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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1877, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 20, 1877, Fort Wayne, Indiana A i Gold sold at 105j apr j 05 yesterday. These prices were extremes. The presi i of s visit through new England Quot a continuous ovation. stocks fort Wayne 83c Wabash Terre haute 3j, preferred 15j. The democratic convention of Penn Sylvania will meet on the 22d of August at Harrisburg. It is proposed to make a Complete overhauling of the secret service of the United states Treasury. Calico prints Are now Selling at lower figures than before the War. Who says we Are not touching Bottom. It is said that abour 4,000 people Are about to emigrate from Scranton pa., to Texas. They will colonize near fort Concho. The canadians do not propose to wait on sitting Bull through a committee. They will Confer with the committe sent by the United states government and whatever conclusions Are reached will be made known to Quot that worthy by the proper officer. Or. Bull will be expected by her majesty s Dominion to take his traps and conduct himself accordingly. Thebe never has been or never will be an administration of this or any i government that is absolutely perfect. But it will be found that an honest Effort is made to administer the government honestly and economically. Hayes is doing All in Bis Power to restore peace and order. The people of this country will sustain Hira or any other Man who while in the executive chair will do this. The Santa Barbara press boasts of the healthy climate of Southern California. There Are too Clear Days in that part of the state in the year. There Are no Sun strokes no ice no Snow no sleet no flood no tempests Little Frost no excessive heat or cold and we pre aume no grave . Gentle and sub Rae sea breezes Ever blow Flowers never cease Blooming. Here in ibis Eldorado one May renew his youth and live for a vet. The mexican general. Banavede3,\vho 13 in command along the Rio Grande has captured three of the eight outlaws who recently broke open the jail at Rio Grande City. He Hopes to get the others shortly and states to general Ord that the jail Breakers Are not All mexicans. Two of these desperadoes Are texans and five Are mexicans. The action of general Benavides will go far to restore the Good feeling Between the United states and Mexico. It shows that it is the disposition of the mexican authorities to preserve order and to punish the desperadoes who take advantage of the situation to Cross the line to steal and then take Refuge in the bound Daries of a Friendly state. English journals Are complaining that the importation of american meats is de ranging the English markets and is largely reducing the profits of farming on the Island. It is also affecting the value of lands for agricultural English Farmer must turn his Attens Tion to other products than grass and beef. Shippers in this country Are just preparing to go into the exporting business in real Good Earnest. Should they continue to be successful in this Good work the Price of beef in the kingdom will Rule Low enough to enable the Labouring classes to indulge occasionally in Quot roast there Are Many localities in this country that it does not to devote the land to such purposes As the lands Are too valuable and Cost too much Money for the amount of income Nat i rally arising from Stock growing for beef. On our Western Prairies where the land is exceedingly cheap and affords abundant pasture is the place to raise rattle. Grain there is also cheap on account of freights. Besides it is a Good Way to save freight on Corn by first feeding it into cattle and ship it in the form of beef. Volume Xiii. Fort Wayne ind. met Mali Augi St 21, 1877. Price five of the presidential party for the White mountains. Gov. Prescott of new Hampshire will accompany the party. Invitations from gov. Connor and senator Blaine to visit Maine programme of future movements �ts., Etc a via it not to or. Reddick opened the meeting at the rink last evening by giving an account of the meeting at Mayville. He said the happiest Man in that town was the landlord of the hotel gift entertained . I Mac Campbl h a try. Jones in a , and afterward.? or Tad the ave hit fed of the fort Quot ayn Mivy re a. . Rev. , of p a a pm Vern a for a. Very Fine and draft Ltd a Hub mrs audit of. I amp la cd in her Hent a it dirt Feiman bad Avary one roaring and stunk gave the audience to understand that Homo of the doubtful problems were so nearly solved Tiit there was cause for exultation. To night Arthur Dodge g. W. Jones and i. Campbell will be among the speaker. The festival committee Are at work with the most encouraging Success. They desire those who Are not called ipod and yet Are favourable to the Festis Tal to Send their contributions to the Bink As Early As possible thursday morning. Due credit will be Given to those who shall thus donate. It will be impossible for the committee to Call upon All owing to the press of other matters and the shortness of time. Messes. Jones Dodge and Sanborn Are the committee on decorations and Flowers Etc Are solicited. The usual meeting to Day and tonight. Wednesday afternoon at three p. M. There will be a reformed mens prayer meeting to which All Are invited it will be conducted by the reformed men. Thirty names were added to the list to dog them being the name of Edgar Kemp. By Mien m prese options carefully dispensed Day and night at Wright s drag store Corner of Broadway and Washington. Or. Wright is a regular graduate of pharmacy has had thirty years sex peril Rienche in the drug business resides in Tiwi railing and Gires close personal a intention to the prescription department. Good to the greek Mountain state. Windsor vt., aug. 19.�?the presidential party consisting of the president mrs. Hayes Secretary Evarts and two daughters Minnie and Bertie Post master general key attorney general Devens Whitelaw ried misses Foote and Noyes with the presidents two sons and Burchard Leit this morning at 8 30 for the White mountains. The inside of the car had been most tastefully trim a Raed with evergreens and Choice Lvov ers and an elegant Basket of Flowers was presented to mrs Rayef who expressed herself As exceedingly Well pleased and Happy to receive them. She said that let or love for Flowers was Only exceeded by her love for her maker and her dear family. As the car pulled from the depot the president and mrs. Hayes stood on the rear platform and amid Long and continued cheering from the immense crowd of people bade Adieu to the Green Mountain state. Off for the White Mountain s. Windsor aug. 20.�?the president expressed himself privately before leaving As having spent one of the most quiet pleasant and interesting sabbaths of his life. He said it was one of those Bright spots in his life which would never be forgotten or obliterated by cares and turmoils of life no matter How arduous or How far in the future they might be. The party Are expected to arrive at Wells River at 10 20, where they will be met by gov. Prescott of new Hampshire who will join the party at that place and accompany them to the White mountains Down through Semig Wasset Valley to Plymouth at which place they will stay for the night and go to Concord thursday morning on a special train reaching there about noon the same Day. The president will there be met by the mayor of the City with other officials under an escort of Home militia. The party will lunch a Phoenix hotel after which a levee will be Given in Honor of the president and mrs. Hays. Afterwards the president and party will be taken in carriages to visit the City taking in St. Paul s school where Secretary Evarts two younger sons Are being educated. The president and mrs. Hayes will be the guests of Hon. Bristow Stearns while in the City. The president will be in Washington on saturday afternoon at 5 .s0, by the regular train. At White Vivek Junction. White River Junction August 20.�? the presidential party arrived this morning from Windsor at 8 40, and were enthusiastically received by a Large crowd of people. President Hayes Secretary Evarts key and Devins appeared on the platform of the Palace car. After a general handshaking the president addressed the crowd briefly. He then introduced Evarts key and Devins who made Short speeches. The party resumed their journey at nine o clock. At wills Kiver. Upon the arrival of the president and party at wills River they were received with Hearty cheers by a Large crowd of people. President Hayes spoke As follows fellow citizens it will be impossible for to slay Long enough to have a general hand shaking for the audience i too Large and the distance to be travelled by u.=4 too great to admit of it. You be satisfied with having iome advantages. I have that of Jon come Here to see me Aruj i came Here to see you. To i. An of the late presi re foot Iau Eoin i Hare to say that we have r the but it of the bargain. On making these acknowledgements it is not my purpose to enter into a political discussion. We Are gathered Here of All political parties and while we May differ As to the Way and Means we All shall agree that the general government must and should be administered for common Prosperity and common Benefit of All inhabitants in our country. We May make mistakes but they will be from a Lack of judgment but it will not be through or arise from a Lack of dispose Tien. I must leave you now but i take great pleasure in introducing judge key a Man that has been greatly wrong in the past but is greatly right now. Judge key and other members of the Cabinet and mrs. Hayes came Forward and were cordially greeted. On Board the train the party was discovered by governor Prescott and party. Governor a Rescott receiving them with following words of Welcome or president your Are now upon the soil of new Hampshire. On behalf of All our people. I extend to you your family your Cabinet ministers and All who accompany you a cordial greeting and Hearty Welcome. It will be our Endeavor to make your stay with pleasant and agreeable. A invitation was accepted and Large number of the most prominent residents of the state with their wives and daughters were on the train All of whom were presented to the president and party. At Bath the president Shook hands with Many. At Lisbon a Short Stop was made and the president was introduced and said ladies and fellow citizens a i appear to give in a Brief Way my thanks for your court Pouf Welcome having to set to the top of mount Washington so As to Tiew it beauties at a seasonable time we have no time for hand shaking and speech a very making and can Only say How do you do and Good Bye. Mrs. Hayes and members of the cabs duet were warmly received. At Littleton a band of music and crowd of citizens greeted the party and the president and Cabinet responded briefly Hayes Intro. During the Cabinet. At twin station a band and a Large number of people were assembled. The president s party appeared on the platform. The president spoke a moment with Henry Ward Beecher and wife who accompanied them to this place arriving at 12 45. After a Short reception in the parlor of the hotel dinner was served. Then by a special train the trip to Summit was begun. Tip top House 20.�?the president and party left the Fabyan House at 2 o clock arriving at 4 05. They Wera conveyed in two cars taken by separate engines. Points of interest were examined along the route and an hour spent Here. A reception was held by the president and wife and general handshaking was indulged in. An invitation from Maine. Augusta me., August 20.�?governor Conner sent a Telegram to the president to Day inviting him to visit Maine As a guest of the state. Senator Blaine also telegraphed the president urging Hira to accept the invitation and requesting Hira to accept the Hospital ties of his House during his Sherman. A review of some of to lib financial Points in ills speech. Washington August 20 a Secretary Sherman s speech is everywhere corns mended As one of the Ablest Campaign documents that could be circulated. The Baltimore Sun in reviewing it says that while it cannot it As the leading journals of the Republican party do yet it regards it As a most important political document and full of matter for reflection. His statistics in reference to the controlling Power of railroads were summarized from a recent work on internal Commerce which was printed on the eve of the strike and has 3een sought for by the officials of All the railroads throughout the country. The fact that the Mississippi is no longer the Highway of Commerce will defeat any Effort to secure the passage at the coming session of Congress for a Large appropriation to improve the Banks of that River. Another important Point in the speech is the announcement that the Secretary will not sell Gold for Legal tender notes to Hoard the same for resumption. It is known to but very few that the language of the funding act of 1870, and the resumption act of 1875, in regard to the manner in which the Bonds May be sold differs in a very important particular. Under the first Bonds can Only be sold at not less than their value for Coin while Bonds under the resumption act can be disposed of for United states Bonds provided value in Coin is obtained hence the Secretary s statement that this construction would not be availed of is regarded As very important to Wall Street As two years ago when he was chairman of the Senate finance committee he advocated the construction on this Point alluded to in his speech. The hos files. Uliey Are still in Possession of Hole in tie Rock station. Salt Lake August 20.�?the hostile nes Perces indians were reported yesterday As still encamped at Hole in the Rock stage station Idaho. They have destroyed the Telegraph line in the Vicinity and stopped All travel Over the Road for several Days. A Large party of teamsters Are fortifying themselves a Short distance from Snake River Bridge. It is reported that the indians Stock is poor and they Are stopping to recuperate. They have taken Possession of the stage barns and Are Usinger them. Fort Hill station Idaho via Salt Lake. Aug.20�?captain Bainbridge with a com Pany of scouts from the Bannack and shoe hones left fort Hill yesterday after the hostile Camp at Hole in the Rock station about ninety Miles North. At last accounts yesterday the Hostiles had Possession of the station and would allow no one to pass either Way and told those who made attempt to turn Back and they would not be molested. No one has been Hurt yet that is known of. The Telegraph line is Down and Strung in different directions. All the Young Bannack and Shoshone at this place who could raise a gun have left this morning to fit the Hostiles. Striice. , pa., August 20.-�?the strikers last night forced out the Floney Brook miners but the presence of vigilant prevented further interference with men willing to work. Pittsburgh Quot August 20.�?the labourers of the extensive Nail and tack works of Charles Smith amp co., who struck last thursday for an increase of wages returned to work to a Day at the old rates. This strike while it lasted kept out 500 employees. It parsed wit ii Biff anti. Columbus Ohio August 20.�?thornton t. Golf alias Chas. Fleming has been arrested on a charge of bigamy. He married one Eliza goves a highly respected Young woman of this City two years ago. Having at the same time a wife in West Virginia. This wife followed and discovered Goff in this City a few Days ago and caused his arrest. Tite Worl Cinger men of nary land. Baltimore August 20.�?the working men in convention to night proclaimed themselves Independent of All party political affiliation and that they will not accept or entertain any political party looking Boirard a Compromise of their Candidater. The convention decided to nominate thirty seven candidates for municipal and state officers. Drowned. Chicago August 20. A a dispatch from Steven s Point wis., says Moses Strong assistant state geologist son of Hon. Moses m. Strong of Marveral Point was drowned in Flambeau River saturday while eng Gedi in geological exploration diff. The body wan recovered this morning. Miia bed Ai a York aug Iii 20 during a fight last night Jan. I Ieleen Andrew ool Tifis a a a a my a Milf it Norwalk August 6, Loni Villes 1.the Eastern War further particulars concern ing the atrocities committed by cossacks. Russian cavalry dispatched on an important operations of the Parks in the do Brudsche. Russian reinforcements hastening to Ismail. The �.4ster2ir War. Activity at Plevna. London a Goat 20.�?a correspondent of the daily news at Staden Headquarters of the grand Duke Nicholas referring to a dispatch of the fourth cavalry division on a recon loitering expedition for the purpose of stopping turkish communication with Servia by blockading och Ordek pass telegraphs As follows it is Felt Here that this should have been done earlier but if successful now it will still have Good results. In the event of a crushing turkish defeat at Plevna it would go far to make it another Sedan expedition the same correspondent says he understands that Servian intervention is now certain. He also says the activity of the turks at Plevna in sending out a cavalry Deconno Isavee seems As though they had some intention of offensive. The weather is now Fine and the roads Are rapidly Cha Ginor from mud to dust. The recent Rains have not materially affected the health of the troops. Turkish Beix foremen to. Vienna August 20.�?a Telegram from Galatz states that 7,000 turkish or egyptian troops have disembarked at Sulina and Are marching on tul Tscha which is weakly garrisoned. The turks from Sites Ria Are said to be marching against tche Rnoda and the russians seem to be hastening to Ismail where reinforcements Are expected. Greece. A Telegram from Athens states that the ministry have sent out orders to fortify the chief forts with All Speed so As to have them finished by the end of october at the latest. Similar orders have been Given respecting the preparation of men of War. Still nobody in Athens believes in an immediate outbreak of War. The insurrection supp Lessel. Alexandria August 20.�?information from Mas Sowah confirms the report that colonel Gordon has suppressed the insurrection in Darfur without bloodshed. Colonel Gordon is expected at Sennait immediately to Degoti with Abyssinia. The King has Sean amicable letter accepting an interview germ exy s note to the Porte. Berlin August 20.�?the German res presentations to the Porte in regard to the atrocities committed by turkish troops Are based on the Geneva convention which to German views not Only binds Bellig rants to observe its provisions toward each other but gives neutrals a right to insist on its strict Observance. Germany s note will be communicated to other Powers. Servia. The Servian diplomatic Agency Here has declared that Servia has no knowledge of any intention on the part of Russia to Send an army through Servia. He denies that Servia has resolved to participate in the War and states that no troops have been sent to the Frontier. Panic at canes. London August 20.�?a dispatch from canes says there is a panic Here two turks having been murdered. Their compatriots demanded Rev nge. The turks came to town armed despite the governor s prohibition. The situation is considered critical. Turkish boldness. London August 20.�?the Landing of the egyptian brigade near Sulina detains general Zimmerman in Dobruska with a larger Foree than was intended to be left there and shows the effect of bolder councils at constantinople. The province of Sale Nica and the coast from Olympus to the terminus of the Adrianople railway has been declared in a state of siege. Arms continue to arrive and also volunteers literally from the four Corners of the Globe but owing to the state of affairs in Bulgaria there will be no movement at present. Hobart Pasha has left a subordinate to superintend the embarkation of the caucasians and has gone to sin Ope with most of the Fleet. It is believed he goes thence to the Danube. of cossacks. A correspondent at Yeni Sigra telegraphs i went with the turkish army the fourteenth to Chain Bago Hez at Landi two hours and a half from the pass. A i saw the bodies of one Hundred cossacks and bulgarians. Among the victims was a woman one very Beautiful and Young. She had been killed and thrown naked into a Pool of water. I saw , including Chiu Dren who had been thrown into the Well. The houses of these people and handsomely embroidered dresses of the women showed they had been Rich. In one Heuse a woman Ani Young girl had been shut and subjected during ten Days to outrages by cossacks and Bulgaria a. Bulgarians when they Beard of the arrival of the turks at Chain Baghaie. Killed All the turkish women and children from three to thirty years of see and fled to the Balkans the victims of whom i spoke above were All collected together men and women Many were killed but 1 have not had time to go and see them. Preparing Fob Winter. Constantinople August 20.�?the Porte is preparing Winter clothing for the troops and taking other measures in anticipation of a Winter Campaign. I.0b8k8 in stub Dat s Battle. A later Telegram from Murtah Pasha Galvea the in saturday s Battle As 130 killed and 339 wounded Aad the Yasaian Losa at 1,600 killed. Ror Elolf note. Crops in a Dia. Loo Dot. Aag 20.�?the Timea Calcot to correspondent telegraphs that the prospects for autumn crops May be regarded As hopeless in Southern India most critical in Western Central and Northern India and fairly Good in East Ern India. Mysterious slander Cincinnati August 20.�?the body of j. H. Mackey of the Law firm of Lewis amp Mackey Brooklyn was found last evening a few Miles Back of Newport ky., lying in a dense Thicket badly de composed with the Skull fractured. A considerable amount of Money and valuable papers were found on the body showing that the Man had not been Mur dered for his Money. But the Coroner s jury failed to discover anything to fix the crime upon any person. Justifiable Sligo Tiff. Washington August 20.�?a dispatch from Austin Texas says colonel f t. Britton has been discharged by the sex Aming court where he was tried for the shooting of United states marshal Pur Nell. The verdict was justified shooting being in self defense. Det re. 1 lie exc Ralon to that place via the Jackson and Bill Clingan Central Kail Road my the a Ity a tic attractions and outlier tilings of interest. One of the most pleasant excursions of the season was that Given by the Jackson Road to Detroit via the Jackson and Michigan Central roads last Friday. The train left the Jackson depot at 7 30 arrived at Detroit l 30p.ra Over forty persons from this City were aboard but before the train reached Jackson the number was increased to about two ii indred. The weather was most delightful from the time of the departure of the train until the return Detroit was crowded with visitors from All parts of the coun try and presented a most decidedly metropolitan appearance though there As elsewhere is a great depression in business. The excursion lists had ample time after their arrival and before the boat racing began to cheer the inner Man or woman As the Case might be. The boats for the first race were to be called at it o clock so after dinner the race course the . The accommodations for viewing the races were Good. The ferry boats which ply Between Detroit and Windsor were started to the course and anchored n the Middle of the River opposite the grand stand where they remained until the close of the races. The View from the boats was excellent. The grand stand which bad a seating capacity o several thousand was reached by land. Not one Day of the regatta was there an unoccupied seat in the building. The National regatta closed o thursday evening. As was seen by our telegraphic dispatches during those Days some of the Best time on record was made. The management by the association was miserable. On Friday the Northwestern regatta commenced and was concluded saturday night. The management was excellent throughout. The visitors from Indiana who know nothing comparatively of boats or boat racing enjoyed to their utmost ability the Fine work put in by the Quot great dippers Quot on Friday and Satur Day. The visit of some of the fort Wayne ites to the Sulphur Springs on the Canada Side will not soon be forgotten the excursion will Long be remembered with pleasure by those who participated. Hon Ter town items. John Mccarty who has been Suff ering for the la3t year died at his late residence two Miles North of this place on Friday night. The funeral Sermon was preached in the methodist Church Here yesterday by Rev. Lowry. It was the largest funeral that we have had for two years. Rev. Carfon Parker of Pierceton has been holding a protracted meeting Here for the last three or four Days with what Success i am unable to state. Rev. A. J. Lowry of the m. E. Church started this morning for Lagrange to attend the methodist Camp meeting which commenced there last week. Harry Wamsley his brother Charley and miss Rozena Fitszimmons leave this week to attend school at Ann Arbor Mich. Xxx. Huntertown Aue. 20, 1877. An from. Is that of Stutzenberge amp Lomont who deserve credit for Pluck and close attention to business. They commenced two years ago under the most discouraging prospects with a Small capital and limited credit they have survived the Bard times and to Day have a hat Cap and furnishing goods store second to none in the state. They Are both Young and gentlemanly Fellows just such As will succeed. They Gferry a full line of men s gents Boya and children a Hata and furnishing Gooda which they offer cheaper than the cheapest. A physiological View of marriage i a a a a a a a a a mpg a Ouid to we disk a of Confeld Matial tres Tim on the Dutie of marriage and the in atm Thiu a flt for it a Tham Creta of Berred Netley and it Simms of women. A Book for private consid Era i Dinc to Peg i prior Isotti. Jiff Tiitu Jas flu Ite Enaam. Or soot slimes. A the Quot a of in a a a it whom or the tar stand a it Utica. . A a Quot luf toted Lor wet. A flb8t.8t.teuis.lca. Bel above do Matiea and Tom it is general Lar that Liere cannot be anything More Ezzai Bitely a seats for Famio the handkerchief than Murray a Lynman a Florida water Bat Ita treat and dist motive property a its adapt ability to the Naea of the Bath. It is the Only per Tiibi that we know of fear ally and Portia Larry suited Tona in thit Way the Power item of impart in a to the Watera of the Bath great Booth ing. Metre Whitig and invigorating Effeora a . If Yon feel Dull drowsy debilitated Hae frequent headache month tastes badly poor appetite and Tongue coated you Are Buffer infer from torpid liver or Quot bilious Ness and Noth in a will cure you so speedily and permanently As to take Simmons liver regulator or Veo table. The cheapest purest and Best family Medicine in the world an Fife equal specific for All diseases of the liver. Stomach and of spleen. Keg ulat e the liver and prevent chills and be ver Valarious be Vera. Bowel complaints. Restlessness. Jaundice and breath nothing is so unpleasant nothing so com Mon As bad breath and in nearly every Case it comes from the stomach and can be so easily corrected if Yoa will take Simmons liver regulator do not neglect so Sare a remedy Lor this repulsive disorder. It will also in Grove your appetite completion the general health. How Many suffer torture Day after Day making life a Burden and robbing existence of All pleasure owing to the secret suffering from piles. Yet Relief is ready to the hand of almost any one who will use systematically the remedy that has permanently cured thousands. Simmon s liver regulator is no drastic violent purge but a gentle a s Distant to should not be regarded As a trifling ailments in fact nature demands the utmost regularity of the bowels and any deviation from this demand paves the Way often to serious danger. It is quite As necessary to remove impure accumulations from the bowels As it is to eat or sleep and no health can be expected where a Ostive habit of body headache. Thi distressing affliction occurs most fre Book with illustration and very cheap at $1.00. Jansen Mcclurg amp co . Booksellers and stationers 17 &119 state St., Chicago. Cincinnati ju17 am nog re no feel in tha a Tau Balci. La Misc Fri inserted under this head not exceed ing a our lines 25 cents each insertion a. Over four. Wanted ten canvass is with Avardo flare Tel dollars a Day easy. Call to Day Between 10 and 11 a. M. Avetine House room 13, it foot Watib morning Gazette Kejun. Only in payable to carriers ____75 Ceafy sin or a Jmc Eiki Scmitz a a hatk8. Sanarez on icky. 0�e Saai a a a brew one Sunn re Sis it a a on a Are two a it ones it car a look a so so a Eoo on so Nara a of Arwi a is. No a a on Sinai a a Oliree Mont Lui. 1� of one Inch constitutes a Square. Address sort Wajmer a. Wanted rimmed Atelyo a girl to do Gen eral housework apply at -�34 West 3t Berry Street. For. Rent business room parties desiring a Good business room at reasonable rates will please Call at this office. Por Oale lots two lots numbered 46 r o Huffman s addition to the City a Ort Wayne. These lots Are Well located for building purposes and will be sold very cheapen easy terms. For particulars address this once. For Sale-88.000 Worth of Stock in Peters Box and lumber company at a Hejin y discount. Apply at the office of Tay a a Morns 34 East Berry Street. Fort Wayne ind., for terms. Vor s.4ls�?forty acres of land in Macon i county. To. Be intr the Southeast quark Iii pm Quarter of Section num Ber 20. In township number 60. In Ranee 13. Containing in All 40 acres. Por Sale lots three lots in the City of for Leavenworth. Kan lot no. 31. In Block Sivo 18 lot no. In Block these lots Are situated in the business portion of Leavenworth and ure among the most desired lots in the City. Enquire Gazette office. For Sale one Hundred and sixty acres Inland in Stark county. Ind. Being the Southwest Quarter of Section number two 2township thirty two 32 North of Range one 1 will either sell or Trade on property in the City of fort Wayne. For particulars address this office. F r sale�?160 acres of land in Riley county Kansas being Tho Northeast Quarter of Section 2 two in township number eleven 11south of Range seven i7. This land is unimproved and will be sold at a bargain. Will Trade on lots in the City of fort Vav Ayne. Address this Effice. A or Sale a one and one half Story Frame a building to. 150 fest main Street lot a of. It wide by 75 feet deep. Tcruz easy. It or particulars address the Sazette office. A por Sale or Trade a Large two Story House with basement containing i rooms. Well adapted Jor a private Board ing to oases Siz of lot 60 Foet front by 300 feet deep. The above pro pert v will be be d Robeap for Cash or will Trade for part Cash and part improved real estate for further particulars inquire at this office. Iqba Sale a two Story Brick building 48east Mam Street. This is an entire new building. The first Story is a business room and the second Story is fitted for a dwelling. Size of lot 25 feet wide and 150 feet deep. Terms easy and prices very Low. A in at the Gazette office. For Sale a hotel building situated in the business Center of a Monroeville ind. Here is connected i h this property a Good Jam Good Well water Cistern and other out Hildings. Situated on a Large and commodious lot. Terms easy or will Trade the same for a Stock of goods drug Stock preferable or Piirto Balars inquire at the Gazette office. Sale a Fine Brick business Block. No 16. West Columbia Street. The above is a three Story building Twenty feet wide by one Hundred and ten feet deep. This property will be sold cheap on easy terms. For further particulars inquire at this i7or Sale the South half of the South a West Quarter and the South West of the South East of Section four 4 township Twenty five. ¿5 Range thirteen l3 East papa Cha county. Wis., containing j20 . For Sale on easy terms or will Exchange for property in or near the pity. Inquire at the Iaze the a Char Sale of trade�?80 acres of land in Greenwood county Kansas Bein the South one half of the South West Quarter of Section six 6 town Twenty two 22 8 Range Tenno East. The above land will be sold cheap for Cash or will Trade for City or property in the country. Address the Gazette i70r sale�?220 acres of Iroquois county. Illinois being the South est Quarter of Section sixteen. And 30 acres f the Southeast Quarter of the same Section he above land is on the Chicago Danville amp Vincennes Railroad adjoining the town if Martinton 7u Miles from Chicago and Ile from a Watseka. The above Are unit it Ved lands first class soil and is one of e most Fertile regions in Tho Prairie state or terms and particulars address this office. A he r Sale a a Rood substantial Frame build ing in the town Huntington ind. Thi building contains a s room. As also dwelling on Market Street. And is Well adapted to the wants of parties of diluted Means to carry on business. It will do both for a business and dwelling House. For the facts address this for Sale a Good substantial one Story Frame dwelling on lot number seven 7. In Lafountaine s addition to the town of Huntington. Ind. The above is very desirable property having All the necessary outbuildings including barn Etc. Parties wisb2 ing full particulars will please address this office Xor Sale farm containing 16s acres of Choice lands with first class improvements a Good dwelling. 3 Good barns Corn cribs Carriage House with a number of other outhouses also an Orchard of 2,000 fruit Trees of the finest selection of peach pears cherries apples quinces amp of. The above farm is situated in the Beautiful Valley of the Miami at Collinsville Butler county Ohio. 8 Miles from the pity of Hamilton and w Miles from Cincinnati. The fort Wayne Richmond Cincinnati Railroad and Richmond amp Hamilton gravel Road passes through it. For Beauty and convenience of location Richness Fertility of soil the above farm is not surpassed by any farm in the state of Ohio churches school houses. Post office depot stores saw Mills Blacksmith shop All within m of a mile of premises. Address this for Sale the following lands in Potta wot Amie county Iowa 160 acres of land located in the Northwest Quarter of Section 32. Town76, Range 38. Also. 120 acres being the North half of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 28, town 67, Range 38 West. Also in Harrison county. Iowa 120 acres of the West half of the Southwest Quarter and the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 20, town 80. Range 41. Also 120 acres of the North half and the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 22. Town 80. Range 41. Also in Audubon county Iowa Law acres of South half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 32, town 81. Range in All 640 acres. The above lands Are All Well located near Railroad communications and some of it is within. 30 Miles of Council Blu is. The above lands will be sold cheap on easy terms or will Exchange for first class real estate in the City of fort Wayne forfeit real estate for Sale or Exchange jute Oslo Valley Railroad lands. I.1 in Southeastern Kansas at Only i i per acre on Long time or 25 per cent discount for Cash. The cheapest lands in America. There will bean excursion to these lands september 17th. For circulars and information address the undersigned. On horse Power engine and boil a oses for , also Sawmill machinery. Band saw thes Etc. Suitable for a furniture factory. Will Exchange All or part for a farm or City property. A parm of 40 acres for Sale situated Only five Miles from the gravel Road. Farm of7oacree, 35 acres improved bal it Ance Good Timber. W ill Trade for City property. And give Possession in two weeks. T7-Aluable hotel property Worth v s i0,000. Will partly Exchange for Farsi and City property or Western Ianda. A first class speculation for men of capital. Blacksmith shop store by Wildino and dwelling situated in a Good town. Will Exchange for farm property Worth about 94,5u0. Might some difference. C Ash will be paid for a House and lot Worth �3,500. Stock of drugs books Wall paper lamps Etc. Etc. For Sale. Valued at . Will Exchange for farm or City property. Business property preferred. Stock of dry goods boots and shoes valued at �11,000. To Exchange for other property. 640 acres of land in Texas for Sale Price Only $"�60. Title direct from state. A first class speculation. Every your Man having a Little Money Laid can buy a Section. These lands Are rapidly rising in value and will soon be Worth several dollars an acre. Foundry and machine shop for Sale at a great bargain and on Good terms. Otel and furniture for Sale very cheap Vytill Trade for other property. A Pabst class residence property in Chicago consisting of three Fine dwellings each valued at s7.500. Will Exchange for City property or farm lands. H the foregoing comprises Only a partial list of property in my hands. Parties desiring to buy or sell property will please Call at my office in Odd Fellows building no. 20 West Berry Street Isaac d say general land notice. The commissioners of Allen county. Indiana will receive sealed proposals to monday Tho 3d Day of september next at 12 o clock noon at the auditors office in said county for furnishing a Low truss Bridge Wood or Iron for an Extension of the present Bridge across the St. Joe River at Leo in Cedar a Quot reek township. Length of superstructure 60 feet Width of Roadway 16 feet capacity to be equal to the Extension of the Bridge across the St. Mary s River near the Woolen Mill. No bid will be entertained unless accompanied by a Bond in conformity with an act approve i March 14th 1s77, the Bofird reserves the right to reject any or All bids if they deem it Tor the interest of the county so to do. We. T. Abbot. Auditor Allen co. Aug. 17, 18.7. D6t Loun k private we hoi pit Ali 18t Cucu a for to inf a of �11 w a a Odi Aad Csc near Ohn Imbt Lii Tamalio by a a pics. Con a a Kex a Ftp Aad Ewold Motiu Bali Milf Omak a Box. A great bargain. Steam boiler Aad engine for tale at a terrible la orifice. The original Cost of it was fifteen hadred Dollar and it was not no Over six month to and ii now Ai Good Ai the Day it was tamed out. Steam smoke All the equip mate to Molete for Ems or will Good Mentor Call m ii Ollee. Robert Oaden plumber 8team and Gas fitter and dealer in Ira a a i cml pm a a slip etl Ead Shii Slaudt. By Ita to bit pump brass goods of ail kinds 95 cai<b017n Street Kaat Side of Calhonn Street near Ilsc slug ton foot Wayne id. Mar 21-Dlys. H. Parvin amp sons., Pioneer advertising agents 168 via Street established March 27,1851. Send Lor estimate before font rating. Jul Tom assignees Sale. Notice is Here Eiven that by virtue of an order of the District court of the United states for the District of Indiana. I George w. Ely. Assignee of t e estate of William h. Pyke and elite t. Day bankrupts will on saturday a gust 23,1877. At the store. No. 31 Calhoun Street in the City of fort Wayne Indiana at 10 o clock a. M. Of said Day. Sell at Public auction for Cash the Stock of bats Caps and gents fur is hink goods store fixtures and furniture and Book accounts he Longin to the estate of said bankrupts. The Stock will be sold As an entity in one lot the fixtures and furniture in one lot and the Book accounts in another lot. The Sale will be subject to the approval of said court. George w. Ely Assignee. Pyke k Day. Bankrupts foot Wayne August 13.1s77. a Goains Straw Good millinery Ojiri is. All goods detailed at wholesale a prices. Hats. 12i cents. Hats. .25 cents. Hats. 35 cents. Hats.50 Centa. French chips in Brown and Black at $2.00 formerly 00. The Best styles in trimmed Good a Akoy lowest prices. Ladies goods Mede match suits and dresses All goods retail Dat Olio resale Price Ibbons Flowers Silks Iball the new shades of Ca Noine Mandarine Tilleo a my eve and see team. Kibbon to my Tali. Dry Wooda. Linen 6oods, Laeva hosiery and Eio Tione Ete. Pass Boimov free. Fam it Lek spkk9t Cvrk of Semina Weaton. A Ort manhood Milt i All dior Den Bravo in by India Redon a to Cwm a a a
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