morrow. Adjourn Oil. Honeo Ruso Lulious for Roessa Over Iris Mas Llo Lisnya from 22, to n. -1, concurred in. Or. Nyo Init Mitton and Skod Trio indent onside nation of the Resolution so rotary of Trio to Comuti iniello the protein trs Rich been had relative to Tho elect Iii of tax on 000 of rip dividends of Tho now York Cen in i. It., and Winthor Hiil tax has in 1 1-Etnmsury of Tho uni-1 . . A Bill to Provido a fund for Trio employees in the exo Cuativo depart input of .a government was reported with Imond meals. Or. Sliu Rinani from Trio Fanatico look up lilo motion of Imp. Jura Lee did lican stud it . Full line i Suo Luh suit Tigh it or client tailoring . Well founded. Asoa twas the a Phon to take Strong mrtle is a suck us j Oral Nita Cli Aneo of Tea Malure. It Taa n in orc in fun practice. Of loot our Day funds Rigaud the matter tar. Luel nil of Tuple Lair Tho of Etc item it orc 11. In Tho method Tucy adopt sex Bill n lieu . Int end of tvs thag a Tiu vat Sauil St Mirlanti of Commerce or any of it Cinn pounds derived from them Tonj put their i in Liim Zulj Miu into Garnnt pro rally in i. Lutc Terr a Slomich bit is. Their Faith in Well founded. Meter he y Touk Motif Sac Bikih Ullric Inch nip Loti Tirc Cislyn and care. It 3 Conni Pound of which of cry logo Oman Cut . Uno it Fol Iho lit it the United Toner Moro Tuph i la liar Dan nm-8 Troin Iho a Sotnich the Lavur or Illik Lenni of the in Sci Ollit land Niiler Are Ibene in thin Iii scr for them nil Ullem Arlin in. And Glicr forc ii Ennd Ami it thin who arc fortunate c Don he to Ali Cal pfc Cal and Tutund Odd Whitt an Duccan Lotnel Ueo of in i inc Lulun Ivyll an pc tent them fun trill Sruti it thu Carlli from freezing in re denial big inn i a crud. , d.1c. Lmh. U. Foot in resigned the i reside nov of Nali Omil Hank. He olt ii. In Lelon is his successor. It a claimed by inc ills of Iho Oil Lana Garnnt of Iho incl Anapolis to Inci Pinali Itai mail thai die Road ill go Back into Iho old hands within to months. H Way expect of that an ii Ortuet of Uio Rai Oad Olli irs a connect of Wilh lilo movement to build lilo Cincinnati Day on Short me to Tako place this week will probably to delayed beyond Tho holi Tya. Tho Hoard of officers of Iho Cli Unnur f c Omin Erco Havo Ile Odeil to Iho compilation of Iho daily arct rep Orrt for Iho oily press alter show . of tick Cut of Liu or. I Uselle aled Lylial Thev exp Esteil to slum that e Primmer Lia d a Eertilie ropy incl it As by Bis Wile. Or. Miner said thai the prisoner a. Maile e a trim Ofair India i Ilia live at the was fraudulent and Livim i we Oli Laim in All. A iter Ivinia the an Horil ii a slated thai no Ivorio had been or action in red in Hinse Siam is. Tin prisoner i Tobii la Lull Nril for Lial in sup ibid to be a Legal diver or am received hat porn oiled to of a Etolil. prisoner had Ted in Tood Faith in Liu Mailer but id been badly Gnu in. Thu admit Liivik in regard til i Livorno business waa Disen Shell at me length by Tho the court Ling that it bad no tin so on trial. The court to Milly air Oneeil in Survinie the Livili in Nili if out the Caf Itotia went to a. Boarding in ii Neikind Hud a interview tilth i Toniey to whom i had Brett referred old him 1 wanted it Bill olm Ivorio is owl a a lol and id to i could k t a divorce i asked m what it would Cost Ami he said m to sj5 1 its Liml him if i Ould Nisi to slay there while it Una in made out. And he Naid no i could Baek Twork in Vanlon and he Ould cml it Lomo i Lold him i old rallies come Back and get it 1 turned to Canton and it n Feriv Luys to letter from him telling Mullel wan All ready and 1 went Baek to Ort Wayne to told to he had Gol 10 divorce import till made out 1 told m 1 could not read English and said loped it Wii Aull right he told Niu ii w. And i might Boback Piid in pfc before my wife a face if i shed t paid and came Back loves cloves to o u. A. Dui riels for your oloroso 1 mittens. Manufactured to on apr. Argo it sort int alw6ya on bund. No. 71 Cut Lavoun Street. A Ilij Lurea Liliu Naitil Alioti of i n in Ilu foul Havre Iii Ulvik in Lii Lollio Norelli i Rhian Dille Uoc. His arc annl for of Lii in i a on twin to cab hint twin Arwind icily Lizul ibrlji.li1c. Liliu lion it of in tilt till territory flail Mil Forral re climb Iii of Thi Undillo nil Lizul 1 to he Iii Froncki fugitives. Tiiu 81kuk Oua h Niiro Damo Presont us a a front us Atni Lioi re . Tim Iran aug of in Ilio Lor Docnia Lior ill 1. Or. A Rucci Ivl d of Rivoir Rizu at a lilo army of thu to Oil Tiu Lulli. Miya i rail risk Olarle i i Iii Boru rope Lead v til Novoro Oss Lor Iho Init Miroo Ilynn. Dec. Tie of if Jyllie h by leu. A a or ibid Oittiirn. last on thu North us Leniul Kail Roi Iii near the town of Star Zielny by when 11 were killed and wot ruled. Us Fox Doc. The Crew of the Lirika it Sti lost on in Iii Haiti orc to fill in until wan saved Ntuli lamp no at i or Soanca. Lii mix Dee. The a Jeo Esu Ivoin me Ilia him Iii 1 or snip Kra Neurn put , to Day report tic Kibe Mil of clout lug ice. Till is at . , Don. 0 a. M. A dec. A special Eeling of the National general tick agent s association is Hill held any of the avus Lern iin-1 Himl hem Sites Niu revive Hentell. The to a Iii Ijo urim notices. Iia1k, a Tukik b cd lows i u a u a 1 r mrs. Iligir restorer h a More Cray Liliu r to Nii Lutol life or ii july it a a Mutt Loli artful in it will promote null Iii Louir imams lately a cd. I Lio i inn Mill All Ili two whoa liner not vet Tun Ifil or White will for Allon n an toil tit truiuitri1, Clear Neil with int a aliment. It be Imti nil refreshed Trio liner Mill on Keimple in dress Itier it lion no equal. All Inot i Are ail Neil to it and nothing Olat their liner Ltd Good off con in Orl Fonro ii Quinly Erera a Nho Silil use Eilio of Theao preparations h not req mud. Sold by nil drug Cuta. Grocers. Hurst Ltd a. Hamilton owl Volmi Ilioiu strict. 11 Tius Tilan a won Fiu of Miorin he acc to. Floc Tell f. F. Holt Zinc jllto., is Callnon St. Tull Thouk makt1n, 71 Illarr St., on. Hopi to. Gents furnishing goods. to Rutlt. struck. Hardware. Muul Jakull Jii Cilker. S7 Columbia strict. Morgan to j1eacii, Columbia Street. It w. Oak Miv Sun Columbia Street. Hoop skirt factory. To till i Utlack Sofii to. Hats Caps i drs. Jas. Haul gift it co. I i Mioc Iii clock or a Wor onions Fin or. To Riff Dee. I Eler Jle Carnev not Orlins in Intel Rolter Giulii arrested Liis Eil. Anil Ken to Iii. He was re Kiseil on Lifto ii thousand Killarn Ball. H is that lie Bai Leil Liliu Oili Eera of United Klucs secret i be in of i Telesin be 1 Ili Tik place of a Largo amount of material used in Vii Usif in formation at shall Lea to Toni arrest of Nocom or of thu to Iii City has Looi enl Leil to Tho Tro-es.Fin-. p of opera list hit Rel by in i now York Homeopath in lil Edical which is Llan Itin Hospital. To that a bin a ban not at Whiteb it full Ami Vicy costly Tor film we fire it Edo him. Many prominent Eili Lia were Pana it and tin. Was of mus Labril amry and full of is 1 Ite. A to. I bioioci07.1 Siatis of Kim f ii in Lufi la extra Jechil. Saa5 j3. Lii still sad us Curray Lanman s Florida water. In most lasting agreeable in refreshing of r use on lie handkerchief at c toil i Ami in the Bath. Or Sale All druggists and re ii races. Harness. Saddled. To. L. Tau Itali Winoia sri i. U. It. a a Vecctabie-sic1lim hair in Bash it us remedial properties is a hrs Lih Rinn Miina. T w1u, Kustok Ihian 11a1k to its iki1na1, , 1 will Liliu liar train Rill Lnu Uit. Tali an i i Lii pc Lii Ntuli Ulii i Liu iialr8r.. 1 in ii Iii it Lii Luicir in sol nor. R. 1iai.i. Pfc san Tirui n. H., i nor Mirs. 1 . Till Eity tax of Valparaiso is s3 cents i Val Nalion. Lilt j.1m Eaton Iasi Linro u Hia Ury of the to Emily ninth Iliana infantry. John 11. I last Ami v pc of celebrated their Silver wed a Joii Tho 7th. That pest Ferous disturber j. G. in Ihu Xoi Horn merchant Tai Loiis. U. I. Votkl Sonk. S. Cult Iii St., i Liol Iii he i. John j. sri re. Millinery notions. Lmh Sunli Ami Mctall co., Dillni Iii Steele nine dict. .-.t.ui, rn-1 Litin Ana Lotc Rivil b notions. Toys. Ali iils Jinil Triau is. Ruusula to Tett Rayh bay.-, thu gym Riib will occur y a Luxem Iizumi in ii Iii Liliy in Cissily. It is . Month key turned upon impropriety of Lovy Witik the i Ion Trio to defray to fungi us of of Ponata of deceased isso Ciatur and for other Pup Seii. The in waylaid aside. Trio semite wont into extra so Salon did after corrosive Cut it from e Salt Well is very perceptible on of r Locleta. It nobs find .Ber metallic balances us far North us Chi Rry Reot. It Hua Ulso Greally the Jan Ranuro of the paint on Ihu hmm wow open. A arge and stylish on u ill i in vol 5 b Sirrs. Ters. Moffat fru s head Milliner it my ski lit inc torn in paints and paper. 0 la St Alikha t2 Bony Street. Picture frames mirrors w. S. Woop. Cell Ion North 1 Lastlo Viii a us Loni ution of 11 Torrillo Sligo line of my. Which occur my Yeslo Nlay. On Lorao Creek Miles North of 1 Iii n 1 Sli Ilion Iii which w. M. L aka 11. Kistwoo.1 Woro Vii Row Hells Soiu until. Of Wei of shot club Livirt non so who was Lolio i Aniio it Iho Imp Ulm Tihoni Tolio Liliam. A is was shot the rouble Iho nn cil Loil inst Kintly. A lat Wool Honl iwo Isiura after Tho Oil or mini Vila in u co Milliou when 1st la Oiin from. Sauna has Theoli nil if now in Iho Halls of Tho nor cars of lilo Law. Tho Lio lira of Trio Itin Lorvil Mun will i Arrivo in this oily Imlay or to Mora. The so men Mill As Hon Livion by r. Cra Khlon. All it Limpl Wasin Ailo in. Lissim mini of men not St. Chinino with tis Loho Voil Tinl. Ii Mirsini s Ulm his i Linn Story u 1 t Likinay Mohave Ami Sliu Laiu ure Liliu War Jill to he ill Lulier of Loi Vicil in Llo Elport the Ollir by. That was nearly to Silty Livo years a Nis Ratcli from Laviran a Uio trial of Tho Iii Riler ofueorkoaiallows., be will Coin Milco at this Tho murder waa committed at allows was a leading mar ant and a Diro Clor of Iho Bank at at place and Worth about like it seems was under Trio Impresa a that a combi Milloit of Oil Zens Ere him to injury him Ulm his Nily Ami Iles Lroy Hia property. Under u Bobel to in nut a allows some of in allows Eatlo Ami without Milico de at him six shots one Takin. Hovet lilo Luad and him nos to town and Lold in to had Eliot a allows Ami by had bolter go Ami into care of m. Tonka has been Conli nod in jail Ico. Tho to Funso Iho Pica of sanity and it is they will of opt to establish it i Nessus who will testify to of Tho same in Jenks cond incl. No Limo prior to lilo Slio Olink. Ahle Onsol Aro for Iho defense. Morris of furl wave Lar Rrell. Of Tulia place Torney will to Assis Lod Lison Anil the trial will an a Lerolin and Holly Eon Lested sensation has la Rockville Ili Irin. Null Illi Cruor. Kit Ulvi. Wicai inn 31 ambit 31 my in. Into Dull at i Uris Dill rrsl1 Ruila Luu Lull. I a Ltd u a tall Wiiki a firm a it Fig Tot thu . Tali Juji aph. 0. n. Imp me. A Caily no 1, no Segars. , that Mou Tiik ily Isik no Boin Bancud. Put Hama. A i to twist. Ii 13 a pal Ristic nil or Loilyn i protest Iga Insl Liliu i Riis Iuit .ary.j of i Trio soul Mility Tucny intr my a Ophir decree for can Gitig k i Luis sians 1.1 at iieu7.1-t Dee. 1 a via. Lox nox due. arc in at Lux ionic. Mil i from Tiu City f 1 Lavro ill by n Largo Force mid 50 i Iii innit we by Mii Risius. Trio ulna Iii my a stoits Fok the Fallt. Flip threatening Llou floor anti actin Rei Liy troops from Elliis Ity who Niew 1 Onzolo Viginia t is rumoured that lenoral Trolius his any lir Hiigli Iho porn asian Itati. Icim Dvaid. Or italian v 1.0 111 Stu. A commit Len in i Chili Iii on n Bill to Sirr lilo Cupillo to Homo Lugo uni Luau . , Deo. Tho appointed by the last Leo Ial lure railroads u Tonii Baacl Sibin titled n report to Day. Rho report which is elaborate Urius to filing of u Bill in chancery court it Nashville against ill Lel Dpi Edilh and said Cost Liao a jurisdiction of nil mat pm in dispute to in determined before 10 decree Sale of All delinquent roads to to sold on one two am hero years time to Emily live per cent o o paid in hand. A Bill in the report Vii also fib knitted and passed Uio lir. ending in lilo hoi Nitchi. It 13 holi veil Tho Bill will both ouse not Holt Matu Ilal . Tho Are k. J. Me i Ninoy Archibald and p. It. I big ibo Tiret two sex judges of us supremo toot lick with tin Lovo nor. Secretary of bin to and joint roller. Murduk. Nasin , three masked non wont urn a Sidi Isoo in boy Kii Inal four Miles from and hid Money. Or. I Nicl struck one of them and was shot a Litlo Nin of Kinnel who was Iro sont Zivya Iho were Tho Vittoro and trait Liiro of John Kel by Wero burned tins Tho a Lily barely Ese pud in thir Niht of Avana Segars a and Ull a it Ihu Limiti it new York . Henry Cluny i list Del Tanton 4te co., i Liin ii Ai. Ski of or. Madison Clark , mint St., 1 cod 1m painters House and sign. 0 it its. Seeds. son to and in Cullinau Stout. Sewing machines. Us Oval m u t is Uii Rry Kin til. Hickin in Cui Lioun so it lock. Stoves and tinware. St. Up. A Minimi. Tobacconists. K1vinc3, Smith a co. Oli Wilom Street in. a. Co. 17 Celii Nihil san it trunk manufacturers. Ii. Mac anti skit it Jiin la Zirkel. ., i or Urlce. Vuch Hwn Tiit u dry tji Hurt Nii Irkel is Dull Mil Beaver Miller co., Itrat Sescil Linin her i mitc 1 mid Ini Ihl. Neil unit i hut Lohn Noi Iii to for i a ii. Mid i in in Ornul inn Ltd a Kort i decs Dehi Hatti tilt in . _0ll Jeo. 1._a from ions Lily a mils Ilia is Mailo an in i Oneas near it Iho liter Rhonl Milra Jim of yank-1 Sal Arjay which Hisle for my lion a. A Many ii lilt i . Hilim Lour ill. Tho Pon Coas Ron Ili Osious which ie4 to Tho i ukr Slot Conilio Tzuni. In Kiln Linfors Iho ural Day of april s71. a Icia. like win. Vienna a Jon Nolb s and at the time of f Point. Mutual life ins. I o. I

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