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Fort Wayne Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1899, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Journal (Newspaper) - February 15, 1899, Fort Wayne, Indiana A a Losenger and freight tray a Jug storm. In Terf erred with by a the through trains on the a Eben Sylvania and Nickel la re systems Snow bound eight More Pennsylvania firemen become engineers gossip. None of the through passenger or if Elshot trains on the Pennsylvania and. Nickel plate systems arrived yesterday and As a result the congestion of Frei fat in to East Yards was relieved to the extent of 100 cars Quot and it was ithe expectation to be Able to move at least 100 More before Thiis morning. The it East bound trains on both systems Are Quot also Snow bound while the Continental limited on the Wabash is contending with All kinds of Snow and Zero weather in a ranking the run through Canada. More firemen promoted. Lesight More of the Pennsylvania fire Toen received official notification yes ferday that they had be advanced to ithe Grade of Engineer. Or. A. H. Pol Liinus Road Foreman of engineers at Oitice assigned them to engines. Those promoted Are Clarence c. Miller Daniel w. Rhoads George Huber Frank Ait her Frank w. Lewis Frank m. A. M. Walsh and a. A Slagle. A number of Braken in will also be Nide conductors but the list of those who will come in for promotion has Quot not As yet been prepared. Victims of la Grippe. The employees of the Pennsylvania round House Are now coming in for their share of the la Grippe epidemic which has been going the rounds among the empl6yes of the company. No less than twelve of the employees of that department Are at the present time victims of the disease. They Are Frank pox George Telley John Fisher Charles Ballinger Thomas Beals Dennis Mccarthy Thomas Donahue George Kalbacher George Callahan w. H. Sloat John Weldon and j. G. A Pitler. On the Wabash. It has been decided by the management of the Wabash to take off two of the passenger trains on this division to Quot admit of the locomotives being used a Sis freight haulers. The change will be made next sunday but will Only be ten Horary or until such a time As the Quot congestion of freight at All Points along the line has been relieved. Railroad gossip. Web Pittman is learning the Road Over the Wabash preparatory to taking an engine. _ the tonnage of freight trains has i Een reduced one half during the prevalence of the Zero weather. During the past fifteen months the Wabash has been spending on an aver a age of $40,000 a month in improvements to the system. Another class of students for positions As brakeman on the Wabash in went the regulation examination in the office of train master May at Peru onday. Three additional Telegraph offices were created on the Pennsylvania yesterday one at Larwill and a Day and night office at the West end of the it Saline Yards. Engineer Harry Jones and fireman pc. W. Lar More of the Pennsylvania were stricken ill with the grip at Crestline and had to Deadhead Back to their respective Homes in this City. Messes. A. F. Turner w. E. Lindoerfer al. Beckley and Henry Poole machinists employed at the Wabash shops at Ashley yesterday entered the shops at this Point under general fore-3iian j. D. Timlin. The highest Price Ever paid for a Railroad Bond in this country was on wednesday when one of the Pennsyl a Vania Railroad general mortgage 6 per cent registered Bonds sold in Phila a Delphia for $132,50, the Bond maturing in 1910. The annual report of chief Engineer Brown of the Pennsylvania Railroad Ltd it Many has been issued. It covers the transportation lines owned and operated by and associated in interest with the company. During the year 1898 the new trackage on the Eastern system was increased 140 Miles. On the lines West of Pittsburg there was an increase of 17.77 Miles of second third and fourth tracks and 28.s5 Miles of sidings on the Northwest system. The Southwest system reports an increase a of 3.12 Miles in second third and fourth track and of 23.82 Miles in sidings. All the other lines show a slight increase in new track Laid. Total length of line East of Pittsburg and Erie 4,611 Mues West of Pittsburg 4,424.20 Miles total ,035.20 Miles. A it ii Mich Mie i f aft a or a a bum capitalist acid by Jijak Tischer and the Rev. Casseu. Altai Oligh having their Money invested will leave the management to their partners. In soul attic will continue to remind at the Helm of the establishment for which a Bright future is poisons. Generated in the body. Human the result of imperfect digestion of food. New eau Wabe Fez by. Schlatter and company incorporate with $60,000 capital. The new hardware concern mention a of which was made exclusively in the journal sunday morning has been latin eyed. Articles of incorporation Limaye been filed by a. H. Bittenger the i attorney for the new concern. Or. C. A. Schlatter is president of the new company and o. E. Richard is secretin. The following gentlemen Are a Stock Bolden. C. C. Schlatter George f. Bandtel a m. Stouder Deitry e. Fischer c. C. T. Cassel g. P. Van Tell c. P. Mito Idelet x a Trier o. B. T Plum h Bosenbeck William Herts and for t. Al Merman. Of these it Urtz Stowder Sorde Richard and Ouenzi apm it la re of the firm of Pfilf mate and later with c. O. Cont Ila every living thing Plant or animal contains within itself the germs of certain decay and death. In the human body these germs of death called by 8<entl8ts a Toma Ineare usually the result of imperfect digestion of food the result of indigestion or dyspepsia. The stomach from abuse weakens does not promptly and thoroughly digest the food. The result is a heavy Sodden mass which ferment i the first process of decay poisoning the blood making it thin weak and lacking in red corpuscles poisoning the Bra in causing headaches pain in the eyes. Bad digestion weakens the heart causing palpitation and finally bringing on disease of this very important Organ. Poor digestion poisons the kidneys causing Brights disease and diabetes. And this is so because every Organ every nerve depends upon the stomach alone for nourishment and renewal and weak digestion shows itself not Only in loss of appetite and flesh but in. Weak nerves and Muddy complexion. Great Ehi Glish scientist Huxley said the Best Start in life is a sound stomach. Weak stomachs fail to digest food properly because they Lack the proper Quantity of digestive acids tactic and hydrochloric and pesto genl products the most sensible remedy in All cases of indigestion is to take after each meal one or two of stuarts dyspepsia tablets because they Supply in a pleasant harmless form All the elements that weak stomachs Lack. The regular use of stuarts dyspepsia tablets will cure any form of stomach trouble except cancer of the stomach. They increase flesh insure pure blood Strong nerves Bright eyes and Clear complexion because All these result Only from wholesome food Well digested. Nearly All druggists sell stuarts dyspepsia tablets at 50 cents full sized package or by mail by enclosing Price to Stuart co., Marshall Mich., but ask your druggist first. A Little Book on stomach diseases mailed free. Addi 6ss Stuart co., Marshall Mich. Missouri s moral wave. State Senate to prohibit posting of Giddy pictures. Jefferson City mo., feb. 14.�? senator Rump to Day introduced a Bill prohibiting under penalty of a Fine of $25 to $200, theatrical troupes from posting pictures of Semi nude actresses As advertisements for performances. The House committe on criminal jurisprudence to Day reported favourably Hall s Bill prohibiting Public exhibitions of hypnotism. Bobbed the grave. A startling incident of which or. John Oliver of Philadelphia was the subject is Nan ated by him As follows i was in a most dreadful condition. My skin was almost yellow eyes sunken Tongue coated pain continually in Back and sides no appetite gradually growing weaker Day by Day. Three physicians had Given me up. Fortunately a Friend advised trying electric bitters and to my great Joy and Surprise the first bottle made a decided improvement. I continued their use for three weeks and am now a Well Man. I know they saved my life and robbed the grave of another no one should fail to try them. Only 50 cts., guaranteed at Dreier amp Bro s drug store. -0- first under new Law. The state life insurance company will reorganize. The Hanly feud wll play a part in the controversy. F . A 3gard fought the Hanly action in the senator a scramble and retail anon is assured next year. Indianapolis feb. 14.�?the state life insurance company yesterday filed notice of reorganization with the Secretary of state under the new insurance Law passed february 10. The offices Are to be continued at Indianapolis. It is a Mutual company and is now placed in the same category with All old line Compani. Previous to the passage of the new Law the company was organized under the assessment plan. The company has a surplus of $100,000 and Over a Quarter of a million dollars in assets. The company s liabilities Are $152,000, and it has deposited with the auditor of state $165,000 As Security. A. M. Sweeney is president of the company Samuel Quinn vice president and w. S. Winn Secretary. This is the first company organized under the new Law. Minister told her to use Cut Cuba Fob babes Humph. Or Little baby broke out with a a Kin Dianin. On of tiny doctor attended the baby Centt Niit a Liy bit Dlab ii Good. Palm it tried Aspell allot int Theony Tempo Nouy relieved her end Eetemad covered the Euid e fee Sod body completely. Wilile the child e Nilu lags Wen met late Simk fhe . Stockbridge told me a boat Otu of Obj smolt that our Little dial ter la new ire of to a Mim. Pitt wifi cured Lier. A tells a. . A int Coe i of it it that a wan Batti Ullh flu i to till a Isitt Cirn Citsay Pyrett of Emo Lueota Sac main a Art Ibi tast Relief in the Demk a Midi staff correspondent Indianapolis Newa Lafayette ind., feb. 14.�?the announce Ems to in the news several weeks ago that w. S. Haggard at present lieutenant governor was an avowed candidate for governor on the Republican ticket in 1900, was not unexpected in this his Kurnie it to. It was known during the senatorial contest that while he desired to see James a. Mount sent to the United states Senate As a matter of Friendship he had also Strong personal reasons for bringing that about not the least of which was the advancement of himself to go a emotional honors in order to secure the prestige of the position. Tippecanoe county As a tile is Loyal to her sons and faithful to their interests. That she was not so with j. Frank Hanly when he aspired to be United states senator involves a Long Story that need not be told at this time. There Are factions in the party Here As elsewhere and it is a matter of his tory that or. Haggard opposed or Hanly vigorously and at times bitterly a and that he made it possible to bring about the defeat of Hanly. That he used his position is lieutenant governor in making up Senate committees to injure Hanly s chances is not denied. But he won his fight and therein lies one of his elements of strength. Had he failed it is probable that he would have dropped out of politics. There Are Many Here who say that or. Haggard is the logical candidate for governor and that Tippecanoe county will be Loyal to him. His close friends say that he will go to Indianapolis with a solid delegation or. If not solid there will not be More than two against him. The Hanly element it is conceded will oppose him but it is said that the Hanly strength is disintegrating. Walter Ball of muscle is already announced As a candidate for Congress and l. P. Jewby of Knightstown has declared himself a candidate for lieutenant governor. Probable candidates in 1900. A number of those who voted for Hanly for United states senator will be candidates for office. There is a possibility that or. Hanly will be a candidate for governor and the old fight will be on again. The friends of Quot Charley Quot Wilson governor mount s private Secretary who also lives in Lafayette Are urging him to make the race and or. Wilson has not yet said that he will not be a candidate. Charles e. Griffin of Hammond declined to enter the race for United states senator that he might be free to run for governor and he is an avowed candidate. If he should be nominated the democrats would urge against him that he is backed by Roby. Thus in the tenth congressional District there Are two avowed and two possible candidates for governor. What the result would be the Wisest political soothsayer at this time can not predict. Close on the announcement of Haggard s candidacy came that of James s. Dodge of Elkhart. He was department commander of the Indiana g. A. R., and As he stepped out of that position at the Columbus Encampment last Spring he announced that he would be a candidate for Secretary of state but withdrew from the race before the state convention was held and now he has entered the lists for the governorship. Near the Michigan line. Colonel Dodge is the Only candidate for a state office so close to the Michigan line yet announced. The election of state senator n. W. Gilbert of Steuben count president of the Republican clubs at the fort Wayne convention saturday was in furtherance of a plan to bring him out As a candidate for governor at the proper time. Senator Gilbert himself says that he is not a candidate Etc and does not know that he will be and his closest friends say that should he decide to be a candidate it will be some time before he makes the formal announcement. Or. Gilbert will have the Hanly element to contend with also. He was an ardent supporter of Taylor of fort Wayne and at the last moment assisted in throwing the Taylor vote to Beveridge which resulted in Hanly s defeat. It is possible that he will try to smooth out a few rough places before he attempts to run the race. Senator Gilbert is a smart politician and he has no desire to stub Hie toe on a piece of old Hanly Boom and fall Down when once he starts. W. D. Owen formerly Secretary of state has been training for four years to make the race for governor and. If he is not trained too Fine will make a formidable opponent to the other candidates. The friends of Schuyler Colfax have put him in training and an announcement from him can be expected at any time. / Landis a possibility the confidential associates of congressman Law a is know that he is a candidate for governor and his friends in the ninth congressional District Are blazing the Way for him. It is Well understood that his Studden trip to Cuba during the contest for United states senator was to Avo a any clash with the friends of the different candidates. There was talk at one time of congressman James a. Hemen Way As a possibility and it is known that he has canvassed the situation very carefully. He will not however be a candidate for governor but will ask for a re election to Congress. His closest friends add Ait that at one period in the last campy Ign there was great danger of the republicans losing the first al District and they say that it was Only the f extraordinary efforts of Hiemen a that changed disastrous rout into a at Victory for Fket reason a Tijare rasriie.oouh1 a front their of of until Tor pcs i Quot Jim Quot Watson of Rushville was a it Huiai Date. And a Strong pressure was being brought on Eugene buddy of Newcastle to make the race. Watson visited Richmond and had a consultation with some of the leaders there. To them he said that he desired to go to Congress for but be term that he intended being a candidate for governor in 1900, and one term in Congress would help him very materially. With this understanding Wae county gave him its vote and Bundy kept out of the race. So unless or. Watson has changed Hia mind he can be considered a full fledged candidate for governor. He voted Fob Steele. James m. Barlow of Plainfield representative from Hendricks was roundly abused because he voted for Steele for senator. A efforts to get him to change his mind were unavailing and some very bitter things were said about his of. He has now decided to be a candidate for governor and it will be a fight of Plainfield against Danville. Some one suggested the other Day that senator Hogate of Danville might decide to become a candidate but this is a Mere suggestion As it is understood that senator Hogate has no ambitions of that Klud. The Rev. Zack Sweeney is talked about and the Young men of the state Are also talking very favourably about John l. Griffith of Indianapolis. However Tippecanoe county and Lafayette will Cut a very Large figure in the next state convention and All along the Banks of the Wabash is heard the grinding of knives and the sharpening of stilettos. It will be a tight of blood and to the finish As far As that City is concerned. W. H. Blodgett. Athe courts. The Sale of property for delinquent taxes was concluded by county treasurer Hunter and county auditor Meyer yesterday. Some 350 pieces of real estate were sold for taxes the Indiana investment company and a Man named Wiltsie from Rochester n. Y., being the principal bidders. In the Superior court judge Dawson considered issues yesterday. The grand jury is in session and states attorney Doughman and sheriff Melching believe they will report today. The will of the late Charlotte Rupert was filed yesterday and she leaves her estate to her husband. In the Fairfield ditch Case the jury found for the petitioners establishing the ditch insuring its widening and deepening through the Low land Southwest of the City in the Little River Valley. The Case of we. Osborne against f. L. Curtice for Possession of real estate is on trial before judge o Rourke and a jury. Licensed to wed. John Leslie Mckean and Edith Maud Brewster. George Miller and Lizzie Louise Griebel. Jobez a. Brown and Myrtle Sprague. J. Real estate sales. Transfers of real estate compiled by John c. Heller amp co., abstract ers 33 West main Street City. John n. Boley to George of. Felts for $200, lot 121, in Archer s addition. George f. Felts to Otto Gunkel for $300, lot ill Archer s addition. Country. Catherine Mason to Jacob Graham for �12. Lot 31, in Prairie Grove addition. John c. Ehrman to John w. Ehrman or. For $125, lot 28, in Vordermark s addition a thousand tongues could not express the rapture of Annie e. Springer of 1125 Howard Street Philadelphia pa., when she found that or. King s new discovery for consumption had completely cured her of a hacking a go that for Many years had made Lisi Burden. A other remedies and a Foj tors could give her no help but she says of this Royal cure a Quot it soon removed the pain in my Chest and i can now sleep soundly something i can scarcely remember doing before. I feel like sounding its praises throughout the so will every one who tries or. King s new discovery for any trouble of the Throat Chest or lungs. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Dreier amp Bro s drug store every bottle guaranteed. Col. Bryan honoured. Invited to address the Republican Minnesota legislature. St. Paul minn., feb. 14.�?col. We. J. Bryan of Nebraska who is in the City for a Deni socratic banquet visited the legislature to Day and was invited by the House of representatives ninety of whose 119 members Are republicans to address that body a most unusual Courtesy for which col. Bryan returned very eloquent thanks. His remarks were Clear from politics. A recess was then taken in order that the legislature might Greet the distinguished visitor. Dangers of the grip. The greatest danger from. La Grippe is of its resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable care is used however and chamber a s cough remedy taken All danger will be avoided. Among the tens of thousand who have used this remedy for la Grippe we have yet to Leam of a single Case having resulted in pneumonia which shows conclusively that this remedy is a certain preventive of that dangerous disease. It will cure la Grippe in less time than any other treatment. It is pleasant and Safe to take. For Sale by Dreier Bocos. That throb Una headache. Would quickly leave you. If you used s new life Pella thou and of sufferers have proved to Weir matchless it for sick and nervous headaches. Tey make pure blood we Strong nerve and build up. Yoter. Health. Easy Tot take. Try Athens. Only cent. Stack if not Ewt Tsu sold by fior info tits and children. Bears the signature of in use for Over 30 years. Tvs 0�wt�mt Ommie. To a Dimiat i to Oitt it Puto thei health Power Wierby. others pail consult or. Wenger who has just returned from Europe where he visited London Paris Berlin Vienna. Those cities have the largest and Best hospitals in the world. New remedies and treatment. _ by Good and skin diseases sores spots pimples scr Fula by Phileus taints Turners bettor eczema and blood Poison of every nature. Kidney and urinar7 weak Back pain in Side Abdomen bladder sediment in urine Brick dust or White painful uracious. Bright s disease and All diseases of the. Bladder. Private diseases Gleet gonorrhoea inflammations discharges strictures. Weakness of organs syphilis Hydro Cele. Varicocele and Kindred troubles quickly restored. Lost Ica Hood and All its attend his ailments both Young Middle aged and old men. The awful effects of Early indiscretions producing weakness nervous debility night emissions exhausting drains pimples bashfulness loss of Energy and weakness of both body and brain. Cancers tutors piles cured without knife or pain. Do not let timidity or prejudice keep you from calling. Optic in dats thursdays fridays and saturdays. Sunday hours 2 to 4 . N. We ger Las Calhoun Street. Fort Wayne Standar rotary shuttle sewing machines More popular than Ever. Light running noiseless and durable. See them before buying. We Are closing out our Complete line of baby buggies at special . C. Schlatter hardware,38 and 40 e. Columbia st. Bowl Jln sons no. M Maiden Lanb. Is the place to get Yow machine spa Lilac Donc saw hammered gummed filed and get and All Edge tools Sharp died. We Are sole agents Tor the Best Gaa or Gao line engines on the Mac tet. Faidi Are strictly business engines. No to ipod vice about them. Prices a a Law a the Lorwit. Orders promptly delivered at Low Polom. Phone sob Icahn. When you want a Good i Edity of Hora and Salt Opal or Mcnort sugar or Beach Wom visit . Mol or Wetzl. Office and tards at Wells Street or Lect fort Wayne . J a a Brewers of lager expel and Ceat Iive tonic for family no. 62

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