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Fort Wayne Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1887, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 5, 1887, Fort Wayne, IndianaThe fort Wayne daily the Nickel me new York Chicago it Cent column wast All advertisements under tills lipid will be la erred for Flo cents n Day. Advertisements must not exceed three Linos in Lento mid must do my at the nun Tonj room before 9 o clock Wai lox by an Kex Phi in Cpl St Thiim plier Ami hot order i , in Arr Bortot j Roll Tiki ale Jacii Tui Fli lubricants k. F. Dhoti Mclim level nud the he of quiz the k Aski Fly Rotnour Washington letter morning january 5, 1887, 6hi a n Wilri suns it Wayne Chi . June _ . Of i Obj Iii Jurt hid in Nam Bdl a 10 i malaria ular Wasi Kimii to a been my list for i. And Tom a Huhl loll los i stairs. Imi i ii tool Pinto mra m-1.1 in the him t w remains Tern in vault in Kojek Civ i Tor Uonelli in Bowral porn Hilt com Dor in Floii i of the g. A. It., mid Imei n the work in at the Washington Navy Yard How to Fabri o a ipod thu u ii rat of a Nethig ii lie killing nil a Row Frisbis i Nerus Delity liver lung Anil kidney disease a still u Ali Unley Trio Nuiji Flynn. In Linnet Tho eminent Ami Cleora writ. 9 it Williams coup trl we map of Lui United i Ink or Cju sync a Naitil thursday Tho i on Al ill who i try Basy and co ton us Scain and Wivurn of Cal Janie a local and to Baseliso v Salesman in every town in shia Siuty. A j. Austin Braw inc neitus a nework now new dam. Dir Eatna an Oul Talub Litsui a la tilt own Muiry. Ii aimed Sloo Par inti it. Sex tinted. Ninfi Inu Matulac Turluk House v. . Honvo a to d wort i Iii fur Ulah Ai Kiuly to in l. M. , m p., 330 12lsl St., Vita. Offs sir w. F. Holcomb. Al eitst35rli n. In n. V. A of Lefft ipod to Raldi Iurii or i Tui Nevi products it y to Ilia lieu ii or ,.-.ailed, was thronged with pro nil men and women who Ivory milk aug vis 3 of condolence. Carria Jos were coming us go Iii nil Trio time so that it reminded 10 of occasions Brilliant Mikeial seems thu Ca Raoof Fullins up of to senators for a Quarter of u Century in. Logan lifts of to Foremost Ligi iks in american Public life. Said Gnu. Htiek a Logan wow absolutely intently patriotic min Iii in civic honors Hoimlo his in yips swiftly a in the array Joni of by hip Tamo nerve and the same intuitive knowledge of men. Hiss by. Francis Hospital n. Y. F it. Joso 1, n y., Ildon death i ii Fitt i Ono Roro from remaining company of statesmen saw Tho War for this Union i Joni Ami end and Ore conspicuous in tie prosecution of i of Bernd of veterans general Lonn would Bave been selected As Tho Ono most like v to live f or n Good Scorof years with Bis in Worful Irmo Iron build apparently rushed Ami buoyant spirits. In regard 10 Liis successor it b thought Hia in Cavil seat in the Senate will be filled by Ono of Sis lieu All of whom would like it. These tire Fiove mor Ogle by sex congressman far Well and four a Linnis Cong Mainii namely sent i Al Henderson judge. Payson St Hospital. N. is Consul red . It Acla Iii Skive it Stu Asafat in Ink and can to used in tin s City to raise a fund of for Tho senator s widow mid Bave Al Widy been a Elisc Ritwo. He Natur was always to was never successful in business id lived Oil he salary. He in ecu in i bottle Koi Oval Price. Its causes and a new and inn u deaf Twenty Ellit years. by please Don t forget it mat or ii. Mia uni ill Clai h if in Cai Outtin Lii la. From Irr Anil u Sainti. Cincinnati uwisvi1.ij by. Clu. Louis Llie Aall Lucia local i cd Hadis and gentlemen in City or country to Tato itt thai i easily. Miniri w Pluy movie. Address Mill i g coins her Larob pleasant fun f Ruhbe horns ii Talli for Oit Ichta a Kkt suitable for two Persow. Proc quire at u Haj Lou Best Brick House no.217 Road Elihu Roui air. . U Wabash. It 1 Aoi Kio Hale a Nickel jilt cd and juju Oil a Street. Of bilk cheap. O1kjan, at Liui u to tilt i 8ale-fbh3h and halt m Lions it alters a in hums of 51.000 til ice vans i ii oltion. Hut t Uil to Weir. All Contu gland Lial has Indiana it b time of if ii a Parker s hair Balsam Tho Imor. Len hinder corns. Mac Lii boat artificial legs Iun. A1iti1mu1l limit Flaska Chunwo so. I Onu i let spurs i big offer. I Don to to Eady t of Tatlin Only Nacri irises acid has i Vudi. Fight i 1 Kaskie co. Who dared to approach him. It Warren nt., saw York. The Bill to distribute Tho balance of Tho Geneva award waa pending in the Monuto general Logan inv orally disposed to the claims of the insurance companies and Ona of Tho attorneys or them went to Iii rooms to talk on Tom . Tho general received in very coldly and when Tho Man asked to him in private a Tow Pinomi its to Low into Ruge and Onle Rcd him Iron Iho room. Were rumours that pecuniary induce ments were being off Iii to tie of the Bill and general Aupi Iosco Tau t1 Man bad Conio to Mako some Aii Ohk Many incidents of Tho deceased senator s Lite is one. A bib is connected with Lite wounds at fort Doik Iwaji. While lying to to Liis wife Corueil her Way to his bedside and no Ristl him Ali Tough it All. On the co i is wit i their toes almost touch ins his colonel Morrison in Tho Satin Battle Iliad received ugly wound wiil leading Tho forty ninth Illinois. Mrs. Divided bar attention Between to two inon. And her careful nursing Oon iut both of them actin in tie Saiville. General Grant onco remark con Corning Ihu dead St Vialor which showed in 11 Imp spy inane or one of Tho latter s Caractor pert t to tent cushioned a stick. Evhen Jere nil Winil i y in Stout the Tehi Olin of l visit Tui ii Inni Ami it 01 Allm a treat rive "ll1 him. Simon came in Cox cure Fother deaf Tho heavy Ritli is i very Yulii Uto oper Lioa. A run of pounds Musco con with All to Caro Imd is Aclista of n chronometer or any Delict to Miltho Natieal in moment. Sovino o Tho Ivory ii Dono under to magnifying Lusa Yacai fully in a jew Elor would wort up a Watt la Tuo Guys Aro marvels workmanship. Tho thing tent Stribolt Ono on on Turins to with their dirt floors and great into Mil Trace up Lott High gabled Roor a Trio Mas Ilvo Ami character of to work. Everything about so Erna it avy. Tho Cut you Lay on lathe like Baso Ball Bau Nelwig Turnt a tha lathe Uro Yai Lorous and Tuo bats Aro Imi noose i Wal tules weighing thousands of i funds beside Shiou a Man too Small to cum Wita it. Tibia i is Wlford Trio guns Tiro a nut Tho Teol is brought limit to in Tow rough is tried by Testa Moit Dot Kato tests Mort Novoro b bored and Jiuei and put together and worked Tuo Flost and Moat Oil Euilio Rule Gunt Imro a now by lip in tha Stop Ono of too need and Tho twi Nich Yuns in Well and Trio Ito Wied gun i Aro Imo Oeh and Iii Duia Itelene Maici they no Reno a thread or tire through us 3olid Athol. Uno Ottha great Neuda if the i department la Means of moving lha guns from one Ilion to in other. At respect this a done by of crimes and land cars but this is attended with Many Ifni cuties Lioa the Twa in a gun weigh nor pounds is Acyl on new of tha Nittlo and distributed Over Only Twenty Jove feet of truck Tho track some time under tha fire were. 1joiv t1ik of bks. Is dose the steel of a Hub these Aro iras they Call it is brought lure la the Rouglin and is worked do to thu highest perfection of ordnance. Tia work a til Dono with great aia Tiew by Plani and Tho steel tube whih a the ground work of Tua gun is a coined from tha Ilid Vala ital works and a Tiara bored and turned out and lion font boat to hid Valu few Oil Tempo ring. It u returned to ibo Washington Yard it bored and then it a placed on Latho tha i Enior being found on each and n la Rod to a full Iisha. Eito rior diameter. Tom la received in is in a cylindrical Runaas from sum works. Ii a rough bored Here. Sometimes itis aant Back to ill Valo fur an Oil Bath Somo Timon Trio work of putting the jacket on this steel Warrior is a void Delicato operation and Oao very inter Itsos to a rate. Tho Jacob is put in a fire in ado or. Pino Wood and is hunted Sullick gently to Deinova a por Tion of Tho a Rinkacs and it is Tolian bored to to length and diameter of. Tuo drawing. It is then and b ready to a placed on Tho tube. The Tubo is placed on end Liko a Needle on in Point. Tho jacket la then heated Lomci bully to oxi mind it about .03 Luxor than Tho Tubo on in Interior i Amator. Tho greatest Caro Bas to to taken to get just Tun right Tomeju Datura Whon heated Tho jacket u slipped up Oil Tho Tulio Aud Clam poo. It is first cooed at Tho Point nearest to muzzle by of i a onto Stream of water. As it it Tho tube voiding itself. Fri in. Noni Otoji ii i Mia Brit a and Loa Tiili of Mike ten i to jux Toimi my Asch than article. Put Boyc of the Canary Bird b 01 Al Iii mountains in Cic Niam. Munia Wil i Ristoro the Sone capt Birds h prevent ailments Anu tin in m Good condition. In riven to a blurt luring Moat carry Trio mile throw ill Viallon recent of Pood co 4ffl n. Bloc n St. Rii ii aleut Many lamp chimneys Abe uttered for Salo represented As Good As Tho famous in Audi inc All by Stu Pablo Tastle of the Gex and i give Liviu in Imhof the twelve be i to Aro Nunn Tho Tubo. Lining and Weara to a running a this Adai Inis of Tor that Tho a by hoops Aro put on. Ill ring this Theio is various turning and working Down thu chamber is Boron Biml put on and the screw bos to Iii Iho gun has to to bored Hogun two ived Ali ask Foft the Pear top Tho Pearl top is manufactured Only by Geo a Macbeth Pitts ubah. A. Weak undeveloped is Ossif instas Iii Fra Solidi is Wero jul Hal in very 1-Uik in i a few weeks 1150, Onyot these which to Ivan Rel i us Roi Wal Dirr i the True Ngalu cou103 to Rilling. Catarrh of internal Revi Mie or i if Rivi Riuo stumps from i Roi . This to i Asu wit i Lirl n h August Flower nil towhee a Donnan syrup As Trio reduction of i inv Reuie who Bizo of Trio in Ltd a i Iii Timmins i tin so ten Viliy giving on fifth More Vilich skill an Dullisse Sitiel to us. In Tho Ili St fcb ii Tho rim ruin onto raid inv Oral Mon Wei Wor Lisny our out i of an Imu Ionio Stoi l Tuu which was hot and upon a Holcli Thi j with Wuring Small of water. It was Tho big ten Inch Guu upon Ohleh Tho mud Scro just putting his Joi Kot next to Tho gun waa a Graceful Stool tuba turning slowly on a lathe Wyllo a Man with a in Trumont pared Oil Long curls of cold steel by with a. Largo magnifying Gluss oium Luing Tho smooth our fact with Grunt Cam us u rotol cd Bolos him. So Over watched Bis work Moro a Loosly. Tho works of u watch do nut raq Iuro More Tiro wild Hoa to Lou Ter looked through Tho Lulo. Through Ita entire Wuu Gas fixtures brass Forlow ant Leai Pip lift Aad Force Posas Sheet Lead .b1m.-. Lower liver j nil thu Tii Onmi to syrup for Forogh and i Hajj Chr Light Bono a on a i lift i it Linw Tho Sulo o7 Roo vol Wero a Marvel of univ Mudio Iii a in Tom to Vail. Tho j than Cornea Tho firming. To do of Iii i i Sirtl size of the bottler will to Kiv atly 13 Lovold of blocks and i by Tho Bick and null Listul in non a Iii area no adjusted at thu lir Cutcli and in Civilia d Foi Intrau i. Tea tour ale. Ami a inroad is so dra.1. Bottles for 1q cents remain the at a Lylw to the Axis on i w Ita course from by Armour co., Star Star hams Bacon. Delicious flavor. O pains arc spared to make a these meats the Best that can be produced. Puoplo of epicurean tastes Aro Leighly pleas fid with Thorn. Or to not keep i Tho in inti Olios Bastardy tud1.wb6 main Street of Clinton tout Wimb. Or. Thayers j private. Lying in instil Ute Ami sanitarium. Trio i it Pliura in m Walton a Kije lit Tho Tail of but direct fun a Ojini ind. By geo7 r. I Tito i ate Sisr Ona Ali Foro or films Lollita or Ovi ulcer a a in to mlle him a sol All Iid to. 64 East Jefferson Street. Circulars also at a in Hotiu Street of t. J. Nolton co. Steamfitt1so, sew Obiso i Vrtis att Klios Given to sanitary plumbing and severing of Tali tuba Tiu hrs water closets Yang hons brass Triin for end ilium no. Ii Calhoun Street. B arms. Turkish Eit Tinc Art room 7, 74 Calhoun Street. Foist isi1. Biffer rail if Icalea i Ico i haute cml patents c. A. Snow co., a Jiosue i agent Olow . U f. Onk Aid lit in u w Tanil i w i h a. Cal Clito. a Ouaack sc., agents Lor fort wine Noto Coady in t stood Tho teat of Yeara in Cut ctr All Bisca Seg or tto from life to death n lome it s warning and Oiler oui want uru in Lymm drive Atli Lis Eust hex Gnu vital und Causo instant . Ami neuralgia Urciuli Sims Sof Tow Only to reached by a remedy Lucli will drive from Trio Bilio Dulic . Itlm3iioer. Thoroughly Tea cd a a by if Euk cure. My. Crugar 10m. M my i sufi Brora from Eliom. Could Bonne live. For five Pletchy door joint waa free from Iling lain. Trio pain was it Rebect. Did not know Lor Many Niu Bra. I to Liis Way for a Lonj time using Rainy Blifil int Anil medicines both Froni . Ami j As thrive Marc lick. Via my my . Gut a bottle of Siml you will no doubt be surprised Ami i Jimo Jile Nii flit it an improbable tiling Tut it a a fid a can to testified to by Manv Noi Libora who know Liow fully i in a Tiff ii sirt Ulm Only Iliff taken 11 few Dorioa it i pot up and walked Uro Siml Trio Alhlou Borna did for me doctors my their do. And 1 am Only too rail to let it to Siil Ferarri Miri Licu Malm. A very Luton not to Bou lit of Liliu Alhlou i i ilium wi12 will St., new will tilt Lar i re Init regular Jiru a. A Iii his f Boll Ziph new nil we. For fills. In race with the Trunnion Annii so marked Lor to of Wilur Trunnion night also at the Point for Iho Breech air Jet. From Tho Aslo Linos Lulu Oil by Dimarca on Tho loll Trunnion Tho Point for Tom Trunnion Sij Jet which Iii Rudd into to Trump Ion. Tun to Uii Lou is to it id Star to Basanoo coat or Liy which Tho gun Abw Ungto Trio Carriage. Is Only a Bara outline Tho done Tho details Tho weight of Tun sons is something enormous Trio Gvoic a cig Tijou pounds lha Liioi Tho Oik hts Trio tuna and the my Aud a half thu in Lnch gun thrown a 600 Pound pro Jouw us Tuni pounds of Power at a Cabarga. To Tarallo Strong to Tho Mutal of Wutoh Tho Cuns Aro Mado u Pouli to the Square Inch. Tin pinot native Guwor at Yai i one Aud a third times tha diameter of pro Wotila. Tho number it Hoo a on Tho gun Lucreata with Ltd Erzt. Tho Forti match coat of mating the Guna a Runn lug irom to Tho Tow Star. The. To Volver . Tho Era of Iho revolver in to Tell continuous in Paris and to impunity with Bioli thu deadly weapon u Carsrud about nil fio quintly Guiod with tolling Oil act of Trio wild Freadom of Colado. Mii Mituru Colt and Darr Legors no in Tho Gnu fever Ely s Orbam half it not a liquid Row it or Paider. Apply of into Noi Tritsis Gui Ekloff absorbed. It cleanse. No n Thel tend. sores Tatu cents at Lleni j Joltn Wail regi Ely Brothers an Toni Eli. Red co 3c-1d in oui pab1b, 1675. Baker s Nulod Bultot nov to Troni try Khz the Oil bus Liui or rooted. Bum Tif Hie mob Wlllie Birch o i you Riihl As inv Hlaj no. Akk 6th.ii tiiiumpiia.for gift ii yours Thoy do Lily Kim in favor wit i Man Couil into in i Ivo limit Coit club Tationa of machinery building portraits etc., but Slivik Guh jewry of Short hot1ci l Iho Means of lha Niewoit Schoolboy. The conjoin Tincu is Liat Tho or Rocco a i his Olsom in the in Ntow Artol met Lynx or other disputes by Cor. London Tolt Mph j curia lit litter Iii Mouth. Tho Toner in of our Church c jolts Liml he equanimity one sunday Vei Ninfi by a Largo Pinch Imp Fly ing in lib Mouth Lille 1i i in Tho Middle of rendering a Bountiful musical so Locklon. Tho Bard win Iod was exp clod with Groat be likly and Dowl in in timely death not however Soforo to Hud co Sld i no Droit Tho Tho of int from t Hoff it Kun Orlita. U Lillo of i touts ii the Lii to to l or Fol no nor Iii l Juao for nil wac. Fur pills. I w u Imio liul., any a Olvo lira .11.1 mow Mills up. Kins " , pro ii Urs Riih Ili Molliy. niu01s unil Ardoirn kit Leo Fop . Tho West of i Litls Lorg for Lii Roini trite i .uinu.lsls-t, and Jan Undy 1, 1s87, incl Nilvo. I or full information apply to Tigon to Trio amt sell As Well. 11 i faction. Thero Havi by Kush its if or. U Ilia s in i h uni. Amino Una Worful ill till. City. List Lara. A Ouuor Mantuo tin in Soli drug air Dro. Crudu i Yui Llly. It i Mil 1j Artir Brm Uii Mont in f . Sites dentist. 82 Calhonn St Over Goldsmith s Jow Olry store. I am still in thu Samo rooms that 1 was in Olotoa years o
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