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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1877, Page 1

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 15, 1877, Fort Wayne, Indiana St a pm jct Gold sold yesterday at 105j. Trail Oad stocks fort Wayne 87ic wal�8h,<5t> terr haute 3preferred 15. The supreme Council the knights pythias the world is in session at Cleveland Ohio. The Marietta amp Cincinnati Railroad has concluded to do their own express business. The agents and messengers withdraw from that Road thursday. The famine in India extends Over a la Rife area embracing a population eight million people the larger portion whom look to England and the world generally to keep them from starvation. Senator Morton it will be seen from our dispatches is not so dangerously ill As at first reported. His Arm is somewhat paralysed but it is the opinion his physician that it will not be permanent. The Many friends the senator will be glad to know that the first accounts Hiu illness were exaggerated and that the attack is not so serious. The main democratic convention met at Portland yesterday and passed the usual amount resolutions. The platform the St. Louis convention including s. J. Tilden were adopted As the platform that body. After the Resol uting had ceased the convention proceeded to ballot for a candidate for governor which resulted in the selection the third ballot Joseph h Williams Augusta. New York preachers last sunday made an attack All along the line the sunday excursions that have become so prevalent during the summer months in Eastern cities. The people these Dusty hot unhealthy cities it seems take the advantage visiting and. Spend inst a Day in the pleasant resorts that Are found along the coast. These Are reached by land and by water and it would seem but natural that these people should seek a quiet pleasant rest. Tuk turkish government has a Large Bill unadjusted with the Providence tool company. For want funds the company has been compelled to suspend operation. A Large number men Are consequently thrown out employment. It is thought that Turkey will in a Short time be Able to raise the amount and come Down with the ducats. The arms she must have and will no doubt raise the Gold a a few Days. It was through the superiority these american Rilles that the turks got the advantage the russians at Plevna. And she will no doubt want More them As the War pro greases. The Queen yesterday prorogued parliament till october 30th. The speech the Queen will be found among our dispatches. She proposes to maintain a strict neutrality so Long As the interests the country remain unaffected. But it will be inferred from this speech that so soon As it is to the interest that country to interfere with the Eastern question that old lady and her lords will be hand with their shooting Irons and the russians had Quot Bedder look a Leedle oud Quot they May get Hurt. So Long As the turks Are successful however there will be no cause for British interference. But should the scale turn the Case might Wear a different aspect. Elsewhere will be found an extract from the final report lion. J. D. Cox late receiver the Wabash Road. It will be seen from this that . Cox has Learned by experience that the cause much the Railroad losses because they do not is directly attributable to the fact that roads permit other than their own cars to carry freights. In other words the existence what Are known As fast freight lines. These lines get what profit naturally would fall to the Road and Thiu deprive the Stock Holder his honest dues. These different Quot last freight lines Quot Are mostly owned by the managers the leading roads a ring within a ring. From the operations managers these lines come the cuts rates and fights Between roads. Or. Cox thinks these fast lines will have to be disposed by the roads. A London paper endeavours to throw discredit the new four per cent loan by dropping the Wise suggestion that Quot very Little was taken in the South Western course there was not so Ucli the loan taken in those sections As in the East. The reasons Are obvious. In the South the people a re poor and very few Are found who Are wealthy. This May be said the West but not to the same extent. The wealth in these sections is in real prop erty and not in re by Cash. But still the main reason is that Money in the South and West brings higher rates interest then in the East. The people these sections Aie borrowers and not lenders. When a Man has amassed a Large Fortune in the West at his Trade profession the coarse usually pursued is to retire from Active by sins and locate in the East. Thus it a Fiat Money is accumulating faster there than in the West. The people South and West who have Money to loan can realize nearly two and one half times Mote for the same in other investments than in the four per cents. 3ofntng Oia a a a volume Xiii. Fort Wayne ind. Morin ii Augi St 15, 1877.pkice five news Prudential resolve romanian troops reinforcements for the greek the russians by their last movements South the arms for turkish troops frightful destitution in India. A the rebellion in Hay to s Access Folly suppressed. Volien court. Hiram Parent was fined $5 and costs for Aero coating with prostitutes. Josie Dean his associate was fined the same. was fined Al and posts f Fiolat Loa the sunday Law. The Case against Chapman for fast driving was continued. Sullivan for committing a nuisance was jailed. Wlaz a ton clo to l>e., remember the t Quot class iat every respect and the prices charged Are dwt is lot a. The proprietor this Well known Honse is thoroughly a hotel Man and Kliott 4 Bow to look after the interests Bis Greet. Pele Sergant Hitler left by the Walasz Utt git for new Boston. The Eastern War. Greek Resene. Athens August 14.�?eight thousand troops the reserves have joined the army. Also one thousand volunteers and Many greeks from abroad. The romanian army. Vienna August 14, passage the Danube by the main body the romanian array has been postponed until the Large russian reinforcements arrive. Ammunition Fob Turkey. Boston mass., August 14. English steamship John Bramall sailed from new Haven some time saturday night with a valuable cargo ammunition for Turkey. No report her sailing was made in order to keep the russian authorities in ignorance. Supek seeded. Bucharest August 14.-�?general Krun Dener who commanded at Plevna has been succeeded by general lat eff. Reconnoitre big. Eight turkish steamers including monitors carrying troops and baggage appeared off some romanian villages near alte Nitza to Day recon loitering. In a half hour they withdrew to Siles Tria. Austria. St. Petersburg August f 4.�?no orders have been issued for extending Mobili a Ion. The Warsaw Milan and St. Petersburg military districts Are in a great part unaffected by the mobilization. The corps guards has not been mobilized to its full extent the Crassi ers and several batteries not being included. A Surprise. Raussa August 14.�?despobovitch is still entrenched at Linz her forces Are reassembling at Selso under Golub who has surprised the turks by Ambuscade killing several and capturing Boos to. About fifteen thousand turks Are concentrating at Mostar to March Gatz tue Balkans. Constantinople August 14.�?by the last military operations South the Balkans a loss 12.000 killed and wounded was inflicted the russians. The enemy was driven from localities South the mountains and Law and order have been restored. Movements impeded. Adrianople August 14.�?suliman Pasha s Forward movement is impeded by bad weather a Oreion motes. Failed. London August 14.�?messrs Eccles Sharrock amp co., manufacturers have failed. Liabilities estimated Over five Hundred thousand dollars. Rioting. Rioting took place at London Derry yesterday account the opening the Prentice boys memorial Hall. A number persons were injured and one fatally stabbed. The military were Cau led out. Parliament pro rotated. The Queen ordered yesterday prorogation parliament from to Day till october 30. London August 14.�?parliament was prorogued this afternoon. The following is he Queen s speech which was read by commission Quot my lords and gentlemen i am Happy to be Able to release you from your attendance upon parliament. My relations with All foreign Powers continue Friendly. The exertions which since the commie Cement the disturbances in Eastern Europe i have not leased to Mike for the maintenance a general peace unfortunately have not been successful. On the outbreak the War Between Russia and the ottoman Empire i Des dared my intention preserving an attitude neutrality As Long As the interests the country remained unaffected and the nature those interests were further defined in a communication which i Cau de to be addressed to bus Sia and which elicited a reply indicating Friendly dispositions in the part that state. Quot i shall not fail to use my Best efforts when a suitable Opportunity occurs for a restoration peace terms compatible with the Honor the belligerents and with the general safety and welfare other the balance the speech was devoted to the famine a in India and other matters. The famine in India. Calcutta August 14.�?at a Public meeting held at Madras the 9th inst to consider Steps necessary for help from England for famine suffering the Duke Buckingham governor Madrid presidency states that the famine area contain eighteen million people which a Large proportion were dependent for their daily food exertions and activity those who transport Grain to the country. The necessity for supplies a steadily increasing. The wants Madras Are beyond the Means a the presidency. Every Aid that can jibe secured is needed to save the peo ple. R. The increasing severity distress necessitates an Appeal to Public Caritj. Or. Connit sanitary commis Moner said that there were one million people being fed. And Over five bundred thous and had died. A Resolution was adopted that the principal cities England outland Ireland and India be informed the urgent necessity for assistance. The mover this Resolution said that More people were found dead in a single morning in Madras than had died in the whole Bengel famine. Chinese ambat Sador to India. Berlin August 14.�?an ambassador from China arrived to Settle the affair the chinese pirates who murdered the Captain and mate the German Schooner Anna last Spring. He also intends to establish a permanent legation Here. The rebellion ii Hayti. Port a Prince August 14 a the rebellion in Hayti was suppressed by the shooting Fie participants and dispersing the remainder. Annual report tie Chicago a nor til Western Rel Road. Chicago Illinois August 14. annual report the Chicago amp Northwestern railway is officially promulgated. The income the company from the operation 1,502 Miles Road is stated As follows Gross earnings -�fenger.f3,018,622.79 freight $8,261,s 583,72 express $246,901.36 mail f284-792.38 miscellaneous $65,592.69 total $11,877,500.03. The operating a a expenses inclusive taxes were $6,547,680,-06, leaving a balance $5,329,819 27, from which amount deducted interest and sinking fund Bonds $2,264,259-87 Premium Gold coupons $121,. I.-95 interest and Exchange $350.72 balance old capital capital Stock 1874, $14,515.19 amount paid in Exchange old Galena and Chicago Union Pacific rail Road $55,782 rent . Iowa and Nebraska Railroad $471,464.50 rent Cedar rapids and Missouri River rail Road $625,489.69. Total $.3,494,801.74. Leaving the net income the Chicago and Northwestern company proper for the year $1.835,018.23. This is reduced some $700,000 by deficit proprietary reads. Speaking the falling off in business the past year and the prospects a res rival this fall president keep says the Gross earnings the United states roads for the first half the fiscal year up to december 1st were less by $28,451,880 than those the corresponding six months the preceding year but the falling off in earnings was More than met in the reduction expenses and the result was a gain $21,892 09. Expectations were entertained that the last half the fiscal year would with the continuance the decreased expense produce As favourable net results As did the corresponding period the previous year in sufficient amounts to justify a moderate dividend the preferred Stock in june and leave a balance surplus to the credit the year s in come. This expectation was frustrated by the Light business the Winter and Spring the Low prices for freight which always comes from Lack business by the various routes and the Low rates caused by the restrictive Laws Iowa. There Are assurances an abundant Harvest in the West and Northwest especially wheat and every indication Points to an Early and constant demand for bread stuffs and the traffic All our roads will soon feel the serious illness sen Ator Morton at Indianapolis. Railroad collision. Toledo. 0., August 14.�?Tho body Lewis Young Engineer the Canada Southern passenger train which collided with a freight train the Lake Shore railway near this City last night was found in the wreck this morning a. He resided Here and leaves a family. No other persons were injured. Both entwined were demolished and several freight cars were wrecked. Another collision. Pittsburgh. August 13. Accident occurred at Mccandliss station the Allegheny Valley Railroad at i clock this afternoon. The Emlenton accommodation southward running one hour late ran into the rear a train cars loaded with refined Oil which was stand ing the main t ack. The Oil the rear car the Oil train took fire from the engine and the flames spreading consumed the engine baggage car and two passenger coaches the accommodation train. Conductor w. B. Walt Ham Engineer w. Cunningham and and fireman the accommodation train were All seriously burned. Two three passengers were slightly burned. Cheap let Abor Don t always Columbus o., August 14. boiler in the flouring Mill Foster amp co., at Groveport exploded yesterday about 12 clock killing a boy eight years age named Allen. The explosion is said to have resulted from the ignorance a Man who was running the engine. He let the water run Down below the flues and then rushed in a lot cold water. The Engineer Adam Mccoy had one his legs scalded considerably. Knietch a a Litas. Cleveland o., August 14. supreme Council the world and the grand Lodge Ohio the order the knights pythias began its session in this City to Dav. The grand Lodge will probably finish its business to Day. The supreme Council will be in session the greater part the week. The Busic Ness portion the City is profusely decorated and a Fine procession is parading the principal streets. Indian a movements. Helena mont., August 14. following has just been received from Bannock the indians crossed at the headwaters the prarie to Lemhi striking Stephenson s this morning killing the Price Brothers and others along the route. They Are evidently making their Way to Snake River Ralley. Exp rom. Rns Liness. Cincinnati August 14.�? thursday next the Adams express company will withdraw its agents and messengers from the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad. The express business will be carried Only by the Railroad company through its freight department. Failed. Chicago aug. 14. firm a. B. Meeker amp co., yesterday filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy with the secured liabilities amounting to $600,000, and unsecured liabilities amounting to $450,-000.___ arrest a Conater filter. Philadelphia August 14. John Duffy was arrested in West Philadelphia to Day charged with manufacturing coun Tenet Money. The machinery used in counterfeiting was also captured. A a a trapeze aeon Dent. Washington August 14.�?ben mor Reli a trapeze performer while perform ing at the Avenue varieties the trapeze Twenty fret from the stage fell and broke his cot stir the main democratic state for receiving the presidential party at Bennington it. A strike nipped in the Bud the Philadelphia amp Erie railway. Lulu est senator Morton. Indianapolis August 14. Condo Tion senator Morton though serious is not a critical As reported. Colonel Holloway who left his bedside Early this morning says his left Arm is slightly and his physician thinks Only temporary ily paralysed but his general health is unimpaired and he is confident speedy proc Eden sri tue value democratic slate Convent Len. Portland Maine August 15�?the democratic state convention assembled at 11 15 clock this morning and was called to order by Hon. E. P. Pillsbury chairman the state committee. There was a Large and intelligent Assembly present. Hon. Vim. L. Putnam Portland was Nona rated for temporary chairman and John b. Redman Tor Secretary. Putnam in his speech to the convention said the financial question was the All important one. He considered that the War had but just ceased and that we now feel the inevitable results that conflict Viz an inflated currency and an Over powerful Central government. Out these have issued corruption and extravagance. Out the civil War comes an inability a ravaged country to receive manufactories. It was voted that the temporary organization be made permanent. Sixteen vice presidents were chosen and a committee appointed and the convention adjourned till two clock p. M. Upon reassembling resolutions were adopted reaffirming the platform and principles the St. Louis convention characterizing As monstrous the Point it ical fraud in the reversal the election Tilden As asking As an amendment to the Constitution which will make a repetition impossible and formally declaring that the restoration to common rights citizenship the people the United states Long kept Sab Jact to military occupation is a just acknowledgement the Wisdom democratic principles. The candidates placed in nomination Tor governor were Sullivan c. Andrews Portland Ferguson Haines bid Deford and Samuel j. Anderson Portland. The last withdrew saying party usage and Courtesy required the renomination John c. Talbott. Joseph h. Williams Augusta . Alonza Marcellon Lewiston John c. Talbot East Machias last year s nominee were then proposed. The third and final ballot resulted Williams 282 Marcellon 101 Talbott 87 Haines 16 Anderson 4. Williams was declared the nominee and he vote was made unanimous and the Convent Tion adjourned. New Jersey Greeba ciders. Trenton August 14. Greenback party to Day nominated Gen. Thos. D. Holy for fires born link Orlf flatly around Benny is ton Praia Enolal party. Bennington vt., August 14. constant arrival troops upon the Centennial Fields Aad the people in town made the town quite animated. Tonight the veterans and boys held a monster Camp fire with speeches and music. Hon. E j. Phelps will deliver the opening address to Morrow to the volunteers and the Day following to the guests. The presidential party to arrive to Morrow will consist the president and mrs. Hayes their son Richard miss Foote attorney general Devins postmaster general key and Secretary War Mccreary. They will be each amp red to their quarters by troops. It a re a Garden As a pleasing coincidence that president Hayes an his men stormed the Crest South Mountain a brigade vermonters under Gen. S. Baldy Smith who is Here carried Crampton s Cap a prelude to Antietam. The chief and several subordinate commanders the grand army the Republic Are present and the governors arrived and to arrive will be attended by Large numbers the military. The sudden death prof a. B Crosby Dartmouth makes a break in the speakers for the banquet the Friday. The Carriage to convey president Hayes has arrived. It is an elaborate affair and will be drawn by four horses. Crowds people Are Here and everything bids fair for imposing ceremonies. Stride tie Erie. Erie pa., August 14.�?a freight conductor the pm Ladelphia and Elrie bail Way was discharged a yesterday for refusing to add another car to his train which the conductor claimed was already too heavy. In consequence Hia discharge several others declined taking out their trains. This morning complaint was made a inst four them attempting to incite a strike. They were promptly arrested by the police and a Bond bail required each a Sai Sebb i attempt was made to bring Ihm before judge a Bra it this afternoon a writ Hareas corp pus. They will have a hearing tos Morrow. Quot. About Twenty employee a re oat strike whose pm is ii a Beta filled by new men. All trains have run regularly. The strikers assert that the Al if ged cause the conductor s discharge is not a real one but that he was discharged because his prominence in the late sitting Bull. Washington August 14. Cabitt to Day authorized that Gen. Terry and a civilian in the government service represent the United states in treating with Canada for the return sitting Bull. Mexican troubles. The Cabinet also considered the Rio Grande troubles at some length. It was announced that the governor Texas would demand t f the mexican authorities those who crossed from the mexican Side to Rio Grande the 12tb, broke open safes and committed other depredations and the Cabinet approves the action the governor under the extradition treaty. Reinstate. The application r. F. Campbell to be reinstated As internal Revenue commissioners for the third District Texas in place m. N. Brewster it resent incumbent was granted. Camp Lell was removed last fall and in his application for reinstatement he charges that he was removed account hav a ing favored the nomination Bristow for president. He states that he has been a citizen Texas years and a pronounced Republican and that Brewster resided in Illinois when appointed. Batse Ball. Buffalo August 14.�?louisvilles 3, Bull alas 0. Columbus August 14.�?buckeyes, 8 Alle Gleneys 7.scandalouscourtscene. An in nut d death Euti a remarkable trial from the new York Mercury in sessions Williamsburg before justices Elliott and guck the 9th instant the fourth District court room a Case came up that has Given Rise to much scandal and will probably result ill much Suimei Iii. A Brilliant looking Young Man charged with affiliation had been previously arraigned but the trial had been postponed. The accused was Clad in the Hei Glit fashion was Unacks com paused by u Friend relative while the air cum Plaisant a handsome Brunette voluptuous yet Petite form was surrounded by a numerous gathers ingot excited males and females who commiserated her account the manner in which the prisoner had robbed her her Honor. They claim that his Blandishments were so powerful Over the Joung lady that he convinced her that the marriage ceremony said aloud by the two parties without witnesses was a Legal Union under the Law new York. The result was a Fine boy born june 29. The Young lady had informed her family that she was married but after the birth the child the n the father would not the acc Kuchment and other expenses there a a terrible quarrel during which the particulars th3 marriage leaked out. The parents the girl incensed before were now doubly outraged at the disgrace this brought them and consultation with Charity commissioner paper a warrant was issued for the Man s arrest a charge Bastardy As the family swore they would not support the child and then it would become a charge upon the county. The complainants had scarcely placed their first witness the stand when counsel for the defense moved for a dismissal the suit the ground that the child was dead. The prosecuting attorney demurred and the argument the motion waxed warm counsel for the defense made the following remarkable statement your Honor we did not want to mention the matter and do not intend to Preas it against the Young lady but the truth the matter is that the child which is the cause this suit met a violent death so there is now no cause this fell like a Thunderbolt the ties. The girl White As a spectre stared open mouthed at the counsel until real it izing its Force with a born ble sigh she hid her face in her handkerchief. Her relatives half jumped from their seats towards the Man who dared make the secret so Public while the spectators in the court room watched the result with eager expectancy. The unfortunate girl s counsel quietly said Quot we acknowledge that the child is the justices then after a moment s consultation dismissed the complaint and told the accused he was discharged. The rage the girl s party then broke out and As the Man Rose to leave they Rose also and moved As if to intercept him. He noticed this and also observing their threatening looks and muttered words suddenly made a dash for the door. The girl s father did likewise but was a second later the Young Man was afoot ahead and the stairs. The other males the party quickly followed and in an instant a Lively Chase took place the Street. The Man ran for his life and the father for revenge and the rest to share in the latter s expected Triumph Over the seducer. But the fugitive slowly gained l his pursuers and after a Chase Over a mile during which hundreds excited citizens joined in the Hunt finally gained admission to the House a Friend who sheltered him until an escape was safely effected by Means the rear. The Case is for the present ended in the court but the state feeling created by it will not a Low it to end As it has. The next term the court is anxiously looked for by the citizens the Eastern District Brooklyn and More interest ing developments May be anticipated. Healt tar the port Lilit. At the Nieting last night which like its predecessors was Large the rink being full to overflowing. Or. Beddick read a letter from de Quot Gelder sex Saloon keeper who is con ducting a series meetings at hol Man s school House and which brought Down the House. Busk reviewed the work took As his theme Quot the elements which con Lyte a perfect character winding up a number fresh Willaa rations a bowing to in Fanene men known character non others and appealing to that class to come Forward now and do their duty. Reddick continued the same subject dwelling that part the pledge which Readi Quot and to encourage others to his illustrations taken from nature were applicable and to the Point. Or. Davis who learning last evening thai he was wanted at new Haven and who in the absence any conveyance started out foot was introduced As one whose Zeal was to be commended. J. D. Osborne made a very touching and effective speech giving his experience. He thinks he sees something Worth living for since he quit drinking. Rev. Goodwin who lives about three Miles from the City and who is a reformed Man was then introduced. He did t mince matters any Over the Short comings the Church but taking the gospel whip Quot Small cords Quot to Laid about him right and left. His rebuke to the wine drinking Church members and to the Quot right reverend Quot moderate Drinker was As severe As could Well the made. He had the sympathy the audience and was roundly applauded not Only at the close but during his remarks. The meetings so far As what is said from the platform seem to have All the vigor and Freedom they had two months ago. Thirty five names were added some them being Quot old meetings to Day and As usual. Rusk conducts the meeting to night and he intends to have new speakers . Hardened off for one go . Sam Nirdlinger is in the City. . B. Knapp is in the City. Or. Stone left for Petoskey yesterday. Mart Noll has returned from Petross key. Mrs. A Valine went to Iii Titi ton last inight. Judge Oludu Bukto was in the City yes Quot. Ter Day. Max Nirdlinger still re Cirn he Iii to a Morrow. Or. C. G. Vogel s condition a much improved. F. S. Boardman Cincinnati is at the Aveline. Miss Jenny Murine is in the City visiting Friend. John b. Hegger Cincinnati is at the Robinson. Mrs. J. C. And mr.�-. S. M. Bowser Are visiting relatives in Logansport. Clem Stapleford left for Paducah by. Last night by Way Cairo 111. Or. George Mullen the Muncie Road went to Cincinnati yesterday. Chas. Aid Rich the firm Aid Rich amp Barrett has returned from his Vacas Tion. Miss Susie Booth Kalamazoo is in Tho City the guest Misa Mary Chamberlain. Or. E. Cooban agent the Babcock fire extinguisher co., Chicago is in the City. Gen. Love has been elected vice president the Board state House coms missioners. Koch the Cleveland clothing Man was in town yesterday with four Large new Sample trunks. John w. Hayden Esq Register in bankruptcy has gone to Petoskey for recreation. He will be absent about three weeks. Fran Chapman will go to Indiana it Lis to Day to bring Home Jacob Fink from the Asylum who has been pronounced cured. Notices inserted under this head not Exi eed insertion an. Line Over four. Cd Fain a commended Lall Tor two Days Between 6 and 7 clock n. A. At 182 Kaat Jefferson Street Quot it. To for Yjih filk handkerchief with Ini uni i marked in one Corner. Finier office Quot warded to returning same to this the Wabasha the following from the final report Hon. J. D. Cox late receiver the Wabash Road is interest and will command wide attention coming from one who has no interest in misrepresents ing facts he says Quot the business the past two years has demonstrated the fact that the cast freight lines whether those formed by the partnership the railways in the cars Etc., used upon them those which Are Independent joint Stock com Nigga Cost the railway entirely too much to be paid for by any benefits received. The cars owned by the company and kept its own line in general freight business have been made to earn each Over one thousand dollars per annul whilst the cars the fast freight lines have Only earned about five Hundred. This business could have been done quite As Well had the trunk lines been willing to cooperate in a simple but effective interchange freights without the cumbersome and expensive organization the fast freight lines and their disproportionate amount rolling Stock when compared to earn Ings. These lines Are an incubus upon the Railroad system the country which sooner later must be gotten rid . Ribeir agents by constantly competing with each other have been a chief cause the ruinous reduction in rates and As several such lines run almost Over every railway no matter a bib agent secures the traffic the cat in the rate is at the expense the Road. Practical experience Bas demonstrated that the freight department any railway can exert no efficient control Over these the Bussel Honse at Detroit is the by a House in the City. Those who go to that City the excursion Friday morning will do Well to put tip at that Honee As special rates have been made for excursion lists from this City. Money to loan. On it a Aad City property for a Lam tvo Yount Tho Asaad dollars a a pwn a a. Rent business room parties Rui a Good bus mess room at Readon Able rates will please Call at this office. Yor Sale lots two lots numbered 46 i a Huffman s addition to the City k ots Are Well located ses and be sold very this Fri a a a Quot Quot Cullars address por Sale-t8.000 Worth 8t0ck-x in 1 caters Box and lumber company at a heavy discount apply at Tho office Tay wlm to Quot Street. Fort Wayne ind. For terms. A por forty acres land in Macon / to be info the Southeast Quad k Northeast Quarter Section num Der 20. In township number 60. In Range 13. Containing in All 40 acres. Por Sale lot three lots in the City i onto. 31.in Block Fri 1�- Quot Block 18 lot no. Ivy in Block the slots Are situated in the business portion Leavenworth and Are among the Zimt desired lots in the City. Enquire Gazette Moe. To Quot a Quot Quot a. Lynndred and sixty acres land in Stark county. Ind. Being the Southwest Quarter Section number two 2. Township thirty two 32 North Range one u will either sell Trade property in foot Wayne morning Gazer to Abms. I a month payable to carriers a it Calili sjfj&Quot.-------------------------20 co it Ingle copy s cd a sacks. A Square one Ihor a j i a Gaare Threedy a sea Are a six Days. 1 be Square two a Petit Quot a Quot s nest Nares to lire we Elia. A be Square four h nest Nares two Kantlis Quot ii nest Nares three months it 1� one Inch constitutes a Square. Address fort Ayne. A. New Advertis Knill a. I a Rosewood Pian a Imam org j175 ro8�woed upright pianos Little used Cost a Luo Only pm i vans. 2 stops �15 9 stops #65 12 a tops Only 875. Nearly new 4 a ,11 tops oniv�7i>. Nearly new 4 bet Iseed 12 Stop. Sub Bass amp oct give Coupler organs Cost Over s3o0, Only $55, lowest prices Ever offered sent 15 Days test trial Lou ask Way f Offei so cheap ? f reply hard Mes. Result sales Over 1,000.000 annually. War by monopolists. Beware Anonymous circular. Write for explanation. Battle raging full Parrick liars free. Address Daniel f. Beauty he adar la cd sexier Atoa by obstructed be Creticos. And to which ladies Are especially sub act. Can always be renewed. Ana their to Currence prevented by the use Tarrants effervescent Seltzer ape Rient. Pro curable at All drug stores. $66 own town. Terms to Sale in aches up land in Rix Ley county Kansas being the Northeast Quarter Section 2 two. In township number eleven 11. South Range seven i7. This land is a improved and will be sold at a bargain. Will Trade lots in the City fort Wayne. Address this Effice. Por Sale to Trade a larg two Story House with basement containing f6rooms. Well adapted a a private Board ing a oases sin lot 60 feet front by 300 feet deep. The above property will be so d Robeap for Cash will Trade for part Cash and part improved real estate i further particulars inquire at this office. For Sale a two Story Brick building 48 East in Street. This is an entire new building. The first Story is a business room ind the second Story a fitted up for a dwelling. Size Quot lot. 25 feet wide and 150 feet deep. Terms easy and prices very Low. Apply at the Gazette Bce. For Sale a Hoel building situated in the business Center . Ind. There is connected i h this property a Good i non. Good Well water i Tern and other outbuildings. Situated a Largo and commodious lot. Terms easy will Trade the ame g a Stock goods drug Stock preferable for particulars inquire at the Gazette Sce. 25h a , with name 10 new if i Quot a Nassau Only five dollars for an acre the Best land in America near the great Union Pacific farm for $200 in easy payments with Low rates interest secure it now fall information sent free address 0, f. Davis land agent. U. P. Or. Omaha neb. $5 t0s20 n j a a Stinson amp . ctr �?�77 a week to agents. 810 outfit Pickery. Augusta. Me. A t. Livero i cos pit. Quoth Sale a Fine brio ii business Block. No it it. West Columbia Street. The above is a three Story building Twenty feet wide by one Hundred and ten feet deep. This property will be sold cheap easy terms. For further particulars inquire at this fat a Sale the South half the South West Quarter and the South West the j South East Section four 4 township Twenty five. 25 Range thirteen 13 East papa Cha county. Wis containing j20 acts. For Sale easy terms will Exchange Lor property in near the City. Inquire at the Gazette office. _ por Sale trade�?80 acres land in Greenwood county Kansas being the South one half the South West Quarter Section six 6 town Twenty two 228 Range ten 10 East. The above land will be sold cheap for Cash will Trade for City property m the country. Address the Gazette office. For diseases liver stomach amp bowels / Blu Rusness. Pamphlets a dress a. So a no orb. Be a a Day at Home. Agents wanted. Outfit and terms free. True a co Augusta. Maine. For sale�?220 acres land in Iroquois county Illinois being the Southwest Quarter Section sixteen. And 60 acres the Southeast Quarter the same Section. The above land is the Chicago Danville pc Vincennes Railroad adjoining the town Martintoni 7u Miles from Chicago and Miles from a Watseka. The above Are unimproved lands first class soil and is one the most Fertile regions in the Prairie state for terms and particulars address this office. He it a Sale a Good substantial Frame build ing in the town Huntington ind. This building contains a store room As also dwelling. On Market Street and is Well adapted to the wants parties limited Means to carry business. It will do both for a business and dwelling House. For the facts address this office. A porn Ahni Exir Sale a Good substantial one Story a Frame dwelling Roulot number seven 7. In Lafountaine s addition to the town Huntington. Ind. The above is very desirable property having All the necessary outbuildings including barn Etc. Parties wish ing full particulars will please address this Sale farm containing 165 acres Choice lands with first class improvements a Good dwelling. 3 Good barns Corn cribs Carriage House with a number other out houses also an Orchard 2,000 fruit Trees the finest selection peach pears cherries apples quinces amp a. The above farm is situated in the Beautiful Valley the Miami at Collinsville. Butler county Ohio. S Miles from the City Hamilton and 0 Miles from Ciminna to. The fort Wayne Richmond it Cincinnati Railroad and Richmond amp Hamilton gravel Road passes through it. For Beauty and convenience location Richness Fertility soil the above farm is not surpassed by any farm in the state Ohio. Churches school houses. Post office. Depot stores saw Mills Blacksmith shop All within m a mile premises. Address this office. For Sale the following lands in Potta wot Amie county Iowa 160 acres land located in the Northwest Quarter Section 32. Town76, Range 38. Also. 12u acres being the North half the Southeast Quarter the Northwest Quarter Section 28, town &7. Range 38 West. Also in Harrison county. Iowa 120 sores the West half the Southwest Quarter and the Southeast Quarter the Southwest Quarter Section 20. Town tio. Range 41. Also. 120 acres the North half and the a ont West Quarter the Nerc West Quarter Section 22. Town 80 Ranke 41. Also in Audubon county. Iowa re acres South half the Southwest Quarter Section 32, town 81. Range 36. In All 640 acres. The above lands Are All Well located near Railroad communications and some it is within. 30 Miles Council Bluffs. The above lands will be sold cheap easy terms will Exchange for first class real estate in the City fort Wayne for full particulars address the Jack the Sale. Notice is hereby Given that by virtue an Pyke and elite t. Day bankrupts will saturday a inst 25,18t7. At the store. Ifo. 31 Calhoun Street in the City fort wave Indiana at 10 clock a. A said by. Sell at Public auction for Cash the Stock bats Caps and gents fur Niehing goods store fixtures and furniture and Book accounts belonging to the estate said bankrupts. The Stock will be sold As an entity in one lot the fixtures and furniture in one lot. And the Book accounts in another the Bale will be subject to the approval a Aid court. Fee org w. Ely Assignee. Pyke a Day. Bankrupts. Fort ways. August 13. 1877. Did. Of extra Fine , no two alike with name. 10 cents. J. K. Harder. Maiden Bridge. N. Y. Incl Man learn telegraphy Yunu thus and you will be placed Inch it rare Ofsik Leriel Western Union Olliee. Main Telegraph wires in school. Promotion Eert Aiu. Aldress. With stamp. Western school Telegram play. Englewood. it is generally acini ittes iliac there cannot be anything More exquisitely delicate for per fuming the handkerchief than Murray amp Lanman s Florida water but its great and distinctive property is its adaptability to the uses the Bath. It is the Only perfume that we know especially and particularly suited to use in this Way the Power it has imparting to the Waters the Bath great soothing refreshing and invigorating effects is Peculiar to itself. Prescription free. For he Spaedt it tax 9emina. Weakness lost manhood and All disorders brought by indiscretion excess any druggist has the ingredients. Addres saw . Jaque Sefc Cincinnati. Ohi great bargains Straw a Ood millinery s. All goods detailed at wholesale prices. Hats. 12i cents. Hats. .25 cents. Hats. 35 cents. Hats.50 cents. French chips in brow a and Black at $2.00 formerly f 3.00. Tue be it styles in trimmed goods. Handsomest Good a and lowest prices. Ladies goods made up match suits and dresses All goods retailed at wholesale prices. Cristadoro s air Jye the but. In .u.udltribbons, Flowers Silks la ail the vew Shade Capuchin Mandarine. Meul. A a so eve and sea foam. Kibbons to match. Dry Good. Let Lnu a goods. Ciao a a hosiery and neti Oacy Etc. Kitai
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