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Fort Wayne Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1899, Page 6

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Fort Wayne Journal (Newspaper) - April 6, 1899, Fort Wayne, Indiana Morning Jour Wiat s shop rally. Recovered All of Bardy Udess. Closing at a gain. Sensationally bad crop news a worst reports coming in from Kansas Corn better in sympathy Good speculative business. Chicago april 5.�?wheat found great difficulty in choosing a path for itself to Day so Many obstacles were encountered in its Progress. After finally climbing on top of the piles of crop damage reports which were contributed by the country correspondents of Chicago commission houses and viewing from that Elevation the devastation of the Western wheat Fields it found its future Patio Clear. It read the handwriting on the Wall to mean quot upward quot a ind took that direction with such vigorous strides As to quickly add 2i4c a a Bushel to the lowest Point of its Early wanderings. May wheat from 70%c, Rose to a Vic and closed at 73c. The a closing Price monday was 71%@72, Corn was dragged up reluctantly by the buoyancy of wheat recovering from a a loss to a gain. New York i reported Export business in Grain at 10 boat loads of wheat and 15 loads of a com. Baltimore bought 500,000 bushels Corn Here for immediate rail shipment. Wheat opened Strong because Liverpool in face of weakness on this Side yesterday recovered part of its previous Day s decline. The weather was Clear and the temperature a Little higher the brightness of the Day suggesting the nearness of growing weather. There was none of the latter in this latitude and the opening firmness was partly on that account. The prices of May and july were almost identical and fluctuations in both months kept closely in unison. May still kept the Lead As to volume of trading but when changes from it to july could be made on even terms there was a disposition evinced by Longs to Transfer their trades to the More deferred delivery. The Ohio state report knocked the Bull feeling out of the crowd showing As it did a Condit Iori of 85, compared with 80 the year before and with 26 per cent of last year s crop still in Farmer s hands. A a the effect of the Ohio report was to cause a decline in Price of May from 72%c, the highest it sold at the opening Down to 70%c, and it was some time before it recovered from the Shock of ascertaining that there was one state East of the Rockies that would probably raise As much wheat As it did last year. It did recover however in time when the general showing around and interchanging of crop news from country correspondents among commission men established the universality of crop damage of a serious character in All Western Winter wheat states outside of Ohio. Chicago received 91 cars of wheat against 161 last year. Minneapolis and Duluth reported 300 cars against 453 the preceding wednesday and 253 the corresponding Day of the year before. The Atlantic port clearances were equal in wheat and flour to 550,000 bushels. Primary Western Market receipts aggregated 999,000 bushels since monday morning compared with 613,000 bushels for the corresponding period of the year before. The recovery was Radical and Early Short Sellers were heavily stampeded. From 70%c May wheat recovered to 73% and closed at 73c. It it n closing prices of Grain monday with to Day s Range closing articles. Open. High. Low. Apr.5. Apr.3. Wheat May. $ .72% % Ravs $ .70% a .73 $ .72 july. 721/2 .73 .7078 .72-14 .72 Corn May .34% tvs�iv4. .35 .34% july.351/2 .35% .347� .3-5% .35% sept.3614 .36% .35% .36v4 .3614 Oats May .261/ .26% .26% .2 .26v, july.25% .26 .254 .25% .25% Fork May. 9.121 9.25 9.07% 9.2.3 9.10 july. 9.25 9.371/4 9.20 9.37v2 9.22 sept. 9.409.45lard May. 5.271, 5.32i/�. 5.25 5.33m 5.27vi. July. 5.40 5.45 5.40 5.45 5.42y> sept. 5.52v2 5.60 5.52% 5.60 5.55 Short ribs May. 4.75 4.s0 4.72% 4.s0 4.75 july. 4.s7% 4.92v2 4.85 4.92% 4.87% sept. 5.00 5.05 4.97% 5.05 5.00 Rye no 2, 52, and one ear fancy at 54%. Barley by Sample from 40 to 48. Seeds flaxseed no. 1, Northwestern spot $l22% Timothy $1.90@2.25 per 100 lbs Clover $4.75@5.50 per 100 lbs. Hay Timothy poor to Choice from $7.50 to $10.50 per ton Prairie Good to Choice from $5 to $10 per ton. Strap re Rye $5.75@6.50 wheat and oat $4@5. The closing in other cities. Following were the closing prices in other cities to Day wheat new York May 77vi july 76% september 74%. St. Louis Cash 74 May. 76% july 71%. Duluth Cash 70?4 May 71% july 72%. Minneapolis Cash 70% May 70% july 71%. Detroit Cash 73% May 74% july 72%. Milwaukee Cash 73. Toledo Cash 74 May 74% july 72%. Baltimore Cash 75% May 76. Corn new York May. 39% july St. Louis Cash 33% May 33 july 34%. Baltimore Cash 37% May 3314. Toledo prices. Toledo. Ohio april 5.�?wheat, 74 May 73%. Com 35%. Oats 28. Rye 56. Clover seed Active old $3.25 bid new ?3.50. Philadelphia prices. Philadelphia april 5.�?butter Dull fancy we Stern Creamery 22 do prints 23. Eggs steady fresh Western 12% southwestern 12% Southern 12, new Yolk pos be. New York. April , 5,324 packages Market steady. Western Creamery 16@21 earns a factory cheese of receipts 289 packages Market a Teady a it it quiet. Large we to 12012 Ket steady. Western i2%@13 Southern 12%. Sugar raw mat Ket firm fair refining 3 15-16-centrifugal," 96 test 4 7-16 molasses sugar 3 13-16 refined firm crushed 5% powdered 5% granulated,-5%. Coffees Market Dull. Live Stock. Chicago april 5.�?estimated receipts of hogs to Day. 24,000 to Morrow 24,000 left Over 1,593 Market fairly Active steady. Mixed butchers $3.65@3.92% Good heavy $3,80 g>3.95 rough heavy $ ?.60@3.70 Light $3.65@3.87%. Cattle receipts 14,000 Market steady to Strong. Beeves $4.00@5.80 cows and heifers $2.00@4.80 Texas steers $3.50�5.10 stockers and feeders $3.4i @5.00. Special to the journal Stock Yards Cleveland Ohio april 5.�?hogs�?receipts, 27 cars Market Active and firm at yesterday s top prices Good demand from local packers. Mediums and heavies. $3.95@4.00 yorkers and mixed $3.95 pigs $3.55@3.65 Stags and roughs $2.3.25 closing steady All sold. Cattle Market Active and steady at yesterday s prices. Special to the journal East Buffalo n. Y., april 5.�?cattle�?Market steady. Hogs receipts 15 cars Market steady. Yorkers $4.00 mediums and heavy $4.05 pigs $3.85. Sheep and lambs receipts 30 cars Market steady at monday s prices. Chicago House a abet. Chicano. April 5.�?a Load of Wisconsin bred Drivers was sold in the auction at a Range of $90 g 160, the Best offerings being purchased by Export dealers. J. T. Thornton. Charleston 111., who is okie of the largest shippers to the Union Stock Yards is very partial toward the heavy draft horse As the Best animal for the Farmer to raise. During All stages of the recent depression of the horse Industry a prime heavy draft horse always paid a profit on the first Cost of production. At current prices a Choice draft horse weighing lbs Sells for $175@200. And increases in value according to weight at about the ratio of $�5 per Hundred Over 1,800 lbs. G. H. George of Monticello Iowa reports Good horses of All classes As very scarce in his locality which formerly was one of the most extensive Breeding districts in Iowa. He says that Farmers Are renewing their interest in the horse Industry and that in one county in Iowa no less than fifteen imported draft stallions have been located this Spring. The future operations will be conducted along the Linos of methodical selections and breeders will aim to produce Only the modern classified Market horse in the future. The depression in the horse Industry will ultimately result in a permanent Benefit to breeders by emphasizing the kind of horses that pay Farmers to raise. Wool Market. Boston. April 5.�?the Wool Market Here shows More steadiness than last week and sales Reix it red show an increase. The depression caused by the combination scare has resulted in forcing prices downward so that purchases of Wool can now be made at fully 5 per cent per scoured Pound lower than during february. Fine medium and Fine scoured Price is 40c. For Choice Staple Wool the prices remain at 44@45c. Fleece wools Are quiet As a whole and prices for Ohio Fine Delaine Are 27c, with Michigan and Illinois at about 26@27c. Australian wools Are in slow demand but held about steady. Following Are the quotations for leading descriptions Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces xxx 2.3%@24 xxx and above 26@27 Delaine 27@28 no. 1 combing. 28 no. 2, 28. Michigan Wisconsin. , 20�21 no. 1 Michigan combing 26@27 no. 1 Illinois combing 26@27 no. 2 Michigan combing 26 no. 2 Illinois combing 2t>. New York new Hampshire and Vermont 21 no. 1 new York new Hampshire and Vermont 26 g.27 Delaine Michigan 24 g 25 14-blood, 21 Michigan a Merchantable 17 518 unwashed Michigan Fine 15@15%. Unwashed medium and Indiana v4-blood combing 21�22 Missouri 14-blood combing 20@21 blood 20@-21% braid combing 1s@19 Lake and Georgia 19@20. Territory Fine medium and Fine 12@15 scoured 40 Staple 45. Ertah Wyoming medium and Fine 12@15 scoured 40 Staple 44@45. Australian scoured basis a combing superfine 704172 Good 65@68 average t>2@65. The Money Market. Kew York april 5.�?Money on Call steady at 6 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 3%@4% per cent. Sterling Exchange steady with actual business in Bankers Bills at 486i4@486% for demand and at 484i4@484% for 60 Days. Posted rates 485� 485% and 487%. Commercial Bills 483 0483%. Silver certificates 60%. Bar Silver 59%. Mexican dollars 47%. Government Bonds. New York april 5.�?government Bonds weak. U. 9. 3 s los to. S. New 4 s registered.1294 u. S. New 4 s Coupon.129v4 u. S. 4 s .1121/4 u. S. 4 s Coupon .113 u. S. 2 s99% u. S. �?�5registered .113 u. S. 5 s Coupon .113 on Wall Street. New York april 5.-the Market was very irregular to Day and violent fluctuations were frequent. Sharp recessions appeared Early. The Market rallied with a burst of strength in the railways in the Hope of a favourable crop report. A sensational Rise occurred in Call Money As High As 16 per cent being exacted for Loans on Industrial collateral and later 15 per cent was reached even on railways. The greater part of the Day Loans were much below this figure although it is quite general to charge a higher rate on Industrial collateral than on that of railways. Extensive liquidation followed the appearance of the highest Money rate so far this season. There were Many Breaks of from 2 to 4 Points from the highest quotations of the Day but stocks recovered on covering and there was 6 per cent Money at the close leaving the list slightly above yesterday s figures with the tone steady. London sold a Small amount of Stock Manhattan receded Over 2 Points. Third Avenue 5, and Brooklyn transit and american steel and wire were lifted Over 2 Points each. Wabash preferred Rose a substantial fraction on Large dealings. Considerable activity and strength was displayed in some sections of the Bond Market but the general tone was Uncertain. Sales were $3,790,000. United states new 4 8 declined the Post Wayne Karkeet. A Lour and Steed. Winter wheat flour $3.60@4,00 bbl Spring wheat flour &80@4.25 per by bran 115.00 per ton shorts �15,00 per ton Nudd Llna a �16.00 per ton Oil meal $1.�-per/cwt Corn meal unbolted $1.00 per out bolted fl.20 per cwt tracked Iloo per cwt. Product by Mab aty Jse per buroat8.-27 per by i Clover seed $3.00@3-35 per by Timothy seed 80c@$l per by chickens 7�8o per la dressed chickens 9@10c per la , 7@7%c per la dressed ducks 9� Loo per la turkeys 7%@8c_per la dressed turkeys Long Lac per la geese 6@6%c per la dressed geese 8 is a country butter 15o per la Creamery quot 20c la eggs 10�llc per Doz rags 50@75c per cwt beeswax 20@22c per la Honey 12@14c per. La tallow $3.00@3.50 per cwt Abb age quot 2@2%o per la geese feathers 40@45ci per la dried apples. 5@6e per la Wool washed. 250 per la unwashed 16�18c per la onions .60@7sc per by apples $1�1.25 per by potatoes 60@65c per by. Live Stock and hides pork on foot $3.55 per cwt dressed pork $4.60 per cwt Green hides 80 per la cured 9c calf hides Green -10c per la cured uhe per la. Hay Market. Timothy Hay $8@$9 per ton Clover Hay $6.00@6.50 per ton mixed $8.00 Straw wheat $4.50 oat $4,50. The Oil Market. Toledo Ohio april 5.�?the Oil quotations to Day were Tiona Oil. $1.28 Pennsylvania Oil. 1-13 a Amesville Oil. 1.03 Corning Oil. .96 new Castle Oil. North Lima Oil .79 South Lima Oil .74 Indiana Oil .74 awaiting his Obdens. Lieutenant Stogsdall will soon be relieved enlistments yesterday. Lieut. R. R. Stogsdall who has been the enlisting officer at the fort Wayne recruiting office since Early in March has not As yet received orders to proceed to Cuba or that he will be relieved Fromi duty at the fort Wayne office. He stated yesterday afternoon however that the article As published in yesterday morning s journal that lieutenant Waterman now at Indianapolis will relieve him from duty in this City was no doubt Correct and he is expecting orders at any hour from the department at Washington. Lieutenant Stogsdall has made an excellent record since he has been at the head of the recruiting office in this City. With about four weeks to his credit in this City he has enlisted Over fifty men for the regular army service. A Short time ago a lot of circulars were sent out to the postmasters in the surrounding towns and with this Little advertising a Large number of Young men have applied for enlistment. Six More Young men were enlisted yesterday and were sent to the Colum bus Barracks last night. The new recruits Are Alfred a. Wort of fort Wayne Marion Penland Cromwell ind. Clyde Young Paulding o. Frank Tumey Scott o. Joseph f. Craig Convoy o. George Mccrory Allen county. To enlist a company. Captain Reese will enlist infantry for the National guard. A meeting was held in the City Hall last night by those interested in the organization of an infantry company in fort Wayne. Captain Charles Reese has received a commission from the governor to enlist a company at this place and he will begin to secure Al Able men at once. Of his old company known As the rifles Only a very few remain in the City. Most of these will enlist but the greater part of the strength of the company will consist of new men. Or. Duemling has been examining the men who wish to enlist and the company will soon be ready for enlistment. The Muster in of the company and Battery will occur at the same time. One million offered by the Everetts for the Akron Street car Plant. Akron Ohio april 5.�?negotiations Are now in Progress by which Henry a. Everett the Cleveland Street car magnate and his associates will Likely secure Possession of the Plant of the Akron Street railway and illuminating company. It is understood that the Everett people have made a Cash offer amounting to $1,250,000 for the property and the offer will probably be accepted. The Street car Road has just secured a Twenty five year Extension franchise and in return will carry passengers for a four cent fare. Notice to Safe and vault builders. The Board of commissioners of the count j of Allen Indiana have adopted plans and specifications for the construction of a burglar and fire proof vault for the new court House for said county and the same Are now on file in the auditor s office of said county. Notice is therefore hereby Given that sealed proposals will be received for the construction of such burglar and fire proof vault for said court House by said Board of commissioners up to 2 o clock p. M., on the 22nd Day of april 1899, and the contract therefor will be let at 2 o clock p. On the 24th Day of of april 1899. Bach bidder will be required to file with his bid a certified Check for $500.00, payable to the said Board of commissioners As. Security that the said bidder will enter into a satisfactory contract and Bond with the said Board for the building of such burglar and fire proof vault in Case his bid is accepted which amount will to forfeited to said county if the successful bidder shall fail to so enter into such contract. The Board reserves the right to reject any and All bids. Matthew a. Ferguson. 9ylvanus f. Baker Charles e. Orff commissioners for the county of Allen Indiana. Attest William Meyer. Jr., auditor of Allen county. March 9, 16, 23, 30. Apr. 6, la application Fob liqx70b License. To the citizens of Wayne township Allen county Indiana notice is hereby Given that the Emder signed will make application to the Board of county commissioners of Allen county Indiana at their second regular Slon in april for License to sell spirituous malt and vinous liquors in less quantities than five Gallons at a time for the term of one year at is place of business situated in the Jonly Toom on the Ermound floor of the. One Story Frame by living number one Hundred and sixty six 166east Washington Street in the Day of the courts the Case of Gladieux is. Havert it Al., suit on partition dismissed in the circuit court. The Case of Boegel is. Hoffman lumber company was set for trial May 10. Geo. W. Mckee was appointed guardian of Lester and Leroy Racine. The will of Christopher Kelley was filed for record. Frederick Haiber was appointed guardian of William Alderman deceased. A. In the Case of Annie b. Crum is. John Vanhoozen it Al., partition of real estate was ordered. The Case of Gritzinger is. Moellering was set for trial May 15. Theresa Rupple sues we. Rupple it Al. For a partition of property. A. H. Bittenger is attorney. The Mccausland divorce Case was set for trial yesterday at the opening of the circuit court. When mrs. Mccausland and her attorneys entered ready for trial the doctor s attorneys stated that their client had left the City during the previous evening and desired to withdraw from the Case whereupon the suit of the doctor was dismissed. In the suit brought by or. Mccausland for the Stock in the fort Wayne building loan fund and savings association the court heard the evidence still rendered judgment for mrs. Micija Island against the doctor whereby she is Given the Stock. Louis Bastelier sues Andrew Archer it Al. On a note for $5.50. G. F. Feltz is attorney. In the Case of Goehlsdorf is. The Wayne knitting Mills the motion for a new trial was granted to the defendant As was a change of venue to Whitley county. In the Case of Chas. Mcquiston is. Edmund c. Benward Chas. Goheen was appointed receiver. The Case of Jacob wieck is. Joulius Rondot was dismissed. The Case of in of d. Meyer is. We. Bauserman trustee of Madison township was dismissed. Commissioners j. B. Harper and j. E. K. France have filed a quot repeat distributing the estate involved in the Case of Seibert is. Seibert. Beal estate sales. Transfers of real estate compiled by John c. Heller amp co., abstract ers 33 West main Street City. Peter Knocke to Charles m. Menefee for $300, South 26 feet of lot 29 and North 11 feet of lot 32, in e. Hanna or s addition. P. C. Sinclair to Gottlieb c. Strieder for $3,800, the East 27 feet of lot 128, in Hanna s addition. Henry Lankenau to Martin a. Koester for $2,750, the cast % of lot 432, in Hanna s addition. Country. George Layman to Charles Putnam for .$775. Lot 1 in Block 25, in Rockhill heirs addition. Indiana investment company to Rhoda Wagner for $19.54. Lot 13, in Mcgovern s addition to Monroeville. Charles Gerardot to Louis 9. Jacquay for $1,700, the Southwest 1.4 of the Northwest a of Section 14, in Jefferson township. L. S. Wiull to Lafront m. Rogers for $100, part a coif Wabash and Erie canal in new Haven. Oscar a. Hanger to Joseph and Elizabeth Dennis for $200, 2 acres in Southwest Corner of West % of the Southwest 4 of Section 15, in Lafayette township. A Ojo Abiy to on real estate and personal Security. Chas. F. I i Kiffer Bass bloc sporting. Memphis tenn., april 5.�?Tommy White and quot kid quot Goulette will meet at the auditorium in this City Friday night in a Twenty round boxing contest. Goulette has been Here for the past ten Days actively training for the bout. White the Champion will arrive to Morrow. Much interest in the coming bout is manifested by the sporting fraternity. A Ltd a Berkeley. Cai. April 5.�?the University of California foot Ball team has received a Challenge from Harvard University for a match game the suggestion being made that it be played at Cambridge on october 21. The California boys Are anxious to play the Eastern men but want to play on their Home grounds. To Bace Fob $10,000. Oakland Baron and Tommy Britton to meet at Terre haute next fall. Oakland Baron and Tommy Britton two of the greatest trotting stallions of the country were matched yesterday to race at Terre haute in september for a stake of $10,000, the Challenge which Andy Mcdowell Driver of Oakland Baron Flung out to every fast stallion on the turf. A rectum Kelley alone being barred was accepted yesterday by George West of Chicago who has Tommy Britton in charge. West even declined to accept the Odds offered by Mcdowell but named the bet As $5,000 a Side. John c. Bauer of the horse review or Frank Bower president of the Belmont driving club of Philadelphia is named As a he stakeholder. Both Oaklar a Baron and Tommy Britton Are marked at 2 09%. As to actual Speed on the track Britton has quot shown More. Universal Brot Behbood and society. Objects. First a this organization declared that brotherhood is a fact in nature. Second the or Siple purpose of this organization is to. Teach brotherhood demonstrate that it is a fact in nature and make it a a Vanir Power in j to my uti Sutherlund Sisters Mir grower and Scalp gleaner Are the Oaly pc Pantloni that win for tora the hair to its Orl Nal healthy Goa Dlton. All druggists wants wante2>-a Good girl for Light housework at 372 East Lewis Street. Wanted two ladies for trav Eling position guaranteed salary and expenses also one for local work. For personal interview address special care journal office. L>-2t� wanted to sell one dark Blue suit imported goods breast 38 also one trouser Waist 30 uncalled for will sell cheap. Woods merchant tailor the big store 115 and 117 Calhoun Street. 5.3t wanted lady clerk who can speak German at j. L. Sieverts optician and jeweler 85 Calhoun Street. Good references required. Apply this evening after 4 p. A Watt be agents a four Well dressed gentlemen and number one hustlers. None other. Call at 27 Lavina Street 4-3t� Wal Itei it Good girl for second work must have recommendations. Apply at 130 East Berry Street. 4-tf business Opportunity. Wanted live energetic Man who can take an interest in and the management of a Small jobbing business handling protected hardware specialities. Goods shipped direct from factory to dealer. Jobbing profit one Hundred per cent. Headquarters for Indiana established in port Wayne. Reference furnished and required. Only Small amount of capital necessary. For particulars and personal interview address quot jobber quot care journal office tues thurs sat. For rent. Fob Bent for term of year. . 278 wets Berry Street. Swayne amp Swayne attorneys at Law 15 West main Street. Fob Bent a store room at no. 3d Harrison Street. Inquire of l. Ninde amp sons. 23-tf for Sale. Fob Sale Small Stock of Gro Ceries and fixtures. Good location. Reasonable rent Good reasons for Selling. Address Box 24, care journal office. Fob Sale a one of the Best located drug stores in the City Good for Selling. Address quot a. N.," care journal. 3-2-tf Fob Sale at Schuman s 28 Clin ton Street 1 Hall Safe 1 set of double sur by harness i set Collar harness writing desks the Best air tight stoves mat bum their own ashes the Best line of stoves in the City. Call and see them. All kinds of furniture and carpet. Good top buggy for Sale cheap. Household goods wanted. 3-tf lost. Lost lady s Brown leather Belt with Gold buckle with the american Flag enamelled on it. Return to 18 w. Washington Street and receive Reward. Miscellaneous. From $25.00 to $3,000.00 to loan. Address Bayless Swift Box 247. City. 4-��fc� Money to loan-$l, to $10,000.00 on first mortgage Security rates reasonable. B. F. Harper 10 and 11 Pixley Long Block. 2-lw at to. Afflicted with a cough of Long standing resulting from la girl Pic or weak lungs or Haemorrhages should try my cough and lung syrup an old Indian remedy made of roots and herbs. It has never been known to fall. Call at 35 Fairfield ave Niue. American investment co. Advances Money to salaried people on their on names without Security or endorsement. Loans negotiated on Good securities. Room 4, Tri state building Over Klunk Berg s Drue store. Japanese a new and Complete treatment consisting of suppositories capsules of ointment and two boxes of ointment. A never failing cure for piles the life of humanity. Third the subsidiary purpose of the organization is to study ancient and modern Rel Grion science philosophy and Art to investigate the Laws of a Ture and the divine Powers in Man. 32 Calhoun Street. Vordermark Hall. Lutee Tings. Every wednesday evening at 8 o clock. At 8 o cock. A it iii a Cave j. A a a a a wow disease we pack a written guarantee in each is Box. cure no pay. 5oc. And i a Box 6 for i5. Sent by mail. Samples free of then 25o. And Soo. Great liver and stomach regulator and blood purifier. Small mild and pleasant to take especially adapted for children s use y doses 25 cents. Free a vial of these famous Little pellets will of Given with a i Box or More of pile cure. Notice by the genuine sesh japanese put curb for Sale Only by qb0s8 it poll she druggists. Fort Wayne. Ind.&Quotmansott bicycles $35. Manson a plays express on defective parts to and from factory. Our Royal bicycles Are world beat ters. Price 120 to 925. Sold on payments. Liberal discounts to Cash buy Era. --.i�. 7 Brosius. F or Ramudit it helping hand minion 16 West Columba. St., opposite the Wayne hotel. Dispensary in full blast 6 a. To 11 p. Come and see. One bed 10c. Lunch 5c and 10c. Poor always welcomed. The official paper is the quot voice of gospel take it�?15c per year. Mon Evi Money Money Tou cannot afford to borrow Mon agr on any other plan than the Tri state famous Dollar monthly plan Becaum there is no commission you can pan fast or slow and you Only pay interest on balance due each six months. It is easier to pay a debt divided in Saab amounts than All at one time do not sign mortgage payable in old. Investors should Call at our office for full particulars of our new plan Wiloh is the Best in the state. $685,160.00 matured and paid to Stock to holders in 20 months. The fort Wayne building loan fund amp savings ass n. Will loan you Money at Low rates on easy terms. Long or Short time. New Stock issued daily to investors. Of e3. Brad wat president. C. Huttler treasurer. P. J. M Donald Secretary. W. P. Breen fort rape Trust co., of pitch , Comer main and court streets pays interest on time do posits of $1.00 and upwards. Loans made at a reasonable hate of interest. Money. M02ve y to 10aiv on furniture pianos horses Money wagons etc., and leave the property with you. Easy pay Money ments. Business confidential. Money. It Wayne mortgage loan co room 21 Bass Block fourth floor Over first National Bank 77 Calhoun St. The Allen co. Loan amp savings associate Golf 32 blast Berry Street. Has Money to loan at All times at reasonable rates. Stock issued to invest ors without fees. Office open Halljr from 8 a. To 6 p. to loan. $1,000,000 in sums of $300 to $10,000 of farms Only. commission. W. A. Jones gen. At office Over old Natl Onsa Bank. Cor. Calhoun and Berry its. Fort Wayne. Ind White National Bank. Capital $200,000. Subplots $60,000. Pays four per cent interest per annul on time deposits. Safe Deposit boxes for rent at $6 pm it annul. Hamilton National Bank. Capital $200,000. Stabp Lars $225,000. Four per cent per annul will be Paul on certificates of Deposit if left Foar Mimi Bap. S. W. Comer Calhoun and Berry by. Stephen b. Bond president. Jared d. Bond cashier. Oliver p. Morgan vice president. James c. Woodworth assistant cashier. For Sale. Special bargains. 8-room House South Wayne $1,000. 6-room House Zollars Avenue $1,000. 6-room House Greeley Street 50. 9-room House modern on Force Street $1,600. 9-room House modern in Lakeside at a bargain. Money to loan at lowest rate of interest. L. J. Bobilya Coom Bank Job look plumbing and Gas fitting. Steam and hot water heating. Artitia Wood Hanette t a a Sil m and film place Tiki Fixx it re quot a . Ana Buppel Cir go and

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