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Fort Wayne Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1873, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Gazette (Newspaper) - February 15, 1873, Fort Wayne, Indiana Abb Assemi i Kimii. Learina out Sale at at 1 f it i i r 0 1 i h a 1 of a a 5 amp i Columbia St., a 5 amp i Columbia St., Fortiz Aye will offer for the next 45 Days Cost fencing Tannery 11th. And continuing until Tho 4a Days Are Stock of the committee on Quot education. A similar Bill is before the minors legislature and Public sentiment seeps to be a a Ettling Dom a to the opinion that Ai Date has no right to compel Universal taxation to secure the benefits of education to others without equal compulsion on the other Side ? this in connection with the fact that a state has the right to secure itself against the Degra Dation and crime resulting from ignorance makes an impregnable argument in favor of coins Ulory education. Fancy and tic including our entire Stock of his goods cloaks shawls furs millinery and fancy goods at actual Cost and Many Styes at even piss. We Ojust Clear out our entire Stock of dress goods furs Hawis and fancy goods and Low Price must it. Look at these prices of they or it it 2&Quot tier cent lower than the goods were sold before the War. Uni anti Siock of i Ashmer include inst new shades reduced to . Worth a full line of k Alai s in silk an i w. Of v Al ours at. 90c Worth il.5l. Arl of our Irish and fat Ench poplin reduced Tosi,25, Worth $1.75to $2.00, ail Wool Serges reduced to�?60c, Worth 85c, Ali Wool sat nes reduced to.75c, Worth $1.00 All Wool satires reduced Toroc. Worth 7-5c. A Large line o5 japanese stripes red due to Worth 75c, to Sof we shall his pc two tables in the Center of the store filled with dress goods at i5c, Soa and4"c, Many of which Are Worth double the Money cloaks cloaks we Wilt close out our a Tock of cloaks at actual first cos. We h Ive still left some of out very Best style and this will Bea rare Cha be to buy a Hani out cloaks to it a a Little Money. Runs Fuks pubs we have reduced the prices of our Sable Mink. Fitch nil Seal skin f Urs fully one Hilf and Are determined to Lojo Tirom ont during the next 30 Days. Shawls our entire Stock of shawls will be sold at than they hive been offered for the lat 10 years Weh Vieu it some Vry Han Soffie utto Man St ipes and Al of a Good assortment of Paisley in Long and Square which must be sold Beaver cloaking our 35.00 Beaver reduced tos3,00. Our $6-00 Beaver reduced to. $4.0&Quot. 1 is. I ice 01 drab Blue and Brown silk p ush for l a and Hil Iron s . Reduce from to $2,50, the beat bargain Ever offered. The Indiana Senate is still wrestling with the state printing business. And Well it May for in the opinion of those Best informed the state has been swindled out of More than $300,000 during the Paet Jen years for printing alone. The method heretofore has been to elect a state Printer generally some one connected Quot with the Indianapolis journal or Sentinel Inq it pay him just about what he might choose to demand. The three plans before the legislature Are to fix a scale of prices to let the state run a printing establishment of its own and to let out the printing to the lowest Bilder. The last plan seems to Hare the most Friend i although the Indianapolis journal and Sentinel not need to be pleased with any of them. They believe in doing the printing and charging their own prices. Or. Joseph Nir Inger Boot Black mrs committee seemed satisfied and decide mrs. F. Fleigner should to Ems Hoe Iiames. Like to their a Coati pm names and characters. Prof. Leifels s in great reduction in Lades embroideries collars handkerchiefs sad air kinds of f it Ticy g ods. We have a Arfre. San k of this class of goods and Tiant to Clear them out. Whenever the school examiner of Allen county can Couch his comr Aunica tons in the language of a gentleman and pay a decent Fegard to the regulations Laid Down by the late Lindlay Murray they will be duly considered a India poli journal feb. 13. The communication to which he journal objects was published in the Gazette o yesterday and we defy any one to poin out anything in the article. As to Murray s Quot regulations Quot the journal would Well to learn How to spell the noted grammarian s name before it gets too impudent in its Assumption o Superior wis Doua in regard to or. Murray. The fact is the examiner of Allen county tripped up the journal completely by showing that its article was in direct opposition to official facts and the journal to prevent its awkward Posi Tion from being known to the Public re fused to publish the communication giving the shallow excuse set Forth in the above saucy note. This is not the first time the journal has made itself Liili Culqui by an attack on Allen county based on profound ignorance of the facts. Tie journal is a Good paper but it it know everything and evidently has not yet Learned that it is More Hon Rabit to acknowledge a mistake than Toji Ersin to in it. L a a Al i la Psi try corsets corsets we have the 1 in amp to h ook of Cor fit in the cry. they have is unreduced with ail Uther goofs. Domestic department. During our Clear Mcc Sale we will sell our very by St prits at.10c. Our heaviest Brown Iwu Ilin at12 Ltd our Best Fine Brown Muslim. 200 pieces of Toft iii Shea bleached Muslin remember this Sale will continue for the next 45 Days commencing january nth. O. Of i Hsy to 7 roles Mia Kotrc Cir Ali Rity Teuton Turners Ter a psych Orean rivalled ooh extra furnished the music and we. Wiemann the supper. The managers have reason to congratulate themselves on the Success of the Ball. Last evening a very pleasant Little social gathering was held at the country residence of or. Jno. Shurick. Our Young people were out in Force and Tibe affair was the occasion of much genuine enjoyment t Here was Good music and an excellent supper and a very pleasant time generally which will Long be remembered by those who attended. Yesterday afternoon the ladies social of the first presbyterian Church was held at the residence of mrs. A. A. Brandriff nor 236 West Berry Street. The attendance was unusually Large and the afternoon was passed in working transacting business no. Towards evening the Young people began to come in and a very pleasant social time was enjoyed. At a Little after 7 o clock supper was served which was partaken of with much zest. A pleasant juvenile party was Given by miss Grade Woodward a tighter of or and mrs. E. Woodward of no. 134 East main Street on last wednesday afternoon to celebrate the sixth anniversary of her Natal Day. About forty invitations issued and very generally responded to in prop Ria personae the guests arrive ins As Early As 2 p. M., and from that time until half list six Joy was unconfined. Games vocal and instrumental music and dancing interrupted Only by refreshments served to make All forget How rapidly time flies. The Toilette a were remarkable for their elegance and taste while among the Young gentlemen present there was a notable absence of Swallow Tail Coats and White chokers. Miss Gracie was dressed in Blue with handsome Coral necklace and jewelry to match and looked the very personification of happiness. The ease ind Grace with which she received her Petite us fits would Well have become Many Whoie her seniors. The entertainment was a source of great Delight to the Youthful beaux and Belles who participated and it is the shades of night began to envelop the Brilliant Scherie and the Good a byes were a Aid Many Ivere the congratulations offered the Young hostess and fond Hopes expressed for Many returns of the anniversary. Chow Chow. Mrs. G. W. Reynolds of Toledo has been in the City during the past week the guest of her old Friend and schoolmates Emma Wood Worth. Mis. Reynolds is a daughter of Henry read formerly of the Cincinnati enquirer and now connects pm with Don Piatt and George Alfred Townsend in the publication of the Washington cd pail. Will ii. To wartnian Esq., and family of India api Lif made a flying trip to their Mcklev a. My a. Fill the office made vacant by the Teai or. John p. Wate re we cons Are to is appointment eminently Fili and proper As or. Webb possesses All the essentials requisite to a full and faithful a recharge of the duties of the of fico which amp Lara of to and a discriminating judgment for Asun important As the office May App a f to some it is really one of great Sig wifi Rii act certain contingencies. Or. Webbwa8 to a candidate of his own volition and reluctantly accepted the Trust at the re quest of the Board and Many citizens r he office of the Coroner Wil 1 still be at the court House and a Webb will be Happy to officiate in his new capacity non any bodies that May be thrown to the surface from unknown causes. Parties however contemplating Felo be will oblige the new appointee if they will stay their hand for a Day or two until the books and papers appertaining to his office come into his hands and be can peruse the St to to a relative to his duties under his a psf Lintt ment. Lieutenant Henry Brumsey and family left for their Laramie Home on to Day stopping one week at oink he a Roux John g. Maier Esq., yesterday filed his resignation As township trustee. His successor will be appointed in a few Days. Or. T. Dills has returned Home from View York where he has attended a course of medical lectures during the past Winter. The doctor is now prepared to Wield the knife and administer pills As usual. Tinie eve iii Quot a tiie if Failli Dit. Eil a to a in amp a okla Ahir aft a i. To. Ale Vii a or. Sai l so in May f1 b 15, 1s73. A Ltd adv Fco i i Imily a a Zette bus to to i a to attn a table Tsie Cir Culat for in a tat of Lee City of any other i age Uiol Shell in fort Hayny the Spanish Repusic is liable to continue for several Days yet. That Little explanation of senator Pat Terson s was expected on yesterday. There Aie us Many credit Mobilizer committees engaged in Hunting up Rascal Ity that they Are numbered 1, 2 3, Etc. The Boston journal takes Strong ground in favor of making women eligible to the office of school committees and school boards. And Why should they not be Cali feral and an Ete Fng a pleasant juvenile party Oiher social gatherings. Society and personal news senator Caldwell is reported to be exceedingly Down hearted. It strikes us that he ought rather to be in a very cheerful Frame of mind since he is Likely to the Penitentiary. The Lafayette courier of thursday publishes an address to the Senate urging the passage of the Quot tem France the address has a Large number of signatures of the most prominent men in Lafayette. This is a Good idea. Canal election. A a a ent v a 1873. J . St vote of Indiana executive department Indianapolis january 31 whereas by the first Section of the act of the general Assembly of the state of Indiana approved january 23, 1873, entitled an act to provide for the sub Quot Mission to the qualified electors of this stale for their ratification or rejection a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Indiana therein mentioned and declaring an emergency Quot it is provided that an election shall be held at the several precincts or places of holding elections in the several counties of this state for the purpose of submitting to the qualified electors of this Kiaie for their ratification or rejection a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Indiana by adding to the tenth article thereof a Section in the words following to wit Quot no Law or Resolution shall Ever be passed by the general of the state of Indiana that shall recognize any liability of this state to pay or redeem any certificate of Stock issued in pursuance of an act the lower House of the legislature on wednesday voted Down a proposition to collect a special tax annually in order to create a separate fund for the building of a new feta e House. The vote stood 33 in favor and 54 against. This is the second t me the House has voted against a similar proposition so the state must be curved by the present old Hulk for several years yet,.__ the eminent Learned and venerable author Guizot is reported to have said recently that he never read a More interesting and suggestive Book than buckle s Quot history. Of Civili ution Quot although he was Coli to dissent from some things on nearly every Page of it. It is a Book who Cash the read Only by a person Well informed in history and general lit Era tire and thoroughly trained in the Art of reasoning. Wh�9 the education Bill reaches the Senate we Hope that body will so Amend it m to Gire a decent compensation to Cote qty exam Neiti. As the Bill now htaiid8 competent Talent Cabot be employ to f9 Rood men cannot be obtained for $4 a and pay their own exp bases. It Beena to us that the lowest rate of compensation should be $5 a Day and the higis�ia$10 Leavine the exact Bompensa Tiki optional with the different cd Tieb. Epatha member of the lower of the legislature on , his ii ill no. 340 in favor of copy Pumroy education. After an dog luf intents air debate the bul was As the Winter wanes and Lent approaches it seems As though our society people were improving every moment in the festivities of the season preparatory to the solemn lenten Terra. A in the line of amusements during the week we have had nightly lectures from or. O Leary at Colerick s opera House and a lecture from mrs. Livermore in Hamilton Hall on thursday night both of which have been duly noticed in these columns. On last tuesday evening our friends of the German seen Gerund gave a masquerade till in Lafayette Hall which proved a very Happy affair. With Good music unlimited quantities of lager Beer and pretzels a great variety of co itunes and lots of pretty girls the pleasure seemed unbounded Aud the Gay dancers did not leave the Hall until a late hour. At 10 o clock last tuesday morning the Cathedral was the scene of a very Brilliant marriage a Large number of persons being gathered together to witness the Happy affair. A that hour Jerome a Studor a a. Of the carpet firm of Mcdougal amp co., was United in Bonds matrimonial to miss Maggie Simonton of Huntertown the attendants being or. Philip Singleton and miss Eliza Studor. The Beautiful Catholic marriage rites were performed in an impressive manner by Rev. F Ather Brammer. The Bride was elegantly attired and the entire affair passed off with much eclat. In the evening the reception was held at or. Studor s residence on East Lewis Street a Large number of guests were in attendance and the evening was passed in extending congratulations partaking of refreshments music dancing Etc. The Bride was the recipient of a. Number of elegant gifts. Or. And mrs. Studor left on tuesday evening for an extensive Eastern tour. On wednesday evening last a very pleasant Little Quot accidental Quot was held at the residence of Peter Morganthaler no. 85 West main Street. There were about Twenty present All of whom speak of the affair As a very enjoyable one. Or. And mrs. James Sommers entertained a number of their friends at their pleasant Little Home on Douglas Avenue on thursday night. Brief mention was made in the Gazette yesterday morning of the grand 6az Mangwe Given by the turn Verein at Ewing Hall on thursday night. The affair was a very Brilliant one not less than five or six Hundred persons being present of whom at least three Hundred were masked a great variety of characters were represented Many of the costumes being rally up Quot and the Parta assumed acted with . impossible for us to motion a tenth of those who deserved i adorable notice for their dress and acting but we cannot forbear to speak of the following mrs. Univ Wiemann tyrolean Seminin mrs. C. F. W. Meyer prussian Tesk Sant woman William in Kemper a Prince g. Fred. Hoch Hamlet miss Wetli teaser German countess Frank entitled an a to prov j for the funded a Hon.8 in this City arriving on Satur. Debt of the slate of Indiana Lor the completion of the Wabash and Erie canal to Evansville passed january 19, 1846, and an act supplemental to said act passed january 19,1846, which by the Provis ions of the said acts or either of them shall be payable exclusively from the proceeds of the canal lands and the tolls and revenues of the canal in the said act mentioned and no such certificate of Stock shall Ever be paid by this state Quot and , by the second Section of the act aforesaid it is provided that the said election shall be held on the Isth Day of february a. 1873. And whereas by a joint Resolution of the general Assembly Pas sed january 30th. 1873, it is provided that the governor shall give notice of such election by proclamation. Kow therefore i Thomas a. Hendricks governor of the state of Indiana in pursuance of the provisions of the said joint Resolution Issue this my proclamation hereby notifying the qualified electors of the state of the holding of the said election on said 18th Dayrol february a. 1873, at the several places of holding elections in the several counties of the state for the purposes prescribed in the act aforesaid. In witness whereof i have Hereunto subscribed my a ame and caused the Seal of the state to be hereto affixed at the City of Indianapolis the Date first above written. Seal Thomas a. Hendricks. By the governor w. W. Curry Secretary of state. Liay and leaving on monday slopping Wilile Here wih mrs. George r. Hartran of no. 161 West Washington Street. Will i i the present efficient to in dispatcher of the i., c. Amp l. R. It with Headquarters at the capital. Among the arrivals at the Townsend House last night we note that of or. H. Bulkier representing the irm of l. It ates amp co., importers and jobbers in fancy dry it Roo is Etc., of 451 and 453 Broad who new York. Or. Bulger is a gentle Man whom we heartily commend to be of our business Lake Herald Jan. 31. By Eastern exchanges we notice the death at Plainfield n. J., january 31. Of mrs. Pratt aged 90, Mother of Hon. Mrs. Hugh Mcculloch formerly of this City now of London England and grandmother of messes. Chas and Fred h. Me Bullch of fort Wayne. Chas. Stout e-sq., of the extensive importing and jobbing silk and dry goods House of Hazen Whitney amp co no. 392 Broadway new York is in the City a. Guest of e. L. Chittenden Esq. Or. Stout has a Large and profitable acquaintance among the dry goods men of the end tire Northwest having gained their Confidence by Many years of honorable business transactions is eminently successful wherever he goes and is justly deserving of their continued regard. Or. And mrs. John k. Hoagland were registered at the Gardner House Chicago on wednesday last. John n. Walker Esq. Formerly a citizen of fort Wayne but More recently of Nashville Tennessee is at present located at the stale capital having charge of the Little hotel on Washington Street gowned by his father in Law. To. Is one of those genial gentlemen whom to know is happiness indeed. Sol. Hathaway the facetious editor of Quot the people Quot is taking in a High cargo of Rich jokes and racy stories. He will be in fort Wayne hoop and unload. Among the weddings in prospective is one suon to be celebrated Between a Young and enterprising dealer in tin and a handsome stately lady from , at present stopping with frends at the extreme West end of Washington Street. Miss Sloat of Black s hoop skirt factory left for new York City on monday. W. H. H. Miller was registered at the Bates House Indianapolis on tuesday last. Fred Beach Esq of the firm of Horgan amp Beach was in ,monday. F. Barbour s. C. Lumbard and Ftp v. B. Go shall were at the state capital on tuesday last. Hon. F. P. Randall and e. L. Chittenden have been spending the week in Indianapolis. From the Indianapolis journal of the 12ih inst., containing special correspond enee from the committee appointed by the legislature to inspect the Indian i state prisons we q role the health of the prison has been and still is remarkably Good. The Hospital room is under charge of George w. Dur Gin the embezzling assistant postmaster of fort Wayne in his Leisure hours or. 1. Is studying photography and reports Gratifying Progress. In this connection a will state that upon the return of the committee to. The capital the chairman senator a. C. Wadge of Lake county formerly of this Cit suggested to a delegation of fort Wayn ers at the big Tea ,u8e, the propriety of rec of amending to the governor the Airame of Durgin among others As a subject of exec Tiv Clemmii by and desire to Kobe the feeding in tie us a Waytie the get to Geujen. Appealed Vito gave it As their opinion the pro meet. Was Illy conceived and impolitic in the Estry me and that the punishment now rec eyed by Durgin was comparatively Light when the cruel cringe for which he was deprived of his Liberty was duly considered. The people Felt that he should be Piini shed to the Iuli extent of his sentence and if s it was .1______it�? a Symfor Flavouring ice Cream cakes amp pm Ftp. To care by a new process we re a the True select Fruita and Quot with extract _ aromatic each characteristic flavor and produce of Zoon a a of rare excellence. Of great strength and perfect purity. No poisonous Oila. Every flavor a represented. No deceit each bottle full me Maurcy holding one half More than others purporting to hold same Lianti use them once Ija ill use no other. To Moat delicate dec Iowa Favora e Germade. So Spenor to the cheap extracts. Ask for or Price s special flavourings. Man if a tured Only by Steele amp puce depots Chicago and St Louis. Manufacturers of or. Price a Cream baking powder. In obedience to the above proclamation of the Hon. Thomas a. Hendricks governor of the state of Indiana i j. Hance sheriff of alien county hereby give notice that said special election will be Holden in the several townships and voting precinct try in said county at the usual places of holding elections on the 18th Day of february 1873. Said election to be controlled and governed As in Case of a general election. Hance sheriff of Allen county. Feb. 6, 1873. Quot the la new re Mable Foht Wayne Muncie amp Cincinnati Radii. Strai Glit . Easy i peed. Comfort and safety the Only line running thro cars to a Westinghouse air brakes on ail passenger trains. Gift Enterprise Missouri state lottery. Legalized by state authority and drawn in Public in St. Louis. Grand single number scheme 50,000 numbers. Class of to be drawn feb 28, 1s73. 5,880 pm izes amounting to $300,000 i Price of$50,060 1 prize of. 1 prize of. 10,000 1 prize of. 7,500 4 prizes of. 5,000 4 prizes of. 2,500 20 prizes of 20 prizes of. 500 40 prizes of. 250 600 prizes of 100 9 prizes of. 9 prizes of. 9 prizes of., 9 prizes of. 36 prizes of. 36 prizes of. 180 prizes of. 5.000 prizes of. 1,000 500 300 250 200 150 1.0 10 $5. Tickets $10. Half tickets quarters $2.60. Oar oar lotteries Are chartered by the state Are always drawn at the time named and All drawings Are under the supervision of sworn commissioners. The oficial drawing will be published in the St. Louis papers and a copy of the drawing sent to purchasers of tickets. 8�&Quot w will draw a Simil it a scheme the last Day of every month Dunn the year 1873. File Quot remit at our risk y Post office Money orders registered letter draft or express. Send for circular address. A Terry Miller amp co. Post office Box. 2447 St Ouis. To. New advertisements. Largest Organ establishment in the world 7 extensive factories. Estey amp company Brattleboro vt., u. S. A. The celebrated Estey cottage organs the latest and be t improvements. Everything that is ne.9 and novel. The leading improvements in or gals were introduced first in this establishment established 1816. Send for illustrated catalogue. Wholesale and retail. Double uns at s6 and upwards. Breech Loades 835 to $2ii0. Rifles., �7 o $35. Revolvers All kinds and prices. Air guns and pistols single Aati cles sent to any part of the country by eve press c. 0. Target companies and base Ball oubs supplied at lowest wholesale Rutes. You can save 25 per cent by o Dering rect of us. As we import our own . Sunj for Price list. Henry c. Squires. Importer and i Aler. 54 Chatham St., near City Hall new York. 54 Calhoun St a cd excellence. For posters peo amp Rammos cards invitations and All styles of printing. C o is i g n nth n co s cloth underwear and gents furnish ing goods. At a Scheffey i Xuc Tilon room. 7 East main Street. J4.uction. Every evening. Is Are pronounce by managers. Agents and All business Hen the most Complete of any in flirt Lien Indiana and we Are now prepared to ree Elte and execute All orders with greater dispatch than Eter he fore. We make a specially of i amp p. Best six Cord White and Black threads Are soft finished without the use of any substance whatever to produce an aril Jacial gloss thereby preserving the Superior strength of six word thread. The new Shade of Black has a Silken new polish and All numbers Are warranted six Cordio Loo inclusive. For Sale Hyall dry goods dealers. Ask for j. Amp p. Coats Black and use it Lor machine Witherby Rugg amp Richardson manufactures of Wook working machinery . Spmia1tti�h> a u 4m>�twor i plan nor and grooving a a Bine a a neut improve a tenon machines Drc. Central Cor Union St Worob Star. Mas.-. L. S. Withe by. O. J Hugo. 8. Bica boso an commercial printing tables Railroad Blanks monthly statements Bill Heads letter Heads shipping receipts shipping tags Bills of lading circulars cards envelopes checks drafts notes certificates of Stock insurance Blanks hand Bills Gutter Snipes programmes with that partic Niar regard for Beauty appropriateness in style and neatness of execution which will always Distin Gish the productions of this office. The tacit cities in the Book department Are not surpassed by those of any competitor in respect to completeness in every particular and adaptability to the wants of an extended and Tery general business which enables us to execute pamphlets publications brie reports a in As Perior manner. Through tickets to . Jlonus Volle Terre Ifa Itte Cairo. Ind Ait at a Lff. Sra live Prev St. In Nln leaves Ortli depot at 5 a. I daily except sunday Jno innate and fndianapoi8 1a a a i a pro North depot at p. Diu in a Jet. S cent us Vidaya we a in j Jive a flue Long. Ahem a Rire Fhi new will pay All agents per week in Cash who will Emoge with a at once. Everything Furni bed Atid expenses paid Adreas a. You Wizir amp 00 Charlotte. Mich. Ails4�li�ier�� who were wounded or contracted permanent diseases in the Manget pensions by writing to John Kir Patriok. Gov t claim agent Middle Bonroe Ohio enclosing postage. To Weity five cents will be Iare by return mail a Box Opal Mer a invisible the most chair minor of �11 face powders. S. Palmer laplattst., a y. Div 4-/ <1s0a pm a i agents wonted i All Kutr to Ftp a slashes of working Peon old a. Of either sex Young or old make More Money at work for is in their spare moments or All the time than at anything else part Cullars free. Address g. Sri Inson amp 00. Pertland waive we curb the habit pm Himanen try cheap Quick. Without a a Ruff Eritt or gig p g describe your laser address 8 a Tatlong m. D., Berrien Michigan. . Box 6._ a _ the Book and Job department is under the immediate super vision of or w. I it. Page who will Gate estimates of any description of a it re and strive always to maintain and enhance the honorable reputation of the Fot Satoe Diati Btte for proud in tie Belt work an at Lair prices epileptic fits cured permanently by or. S. Clay Todd s p e of Sili so office and dispensary second floor Northwest Corner Calhoun and Columbia streets Entrance no. 8 weat Columbia Street upstairs. Office open every Day. Office hours from s a. To Sundays 2 to b p. Consultations free. The opium or morphine habit cured with his painless antidote in one month or. Cla it Todd cures liver complaint diseases of the kidneys and spine dropsy ague chills bronchitis night sweats consumption Catarrh swelled tonsils Throat diseases asthma scr Fula in All its forms discharges from the ears ulcers felons carbuncles piles scurvy Salt Rheum old and Runn no sores from the joints Bones &c., of however Long standing fever White skin diseases rheumatism in All its forms gout sciatica hip Point disease a Tiff joints contracted cords also heart diseases angina Rectoris or breast pair dropsy of the heart inflammation of the outer or inner coatings of the heart palpitation neuralgia of the heart diseases of women and children neuralgia partial paralysis nervous ability and All diseases of organs epileptic fits and All nervous derangement gravel. Deafness and noises in the ear including All hereditary and chronic diseases. Or. S. Clay Todd has permanently cured Over Loco cases of fits not having failed in a single Case in the Pas six years. References furnished. Itome a Estimo vials. Fort Quot Watne ind sept. 17, 1872.�?for the Benefit of those who Hinic consumption incur Able will make a statement of my cure. On the 12th of last March i was taken with the Luns fever or As the doctor called it pleuropneumonia. I was attended by one whom i had considered the most eminent physician of this City for three months and a half during which time he employed five other physicians As counsel. For about three weeks i thought i w to fretting better when an abscess began to from in my left lung and the phys Evans pronounced it Quick Consu Nipton from this time i failed rapidly and raied from a int to quart of phlegm and matter each Day and had night sweat. By the i6ih of june i had got so weak Quot would not lift a Glass of water to my Mouth and was confined to my bed. At this time qua audio lug Fiji i or u Lutico Nikii it cd in a each Day and neither cough nor spit. I have no pain and think my lung is healed perfectly. John a. Miller. 305 West Washington St., fort Wayne ind. She prayed for death. Fort Watek ii nov is. 1s72.�?two years and four 4 months i Lay upon my Back in the Nooft abject Ftp firering every night i thought i would not live until Moni a Ever morning that i would not live until night. And prayed tor death to relieve me from misery. We pm s. A in a a �?z.1�? without any 7 and pm am now Able to Eva bout and attend to my household duties i would advise Ali who think their Case a past help to apply to or s Clay Todd at once. A a respectfully mrs David Birely 109 East Holman Street. Fort Wayne ind. »5c3i=All diseases by Good treatment May be readily and permanently cured. Address s. Clay Todd. M a d., p. 0. Box i36l. It. Wayne. Ind. All medicines furnished at the Quot office be sure and ask for. Or. S. Clay Todd and insist on Seei Ghim. As there Are other doctors in the same building. See name on the door certificates of remarkable cures too numerous for publication May of Een at the doctor s office Tro saltation free at Llie office As above or by . Medici us medicines sent to nil Parth of the world. Merchant to the gentlemen of fort Wayne. Merchant tailoring establishment at 141 Cali tonn Street 2d Slipp North of Catta eoral East Side s. Matthews pro. I have on hand a first class assortment of goods which i am prepared to make up at Short notice in the Best style and workmanship and sell cheaper than any House in the City. Having thorough knowledge of this business together with a very Small expense enables me to make up a ments at very Little Over the Cost of other houses my object Lasel Lonc so cheap is to induce the fashionable gentlemen of this to give me a trial and 1 flatter myself that those who once patronize me will not afterwards go elsewhere to get goods either better or cheaper o Bat fire to shh work done rewar19. For atty Case Quot of Blind bleeding Iteli iii or that bin s Piik bpm rat fails to Cut. It is prepared express add Row Urreta a iii Tir the Danny a a a a a a beautifully Illust Al Indianapolis thro up a a div to Orr the piles and nothing else. Sold ill porn Gamb. Price. .90 it. Afe Ferrs waft by i act in web the people everywhere Are or Toj my the oily authentic and Oon Splete history of his wonderful Dos Ovenea and Shari Long. And Viu Tures durin28 Yew Ittye go Ite. Only write for Chicago tothe Lubno ii he undersigned having had several years a Aneris a of respectfully offers his Are vines to <11 whip Hay a Equire them. In tuft Wail us a St Avitz a. Dressing ar4 laying out of male to irises except in Coni avg Iowa diseases at any Rei Denoe on the Corner of ont on is the Only r0utj5 by which holders of Tilro Roli tick to to now York Aud Boston Art enabled to Yilit the a ties of at the most of a ticket to new York or bos to a. Only with the privilege of visiting Washington a i t y. Isth on y route from the West to Washington City. Quot without a. Long and omnibus Travis fat through Baltim re-., 5 of a i Ivy Isu ill Leo Molrice Iri of la c4r$, u l m a n s cores diseases of the Quot Ihrig Luimit amp a Jayess Busa in the Quot wonderful Medicine to which the Afiz cited Are above pointed for Relief the discoverer believes to has combined in Harmony met How la nature s Moat sover Yifru Citati e prop Stilt a which god has instilled into the vege table icing Dom for Healing the Bick than were Ever before combined in on Medicine. The evidence of this fact is found in the great variety of most obstinate diseases which it Hiis been found to conquer. In the cure of Lirow Cut Ltd severe coup Lis and the Early it Agio a of it has astonished the melt i Cal faculty and eminent physicians pronounce it the greatest medical discovery of the age. While it cures the severest coughs it strengthens the system and Purl Lica a he blood. By its great and thorough blood purifying properties it cures a a Humours from the worst Scrobola to a common Blotch Pomplo or rapt on. Mer Cuk Iai disease. Mineral poisons Lind their of Lect fire eradicated and vigorous health and a sound Constitution established. Eryn Spelas to theum. Fever a ores. Scaly or Roukh skin in Fiort. All the numerous diseases caused by bad blood arc conquered by this powerful purify it and invigorating Medicine. W a it you feel Dull drowsy debilitated have Ocolor of Ekin or Yellowish Brown spots on or boil. Frequent lie Adache or dizziness bad amp in Mouti eternal heat or chills alternated a the Tot Vahlea Low Irita. Id gloomy fore Snappy tit and Tony in coated Salterin a Roin torpid Al tar of in Many cases of a a liver complaint Only part of these sympton a ii Rien ced As a remedy for All such cases. Or Modi oaf has to eds Al As it Eft cat perfect cures leaving the in or Kat Heaed an 1 healthy. For the cure o a Aal constipation of the bowels it l8 a never fail a remedy and those who hav it a Praise. Or Anidi a Vil fsr Mai. A inflammation of All used it for this purpose Are Thudin the a limbs inflammation of the eyes broken ease?/9r who Chat is re Palace iii from St Buis i Bursville Cin Pinna i Aud Colum bus to ital their and wait in Kojm Wim out to kits for Sale at All ticket offices in the j Sou a id West. Breast Frost bites chilblains pues Bee stings Ovid All sores. Good ror wounds ills. Poll evil sprains bruises cracked heels ring Bone wind galls spasms Sweeney of Der lameness. Sand cracks scratches or grease Mange horse distemper. Till truly wonder til i it liniment was discovered by Homer Anderson a.m., late professor of chemistry and mathematics in the Clinton Liberal Institute of Oneida county . In experimenting for the purpose of making Pius sic acid by uniting the Independent gaseous bodies of which it is composed a Residuum was left which on being applied to bruises and inflamed pahs by the students of the inst trite was found to possess the remarkable property of Cooling Down and carrying off the inflammation and soreness at once a reit Ordng the parts to so Ted Liess and health in a few hours without pain or irritation. Quot it 1� not a lie atone i it Tel Mentz but acts by its Peru car specific or chemical qualities in dissolving and scattering the bore Nesland inflammation of the injured part. By a free a plication the red surf we soon moist and Nahorai Ana is restored to Gat Otto Heidith without Soppit Filton erd cure of All the Aisne its named above we Challenge the world to Al hits Equi. Price 25 amp 50 cent per bottle. A Buffalo . See notice in local column. Sold by Domsi lists at $1 per bottle. Prepared he r v Pieree is d., sole prop Etor at his Chemi Laboratory. 133 Seneca Street Buffalo a y a Saad your address for a pamphlet. Of pecuniary in Tebeest to All be aedes Quot the weekly fort Way Job ind., a family newspaper a Oire Ifo Pular literature science news and thorough going ism. Exe betar s to Afeei in Lafi peat we a a Lily Coli Iilah of after. _ in to tax a a it line 4 a a a Feil duh a a is a if one sending us three new sub a crib a i at $1 7s each we will Bend the Wip Kiili Lam pm ii one year. Who. Can make $1 75 easier than to secur i a red file Tutor of the last will Quot or it . In a a a i a miss ii

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