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Fort Wayne Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1884, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 7, 1884, Fort Wayne, IndianaTo the sunday Gazette fort Wayng Tow May Septemo of the and proprietors. Vow a Yuul to so Dally subscribers payable in 00 per Square one Inch 40 cents each fifteen per cent discount on six upon Ali Twenty five per cent on twelve contract. For nil cats is per Square will be chaired. Law Ritsem ants or measuring Over thirteen Emu will be in celled and no full freed Type w la be used the daily Gazette will be found on file a London. American exc Anke in Europe m9 strand. Paris american Exchange in pans Boulevard Des notice. The subscription for the sunday Gazette is invariably in Advance. All subscribers in arrears will be dropped from the list. Patrons of the sunday Gazette not receiving same promptly should kindly notify us at once. Chas. E. Archee circulator. The salvation army of London has the solved to invade Germany. The reception will quite Likely be of a cold nature. The Mode of prec endure of that army is not at All of the kind which will be countenanced by the average the hop crop in the Eastern states is reported considerably Short Thi year. The is of it is unusually Fine and prices Are advancing so that the hop Farmers will realize about As much As last year. The hop crop is becoming an important one in this the Home for soldiers at Augusta me., is being investigated. It is Sai that liquor is the source of much trouble and an Effort will be made t squelch it. Why liquor should be source of annoyance in the state o Maine is Peculiar. It is a prohibitory state. P. A Kellogg of Springfield Massachusetts had the contract to suppl the government with the different kinds of envelopes wrappers Etc. Used. The postmaster general foun that the envelopes were of inferior Quality and hot up to Standard so i issued an order annulling the contract the contract it is stated was Worth a year. The work will be placed., no doubt into the hand of the next lowest bidder. The French make Short work with Bank officers who mismanage the affairs placed in their hands. The directors of the Banque Lyons it Loire were sentenced to imprisonment Anc heavily fined beside suspended from All civil rights for a series of years. There is no fooling allowed when the Money of a Community deposited in a Bank is trifled with. Rascally Cashiers less frequent skip the country leaving a kick to hasten my descent who Mil loan me a Dollar without requiring Worth of Security who will Home to Jee me when i am Mok who will pull Loftt and fight for Moorhen the Odds Are two to one who will talk of behind my Back m he talks to my such a Friend is wanted by ten to mod ten thousand Hinan Stofega throughout Broad for Mattco and Joku kits of Ouk svs tem of 1a.ws. There has been much said of late on the merits and demerits of our system of Laws and the Mode of enforcing the same. Sex judge Dillon s Able am thoughtful address before the National bar association at Saratoga last week was at once a Eulogy upon the Merit of our existing system of Laws and a criticism upon it special defects speaking with All the knowledge and All the caution taught him in his Long varied and honorable career at the bar upon the Bench both state and Federal As a Legal writer of acknowledged clearness and Power and of late years As teacher of one of the Foremost Law schools in the land he declares thai taking our Law and equity system As they exist in this country and great Britain and which together constitute one connected and single system o jurisprudence i consider it to be witl1 All its defects which Are rather of form than of substance the most re fined cultivated and splendid system of Law As applied to the affairs of Man kind that the world has Ever seen susceptible in Many instances of re form it is yet its general Frame work is too entirely involved with the whole Structure of our civil an Politica institutions to be highly or wantonly tampered with. Profoundly permeated As it is with the principle o Equality of All men before the Law which is the reformed spirit of Ameri can society and readily adapting Itsel As it does to the conditions resulting from our system of decentralization and local self government if our Vasi territories with their enormous popu lation and diverse interests Are to remain one it would be unwise if it were possible to Cut aloof from the traditions of our English speaking past and to seek to build up a new scheme of Law upon the basis of the codes of Continental Europe. So Long As the lega1 systems of the United states of eng land and of its colonies remain in substance one judge Dillon point1 out that any improvement in detail made anywhere soon and easily works its Way into the Laws or the practice of All the English speaking people the jury he considers a valuable and essential part of our judicial and political system and that it belongs to our free institutions and tends to perpetuate them. But he would not name the development and the improvement of our Law at its present plane deservedly High As he considers that to be. In a country where the will of the majority when properly ascertained is the Sovereign Power it is not safely possible to allow the pub Lic mind to become familiarized with those features of Justice which weak portions of our Legal system must with greater or Lese frequency pro Duce. Much of the uncertainty and the obscurity of our Law is confessedly due to the fact that its principles Are to be sought for not Only in a few volumes of statutory enactments but through the pages of six thousand volumes of reports yearly growing More and More numerous. For this state of things the remedy which most readily suggests itself is codification which from its very nature is More commendable in theory than it is certain to be actually salutary in practice. Both sides of the question received fair treatment from the Learned speaker who while opposed to Radical schemes of codification believes it possible to so codify the principles of Law relating to the Ordinary and daily affairs of life and society As to state what is Clear remove what i obscure and obsolete and Settle whal is doubtful. Although he believes that Ere Long this much at least Wil be done perhaps at first m England and then Here he does not lose sight of the fact that Case Law must always be an important part of our system and he Calls attention to a couple of causes which arc in some states gradually impairing the Quality of the judge made Law. They both Are a re sult of the pressure of business upon the country and while they have often been spoken of before judge Dillon s Law experience on the Bench makes his warning the More impressive. Not a few courts discourage Oral arguments and decide As Many cases As they can upon printed briefs very poor substitute in deed for an actual discussion at the bar. There is an oven More wide spread and undesirable habit grow ing up in the courts of some states and that is of assigning to one judge the preparation of an opinion upon a particular Case which is then usually adopted by his Brethren without any or at Best with a very superficial examination of the record. It is to to hoped that the weighty words of condemnation which the bar association orators possess upon this method of deciding will not fall on heedless ears for the volumes of to reports of some states even in his Section of our country Bear the strongest evidence to the existence and results of this practice. Secretary . The death of Secretary Polger wan by pm work. The insisted on looking Over matters of detail in each department. In a concern like the Treasury department of this country it is simply impossible for one Man to keep an Eye on the entire business transaction of the Treasury. He who attempts it will follow in the foot Steps of the late Secretary Long before his allotted time. The natural strength of Man allows certain amount of work and when that is reached the. Work must Stop. A Secretary should Only attempt to Man age Heads of departments within his own department and entrust the de tails to the chief of business under him Over work is one of the evils of our country men attempt More than their physical strength will endure very Long. The penalty for Over work comes Only too soon in death or pain Ful disease. It seems strange that with the numerous examples before them men will insist to repeat the same which terminated so fatally in the Case those near them. Of dramatic Casserie. Gossip about favourites of the fort Wayne Points about actors and actresses. To Morrow night the supplement Ary dramatic season in this City opens at the Academy. Baylie s and Kennedy s Bright lights company vaudeville organization appears. The company i am assured includes some Good people. On Friday the 12th, Hewett s Musette in fun at a toy Are booked. I know no thing of this organization which seems to be just Over from England Taraxacum Siebold says that one of the famous Vokes family is the Star of the party. No attempt to advertise her is made in the announcements however by the Way the fight Between the Academy Temple Mana Gers has commenced. Both claim attractions As booked. I venture a guess that things will be Lively hereabouts when the actors come to Matt Curtis sends me papers every Day which sound the praises of his new spot the piece has made a big hit and will catch on Well. It is a sequel to Sam l of which always gets an House Here. The play will be Given he a May 4, at the masonic Temple. I am not altogether pleased with the selection of operas for miss Abbott s engagement. The managers have consulted too Many people and worse than All alleged and Amateur musicians. But Abbott will do Well Here. The new theatre would be packed even if Bertha Welby was the opening at traction. New stars to be seen Here the com ing season Are Lizzie May Ulmer in dad s Helen Sedgewick in Silver and Josephine Reilly a trag Dienne said to resemble Mary Anderson and even surpass her in some roles. I i see that Fred de Belleville is get Ting Many Good notices for his performance of Wilfred Denver in the Silver or. De Belle Ville made a Good impression Here As Nortier in Monte the halons have anew spectacular pantomime Fantasma to be Given Here the coming season. Their voyage in suisse made a hit Here last year. Catharine Lewis company is rehearsing in new York. Our old Friend Cahn who dropped in on us the other Clay is manager. Patti Rosa who was principal Sou Brette with g. A. Gardner m "karl1 Given Here last Winter is showing and i observe with Success. To my mind miss Rosa is very tart. George Edgar Montgomery the Well known theatrical critic on the new York Mirror Sta used to live Here and i am informed was employed in Root co s store As a clerk. Den Thompson writes his old Friend John Mccain that he will be Here in november in Josh Whitcomb at the Temple. Frank Nirdlinger leaves for Phila Delphia to Morrow to there reside. Or. Nerd lager takes a position in one of his brother Sam s Heaters the Young Man 1 think Lias now struck Iris Best gait and should do Well. I have received several enquiries As to whether miss Annie Pixley will to Irene the coming season. She is now in England but i believe she has been Sookok by Brooks Dickson for this it is said that the Frohman bros., the famous hebrew theatrical Specula tors of the Madison Square theatre new York and other enterprises Are n bad shape financially. Geo. C. Miln the preacher actor opened his season at Manitowoc on monday a vexing last. Adele Payne till supports him. Frauk c. Cooper formerly of this City a in Advance of he company. Called a dramatic of Hugh con Way s novel the Madison Square production. It a a big Success. Many of my readers his read the Book which Keil Broa. And the other Book Sellers have on Sale r. B. Mantell plays the leading part Gilbert Vanghn. Clara Louise Kellogg has very wisely declined to sing again in opera though several offers have been made her but will undertake a concert tour under the direction of her former Man Ager major j. B. Pond. She will a in the principal cities and in a number of places where she has not before been heard. Richard Golden husband of Dora Wiley was recently stricken by paralysis in Chicago. He was in Thi original cast of Kice s and played the front legs of the Heifer in the famous Heifer dance. Or. And mrs. Golden were seen Here in the merry won t be Wottke. Or. B. S. Woodwork to affiliate with so called Independent Bennoll states reasons in letter to Secretary Green of hew York. The following correspondence explains itself new Yoke. September dear name has been suggested to is As that of an Earnest and conscientious Republican. We there fore Send you certain documents which we Trust you will read carefully and weigh dispassionately. If after so do ing you agree with us in thinking tha the Best interests of both the nation and the Republican party demand the defeat of Blaine we shall be glad to place your name on our Rolls and also to receive from Yon the names o others to whom Yon May wish us to Send documents. Very truly yours go. Walton Green to or. B. S. Woodworth Secretary National committeeman of Republican and independents. The following answer was returned by the doctor messes. Curtis. Folsom gentlemen have received you circular but not the documents you spoke of. As Yon say i am an Earnes and i Hope a conscientious and consistent Republican and can boast o being one of the original eight abolitionists in this county at a time when it Cost something to be an abolitionist but i Don t agree with you in thinking that the Best interests of both the nation and the Republican party de Mam the defeat of or. Blaine. I know o no so called Independent Republican in this county. If there be one he has not made it known but All republicans Here Are United in favor of or Blaine for to Iowa reasons Only one or two of which i May mention. In the first place we Are not in favor o turning Over this government to those who did their Best to destroy it and one of the most prominent ones of this class was your candidate for vice president Tom Man who attended the Chicago convention in 1864. Not As a Delegate i know Bui aiding abetting and advising when it was resolved that the War was a failure and should be brought to a speedy close a Man who was As Morton said just outside the order of the sons of Liberty being too cowardly to join it As Milligan co. Did a Man who called Abraham Lincoln a smutty old tyrant other hard names in Short he was what men called a virulent Copperhead. You find a Republican in Indiana to vote for Hendicks no never never 1 you know that Hen Dricks is the dog that wags the Cleve land Tail however ponderous in Adi pose matter it May be. You have doubtless read what Hendricks said of col Higginson during the War when he Higginson was colonel of a col ored regiment in Florida and yet the same col. Higginson proposes to vote for Hendricks on the Christian Princi ple of Loving one s bitter enemy As we hoosiers think. No or. Curtis you cannot induce any conscientious re publican in this Region to oppose or. Blaine for they know that he was the Choice of a vast majority of the coun try people that his nomination was fairly made and moreover that in character intellect intelligence statesmanship and every Quality that goes to make a Man he is infinitely Superior to his opponent. We out West cannot help thinking that you and your associates Are grossly inconsistent in supporting such men As Cleveland and Hendricks for the one is Rotten in morals and the other in polities and Yon May take your Choice. Or. Blaine was not my first Choice but As the alternative is Cleveland i can and shall conscientiously vote for Blaine. We Indiana republicans As i said at first look with horror on the thought of the possibility of the government being captured by the hungry and especially thirsty horde of democrats but we have Good reason for thinking that the danger is not imminent and i know that every re publican hereabouts will do All to can to promote the election of Blaine and Logan believing As he does that the Best interest of the country demand it As Well As believing on the other hand that All the great interests of the country will be hazarded at least by the election of Cleveland and Hen Dricks. Now gentlemen i Hope you May possess your souls in patience but Don t be deceived with the preposterous idea that hero in the West that there is any defection of your sort. Yours truly do. B. S. Woo Nwokah. I the purity and vitality of the blood depend the vigor and health of the whole system. Dis ease of various kinds is often Only the sign that nature is trying to remove the disturbing cause a remedy that Yves life and vigor to the blood Erad and other impurities rom it m Hood s Sarsaparilla undoubtedly Dow most be the Means of preventing my to must that would my. Sol4 by our magnificent Stock of clothing valued at slightly damaged by smoke must be closed out at once at insurance appraisement to accommodate the crowds an extra Force of salesmen have been employed. Sam Pete Max Star clothing House Mary Anderson s Hood. Girl a Giddy Young chit without the slight is indication of Genius.4 writer in Louisville courier journal not Long ago i was talking with a Young lady who knew Mary Anderson Well in her girlhood Days. The subject of great artists had come up and we were talking of the Youthful Indi cations of Genius. Mary Anderson s wonderful career has been a perpetual source of astonishment to said my fair interlocutor. She certainly never gave the slightest indication of histrionic ability when she was a Young girl. She was not even studious but was always regarded As a Good natured Chatterbox rather inclined to be wild and certainly thoughtless. She was Giddy and frolicsome at school where she manifested no particular aptitude in any of her studies being vain and rather inclined to flirt. Her family were catholics and As she grew up she attended a Small school in this City. I went to another but i still saw her very often. We were too Young to into society but met at the houses of our girl friends. As an instance of her giddiness i remember she one time brought a Friend to the Cathedral and All through the service they chattered and giggled and laughed. To devout catholics who believe in the actual presence this was not Only shocking but awful. Finally an old lady got up from her Pew and going to Mary remonstrated with her for her irreverence Don t think her expostulation were of much effect however. The stories that she Early displayed a fondness for the stage must be a mis take. At any rate i never heard of it. I never knew her even to take part in Amature theatricals. Where she studied or when she studied i did t know. Certain it is that none of us girls Ever dreamed of her becoming an actress she managed to keep her intentions secret from All. I remember one eve Ning Only two or three evenings be fore her debut i met her at the House of a Friend on Chestnut Street. There were three or four of us girls about the same age and just old enough to enjoy ourselves heartily when Ogeth r. We were having a merry time and Mary was especially enjoying her self when or. Griffin Camey ver. He seemed a Little annoyed and took her Back Home at once. Mary put on her hat As he was standing out in the Hall and told us that she d be Back in a few minutes. Sure enough she was. Do Rou suppose i was going to spend the evening in my room when i knew you girls were having such a Good time she said. Our fun was under Good Roadway again when the doctor re turned and ordered her to go Back with him. He was angry too but the went away laughing and in less Han half an hour she was Back As before her Stepfather followed speedily. To saw her at a front win Dow and without coming into the Rouse called out Mary Anderson put on your hat Home this minute i think he said something about taking to her and Ather frightened on her hat und did leave Van a Hui Tyr when she went on the stage a lit be while after vhf to every was As Onish cd. It to Ofchus completely by uprise and Many were the commis rations upon the poor girl s step eople thought it was a pity for a girl to throw Herolf away in that style Tad we snubbed on All by her old friends. One time i was walk ing along fifth Street near the Cathe dral with another girl when we saw Mary approaching. My Friend said we must t speak to her As she had Sor disgraced herself. I was More Charita ble though and thought it would be too bad to slight her in that style. I fancied Mary looked uneasy when she saw us and when we came up she be came suddenly interested in the Steeple and did t condescend to no Tice us. Poor thing she had been snubbed so often that she would t give us the Chance for another slight. Nobody Ever thought her a pretty girl any nor Ethan she was a Bright one. She was tall awkward and dressed with Little taste. What a wonderful career has her s been since she was Here. It is almost As improbable As look gaze behold an elegant brocaded Pinch parlor suit Given away at Lerr n pair. In order to More extensively Adver Tise our new fall Stock of dry goods notions and millinery to have taken a method which will be appreciated by the Public at Large. We have purchased one of the finest Plush parlor suits of furniture in the City which will be Given away to the one holding the Lucky number january 2, 1885. A ticket will be presented with each 50c Worth purchased at our store. As our prices Are always lower than any other House you will find it to your advantage to Call and examine our Stock. Pierr s fair 60 Calhoun Street. P. S parlor suit can be seen at Paul Wolf son Clinton Street. Sat Sun Mon Way. Curing Black eyes people will get Black was the observation of a Man who sat up stairs in a room at the West end. You Don t see Many of them on the he continued and the reason is that men who understand the ropes get cured of their bruised do they go to a regular physician of. No. Most of them come to me and i do quite a business. It May seem queer but i can do the work better than any doctor. I have a preparation which i compound myself. I won t text you what the ingredients Are though As the principal one does not grow in this country but is imported from England it Ifould not do Yon much Good if i did Tell Yon. The main Point about it is that it can always he relied upon to do the work. Of course length of time required to effect a euro depends on the extent of the injury and the length of time which elapses from the infliction of the injury until the remedy is applied. The longer a Case is neglected the More difficult it is to treat that is to mate a Good Quick Job of it. Many of my patrons Are ladies Hough you would hardly think so. Sow do they get Black eyes Well i do not make it a Point to inquire too much into these cases. So Long As they a it is All right it is not my business of inquire into antecedent circumstances. Women generally have a pretty Good Story made up As to the whys and wherefores of these accidents but i am not bound to believe All they Tell me. I it them go ahead and never contradict hem. I suppose some of them have had Many a Hearty laugh at what they considered my credulity. However i do not charge them any the less for his you May be what Are your usual they depend wholly upon the nature of the Case As Well As on the ability of the Patron to pay for the fun. I usually charge from to for a simple con tension and have special prices for work requiring More time and skill. Some which i have performed have not Only required a great Deal of time but no amount of manipulation. It it Only right to Well for omm Tat Fork Sun

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