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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1855, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Morning Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 11, 1855, Fort Wayne, Indiana . Con to Dilig ate a Aveni Ion. Nistico hereby or Vii Bluit a Delegate Quot con lilo county of Allen will be held at th3 court House on saturday the la Day of a a Iii Dext at 10 o clock a. M., fori1iie nominating county officers. F the democrats of the several if wish a Rei Jii ested to meet in their rest Petite township at Ali div usual place of meeting of saturday th6 1j the Day of August next., and Afi Point delegates aces Radii it a to the following ratio. Abdulie a Dapin Cedar Creek Jason Jet jts a on , , in Adit i it Imarion 4 la d 5 3 8 6 7 7 �o2 a a Umee Milan Monroe Perry Pici Arsaut Scipio St. Jul Soplia Spring tied via Slung in via no 3 5 5 7 y 3 7 7 14 20 153 by order it pro Timity . F. P. Lax Dale car Infix it i. M / july 14th, isr.�. K. N question. We \rer�-p�wbn�ilytp�zines8-i of these we speak it tie seventh Ward we discovered that for Tiree hours in the outset in the morning it As in pro Ila for those not Quot posted Quot Tovy the without the a realist difficulty. In the sixth Ward it party m bullies we misters of the a do is. We Row twi it Ign Era driven from the Polla for to Ruti a Cabin let by at unmercifully a food a tabbed be the Cain a a of one fellow the Hou. We. Thomaw Suh formerly a member of Congress from this District interfered and while appealing to the my Sentine Gas 7�?the works of this Are Progress. Ing rapidly towards completion and. The Quot pipe certain wards and Are new being Laid through the Stree. W4 Aire. Informed the Gas will be ready for use % the isl of october oct. C. Re a a a Quot Frank Lequir Gate a fas Hiort Fth puh Leslier of this highly popular ladies tii ook Ives notice that its Iberal support has enabled Holh to secure the services of several ladie4horoagh-Ly versed in All that pertains to fashion amp a &c., by which the character of the Gatte win be maddened Eroff to j a a and violence a for. was Strack from improved. It is deserving a general sup an. Bahtis Long Public port from the ladies and is indispensable presence and his thorough to such As prepare Thor own garments As in add availed nothing with the crazed edition to descriptions and plates of fashions Nib. Other and serious fights occurred in the embroideries &c., cach number contains full sixth War sized patterns of Dia Erent articles of dress amp a. J and disgraceful disturbances published monthly at no., 12 Spruce Street occurred in the upper wards. The vote cast was new York. Ten if s3 00 per annul 25 cents but a partial one and nearly altogether on one each number. Silt be. No show was Given to the fronds of pres i ton who were largely in the majority but who Kadison township d in. Meet Iliff. In the face of Cannon muskets and revolvers pursuant to previous notice the democrats of com not being an unarmed and quiet populace mad san township Allen county Indiana met in Ai tacit a 5855 Quot re we were from town last week i i i under obligation to a Friend for 111 ? Ilo Mann a in which he filled our . We Rii turned Home at too Lato a period this Fadden Vot a to get fully posted in the news Iii our next to make nip e amends. We do acct the attention of Farmers to the i Ruht of Prcz nines to be Given by tie Allen . Agricultural association tiie of it Sung annual fair. The list will be found on our first Page. Kivow nothing ism in its True Rve in another column sonic de ails of the Hor ill atrocities committed by the know nothings at to Utiville during the elect non londay last to talc Frap i reports As is invariably the Case fou it to Lix the guilt of the Connie Cement of the riot. On the foreigners Anil democrats. But this was not the Case. Tiie True origin of the was with the know nothing bullies Olio at an Early hour took posse Sirion of the poll. At la i House of William Dot Herty in said town i help on saturday August 4ih, 1855, for the purpose of appointing delegates to attend the democratic county convention to be held at fort Wayne on the 18th Day of August 185.5. On motion James Mcfaddin was appointed president and John Shaffer Secretary. On motion the following person s were appointed Deleg-ato3 j Jospph Snyder James my Ama a shatter of Mph Emenhiser. We Hope Jonathan Robinson Avil Llam Dougherty John Shafier. Contingent delegates John Darr Hiram Dougherty Thomas Potts William Shafier William Harkless Timothy Biggs Adam Globins on. On motion the democrats present pledged unanimously to support to get nominees of the Allen county democratic convention. On motion the meeting adjourned. James Mcfadden prel John Shaffer Sec y. Confront the mad mob so the vote was cast one Way and the stands before the Public. In the morning As we state elsewhere George Berg a Eari enter living on the Corner of ninth and Market was killed near Hancock Street. A German named Fritz formerly a partner at the gait House was severely if not fatally beaten. In the afternoon a general Row occurred on Shelby Street extending irom main to Broadway we Are unable to the facts concerning the disturbance. Some fourteen or fifteen men were shot including officer Williams Joe Selvage and . Two or three were killed and a number of houses chiefly German Coffee houses broken into and pills aged. About my Between porn in Outh an of Wjk -��4, if needed a id will immedi Atelj be pictured fat i oui Burg so that in Cash Ehold Unic to i lately spread in of the Public Ian not want few careful and expert kneed new rfcs to attend at thief besides of the Saicic tie suffering and the a gel offices of these Sist a Are not confined to a Fly sect or Creed and Tjw by will be found As ready to watch by. The sick Quot bed of their persecutors As too smooth to a Pillow of that to who pro Feas uhe same Faith beautifully illustrate by their heavenly practices. A timely thus concludes a recent letter to the new York timely of one things however i would warn America to beware and that is. The Intro Duclion of race Tongue and religion info Joe Arena of political Corot Cost. Centuries May have to atone for the errors of one the Nixt alb by evening journal calculates that if the Stales yet to elect members of the 34th Congress should be represented in this As in the last con gris there will be an anti Nebraska majority in the House of representatives of 36 and that even if they return All Nebraska men there will be an anti Nebraska majority in that body of 22. The journal allows but two Nebraska men to the state of new York and four to Pennsylvania. Admitting says the journal of Commerce for the occasion tha the evening journal s calculation is Correct there is still a question of of their houses on Progress of know nothing ism. D rend fid Ful excitement at the in Brough t ?i me l Skot and hang. We received the allowing dispatch by the Liisu amp a line last evening Morehead sir.rijorit1.7i>8 Marshall s.,668 a my then Hung. Lie however survived new York wednesday Aogimi-8 the Stamer Baltic arrived this a mpg at half past six o clock with Liverpool dates a tie 2sth ult. Of it Kai sir a of Rill 14 Wys that Buffalo in innumerable numbers Are the Prairies Only fifteen Miles West off it Riley. With ask Glatz from a Bill they Cim be seen Grag As tar As the Eye can reach. Settlers who had located in the Vicinity with herds of cattle have been compelled to remove c0mm9xciai. Intelligence. Brown an Avance of2� 9 of. W u i. In White Corn Ellow Ami mixed Corn Advance he has been consumed f a a red ls6d per Quarter. May Kef closed steady it it a animals. The potawatomi indians Friday Western canal a a our at 4da40s6d, and pm to them and brought Back in a Confie of die is All the meat they could haul away leaving the skins and for quarters on the ground Ohio at 43s. General intelligence. The news from the seat of War is not very important. If it is rumoured that general Simpson and Omar p a a i Aye resigned a heir commands. The French continue to approach Malakoff but there have been neither i orgies nor assaults. The positions occupied by the allies and russian in the open Field Are unchanged. The British Fleet in the sea of Azov has de removed. The subscriber proprietor of the _ Boston dry goods store he removed to the of Feczek de s fore 75 coh Imbia Street nearly opposite the Post of whore he Baa fitted up rooms in the most Al Mac Quot will continue the dry goods business. In All of iia branches Aud on the Moat favourable terms. Grateful f or the Liberal of tronge he has received from the citizens of fort Wayne and Vicinity at Tho old stand he respectfully solicits a of new York aug. 6. The evening Post contains a letter from the Kinney expedition. Itie colonel and followers i tie same at the new Ani flatters himself by giving were enthusiastically received by the inhabitants i a Bole attention to the dry Trade mat he of Gre town who gave a grand Bau Inhong a can make it Tor the of All to Call and sex their arrival. The colonel had also exchanged courtesies with the British authorities. He a comm Etc stroked the Bridge of boats at Gea Tzeh without erection of a dwell no for himself at that incurring any loss. Operation lathe Baltic have of completion of which he is going not been important. Into the Interior of inspect his lands the Cape Prepa Ratis of a Campaign on the Danube All in god spirits continues. The Rashi Bazoukas at constantinople had mutinied and committed great excesses ilm ways Pilla the most it rated remedy in. To e Amine Hia goods Tevere up Reba id if where we t. Abbors. P. 8. Remer Belr the place to amp a Check ered store no 73 Balumbu Street nearly opposite the poet office. A i Ori Wayne Autiat Lois 1856. Cassk Sorrick for to wants. \ july 28ui, 1835. Pyan Sis wheby Given that the general Laws la for Ibe session of 1833 were this Day received at us Al a a of he cure of dlr a a. Of a liver .�?zds.cokch. D a formidable a a surjection had occurred among Edmund alga of Cooperstown new York Waal a report of Ibe a superintendent of pub Pic instruction of. It. Way Al a a i _. C f. _ a Avanti i a m a lavs. J Coz a a 1_____ the arabs in Tripoli. The russian remain near Kars but have not invested that . The French loan has All been taken. The uneasiness in Spain has been mostly allayed. The British ministry having made a the period of Nineteen years a Complete misery to in pamphlet form Are Ako received for . Himself and a Burden to his friends he sufi red so to. Nelsen clerk fort of Jdc Gas Light . Weeks together coif aed to his bed the doctors did filhe works of the company have now so far him no Good and he therefore left Chi Quot consulting Thom progressed that their Cora Pietron by the first Day i of Sonober is a fixed fact. To facilitate the lightning Orlyck when the vast crowd augmented Senate will defeat it by a a Cessions from every part of the and of to the Senate four by accessions armed with shot guns muskets and rifles were preceding to attack the Catholic Church on arrival of the Northern Light later from Shelby Street mayor Barbee arrested them with a speech and the mob returned to the firs Evvard some importance remaining Viz How Many of narrow escape from defeat on the question of the a it it pcs a Ohio end fenced Usina hollow five a 1� the anti Nebraska men. I.e., of those who turkish loan Bill will be Able to retain weeks ago be commenced using Honoway s important that Thole who a 01 would have voted against the passage of no in l a a Quot a his wife filled last Wei at the store of desire their buildings lighted should Ive Zariv the Bill will now that it has gone into operation ote against its repeal if there a dozen Bach and to strongly suspect there Are it will Render doubtful the Success of re peril even in the House. But if a Bill to that effect should pass vote of polls. In an hour afterwards the Large brewery on Jei Forson Street near the Junction of greets Gal Tornia new Yore August 6th. The Northern Light arrived Here last night from san Juan after a remarkably Short Paa was set to fire., v Isar e of Twenty Days. She brings �>940,000 in in the lower part of the the disturbances i Wendy a a. 3 characterized by a greater of bloody Walker is at Realgo whence he retreated were a a work. Late in the afternoon to free irishmen going Down Mam Street mar eleventh were Captain French came Down attacked and one knocked Down Ilia ensued f Vroni so to join a terrible scene the Irish tiring from the windows main Street several volleys. P a a a. A a it Juan with in the the Steamer government part a id by fore kept every Ibric in voter away will excitement a Ven or eight men shot and a pm Niji Monts. John Ilund son a Carpenter a a a i de in Creif quantic Quot at puget s in tall if Ailt Ling and maiming such As were two Hung fires raging on both sides of Mam Street Vig got dead during the fracas. S no Lio Irr hts As freemen. At both ends of the the Cannon and j after dusk a Row of trame houses on steamers Pacific j. S. Stevens and Siera Amoc rican citizens Whol july Nevada had arrived up the latter bad cholera is More in the morning we May res ret and Sli Guider to hear property of or. Quinn were stat on fire. The a Well known Iris Lunan flames extended on Board and 33 deaths occurred Bethoon Nic a to ii it a to Anle in driving it if you d nut give the signs and in orals of tit to night ruffians. The con of Junce was 2,000 f .3uch , the Uve results of know Nuth i a Street Ana twelve buildings were destroyed. Demoed at were prevented from voting the , abhor Cvar its and unhallowed Priese houses were Ehl Cay tenanted by Irish and receiver1 p. A. 1 to it uni to 1 hive 1 Cen org d. Without further of the tenants von Tivod out to a number of Votos Given 2.o00 than the confident unit the dreadful into ij.,� the flames were immediately shot f vote at the a . Ligone from our sister has been super Induc by up. No idea could be formed of the numbered and precipitated by this dark lantern Quot party a buy. We advised that Jive men to who. Quid denied by the excitement of Andenis having been so badly wounded by inn peeled Victory Liere Uliey apprehended defeat i sounds that they could not est if e from the gave Loo a rein to the fiercest passions and. Vith burning buildings i aimed a Wiliins commenced an Ujj brutal violence of bullies have Felt them of All the enormities and outrages commit positions. I Quot a Quot a wide Tinea Lasi week Ai me store of j desire their buildings lighted should a Ive Early the russian made a sortie on july 24 i it professor Holloway to acknowledge most gratefully notice printed forms of application Enn had St were repulsed. Loss not mentioned i it her husbands quite cured. Professor Holloway he office by on the under one i. To know in dispatches published it is rumoured that a Ops hat the thousand others in the Union who secret expedition is preparing which in to at a Bave been beef cited will new come i Reward. Tempt to Force a passage into Sebastopol Harbor at the same time that a grand assault will be made by the land forces. The elections North Carona and Tennessee. A the result of the recent election in Nort Carolina is most glorious. The democrats have triumphantly swept the state and kicked the notorious Sam Quot from its Borders. Six of the eight congressman Are staunch democrats and strongly opposed to the pernicious doctrines of the inia Mous secret conspiracy. The know nothing made every Eibrt to carry the state but it was of no use. The fates were against them. Their strength did not begin to come up to that of the old whig party which years ago used to hold the state in its grasp. All Hail the old North state henceforth she will be permanently democratic. As for Tennessee although some fog hangs Over her the better opinion at the present writ a or cholera being the did Caso Soboro All others most dreaded it will be Well for All to dear m that As a preventive. Or. J. Iio Tetef s celebrated stomach bail cars stand at the head and the Cruz Ore All should keep a Supply at hand during this warm weather. Its upon the stomach when disorganized by diet and its vilifying influence upon th3 system is truly astonishing and cannot the described but Felt when used As per direction on the bottle. Further comment upon them would be Bunpei Flucht is they Are known far and wide and for Sale by dealers generally All Over the United states for Sale by h. B Reed Avalt amp Meyer j. D. Wekley amp ., and g h. Wagner 4-3 commercial. Fort Wayne sour any. 1 ilk. Prime old wheat Sells at 1.35 a 1.40 new ing. Is that Johnson Democrat is elected gov 1-00 to 1 25, a according to Quality. Flour error. The calculations of the respective parties retail 8.00. Country 7 50 Are said to vary considerably at Nashville the con 45 a 50 Oats 31 Barley 90 Rve know nothings a Keg much larger Gam for a a i Gentry than the democrats concede to 1 75 a 2 00 potatoes new of now that the Kentucky election is Over and onions 37 butter 14 cheese 8 eggs 10 a a and san Francisco. She had passengers i Quot ivs Quot a her Cau to gained by deception we Salt 2 00 Bacon 8 lard 6 hams 10 a 12 pork Usu Aii a v. To know the result. A jaded to desperation Sonio of the abused and Isaur cat d Citize Chis retaliated on their of or visors. A Titis was the f final for a general Mas a acre. Hordes i of is i Minate b1 Man and Rishi 1 of Adanis and j. C. Woods a Merlier of that finn Irand with fraud to the ainu it of .5400, 000 by in do a lambers of tie lat it Fimi of Page Bacon and . La Ari affidavit of judge c., he ,. A a., doubt 15 beef 6 flaxseed 1 00 Clover seed s 50 that Ham Quot is much weaker at the South than 7a a r. A Gen. Scott who carried Tennessee Triumph apples 2 00 Wook Antly by some sixteen Hundred majority.�?. 20 a 24. Fine 30 a 35. Enion of the Louisville journal says the know moving. tuesday last by Rev. Or. Allies that the firm of Adams and ., had been nothings Are the Albany Argus Bruce a compari t to miss enacted for tic last four years in off in adds so we suppose. They moved out of the m. Alexander both of this . It. B. Pc . That a regular Organ a old Dominion and we. Perior adult to of p Vulcu. 1 a Ici presume a similar Emi sized band of disguised accomplice had been i Gration will soon take place in Kentucky. Aughter of the Nufi ending Ger i clues constituted into a band of ruffians to carry i a the american party yesterday and last night the v irions districts of the Interior lit Izeris. Twenty persons were i fire and sword among the forc in born Popula Tyg i Faye not time now to Var let. Mob hav bought and. Sold. The de in held to Ball in the sum of in a ail who att nipped to Crane women and Cirii Iri 11 were and wounded i Baclic l Ami by int. Kun i and in Ovule re Gnad s or a. Ill Iii do vied wit i out in Eibrt on in Kii of. X. A h to Tolj Jck the Enn Gairc a Ai i Quot. Or to i a Tralnes. Lii Picans to in Ai Urrica i in in it a irk at tiie record of Sich t to Fri Quot i. Avi Iai i it to it then Idt / Llast Iio i lug a Quot Coin Mic a and is this once Lui ions i ii he Al Init til ii Coine Trio Seone of a to trial such Nii St to the Linal a i Noralin i less Ali Gocial Citi i is unite and to Titis a Jailil of of ii is Olio a Quot i to de Troy tin Freedom of e and m Usu. H til dirt of Liberty in the blood of its friends. We have not space to continue the subject i ask All to read the sickening accounts of o to rage of know nothing Isiu in its True colors a Hown by i Nolf on this occasion and then Takki Steps As will save tiie country and prevent a repetition of to canes which have cast an Lave by n cast in the Shade by the Louisville of the times office. Riots. A l remember them with a thrill of horror. Quot tone o clock this morning a Large fire is rag Init in the upper part of the what w 11 they not experience when the record of the dreadful scenes in our helpers sister Are Lair spread before them Louisville will bitterly Rue the Day her citizens turned upon then sees to Light the streets up with each other s the Way i Hes Obj a Inge Theiu with blood no wonder Ile Jia tors Havo lament a diminished Popula Tiou and Sta Nat on of business Long Triy our own Cit r. So a i Hont such pm Cults As she has Witti ies Sej. And still longer from such As we now published a card promising to re. . A fire occurred on the 4fh of july on the Eor sier of Haruey and Bush streets destroying about Twenty houses. Loss not far from �100, 000. Luot record. F his is the last of a of crimes this was a perfect Facic. Which i the know both Iii on ionization has been log polled their fun l vote upon the proceeding of yesterday and St night we have no nor heart now to or j Slocum having been chosen we Are sickened wit h the very thought of the of aldermen men murdered and houses burned and pillaged convention Abr state offi that signalized the american Victory yesterday. The first in Ai Gaist. A num Jer of. Than few qty corpses form the trophies governor Are proposed. Ellsworth the great pedestrian has porn plated at Sacramento the feat of walking i 000 Miles in i it the of or c77/.--the election Vesterdal in on thousand consecutive hours. Quo the know Noth a Duel is said to be inevitable Between m. And then prevented Dillon the French Consul and a or. Herman not i of this courier Vav o id Erful air. 7. The guilty of Hice it fir to reared its Hydra head in this country. It is the fitting sequel to the put Iole a pc martyrdom the h is disclosures the tarring and Norr it. of Catholic Jiri ests the burning �.flia-lot-boxe.s the desecration of churches and the knocking Dow citizens All 0 history and have been its distinguishing Char 1 act Ristics. In Louisville this foul and infamous All the others from voting. We have no time to owing to a dispute m Winch they came to blows a tails this morning and must defer until to agricultural throughout the state bad w All we have to courier suffered from the report of the recent Gold discoveries near the Kerti Nhsn Tenn Rasic and port Colville Are confirmed. All the available Tion. E Dee i action of cliurol.and tii doubtful whether Johnson dem or Gentry u. S. Troops which had been at \ an in and a is elected governor of Tennessee. At covers and Dalte bad gone out to look after the i which in the present writing we believe it is the former by it Hansin that Quarter. Green Palmer have of a Snail majority. Kentucky appears from the fat cited several important natives with the indians returns to have gone for the know nothing by a in various sections. The crops in Europe a extract of a letter Iron a correspondent at Plymouth England Dati d the 5th inst. Busine.-<8 continues generally Dull and it is a a a a 1. 1 to five a liars Kentucky has been Large a ithe heart irom the contemplation y 1 �?�11 t ,., ,., ,1 a1rr 1 and it was too much to Homie that she could now lilo Sta n on our National Esau Tchet and of such scenes a Schaie so to revolutionized although we must confess that feared will be so in Many branches whilst the Bye word and calculated to throw so much re following the Lead proach upon our mesh Lutious. It is to of Massachusetts instead of Virginia. A Iler True conical tory to know that in. A 1 in a a u 1 r. A r a 11 i 1, f position is by the Side of the latter and nothing Nara Lelend Outra tres in Louus Ille Are the last a i a 1 a digits Ofa dying action the s ass of its Host to party Drdul and organization has prevented . The greatest excitement will be exp a assuming it.-. All Over the country As the Teleg Rajicic a Vii if persevered in Render us a Piej r Ali to the friends of by Ray in every clime. Removal of gov. removal of Rev Reeder of kans is is a fruitful theme of Ani War continues. The cold Spring was followed by much rain until within the last two weeks when the weather became warm and Fine and All vegetation is d e it i o r a t i class convention Glam rilly at a Dia Apolis on wednesday August 29tli. The Thole people coming the friends of the Constitution of the National Union. Of the peace and Harmony of the , of National instead of sectional sentiments of civil and religious Liberty who will maintain the Laws and the Honor of the country and the Peri equity of free gov emment have determined �0 meet together t a consult upon the condition of political matters and to hold free Converse with one another As to the welfare of that in common country. In consequence of the sentiments of disunion and sectional abolitionism of intolerance the agitation a distracting questions which i were promulgated and adopted by the fusion abolition convention which assembled at Indianapolis on the 13th of july inst the democrats of Indiana by Catling on the undersigned i on what Streta to put Down pipes the company must know where lights Are demanded. Early application is required As All pipe most be Laid before Trust. Oise in Colerick a building. Linton Street. L. F Kirk secy. August 2d, 1855, 2m it Candle Moulds. Asi Mounds. Lor Mobil Dir candles of hard Britannia Metal and War ran de manufactured by John Cai Erley also syringes surgical instruments and Briti Innia Ware. John Calverley. F la 5 109 a Sci Street Philadelphia. To tra ii tvs. Ohio amp Indiana monday last in Buffalo at the residence of her son in Law or. C. R. Walker mrs. Anna Lake aged 56 years. Her remains were brought to this where she formerly resided for interment. E. Law notice. A. M \�zah0n he Vin a Wayne to Pra i and Una Crit a a a it Mai i i in Crupi i a ii ii let 8 a 18? de the of fico to a Ilice in furl will give single Juge for tip Tab. Passenger train leaves fort Wayne at 6 00 a. A arriving at Forest 10 31 Quot Crestline Quot 1215 now. Passengers changing cars at Forest for san Duffitt Cincinnati dayio7t, air. Arrive at Dayton at 2 00 p. Sudusky Quot 4 on Quot pc Laid Quot 12.1 u m. Those changing cars at of recline will arrive at Clove Lahd at 800 p. A Quot Quot Columbus 8 25 Quot i Lett Burgh Quot 9 00 Quot in nesting at Vela a and pit her a with the i duress trams Tor Newyork fila it phia Baltimore it ii Wigton a. Tigirt a Lili tickets Eckl at the Ivai Road ticket Ohice try s s m0i?s5, of font. Toledo amp Illinois and Eskins k St. 101 he has hereto Forf notice to builders. Sealed prep >3aia will be received at the minor Quot Chc until one o clock p m. Of Rednos div. The 22j a Garfi inst., Tor the buil big of a school Blouse in the of Wayne. P ans and s i it Iti Fatima will be at the minor s t office after . Charles j. French j m. A Smith James , fort Wayne aug. Lois i8i3. S 2>v6 in their capacity of civil citizens Leel themselves in inn of Tictin a Lff i so naps Eirp a i a called upon to take to repudiate the Iti to i it u Ulley Eliut Mph i 0. Competition the Lije United Sites a Job Over n Stock Sam Yore for the opposition pres at the North. The great Effort seems to be. To create the i marcs wires common cat the of this that it was done at Ali i demand of Southern violence and it will tend to Render know dangerous principles which have been put Fersh by these fanatical destruction Isis. Men of every political Creed and belief Alvo Aro now opposed to the of thai a abolition j leaders and who Are ready to uphold and sustain 1 our National Constitution and the Union of the states the sacred principles of civil and i to Liberty the individual of. The citizen in of i Al i j 1. Transit bet we opposition to fanatical tyranny and to preserve nil. A a go the great and glorious of Freedom and prepared to do Equality which were bought and won with the new York Danker blood and lives of our fathers of the revolution Chicago. St. Louis Lambui Cincinnati. Are by itch to met As a 1,and of political Bro a Ink notes. Drafts and All kinks of merch Anchise. Principal ojfics<s2 Broadway n. Y. 13 Seneca f us in Ess. Press in a Railroad. E and secure of by a and the o Het great Joist. Thi company Al exp re s Liu siness bet wet ? Buffalo Cleveland Toledo to consult with us and to act with us in taking Spring film. Aug. 7. I be up before the 10th of August the committee of the . Convention has i a the wheat Trade has been Dull and prices finally reported their platform. They provide rather Low. Good red wheat is Worth 74 a 76 healthy and Active. Most crops look Well though u 1.of. Knit i such action As shall stay the hands and thwart the Corn Harvest will be Rater late As Little can. _ 1-�r, 1. N 1 the schemes oath goths and vandals who would Street Corner of Pearl Street. Bufi Ilo. a a. Strove and demolish the fair fabric of american Ayne aug. Lith . 4n be. It 10 ,. ,. Able of self government or that the people have of pieces two and three ply carpets of Beau e and Intelli Grenco sufficient to resist the in i Quot Lul colors and patterns Liadi riven mortal offence. If such had been the a who r.1order. From the vote Given for Morel Iead and mar foreign i a. Paupers and criminal. There will be new Corn is brought to Market but supplies con we should not seek to defend it. We look shall in Louit Ville Vve Are inclined to think Rico pay in a to the clause of admitting foreigners Tine Good from the North of p Europe and Spain Quot j to in h s Public acts As Richit and commendable is on them a majority rising two the order As it is deemed a practical adopt1 1. T thou Iii vl�?ch7h enquirer. I Tion of the know something platform. H it to is charged with speculating in Indian pm a Snethe inquirer. Above was written the later mar Greeley of the new York Tribune Ina i of Desi letter from , dated july of says i in a people is made by the people. A As i hear vague a prospects in this or Thi r. E i Jont has acted prop girly in pm timing the Seal Public reprobation on such Derel Eton of duty on the part of an official who was i specially bound to the election riots in Louisville. J protect the indians from the a hea is of rapacious Lor in murder and Aisun re Jii the dough in Kenai big that it will make speculators. And and has failed himself from the Elspat abcs received by the National line put the a we have seen a recipe for making bread charge. For this to Desentis removal and the killed at fifteen the lires still raging and the from flour manufactured from grown wheat haying Irav eled pretty �?z1 know nothing Force moving up the Street. It is the sprouting is said to destroy the alcoholic cat clips of i rope for 1855 t. To to hoped that further outrage has been stayed Quality of the a rain so that its life is gone while ,. N Averack while that of Hay already Quot were. Let every citizen who can the nutritious Quality still remains. It is af5rm- part secured will exceed the a s ted therefore that if a Gill of alcohol is added to a j saw potatoes More Thrifty of his duty. The multitude and Vii Orous than those of France and Sitzer i a me. The people Are aroused and 5 pieces Stair carpets and Rug mitting Plain and fit need 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4 Oil cloth is of splendid patterns and Width be sold cheaper . Ton. Thomas a. Headricks a. I the latest acco Uota from repro a Phil in Iilir-f�if., t i wore a a Ariit upon tiie with a Lew except. J 1 a a f fit ,1 ask but Irene a y dry Ana Cool Ana i know not ,. And , in place 01 Hon. J. \. Il.0.1 Lemo de. their Csc Calvo franchise. Never i a a a Quot Quot wha could to better the maturing it Quot he memory ii is an excellent appointment. Or. H. Is a a a a greater farce or As we should looks Well in Switzerland nolo Man of Khlot a i i. I had occurred no to tuesday. One family of \ / a ran rement that can be Mac men killed. J Lent Light bread. The s sounds hollow but there we passed yesterday through the forms of an May be something in it. Of Lud Iana. Has election. A a provided for by statute the Jolls Altimori aug 8 been appointed of the a neral Quot opened and privilege granted to such As Altimori us. Uii ice in Olac of Hon. J. Wilson removed upon the Goose Quot with a few franchise. Gentleman of acknowledged abilities and inde t Onn in trngcdytnacted7"idundre in tuesday one family. 1 1 f 1 1 i n twelve persons had been comic Petely swept away r kit Gable ind try every Way capable of Dis of ids were deterred from voting by direct acts of the is said to be on generally of Diar Ging the duties of the of ice with credit to Quot Tuu Dation o through fear of con Sequr the increase at Norfolk. A yellow and slender 1. A a and a multitude from the Lack of proper facilities ii insert and advantage to the . 11� was to a i i i a 4.1 j a a a Quot j Quot a. J he ty, indeed was. During the Day. In posses the representative of the 6th District in the late son of on armed Moli the base passions of which a ngrc.=9. 1 were infuriated to the highest pitch by the incendiary appears of the newspaper Organ and the kegs Jurietta nails j a St of Chi Quot Quot in and Tor Adeby h. R. Scheuman. Aug. 10, 1855. 200 determined. Land now a tier wherever they Are not stifled j v a. In a in by the of close planting which a a a Ory variety of vegeta-1 to the weather is Vari without reference to their former is too common. Nearly every Bles is also looking Well. Able but generally dry and Cool and i know not Well in a Good of Iii the of unionists Are in trouble in the popular leaders of the know not Hig party. Lackeye state. The nomination of Chase for in sunday Naglit Large detachments of men Cut Vernor is peculiarly i tasteful to the know second wards to see nothings and old Lino whig., who conceive these men tie selves sold to the abolitionist the american executive committee were supplied its and threaten with the requisite refreshments and As May be to nullify the proceedings of the convention imagined they were in a very lit condition on which nominated i i to a was to be Lipold in Culumbus y last to Amor. A i candidate.-3 nominate i for Staio offie Of i fit Chase Are know nothings and if he be a convention of tie Dis yesterday morning to see that the rights of free a a. Men were respected indeed they discharged on ii Bijj important trusts committed to them in such muck another non nation f a gov Vianner As to commend them forever to the and j migration . They Oppe the polls they provided and inseams for their own Larty to vote they bluffed and bullied All who could not show the sign they in fact converted thrown overboard by the k. N a of course Tho the election into a perfect farce without one will in turn refuse to vote for Thom. Deeming or qualifying phase. And the a feat of the whole will to inevitable or How their plan of. A. 11., operations was devised. Indeed we do not care a House cann.,t stand. J of a heavy Stone Cornico in course of roof Alfh dastardly was conceived. We Only Tion on the new banking hmm a of the Ohio Trust . Inline innate. Fill Down with a terrible crash on t a 1ij afternoon lat. Burying in the ruins several pics Ous to chanced to on the p de walk Beav. Set Vin were Kille l. Among Wiliom were or curti.-, to Popering Endch of the Strunc Tiric and or. Cameron he builder Many others were Sci Orcla injured Blush for Kentucky Liat her soil was the scene of such outrages and that some of her sons were in the Nefi irilous swindle. It would be impossible to state when or How this riot commenced. By Day break the Polit were taken Possession of by the american party. And in pursuance of their pre concerted game they used every stratagem of device to hinder the vote of every Man who could not Manifest to the guardians of the pools Quot his Boundo Eia of the party names. It will Bea Day of Jubilee that will live loner in the memories of those who shall present. Every a of 1 i Ruenjit Jinol mat Waii be made with the railroads in Ance Oats Are late but 1 1 i a v 1 toi v it Tor cheap travelling jul be made. In Zacconi color Indian Corn is often i 1 v. R t i 1 ii i ,. -.1 to a a ovations and hosta ties of Indianapolis will to but neither this nor Rye is a a ample for All. Individually to meet the �>141. Ii Iii jul Vulio Iii inv 10 to f r All i extensively grown in the sections i have travers dial huh n. C. August 8. De. The great Staples grass wheat and to 5 j of very Many democrats who have desired Matoes and All these in the Mam Promise Well. Stray. Ril Aken up by Jud Evaughn of mariontown.= hip i Allen county Indiana on 14 Day of july 1855, one Bay horse Lott Hind foot White a Small ,. ,. White ring on the left shoulder and a few White baits a be tee simple it f on his forehead about 15 hands High a opposed to be j or y o weight years old appraised at $67 00 by rot Orl Watson and we. It Khani. A Trie copy. David Mclain j. P. Railroads. Open from fort Wayne to Toledo Miles. Of after monday july 3 0ih, a passenger train will leave furl Wayne for Toledo daily at y.45 a m arriving in i Oledo at 3 20 p. A passenger train will leave Toledo at 11 30 a. M., arriving in fort Wayne Ato. p. Trains connect at Toledo with trains of the eve and amp Toledo Kai Roart for Cleveland. Dun kick Buffalo Albany new York and Bosl on. Michigan shut Horn Rai Road company splendid s earners Empire state Northern i Iana Aud sout in n Michigan lorm a daily line Between Toledo and Lia Falo leaving Toledo every morning at s arriving in Iii Fialo in season for the express trains Tor new York the next morning. There is Aho a Dally line of steamboats rom Toledo to Detroit. Passengers leaving Toledo via Cic Veland and Toledo Railroad Al 5 p. Arrive in Buffalo in season f r the 5.30 .v.m. Express train on n York of entry Railroad arriving in Albany at 4 p. L in new York by Hulson River Railroad Al 9 20 p. Im., in Boston by we Sitron Railroad at 1 a m. Or having Toledo at same time arrive in Dii Quot Kirk m Init ii a the 5 30 a it i express Tynin on n. York it Erie Iii Road arriving m new n 10.50p m. Ceo. In by Urcis sup t. Jul a 3 Ith 1855 y5 Sli Crill s Sale. By virtue of an execution to to directed and delivered from the clerk Ollie Alun circuit court i have levied upon and will Tepost Tor i a e at the court House door in the of fort Wain Colin y of Allen and state i f l Disna by j Uhlric Luct on by tvs Ltd in the b Ursoi 10 o Ock a. End 1 o la it p m of the in St Day of september. A. D. 1855, the rents and profits of r the period of Eeren years of the following Dee cubed property to wit the South half of the North was. Q Garter of Section High Een 18 in township thirty 30north of Ranee Murieen 13 East containing eighty arid 51-100 Ere. Also All that of the North half of said i Larter lying South of the Railroad and East of the Oun y Road described As foil or a commencing at lie North East Corner of the South half of said Quarter i Tion the Nee South 85 degrees West three 3 and 11-100 chains to county Road thercy North 24i Ingres West Twenty pc chains to Rair Lead thence Outh 65i degrees was Lover 1 ind 52-Lco canines to the East due of sail i Juaiita Thurce South along Che same 3i degrees in i. Thirteen and 15-100 chains containing nine an t g3-100 arts. Also All Rha Sarto Fine West Hobo the North West Quarter of s Clion in niger Venten 17. Town thirty to North of Riith no ii ret a 13 East who i luvs South i the it ii it it it Indiana had Road supposed to contain sixty f o acres be the Saluo More or its. Auff which a Quot party is situate in Alan county Indiana and to a Lailure lure Alize the full amount of the judge , interest and costs i will at the Saie time and 1 1 the same manner expose to Sale f said real estate. Taken As the pros of Insall at the suit of a res 1administrators Sale. Otice is hereby Given that on the 11th Day of Tunis. Aug 4.h, 18 r Mcmullen shul . 54 15 4w5 Stone Coal Fol re subscriber informs blacksmiths and other North Carolina has Hon Quot Quot v Hope every county in the state will elected by an immense majority ranch wins Pulish and add their names to the summons Low Craige and Ruffin democrats also elected throughout German Paine and Reade americans have been elect Milava Kee aug 8 de. In the sixth District the contest is very a a Edge Garabeo held a special Terra of court yesterday at West Bend Washington ., for the trial of debate the murderer. The jury close and the result Uncertain. And respond to the sentiments which have prompted our action. The emissaries of the Pope Quot during an of the fundamental obligations of know nothing ism is uncompromising 0p 0si-Tion to catholicism. Every know nothing before being admitted into full Fellowship with the order solemn y takes oath that he will not vote for a roman Catholic nor appoint one of that religious denomination to any office which he May have in Lii gift. To show the class of people against Nhom this wretched spirit of proscription is invoked we Naake room for the following notice which appeals in the Norfolk Argus of Hist. The Reader need not be told that the yellow fever is now prevailing in Norfolk to an extent to justify the alarm which at present exists in that worthy of All cases of the yellow fever having been announced the Sisters of Charity connected with St. Patrick s Church of this received a Noto yesterday from a physician informing them that ther services which bad been offered to attend the sick were desired. They replied with commendable promptness and in terms expressive of a self sacrificing Devotion to the cause of suffering humanity and slated their readiness to enter a once upon the work of love and mercy. They and mangled and a rope being fastened to his heels to was dragged through the streets nearly half a mile he was afterwards Hung to a tree by the heels and remained hanging lifeless until six p. Yesterday. New a Koftan Ang. 2. A fearful Accident occurred on monday at fair Haven while launching the ship Sec Onset. The underpinning on one Side gave Way causing the vessel to keel Over turning the spectators on Board to the ground. Six were killed and from Twenty to thirty wounded some probably fatally. 0 Sam is an Aboh tic nist in Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Pennsylvania new York Delaware. Connecticut Massachusetts new Hampshire Maine Iowa California find the ther free states and a pro slave Ito in All the Southern states. Or. Tigar a i ase announce Tho name of ii Hist an Piepenbrink As a candidate Belore brought in a verdict of murdering the first degree he democratic convention for recorder of Allen the prisoner was removed to jail to await his Bounty. Many dem. Voters. Sentence and in charge of the sheriff started for in. Tigar a please announce the name of the Siil joined by Tho military. A Rush was Francis d As a candidate for the made by the mob and the military giving Way office of county commissioner in the 3d District of debate was uni cod Down a a Stone pounded Allen county subject to the decision of the democratic convention and oblige pm Many voters. We Are authoriz3d to announce p. J. Wise As a candidate before the democratic convention for recorder of Allen county. W. S. Robinson ii a candidate before the democratic convention for the office of county com Mia Ziouer third disc Rich. We Are desired to announce tha name of George As a candidate before or dem. Convention for the office of recorder of Allee county p. Or. Editor a our present Able and indefatigable county auditor r. Starkweather having at the Earnest request of Many friends consented to serve another term if it be the desire of his fellow citizens you will please announce Bis name As a candidate before the convention for nomination for auditor of alien county. Dixo Kacir. That he has opened a Coal Yard on the canal Bink immediately West of the Mills where he Lor Sale 2 000 bushels of Pitts Lugn Coal september 1855, i will offer for Sale at Public auction in pursuance of an order of the court of common please of Allen county made Ai is july term thereof the flowing it scribed property to wit the Ortli East Quarter of North East Quarter of Cio town 29, Range 15 East Ana tie North Host Quality at the lowest rates also 2j in ahoy do West Quarter of the North Ecsi Quarter of Section 29, very cheap. A a i Supply will be Cou stantly kept town 29, Range 15 East subject to the Dower of the on hand widow therein upon the following terms a one third in Cash one Thircie in six months and one third in twelve months the purchaser giving Bis notes with interest and executing a mortgage upon said premises for the deferred payments. Said Sale will take place at the court House door in said county of Allen Between the Hoara of 10 a. And 4 o clock p. Of said Day. David Casselman administrator of Simeon Umbaugh. Aug. 8th, 1855. I2 25j 3w� sheriff s Sale. By virtue of an execution to me directed and delivered trom the Clark of the Allen circuit court i will expose for Sale of the 1st Day of september a. D. 1855, 4� the court House door in fort Wayne within then is inscribed by Law the rent Sand profits for8eveny�m8 of the following real estate to Wii lot number two 2 of the Section of land granted to Johi Burie at the treaty made and concluded be we enl United state and he potawatomi a Nat Kiln of inc bag on the 16ih Day of october a. D. 1826, situate on Tho Maumee River adjoining the old Boundary line below fort Wayne As recorded on pages 593 and 594 of the records of the probate court of said Allen county and on failure to realize the fall amount of judgment interest and costs i will at the same time and place expose the fee simple of said real estate. Taken a the property of Joseph g. Mcmaken at the suit of Solomon Shaffer. R. Mcmullen so of a. C. Aug. 10,1855. $2 20 3w6 f. W. Bus Cilvan. Fort Wayne july 27, 1855. P6n4 canal Rajni its. Notice is hereby Given thai the canal land office at Logansport Indiana will Bedison ind on and after the first Day of August 1855, and the books and papera of the same a moved to the i free of the trustees of the Wabash and Erie canal at Terre haute. Persona indebted on account of lands East and West of Tippecanoe or who May wish to Purchase unsold canal Linda will Piea make application to the i Tri e at Terre Hautz either in person or by letter. By order of the Board of trustees 4w4 a h. Hager clerk. State of Indiana court of common film Allen com to. J october term 1855. Civil complaint. Daniel Sheehan administrator of Joseph Miller is. Hannah Miller it Al. It appearing to the satisfaction of said Coart that Hannah Miller William Miller Sylvan smiler Vana rigs Miller and Mary Ann Muier Are nonresidents of the tit of Indiana they Are Humby notified that unless they appears on the Taf a of the october term 1856, of said Cotrit and answer the oame it will be taken As Eon Desaad acs inst them. Id. Nelson. Clerk. Join soil at y. July 27th, 1855. 3r4 a be in Titi Jhai ill i
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