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Fort Wayne Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1899, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Journal (Newspaper) - March 3, 1899, Fort Wayne, Indiana J i. Fort Wayne morning journal Friday March 3,Hood s stimulate the stomach apr a a Rouse the h ver. Cure bilious All Ness headache dizziness iii a on stomach constipation a a a a a to. Price 25 cents. Sold by All Drury instr. Tha Only i ills to take with Bood t fort Wayne journal the journal company publishers. Established 1868. Entered at the fort Wayne Post circe As second class matter. Member of associated press. Terms of subscription. By mail postage prepaid. I it Aily edition one year.$4.80 parts of one year per month.40 sunday edition one year.2.00 to City subscribers. Daily delivered sunday included 10c per week. Weekly edition. One copy one of address the journal. 43 East main Street. Port Wayne ind. Parties desiring the journal served at their Homes can secure it by postal card request or through Telephone no. 18. Where delivery is irregular please make immediate complaint to the office. Friday March 3, 1s99. Taxpayers should Bear in mind that when corporations begin to pay for Public privileges they will begin to pay less for Public purposes. Swift of this City who has been industriously lobbying the legislature and the governor against the application of this principle in the settlement of the Indianapolis Street railway question. All of which simply goes to show that Lucius b. Swift As we have remarked before is a very transparent Humbug. This however will be no news in this Community. Indianapolis has Long ceased to take Lucius b. Swift Sentinel. And Why single out Lucius Indianapolis is full of transparent humbugs. Their principal occupation is talking Reform and practising robbery. There is not a sincere Man in the whole conglomeration of humanity and it is manifestly unfair to ask Lucius b. Swift to Bear the odium of the commercial club and the Brilliant minds that Grace its membership. A sensible View. Thursday next the state Board of education will receive bids for arithmetic geographies and copy books to be used in the Public schools of the state for the next five years. Of the Indiana House of representatives has passed a Bill creating a Railroad commission to Piave general supervision of the enforcement of i Railroad Laws and the condition of Railroad property. We Hope the City Council will Call the Public meeting to discuss the natural Gas que Suun. As suggested by councilman Hosey on an evening when it will bar Fps the working people to attend. Saturday evening is not a proper evening for Pulitic meetings. Concerning the proposed North and South inter Urban electric Railroad the Waterloo press says Auburn business men have expressed fears that the building of an electric line to fort Wayne will injure their interests and ask that the terminus be at Garrett but if there is anything in the line for fort Wayne merchants they will to doubt see that Garrett is connected with their City. Electric roads Are bound to come and to oppose them on the grounds stated might be construed by the Public that local merchants were not dealing fair with their patrons. There is no reason Why Waterloo and Auburn merchants cannot sell cheaper than fort Wayne merchants when rents expense of living and other things Are considered. The Best drawing card for fort Wayne is that merchants carry larger stocks but most people can find All the Staples and luxuries they can pay for nearer Home and at equally As Good terms. The electric line would bring As much Trade As it would carry away and few people would desire to lose the time and expense of a trip to fort Wayne when they could do As Well at Home. We believe it a Safe proposition too to say that As Many fort Wayne people will visit Points on the line of an inter Urban Railroad in the course of thi Ysaias will visit this City so that the idea of an unfair Exchange is All nonsense. Fort Wayne would not profit by a system of railroads that would Empol Erish other communities and no line of communication was Ever established that did such a thing. The construction of electric railways the journal has not found a Republican outside of a narrow clique of politicians who does not condemn the via Benefit All communities will cheap proposed legislative interference with local government and very Many republicans openly declare the passage of the Foster amendments would do their party infinitely More harm than Good. France has now taken the Lead of this country in perfecting the electric locomotive. The scientific american of this week quotes from be Genie civil a description of a High Speed electric locomotive recently tested with Success by the Paris Lyons Mediterranean company on its line from Paris to Melun a distance of some this to Miles. The machine which is conspicuous by the absence of a smokestack boiler and a tender for Coal easily hauled a Load of 100 tons at a Speed of sixty Miles an hour and a Load of 147 tons at a Speed of Twenty seven Miles an hour and its designers declare that its capacity greatly exceeds this performance. In traffic rates will develop the resources of the country and put the markets within the reach of the Farmer As Well As the jobber. Of the Senate after March 4. The municipal Reform league met in this City last fall and the note of municipal Home Rule ran through All the proceedings. We believe that every person who addressed the meeting and who touched upon the matter at All insisted that one of the greatest evils to be overcome was the habit of legislative interference in the affairs of a municipality. Among those who took part in this convention was Lucius i. The new York world sums the senatorial situation up editorially As follows of the thirty senatorial seats that will be vacated on March 4, these six have not yet been filled Pennsylvania r. Nebraska r. Delaware r. I a d. Florida d. California r. Of the to Venty four remaining fourteen Are their own Suc Cassois , Hale. Lodge Burrows Davis Hanna Aldi Ich Proctor and Clark. Total 9. Democrats Money cock Ell Stewart Bate and Daniel. Total 5. The remaining ten eight republicans and two democrats Are men new to the Senate. Of them the two most conspicuous Are the oldest and the youngest de Pew of new York and Beveridge of Indiana. Both Hae won their Public reputations As orators. Both Are holding Federal for the first time. But while Depew is using the senator ship to round out and finish his Public career Beveridge is taking this his first office of any kind As the first step in his a Public career. Next to these and by a Long Way second is sex governor Culbertson of Texas successor to Roger q. Mills. He is not entirely Nev to National Public life arid brings with him a local reputation for vigor and for considerable Independence of character. Perhaps the next in importance is John Kean of new Jersey an sex member of the House a Trust lawyer and a fitting running mate for s senator Sewell. The fifth in rank so far As their qualities Are now known is Louis Mccomas of Maryland an sex member of the House and a Man of considerable Public capacity. Then there Are Quarles of Wisconsin and Mccumber of North Dakota lawyers with excellent local reputations with Only such Public experience As is to be had in the Arena of the state legislature. Last comes a group of three business men Scott of West Virginia Clarke of Montana and Foster of Washington. These have grown Rich in mining and lumbering and have decided that they Are Rich enough to be Able to afford such Quot fads Quot As yachts racing stables and i United states senator ships. Hanna will Welcome them All warmly including the so called Democrat Clarke. So far As can now be seen Beveridge is far and away the most or Ionising of the lot. He alone has great talents and indomitable and incessant Industry combined with youth. He alone is bound up with no clique and springing from the very bosom of the Plain people is free to hew out a career of Independent manhood. He has already shown that he has Strong convictions and the courage and the capacity and the earnestness so to express them that they have attracted National attention in an incredibly Short time. There will be one almost new senator judge Ross who is filling the unexpired term of the late senator Morrill of Vermont. But his great age Quot and extreme reticence forbid the expectation that he will attract Public attention in any marked degree. The Senate at present stands republicans 46 democrats 34 populists etc., 10. Assuming that the still vacant seats will be filled in accordance with the political complexions of the electing Legislatures the Senate after March 4 will stand republicans 55 democrats 27 populists etc., 8. If the Senate should be called together before the six unsettled senator ships Are settled the republicans would still have fifty one senators a Clear majority of eighteen Over democrats populists and Silve rites. Not in a Quarter of a Century has the Senate had such a weak minority such an overwhelmingly Strong majority. Of heard in Congress. Carl a Hdez Hon Obed. Complimentary dinner Given for his Seventieth anniversary. Many noted men present a the old Patriot Speaks of his Devotion to America and his affection for the fatherland a believes in the government of Lincoln. New York March 2.�?the Seventieth anniversary of the birth of Carl Schuiz was celebrated to Day. Congratulatory letters and telegrams Weie received in great numbers. Through the Day close friends called to offer congratulations in person. A cablegram of greeting came from Prince Herbert Bismarck and from forty of the leading members of the German Reich Stag and similar dispatches were received from various parts of Germany and from important cities in the United states. The general Assembly of Missouri sent congratulations As did the chamber of Commerce of new York the committee of arrangements for the Philadelphia Schurz Celebration the society of political Economy of Berlin the survivors of the Twenty sixth regiment of Wisconsin the Standard club of Carl Schurz. By or. Robinson of Indiana Peti a Tion of letter carriers and Ortiz end of fort Wayne ind., favouring the passage of a Bill to the pay of letter carriers to the committee on the Post ofl3ce and Post roads. Of Don t tobacco spit and smoke tour life away. To quit tobacco easily and forever be magnetic. Full of life nerve and vigor take no to Bac the wonder worker that makes weak men Strong. All druggists 50c or $1. Cure guaranteed Booklet and Sarple free. Address Sterling remedy co. In Imago or new York. Ladies Are especially invited to our annual Spring opening next saturday afternoon and evening. Music and Flowers. Randall wheel co. Two children cremated. Tix Rii Apter of i air Arrix by firk. Pianos Are endorsed w by the most eminent w artists of the Day. Pianos Excel in lasting and staying in tune qualities. Pianos in All the late styles and different Woods can be seen at our retail Ware rooms 20 Calhoun St. Pianos Are guaranteed by a company composed of some of our leading and Best i known citizens. A pianos have attained a prominence with the music Trade and musicians that stamp them As instruments of the highest Quality. a. March a tii a res of John 7iainf. At we ii Salis let Ury. A i in ironed yesterday and to it children aged two months and two it ars. Wen . Mrs. Haines was also dangerously burned and or. If incs slightly ii Jurt in. Fatal mine explosion. , a. March 2.�?by an explosion of Gas in the no. 1 Shaft of Coal company late night d avid a. Thomas and Harry Evans were fatally burned and Washill had rack was probably killed As his body has not yet been Foini. 4 a Charlottin. A. March l fhe Here to Ciao lest Royce the Southern railway freight def Jot. A Cotton compress the joint i roi5erty of the Southern and railroads a Largo storage warehouse. Four thousand Bales of Cotton intended for Export to j England and Germany. And several Hundred of commercial fertilizers. The loss will be about $t<x>,0 of. Insurance unknown. Death in the fog. F i Cagto. March 2.�?the heavy fog which overhung the City t a Day was indirectly the cause of a head end collision Between two freight trains on the Chicago. Hurling on and Chi Mincy Railroad at Blue Island Avenue which resulted in the death of one Man and the injun a of two . Two soldiers killed. Jackson. Tonn., March 2.�?news has just been received Here of a disastrous wreck near Tupelo on the Mobile Anil Ohio Railroad. Six coaches loaded with soldiers were overturned and two killed and six others seriously Hurt. A Miller burned. Norwalk Ohio. March 2.�?gibson amp sons flour Mill at Wakeland this county was burned Early this morning. The body of will Gibson has been found in the ruins. Grabbing american territory. Ii ear the latest improved Edison phonograph talk a and sing the late hits of the Day at the Ejlif # Packard music House j 20 Calhoun St. So British Flag planted in our alaskan Gold Fields. Victoria b. A. March 2.�?miners who have just arrived on the Steamer tees from the North say the Canadian officials on the Dalton Trail have seen fit to change the Boundary line to suit themselves. They have advanced a considerable distance into american territory and according to the Story which has reached Here have planted the British Flag within seven Miles of Haines Mission the entry port for the Porcupine District. The Point to which the canadians have advanced will throw a big area of the recently discovered mines of the Porcupine District into British territory if the new Boundary is allowed to stand. Chicago the technical High school of Berlin and the military Section of the term ten society of Lacrosse wis. A dinner complimentary to or. Schurz was Given to night at Del Monico. Covers were Laid for four Hundred. Charles Francis Adams of Boston was the presiding office Quot. Among those the main table on either Side of or. Adams were or. Schurz Levi p. Morton James c. Carter Seth Low Edward m. Shepard. Charles s. Fairchilds Herbert Welch William l. Strong William Sloan acid Alexandere Orr. Among those who sent letters or telegrams of regret were Grover Cleveland and Andrew Carnegie join his address or. Schurz said for nearly half a Century i have Felt myself a thorough american. Under the stars and stripes my children were born i am to die and they Are to live. But my faithful love for Republic does not forbid me to look Back upon the old fatherland with re Prential affection upon that great nation whose valor has written so Many pages of heroic pages of history and Liose thoughts like a fair shining Beacon Light has so brightly illuminated the world. I am profoundly grateful to those kind friends in the land of my birth who at this period of my life have so warmly remembered me. Nor can i fail to speak with Pride of those american citizens of German blood who hold their rank among the Best of our people by Industry their civic Virtues their conservative spirit and their self sacrificing patriotism which has drenched every american Battlefield with teutonic blood. It May Well be said of them that however warm their affection for their native land they have never permitted that affection to interfere with their duties As american citizens and least of All to seduce them into any design or desire to use their Power in american politics for foreign ends. And of the service they Are doing this Republic it will not be the least valuable that their presence on our soil helps to preserve that peace and Friendship Between the two nations Avrich happily has always existed to the Benefit and Honor of both and which of late such wicked attempts have been made to disturb without cause. May that peace and Friendship endure forever. And now the last word which May be fittingly uttered on an occasion like this. I have reached the age at which i May speak from experience and of the experiences of my Long Public activity i will give you the Best. If there is any Man among us who has lost Faith in democratic government in what Abrahams Lincoln called a government of the people for the people and by the people i am not that Man. You will look in vain for a people Tjit have achieved As much of Freedom of Progress of Well being and As the american people have under their institutions of democratic government. The German american Celebration of Schurz s birthday will take place March 8, in a dinner and reception in lieder Kranz Hall. Three Hundred German societies will participate. The Boston store. Special White goods Sale. We have placed on Sale a Complete line of new White goods at so an Ltd 12% cents. New styles in curtain material at 10, 12% and 15 cents. 1 lot of lace curtains at 85 cents.Worth&Quot$1.00. 1 lot of lace curtains at $1.00, Worth $1.35. 1 lot of curtains at $1.25, Worth $1,75. A line of All Wool fancy dress goods at 25 cents Worth 37% cents. A line of Black Novelty goods at 25 cents Worth 35 cents. A line of Black Novelty goods at 39 cents Worth 50 cents. A line of Black cry Pons at 50 cents Worth 62% cents. A line of Black cry Pons at 75 cents Worth $1.00. New styles of dress trimmings at special Low prices. A line of Black Satin skirts at $1.00, Worth $1.35. A line of fancy skirts at $1.25. Worth $1.75. A lot of children s Black Cotton Hose. All sizes at 6�z4 cents. Worth 10 cents. We. Hahn amp comp. The Boston in Bolivia. S Reading rapidly a president Alonzo s forces again Defeated. Lima Peru March 2.�?the revolution in Bolivia is spreading rapidly. President Alonzo s forces have again been Defeated by the rebels under general Pando thereby giving encouragement to the revolutionists throughout the country. Panic and anarchy reigns local news. Miss Grace Houck left for new York Early this morning. Miss Maggie Nix has returned from a visit in Huntington. R. A Denny a Chicago plumber was in the City last night on business. Or. J. W. Caldwell has returned from an extended visit with relatives in Ohio. The sons of veterans will give a hop at their Hall on tuesday evening March 14. Ray Shreve of Lillie Street is convalescing from a severe attack of appendicitis. A daughter of a. Martin living seven Miles North of the City is seriously ill with pneumonia. The Blue Point club is to have a meeting tuesday evening at the Home of Charles Golden. Or. James p. Ross the West Columbia Street merchant has recovered from a recent illness. Mrs. A. Mergentheim who has been East for Over a week will return Home next sunday morning. Quot in darkest Russia Quot was creditably presented to a fair sized audience at the Temple last night. Miss Letitia Coleman of Warsaw arrived in the City yesterday afternoon. She will attend school Here. Mrs. H. B. Rumsey has returned to her Home in this City after quite an extended sojourn in Chicago. Sex Marshall Christopher Kelley is seriously ill and some apprehension is Felt that he will not Long survive. Or. And mrs. Theodore Frank Are the parents of a handsome baby boy and dry goods Are going at any old Price. 3ir. In tue a Chaplin for several years connected with the Warsaw times has taken a position on the journal staff. E. M. Biggs who represents the Brokaw i uniform company of new York went West Eaily this morning. Or. Benj. Lehman returned last evening from new York City it there he went to make Stock selections for his clothing House. Mrs. A. L. Devilbiss and mrs. Alec Bell who have been visiting Here for a couple of Days returned to their Homes at Decatur yesterday. Or. E. W. Cook received a Telegram last nig to from his brother. Clarence Cook stating that he had arrived at Seattle on his Way to the Klondike. Isaac Taylor is very ill at the Home of his son. E. L. Taylor in this City. The elder or. Taylor is Well known in fort Wayne and All Over Indiana. Mrs. S. S. Kimberly who has Bene in the City for about six weeks leaves today for Chicago. Or. Kimberly represents a Large spice House of that City. R. A. Bradley with Wing amp Mahurin is preparing plans for a handsome residence for or. L. Park Dray i. It will be located on South Calhoun Street and will Cost about $2.000. Services at the Bethany presbyterian Church will be conducted sunday by the Rev. Geo. B. Safford of Onarga 111. The Rev. Safford will arrive in fort Wayne to Day. Miss Ida Bolenger who is head trimmer in mrs. Murray s millinery establishment returned last night from Chicago. Where she has been studying the latest Spring styles in feminine headgear. Eugene Carter the Billard expert will go to Kendallville to Day to play exhibitions in John Kelley s Billard Hall. He will return to Chicago sunday to be on time for the billiard match monday. The interest at the revival meetings at Trinity m. E. Church last evening was unusually g ratifying one person being converted and several rising for i Ayers. This evening the Rey. Or. Parr of the Wayne Street Church will preach. Or. James b. White has just received two pair of Beautiful White fan tail pigeons and three pairs of grand jacobins in White red and Black from or. Otis j. Case of new York. These Birds Are beyond a doubt As Fine As any in the West. The bids Are All 1898 Breed and from the very Best of Stock. Or. White is Well pleased with his Purchase and says they Are a valuable lot for his loft which Aheady contains such a Fine lot of Birds. Fead Geistdoerfer was arraigned in police court on a charge of incest. The alleged victim was unable to appear and the Case was continued. Geist Oei or was placed under $2,000 Bond. He was unable to furnish it and went to jail. The Rev. And mrs. L. L. Henson received a Telegram last evening announcing the death of mrs. Henson s brother in Law. Or. O. N. Cloud of Frankfort ind. Both or. And mrs. Henson left for that City this morning. Or. Henson will return some time tonight and will occupy his pulpit As usual on sunday. The Rome City correspondent of the Kendallville Sun says Quot a. C. Keel of fort Wayne was Here tuesday looking at the remnants of a once cozy cottage. The fire brigade thought to save the Goodwin cottage would be an impossibility and so some of them turned their attention to tearing Down the keel cottage hoping by so doing to stay the conflagration. In this they were right. Or. Keel says he blames no one but can t see the difference whether it had better burned or be torn Down. We think tie insurance company will adjust his loss state of Ohio City of Toledo is Lucas county. Frank j. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of f. J. Cheney amp co., doing business in the City of Toledo county and state aforesaid and that said firm will pay the Sirini of one Huni it red dollars for each and every Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall s Catarrh cure. Frank j. Cheney. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 6th Day of december. A. D., 1ss6. Seal a. W. Gleason notary Public. Hall s Catarrh cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. Cheney amp co., Toledo o. Sold by druggists 75c. family pills Are the Best. -0-we will ssi Tiow tie Lar a est to a a a ii to exit of jibe cles in tie cit3 at our store next saturday. Orandi Spring opening. Free tickets on Yale bicycle that . J. , Accident. Life end la acuity 82.&Quot Calhoun National league. No Schedu Ive adopted a to Barr St. Louis purchaser. New Yuriv March 2.�?the annual Spring meeting of the National league magnates closed to night. The magnates finished their business. They passed the Rogers amendment to the Constitution without change they passed the Brush report on the Board of discipline after making some important changes they adopted the report of the rules committee after certain modifications had been made they passed a Resolution which has direct bearing upon the disposition of the St. Louis franchise. They did not take any action upon the Philadelphia admission question and colonel Rogers did not bring the matter before his brother magnates they did not adopt a schedule for the coming season. They adjourned subject to the Call of the president. The following relative to the St. Louis franchise was passed unanimously resolved that the purchaser at a judicial Sale of the assets of any club a member of this league will not be entitled to club membership without proper admission thereto in accordance Wilth the league s Constitution. The above is a quiet warning by the league to All intending bidders for the franchise in St. Louis. It was announced that the next meeting of the league wll be held in this City immediately after the Sale of the St. Louis club. Easy physic. There is a wrong and a right Way to Correct constipation. The wrong Way is the old style Power Erful Pill which exhausts the stomach. Ai Blonic pellets two Kadi Cut a a owe Box. So. For Salb by Gross amp

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