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Fort Wayne Evening Post Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1895, Page 6

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Fort Wayne Evening Post (Newspaper) - December 27, 1895, Fort Wayne, Indiana Wmma new designs. Is this Man suffer aug from delirium Kremens no he has suddenly come upon a show window filled with the most recent decorative posters. A Chicago record. Rushed to Nio ugh. Bill no. Two to increase government Revenue the passed in the National How use. Rule controlling the debate of the Iron it tilt i kind and one buy Stoeh tic business by a vote of 205 to 81�?repub Cana want the Intond Hill amended to i recent the Cetire Ninny of the greenbacks a caucus Bijj scour cd by the speaker. Washington dec. 27. A Iho House has responded to tiie Appeal of the preside if by Parsi big i it Tariff Bill Trio operation of which is limited to two and to half yes los and which is designed to raise 00 ,0 0 for Thor Lief of the Treasury. Tie Bond Bill will l e passed today. The vote yesterday was on party lines with two exceptions. Tho republicans All voted for tie Bill except Ila Tiuan of Montana who did not vote and the democrats and populists against it save Newlands populist of Nevada who voted in favor of Trio measure. Tho special order under which the Bill was. Brought to a vote at 5 o clock last evening after two and a half hours of Quot debate was ironclad in its character and compelled tie Niem Bers to i dust or reject it without Opportunity of of Oring amendments of any kind. Knew there was no who talking. Alt Tough Fluiro was the Brilliant setting that usually accompanies a Field Day in the House the debate lacked much of the spirit and vim which generally Clia Ractor is a partisan Battle in that chamber. Even the preliminary skirmish Over the ado2 Tion of Tho Rule which ordinarily precipitates the la Ernest wrangling passed olt quietly. Tie Dii Bato itself was partic i jilted in by the leaders on both sides. Tie republicans Conte led the first necessity of the Treasury was Revenue to Supply the min tinted deficiency. Ivory speaker Diu red that Tho pro posed measure was a Republican Protection Bill. It was they claim id an emergency Revenue Bill on protective lines. It was significant that several notably Dalzell Payne Hopkins ind Grosvenor predicted Tho passage of a genuine protective measure As soon As the republicans regained control of the White House. Predictions of the democrats. Tho democrats took tie position that there was no Lack of Revenue in the treas Moscu co secure War Coney Rifaa Fla ays opposed and what president Cleveland advocated the retirement of Tho greenbacks. Accordingly there will be a committee meeting to consider an amendment prepared by Hopkins of Illinois which follows Quot provided that nothing herein contained shall be c in trued to repeal or modify existing Law which authorizes and directs the n Ssue of said Legal tender Hopkins is confident that Tho amendment will be adopted. A partial canvass of the Republican members of the ways and moans committee shows that while there is practical unanimity among them in desiring the accomplishment of the object Hopkins amendment has in View there is some doubt concerning the necessity for the amendment it was Only 960,000,000 Chat the russian government offered to and your Uncle Sam. Washington dec. A?.�?the facts in regard to Russia s offer in 1893 to Supply this government with Gold with which to help meet the emergency existing at that time Are gradually coming to Light. It can now be stated on unquestionable authority that the Czar of Russia through wifi minister Here Prince Cantacuzene offered to the government a loan of 160,000,-000 for the term of three years. No specific raw of interest was named nor were any details As to terms of repayment entered into the proposition not passing to this stage. Cleveland after due deliberation very courteously declined the offer. He recognized the unselfish generously of the offer and Tho very Friendly feeling that prompted it but to was unwilling to accept fearing that at some future time it my yet result in entanglements with other european nations which it always has been the policy of the United states to avoid. _ caucus again or the Bono . Republican representatives who will defeat the Bui unless modified. Washington dec. 37. A Republican members of the House who Are opposed to the Bond Bill to to voted on today met in caucus last night at the by butt House to mature plans for opposition. Forty members representing Twenty three states were present. While the Western and Southern states wore most largely in attendance there were also members from the East. It was claimed by Tho leaders that not More than half of the republicans who antagonized the Bond Bill attended the caucus and that they have enough votes to defeat the Bill unless it is modified. Johnson of California called Tho caucus to Ury and that the passage of a Bill to in i order. Broderick of Kansas was elected crease taxation would in no Wiso help the chairman and Colson of Kentucky by Cre situation nor furnish the Relief desired by Tho president and Secretary of Tho Treasury. All who took part in Tho debate tary. The sentiment of the caucus As it voiced in numerous speeches was in of acquitted themselves Well. Dingley and i position to the Issue of Bonds in time of Dolliver of the publicans and Crisp peace and that the greenbacks ought not and Turner of the democrats carried off 1,3 retired it least in the manner the honors. The Bill passed briefly explained repeals the present Tariff Law until aug. 1, 1898. It restores 50 per cent of the Mckinley rates on Wool and woolens lumber and Cap cts and makes a horizontal in crease of the present rates in All other schedules except sugar of 15 per cent. When the Bill was put upon its passage it was passed 205 to 81. The vote being taken by ayes and nays. There was no demonstration of any kind on the announcement of the vote. Hover the House will Kul time. After the second Revenue Bill is disposed of tonight the House will do Little business until monday Jan. 5, and will practically have its Holiday recess of which it has been partly deprived next week. It cannot Well adjourn for More that three Days under the Rule while the Senate is in session but it was decided at Tho meeting of the committee on rules that there will be formal meetings every third Day al Ili adjournments Over and that no important business will be brought Forward on the floor. Under these conditions there is Little probability that there will to a quorum of representatives in town next week. Bed disco Racks a caucus and to move in that direction fail Quot retirement of greenbacks. Washington dec 37.�?there waa an attempt made by several new members of the House to secure a caucus of republicans on the Bond Bill immediately after be Stet a s House session. The pet too was started by several new York republicans and the necessary number of names fifteen was secured. The leaders discouraged the plan however and Hooker of new York at the request of speaker Reed it is said induced several signers to withdraw their names so the movement fell through. The petition was addressed to the chairman of the caucus Grosvenor and besides asking for a caucus on the Bond Bill made the general request that a caucus to called whenever party me soroa were to be considered in the House. There May be an important change made by the it ways we. Means a commit a in Tho Bond Bill before the scheme is brought before the Hoose to dissatisfaction has Arisen among be pub Lycans since the text of the Bill was made Pablo Tho dissenters asserting that it Ronld be used by. administration for tie permanent retirement of the i mail is. In wednesday g comm Tiee a urfi Tillar Macii Aigbe we made by prescribed by the Bill. There was no Little talk to the effect that Tho committee on rules should give the rank and file of the party Opportunity to express their opinions on proposed legislation before it was adopted As party policy. The caucus chose a committee of seven to Confer with the speaker and Tho committee on rules and ask for an Extension of the debate on the Bond Bill to two or three Days. Expects to wreck the College. Washington dec. 87.�?his attention having been called to publications stating that the department of Justice had no Confidence in its big suit against the estate of of the late senator Stanford attorney general Harmon said tha t he had examined carefully the questions involved in the Light of the Adverse decisions in the lower court and so far from being discouraged he expected to establish the claim against the Stanford estate by securing a favourable decision from the supreme court of the United states. Doings in the Monse briefed. Washington dec. I�?.�?outside of pass ing under an ironclad Rule the Revenue Bill decided on by Tho ways and Means committee the House did no business. The Bill passed by a vote of 305 to 81. Bills wore introduced to improve Tho Channel of the Mississippi Between Cairo ills., and st. Louisi for the appointment by the president of a Tariff commission of nine members to investigate the question of Tariff in All its branches to establish a Gold and Silver International currency. Contract for new battleships. Washington Deo. S7.�?secretary Herbert has formally awarded to the new port news company of Viriginia the contracts for building both of the new battleships for one of which the Union Iron works of san Francisco was m competitor. _ condition of the Gold Reserve. Wash Voton Deo. A yesterday statement of the condition of the Treasury a Howe i available Cash b&lano0,j176,�a-188 Gold Reserve t68,086,860. Two Sedarat dec. Good Loh s8 dream old was Jizot in the Mouth and Pethy a iat Allf wounded six Matlea but East of Here but a eff see to give the name of his asm Lant. Two men Weie . The same girl and goo Drudi a the shooting Wae accidental. Office rear signifies what curious a incidents Anent a Case of foul murder. Death mystery of mrs. Curtis. Watches of her two song widely separated Stop at the same hour about the time of her taking off no clue yet to the criminals mind Teader Johnstone acts detective at to Koino valuable Oil strike. Lafayette dec. 27.�?a remarkable Cir Cuin stance is related by the sons of the late Hester Curtis the aged Virdow who was Murde de in this City last week. Alvord one of her sons resides at Milwaukee. He said that he had just had his watch repaired but for some reason it had stopped about 8 o clock on Friday night. Nothing particular was thought of this until the receipt of the Legram announcing the murder of his Mother. He thinks from the Circum Striice that probably the murder was committed on that night. Harry Curtis resides at Hoopeston ills. He owns a watch and strange to relate his timepiece gave out and ceased to run on the night of Friday Between 8 and 9 o clock. Efforts to Trace the murderer. There is nothing in the circumstance perhaps. Yet there Are not wanting Many who think that this indicates the time when the aged woman was so foully slaughtered. Rumours Are Rife on the streets of important discoveries having been made by the police in their efforts to Trace Down the murderer. One report had it that bloody clothes had been found and that a Hatchet had been discovered in a rain barrel not far from the Curtis Home. There were scores of other stories in circulation. On sunday night a few hours after the murder was discovered Jesse White a Man residing in the neighbourhood of the Curtis Home was taken to police Headquarters and put through a very close questioning. The Mother of Twenty five children. This was done behind closed doors and Tho Public has not been let into Tho secret of what transpired there but from the fact that White was let go late in Tho evening the inference was that Tho offi Cecers had not been Able to lean anything against him. Interest was again revived in the Case by the fact that White had been again placed under surveillance. The officers admit that he is in custody but say his arrest is upon an old charge that has been pending for some time. One of the City papers the courier states that mrs. Curtis was the Mother of Twenty five children. Of these seven pairs of twins were born All of whom died in infancy six children still survive. Experiment on a suspect. Johnstone the mind Reader. Visits a Man accused of murder. Kokomo dec. 37 Oca Cial investigation of Tho noted Stone Quarry murder mystery is now in its seventh week and the Only result up to this time is two Flo 000 damage suits brought against the officers. For false imprisonment. John Thompson a near relative of Charles Lowry Tho murdered Man. Is the last person arrested. A novel plan has been resorted to in the Hope of solving the mystery. Paul Alexander Johnstone the mind Reader visited Thompson at the jail and applied his Powers on the accused Man Thompson of course knowing nothing of the business of the caller. As the corridor door opened Johnstone exclaimed that is the Man we want to Sec the one in the third cell with into the waiting room where Johnstone the Jailer and two newspaper men sat Thompson was brought. During the Long investigation Thompson had not manifested the least concern or emotion. The moment the eyes of the mind Reader were fastened on him the accused Man Shook and trembled like an Aspen being so nervous he could scarcely keep his seat not a question being asked or a word up Cofeen. Tho subject was greatly excited but on the advice of his attorney he said nothing concerning the murder. Quot guilty Quot said professor Johnstone after leaving the Jaili Quot Well i should say but i will say nothing about that. A suppose i do Supply the missing link in this Chain of evidence what Good will that do my knowledge is not Good evidence in court and would not be admitted. I could Nike a whole lot of trouble for my self and do no Good to the prosecution. If my knowledge waa evidence it would lie if Thompson is not held to the circuit court the officers will have another damage suit on their hands. Tal Uahle find of Coal Oil. Friendswood dec. 37.�?it is believed that a valuable find of Oil has been located on the Joel Ballard farm near hero. Some two months ago before the beginning of Tho fall Rains Oil was first seen flowing on top of the ground. Little attention was Given to the discovery for several weeks and then further investigation was made. The Oil was first noticed running from a crawfish Hole. It is quite Likely that Bor Ings will be made. He could t become sanctified. Goshen dec. 27.�?john Smeltzer aged 80, one of the earliest settlers and wealthiest residents of the county attempted suicide at Wakarusa by hanging himself to a Rafter in the barn. His act is the result of an attempt to become sanctified several years ago he joined the Church a the beginning of an Effort to become holy. Failure in the attempt brought on mental depression which terminated in the use of the rope. _ a Century and five years old. Greensburg dec. 27.�?mrs. Margaret King celebrated her 106th birthday anniversary. About seventy of her descendants were present their Ages ranging from 2 weeks to 88 years. Although mrs. King is exceedingly old b eng the oldest resident of this county she does not look a year older than her oldest daughter who is 8s years old. Mrs. King was born dec. 85, a a at White Oak. O. Shot by a Street car conductor. Indianapolis Deo. 27.�?Between 12 and 1 o clock wednesday morning the last car out on the Brightwood trolley line waa boarded by several men under the influence of liquor. Out in the suburbs one of the men Joseph Farrel a member of one of the Lei using plumbing firms of this City became so annoying that boxy Williams the conductor put him off. Farrell Lay in wait for the return trip of the conductor and As the Ca a missed Iii hurled a std he into it. Conductor Williams who stood on the rear platform fired three a hots in the dark one of which killed Farrell in his tracks. Another Reform infamy Butler dec. 27.-7those opposed to Tho sate of Jim Uorn Indiana seem to he Niseng Force As Well a the n Sholson Law to enforce their desires. All the saloons of Hamilton a Small town North of Heie on the Wabash fall Road had been closed and Cai chamber was Ranning a quart shop if Hen so me Ohe fired the building. It was a air of great efforts that tie fix Wack awl dents in Honor of Christmas. Sullivan dec. 87.�?while Frank Bell 12 years old son of g. W. Bell was firing a Quot Gudgeon Quot made out of Gas pipe in Honor of Christmas an explosion blinded t in boy in one Eye and perhaps fatally injured him. The Force of the explosion struck him him in the face. Ray Mcclan Ahan Soh of j. A. Mcclanahan was also badly injured in a similar manner. A state educators in session. Indianapolis dec. 27.�?Many of Tho state s educators have arrived for the annual state educational Congress which be Gan yesterday. The hotels have reserved accommodations for More than 1,000 teachers. The College Assoc Tion Tho school officers the county superintendents and the elocution its and orators began their work yesterday. Four tear old boy chokes to death. Lawrenceburg dec. 27.�?while Tho family of Jacob Kilt an were seated at the supper table making merry in anticipation of Christmas Johnny 4 years old suddenly threw his head Back and gasped for breath. He died in his Mother s arms before Relief Cou i to had and it then developed that he had choked to death on a piece of meat. The inevitable fear of Lynching. Orleans dec. 27.�?columbus Brown Deputy City marshal who was shot by de Mccoy in resistance to arrest is dead. Meanwhile because of the excitement Mccoy was removed to Jefferso Nellle for Safe keeping. The murdered Man was an old Soldier. During the War he served in general Hovey s regiment. State Board of Commerce. Indiana ohs dec. 27 state Board of Commerce let Egan its annual meeting yesterday. The commercial bodies of eve ans Iye new Albany Madison Marion Plymouth and Elwood were represented. A committe on resolutions was appointed. The Reading of papers will begin today. _ better 1.00k out for him. Waterloo dec. 27.�?an unknown swindler has been working Tho postmasters of villages throughout this Section of the state. He represents himself As a Post office inspector and after inspecting and auditing the accounts of an office takes the Cash on hand and leaves. Abbreviated Telli Grams. Four persons were murdered and two committed suicide at st Louis on Christ Mas Day. At the Entrance of the Harbor of Algiers the British Steamer Bellerophon collided with and Sank the French Steamer Emile Selise. Thirty of Tho Solise s passengers were drowned Twenty five of the lost . Paul Foss of Chicago was killed by a Chicago and Northwestern switch Englee at the Union stockyards. The body was badly mangled. The Schooner Victory which sailed from Inglee for Havre do Grace nd., some Days ago with eighteen passengers and a Crew of four men has been lost with All on Board. Frank Johnson a grocer of Chicago exchanged several shot with three burglars and the West Chicago police Are scouring the neighbourhood for two men who Are supposed to be badly wounded. The weather we May expect. Washington. Dec. 27 following Are the weather indications for Twenty four hours from 8 p. Yesterday. For Indiana and Illinois fair slightly warmer weather West Erly winds. For upper Michigan pair weather colder in Eastern portion northwesterly Winda. For lower Michigan fair colder weather northwesterly winds. For Wiscont sin fair warmer weather Westerly winds. For Iowa fair weather warmer in Northern portion Westerly winds. Norrs ble crime in Tennessee. Chattanooga dec. 27.�?william Bartow a White Man 22 years of age was arrested wednesday for out raging Little Doshia May Purdy a White girl aged 6 years who is now in the Hospital and la expected to die at any minute. The girl s Moliter is also in jail As an accessory to the crime. The news of the fiendish Aci has not yet become generally known Here but when it is a Lynching is not improbable. Baltimore loses s300,000 by fire. Baltimore dec. 27 four Story Iron front building at nose 6 and 7, West Baltimore Street was totally destroyed by fire and nos. 8 and 5 South Charles Street and nos. 1 and 3 West Baltimore Street badly damaged by water last night. The buildings were coupled by Oehm amp co., clothiers. Loss on Stock and buildings fully insured. Kentucky miners on the Bompage. Madisonville ky.,dec. 27 miners Are rioting. Sheriff Thompson has hurried there with a Large posse. The message received also stated that the local police had been overpowered and that enraged miners were in charge of the place. It is a reign of terror. The co operative company store was attacked by the miners and the makkers Mew York financial naw York. Dea 29. Honey on Call 6@7 per cent. Prime mercantile paper nominally a per cent Sterling Exchange Dull and irregular with actual business in Bankers Bilu at for demand and 488>i a 4839i for sixty Days posted rates 488 and commercial Bills 487. Silver certificates 60@g7c sales 120,000 bar Stiver 6d> mexican dollars 62. United stated government Bonds new 4 s per cent lower other issues unchanged new 4 b reg., 116 do. Coupons 116 6 8 reg., 112 coupons. 112 4 s reg., 108 coupons 109 2 8 Reg 96 Pac Lilc 6 a of 96, 99. Ghl ago Grain and produce. Chiba of Dea 36. The following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today wheat december opened s4>c, closed 64 january opened 546, closed 64 May opened 58o, closed 55. Come december opened 25, closed is a january opened 26o, closed Khz May opened 38c, closed at of. Oats de oember nominal closed february opened 17, closed 173 May opened closed pork a december nominal closed 17.60 january opened 18.60, closed 18.50 May opened ia85, closed $8.83. Lai a decent tier nominal olo aad 15.25 january <ned5.27>, closed 15.80. Produce butter extra Creamery i6o per la. Extra Dairy 21o packing Stock 11� 120. By Gay fresh Stock per dozen. Dressed poultry Spring chickens 7@8o per la old hens 6>7c roosters turkeys 9@llc ducks loi Lac geese 6@9o. Potatoes Burl Mukdsi 19�j2o per to. Sweet potatoes Illinois a per bbl. Apples fair to Choice �t25@3.6j per bbl Honey a White Clover lib sections fancy 12mi�13o per la. Broken comb 10�ilc extracted a amp to. Oran berries Cape Ood 12 60�3.86 per Box cd Limgo Uve std dec. Chiba of Dea 86. Live Stock prices at the Union Stock Yard today ranged As follows Hogar Esti mated receipts for two Days 17,003. Salej ranged at 2.fid@3.60 pigs 13.8555 ought ia8j@ii.85 rough packing $8.8kp.57>j a izod ipod Quot <8.403.00 heavy packing and shipping lots.,. Cattle but mated receipts for two Days. 10,000 .4.45 �4.8.> twice to extra , f400�4.4 Good to oho foe do., 13.40 4.00 fair to Good 48.1640 common to Medl Dimsda 12.90 38.86 watchers steers 8,80 9i>0i stickers $2.85 33.50 traders $1.50�b 40 nov rss t2l6lx38.�5 heifers 11.753.50 Bous tai70 33.7j Texas steers $8.00 3ii00 real calves. Sheep st mated Quot receipts for two Days negro Day at the exp a a it lbs. Five thousand coloured people attend the show at Atlanta. Atlanta dec. 27.�?five thousand negroes braved the rough weat Lier and visited Piedmont Park for the purpose of celebrating negro Day at the exposition. In addition to the negroes there were thousands of visitors on the grounds and the part presented a very Lively appearance when ceased. On account of the rain the negro troops were unable to have a Parade through the streets or to have a dress Parade on the Plaza but those in charge of the Celebration conducted interesting exercises in the auditorium. Governor Atkinson delivered an address and Many prominent negroes spoke on various topics of importance to their race. The City coloured band rendered a selection. Margaret Tate a child 7 years old from grand rapids mich., recited the poem Quot we Are professor r. R. Wright of the Savannah school delivered an address on the history of negro education in the South and professor Isaiah c. Montgomery delivered an address on behalf of the commissioners of the negro building. Quot Penitentiary a Quot Coin Quot factory. Another of those sensations that Are out Tunte so common . Frankfort ky., dec. 37.�?warden Geotge of the state Penitentiary has discovered a nest of counterfeiters in the prison. A few Days ago James Holt a Twenty one year Man passed a counterfeit Nickel on Joe Debora another convict. Debora told one of the guards about the Money and an examination was made which resulted in Tho discovery of two pans of Dies made of plaster of Paris. The Dies were in the Possession of James Ballon sent from Laurel county in 1894 for nine years for train wrecking. Ballon and Holt when questioned acknowledged that they had stolen the plaster of Paris from the physicians room of the prison Hospital and that they had Dies themselves. Had a roaring Good time. Jellico tenn., dec. 37.�?in Black Oak Bural Heywood was shot and killed by l Braughton Quot top Quot Brown was shot through the Arm and Tom Mallett in the Side. Heywood and Braughton were warm friends. The latter borrowed the former s pistol and turned Loose killing Heywood and seriously wounding the others. The trouble is accounted for by the old Story of Quot wine and quarrelled Over a Young woman. Huntington w. Va., dec. 27.�?robert carry a Well known Young Man of East Lynn was killed by Robert Adkins a neighbor boy. A quarrel Over a Young woman led to the tragedy. W. , Complete Lino of Patent medicines and toilet articles. Physicians prescriptions compounded Day or night. 142 Fairfield ave. Emmett Martin plumber steam and Gas fitter. Corner Harar amp in Canan. Dealer in Sewor pipe Telephone 379. Wivi. Turner grocery amp meat Market Good goods. Lowes c frices. Prompt delivery to All parts of the City. Cor. Hanna and Dewald streets Bros. Are now showing a Complete line of heating and Cook stoves for natural Gas Coal or Wood. Prices much lower than the downtown stores. We Are sole agents for the celebrated Hernan furnaces. Inspect our line before purchasing. Property always steadily advancing in value. A few Choice 30 feet lots South of Taber st. West Side Calhou expected Sonne Day to become business property at double present brewing co. Produces in , Doppel and. Salvator fully As wholesome and pure an article As any imported Beer. to prove that their claims and affidavits Are not tribe. They invite chemists and experts to Analyse their Dort Munder and Salvator Beer and to Lay claims to their Reward of s5,000. Telephone 105. Up to Date. Port Wayne ind., nov. 6, 1895. Rescue Medicine company gentlemen last Spring i had to use a Cane to enable me to get around caused by a severe Case of rheumatism. After using but Little of the bottle of never fail rheumatic remedy was As Well As usual. Truly yours w. A. Hall. Or. Hall can be seen at the evening Post to verify the above. For Sale at Moellering s and in g. Sommers drugstores. Time Miles. The Pennsylvania station. Pennsylvania lines. Trains Bun by Central Nixsa Aston Howg a daily. Ti>bur>ezoept8iindar. Trains depart from pennb7ltama-Sutloii,. Fort Wayne. Ind Kast Booths. �5 40 a. To iffy. -7 45 p. �9 25 p. M., limited to 85 p. From pm win Bongo. �?�8 35 a. �?�5 10 a. Limited 7 10 a. Til 40 a. M 4 30 p. 5 40 . Bast. A Baitx. So fast. A no 2 n. Y. And Boston exp to 4 Cleveland mail. No 6 Eastern express. Local freight. 255 am 150 pm 620 pm 4 2s pm 306 am 2 00 pm 625 pm 720 am West. A Bivi. So part. No 1 Chicago express. To 3 Chicago Hall. 1 am 106 pm 4 t pm g �2 pm 206 am 115 pm 410 pm 700 Jam a no 5 Vve Stem express. freight. A Day. Daily except sunday. Buffet bleeping cars on Elpren Trayni. Throw feb tickets to All Points Are on Sale at the company lowest net for any class of ticket desired. Baggage checked to destination. A. W. Johi Uton general super tote Dent b. F. general passenger amt Cleveland o. H. O. Bakk District passenger agent 9on Wayne Indiana. Al Wijn Ichii Mai i Lonwill and Lake Erie Western fial Broadi. Local time table in effect not 10, 1803. Solid trains Between fort Wayne and Connei Sylle and new Castle and bus Billle. Direct Connee Tion to and from All Points in the United states and Canada. South both do a Brit 1� 0�t walk a Phillip Grap groceries and dry goods 335 and 337 i Fayette Street. Lowest prices on the South Side. Goods promptly delivered to ail parts of the City. Telephone 336.koons amp Schlenk and repairing. Horse shoeing a specially prices reasonable. We want your patronage. 363 South Calhoun Street. The Home billiard Hall. The finest appointed and most popular resort in the City. First class billiard and Pool tables. The nicest place to spend a pleasant evening.�,. Hattersley amp sons 48 e. Main st. Plumbers Gas and steam fitters. Money we have one sum of $600. Two of $1,000 each and also a fund from which we can loan any sum. Interest 6 to 7 per cent. Over Everett amp Doud old Nat. Bank Corner Calhoun and Berry its. Wall paper. The latest designs the lowest prices. South Side Wall paper store 362 s. Calhoun st. Old National Bank capital t360,000, Sar Paltu . Foreign Exchange bought and sold. Dollar deposits receive in Stirne 3> ter cent Intel est per annul paid of certify Carea of Dean sets if left Foar Montha. Corner Calhoun and Berry str it no. A to probe Tiger. No. 42 _ no.tl70-local_ ,Ain. Quot log pm. Quot 4 80 inn both both pm in cat Robi wait a. Nct41-pa88�nger-no170�? Quot _ leaves 7 10 am Quot 4 00 pm 5dsam to Vailjr except Sandav a Dally. For tickets rates and general on e. 8. Pm lir a Oil ind. Urand rapids and Indiana fort Wayne. In effect nov. 24.1895. Leonre Hoath. A for grand rapids and nortli.220am to it or grand rapids and nortb.8 15 am for grand rids and north.2 56 pm prom Richmond. E 56 pm South. A for Richmond and Cincinnati.11 45 pm ror Richmond and . 5 4b an for Richmond and Cincinnati. 1 15 pm prom grand rapids. 7 15 pm from grand 25 pm a daily. All othe trains daily except Sand a Chew Rheaum that Roun George Meyers Loans amp insurance a bargain if sold soon the nicest property on the South Side. Loans made promptly. Insurance written in the Best companies. 19 Arcade lots on Hanna Force John and Gay streets. City water main and Alley sewers natural Gas electric lights Brick pavements. Send 5 gents Tor Sample package faultless go Mirical co., balt Lofie my. Trains fort Wayne As Popows 20, 1894. Fonts Bast. Der new York and Boston limited daily .4 48 am Toledo express except sunday. 115 pm Atlantic express daily. 712 pm local freight. 60aam Lafayette accorn a. Except 00 am Eonia West. Depart Pacific express daily. 8 05 am Kansas City express except sunday. 135 pm Lafayette a com n. Except sunday a soda st. Lonis limited daily. 8 20pm Indianapolis time card. La. Fort Wayne. A. Indianapolis. 8 06am. 250am 135 pm. 6 20pm 3 30pm.11 loom 8 20pm. 325am la. Indianapolis. A. Fort Wayne 7 00am. 100 pm 120pm. 705 pm 7 00pni. 4 43 am i through new Ork Palace sleeping cars dining car and new free chair cars on the new York Vestibule limited. Free chair cars dining can on Pacific limited express. Kansas City express and Cannon Ball has new Pullman sleepers and free reclining chair cars to Kansas City. R. G. Thompson passenger and ticket agent fort Wayne Fie 01 Mil j. Fort Wayne Cincinnatt and Louisville r. R. Natural Gas route Northern Ohio r y will sell for the emis is him new year excursion tickets Between All station on its own and connecting lines at the very Low rate Ozone pm one of lord fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold on dec. 24, 25 and 31, 1895. And Jan. 1, 1896, limited Goin to Date of Sale and Good returning up to and including Jan. 2, 1896. For tickets rates time and general information Call on any ticket agent of the above route or address c. F. Daly gen l pass. Agent. H. C. Parker traffic manager Indianapolis ind. Wayne hotel fort Wayne ind. V. Mol sift. Pro alms. Gut this out. Fort Wayne ind evening Post 45 East Beriy Street please deliver Iio my address daily a copy of the evening Post for which i agree to pay the sum of six cents per week Mitil i of Der the paper discontinued.

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