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Fort Wayne Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1884, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 7, 1884, Fort Wayne, IndianaV j s tee a fonday Gazette fort Wayne isp., today horsing. September 7.1884 3 toe by a tramp. W tract butyl cd. A northerly wind and sky it Gray Road All covered with Enow to Day 4 biting Blunt from Norben Iky that and a we make oar Way along the hedge now leafless and Brown bib Ming beneath cold Winter s frown. And rags and sol Cless show trudging along to the Distant town. Shelter and warmth we have and heat Don t Home from the Winter s ran. Little Birds twitter and quickly Fly and the and weasels away from us ran. Nobody stops to ask after our health _ Ai we creep along just As by and Long for the lights and of town where we envy the Bright Happy Homes of i silently have we to Bear our Load impelled by poverty s Mercue goad. Eless and Loveless too a we re on Winter and Bummer autumn and Spring 1 the same bad song we have to sing. How hedgerow now to a Wood and pen Cura Duby Charity from each door a Ltd italese scorn Home the our Foo Marks oar Load goad and Loveless too Ever we re on the written in letters of Gold by Ella dts bad. Chapter i. Your father s _ Hope your father s Friend will come said the Landlady glancing toward the bed and shaking her head ominously or hell be too late As or. Mayfair the girl whom she addressed glanced at the Sleeper whose Span of pee the doctor s Fiat had limited to pours moved restlessly and answered cannot live Long there was silence again in that sick chamber Only a Small Back bedroom in a Dingy London lodging House broken Only by the subdued sobbing of she Beautiful regal girl whom the sick Knan called daughter and the Laboured breathing of the dying Man. Lavater would have at once marked the tall slender form and strangely High bred Beauty of Edith Fontenoy Las an Index of a wild wayward spirit stall of faults impulsive of a proud passionate nature full of Noble in cts impossible to drive Only to be i and controlled by a very Strong id. Her father had never been Able to Bead her nature aright and having been left with his Motherless girl at an Early age spoiled her by hum Oring i Oral he mid bitterly and jangly Yon Start turn aside do not answer. Of Eric he will come again when i am and persuade her that the fancy of 16 was love and marry her to break her heart. Of Erie take care of my child take her away from after a alight pause continued i have asked too much Godi this is bitterness of death in deed. I hoped hush Marshall Don t mistake me Bolow and Stern came the words a if one crushing Down a wild tempest within and col Lennox walked to the mantel piece and stood there moments seemingly hours to the dying Man who had not dared after All to express the greatest desire of his heart Eric took his former seat at the bed Side of his dying Comrade and said As he stifled Back a Pang of pain from his heart my dear Marshall Yon know not what Yon ask consider one moment and read the imprudent and improper step in the eyes of mrs. Gandy which Yon Are beseeching me to take in behalf of your child. But Are you quite sore that the love affair was a Mere fancy Are Yon confident that she did not think More of him than Yon handsome Yonng fellow of but one year her senior she has since led me to believe As much. But i fear he might possibly have some influence Over her if they were to meet has she Ever seen him or met him since she was no never Edith s is a nature to openly dare not deceive Erio Feeny a Little nearer the sinking Man and said Marshall you ask me to take care of your daughter but do it what Way you will the world will talk. She Young handsome and you say quite Penni less not too old even for 40." Eric Eric they dare they dare do anything. They dare slander the name of purity itself. Now my he said while the blood Al most stopped circulating around his heart there is but one Way in which lean prudently take care of your and that is cannot you guess make her my wife at once and then defy the he actually started pin bed in his frantic Joy and relict make my Darling your wife of heaven i dear to Yon is equally dear to Erie Lennox what in his wish a mine. He has had one wish All of your life which you and you alone now can Grant and which will give him peace and Happi i would do anything Tor my she answered the team swelling into her eyes. A a Why has he not told me of this wish before what is it col. The wish is that you Are left under my said Eric slowly and in my care in the Only Way in which it can be did she have any vague suspicion of what was meant that she blushed so she looked so and that one Way under the Shadow of my every drop of blood seemed to leave drop by drop the Beautiful face even the hands which he held grew cold and bloodless As she Sank cowering a figure of supplication at his feet releasing her hands As she did so. Passionate tears and sobs Shook her come Edith my wife arise or you will be sick. Your dear father is Happy and at rest. Come my the col Onel said in a choking voice. Bis form of Clay alone is Here his spirit has de parted to the god who gave it chapter in. Conclusion. One year later from the Date on which our Story opens or. And mrs. Col Lennox were the invited guests of the wealthy and respected lady Morton of Westchester. Once Only had Edith met Cyril Balfour and that was As she was awaiting her husband s return from a Distant City where he had been on business. She had driven herself in her Carriage to the station and was standing on the Little platform awaiting the in coming train. The first passenger to alight was Cyril Balfour who catching theft. Tie should have been firm and obstinate when he should have reasoned. The Landlady opened the door softly aroused the Sleeper when he iced eagerly in a faint whisper of he come to exclaimed the girl softly it fryc near train time now and he must soon be no necessity for that however for Renaa she ceased speaking a Brough am dashed up the Street and stopped before the door. Steps were heard springing up the stairs and the lady s voice designating the room. The Toor opened and a tall commanding figure in a Soldier s Cape and military came into the room. Soh Eric Eric is it at of god i thank and sick Man threw himself into the sex ded arms of his Friend. Of Marshall Marshall Why did you riot let me know of this i should have you Long ago 1" said the other to ring of deep reproach in his tones. I Felt ashamed to you see if was lost by a Little speculation calculated to add to my daughter s store when i should be no More. For you know Eric when i and you parted in India t received a wound which at the time was not considered fatal but which the surgeons said might prove serious if ire was not taken to prevent its open g again. Well i fell from my horse to week and you see the result. This _ my daughter Eric of whom i have written you so much Edith acknowledged the introduction with a Little frigid Bow and immediately left the room retiring to a Small room adjoining the bedroom and throwing herself wearily upon a Stool it one of the windows gave herself up to reflection. Was this then the Friend whom her father had thought so much of and of whom she had begun to imagine must above the Ordinary Standard of mor tals her Large Violet eyes seemed aging on space and her fair jewelled ands were locked together in her Lap. I am dying he resumed thank thee it is All that i have Ever hoped for from her birth that she might become Noble Eric s wife before i died. Great god be praised and Marshall be Calm i must Tell her to her myself chapter ii. Snob deeds of valor Strong that neither history or song can count them All. Is Shef he quickly asked. You will find her in the Little room next to this and All we replied the sick Man in a feeble tone of voice. Edith was sitting before the wireless grate lost in thought. Her Large Blue eyes appeared much Darker than they really were with the intensity of her Levery her hands were clasped list Lessly in her Lap her face was Pale Al most to Ghast Liness her hair Hung in careless Negligee Over her shoulders and strayed in Little wilful tendrils of fold Over her smooth Chaste brow he was a picture for an artist to covet All unconscious As she was of it All. A Light soft tap came at the door. Her Calm and indifferent come followed by the Entrance of her slight Frame while bitter reproachful words broke out from proud wounded womanhood. No no your generous pity your Noble heroism strive to veil the truth of my mine she sprang to her feet exclaiming wildly. Per i know that in his Blind love for me my father forgot my womanhood and offered How can i say Ine upon hush Edith r he exclaimed sternly. He did not As heaven is my witness. He did not intimate to me anything of the kind until i broached the subject myself. Then Only did he betray to me had been the one passion Al Wishof his life of eighteen to see his daughter the wife of to and trusted Friend before he die ask the Honor at your own hands my dear and if you wish now return to your father and thus give you time to make up your mind whether you will accept or reject. In a Short time i will return for my this was All and Edith was once More alone. Alone to think while her brain was in a whirl and her heart seemed almost pulse less. He was Knightly to the Core gentlemanly to a fault and of so re Gardful of her feelings. She walked the floor of the narrow room like a Young wild Deer longing for a larger Field to scatter her sorrow in. The door opened softly and she gave a violent Start As she stopped suddenly in her walk and shrank Back a Little As col. Lennox entered the room. He crossed the floor and paused at a Small table bending his head Over it no act was father s idolized Friend Eric Lennox. He noiselessly strode to the opposite and Ere i go i have one great re quest to make of he paused exhausted in his efforts and quickly springing to Tho table Eric Lennox seized the reviving drops and held them to his lips. The dying Man swallowed them with difficulty and after a moment s delay reassured by the pressure of his Friend s hand lie said i have sufficient Confidence in you my dear from Ofer intimacy in former Days Ito entrust unhesitatingly to Yon a family secret but with the request that you Are not to disclose your knowledge of it to Edith or she would never for give to. My daughter is now 19 years Jpn age and at the Early age of 16 met the first love of her youth one Earnest Balfour. I greatly disapproved and strove every Way in my Power to seek to convince her that it was Only fancy the foolish fancy of youth upon both sides and i thought that i succeeded. Sittah i fear that after i am dead and gone he May come Back again and my poor Edith blinded by love and she will doubtless Lead a Ivory unhappy i Eric Lennox did not interrupt his Comrade but kept his face slightly yes Eric old Friend i am dying what will become of my poor in accent inexperienced Darling will you Promise my dear Friend to take charge of her and hoop her from the Wolf who will to sure to seek her my precidus Lamb my Darling t col. Lennox did not answer imme flip Colv but oat pondering Over the Cane turning the probability Over in his id of having liar gel of a Young girl 1 i years a smut that ii himself. Side of the grate from which she was sitting and calmly folding his arms waited for her to break the silence. How is my father she asked in a strangely Calm tone lifting her magic eyes to his face As she spoke. Sot any better poor he said in pitying tones answering the Wistful soulful look. And he will die my she exclaimed fearlessly. A what then will become of do not he said while his look his tone were As tender As a woman s to a suffering child. I have left him to speak to you for you have it in your Power to make his death bed very very i col. The great sorrow Ful eyes were turned upon him now filled with amazement. It is Only you your coming could do partly Edith to has told me his circumstances and for your future to is grieving and surely breaking his what a shy half appealing expression stole into the Beautiful eyes. How Tho heart Beffi and How restless the hands became As she said of no no not for must not. I can earn my own in what Way Edith you Are highly educated and accomplished i am Well aware from the letters i Hare received from your dear father but if you think ing in the whole attitude of dignified deference and Sweet grave voice and manner it was Only simple nature in this chivalrous gentleman to take the role of suppliant to this girl whom he was forced to woo in this strange Man Ner. Thoughts rapid and humiliating were chasing each other through the brain of Edith As she stood there with folded hands and the color coming and going in her Beautiful face. Some thought some memory of Cyril Balfour Pride womanhood desperately wounded by the very pity the generosity which she knew despite All he could say had dictated the offer. She thought he must despise her for being mercenary and All too soon As a Burden forced on him for life. And yet through it All stood out in letters of fire that it was her father s dying wish one Hope he was lying now in the next room in agony of suspense for her answer and How could she How could her it his last moments what could be worse than the remorse that must then haunt her Ever More is my answer what i May dare Hope is the blood mounted to the fair face and Back again leaving it deathly White and she tried to speak but Only a voice less whisper quivered Over the trem bling lips. With will try a glimpse of her face gave a slight Start and retraced his Steps to her Side. A Edith is that indeed you after so Many years of cruel he said doffing his hat. How glad i am to see you and alone too How for How could i have Ever thought of him in a stronger Light than a Mere she asked herself. My tastes have changed she men tally concluded. Balfour you Are now addressing mrs. She said drawing her self up with dignity. Indeed i had almost forgotten the fact of your being he had said with a sneer. However you did not show much regard for my feelings after your betrothal to me and your vows of eternal it is false i never engaged myself to exclaimed Edith with height ened color and if you please or. Balfour i desire to pass As i am expecting my husband every he went on muttering about death bed marriages and the colonel of dra goons. Nothing exceedingly complimentary however. As Edith recognized the Stalwart Manly form of the colonel approaching now she Felt Safe from further annoy Ance. A couple of weeks later As Edith was sitting nursing a severe headache and gazing from her chamber window. Eric came bounding in with come Edith love we Are going to have a ramble and i want you for my part Edith pleaded a headache and told him to not mope at Home with her As she wished him to enjoy himself with the rest. He went with them against his jul Edith gazing after them As they Digap Amaru. The painstaking spider a web of sixty and its melancholy destruction. Once there was a spider. There is nothing very startling about this fact unless you Are of a nervous turn and the said unruly insect drops Down into your face while you Are trying to go to sleep or you Are easily cast Down by running into his web thrown across a doorway. Spiders Are chiefly Domestic in their habits in this latitude and have a weakness for rounding out the Corners of rooms and filling the chinks in out of the Way places with a sub stance which if it had been a Little stronger would have won them an honorable place in the arts and made them As popular As they Are now obnoxious. One evening the individual subject of this history was discovered spread ing his net across an open window that had been raised to give the supper table a More pleasant surrounding and As he had not proceeded far when his plans were observed a close watch was kept on his movements and the follow ing notes taken on the process the upper limit of the web was the half rained Sash and enough of the space below was taken to make a Structure about a foot Square which was mapped out by a single line fastened to the window frames. Inside of this a few strands were thrown which crossed at the Center where an irregular bulls Eye like base of operations was formed by Cross webs put in very inartistic-11" the spider then added More spokes to his wheel until he had Twenty and then accomplished the feat of joining these altogether by circular webs about an Inch apart. This kept the rays in place like a set of Guy ropes but made a Deal of climbing and calculation geared among the foliage of the what a capital idea she said to herself to one step Forward and she was enfolded in his arms and the warm lips pressed a grave kiss on her a Lover s clasp not a lovers kiss but it scarcely needed the added language of those lips steadfast Low spoken words As her tears fell fast and heavy on his breast heaven helping me i will try to a my duty by this Young life thus Given to me and make Good every vow my lips must so soon speak for her. Hush my child 1" once More he no Rohed her brow and gently loosed Ier. Go to your for i must go t once to or. Morton a and to the clergy House of 8t. s he knew what for and moved Tow Ard the door which he held open for Ler to pass through. Of teaching yes i can teach firstly my said the soft eloquent voice his very Soldier s soul touched by her innocent inexperience teaching is very laborious work and very unsatisfactory also very hard to get to do even by experienced teachers and you would literally starve before you could earn a Penny. Beg Pardon my dear but i am considerably older than you and this is no time for Mere ceremony your very youth and Beauty stand dead m your Way. No one having daughters would take Yon to rival them and no one having sons would want you. Tho girl Crim soned to her brow and shrank Back with a sort of fear coming into her Eye for she knew that Tho words spoken so Friendly were but too True. J she covered her face almost cower ing. It was of him to Force a to few now Why do you me so i have time enough to think of the Impola abilities when i am left poor Little col Lennox said Landing Forward and taking two Little quivering hands in his Strong know not what you arc i in i v a _ _ cd Aptha m. An or Ian. My Darling is that the dying Man exclaimed. Bless you for Thia Edith wound her arms around her father s neck her tears falling thick and fast her heart like Load in her bosom. The colonel passed the Landlady on the stairs As he was descending and spoke something in a Low tone to her which set her heart to fluttering and caused her to hasten to her wardrobe to Don her sunday go to meeting clothes and averted were Unin saying you forget what i to la Ltd remember Tua my Kim what m the sick room door opened softly but Edith was All unconscious until Light hand upon her shoulder aroused her from her intense grief. Are you ready a Clergyman awaits in the next room. Shall i Call to him asked the anxious voice of Eric Lennox As he perceived the great change about to take place with the dying Man. Yes i am quite Edith said with assumed calmness. A few words Only but. A Edith was no More while Edith Lennox had just began to exist. Scarcely was Tho ceremony performed Whon extending his arms toward his loved ones of Earth the dying Man exclaimed Edith Erio i am going god bless Thio 1 Knnox had caught the form of dying Frond and Comrade to heart at de died in it would meet her Hus band when he would be returning and claim his partnership the rest of the Way she tied on her hat ran lightly Down the Steps and was soon hurrying the Lane toward the babbling Brook where she determined to await him. She had not been sitting there Long when she heard his familiar step accompanied by another lighter one. Be ing screened by a huge Oak from the path she could not see any one pass ing by without arising to her feet and being exposed to the others observation. He was talking earnestly answered at intervals by a Sweet Silvery voice. As they Drew nearer and she was about to make her presence known she was rooted to the spot by hearing her own j name spoken and this is what she heard i Eric Lennox a heaven i saw you yesterday. I knew you at once. And you have not cannot have forgotten your love Alice rut came in joyous Dulcet tones from the lips of the Beautiful lady Alice Vandeleur. I remember lady Alice Vandeleur. The Mellow voice of Eric Lenny a quivered with the Strong emotion so suddenly called into life which he was sternly anguish pity for her for himself the phantom and the phantom Only of the past. But what wonder that the miserable listener utterly mistook it All then lady Alice s voice came again Why do you torture me so you knew a month ago that i was free for i sent you that paper. Yes Eric i dared to Bridge the Gulf which i knew you would be too proud to Cross and i knew that we both loved still and Alice Alice in pity for Honor s Sake spare us he said hoarsely it comes ten years too late. I am mar there was a Sharp bitter cry from Alice then Edith heard her husband sadly1 for Honor s Sake Farewell tent Ohe did not hear him add i love my wife too Well to wrong her in any Edith my with her tall slender figure at full length upon the grass. 3ho did not faint but Lay moaning and writhing in humiliated agony. To think that he had married her out of pity and loved another All that and now comes the sequel. Edith was sitting that evening upon the Hearth Rug gloomy and despond ent when her husband entered Tho room. She shrank involuntarily from Bis caresses which he attributed to the necessary. Next beginning at the outset this practical acrobat began running circular webs around the Structure about five to the Inch each inside Circle tolerably regular As regards the other one and All fastened to each Cross line by a bit of waxy substance secreted by the Ani Mal himself. As each preliminary Circle was reached it was found More and More that they took a somewhat differ ent direction from the new ones or to be exact about it were thrown about a different Center. So As to avoid a ridiculous crossing of these circular lines the first set was taken up and apparently devoured by the Workman. Nothing but the waxy Points where they had crossed the rays showed where they had been. The spider did not try to Spring from one Ray to the other or shoot out his web but took a trip around by the shortest route and waxed the newly spun line to the Ray before setting out again. Several tunes he broke off the line and made a trip to the Center where he inspected the work with the air of a master builder once was observed to give the whole fabric a mighty shake As though testing its capacity for holding winged victims and bearing up his own piratical self when he chose to go out on a foray. Sometimes on returning to his work he had left off and began in a new Elace which left a rather awkward reak in the fabric though it was not conspicuous As a whole. Nearer and nearer the Center the work proceeds until the master work Man came to the conclusion that it would answer his purpose and suddenly broke off the process of drawing his web out of himself and settling Down composedly at the focus of the affair with a Good appetite doubtless and approving conscience due to one who has Laboured faithfully according to his own Light and not greatly the worse for not being obliged to go abroad for building material. Already his Eilerts had borne fruits for two Giddy flies had dropped into the web and were fluttering in the Breeze As helpless As though held in the spider s claw but their grim captor was t in any Huriy for his supper and let them Nutter. He had worked at his Best rates for fully half an hour and could t exhaust himself further just now by run Ning after game that was Safe where it a careful estimate showed that the whole web was not far from sixty feet Long All of which had been evolved from the builder s consciousness and physical self in that Short space of time. But it was getting late. The Sun had already gone. Suddenly some one shut Down the window big my rum on the carefully built fabric and transforming our late industrious architect pirate and robber into a trem bling fugitive glad to get off at any Price. Such is by Iofalo news. Sumner and Charles funds Adams. Virginia in january 1861, proposed that the diff Lieut states appoint com missioners for Jhoo of meeting other commissioners of that state in the City of Washington on Tho Wasatch looked out on that great of Sage Green velvety slopes sweeping Down on every Side from the bristling Mountain rim to the Auitt surface of the tossing Salt sea. Brigham Young their Leader told them that Here the lord commanded a halt and directed that his Tabernacle should be set up. This sounded Well and perhaps the majority believed but Young knew Well enough that beyond Lay the lifeless Alkali deserts and that this spot was the very last upon which his band of faithful emigrants could be Only cause that to could think of the meeting with Cyril Balfour. To said in a tone of anguish i was in Hopes until to Day that you would learn to love to. But if you still regret having married to i will go away and you will then be of no no that would break my heart. It is at the thought of your not Loving me which tortures me then she related to him what she had Over heard. My Darling my Hoex claimed huskily it is you and you alone whom i Tun hungarians have a National dance the Wiardus intended to represent the unquiet course of love. We Havo never seen the dance but pies met the greater Piti t consists of an elderly gentleman kicking a off the front stays. Was prepared and signed by most of the members of the House addressed to the governor a saving him to recommend to Tho legislature the appoint ment of certain eminent from Massachusetts to Zivke part in this great consultation. Or. Sumner heaving of this paper took Strong ground against it and protested to Charles Francis Adams against his having signed the document in question. The latter in a very prompt and somewhat indignant manner refused to controlled by the donator and stated that to was for his country and his whole country and would do everything to maintain Tho government and Settle existing Difili Verlcy Poore. Colonized with any Hope for the future. But Tho Camp was not made on the Borders of the great Salt Lake nor is the present City in proximity to it. It is almost Twenty Miles away in a straight line and just at the base of the Range. Indeed it is Only from the that the Lake can be seen at All from within the City limits and then it appears Only As a line of distinct color be tween the Dusty Olive of the hither Plaia and the vague Blue of the further Ingersoll in Harper s Magazine. Animals lining in Amity. H. H. Johnstone in his work on the was forcibly struck by the Harmony which he found existing among the animals which frequent the Rivers of Africa. Tho crocodiles As they lie basking in the shallows May be seen surrounded by a multitude of Lovely forms water Birds and waders standing fearlessly pluming them selves regardless of the huge Satriana. With whom they must make a compact a Mutual Alliance. Tho crocodiles agree not to eat the Birds and the Birds keep a Good Lookout to warn , by loud cries when their Only enemy Man is coming. I have said he this strange intimacy Between these very dissimilar creatures on All african Rivers. How the ave pfc of Man must Havo reacted on the relations Between Many of the higher forms vertebrate life compelling then almost to subordinate their Wii pre existing fears quarrels and capacities to Tho common dread of the Universal enemy so of the withered tree trunk and on the Many twisted snags that Rise Aboya Tho water Perch Tho egrets the bit Terus the herons Aud thed Aiters. Fat pelicans Boudro of the oozy margin of the River s wavelets Spur winged and egyptian gesso stand in Little groups on the Sand and Zik Zah plovers with yellow and spurs to their wings hop on bodies and if they do not As some suppose pick the Teeth they at any rate linger strangely and As one would think rashly round Tho jaws of Tho grim the origin of the to Ropiko. An Tymo logical Crank has to covered that the name of Turnpike comes from having a Piko hanged across a Roadway so that no one could pass w without turn ing it. Toll were instituted about boo yogis ago first 0110 being built in by it Monk whose self appointed Woik was to guard Tho shrink Oft Anthony on High nato jul. Not much to do Liv matted dirt from the lop of Tho Lull and filled up a deep hollow. In doing tvs to expended nil his Fortuno but the k no Raino to the Rescue and published a decree addressed to our Well beloved William Tho swot twirl pharmacist. When the Sweet girl pharmacists get into All the drug stores says Tho Troy Telegram it will be very embarrassing to Tho gentleman with the Largo red nose who has been in Tho habit of hav ing his daily prescription filled by a Young Man. Iran nuts Between Man and wife in Afghanistan Are summarily settled by the Ameer. Lately an afghan indy applied to Abdul Wahman for a divorce on the plea that her husband was prow ing bold. Tin Ameer punished the spouse by having n it the of som milk Pound ii go the on a Donkey with her face to the Tail As a warning to wives. Fit Var v newspaper

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