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Fort Wayne Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1897, Page 7

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Fort Wayne Journal, The (Newspaper) - June 13, 1897, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne morning journal sunday june 13, 1897. On frugality and Long life translated from the original latin by Andrew Lang. Pope Leo Xiii. London june Leo Xiii s new latin poem the first copies of which were received from the world s correspondent at Rome today has been translated for the world into English verse by Andrew Lang the famous scholar poet and critic. The world readers will therefore be the first to receive by Cable an eng Lish translation of this unique curiosity of poetical work by the reigning head of the Catholic Church. Andrew Lang in a prefatory note to his version for the world says the Pope s poem in Praise of frugality is on the Model of the epistles of Horace. From the reference to Coffee he seems to have Modem manners in his mind but the banquet of greed reflects the intemperance of ancient Rome. The translation is necessarily in the manner of the eighteenth Century. Andrew the poem follows shun greed be Content with sparse and frugal fare Art epistle to Fabricius Rufus. I. What diet lends the strength to life and frees the Flower of health from each malign disease the Good Pupil from of old and Follower of Hippocrates has told. Rating base gluttony with anxious air he thus Laid Down the Laws of frugal fare ii. Neatness comes first. Be thy spare table Bright with shining dishes and with napkins White. Be thy Chianti unadulterated to cheer the heart and raise the spirit s weight yet Trust not much the Rosy god in Fine be sure that you put water in your wine. Picked be thy Grain and pure thy Home made bread. Thy meats be delicate and Dairy fed. Tender nor highly spiced thy food nor tease thy taste with sauces from Aegean seas. I fresh be thine boiled or nearly raw or deftly poached or simple served a plat there s wit in poaching the proverb says and you May do them in a Hundred ways. Iii. Nor shun the bowl of foaming milk that feeds the infant and May serve the senior s needs. Next on the Board be heaven s gift Honey placed and sparing of Hyb Lacan nectar taste. Pulses and salads on thy guests even in suburban gardens salads grow. Add chosen the times afford let Rose red apples Crown the rustic Board. Last comes the beverage of the Orient mocha far off the fragrant berries bore. Taste the dark fluid with a Dainty lip digestion Waits on pleasure As you sip. In. Such Are my precepts for a diet Sage that leads the safely to a Green old age. But Wise Fellus still would sagely say the path of greed lies quite the other Way. That cruel shameless Siren Only cares to trap men s feet and spread her shining snares. These arc her arts to bid the table Shine with varied ornament and purple Fine. Embroidered napkins impudently glow the cups Are ordered in a gleaming Row goblets and beakers Bronze and Silver plate and fragrant Flowers the table decorate. With these and seeming hospitable word she draws her guests incautious to the Board on couches bids the languid limbs recline and brings Forth beakers of her choicest wine. What Chian vineyards or Valernian yield and juices of the am Yolacan Field with such liqueurs As anxious Art distils from various juices Dainty cups she fills. Rivals in greed devour the Juicy cares and guest with guest in drinking emulates. In Oil and spice a boar Lucania geese lend their livers hares their tender midst ortolan and doves As White As Snow flesh mixed with fish and clams with oysters show. The mighty plate a huge inure a swimming attended by a Shoal of quills. The gaping guests adore and feeding Fine. Feast to disgust and soak themselves in then blown with wine and food and angry All arise and fight like furies in the Hall. Of fisticuffs they take their eager fill at last with wine and Moat o arcome Are greed laughs triumphant in her cruel glee and drowns her guests like sailors in the sea fell indigestion now her work begins the liver finds the sinners in their sins languid perspiring tortured humid they with limbs that totter take their devious Way. With tongues that stammer and with faces Pale. Rut greed would yet More potently prevail the broken battered body is her what if the soul herself were overthrown and bound to Earth in greed s unholy snare that we inherit of diviner air. Then if it might the flood of greed would Roll e in o or the embers of the immortal soul Horace. Took ii. Satire it. A verse s3. With two passages their related passages in the up second Book of satires and in his epistles. The Pope s poem discussed. New York. June Leo should these of who Havo Boon tick my the american palate with Pic Irenn mysteries which minds in fathom now Bow before lift Pope s admit the advantages of Plain Oil anal show How those advantages May be Palat Nelv utilized. Clef Gustavo Nauvf-1. Of Tho Hoffman ouse. Led the Way in the world. His no to the Pope s gastronomic precepts was Road with interest in thousands of is of Iii caused positive excitement in local Colony of chefs. Great chefs talk of the poem a result the most prominent artists who draw Hank presi Lent salaries from tie great hotels of this consented to Tell the Public a rough the world hot easily and agric ably the Pope s advice May to put into practice. George c. Ewoldt. Proprietor of the Ito Al Waldorf and his chef. Tiiu. The skilful master of cuisine who years resided Over the famous Kitchen of the fifth Avenue hotel both cheerfully con a to prepare for the world s readers a fast lunch and dinner hat should closely follow Pope Loo s pre s and at the same time do no violence o epicurean taste. I do this most said or. Boldt to Tho interviewer because t feel hat it will he trouble taken in a worthy hip. Pope Leo s poem which i have Tuilier with great interest is logical and is. I feel that i am especially competent o explain just what he poem advocates. Sci use i have closely studied inc school cookery wit i which the Pope is a mar t have lived in Italy and know what thy prelate eans when he writes in verse of Dairy meats Well chosen salads and Tho Ike. The Pope s chosen diet. Ii the Host italian families. La prot. Pure wines watered at least one third vege arrows Are in particular favor with ii try that has been fed and Caret for s if each Chicken Xmas a Royal favorite. chef. Menu. In As Well informed n the italian methods which underlie tie Pope s theories As i am. Together will prepare a menu which will show just about How Pope at his in table and also How american fam Tes wishing to avoid dyspepsia and Cour a Brevity May easily follow the papal sex or. Boldt save this Promise Early in Thi afternoon hut it was s o clock at before the work had been accomplished to his satisfaction. The Pope s menu which gives the a Tro Nomin program of a Day at the Vati can according to the combined views of or. Boldt and chef menu indicates that nicely at the papal table. What Pope Leo eats. At s a. Oranges. Rolls. Coffee with hot milk or Choco at 11 m. Rfcs poached. Omelette with Fine herbs. White wine. Squads broiled. Red wine. String Beans. Green salad. Cheese. At 4 p. Of. Class of milk bread Cut thin and buttered with Honey. At p. Oysters on half Shell. Glass of Sherry White and red wine. Rolled fish. Potatoes sprinkled Parsley and freshly melted Putter. Poulard steamed. Fresh string Beans Macaroni Plain. Lop of Mutton. Roasted. Turnips. Mashed. Salad with stewed fruits. Plain Rice pudding. Sponsa cake. Glass of . Fruits. Coffee. Proforo retiring. A Elisa of mulled Chianti with dry biscuit or a to be successfully applied to the Ameri can table. Realizing ills. Or. Boldt and ills chef submit a modified Hill of fare ring strictly to Pope Leo s advice. For a family. By the Waldorf chef. Breakfast. Fruits. Oatmeal and Cream. Omelette with Parley. Potatoes. Coffee. Lun Cheow. Cup of Bouillon. Soft Shell crab. Broiled or two fresh we tables in season. Mixed in and. Claret cup. Chee a dinner. Oysters. Light Moselle. Light soup. Fish either Plain. Rolled or broiled. Tomatoes with mind props off. Boiled fowl with celery dressing. Light Claret. Toast reef Mutton or Lamb two vege salad. Cd fuse. Hot dessert in form of Light funding. Black Coffee. Fruits. This in not and or. Woldt there must be Dally changes in meats and vegetables but lat Lon in plan. For example. Substitute roast Lamb for roast ref. Broiled for broiled Chicken. It always Oval re highly seasoned sauces Chiist Ftp Rocker. A hrs of the Holland House who came m this City four years planned Cher Becker to a world reporter taste to follow its teachings. I Cook a an Art. I can do much with Little. Eli when the Pope says no sauces no rid i Fps. You Call me still i will give the world a menu the Best that can to done on the poem. By any first class family Cook could do a Andreas Foy. Chef of Tho Cilcy House tie foundations of whose reputation wer Laid at the auditorium in Chicago i another who offers menu calculated to meet Pope Leo s approval. Lie declined to discuss the poem but the of company ing contribution from ills Pei shows that he has carefully studied it precepts. By chef a. Fox. Gilsett House Little Keck clams. Potase. Mere St. Cream of Barley. Princess relishes. Lettuce. Sliced tomatoes. Olives. Souffle of Chicken. Sarah bombard t boiled Salmon. Sauce Cardinal. Potatoes Coul Tesse. In Trees. Tour Edos de filet a la de Reszke. Philadelphia Capon a la casserole Sweet breads. Larded a la chant Illy. Bermuda onions. Glaces. Plain spinach fresh mushrooms broiled game. Woodcock sur canape. Salade a la thu dessert. Nesselrode pudding assorted cakes fruits. Cheese. Coffee. Leo with Parisi reputation Ione. Also translated the Pope s poem in menu form. It is very Good and very True sex killed by Light Xing fatal Holt descends Neap Williamsport the reaper s work. James Weaver a Well to do Young Farmer residing near Williams port. Killed by lightning near his Home Fri Day evening. He was in the St. Diary s River with two when a Sharp Thunder storm came i and the men took Refuge under a Oak tree. They had there but v minutes when a Holt of lightning Tho tree rending it in Twain and stretching the three men on tie two of them recovered from the Shock in it few moments but Wea ver had received the full strength of the current and was dead. His body was carried to his residence when stricken wife and two children had apprised o the awful tidings. The deceased was a brother of airs. John e. Long of this City who left with Hei husband to attend the funeral which will take place this afternoon. The mortuary list. Sirs. Maria Broeker Rne yer wife of Edward Brockermeyer. Died of con sumption at a late hour Friday night at the family residence 260 Street. She was 1m years of age Nurt leaves a husband and a one year old babe. The funeral wiil place tuesday afternoon at 2 o clock from the residence and later from Emanuel lutheran Church. The funeral of jars. Michael him Bert will take place at 2 o clock Thi afternoon from the residence 14 Vina Street and half an hour later from Salem reformed Church. C. 0. Troxall. Of Kast Wayne Street has received notice of tie death of his Mother at Al Lentum a. A. Indian murderers arrested. Miles City. Mon. June Iff Gibbs reached this City last evening having in custody yellow hair and i Crow two Cheyenne indians implicated in the Hoover murder. Agent sch called the indians All in and the arrests were made by the Shoroff resistance being offered. Chief White Bull is still at Liberty but can be arrested at any time. Something to know. It May be Worth something to know that the very Best Medicine for creator no the tired out nervous system to a healthy vigor is electric Bittera. Thu Medicine is purely vegetable acts by giving tone to the nerve centers in the stomach gently stimulates the liver and kidneys and aids these organs id la rowing off impurities in the blood. Electric bitters improves the appetite Alda digestion and is pronounced by Hose who have tried it a the very Best blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try 1l sold for 50c or per bottle at be Bro s Dir store. Slice pig Cap. To san fax Cisco Wabasis to. Endeavor convention june and july 1. To to accommodate the overflow of business to the y. P. P. A k Donven Ion it the Wabash will special tourist sleepers out of St. Louis on june and july 1. Space can secured in these sleepers by Luff for Thorn now. The Roulo will via san tit be route from Kansas for rules to. Of ply to Wahnish it off of. 6-l-Eod-to-26 try Allen s foot ease a powder to to Shekon into the shoes. At this Flinson your feet feel swollen and hot and pet tired Ensley. If you have in Tonj Foet or Tiff it try Allen a Tess. It Ooola Tho feet and Maves Klup easy. Cures and prevents awol and a Wentler blisters and calms spots. Relieves coma and bunions of fill pain and Rives rest and i fort. Try it to Day. Som Hyall shoe stores for 25c. Trial in Cocace free. Add Caa. Allen s. Olmsted Roy. N. T. Roses with red. Ukr noses. Out of tune in Jaxk. stood at in new i olt Corine Date sixt Prophet Dunn Calls it a meteorological Freak de Yoe says it will last two months. York Jim ii or Nier i my last wet a. Juif Why. There never has been Sinh a june As Hite in the history of he official i Ather Bun a he re. It was .1 Desroc a in the Shade yesterday. And Elgarf Dunn the Init cd states it Athur forecast official says twp is the whole ads this Ollk a. These records so Hack to ls7i no june since then has been As cold is to Ilay. Talk Momi Tor us Les res at o clock this Niort ins this is durin flu Lay. The Lii Klesc a which was at 3 o clock Nilie a to a noon. These Are tempera Turt Lisi Iros for a month in he Sun season. The lower of the two travels to health pleasure on bicycles almost everybody rides. We have had our Iron Ages and our Stone is probably the beginning of the pneumatic age. Don t be behind the times. If you Don t want a wheel now j you will you get ready to buy you May find the Best offers have been Ridden away by others. The wheels we sell Are the Best they were not we would t sell them. Come in. Seeing s free. Olds Cycle co 27 Calhoun Street. Aid it has been Only fms times. The boldest june b Lii Whorto was in when the thermometer reached 5 the prevailing cold s however. Is Milch More of Makkah la Cut Mimril with that of Issa than the it Reid of of one decree would indic it Lias lasted much Lonker. And the is not yet in sight. Though the fro Rolio it to West thus indicating Clear weather Foi to Morrow the Are for stationary weather. To May therefore in Mimir or five decrees colder to Morrow j Istas Well As it May he four or five reps res a Amir. Evon m the latter it wought he cold for this. Lime of the year. . A. J. Do Yoe meteorologist my athe casts dilation on the movement of the Moon. When the Moon approaches the Earth at such a position As to throw a p on the Earth s atmosphere no Equator there is hound to lie extremely cold weather. Tins condition existed on May 31 last and i predicted the pres ent unusual weather. The vast rai1 a occasioned by the nearness of the Moon to the Earth. I said two months hat this sum Mer would be unusually cold and far my forecast la showing up Verj Well. This cold weather with rain will continue on for two months yet. I anticipate floods and Snow before the month of july closes. I Don t Antici Pate More Throo Clear Days Foi the remainder of june. July will be worse month than june. This storm formed on Tho Atlantic is Drift ins West not East As other men Are. Claiming. These a Cave next week be experienced the improved train. Service. The Nen train service on the Zicke late Road is a great improvement or ast service Anil is a special Benefit to Wayne people. Three through Rains Dally for All Points East or West passengers for Cleveland o. Chicago May to and return same Day. Ample time for business at either cd Locaso or Cleveland. Read the tin if arrivals and in Aneth elegant drawing room sleeping1 cars to new York City Ai Joston. Nickel plate express East at 27 p. In. Carries coaches baggage cars sleeping cars through to new York City without change of cars. East Lound train Lesi Vinor fort Wayne a m. Via Nickel plate Road. York City a. Boston in. The following1 Day. Train leaving fort Wayne at p. Reaches Clev land at same evening. New Yorac Ity p. M., Boston p. M., Fot ing Day. Train leaving fort Wayne -3 p. A reaches Buffalo a. M., new York p. M., following1 Day. At convenient hour for Saratoga Springs Troy and other Interior new state Points. 6-6. 9, 13, 16. 20. 23. 27. 20. Michigan summer. Northern Michigan has increased in popularity As a place for summering Only on account the climatic dilutions but because it provides such variety of pleasures for such a variety of people. With the opportunities o great for the enjoyment of con Gen Al society the fishing boating Bath the excellence of the hotels and us the comforts of cottage life Lere is no Chance for Monotony. The Imatz owing to the proximity of the rent lakes and the latitude is no equalled for the invigoration f Fred and worn out humanity. Send for illustrated descriptive mat slving1 information about the Dif Krent Points. Lists of hotels rates of ire Ami train service of the grand aulds Indiana railway the line is Chloff nil the resorts the route of be Northland express the fast vesti used train carrying through Elce pers St. Louis. Cincinnati Louisville Din Napols and Chicago to Petoskey and Mackinaw. Address c. L. Lockwood. G. T. And t. A., grand rapids Mich Tine 6 Sun to aug 1 Xor then Indiana nit up. A gun Lee a Well known coloured in ii keeper of Kokomo. Was caused of t or sins names of Butu Oss men to ins liquor Bourl. Hits Hin i Vinju the Oili cers ble. Lie is in jail. The Venty fifth annual commenci1 ent of the Wal wish schools was held hair stay evening tit the High school Assembly room. There wore thirty members of the class the largest or graduated Hen Tho dwelling of David Al Czuni. Of filiash was struck during a violent third or i. And badly thu Chitu was split and Inu jul of .iiu1 of ten was Lorn out. I match beyond shocked won n Hurt. Lulli Ifft n City Council fixed the its of Tho City Oili Ives As r. Marshal Clork ill additional City attorney to Tivas uror Noil men Al to. A i t school trips chief of tin1 trial of sex Tiva surer d. W. Fair. La Kali county is tvs next Mon in. The huh. And that of prof. W. 11. I i Tosh i to 21sl a rnai of Fulton county s . A by onion ii list Stock Law. He has at prvs Hondr a of id of sheep in he slut k Horn Catullo d care Hep living on the Hanks to ik.-. Near is said to to Cancho and Cilo dozen drops three piece bed room suit same As above cuts with a 22x28 Bevel Glass for 25 m 30 East Beni Street. Is j brew of special Export ass Livre tonic Fob fam j ilyu8b. Telephone no. 62. Vold s Huomo celery. Once for headache never abandoned Rwanda. I pets. Servant girls and dyspepsia. K. Medical Man thinks he has found the cause of Amer ican ills. As though the servant girl had not ill tidy enough to answer for in pro Lucina the miseries of modern Civili action she is now indirectly charged in Tho record with response Mility for it least ninety per cent of he indigestion of the american peo the editor in Hia article blames he irregular and to timely sunday inner for the prevalence of dyspepsia. And in an interview with a sunday journal reporter amplifying the article l blame s the servant Fri m a physical Point of View the Juliau cd by the writer in to Medeni record is this the artist local existence that has been produced a product social Evolur Ion makes regularity in eating also utely a Cessaro to Snow health. The erections necessary for Rood Diges Ion Are poured out and Are ready for action with the Monotony of clock work. Irregularity in employing hem not Only Broil times Odily discomfort but inflicts actual injury on the Tive apparatus which has Bern so Edu Caird that it requires a definite amount of action and positive prompt Ness Iti feeding. If the secretions Are not employed the stomach Nhsn rom them for Iii without the accompany ing Init Ilion which ones to the for Mali ii of More secretions. Acute in Dik fiction ensues. In discussing the article the editor of thu medical la econ said Maturo has arbitrary Nilst in this Mattit of food and it is Folly for peo ple who wish to enjoy a Root health to tenure them. Is As much of a habit As Sli pins dyspeptic Are or dered to eat inflexibly at regular intervals but in Good in All h Cari Ilis Reinard the simplest Rule to maintain it. The sunday dinner As it is Regula Ted to Day is .111 the routine Whitell n Man s business Obi rations and regard for his stomach 1m film is up a sunday by Ris no and i heavy breakfast followed too soon by a midday dinner. It Mallet i la tilt what i done the remainder of Ilay. The diet ration bus Toen ups t. Gone nil and kid follow. When the appetite is gone the stomach is in an unfit condition to take foot. To eat is almost As much of an injury at that tune As to go without until the next regular meal time comes around. I am speaking now of people who Are not Hocti stained to take a heavy midday meal throughout Tho week. To a Labouring Man it does not Mako so much difference. Lie is accuse Domeij to take a heavy meal at mid Day whether it be or cold. Tho main difference to him on sunday a that he gets a warm meal and it is just to Well that he should take it at the usual time. But Taka the front number of peo ple who Are accustomed to a 6 o clock or i 7 clock dinner through the week. Thu a one sirvant. Perhaps i servants. Domestics Are i played with specific agreements about their sundays off. To meet their requirements the Arrari ments of Tho Imus hum arc entirely upset on n Sun Day. A Laie breakfast in the morning is followed by an est Ray dinner in afternoon. Now. The stomach knows sunday. It is simply reckless to exit it to work properly under other than its usual conditions on that Day. Yet nine Tiu he of the american peo ple do May 1tavk the right Man. Leave Worth. June 12. J. W. Oliver a. Dis honorable Dirohi arsed vet n. Was taken before to itch states h. yesterday nil placed under si.000 Bond and jailed under a Strong suspicion that he is the one who attempted to blow tip governor Smith s House at tin. Soldiers Home this morning. Sted Foh Mauo ious president of a Coll Koh de famed the american Hook company. Des it tanks. . June 1. Twin Eom Piniy has Toguri suit in the Federal court against o. A. Of Iowa College at Kinnell. For for malicious ii subscribe for the Jou

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