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Fort Wayne Journal Newspaper Archives May 29 1898, Page 15

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Fort Wayne Journal, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1898, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne morning journal sunday May 29, 1898. Scions of famous men who will fight for the stars and and Gray represented. It interesting to contemplate now the Large proportion of descendants of our past heroes in both the army and Navy and of some Lew Ivio won distinction in the Fields of political activity but Titi Webster. Clay or Callioux adorns the ranks at present. Former presidents have their representatives in the sons and grandsons of Grant and Hayes. Frederick 0. Grant is colonel of the fourteenth new York regiment Webb Hayes is one of the ranking line offi cers of Ohio s quota to the Volunteer Force and the son in Law of Robert Lin Coln has enlisted As a private. Russell Harrison is anxious to take a command As lieutenant colonel of engineers. James g. Blaine jr., has been appointed a staff officer by the president and there is a Host of worthy scions who have lately been enrolled and oth ers who stand ready to give their serv ices to the country in this time of Patri Otic deeds and daring. A bit of news was hashed across the wires some time ago telling1 the world that the torpedo boat Foote command j is represented in the Navy by his son. Lieutenant Thomas a. Or. And rela Tives. Lieutenant Harry and Ensign William w. John a. Logan who is a replica of his father the dashing military Leader for whom he is named is enrolled among his country s defenders. His Mother Long a resident of Washington is one of the most noted and most beloved women of the Day. Ensign Walter a Gherardi on Board the Nashville is a son of the lately re. Tired rear Admiral Bancroft Gherardi. The name Fremont awakens memo Ries of the great the first bearer of the Banner of the Republican party and the Man who gave California to the Union. His son John c., is a boat Porter which Lias already made a whose record is historical and Lieuten ant commander George Colv Coress is the son of a famous naval Captain. Is perhaps the Only Orfirer of greek extraction in the service. A son of the latter Harold by name is a naval Cadet in the third class. The middies of years ago with no ogre of dignity be fore their eyes dubbed the father crawl Over the Cross Trees when he was a classmate at the naval Academy. Vice Admiral Stephen Rowan has had his Fame continued in the personal Ity of the two army lieutenants. An Drew s. And Hamilton Rowan. The for Mer of the nineteenth infantry under orders from the War department landed on the cuban coast near Santiago recently and was escorted by guides to the Camp of general Calixto Garcia to arrange for the co operation of the insurgents in of Cuba by the United states forces it was a Hazard us Enterprise but was happily attended with Complete Success. He left Washington hastily going to Kingston. Jamaica. From there he sailed to Eastern Cuba. In his Possession was an official Spanish Section map of the country he was to traverse with emendations made by the War department Hydro a pliers. J the son of the once famous Nellie land legislature. His son. S. Dana Grant Young Algernon Sartoris. Has Gret be. Or. Grui Tudtud at the naval j tendered his services to the native Academy but afterwards resigned and country of his Mother which has also bus since been connected with electrical become his by adoption. There la a co Minnii a. He is a prominent Raene i younger George b. Mcclellan. A wit in of a York naval reserves As land a Man of the whose deeds of is lieutenant Stayton. Another Academy i action have so far been in the political graduate who for years past has j Arena and who now represents a new an Ahmnity in new York City York City constituency in the lower Captain Frederick m. Alger. Who will i Branch of Congress. It is said he wishes be on general Miles staff is a son of to emulate the example of his celebrate the see Ivury of War. Father Thorn de father. General Mcclellan. J in. Slu rank. Chaplain of the four there Are commander Thomas Perry regiment of the Missouri National guard u. S. A. Whose ancestry needs no sex is a son of general w. T. Sherman Plantation and Oliver Hazard Perry Bel Many sons of leading confederates mom named after his great Uncle the Are now enrolled in the military service hero of Lake Erie but the grandson of the most notable instance being that of Matthew c Perry who opened the ports Young Lee at Avest Point whose father. Of Japan to the world s Trade in 1s53-1. Fits hush Lee. Lias so lately won the he has tendered his yacht free to the distinguished consideration of his Fel government with the proffer of his in Low countrymen. Lieutenant Duncan div dual services. The offer however. Hood who organized the regiment of was declined. He graduated in the immune in Louisiana in a son of the class of 18so at the naval Academy and famous Confederate major general j. Served in the Atlantic Squadron but k Hood after a cruise in the Mediterranean re i Ensign Worth Basley. The first officer signed. Killed in the present War. Was a son of Young Dicke Meade the son of the major Hagley. Of Raleigh who a late rear Admiral Richard w. Meade Gallant commander in the Southern one of the most admirable officers the army Navy Ever had. Has gone to the front the president of the United states has vested in him the Power to appoint annually ten Young men at Large to both West Point and an Napolis. He selects when feasible the sons of former officers who have served their country. This gives them a preference As from some cause or other they might full to obtain appoint ments from their congressmen or there might be no vacancies existing at the i particular time they Are eligible Loren i trance or examination for admission to Man who knows he has a. Country behind him that will keep him supplied with proper rations and All necessary care in health or in sickness. The Post Spanish soldiers owe their decimation by disease to the absolute Lacoc of All these things. A line of communication with key West Iii be maintained in order that fresh supplies for the army can be sent Over All times. Jive cattle May be shipped to provide an ample Quantity of fresh beef As the department does not intend to let the men use Salt meats More than is unavoidable. Fresh bread will be baked for the army Ana an abundance of fresh vegetables will be from the gardens of the South. Very Little calmed stuff will be used. Provisions will be made for boiling Oil Rater before it is used to drink and no liquor will be allowed in the Camps As it is said the abstained from alcohol can Best resist the dangers of the tropical swamps. Lime juice pickles and Vine Gar will be largely used. The medical Start will have supplies of condensed milk and extract beet for the diet of wounded men. And the subsistence Bureau will Supply at Cost Price a Long list of extra articles. Among the articles thus obtainable will be evaporated apples Green Corn. Peas peaches Oatmeal sugar cured Ham. Lard. A dunes condensed milk smoked Beel ague Ginger cheese Mustard and red Pepper. Prom the same sources they May also obtain pipes chewing tobacco smoking tobacco Glycerine toilet soap pencils pens penholder envelopes note paper Blacl Ink. Shoe blacking blacking brushes brooms whisks hairbrushes toothbrushes line toothed Combs hand Kechte safety matches shoestrings. Towels tin hand basins can openers cot ton thread Linen thread Needle books Needles trousers buttons and Metal pol ish for their equipments. Cornu ii and wheat hour will be pro Ted also but no butter. This the men a ill have Only when they can obtain it from the inhabitants. On the March the travel ration will be issued daily to groups of Loo men. De by lieutenant William l. Rodgers. Iliad been fired upon As she Xmas taking soundings in Mantanzas Harbor. It was the first Spanish shot fired at the Amer ican hag in the present War. The name it Odgers aroused a train of recollections. Captain Frederick Rodgers lieu tenant commanders John a. And Ray mond And lieutenant Thomas s. Of the United states Navy Are All relatives. Including the naval Cadet John and members of historical naval families like the porters the Gold boroughs. The windows the Green s and others. There was originally George washing ton Rodgers a Commodore whose Mother was a sister of Commodore ferry. His son. Rear Admiral Christopher a Rodgers had a distinguished record in both the mexican and civil wars. Captain John f. And lieu tenant Thomas s. Are sons of the latter. There was the Maryland Branch represented by rear Admiral John Rodg ers at one time acting Sec of the Navy the son of the famed Captain John Rodgers 0771-1335 of the War of Admiral David d. Porter the son of that great Porter of our second War with England has a son in the Navy. Lieutenant commander theodoric por Ter and one. Carwile Porter who is a Captain in the Marine corps. Another was in the army till his death. Some of the daughters married officers in both tranches of the service so the martial Strain la thoroughly preserved. This family for five generations has in the naval service. Itear Admiral Thomas s. Phelps. Now on the retired list who had sufficient literary inclination to write reminds cd not a of Washington territory Admiral R. P. Rodgers. James g. A Lane. Light horse Harry Lee. General u. S. Grant. Admiral Thomas o. Self Ridge. Or. Admiral John a. Whisma. John a. Logan. Lieut. Com. R. P. Rodgers. James g. Ulaine or. General Pliz Hurh Lee. Colonel Fred d. Grant. Admiral Thomas o. Or. Cameron it scr. Winslow. John a. Logan. Or. Record about the cuban shores. This officer has a son John Fremont or. The third of the name who is a naval Cadet in the third class at Annapolis the son and grandson of the famous general Are therefore in the naval serv ice though there is another son. Fran Cis p., who is a first lieutenant of the third infantry. Commander Charles h. Stockton. To. S. N., la a scion of the illustrious new Jersey family of that name noted in military annals. Insolence education. Journalism and jurisprudence. Commodore Robert t. Stock ton his father whose serv ices at los Angeles and san Diego cal., form an important part of our National history was the son of a United states senator and the grandson of a signer of the declaration of Independence. Captain Arent s. Crowninshield the chief of the Bureau of navigation at Washington had two ancestors Jacob and b. W., who were both secretaries of the Navy every officer above the rank of lieutenant remembers the Secretary to the commandant for to Many years at the Charleston Boa ton Navy Yard. Mclane Tilton a connection of the Maryland Mclane and Tell tons. Now a retired lieutenant colonel of the Marine corps living at Annapolis was a determined fighter As Are the Turnbu ils of both the army and Navy. He is n son of Captain Tilton. U. S. X., whose untimely death in 1861 was a source of widespread grief. His son. Mclane til ton jr., is a member of the Michigan naval reserves and has been enrolled for Active service on the lakes. Lieutenant commander John a. H. Nickels is the son of a naval officer the late rear Admiral Theodoru Bailey has a son. Lieutenant com Mander to b. M. Mason of the Navy to was retired in 1s94 at his own re quest. He added the suffix Mason to his name for family reasons. The Story was told to the writer years ago and the impression remains that the change to Mason was made in order that the then Young Bailey might inherit a Fortune. But the fighting Admiral s name is perpetuated in his descendants. Ensign Claude Bailey chief Engineer Frank h. Bailey. Naval Cadet John e. Bailey and others. The last named is a Sec Ond class Man and stands Well we to Ward the head. Rear Admiral John a. Winslow. The descendant of colonial governors officials and noted personages of Massachusetts the Man who Sank the Ala Bama while in command of the Kear Sarge on june 19, has his name kept alive in lieutenants can Ron mar. And Francis and lieutenant com Mander Herbert of the Navy one Mem Ber of the family being a medical in Spector. Thomas o. Selfridge senior and Junior father and son Are both rear admirals on the retired list but the younger Man at 62 is Stilt capable of much Active service. Frederick d. Grant by accepting his lately proffered col Nelcy is evidently anxious to have his Vest Point education until led and his son. U. S. Grant Iii is to be appointed a Cadet at West Point in compliance with an almost pathetic application addressed to the president of the United states by his Grandfather. General Grant. It was written nearly 13 years ago and was afterwards endorsed by general w. T. Sherman. An other grandson of the great Ulysses listed Man in the first Bat Tallon of the new York naval reserves. J he holds tote rating of Boatswain s mate second class and Clad in a Blue jacket uniform he serves his country on the auxiliary Cruiser Yankee As bravely in tils Humble capacity As did his father or his great Uncle. General George a Meade the hero of Gettys Burg. This Young Man s Mother was Rebecca the daughter of hear Admiral Hiram Paulding and the grand daughter of John Paulding the Leader of the Trio that captured major Andre in 17s1. There Are the names of Many others Well known to Fame and in our historical annals is a Galaxy formed of Banbridge Hull Decatur Warren. Putnam. Foote. Herndon Dupont. Gilmore Kearny Scott. Sheridan. Wakes. Truxton. Slidell Schofield. Mac Kenzie and upshur whose descendants direct or collateral Are serving in either the army or Navy while frequently both branches of the service contain sons grandsons and grand nephews of the men whose names have been engrafted upon our history. Commander s. Dana Greene who died in 18s4, n descendant of general Nathanael Greene of the revolution while a lieutenant virtually fought the Bat the Between the Monitor and the Merrl Mac on March 9. 1s62. The Monitor s commander. Lieutenant John Wor Den who died a. Year ago As n rear Admiral on the retired list was wounded parly in the action and lieutenant Greene assumed command taking charge of the guns in the Turret and personally firing every shot until near the close of the action. He later received a vote of thanks from the Rhode is either the military or the naval facade my. Thus it is that in the two branches of our fighting service we see such an apparently Large proportion of names made famous by the ancestors of the present holders. Albert Southwick. Feed to an3 clothing a2i amt in was Tike. Great care is being Given to the feeding clothing medical requirements and san tary swans tents for the american army that is to invade Cuba. The Island has the reputation of being a hotbed of Miasma where fever and other virulent diseases lie in wait for the in acclimated. Experts in the Bureau of subsistence of War department believe that the Dan Gers from the climate of Cuba have been grossly exaggerated. The officers in charge of the american army of invasion will not permit their troops to suffer from the exposure neglect and privation which have caused the of thousands of Young Spanish recruits. The medical department of the army has also Given much attention to the subject and the troops which go to Cuba will be equipped to withstand the climate. Special clothing adapted to the hot son son of the tropics will be provided for every Man in the service. These clothes will not be made of Canvas but of a new Light material resembling the Khaki worn by Tho British troops in India. In Desern the uniform will have the appearance of ,1 shooting suit. The Cap will to of Canvas and the shoes Only the officers will Wear hats which will be turned up at the Side like those of the cubans and fastened with a Rosette. This uniform will be decidedly Light and admirably suited to the needs of the ser vice. In each one of the uniforms will be a this ration consists of 100 pounds of bread. 75 pounds of canned beef 33 pounds of baked Beans s pounds of browned cof fee and 15 pounds of sugar. On the fourth Day each Man will receive a Pound of canned tomatoes. Whenever circumstances is. When not engaged to actual Salt and candles will be supplied in addition to the above. Owing to the miserable roads of Cuba the transportation of the wounded will present a serious problem. Ambulances or any kind of wheeled vehicles cannot be much used so it will be necessary to carry wounded men on mule Back or on hand utters. Portable ice machines will be carried by the medical staff As ice is often an indispensable requisite for sick and wounded men. By the use of this Small apparatus operated by ammonia sufficient ice can he made in any climate to provide for the sick and for several surgical operations. Great care will be exercised with re Spect to the water used by our troops. Besides boiling it. All drinking water will be filtered through a germ proof filter which has been adopted by the War department. A sufficient number of these filters will be carried by the commissaries to provide abundance of pure water for the men whether in Camp or on the March. With All these precautions taken for the physical Comfort Anil safety of the troops it is believed by the military authorities that the climate of Cuba will possess no terrors to them. Well fed suitably clothed and provided with up to Date arms and accoutrements they will be ready for any test to which they May be put. The housing of the men in Camp will be also carefully attended to. Each Man will sleep in a Hammock raised off the ground and Waterproof tents will be supplied in sufficient quantities to i Halter even Man in the sen ice

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